• Published on Sep 6, 2018
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    Dear friends and followers, I hope you enjoy my first aviation motivation video. As you might know, I upload a MoMo (Motivational Monday) quote every Monday morning to give you guys a bit of a boost into the upcoming week.
    What I would recommend you to do, is to watch or at least listen to this video once in while if you´re experiencing a low during flight school. Let me be your boost to refocus on the golden prize. I´ve experienced this phases so did everyone else. I had to perform my personal emergency recovery checklist for instance after my company went bankrupt at the end of 2017. Worst feeling ever to lose your job. So after some mourning, I got my self back up, trained as much as possible for upcoming airline assessments and gave it all I´ve got. All worked out fine in the end :) As I keep saying, hard work always pays of in the end!
    Leave me comment if you enjoyed this video. I would love to give motivational presentations one day, so I rely on you´re feedback!
    All the best and thanks for watching!
    Your "Captain" Joe
    @Nettmann Systems Internation
    for providing me with these amazing aerial shots!
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  • Andy Cabauatan
    Andy Cabauatan 3 hours ago

    Thanks for the motivation Captain Joe! This video was really inspiring

    LITHUANIAN Avgeek 9 hours ago

    Honestly how could you dislike this

  • Rikshaan 1234
    Rikshaan 1234 13 hours ago +1

    2019 anyone?

  • Anthony Bravo
    Anthony Bravo Day ago

    Now that's what I needed to hear. Thank you, sir.

  • jangel323
    jangel323 Day ago

    Fantastic vid, Joe! I'm glad I came across this one tonight. Sometimes we just need to hear those words of encouragement to ignite (or keep) those fires burning. Take care :)

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  • Matthieu D.
    Matthieu D. Day ago

    Thank you !!!!

  • Momo Qin
    Momo Qin Day ago

    I really want to fly,But I am only 11 years old

  • mrArchduke
    mrArchduke 2 days ago

    It's easy to burnout quickly when learning to become a pilot. There's always a checkride after a pre-solo after written after a stage test and always a never ending surge of information you need to know. I struggle with landings- never really sure how much rudder to use or when to apply it. But like Joe said, the best pilot is one who's always learning. Thank you for this. I just passed my written for Instrument rating, but the weather has been such crap, that I haven't flown in almost a month for Private. It's set me back a lot on my goals and it feels like I'll never get anywhere. But those are the demons in my head. I'll get through it

    SERDAR OZAYDINER 2 days ago

    Wonderful video...Thank you...

  • Ali Medani
    Ali Medani 2 days ago

    amazing thanks

  • Smitha Kulkarni
    Smitha Kulkarni 3 days ago

    Hey joe, why don't large planes have parachutes? Pls answer fast.
    Your biggest fan
    From india

  • Nick Skabas
    Nick Skabas 3 days ago

    This is the best video I have ever watched Captain Joe. Thank you for your inspiration, you help me a lot. Finally the dreams gain wings. I WILL BE A PILOT for sure . Thanks

  • Inflake Music
    Inflake Music 3 days ago +1

    I thank my mum because she turns off the wifi before I go to bed and I put my phone outside. She will put it in my room after I sleep and in the morning,I get my alarm and no notifications from Instagram

  • Inflake Music
    Inflake Music 3 days ago +1

    I'm having a major national exam this year. This video helps me and I am going to do everything I can to get into an aviation course next year. I AM GOING TO BE A PILOT💙

  • 5038327 7a
    5038327 7a 5 days ago +1

    Thank you Joe!!
    I see this video every morning and check my mind again
    “ focus focus focus”
    “ i will be a pilot”
    Thank you Captain Joe!!

    ACKRAZAM 6 days ago

    thank you Joe! Positive Mental Attitude !

  • Tushar Kulkarni
    Tushar Kulkarni 6 days ago

    Whats the outro song

  • Daily Infinite Flight
    Daily Infinite Flight 7 days ago +1

    The only reason I am on my phone is to play infinite flight.

  • Vic F
    Vic F 9 days ago

    Awesome video. Lots of great advice even if we are not a pilot.

  • Ron10ful
    Ron10ful 9 days ago


  • Link
    Link 9 days ago

    Joe, thank you for this video. This truly helps me get motivated whenever I feel down and about to give up on my goal.

  • Pablo Pintos
    Pablo Pintos 10 days ago

    Im having my first aptitude test tomorrow.

    • Pablo Pintos
      Pablo Pintos 5 days ago

      And I made it! I will have medical tests later on this month

  • ZinZeun
    ZinZeun 12 days ago

    You just have created a pilot army : ) (I of course am part of it)

    MIDNIGHT 14 days ago

    So if I should stop watching my phone I should not watch you're video I guess...

  • animate your life
    animate your life 15 days ago

    Thank you for the motivation speech now i will never give up becoming a pilot because *HATERS GONNA HATE*

  • Muaizz Khairudin
    Muaizz Khairudin 15 days ago

    Thank you capt 👍👨‍✈️

  • Ilmannavian Muhammad
    Ilmannavian Muhammad 16 days ago

    A good pilot is always learning. I like this quote

  • Fatema Tasnim
    Fatema Tasnim 18 days ago

    Thank u for your good motivation

  • DeadTetris
    DeadTetris 19 days ago

    Can someone borrow me 8 dollars for an alarm clock

  • Nipun Srivastava
    Nipun Srivastava 20 days ago

    Can not even begin to say how wonderful this video is. I watch it again and again. Thank you so much Joe.

