Worth $45? - Toaks Titanium Wood Stove Review

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
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    Recently I reviewed the Canway Camping Stove and today I have the Toaks Titanium Wood Stove which is double the price. Is it worth it?
    Find out now!

    Link : www.amazon.com/TOAKS-Titanium-Backpacking-Burning-Stove/dp/B00SA2H05I
    Price : $45 at the time of Filming on Amazon -
    Material: Pure Titanium (Grade 1 or 2)
    Weight: 5.4oz / 151gr.
    Dimensions: When packed: 3 3/4" (94mm) (Dia) x 3 3/4" (94mm) (H) When assembled: 3 3/4" (94mm) (Dia) x 7 1/4" (183mm) (H)
    Origin : Designed by TOAKS in California, made in China.
    Notes :
    There are two version of this stove, the small and the large and Toaks does a terrible job of distinguishing them on Amazon. In fact, at the time of filming, they have the exact same Amazon Title with the only obvious difference being price. So if you go out to buy this stove, know that there are two versions.
    When it is packed, it can nest inside TOAKS Titanium 750mml pot.
    It comes with a nylon sack bag.

    Tips :
    Once assembled, fill the stove with wood up to the halfway point of the top can. When filling the stove with wood, put bigger pieces of wood on the bottom and smaller stuff on the top, but don’t over fill it by putting as much wood in it as will fit. You want to preserve good airflow through the stove.
    If you materials needs a little assistance due to moisture, use a cotton ball and Vaseline to get it going. Light from the top
    This is a gasifier stove and when it comes to such products, there many out on the market including the most popular which would be the solo stove.

    Pros :
    Very good construction
    Compact - Does fit inside of the Toaks 750ML pot and larger sizes but if you do so, your pot will get dirty- it is a wood burning stove afterall.

    Easy to setup
    Easy to ignite with proper prep.
    Fun to use
    Can boil 2 cups of water in around 7 minutes; of course your mileage will vary depending on the condition of the materials used in your stove.
    Efficient - How efficient of course depends on the materials which you are using. - will burn to ash
    Like just about everything in life, this stove isn’t right for all conditions and locations; keep that in mind.

    Cons :
    Non-intuitive assembly - everyone who I have shown this to has taken time to figure out.
    Very tall and eventually you may knock it over; that would be an easy thing to do.
    Requires more attention to be paid than with other types of stoves.
    Can be a bit unstable if not on completely flat ground. If that is the case, you can use thin sticks or even tent stakes to hold the pot down so that it is tippsy.
    While it is compact there are much, much smaller stoves out on the market
    Like all wood burning stoves, it will take a bit of time to master it
    Simmering isn’t a strong point for this stove as it burns hot and fast due to the design.
    The rectangular hole in the top can is very small, so you can only feed the stove with annoyingly small pieces of wood unless you remove the pot and feed it from the top
    Biggest complaint : Not windproof; if in gusty conditions the wind will push the flames and heat out of the size of the top section. You will need a wind screen in some situations
    Could become a lot of work if you were doing a lot of cooking/boiling.

    Summary :
    Is this the best wood burning stove ever; in my opinion no but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like it because I do. It’s light, has an interesting design, is fun to use and is compact.
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  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview  2 months ago +11

    Like wood stoves as much as I do?
    Great, more reviews are on the way!

    Also, another hiking adventure will be up tomorrow night!
    - Luke

  • Dale Hodgkinson
    Dale Hodgkinson 4 days ago

    not sure if anyone will know but can you fit a 32 oz straight walled nalgene inside?

  • Augustus McRae
    Augustus McRae 15 days ago

    The inside chamber sits too low. Cuts down airflow.

  • Adam S
    Adam S 20 days ago

    Sadly, I cant trust your review. It is a gasification stove. There's also a method on how to set up the fuel which you should research.

