• Published on Sep 6, 2018
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    Dear friends and followers, I hope you enjoy my first aviation motivation video. As you might know, I upload a MoMo (Motivational Monday) quote every Monday morning to give you guys a bit of a boost into the upcoming week.
    What I would recommend you to do, is to watch or at least listen to this video once in while if you´re experiencing a low during flight school. Let me be your boost to refocus on the golden prize. I´ve experienced this phases so did everyone else. I had to perform my personal emergency recovery checklist for instance after my company went bankrupt at the end of 2017. Worst feeling ever to lose your job. So after some mourning, I got my self back up, trained as much as possible for upcoming airline assessments and gave it all I´ve got. All worked out fine in the end :) As I keep saying, hard work always pays of in the end!
    Leave me comment if you enjoyed this video. I would love to give motivational presentations one day, so I rely on you´re feedback!
    All the best and thanks for watching!
    Your "Captain" Joe
    @Nettmann Systems Internation
    for providing me with these amazing aerial shots!
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  • Ivan Buljan Van Boelken

    Can we refuel at least? 😜

  • FlyMiki
    FlyMiki 16 hours ago

    I will be working for an airline as a pilot in 2-3 years.
    You just made my heart jumped and made me even more excited to start my PPL training soon!
    I listen to your Aviation Motivation every day now.
    Thank you for inspiring and motivating me and other pilot students, I love you

  • Powerlesspath Gaming
    Powerlesspath Gaming 17 hours ago

    Thank you! I needed this. 🙏

  • Dê Gio
    Dê Gio 21 hour ago

    He's simply the best!!!!

  • Garett Belmont
    Garett Belmont Day ago

    so when can we get that eigth dollar haha

  • DR Gaming
    DR Gaming Day ago

    my dream was always to be a pilot in my life aand today i am a pilot with emirates a380 fleet i always used to sit on my phone playing games afterwards a decided now is all over now i have to work hard and secceed

  • Jazzy Humbles
    Jazzy Humbles Day ago

    I don't believe I'm capable, I've stopped playing video games for the past 3 years. Occasionally play on the weekends but for very limited hours. I'm considering but aren't to sure.

  • horizonfx
    horizonfx 2 days ago

    5:18 oh watch your mouth there

  • Jakob Hartung
    Jakob Hartung 3 days ago +1

    Wow great video helped me a lot thanks 😀

  • Mukesh Bag
    Mukesh Bag 4 days ago

    I can do anything...for become a pilot but can u halp the financial problems??? If u dose I promise I will do it servent job hole of my life

  • Tanki Violator Reports

    Great speech! And I want $8

  • Redwan Lmati
    Redwan Lmati 7 days ago

    I will become a captain by 30 years old

  • Sandralee Wagner
    Sandralee Wagner 7 days ago

    Captain Joe you are an excellent speaker and motivator. Nothing in life is easy but if you truly want something you will work hard to get it.

  • Shyamalima Deb
    Shyamalima Deb 8 days ago

    I just loved it. It motivated me a lot. I think every single person who dreams to become a pilot must
    watch this video at least once, as this video is a great source of inspiration as well as motivation. Thanks a lot Captain...

  • TechniquestS482
    TechniquestS482 9 days ago

    Hi, I've just watched this video on my TV (can only comment via my phone though!) and WOW! I am very inspired by this massively motivational video. I've been watching Captain Joe videos for a while, after discovering this channel by chance, and while I have no intention of becoming a pilot I find the videos fascinating and most educational.
    My main reason for commenting though is that I wanted to say a massive "THANK YOU!" for providing the motivation I've been searching for to succeed with my ambitions, both on a personal and professional level. I'm now going to my retail job tonight full of motivation and fresh determination to get where I want to be. That is within the airline industry, which I had kind of put to the side of my plans but now I've been inspired to develop myself even further to achieve that goal! So again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this video!
    Indeed, I found it so motivational I'm sharing it on Facebook in a bid to share the motivation with my friends!