  • Niro Jan
    Niro Jan 21 day ago +1

    Great great and great

  • Manuel Marmolejo
    Manuel Marmolejo 22 days ago

    Como se llama LA cancion :).

  • FT_MMGaming56
    FT_MMGaming56 22 days ago

    Gimme 8 dollars.

  • Marius Tipa
    Marius Tipa 25 days ago

    Amazing videos!

  • Roy Josef
    Roy Josef 28 days ago

    Quoting Arnold

  • Yor - Ker
    Yor - Ker 29 days ago

    Thank you 🙏

  • Armah Best
    Armah Best Month ago +1

    Amazing I want to be a pilot but no money for training I'm really serious it's my dream

  • Preston Harrison
    Preston Harrison Month ago

    @CaptainJoe needs to write a book, he’d be a best selling author!!!!

  • Kaspars Sentinels
    Kaspars Sentinels Month ago

    So damn good. But most motivated sentence was.. "Get a fuck up" 😂👌🤔🍞

  • Zsolt Nemes
    Zsolt Nemes Month ago

    The only problem is that I can give only one like. Thank you very much

  • Issa Adil
    Issa Adil Month ago

    Can I have 8 dollars for an alarm clock?

  • vihan nayak
    vihan nayak Month ago

    joe I am 11 and also want to be a pilot when I grow up and thx for this video i want to fly a 747 and work for KLM

  • DsYkX Plays games
    DsYkX Plays games Month ago

    But remember to watch capt. joe

  • Bzns Sts
    Bzns Sts Month ago +1


  • RDS Kidon
    RDS Kidon Month ago

    Excellent advice for all aspects of life. Very inspirational. Thank you Captain Joe!

  • doruk becerall
    doruk becerall Month ago

    Changed my life! Thanks a lot.

  • İkra Özgün
    İkra Özgün Month ago


  • pluux
    pluux Month ago

    I’m a bit late but I’m here for my $8 alarm clock 👀😅

  • Louis Koh
    Louis Koh Month ago

    Hey Captain Joe, I'm Louis from Malaysia. My ambition and goal is to be an airline pilot like you, I dream to work with AirAsia and I saw all your videos regardless of tips, motivation, or theory of how a plane works. I love the way you motivate, it gives me a direction for me to achieve my dream, I feel more closer to my Dream Career, but I wanted to ask, if you had published any books so that I can read it anywhere, anytime and also tell my friends, I am looking forward of your reply Captain Joe, thank you and Fly High!

  • bijudha r
    bijudha r Month ago

    I want to fly with emirates...but airbus and boeings are it necessary to specify either of them..

  • CaptainEevee CaptainEevee

    If you say that always read books and don't put your face in a phone.
    WHATS THE POINT OF YOUR AVIATION FACTS? Or do you mean, read the Captains Joes Training book?

  • V1 Rotate
    V1 Rotate Month ago

    I use my phone to watch airplane videos to motivate me for my exams

  • ESAviation
    ESAviation Month ago

    Have you ever tried flying without an engine ?

  • Tom Haig
    Tom Haig Month ago

    You’re one of my favourite pilot vloggers. All of your experience and knowledge inspires me to be the best pilot I can possibly be. For that, I thank you.

  • [No.7]Shamir Jaheer
    [No.7]Shamir Jaheer Month ago +1

    Thanks Joe !!! This is really motivated me !! I am now working my goal towards being a commercial pilot, I'm 14 this year

  • Crazyball
    Crazyball Month ago

    Best video I’ve seen

  • Shafin
    Shafin Month ago

    I have already responsible for 100 watching

  • CZSurfrider
    CZSurfrider Month ago

    I recently moved my wife and two kids back in with my mother-in-law to save for flight school. The savings account is growing rapidly and the vision is alive and progressing. Your videos inspired me transition out of my teaching career and follow the passion I have always had since I first gazed skyward at age three. Thank you so much Joe. I cannot wait to see what is next for you as you fill that space on your vision board. Smooth skies my friend.

  • Manna Guitarist
    Manna Guitarist Month ago

    I also promise that I will be a commercial air pilot

  • serious comedy
    serious comedy Month ago

    Captain have u ever thought of changing the picture on ur I Card

  • Diego Arpino
    Diego Arpino Month ago

    One question: How do you get the money to go to flight school? My parents do not want me to become a pilot, so they probably don't want me to go to flight school. I'll try my best though.

  • DiamondDoge4
    DiamondDoge4 Month ago

    You should make a video oof the difference between us and forgin airlines

  • Killer Cutlass Racing

    I'm going to watch this every day

  • Reuben Roro
    Reuben Roro Month ago

    Thank you

  • FlossyWave
    FlossyWave Month ago

    Do flight sim work

  • Owen Jamani
    Owen Jamani Month ago

    Thanks for your's aviation motivation!