  • Howdy Doughty
    Howdy Doughty 21 day ago

    I built my own, coffee can an a pint paint can. Cost? Free

  • Richard Henning
    Richard Henning 23 days ago

    And you can over feed it that can slow down the boil

  • Michael Kubis
    Michael Kubis Month ago

    How many stars out of 5?

  • Jimmy S
    Jimmy S Month ago

    When it comes to.....

  • Views and Reviews
    Views and Reviews Month ago +1

    Good review. What is your favorite wood stove?

  • georgebgoode
    georgebgoode Month ago

    Given the number of TVclip reviews of this stove, I am amazed that you appear so clueless as to how to use this stove properly.

  • georgebgoode
    georgebgoode Month ago +1

    IT IS A WOOD, GASSIFICATION STOVE!!! However, it will not work as it should if over filled - which, during the course of this review, it has been, BAD REVIEW!!!

  • Trevor White
    Trevor White 2 months ago +1

    hate to break it to you bud, but this IS a gasifier wood stove. This is a classic design of a gassifier and if you researched the Toaks website you will see that is what it does, it has a secondary combustion of wood gas.... I.e. A wood gas stove.
    see the link below.

    • Neeman Callender
      Neeman Callender 2 months ago +1

      Trevor White
      i find poor reviews like this embarrassing
      Please do basic research

  • TheBrackishCoast
    TheBrackishCoast 2 months ago

    I have the large one. The interlocking Ti grill/grid inserts failed under the weight of a full 32oz klean canteen when the stove got real hot. I took the two stainless steel chopsticks I carry and put them parallel through the holes in the top. Then put the canteen on the chopsticks. This had the effect of lowering the bottle/pot closer to the flame. It seems to increase the efficiency of the stove without any noticeable cons.

  • TheRealChetManley
    TheRealChetManley 2 months ago

    You can get wood gas stoves from aliexpress for $15 that work really good and light...this one not worth the money

    • Neeman Callender
      Neeman Callender 2 months ago

      in steel?
      not very light titanium

  • jack
    jack 2 months ago

    It's great, just put a tent stake or two thru the bottom to help with stability. The small version fits perfectly in a Stanley adventure cookset. I understand peoples misgivings about the price, but IMO it’s well worth the investment.

  • Azrealophion
    Azrealophion 2 months ago +1

    Ummm that is a gasification stove...

  • WarGrrl3
    WarGrrl3 2 months ago

    Ill take the UCO Flatpack mini over ANY round wood burning stove. Ill sacrifice the titanium for the superiority n versitility of the SS UCO mini

  • Rodney Burnap
    Rodney Burnap 2 months ago

    Ftuyuv bhfdf are cv

  • A.J. Hart
    A.J. Hart 2 months ago

    Seems like increasing the chance of setting the hills on fire to save a few ounces. Once the flame is going, there's not much about this that seems much safer than actually building a fire pit, except maybe it's easier to put a pit fire out.

  • James ze
    James ze 2 months ago

    toaks makes cross bars for the large stove. you can buy 2 sets and use as a grill. the cross bars also lets you use smaller pots.

  • Karl Mckernan
    Karl Mckernan 2 months ago

    Can’t beat the Solo Stove.

  • Lyle Tipple
    Lyle Tipple 2 months ago +1

    Another good and thourough review. As for me I'm aiming to get a Gen2 Titanium Folding Firebox Nano 4 oz Ultralight Stove. Like the compactness and low weight of it.

  • Jarl Seamus
    Jarl Seamus 2 months ago

    That looks like an excessive amount of work for something you could accomplish with two stones found anywhere.....

  • John Loraditch
    John Loraditch 2 months ago +3

    3 parts....complicated?

  • Don Carlton
    Don Carlton 2 months ago

    It seems to tippy and the opening is too small. Emberlit stoves are much better for similar weight and price. Also you could use an alcohol burner or solid fuel tabs as an alternative to wood.

  • Bill Mitchell
    Bill Mitchell 2 months ago

    What is your favorite wood stove?

