• Published on Sep 6, 2018
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    Dear friends and followers, I hope you enjoy my first aviation motivation video. As you might know, I upload a MoMo (Motivational Monday) quote every Monday morning to give you guys a bit of a boost into the upcoming week.
    What I would recommend you to do, is to watch or at least listen to this video once in while if you´re experiencing a low during flight school. Let me be your boost to refocus on the golden prize. I´ve experienced this phases so did everyone else. I had to perform my personal emergency recovery checklist for instance after my company went bankrupt at the end of 2017. Worst feeling ever to lose your job. So after some mourning, I got my self back up, trained as much as possible for upcoming airline assessments and gave it all I´ve got. All worked out fine in the end :) As I keep saying, hard work always pays of in the end!
    Leave me comment if you enjoyed this video. I would love to give motivational presentations one day, so I rely on you´re feedback!
    All the best and thanks for watching!
    Your "Captain" Joe
    @Nettmann Systems Internation
    for providing me with these amazing aerial shots!
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  • Ali Sohoo
    Ali Sohoo 32 minutes ago

    I Love You Captain Joe 😇😇😇

  • Yusuf Bilge Yılmaz
    Yusuf Bilge Yılmaz 8 hours ago


  • Ahmed .q.89
    Ahmed .q.89 Day ago

    One day I will become a pilot. I promise you
    I a man save my word

  • Frank Lippert
    Frank Lippert 2 days ago

    "Get off your phone!" You mean, like not watching "Captain Joe" vids there? Sadly, that's not possible.

  • TriggoNz
    TriggoNz 2 days ago

    Thank you!

  • Gomez Miguel
    Gomez Miguel 4 days ago +1

    I want to be a gastro surgeon when I grow up this video made me so inspired I promise when I grow up I will be humble to get to my goal as a surgeon you are the best captain joe a good pilot is always learning

  • Wyatt Reid Leonard
    Wyatt Reid Leonard 5 days ago +1

    I am more inspired to become an airline pilot than I was before. Thank you for all that you do for aviation. I am planning to leaving my current career as a teacher to work on my dream of becoming a pilot. I am about to start flight school to work on my PPL. Sometimes I think it's and bit crazy, but it just feels so right.

  • JZTube
    JZTube 5 days ago

    Nice speech joe thx

  • Cabview Holland Dutch Railways

    Wow, you are showing us a whole new talent!

  • JF
    JF 6 days ago

    Great work Joe!!!I love it!! Very Inspiring!!

  • Lw Gaming
    Lw Gaming 6 days ago +2

    Hi joe You really inspirer me and many others. I have people I know try to put me down but I keep watching this and ignore them. Keep up the good vids. (I’m getting your Merch for bday.). Your awesome
    A good pilot is always learning 👨🏻‍✈️👍👍👍

  • Banditø Wannabe
    Banditø Wannabe 6 days ago +2

    There is a thing happening in my school called 'Speak Out' where we can either perform a poem, rap or speech about something we like or are concerned about, I'm performing this + thank you Captain!

  • moh Rabah
    moh Rabah 7 days ago

    Captain Joe I'm a new subscriber, thank for all the information you are sharing with us.

    REY THE CYCLIST 9 days ago

    Great video im so motivated to reach my goal to be a pilot someday thanks cap joe

  • Joel Freda
    Joel Freda 11 days ago

    This video was much needed as I have recently moved to another state and transferred with my work in order to get to flight school this summer. Thanks Captain Joe!

  • Darren O'Brien
    Darren O'Brien 11 days ago

    Hi Joe love the video very strong indeed keep up the great work that you do. Joe my email address is if at all possible could you please contact me i understand that you are a very busy man indeed, i would really appreciate it thank you.

  • Mario Stinger
    Mario Stinger 12 days ago

    Those this advance include wasting time watching TVclip videos :) lol.... Just joking.

  • TheFlybyPilot
    TheFlybyPilot 13 days ago

    3:24 Where's my $8? Haha. This video is very motivating, thank you Captain!