  • Aftab Ali Sana
    Aftab Ali Sana 11 days ago

    who has seen this video multiple times...🖒

  • Vojtěch Kudela
    Vojtěch Kudela 11 days ago

    I like how discipline legitimately does equal freedom :)

  • Bohdan Dobrovolsky
    Bohdan Dobrovolsky 11 days ago

    What beaches put dislike??

  • Scottie Neubauer
    Scottie Neubauer 12 days ago

    Captain joe has 747k subscribers

  • Morgan BT
    Morgan BT 14 days ago

    most of the time you only see the huge airlines in videos, it's awesome to see Canadian airlines like WestJet making it into the video.

  • Dazzer J
    Dazzer J 14 days ago

    Yo Joe, you said you'd give me $8 for an alarm clock. Where is it? haha love you really and love your videos, You have intrigued me into the world of aviation, maybe not to the point of becoming a pilot but the science and engineering etc. I've never been on an airliner only ever been a passenger in a little 4 seater plane.

  • Killian Phillipus
    Killian Phillipus 15 days ago

    I need $8

  • Diegothepianokid03
    Diegothepianokid03 15 days ago

    I am 15 on November 1st, 2018. My dream is to fly A320s for JetBlue. My parents don't approve of me flying, and I don't know what to do about that, but I will try. I use my phone to learn about planes if thats ok! ;D

  • amelie arevalo
    amelie arevalo 15 days ago

    This video really motivates me for being a good pilot someday 😍👩🏻‍✈️✈️

  • Tayla Rinkel
    Tayla Rinkel 16 days ago

    I'm 16 years old, my Dad was a pilot, he was working towards becoming a commercial pilot and then one day he crashed in his Fly baby and was dead. My absolute dream is to make it as a pilot and become a commercial pilot, I just want to make him proud and live the dream that he was aiming for. Last year I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and that has made me very dispondant. I have a very mild form of epilepsy, I've only ever had 2 seizures in my life and I haven't had one for a year and a half now. I am now on medication and it's working wonderfully. But now I read that you can't even get a PPL if you have a history of epilepsy and this really upsets me. I am going to try and think positive and try everything in my power to make my dreams come true. This video was amazing and really got me back on track and back into a good mindset, thank you so much!

  • Wilhelm Seucan
    Wilhelm Seucan 16 days ago


  • Samuel Whaley
    Samuel Whaley 17 days ago


    where did you get the music?

  • praveensingh soni
    praveensingh soni 17 days ago

    Amazing Brooo

    This Video has inspired me more and more!
    The Best Motivation Clip I ever have seen!
    If I ever lose motivation I sure will watch this Video Again and Again!
    Great Job

  • Samuel Whaley
    Samuel Whaley 18 days ago


  • Eduardo Magalhaes
    Eduardo Magalhaes 19 days ago

    If you substitute the words “pilot”, “plane” and “aviation” you can use this as a life lesson for ANYTHING you want to do! Thank you Joe!!

  • zabalyf26
    zabalyf26 19 days ago

    Thank you Captain Joe for the Great Words!!!!!

  • Comrade Vladimir
    Comrade Vladimir 20 days ago

    Every time I watch this video , I get more motivated

  • ruthik rajan
    ruthik rajan 20 days ago

    Dear sir,
    It's my humble request if u could make a video on how u became a pilot.
    Plss like if u all wish the same.

  • kin long chow
    kin long chow 21 day ago

    I am 15 now,turning 16 next month.I didn't study physic in school but Biology and History. Can I still be a pilot if I start now.

    • kin long chow
      kin long chow 12 days ago

      +Renato Stiefenhofer thx alot for the motivation I will work harder

    • Renato Stiefenhofer
      Renato Stiefenhofer 12 days ago

      Yes, you can.
      Happy birthday from the B747-8 flightdeck.
      Keep learning and throw away your cellphone. It`s 99% distraction.
      Have a nice day, R.

  • GeminiJetsNV
    GeminiJetsNV 22 days ago

    All I’ve heard was how hard it is to become a pilot.