  • James James
    James James 2 months ago

    How long to boil a full cup do you think

    IMONEIN MILLION 2 months ago

    Not worth shit

  • Don keyhole
    Don keyhole 2 months ago

    too expensive.

  • Miguel Valentin
    Miguel Valentin 2 months ago

    Nice but rather have an MSR though.....less headache with the setup especially and no need to continuously feed it....

  • Joe Harker
    Joe Harker 2 months ago

    Another Plus is how well it nests in your mess kit

  • bob esselstyn
    bob esselstyn 2 months ago

    agree Luke i have one and still sometimes get it wrong not a big deal but it does happen nice stove though

  • yolanda anene
    yolanda anene 2 months ago

    I appreciate the information. It doesnt seem too hard but I'm a bit of a klutz since you're saying it can tilt. Happy belated Fathers Day.

  • Dano DeMano
    Dano DeMano 2 months ago

    I've owned the (Ti) Bushbox Ultralight Outdoor Pocket Stove since 2014 and recommend it to anyone who wants a great compact stove that will work with more than just wood. You can use fuel tablets as well as a Trangia or soda can alcohol stove. It's currently $45 on Amazon and more versatile than this stove. It is very stable and low to the ground and as the name states, it fits in a shirt pocket when disassembled in its carry pouch.
    If you ever get a chance to try one, I'm pretty sure you wouuld like it.

  • Bryon C
    Bryon C 2 months ago

    I like it, wish it had a bigger hole... I've dropped my water countless times... But for what I use this with and for i do like it.. And yes very fun to use.. My buddy has a uberleaven German wood stove, weighs alot, hole is huge, but I'd still camp with my toaks stove any day, my backup I use a jetboil minimo...

  • williamwyoming
    williamwyoming 2 months ago

    Nice review. I have one as well and I'm in the middle ground as well. The selling point for me is compactness of the kit. I can pre-load with wood and stuff in the 750 ml pot and its good to go for quick boiling.

  • Robert Waterman
    Robert Waterman 2 months ago

    You paid 45 dollars for that, what a joke. It's a complete waste of money.

    HOSTILE MGTOW 2 months ago

    Another honest and totally for the people review 👍👍👍. We appreciate you man 😉👌.
    I personally like this stove but, I can also embrace the idea of getting something cheaper if it performs just as good.
    Great video 📹📷🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬.

  • Tedd Vidler
    Tedd Vidler 2 months ago +1

    For me it's just not stable enough. Good review.

  • Tatu
    Tatu 2 months ago

    Luke love the videos... but... those glasses are way to big for your face :-) j/k

  • Derek R Watson
    Derek R Watson 2 months ago

    Cool stove but save your money for something else, there are better uses for titanium in my opinion.

  • Bobo
    Bobo 2 months ago +1

    “Be careful when putting your wood in!” Luke Chapter 7 Book 01

  • Ryan Moyer
    Ryan Moyer 2 months ago

    For the same prices you can get a Scout from Silverfire with secondary burn and overall better design. Add a dragon pot and this can't compare. Same price, same idea, waaaaaaay better. And no I'm not associated. Just experienced with many camper wood stoves. Silverfire can't be beat.

  • Zhaann
    Zhaann 2 months ago +1

    I have made my own wood gas stove out of a paint can, a progresso soup can and a tuna can and it works way better than some of the stoves on the market I have used.

      HOSTILE MGTOW 2 months ago

      Lol 😂😂😂, you go boy 😁 🔥🔥🔥.

  • Tree Rat69
    Tree Rat69 2 months ago

    There isn't a hobo stove made that is even close to being worth what it takes in time to make one out of a can imo . All the non diy er's and guys that do video's like this drive prices up because people feel the need to have what they think everyone who knows something about woodscraft is playing show and tell. No disrespect to your channel ment here brother I know your a good man. Consumerism is driving a wedge in woodscraft/bushcraft and that's not what either of them is about. Hope everyone has a good up coming weekend get out and enjoy the simple things in life.