  • SLAYER 79
    SLAYER 79 Month ago

    My names Thomas I’m 15 and I’m in 10th in aviation high school your videos motivate me to keep going thank you for having my back. You inspired me to wanna be a pilot thanks

  • Fiee music
    Fiee music Month ago

    Hello there, i am just wondering what are the best countries to study pilot training? Please help me with this? Is Australia a good country?

  • Cesar Gurrea
    Cesar Gurrea Month ago

    thats your best video Joe, cause you inspire people, and that can be take it on every field on life. Congrats sir

  • Alejo Bernal
    Alejo Bernal Month ago

    Cap Joe, this is the greatest motivational video I have ever seen, thanks, it just make me take more impulse to reach my wings again

  • Ayman Rwandzy
    Ayman Rwandzy Month ago

    Watching this video made me realize that i haven’t been doing anything for my dream of becoming an Airline pilot. Even though i thought i have. Thank you Captain Joe you have really opened my eyes.

  • AB Vlogs
    AB Vlogs Month ago

    Leave the phone ?? How can we watch your videos ??😓😝😝😝😝

  • Andrew Omuom
    Andrew Omuom Month ago

    Hello Capt. Joe...I have been watching your videos and I've been learning a lot about planes and piloting career. Please I'm kindly requesting if you can send me more basic knowledge in this field of aviation as I'm still learning more...this is my email address

  • Gretchen Mann
    Gretchen Mann Month ago

    Thnak you i needed this right now . off to get out the far and aim. Truly inspirng.

  • Chr0mePisto1a
    Chr0mePisto1a Month ago

    A+ motivation right here for all walks of life

  • Cris Shah
    Cris Shah Month ago +1

    Thank you soooooooo much caption 🔥😢😭

  • Jorge Gimeno
    Jorge Gimeno 2 months ago

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  • pilotvblog
    pilotvblog 2 months ago

    Nice motivate video congratulations Joe!

  • Jagannathan Narayanan
    Jagannathan Narayanan 2 months ago +1

    It's November 18th, I ve set a goal,,,,, I will definitely become a commercial pilot within 18th November 2024 #promise.............. THANKS A LOT MY INSPIRATION (CAPTAIN JOE)

  • Ferdinand Bernarte
    Ferdinand Bernarte 2 months ago

    The day that you only stop learning is the day that you die.

  • irfan kazimi
    irfan kazimi 2 months ago

    Great motivation but cut the sweraing segment plz

  • DarkEmperor
    DarkEmperor 2 months ago


  • Dante Mckimmey
    Dante Mckimmey 2 months ago

    This video gave me chills

  • Andrea Troso
    Andrea Troso 2 months ago

    Good evening Captain,
    I have no words but, thank you for the help you have given people young like me the possibility to keep dreaming and to keep grinding hard for something I really want, you have been a person whose works I have always looked up to since I have subscribed a few years back. So I shall thank you for you, and the hard work, and time you have given to educate us about a great career.

  • deepv.81
    deepv.81 2 months ago

    my dream is to become a 787 pilot but im not the type of person who wants to put the hardwork in and im quite lazy. i have a really bad habit of not preparing for exams and is pure luck that i have really good grades. i wanna achieve this goal but i think this goal is way too big

  • Ivan Buljan Van Boelken

    Can we refuel at least? 😜

  • FlyMiki
    FlyMiki 2 months ago

    I will be working for an airline as a pilot in 2-3 years.
    You just made my heart jumped and made me even more excited to start my PPL training soon!
    I listen to your Aviation Motivation every day now.
    Thank you for inspiring and motivating me and other pilot students, I love you

  • Powerlesspath Gaming
    Powerlesspath Gaming 2 months ago

    Thank you! I needed this. 🙏

  • Dê Gio
    Dê Gio 2 months ago

    He's simply the best!!!!

  • Garett Belmont
    Garett Belmont 2 months ago

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  • DR Gaming
    DR Gaming 2 months ago

    my dream was always to be a pilot in my life aand today i am a pilot with emirates a380 fleet i always used to sit on my phone playing games afterwards a decided now is all over now i have to work hard and secceed

  • Jazzy Humbles
    Jazzy Humbles 2 months ago

    I don't believe I'm capable, I've stopped playing video games for the past 3 years. Occasionally play on the weekends but for very limited hours. I'm considering but aren't to sure.

  • Yuto
    Yuto 2 months ago

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  • Bahari Wolf
    Bahari Wolf 2 months ago +1

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  • Mukesh Bag
    Mukesh Bag 2 months ago

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  • Tanki Violator Reports
    Tanki Violator Reports 2 months ago

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  • Redwan Lmati
    Redwan Lmati 2 months ago

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    Sandralee Wagner 2 months ago

    Captain Joe you are an excellent speaker and motivator. Nothing in life is easy but if you truly want something you will work hard to get it.

  • Shyamalima Deb
    Shyamalima Deb 2 months ago

    I just loved it. It motivated me a lot. I think every single person who dreams to become a pilot must
    watch this video at least once, as this video is a great source of inspiration as well as motivation. Thanks a lot Captain...