  • Jezoo
    Jezoo 22 days ago

    I'm a private pilot at 19 and next year I'm going to graduate from uni taking up civil engineering. 6 months later, I'll have to take the licensure exams for civil engineers and after that I currently don't know yet. I'm unsure if I still have the chance to become an airline pilot, my family doesn't have that enough money. I'm thinking maybe I'd just be a civil engineer forever, but that thought hurts. I'll do what it takes. 😢

  • Lars Römer
    Lars Römer 22 days ago

    I‘m a CEO with no ambition to become a pilot. However this video is extremely helpful for me and there is a lot you can learn from aviation to perform better in business.
    Thumbs up 👍🏻✈️

  • Kevin Prasanna
    Kevin Prasanna 22 days ago


  • Syed Adnan Ahmed
    Syed Adnan Ahmed 23 days ago

    Best motivation,Thank you Joe for an amazing video.

  • Ayush Mathur
    Ayush Mathur 24 days ago

    Thanks much for the motivation sir

  • oneclaude
    oneclaude 25 days ago

    Damn...... just... Damn!

  • Fayaz Riyaz
    Fayaz Riyaz 25 days ago

    if i what to become a pilot should i be a bookearthworm please reply joe

  • demetrisv08
    demetrisv08 25 days ago

    “Hates gonna hate” lol. I wish this channel around when I was at school

  • Florian Ewan
    Florian Ewan 26 days ago

    ACTION ! Thank you for this great reminder. best to you for your next goals

  • J B
    J B 26 days ago

    I wish saw this video earlier...I want to be a pilot, always wanted to ever since I could talk from a young age! This has inspired me to do better, be better and push forward to achieve my dream of becoming a pilot! Thank you Joe!

  • Swapnil Kapadia
    Swapnil Kapadia 27 days ago

    This just brought tears in my eyes.

  • •• напекаша ••

    I love people laughing me when I say I will be a pilot :D Im living in turkey and EVERYBODY only wishing for be a doctor or an engineer here XD Sometimes I thinking there is only that two job in the world xD Im glad to be different guy in the goat herd.

  • Squawk 7700
    Squawk 7700 28 days ago

    you changed my life for real I always wanted to become a pilot from my childhood but this year was the worst year lately had breakup and stuffs and started smoking but due to this motivation I left smoking and I am getting close to my goal

  • Vivek Vivek dhokate
    Vivek Vivek dhokate 29 days ago

    Sir can you explain this in next vlog.1).which is your plane in that 2)those numbers16,17,18 what does it mean? and 3)the no 25NO28W after white star🌟 what does it mean..? today's insta story..

  • angel dragon
    angel dragon 29 days ago

    Thank you captain, for this... And I am guru from India,doing my aeronautical engineering course, I highly got inspired after looking your videos and got a clear idea on what the life of a pilot is. But I am still confused on joining a flying school to become a pilot. I don't have an idea on where to join, which school provides me the best teaching and at the same time, fees must be optimal and not too high. If you are free, please help me in getting out of this dilemma.

  • Gouda Baswaraj
    Gouda Baswaraj 29 days ago

    Thank you soooo... much 👍👍👍

  • Greg
    Greg 29 days ago

    My usual response to haters is, "I do what I want." Too many people wish they had something, yet never try to achieve it. Too many people say, I need to make more money. There are many clear paths to doing just that if you work for it. People complain and go with the excuse that they were dealt the wrong hand. It's true that it can be harder depending on your life situation. It can still be done. Even if I tried to become a pilot after high school. It would have been impossible. Cost way too much money. I worked hard to make more money, always looking for better opportunities. Now I'm set well down the path to becoming a pilot. You tell yourself you want something, life will ask "how bad do you want it?" Then it'll ask you to prove it. The people that succeed are those who proved it.

  • Lorant Luebben
    Lorant Luebben 29 days ago

    Hey Joe do you think , that to play in a flight simulator like x plane 11 is a good exercise ?

