Kyrie Irving on Flat Earth Theory, LeBron James & NBA All-Star Game

  • Published on Feb 16, 2018
  • Kyrie talks about his 5th NBA All-Star game, being chosen to be on LeBron's team, playing for the Boston Celtics, his new movie Uncle Drew, his tattoo of the 'Friends' logo and his beliefs about the world being flat.
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    Kyrie Irving on Flat Earth Theory, LeBron James & NBA All-Star Game
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Comments • 5 228

  • john jinglehimer
    john jinglehimer 2 days ago +1

    He's right, the earth is flat.

  • Sbastian Brilyanto
    Sbastian Brilyanto 3 days ago

    People got crazy when the news came out but I know he’s just playing.

  • J0hn Murdoch
    J0hn Murdoch 4 days ago

    Damn is jimmy sober for any of his interviews lmao

  • Glenn Robards
    Glenn Robards 4 days ago

    Who has proof of a spinning globe? NOBODY
    Nobody can show me part of a spinning globe that should be visible at 35,000 feet.
    The spinning globe cannot be observed.
    The spinning globe is a FRAUD!
    NASA animations and CGI photos are NOT proof of a spinning globe.
    NASA lied, and should be held accountable.

  • Glenn Robards
    Glenn Robards 4 days ago

    Attention Jimmy Kimmel:
    Eric Dubay is looking for a debate unless you are too scared.
    In all fairness, if all I had was a spinning globe fairy tale, I would be scared to debate Eric Dubay too.

  • Nicho DiDo
    Nicho DiDo 6 days ago +1

    Parental role?

  • sartorius1982
    sartorius1982 9 days ago +2

    Thank you for standing for flat earth, earth is not a globe

  • Alexandru Ene
    Alexandru Ene 9 days ago +2

    Pretty sad how they make you look like a retard when you know and see the flat earth. I wish i could earn money to tell lies :D

  • joseph
    joseph 13 days ago

    the guy didnot give any answer. why didnot Kimmel pursue the answer...
    flat earth insanity

    • joseph
      joseph Day ago

      Glenn Robards hey summer in finland it is light almost all you explain that?

    • joseph
      joseph 4 days ago

      Glenn Robards silence...silence....fraud fraud fraud..screaming...conspiracy answers...just conspiracies...fake fake fake fake....

    • joseph
      joseph 4 days ago

      Glenn Robards yes i know all is fraud. I read your statement and deep please..i m just a simple dutch guy with basic me...why doesnot my DUtch government tell me why earth is flat? What s the purpose?

    • joseph
      joseph 4 days ago

      Glenn Robards why is it a secret? Why cant we know earth is flat...tell me.

    • Glenn Robards
      Glenn Robards 4 days ago

      If an image or video is true.
      You should be able to observe it yourself.
      Observable, testable, repeatable
      That won't be good for the spinning globe fairy tale.
      The spinning globe cannot be observed.
      The spinning globe is a FRAUD.

  • Zack Grega
    Zack Grega 13 days ago

    Kylie gets his hair cut @ the mall
    What Cleveland didn’t have a Supercuts

  • leonsam12
    leonsam12 17 days ago +2

    Sounds like kimmle was telling him he not doing it right if he wants to be in “the club”.

  • Brother Daryl
    Brother Daryl 19 days ago +2

    They told him to stop with the earth is flat because its true the earth is flat TV is all about lies Space force lol

    • Glenn Robards
      Glenn Robards 4 days ago

      Jack Coltrane:
      Education is NOT necessarily the truth.
      When nobody can show you earth is rotating with your own eyes, earth is NOT rotating.
      When nobody can show you part of the globe that should be visible at 35,000 feet, but part of the globe isn't even visible at 120,000 feet. The spinning globe obviously doesn't exist.
      The spinning globe is a lie.

    • Jack Coltrane
      Jack Coltrane 9 days ago +1

      The truth is you lack education.. smh

  • Deep Gaming
    Deep Gaming 20 days ago

    Why he play kyrie like that

  • neoism
    neoism 20 days ago

    he is a retard

    • Glenn Robards
      Glenn Robards 4 days ago

      I concede you can't show me part of the spinning globe at 35,000 feet.
      The spinning globe cannot be observed.
      The spinning globe is a FRAUD!

    • neoism
      neoism 4 days ago

      Glenn Robards 😂

    • Glenn Robards
      Glenn Robards 4 days ago

      Can you show me part of a spinning globe at 35,000 feet?
      If you can't, it's time to realize who the real clueless person is.

