The Briefing Room: Alabama Abortion Bill, Bullock, Queer Eye' Karamo Brown and House Dems

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • The latest politics headlines from Washington, DC.
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  • Linksthebest
    Linksthebest Month ago +2

    Tulsi Gabbard is coming off really stiff and inauthetic. For those of you seeing her for the first time, please don't let deter you. When in actual interviews, she really gets to go in depth on her talking points and you can really see why she cares.

  • Midnight Fire
    Midnight Fire Month ago

    Now women can feel how a sexist law feels. Getting imprisoned for aborting is as humiliating as getting imprisoned for child support. So no one cares what you have to say.

  • Robert
    Robert Month ago

    Everyone’s like oh shoot I got pregnant by a white person.. Better abort it.. My College professor said it’s the only way to prevent racism.

  • Kevin Lyman
    Kevin Lyman Month ago

    Make the day after pill cheaper its like 60 bucks.

  • BernieYohan
    BernieYohan Month ago +3

    This administration can’t be trusted. How do you believe any of them anymore.

    • Steff Hardison
      Steff Hardison Month ago

      This Administration connot only not be trusted but for Donald Trump 's best friend && a Whitehouse && personal adviser ( Roger Stone ) is on parole && registered sex offender!!! Since when is this a thing that makes this &; all of his hiding everything that him & his f as mily keep profiting off being a President on a personal level &; screw the American people that pay 4 his whores !!! Congress is there 2 do the job of taking people like him out of office not to worry about an election !!!! At least he won't b President !!!

  • Steff Hardison
    Steff Hardison Month ago

    Nobody has the rite to mess w/ Roe / vs. / Wade !!! It did"nt happen overnite just like Trump always messing w/ things that don't have a rite messing w/ what women feel very strong is best for themselves !!! But hell they rather have women bring all these chidren in this world where there are an overwhelming amoynt of children already abused && killed by parents that should not have thdm !! Not to mention the overwhelming amount of of children that are in foster && ( care ) child molesters are buying && children already feeling not cared , or unwanted !!! All thr politivians want all these children ????

    • Steff Hardison
      Steff Hardison Month ago

      Why would u be correct you are a man that wants to demand women to do what your sex says what is what women should do w/ their bodies ??? How many of them if those kids you gonna adopt ???? How .any of thise kids are you gonna go sit w/ them in hospitals from abuse of moms that were forced to have a child they were trying correct the reminder of the rape, incestuous, or accidentaly did the wrong thing or got beat by a man that did not do what he wanted i guess men should speak for women behind closed doors w/ her dr. U are an idiot men should never be able 2 tell a woman what to do w/ her personal preference!!! Not your business stay out of it!!!

    • Steff Hardison
      Steff Hardison Month ago

      @Mark W. All women have opinions !! If u think like that i actually believe MEN SHOULD HAVE NO REASON TO SPEAK ON IT !!!! I COULD ALMOST BET THAT THIS MARK WOLFORD AM I CORRECT???

    • Mark W.
      Mark W. Month ago

      Women that control their reproductive system have no opinion.

    KiTT FOXXE Month ago

    TVclip Shadow bans and abortion is murder

  • MsBizzyGurl
    MsBizzyGurl Month ago

    What the hell?

  • Lucian David
    Lucian David Month ago +2

    Looks like Alabama can continue with inbreeding without worry.

    • David Holcomb
      David Holcomb Month ago +1

      I bet Democrats would defend Incest... I mean, look at there record of mentally ill voters!

  • rockster0192
    rockster0192 Month ago

    Need a new generation military personnel somehow...

  • Gothic Dragon warrior Queen

    So good the laws are past against abortion!!! But still there is WAR against TRUMP-HATERS! FBI is investigating them for their Russian collusion and always kissing Ilhan Omar's ass! They are anti-semitic and socialist .They should be punished!!!🇺🇸😡🛡🗡💉💀

  • Noel Hoffmann
    Noel Hoffmann Month ago

    These men don't pay child support in these states. It's awful. These girls get a check while boyfriend bails. How about mandatory birth control. How about that? Cuz Im tired of giving them an effing check every month for their five kids they don't know who the daddy is!

  • Mark Parris
    Mark Parris Month ago

    Alabama...where a judge can rape girls but if he got you pregnant you're fucked.

  • Monique Catalina
    Monique Catalina Month ago +5

    Now there trying to control and take us women back it's our right to do with our bodies as we choose but I don't believe in killing a baby

  • Kevin Burkett
    Kevin Burkett Month ago +3

    it's honestly sad that we, not just as americans but as human beings in general, feel like the life of an unborn child is something to be debated. keep in mind abortion is literally no different than the romans and the babylonians that threw their unwanted and special needs children off of cliffs except our cliff is the abortion chair. it takes a real sick and twisted mentality to be ok with something like abortion, knowing you're willingly snuffing out that human being's chance at life just because he/she was too inconvenient for you. it's one thing to say that that baby doesn't have rights until it's born but when their heart starts to beat then, from a medical standpoint, they are a full-fledged human being deserving of civil liberties.