  • Aum Patel
    Aum Patel 13 days ago

    That's some deep sheet man 😭😭😭

  • Леонид Толстов

    I was born completely paralyzed when I was 6 years old. I saw a plane in the picture I wanted to fly and decided to do everything to achieve my dream. I started working on myself through the pain . Even my own mother said to me: "You will never become a pilot." But 7 years later I got into the cockpit of a real airplane (in a museum). Now I am an ordinary person and I do everything like a normal person. The next step is to become certified pilot.
    Thank you Joe

  • Muhammad Nabih Othman
    Muhammad Nabih Othman 16 days ago

    Wonderful & brilliant words Captain.!! 👍👍👍

  • D4rKd3s
    D4rKd3s 16 days ago +1

    You makes me a studs monster

  • DJEonT1
    DJEonT1 18 days ago

    I totally agree with you.
    This video is so inspiring and relevant whether your goal is a pilot, or any career .
    I'm looking to switch careers myself and have been learning and reading books for the last 2 years. This year alone I've read 2 books. Something I've not done in the past 10 years. I've given up facebook for various reasons, this being one of them. Your time is precious, don't waste it.
    This video makes so much sense and just fueled my passion to push onwards.

    Its true, you will have people who say you'll fail. Well that's their opinion. I think you can prove them wrong, if your passionate enough to achieve your goals you will.

  • Mohammed Asem Hussein
    Mohammed Asem Hussein 18 days ago

    How do I know if I am qualified to be a commercial pilot?

  • Aman arts
    Aman arts 18 days ago

    Thnks for the motivation sir

  • Daniyal Ali Obaid
    Daniyal Ali Obaid 18 days ago

    Danke Kapitän Joe!

  • cristiovanni
    cristiovanni 21 day ago

    Just added this to my watch again playlist. Lots of good advice you share, thanks.

  • Mayed_playz -bloxburg-

    I want to cry 💔😔😔😔 ur words really helped me ❤️

  • Mayed_playz -bloxburg-

    Emirates is my dream airline well im from Emirates so yea

  • Cars4 4
    Cars4 4 22 days ago

    Well said bravo I had tears in my eyes so emotional well done

  • John Johannson
    John Johannson 22 days ago

    I wanted to become a pilot since I was 4 years old

  • Pilot Anonymous
    Pilot Anonymous 22 days ago

    One thing joe missed was don’t bully nerds chances are you might work for one~ Bill Gates

  • andre appelgryn
    andre appelgryn 22 days ago

    This video is awesome

  • Aditya T.S.
    Aditya T.S. 24 days ago

    Awesome Video Joe.

  • Creeper077
    Creeper077 24 days ago

    Thank you so much. I want to become a backcountry pilot, helping other people. Maybe at the flying doctor service in australia (a wide way from austria). You helped me so much!!!

  • Freckles Aviation
    Freckles Aviation 25 days ago

    I have got it all worked out. I will do my pilot training and start working for British Airways on their Airbus A320. When i have enough experience, i will apply to join TUI Airways and fly the Boeing 737 MAX while i have my family to look after. When i have raised my children, i will start my training on the princess of the skies, the B787. There i will fly the 787 until i retire. I want to have started my flight training by the time i am 22 and be rotating out of EGLL London heathrow by the time i am 25. I aim to fly the 787 by the time i am 45.

    JETSAM AVIATION 27 days ago

    Reading is to the mind what working out is to the muscles tissue and body.

  • Amerino Mimo
    Amerino Mimo 27 days ago

    Thank you captain joe 👨‍✈️💪🏽🦅

  • Marting Fibo
    Marting Fibo 27 days ago

    Thank you Captain! I need this.

  • Jurassic golf
    Jurassic golf 28 days ago

    You are a great inspired me so much
    Thanks so much

  • Chuck Bradley
    Chuck Bradley 29 days ago

    Joe, I appreciate you putting this up. I find myself listening to this everyday and always again on my way to Flight Training.!

  • Face It
    Face It 29 days ago

    What do you do if your parents don't support you on your dreams?

  • JF
    JF Month ago

    Wow!! Very motivating Joe!
    Thank you. This video just inspired me to the fullest!!!
    Take care.