  • Glenn Robards
    Glenn Robards 21 day ago

    The spinning globe is a satanic fairy tale told to unsuspecting children.
    Satan fooled almost everyone.

    • Glenn Robards
      Glenn Robards 5 days ago

      Show me part of a spinning globe at 35,000 feet.
      Oh wait, I forgot, the spinning globe cannot be observed.
      The spinning globe is a FRAUD!
      Anyone that says earth is a spinning globe is a LIAR!!!!

    • Frost
      Frost 5 days ago

      I simply do not believe that you believe this. So I'm not going to get baited. However, on the off chance that you do believe what you are typing, I would recommend doing some research on this subject, because it really is quite simple.

    • Glenn Robards
      Glenn Robards 5 days ago

      Nobody has ever observed a spinning globe.
      The earth's spin cannot be observed.
      It's impossible for earth to be spinning because we don't have the ramifications of said spin.
      Math dictates that part of the globe is visible at 35,000 feet, but part of the globe is NOT visible at 120,000 feet.
      It's not possible for NASA to observe a spinning globe because the spinning globe cannot be observed.
      NASA lied, the scientists lied, the government lied, the spinning globe
      is a lie.
      The spinning globe cannot be observed.
      The spinning globe is a FRAUD!
      All we can observe is a flat and stationary earth.

    • Frost
      Frost 5 days ago

      If you believe this then I am sorry to tell you, but it is you who has been fooled.

  • fred jones
    fred jones 21 day ago

    head like a basket ball, nothing inside

    • Glenn Robards
      Glenn Robards 4 days ago

      NASA animations and CGI photos are not proof of a spinning globe.
      Being gullible is NOT proof of a spinning globe.
      The spinning globe doesn't exist.
      You were brainwashed, and didn't even know it.

  • King Jagwar
    King Jagwar 23 days ago +1

    I hope everyone knows the media/magic show is a joke, with pure brain washing. Basketball player is right. The Earth is definitely Flat, STATIONARY, HORIZONTAL PLANE . Any fool can go outside and see the Flat Earth.

    • Glenn Robards
      Glenn Robards 21 day ago

      And everyone knows you can't see earth spinning, not even from a plane.
      It's impossible for earth to be spinning because we don't have the ramifications of said spin.

  • Wu Liwei
    Wu Liwei 24 days ago

    KI speaks like a White person

  • Yvanne Delacruz
    Yvanne Delacruz 24 days ago

    kyrie's outfit is firee

  • Mohamed Janaqow
    Mohamed Janaqow 25 days ago

    Kylie is dumb

  • Dub Nation
    Dub Nation 26 days ago

    stop it, the earth is in square shape

  • kuci fejz
    kuci fejz 28 days ago

    wow what a nice guy !!!

  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever 28 days ago

    I want a basketball like that!😭

  • Terrance Overstreet
    Terrance Overstreet 28 days ago

    Listen crazy people the earth is flat the planet or world is round.

  • dzimbeck
    dzimbeck 29 days ago +1

    Scumbag Kimmel. The earth is flat and Irving just doesn't want to lose his career.

  • DanimalLawlz
    DanimalLawlz 29 days ago

    Lol he's actually a pretty natural actor! What a guy

  • Amy Bella
    Amy Bella Month ago +1

    Seems to me Kimmel is a moron. He insults his intelligence and gives him a ball. Peope are so fixed on what peope hear not what people know. Earth is flat and people who tell you otherwise are working for the government or been brainwashed. Trust me even people here comment work within this corruption. And act like a normal person. Discussion closed. And not responding to peope who believe otherwise. Truth will set you free.

    • Glenn Robards
      Glenn Robards 4 days ago

      Max Max:
      The spinning globe is pseudoscience because it can't be observed.
      NASA animations and CGI photos are NOT proof.
      NASA could have lied, and NASA did lie.
      The spinning globe hasn't been observed.
      There's a reason you can't see or feel the earth spinning 1,040 mph.
      The reason is earth is NOT spinning.
      Water doesn't work on a globe, nor is there proof that gravity can work on a spinning globe.
      All we can observe is a flat and stationary earth.

    • Max Max
      Max Max Month ago

      Amy Bella
      God has as much credablilty as the flat earth society. I'd rather trust the humans because science has the ablility tested and observed through many experiments. What would you trust science which has the ablilty to be observed and proven or some so called god that offers no evodence for his existence even though he is the creator what kind of logic is that.