    GRVTY OffICIAL Month ago

    Woooow! What a motivational speech! Thank you for this great video Captain 👨‍✈️

  • Pilot Yaqeen
    Pilot Yaqeen Month ago

    Thank you captain 🙏

  • ilwad jamal
    ilwad jamal Month ago

    today I promise to myself that I will become pilot whatever it takes than that day I will come and watch again this video inshallah thanks captain joe

  • ilwad jamal
    ilwad jamal Month ago

    today I promise to myself that I will become pilot whatever it takes than that day I will come and watch again this video inshallah thanks captain joe

  • Skeleton Crew
    Skeleton Crew Month ago +1

    I was gonna watch this video while studying for an upcoming checkride expecting it to be like a compilation with music and some cool video but this was so much better

  • SimpleRickTM
    SimpleRickTM Month ago

    hey i want my 8.00$ for a alarm man

  • Obaidah
    Obaidah Month ago

    Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

  • John Notorio
    John Notorio Month ago

    awesome video!

  • niesley32
    niesley32 Month ago

    awesome, brilliant message. thank you!!!!

  • Meemabubba
    Meemabubba Month ago +3

    This video literally made me cry. I've definitely hit that the low you mentioned, I've hit it hard. I've been trying to get back up, I've been trying to motivate myself. But I've never been strong enough. I'm feeling my pilot career slip out of my fingers. But this gave me strength I never knew I had. I AM strong enough. I WILL get better. I've hit rock bottom, so there's only one way to go. Up. Its not easy climbing out of this deep, dark place. But I CAN get through it. YOU can get through it. WE can get through it. Thank you Captain Joe, you've helped me so more than you'll ever realise. Whenever I'm feeling hopeless, whenever I can't find motivation or purpose. I'm going to come back to this video, and watch it until I feel strong again.
    Depression, I have three last words for you...BE GONE THOT!!! 😂
    Edit: Imma go continue crying now bc I'm an emotional potato ;-;

  • joe asmar
    joe asmar Month ago

    You just changed my life , thank you for giving back -(future)Captain Joe

  • Rob Lunn
    Rob Lunn Month ago

    Best video you’ve ever done!! Absolutely brilliant!!

  • 장성민
    장성민 Month ago

    I need the Netflix for studying english though :( :(

    • Lorant Luebben
      Lorant Luebben 29 days ago

      I think , thats much more better do read a book , because if you are reading a book you will also now how to spell some new words .
      Kind regards from germany

  • GlitchCraft - Minecraft

    Can i get 8 dollars? :)

  • Mustafa Nadaf
    Mustafa Nadaf Month ago

    Nice video caption im 15 year and my dream is become a pilot of boing 747

  • Drax2345
    Drax2345 Month ago

    This video made me a different person. Thank you, Cpt Joe!!!!

  • juan garcia
    juan garcia Month ago

    Great video captain i watch ir every day and every time i feel down

  • Andres Cedeño
    Andres Cedeño Month ago

    Amazing video ! I wanna be a A380 pilot of Emirates and I'll fight for it !!

  • Hunaf 047
    Hunaf 047 Month ago +1

    Very nice video but I have a question, if I am a good student, but my families financial state isnt the best, can I still become an Airbus airline pilot?
    Ps.: I almost cried 😊

    • Hunaf 047
      Hunaf 047 18 days ago

      +Sports Fails Thank you 😊

    • Sports Fails
      Sports Fails 18 days ago +1

      Definitely, im sure of it. People say you can't do it if you don't have a rich family, but that is entirely false. Flight school costs about 30 thousand, and it'll take a while, but you can pay for that in some years, specially when you become a captain with a major airline and your pay increases extremely. Also, some airlines offer FREE flight school if you have very good grades and sign a contract to fly for them when you graduate.

  • Olivier Bieri
    Olivier Bieri Month ago

    You always talk about reading books, can you recommend us some books? Maybe some books about aviation ?
    Doesn‘t matter if English or German 😊

  • A Ghost That likes Toast

    Captain Joe: "Get off Your Phone"
    Me: Well my phone dies in 0.00000363844 seconds

  • Tanner 77777 Miller

    Captain joe want to co sign on a student loan to help me?