  • The Movie Mania
    The Movie Mania Month ago +1

    wow! thank you so much. you made my are you

  • Nhat Lam Nguyen
    Nhat Lam Nguyen Month ago

    Remember: Planes take off on the opposite way of the wind, not the same way.

  • Max Wilson
    Max Wilson Month ago

    2:15 although I'm 11 I agree with that statement so much.

  • a3bente
    a3bente Month ago

    Thank You Captain

  • ladainian foster
    ladainian foster Month ago

    Airline. Camander

  • kiarash tahmasebi
    kiarash tahmasebi Month ago

    awsome like always

  • Luis Aguilar
    Luis Aguilar Month ago

    Very good video Cap. Joe. The concepts applies not only for pilots but for anybody who wants and loves a career. Congratulations!

  • Shri Kishaanth Shri Kanth

    Thank you so much Captain Joe.Ur videos really helped me in life.Eventhough I am just 15.I started to study everything about an aircraft.I had the ambition to become a pilot since 4 years old

  • Bunkis LETSPLAY
    Bunkis LETSPLAY Month ago

    Joe Whats the song at the end?

  • Radek Mlynarcz
    Radek Mlynarcz Month ago

    Thank you, Joe!

  • Jacob Hughes
    Jacob Hughes Month ago

    I'm watching this video while on a study break from my FAA written knowledge exam.... I feel guilty that I'm on my phone. lol

  • 정찬호
    정찬호 Month ago

    Thank you Captain joe

  • Kashikars
    Kashikars Month ago

    Thankyou so much Captain. I always dreamt of flying and wanted to become a pilot. U motivated me. Facebook and Face on Book was the high point in this video.
    Thankyou from bottom of my heart.

  • Pc1010
    Pc1010 Month ago

    Great video I really want to be a pilot!!

  • DerCheapi
    DerCheapi Month ago

    5:40 Traffic Traffic
    6:42 Clear of Conflict

  • Immanuel Getachew
    Immanuel Getachew Month ago

    inspiring video , thank you very much sir!

  • Jian Hong Lim
    Jian Hong Lim Month ago

    This Vid is awesome JOE. I been watching it everyday ever since i came across this. U certainly play a part in lots of people's road to success

  • ameer masarwa
    ameer masarwa Month ago

    You"re thd best man a great motivation for my future carrer

  • Reti Julien
    Reti Julien Month ago

    full of the air to air video

  • muhammad nisar rana

    I want to become an airliner pilot but my school friends bully me

  • Swattick Ghosh
    Swattick Ghosh Month ago

    The best motivational video... I too want to be a pilot ....❤❤

  • marco di vittorio
    marco di vittorio Month ago

    Damn! I 1000% agree with you... for a pilot career... and for everything else you want to achieve in your LIFE

  • Todd Matthews
    Todd Matthews Month ago

    Awesome inspiration Captain Joe. Also what's the music called at the end??

  • Bob Watts
    Bob Watts Month ago

    I love the irony that I am watching this video on my phone and you're telling me to get off my phone because it's never done anything good for you, and yet this video is good for me...... Also, when can I expect my $8 for my alarm clock?

  • AİRBUS -A380 plus
    AİRBUS -A380 plus Month ago

    Airberlin 😢

  • AİRBUS -A380 plus
    AİRBUS -A380 plus Month ago +1

    Telefonda seni izliyorum

  • AİRBUS -A380 plus
    AİRBUS -A380 plus Month ago +1

    Kıdemli kaptan pilot :)

  • Mamassein Hosseini
    Mamassein Hosseini Month ago

    Thank you man

  • Doohee TV
    Doohee TV Month ago

    Good pilot is always learning..... right

  • Chuck Bradley
    Chuck Bradley Month ago

    Thanks for the good words Captain Joe!

  • Ideas Creations Inventions

    :) Thanks for all the support Captain Joe...

  • Adaelson Firmino
    Adaelson Firmino Month ago

    Simplesmente o melhor vídeo motivacional que vi até hoje. Obrigado!