      SUGAR XYLER ! Month ago

      🖐 As I former fetus I say I would rather have been aborted than come into the world unwanted like I WAS.
      I still suffer from it.
      *So STFU*

  • TheBestWayOne
    TheBestWayOne Month ago +2

    Unplanned Movie ABC refused to advertise. True story check it out.

  • mama Inna
    mama Inna Month ago +5

    Yay Alabama ❤️👏🏼 Babies need to be protected from the barbaric practice of being torn limb by limb from their mother’s womb.

  • rollerz
    rollerz Month ago +4

    Foreign Policy is not Joe Biden’s strong-suit. He voted for Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Karen S
    Karen S Month ago +5

    Proud of my state!!

    • Karen S
      Karen S Month ago +1

      SUGAR XYLER ! Nope. Not a Grandma. ✌🏻

    • Lynn Morgan
      Lynn Morgan Month ago +2

      Me too! God bless Alabama

      SUGAR XYLER ! Month ago

      🖐Relax grandma

  • Lucian David
    Lucian David Month ago +3

    Neil Young was right.

  • Matt Sprayberry
    Matt Sprayberry Month ago +6

    As a Alabamian I could not be happier for what my state is doing a lot of people criticize and say it's not right but I understand there's some cases where abortion is necessary and then 95% of them are just plain evil.

      SUGAR XYLER ! Month ago

      @Matt Sprayberry
      💋 You wanna dance 😁

    • Matt Sprayberry
      Matt Sprayberry Month ago +2

      @lilli b
      It takes 2 to tango mam

    • lilli b
      lilli b Month ago +1

      I agree that 95% of the men who create an unwanted baby are evil.

  • Rafael Palacio
    Rafael Palacio Month ago +4

    Deplorables it's time to stop sleeping with your relatives

  • Burlington Vermont
    Burlington Vermont Month ago

    I don't know what they are protesting. Abortion is still legal. Only in cases of incest and rape. The South will have no problem with customers.

  • RC CGC
    RC CGC Month ago +13

    What wonderful news ! good job Alabama !

    • Tommy Johnson
      Tommy Johnson Month ago +1

      Republicans constantly complain that they don't want government ran helth care yet they don't mind it when the government has a say in what a woman can do with her body.

    • RC CGC
      RC CGC Month ago

      SUGAR XYLER ! Lol that’s that funniest thing I’ve heard all day

    • RC CGC
      RC CGC Month ago

      Adrian Martinez black market ?

      SUGAR XYLER ! Month ago

      ⛤ Somebody SHOULD poke your eye

    • Adrian Martinez
      Adrian Martinez Month ago +4

      Congrats pussy. You created a black market

  • Angel c
    Angel c Month ago +6


      SUGAR XYLER ! Month ago

      @Lucian David
      ⛤ That's should turn her into an ATHEIST

    • Lucian David
      Lucian David Month ago +1

      Angel c , go read your bible you freak!!

  • kalbs89
    kalbs89 Month ago +7

    Welcome back to the Middle Ages Alabama

    • David Holcomb
      David Holcomb Month ago

      @SUGAR XYLER ! 👈 found the molestered!

      SUGAR XYLER ! Month ago

      @mama Inna
      💀 If you came into the world as an unwanted child you would have a different perspective after being abused. *So shut your goddamn mouth*

    • mama Inna
      mama Inna Month ago +1

      Alabama is pushing itself out of the Dark Ages of abortion, where innocent babies are ripped limb by limb out of what should be the safest place on Earth, their mother’s womb. Yay Alabama!

      LAST CALL Month ago +1

      *In the middle ages they used to rip humans limb from limb, today it's called abortion.*

  • Hank Terreros
    Hank Terreros Month ago +3


  • Üf Da
    Üf Da Month ago +2

    So we can call them queers? Something doesn’t seem right.

  • ShadowDrift
    ShadowDrift Month ago +12

    Good for Alabama, finally doing the right thing for once. Margaret Sanger hates black people & the south has a lot of black people there. Good day for America.

    • Steff Hardison
      Steff Hardison Month ago

      How is it a good day 4 America when people cancel out a law that should never be taken away the rites a woman !!! She does'nt want that child she not ready ??? Better then bringing a life in2 this world of some of kids could b born to abusers , cuz they weren't wanted && sex offenders that fathered their lives !!! And soo many children can't find homes now && overloaded sadly w/ kids people whose kids are not wanted or abused !!! All of yawl gonna adopt these kids women are forced 2 give birth 2 that dod not want them!!!??? Any takers???

      SUGAR XYLER ! Month ago

      ⛤ Sanger is my *hero*

    • Lucian David
      Lucian David Month ago +3

      ShadowDrift , are you some right wing religious freak? I’m staying out of Alabama.

  • Shirley Stone
    Shirley Stone Month ago +8

    Yea Alabama.

  • Maureen Doherty
    Maureen Doherty Month ago +1

    Alabama is a shitty state with all trailer trash!!!!!!! I guess women don't rate there!!! Thank God I live in New York!!