CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer Breakdown! Avengers Endgame Theory Explained!

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
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    Captain Marvel "Special Look" Trailer - what major Avengers Endgame Easter Egg was revealed in the latest Captain Marvel update? How could Captain Marvel tie into the events of the Avengers films? Erik Voss breaks down this Captain Marvel trailer shot by shot for all the details you may have missed. How will the Captain Marvel movie evoke 90s action films like Terminator 2, Robocop, and Total Recall? Why is the relationship between Nick Fury and Captain Marvel so important? Could Doctor Strange make a cameo in Captain Marvel?
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  • Anthony Cortes
    Anthony Cortes 19 hours ago

    The blue blast could be the tesseract

  • Random PlayZ
    Random PlayZ 4 days ago

    A flerken. Oh and coulson

  • The Mystic Fez
    The Mystic Fez 8 days ago

    Wow, you actually did pretty good

  • Abhishek Verma
    Abhishek Verma 11 days ago +1

    Watching this after watching the movie. I hope you are not as accurate for Endgame as you were for Captain Marvel :P

  • Samantha Fisher
    Samantha Fisher 17 days ago

    Plz let it be doctor Strange

  • JC Segismundo
    JC Segismundo 17 days ago +1

    Theory confirmed-ish!

  • Mr.5aloof
    Mr.5aloof 18 days ago +1

    11:01 😂😂

  • Rod Villegas
    Rod Villegas 19 days ago +1

    I swing back just to congratulate you for your accurate theory.

  • edwardmp87
    edwardmp87 19 days ago +1

    It is amazing how many of these predictions came true. Jude Law true identity, Supreme intelligence, false memory. But they indeed went far fetched on Dr Strange

  • Danny Doyle
    Danny Doyle 25 days ago

    Grrrrrl power! Not really. Marvel is an underpowered B class hero and isn't even close to being in the same league as Thanos. Marvel, bought by Disney, is suffering the same PC disease as Star Wars.

  • Kian Moe
    Kian Moe 27 days ago +1

    Erik, u r getting u'r self too far this time!!!

  • Kian Moe
    Kian Moe 27 days ago +1

    Um, does anyone else know that "Supreme Intelligence" is evil and an enemy of the Avengers, right???

  • Kian Moe
    Kian Moe 27 days ago +1

    Carol's cat has got to be a good Marvel version of Dex-tarr

  • Kian Moe
    Kian Moe 27 days ago +1

    I uh... put it away!!! LOL, marvel banter!!

  • Jimmy No-name
    Jimmy No-name Month ago

    Am I the only one who immediately thought ‘omg doctor who’ when I heard “time travelling doctor we all love”😂

  • Sebastian Lopez
    Sebastian Lopez Month ago

    I went to target and saw yon rogg toy so I think Eric is right

  • JayFolipurba
    JayFolipurba Month ago

    Nowadays people want to be non-binary and Captain Marvel goes binary...

  • AX 00
    AX 00 Month ago

    Best line in this video is
    "Hi I'm Eric Voss"

  • gokuga 555
    gokuga 555 Month ago

    They are surely gonna bring kamala khan

  • Rogue Spider5
    Rogue Spider5 Month ago

    This is my favorite Captain Marvel trailer so far! Also what's the song at 0:44?

  • Katrina Thering
    Katrina Thering Month ago

    Maybe a reference to Cap would be fine.

  • Gideon Ohene
    Gideon Ohene Month ago

    I don't think capt marvel can best thanos

  • Bethany Heston
    Bethany Heston Month ago

    Who else recognized The Closer Look?

  • Piesaac 2008
    Piesaac 2008 Month ago


  • Lafoole123 Lafoole
    Lafoole123 Lafoole Month ago

    Doctor strange ofc bc i dont think i saw him dissaper soo yeah or spiderman

    • Nathan M
      Nathan M 29 days ago

      dr strange is dead he got dusted

  • Tracy Schaber
    Tracy Schaber Month ago

    I love the Dr Strange theory! I think Captain Marvel saved Tony Stark on the space ship???

  • Carla Bermudez
    Carla Bermudez Month ago

    His jokes are bad

  • Carla Bermudez
    Carla Bermudez Month ago

    Can he stop talking

  • JulesTheHunter
    JulesTheHunter Month ago

    You really gave aweome thought into this!! Aweome! ^^

  • Leo Huerta
    Leo Huerta Month ago

    I think that Baron Zemo will have some sort of cameo

  • Jeremy Samwell
    Jeremy Samwell Month ago

    Scarlet witch controls skitstafrania

  • Terrance Spells
    Terrance Spells Month ago +1

    So what about actor Djimon Gaston he is in this movie on Captina Marvel team but in guardians of galaxy he was working with Ronan... which makes me question is Captain Marvel really working on the good guys side?