  • Victor vasquez
    Victor vasquez 2 months ago +1

    Firebox nano all the way! Thx Luke..

  • Lance Waltrip
    Lance Waltrip 2 months ago

    They sell little clips that can go on top that create a grate of sorts that will let you put smaller cups on it.

  • Jean-Louis Bourgeois
    Jean-Louis Bourgeois 2 months ago +1

    Only 44 shy of 200K subscribers, congrats!

  • Alaska Raft Connection - Alaska-BushRafter

    Good review Luke. I must say, I also have always been a firebug even at a very young age. Growing up on a mountainside, Mom would find me tending my campfires or glass for smoke signals. I'd light paper airplanes on fire and wrist rocket them apart with gravel for grade school recesses - lol. Who needed smartphones, social media, and so on with that kind of entertainment? Like you, I also think many of these wood-burners are fun. TOAKS gear like the 750ml pot, spoons, sporks, and so on are in my experience well made and of dependable enough grade/gauge titanium alloy. I like how the little stove fits into the pot. However, I do not like the overall design, think stove is all that efficient, hot, effective given stability issues, or all that well thought out in terms of innovation like a gasifier. Thank you for the honest review.

  • Ebby Wang
    Ebby Wang 2 months ago +1

    Hi,Luke, I’m Ebby, Gearbest marketing manager, we would like to support your channel, if convenient, could you send email to me? ebby@gearbest.com

  • Thomas Musso
    Thomas Musso 2 months ago

    Seems like a neat little wood burner.
    However, the quest for 'ultra-light' costs extra $$$. Each to their own .. not my cup of tea.
    Me .. I have a 'Bushbox' LF in SS. Heavier .. yes. More expensive .. yes. Packs flat. Very stable. Multi-fuel compatible. Multi-functional. Great German Engineering.

  • let the smoke rise
    let the smoke rise 2 months ago

    Littlbug stove for me. Easy to pack and setup (but does require assembly). Easy to feed with large openings at top. Can also be setup for alcohol. Not a gassifier. Luke, Have you used a littlbug stove?

  • Sidney Mathious
    Sidney Mathious 2 months ago

    I would not want a stove like that as it is dangerous and I would not want to take the chance of harming myself or losing things like containers of drinking water when I could use something safer.

  • Still Searching
    Still Searching 2 months ago

    Gonna stay with my Silverfire Scout 304SS stove. Yes, it’s a bit expensive but the quality is there and it is a BURNER! Have used it many times. Works great for me.

    RON HUDSON 2 months ago

    Have you done a review on a bushcooker from Four Dogs Stoves?

  • Frank Castillo
    Frank Castillo 2 months ago

    My favorite is the Ohuhu wood stove - tvclip.biz/video/iaf6bynPvhQ/video.html
    Plus, I like saying “Ohuhu”.

  • Santos Fma
    Santos Fma 2 months ago

    i love my firebox stove!!!!!!!

  • Joel R.
    Joel R. 2 months ago +1

    Great content as usual! I am finding myself searching your channel looking for reviews on gear now before I buy anything new or that I am unfamiliar with. Keep it up!

      HOSTILE MGTOW 2 months ago

      I know right 😉?. This guy luke is an outdoors gem 💎of a content creator.

  • Dennis Kuenze
    Dennis Kuenze 2 months ago

    I think I'll stick with my Ember Lite. It will handle any size cup or pot.

  • Rad Breeze
    Rad Breeze 2 months ago

    thanx 4 this review, had my eye on this product for some time & now i have made my decision

    • Rose Ciulla
      Rose Ciulla 2 months ago +1

      He really hit the nail on the head with this review. I, like many wanted this to be the perfect stove as a Toaks fan who has many of their products. Me and my guy both got one, so that is double the investment. If you are in an emergency situation, or just want to do something quick on the fly, the Solo stove I can say works amazing and worth the extra weight. And remember with this stove you also need some sort of wind screen so that is more weight...