    • Amy Bella
      Amy Bella Month ago +1

      Max Max- I dont need to justify anything to you, in life you have two ways, scientist, or god the creator, who do you believe a stupid human, or someone who actually made the whole universe, there is always a higher power, than human. Human did not make this earth, so therefore human can be debunked, I would pick a bible that opens the truth, then to believe someone like NASA to debunk stupid theories. (Photoshop images of earth) GOD IS THE CREATOR, there is nobody greater. For everything in life there is the creator, without a creator you dont have anything. Remember that. Science can be proven wrong, GOD cant. You believe what you want. Dont come here tell me otherwise. This is why you are commenting, because you are naive to read my comment. I said dont answer if you have nothing to agree it.

    • Max Max
      Max Max Month ago

      Yup because thats how you justify your position guys. Give a dumbass statemnet with nothing other than the oh so terrifying government as your reason. Also make sure not to respond to anybody for when they demolish your arguement if you even call it that

  • Jamis Mirs
    Jamis Mirs Month ago

    Kyrie Irving acts like a white classy man.

  • breezyvibe
    breezyvibe Month ago +1

    I like Kyrie . . he's very talented. And . . the earth IS flat.

  • Donald Johnson
    Donald Johnson Month ago +1

    Open your eyes do the research see what makes more sense

  • Derb _y
    Derb _y Month ago

    Uncle Drew!!!!

  • Taylor Merino
    Taylor Merino Month ago

    If Kylie was not injured they would have won the championship

  • Krispity311
    Krispity311 Month ago

    Kyrie trolled all these idiots who think the earth is flat. They all think they are intellectuals yet probably never looked through a telescope or have a bachelor's degree.

    • Glenn Robards
      Glenn Robards 4 days ago

      Can you show me part of a spinning globe at 35,000 feet Krispity311?
      If you can't, you have NO PROOF OF A SPINNING GLOBE.

  • Ilyes David
    Ilyes David Month ago

    Site counter conservative argue offensive developer grief wind.

  • S T
    S T Month ago

    6:52 kanye

  • S T
    S T Month ago

    Hes charming ✨

  • Hilda Martinez
    Hilda Martinez Month ago

    I thought Kyrie was from Austria

  • My Leg
    My Leg Month ago

    I know Kyrie stays up all night and watches Shane Dawson’s conspiracy theories...

  • DDomster
    DDomster Month ago

    His teeth is brighter than my future

  • Conor Salas
    Conor Salas Month ago

    Kyrie is the whitest black guy in the nba

  • Steven Green
    Steven Green Month ago

    Lebron going to Boston he traded Kylie to set up the future for his arrival in Boston

  • Andy Council
    Andy Council Month ago +2

    Rent - Friends - Flat-earther
    All adds up!

  • lolo ali
    lolo ali Month ago

    Why is kyrie's hairline better in nba 2k18 but in real life it's terrible

  • kdot balloon
    kdot balloon Month ago

    Watch 0:31 onwards
    IS THAT KOBE????? He talks like kobe even the facial expressions and hand gestures

  • S T
    S T Month ago

    players are so lousy in interviews lolol

  • n.g j.h
    n.g j.h Month ago

    Does it really matter what shape the earth is 🤔

  • Zay Roc
    Zay Roc Month ago

    How is earth flat when there are hills and mountains I still like kyrie though

  • Belinda Elisa
    Belinda Elisa Month ago

    Billy Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM)

  • Phillyboy 215
    Phillyboy 215 Month ago

    What he really wanted to say about playing with lebron again is hell no I don’t want to team up with that crybaby and stat sheet stuffer

  • phantom amvs
    phantom amvs Month ago

    I make amvs

  • phantom amvs
    phantom amvs Month ago

    Uncle drew liking ahh

  • Patrick James
    Patrick James Month ago

    Hes right on the Earnest goes to Camp movie, classic!!!

  • Angel Flores
    Angel Flores Month ago

    Man Kyrie is my favorite player.

  • Alan Rails
    Alan Rails Month ago

    If earth is flat, then lizard people, unicorns and god exist.

  • Chris Bartlett
    Chris Bartlett Month ago

    jimmy is still a queef

  • Agung Wg
    Agung Wg Month ago

    Lebron join celtics

  • Luillhy Amador
    Luillhy Amador Month ago

    What’s the name of the movie that he mantion? Someone goes to summer something

  • Patrick Bytyqi
    Patrick Bytyqi Month ago

    Kyrie is a FRIENDS fan yaahhh hahaha

  • Ethan Thomas
    Ethan Thomas Month ago

    But if he deflated the ball wouldn't that make the Earth flat? O.o

    LOYC JOE Month ago

    How can you not know Ernest?! How old am i man?!