  • mo_ad_ba_a
    mo_ad_ba_a Month ago

    That is a fantastic video ❤️ am an architect an the dream of my childhood to be a pilot and it is still alive forever.

  • Mr. Chen
    Mr. Chen Month ago

    Cathay Pacific!!Cargo of

  • ayesha khan
    ayesha khan Month ago

    Thanks captain joe 🏅🏅🏅

  • Merdina Hyaye
    Merdina Hyaye Month ago

    Wow very nice. Can I ask, it is late become a commercial Pilot after 30? I am 36 years old!

  • Florian Barbiaux
    Florian Barbiaux Month ago

    thanks i love you

  • vinamra
    vinamra Month ago

    The video was amazing thanks ! Captain joe

  • Bayu Astha
    Bayu Astha Month ago

    HOO AH

  • Gerasimos Petris
    Gerasimos Petris Month ago +1

    Best aviation video ever

  • Liongamer 123
    Liongamer 123 Month ago

    I think that the video really motivated me in part, but there should have been more pictures of aviation, as only Joe doesn't motivate me that way. I know the sayings of friends who make fun of it because you want to be a pilot. I always say, "With every saying, my goal comes closer, with every saying my motivation increases and with every saying I get better!." Even if I still use the mobile phone in the morning as an alarm clock:)

  • piyush sarraf
    piyush sarraf 2 months ago

    Sir u r ausm
    And a very thank u for this wonderful video
    I had also seen your wake up video and the morning stuff u do . That is actually appreciable and I'm trying to do the same

  • Ur boi
    Ur boi 2 months ago

    At the age of 22 I will join the Marine Corps as an Officer. I will fly fighter jets until I retire, then move over to the airlines.

  • Zamiruldien Rahies
    Zamiruldien Rahies 2 months ago

    Diamond tips, THANK YOU SIR

  • R K
    R K 2 months ago

    Thank you for letting me regain my lost passion for my dream. I'm the Korean high school student(18) who want to be a pilot. But because of my grade and a lot of difficulties I lost my passion about my dream for a while,, You are right. if i do not try hard i can not become a pilot or what i want to be. I don't want to envy who became a pilot anymore while watching video on TVclip. I will try and become a pilot. Whenever I lose my passion, I will watch this video.
    Thank you for reminding me of the mindset I had in the beginning.

  • Andy Cabauatan
    Andy Cabauatan 2 months ago

    Thanks for the motivation Captain Joe! This video was really inspiring

    LITHUANIAN Avgeek 2 months ago

    Honestly how could you dislike this

  • Rikshaan 1234
    Rikshaan 1234 2 months ago +1

    2019 anyone?

  • Anthony Bravo
    Anthony Bravo 2 months ago

    Now that's what I needed to hear. Thank you, sir.

  • jangel323
    jangel323 2 months ago

    Fantastic vid, Joe! I'm glad I came across this one tonight. Sometimes we just need to hear those words of encouragement to ignite (or keep) those fires burning. Take care :)

  • QOTSA & DS Covers
    QOTSA & DS Covers 2 months ago


  • Matthieu D.
    Matthieu D. 2 months ago

    Thank you !!!!

  • Momo Qin
    Momo Qin 2 months ago

    I really want to fly,But I am only 11 years old

  • mrArchduke
    mrArchduke 2 months ago

    It's easy to burnout quickly when learning to become a pilot. There's always a checkride after a pre-solo after written after a stage test and always a never ending surge of information you need to know. I struggle with landings- never really sure how much rudder to use or when to apply it. But like Joe said, the best pilot is one who's always learning. Thank you for this. I just passed my written for Instrument rating, but the weather has been such crap, that I haven't flown in almost a month for Private. It's set me back a lot on my goals and it feels like I'll never get anywhere. But those are the demons in my head. I'll get through it

    SERDAR OZAYDINER 2 months ago

    Wonderful video...Thank you...

  • Ali Medani
    Ali Medani 2 months ago

    amazing thanks

  • Smitha Kulkarni
    Smitha Kulkarni 2 months ago

    Hey joe, why don't large planes have parachutes? Pls answer fast.
    Your biggest fan
    From india