  • John Goritski
    John Goritski Month ago

    i want to see ego somewhere

  • Tia Aaron
    Tia Aaron 2 months ago

    Mar-vell will be a female in this one,portrayed by Annette Bening.

  • RedRoboBuffalo
    RedRoboBuffalo 2 months ago

    that spiderman black suit looks so much like the noir costume

  • KyELay
    KyELay 2 months ago

    It’s captain mar-vell it says it in the cast list

  • Apex Gaming
    Apex Gaming 2 months ago


  • Sourabh Raja
    Sourabh Raja 2 months ago +1

    One very important point regarding this theory around teseract is in the avengers. Remember when Fury meets CA while he is punching bags in Avengers 1, Fury asks CA if he can give him some idea about the teseract and then remember what CA says - YOU SHOULDVE LEFT IT IN THE OCEAN. That one statement is the key. Maybe CA goes back in time to avengers NA fight to prevent the teseract feom being retrieved in the forst place.
    I know its far fetched...but the line - YOU SHOULDVE LEFT IT IN THE OCEAN. Might just mean something.
    Your thoughts @eavoss ?

  • Snowy_ Ops
    Snowy_ Ops 2 months ago +1

    I really hope that that doctor strange theory isn't true, because I would have to explain it all to my friends and family

  • Gopal Singh
    Gopal Singh 2 months ago

    Antman can make a cameo

  • Nitin Bhatt
    Nitin Bhatt 2 months ago

    Is it possibel for Tessaract to be given to Hydra on purpose? Hydra is doing some research on Loki's sceptre and Schimdt was infact patiently waiting for Thanos to take the soul stone. ~ Food for thought.

    I IS SQUIGGLES 2 months ago +1

    Oh yeah yeah

    I IS SQUIGGLES 2 months ago +1

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Ray Budisavljevic
    Ray Budisavljevic 2 months ago

    Like mission impossible 1:46

  • Huegtoad2011
    Huegtoad2011 2 months ago

    Ok Ronan watching danvers interests me. I think also the cree, and more specifically Annette Bennings character has the mind stone. What if Ronan steals the scepter from Benning, discovers the existence of the tesseract, develops his partnership with Thanos who then directs Loki to get the space stone and for Ronan to get the power stone.
    Also remember how someone theorized that the soul stone is autonomous? In thor the dark world, the reality stone/ether defended itself while inside Jane foster, the space stone sent red skull to that planet. They are all autonomous

  • Marcus H.
    Marcus H. 2 months ago

    I hope Deadpool makes an appearance. ;)

  • Beaux Carroll
    Beaux Carroll 2 months ago

    Poncho's Bar is a famous bar on Edwards Air Force base. It was closed due to the whore house it became when the test pilots started showing up at Edwards in the 50s and 60s.

  • Jake Allcock
    Jake Allcock 2 months ago

    You know wolverine said this on twitter #camio

  • Sophia Facciolo
    Sophia Facciolo 2 months ago


  • Knox_topps —__—
    Knox_topps —__— 2 months ago

    Wolverine since he did Start to noticeable age until he got the adamantim put him

  • Mu gz
    Mu gz 2 months ago

    Richard and Mary Parker

  • Dezslock
    Dezslock 2 months ago

    Link to the trailer please!!

  • Emmanuel Hill
    Emmanuel Hill 2 months ago

    bet this movie will sink.

  • Curtis Wong
    Curtis Wong 2 months ago

    Could Jude laws character become Ronan? After all Ronan is a cree and he did appear in the trailer

  • Majiklorp
    Majiklorp 2 months ago

    Captain Marvel is the super saiyan of the mcu

  • SpriteGod 1
    SpriteGod 1 2 months ago

    At 4:53 all the way to the left is that korath the pursuer from guardians of the galaxy???

  • TheMcArrow
    TheMcArrow 2 months ago

    Hello Airick Boss

  • sean lintermoot
    sean lintermoot 2 months ago

    Hugh Jackman as wolverine

  • joseph nolen
    joseph nolen 2 months ago

    do the skrulls have anything to do with the power stone.??...i see that purple spark when they change form...

  • Osiris the virus
    Osiris the virus 2 months ago

    Bre no ass larson

  • Dark Mudit
    Dark Mudit 2 months ago

    you are smart.

  • arun chowdary
    arun chowdary 2 months ago +1

    Phil coulson 😲

  • Utkarsh Saxena
    Utkarsh Saxena 2 months ago

    I guess howard stark n cap

  • Huegios
    Huegios 2 months ago

    What Hugh Jackman is going to make a cameo in captain marvel and not in avengers endgame?

  • Lilly M.
    Lilly M. 2 months ago

    u guys deserve WAYYY more subscribers you're freaking amazing💜💜

  • Mike Edrosa
    Mike Edrosa 2 months ago

    Could be the same bar when Tony Stark and the General met after the Hulk?

  • Mike Edrosa
    Mike Edrosa 2 months ago

    Could be the same bar when Tony Stark and the General met after the Hulk?