  • Nomind Ty
    Nomind Ty Month ago

    Lebron should go to Boston or phila... If they can keep brown Tatum kyrie and Horford they definitely can best gs.

  • RiChard Ma
    RiChard Ma Month ago

    Nothing w/o LeBron

  • -Btw-my-name -is-carl-

    He always shrugs

  • Claymaker_23 Doe
    Claymaker_23 Doe Month ago

    Jimmy Kimmelplayed this man, you could tell kyrie didn't like the gift, right at the end, with his facial expression. ha

  • Joe Stango
    Joe Stango Month ago

    Mr. The Earth is Flat sit your goofey ass down you sound autistic😂

  • Alex Zaragoza
    Alex Zaragoza Month ago

    Giving a Globe ball is just savage hahahaha

  • Noir
    Noir Month ago

    5:29 obvious laugh track is obvious

  • Waffle Slasher
    Waffle Slasher Month ago


  • simplydamian underscore32

    I'll be the new Kyrie clutch Irving when I grow up

  • Hayer0228
    Hayer0228 Month ago

    The commitment and sacrifice to be a actor.
    - Kyrie Irving

  • Tony Cobain
    Tony Cobain Month ago +1

    He looks like Barack Obama with a beard

  • JeffSayYes
    JeffSayYes Month ago +1

    He didn't deny it. He believes it and doesn't think it's a big deal. He also believes he is smart.

  • hayfahbulous
    hayfahbulous Month ago


  • joey 111
    joey 111 Month ago

    He knows damn well he really believes the earth is flat

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki Month ago

    The earth is round not flat Kyrie

  • Jamie Reese
    Jamie Reese Month ago


  • Abraham Muhammad
    Abraham Muhammad Month ago

    They set him up and punked him. He does believe the earth is flat and he let himself be punked...

  • Mike Kickyoazz
    Mike Kickyoazz Month ago

    I will never watch uncle drew looks stupid af

  • Special One
    Special One Month ago

    you know

    you never know

  • richard long
    richard long Month ago

    I hate Jimmy Kimmel. #flatearth

  • Moheb The Hero
    Moheb The Hero Month ago

    What is the name of the musical that Kyrie listen’s to??

  • SpyTrac HCS
    SpyTrac HCS Month ago +1

    Jimmy is like "here let me re-program you with this nice earth basketball" lol I know this guy is smarter than this.

  • dD Lithuania
    dD Lithuania Month ago

    he is a bit retarded

  • Nicholas Shay
    Nicholas Shay Month ago +1

    WRONG......Kyries from Melbourne, Australia

  • Tom Robinson
    Tom Robinson Month ago +3

    Flat earth theory, is not a THEORY it is wrong on all levels, and It can be tested and shown how it is.

    • Tom Robinson
      Tom Robinson Month ago +1

      Brunchy I'll dissect your brain 😉

    • Brunchy
      Brunchy Month ago +1

      Tom Robinson Yeah lets all test you, we need to dissect your brain and study your levels and problem in the comprehension of established knowledge.

  • Ashling Beatty
    Ashling Beatty Month ago

    cutest human alive

  • Club 11
    Club 11 Month ago


  • marc ts
    marc ts Month ago

    This was a pretty fun interview. And ya know what sucks? I had to thumbs down it out of principal because the interview isn't title relevant until 6:40. What a bunch of click bait toting assholes. Mostly I'm just mad that I fell for it. Cunts.

  • Michael Liu
    Michael Liu Month ago

    Jimmy should have given him a flat basketball. What a

  • Sam Hens
    Sam Hens Month ago

    I hate the fact I gotta see him as the enemy now... why did you leave Cleveland bro...

  • Will Winston
    Will Winston Month ago

    Oh no.

  • steven G
    steven G Month ago

    just a coincidence that most flat earthers never went to college...

  • cheer edwy
    cheer edwy Month ago

    Love this man!! Very charming ,one in a million 🙌🙌🙌😍

    G ISALL Month ago

    TVclip is screening the comments on this video. I tried to post 2 coments bashing their girl Jimesha and they were not allowed to post. By the way. THE EARTH IS FLAT. Lets see if the cowards allow this one to post.

  • Nickolas Mcallister

    How hard he tried to clown him on flat earth theory truly shows how flat it is.

  • cool93 hypixel
    cool93 hypixel Month ago


  • Atum-Re BEY
    Atum-Re BEY Month ago

    Click bait

  • J Michael
    J Michael Month ago

    Every flat either needs to be publicly humiliated on camera on a live network.