  • L E
    L E Month ago

    Many pepole say im a looser if i want to be a pilot

    • L E
      L E Month ago

      Cuz many pepole say only 5 year olds want to be pilots

  • wils wils
    wils wils Month ago

    Thank you Joe. I needed that

  • Aryan Wadile
    Aryan Wadile Month ago

    One of the best videos of TVclip👍👍

  • amelie arevalo
    amelie arevalo Month ago

    Thank you very much this helps me a lot God bless Capt. Joe. Focus! Focus! Focus. Thankyou i will be a pilot 💕👩🏻‍✈️✈️

  • KHop_YT
    KHop_YT Month ago

    I'm 12... I've always loved planes, actually all sorts of machines. I want to work hard for this one dream. Being a pilot.

  • Percy Reyes
    Percy Reyes Month ago

    Thanks for the kind words Captain Joe👍🎉👏🏻🇵🇭💥🎊

  • Xtrmeteam
    Xtrmeteam Month ago

    Not only do YOU motivate me, just hearing the sounds of a GE90 roaring over my house and just looking up. Also seeing aircrafts taking off FROM THE COCKPIT VIEW on Instagram, all those little things just motivate . Im actually now in college studying engineering maths and further english i just hope i make it into your very footsteps Captain Joe. THANK YOU!

  • Vasily Zybkin
    Vasily Zybkin Month ago

    Oh, how much that I need that motivation!

  • Liam Sokalski
    Liam Sokalski Month ago

    Thank you, captain Joe. I am in cadets and I am trying to be pilot. I've lost motivation. This helps a lot thank You so much!

  • gabriel aguilar
    gabriel aguilar Month ago

    Hi Captain Joe can you please make a new video on licences in being a pilot. I am 11 years old and I want to be a pilot. Thank you Captain Joe. From your first officer Gab Aguilar!

  • Leo Esposito
    Leo Esposito Month ago

    Can't argue with that Joe..

  • Aleck Ng
    Aleck Ng Month ago

    I PM'd you my paypal, expecting that 8$ for the alarm clock anytime now Capt

  • Jason Meléndez Castro

    can someone add spanish subs, thanks

  • UdhayaPrakash Udhay

    Good inspirational video captain... I had watched your videos... I assure that I will become a successful pilot...

  • 50,000 subscribers with 161 videos?

    Hi Cpt. Joe!

    WASQEHTN Month ago

    Thank you Captain Joe, im about to finish my Engineering Degree and after that I'm going to start to work on my Pilot License.
    You gave me one hell of a motivation with this video. I forgot about my dream due to my studies, love, and other distractions. This year I was in one of my most difficult times of my life, similar to another one a few years ago.
    That was my absolute low as you already mentioned, and I will find myself atleast one more time in an absolute low in the future.. but!
    You have to always get back up, always!
    Thanks a lot Captain Joe!!!

  • Aviation Scott
    Aviation Scott Month ago

    What a wonderfully inspiring video encouraging those young people who are looking for the best job in the world, that being one in our wonderful business of aviation. After all, we bring the world together.

  • Paulo Lopes
    Paulo Lopes Month ago

    I'm 28 years old and become an airline pilot is my biggest dream since childhood (I use to say that an Airbus cockpit is the best office in the world), and this video makes me shiver. 😍
    I'll do the class 1 medical examination soon (hope I can get the certificate) and try to find the best way to get the money to pay the flight school.
    Love your videos, the content you bring to us and the way you talk, keet the good job and good flights, Captain Joe 💪🏼✈️

  • Fend76
    Fend76 Month ago +5

    As a 12 year old kid, I always loved aviation. Thank you Captain Joe . I feel so inspired.

  • Rajeev S Nair
    Rajeev S Nair Month ago height necessary to become a pilot????pls reply

  • Kiran Paneru
    Kiran Paneru Month ago

    how can i contact captain zoe?

  • Krihel
    Krihel Month ago

    Watching this as I'm starting my flight training this week... Moving all the way to USA from Norway just to realize my dream. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Jaive 75
    Jaive 75 Month ago +1

    This is one of the best Motivational videos every , this video opened my eyes . It even gave motivation to a Infinite Flight sim TVclipr who live in Germany!!!

  • Manoj Ratala
    Manoj Ratala Month ago

    Really bro really awesome vedio with this I will change

  • doomstand doom
    doomstand doom Month ago

    Imagine cab driver making suck motivation video :D