  • Red Boi
    Red Boi 2 months ago +1

    Since we have Captain Marvel coming soon and hopefully a sequel or two...or more :) comings in the future, I wonder if they’ll touchdown on Captain Marvel and Rouge at some point

  • Marcus Ward
    Marcus Ward 2 months ago

    Dr, Strange never had a jet or whatever.

  • BigNorm85
    BigNorm85 2 months ago

    If I would have to think about a camo it would have to be Wolverine

    SHAH ZAIB KHAN 2 months ago

    Dr. could be The Dr. Zola

  • Max Matthews
    Max Matthews 2 months ago

    I remember that song!

  • Jacob Guckel
    Jacob Guckel 2 months ago


  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 2 months ago +1

    i want to see a rhodey cameo played by terrence that would be funny and make me smile :)

  • Logan McDonald
    Logan McDonald 2 months ago

    My only question is how can spiderman be alive if he dusted away in infinity war? Im thinking it points to time travel for endgame.

  • Briktu Lucy
    Briktu Lucy 2 months ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜♋♋♋ 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💔🌎💔🌎
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    *He also promised to heal your body.*
    (Just ask Him)

    • Seth Latimer
      Seth Latimer 2 months ago

      What does this have to do with the video?

  • Perry Robitionate
    Perry Robitionate 2 months ago

    @ 4:52 Hey, Mr. Hounsou!

  • Donovan Marcus
    Donovan Marcus 2 months ago

    STAR Force*not Space Force

  • corncase
    corncase 2 months ago +1

    so ironfist was marvel's chance to test the glowing fist cgi and perfect it for this movie...Right?

  • Andres Valladares
    Andres Valladares 2 months ago

    Hey Voss, the line is “Leave the gun, take the cannoli”

  • JLo™
    JLo™ 2 months ago +1

    The Skrulls = reptilians

  • Nik B
    Nik B 2 months ago

    what does a cameo means?

  • Fernando Perez
    Fernando Perez 2 months ago

    It would be cool if you saw the avengers in the captain marvel but in the background trying to achieve something

  • aidangdavis
    aidangdavis 2 months ago

    I hope they say, "Captain Marvel will return in Avengers Endgame" at the end of the movie

  • Ronny Tønnesland Tveiten

    no shit, brainiac!? Off course Anette Benning is the personification of supreme int. If u hear the dialog and look at the location, you don't have to be a genius to get that.

  • mac stacks
    mac stacks 2 months ago

    Aren't they called starforce, not spaceforce?

  • ilsejacobs777
    ilsejacobs777 2 months ago

    Before Dr Strange's assistant mentiones the 22 year old, he mentiones a 33 year old airforce colonel that crushed his lower spine in experimental armor... sounds very much like Rhodey

  • The Imp
    The Imp 2 months ago +1

    What about Dr. Erik Selvig? He has more knowledge of the Tesseract than Dr Strange.

  • Omer Aamir Shah
    Omer Aamir Shah 2 months ago

    i knew jude law is the main villian at the end we'll find out hes the big baddie of the movie,
    he just looks evil u know what i mean, so yeah definitely a fuckface !!!!

  • Brian Hogg
    Brian Hogg 2 months ago

    Uh, with Doctor Strange, you make two guesses: one is that future Strange goes back in time to interact with Danvers in some capacity. Him making a cameo would potentially be pretty wild.
    The second guess is that Danvers is the female patient from the beginning of Doctor Strange, even though that case is from 17 years before the events of Doctor Strange?

  • Just Joe :P
    Just Joe :P 2 months ago

    Dammit, there are so many interconnections between the movies, and so many of them still unrevealed. Definately wondering if any of those will turn out to be true in the upcoming film. Marvel is just brilliant with this franchise.

  • Gift Matsane
    Gift Matsane 2 months ago

    i like your energy,

  • Costrider
    Costrider 2 months ago

    Since the sponsorship with better help, i always skip the ads...

  • Chiamaka Abara
    Chiamaka Abara 2 months ago +1

    I think a young Tony Stark will appear in Captain Marvel, and he'll probably have a deep conversation with Carol, and the conversation ends with, "You are the KEY".

  • Ingemann99
    Ingemann99 2 months ago

    SLJ has said in an interview that cap Marvel Can time travel?🤔🤔

  • LegionMeerkat7
    LegionMeerkat7 2 months ago +1

    War Machine AKA James Rhodes as a Skrull in the Post Credit Scene, or Hawkeye AKA Clint reporting to Fury at one point but that’s all nothing much. Those are my predictions for the cameos.

  • LegionMeerkat7
    LegionMeerkat7 2 months ago

    *Me at **11:31* holy shit

  • The film Guy
    The film Guy 2 months ago

    There should be a scene where fury is looking at files and we see tony,Bruce,Scott Lang, Wasp thor