WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 1)

  • Published on Mar 15, 2018
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  • AgniKobi
    AgniKobi 9 minutes ago

    Churchill also had an insatiable thirst for genociding Indians.

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana 51 minute ago

    TVclip Channels : Exist
    Skillshare : SPONSORSHIP

  • val sve
    val sve Hour ago

    almost clicked out because of the minute long ad for skillshare...we get it. relax

  • Karl Gamer
    Karl Gamer Hour ago

    hitler tore the treaty of versailles

    this enraged his father who punished him severely

  • king pietro
    king pietro Hour ago

    lol new phone who is this?

  • James Madden segura
    James Madden segura 2 hours ago

    4:01 why is it censured?

  • Vasil Vasilev
    Vasil Vasilev 3 hours ago

    Great video

  • Nikkove Wolfe
    Nikkove Wolfe 4 hours ago

    1:12 to skip the add

  • William Hudson
    William Hudson 5 hours ago +1

    I’ve watched this a unhealthy amount of times.

  • Jill Evans
    Jill Evans 5 hours ago

    12:56 beginning of The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe

  • nguyen minh
    nguyen minh 7 hours ago

    I come from Sweden

  • Daniel Gaming Indo
    Daniel Gaming Indo 8 hours ago +1

    Learn History Form School : 10%
    Learn History Form OverSimplified : 90%

  • Hbomb Xx1
    Hbomb Xx1 8 hours ago

    We do 13:10

  • Pro Player
    Pro Player 9 hours ago

    He is so stupit

  • Tulk Dadada
    Tulk Dadada 10 hours ago


  • Sanjeev Krishnan
    Sanjeev Krishnan 11 hours ago

    11:28 that was some goddamn piece of history

  • Marc  Ruiter
    Marc Ruiter 12 hours ago

    Italy never fully conquered ethiopia

  • addis abeba
    addis abeba 13 hours ago

    Some Infos r not correct!

    • Tech
      Tech 13 hours ago


  • Esther
    Esther 13 hours ago +1

    Switzerland eating popcorn since 1815

  • Esther
    Esther 13 hours ago +1

    Switzerland eating popcorn since 1815 while everyone’s having a war

    • addis abeba
      addis abeba 13 hours ago

      Yeah funny Huh....... But smaaaaart I must say

  • Mini Padikkal
    Mini Padikkal 16 hours ago

    I legit thought the British could spank the hell out of German people until oversimplified said you know what.

  • ben chen
    ben chen 18 hours ago

    omg r u fucking joking u trying to sell me some shit before you show me the video?

  • The Carpenters
    The Carpenters 20 hours ago


  • Neito Monoma
    Neito Monoma 20 hours ago


  • Neito Monoma
    Neito Monoma 20 hours ago

    Bulgaria was on the losers side of ww1 and the United States was on the winning side

  • Ian Hunter
    Ian Hunter 21 hour ago

    Germany lost In ww1 this enraged Germany who punished Europe severely

  • Ian Hunter
    Ian Hunter 21 hour ago

    Mussolini got arrested, this enraged his father who punished him severely

  • Anas
    Anas 23 hours ago +1

    REAL war starts at 8:30

  • Seth Bush
    Seth Bush 23 hours ago

    I cand tell in america if your dutch german swiss or italion blond red head black hair or british pink floyd

  • Mohd Faizal Abdul Rodzak

    3:45 There is a currency called RM

  • Seth Bush
    Seth Bush Day ago

    Germans holocausted jews so they could make more blonds itstrue

  • Seth Bush
    Seth Bush Day ago

    I can tell if your german in usa eye color

  • timontieeeGB
    timontieeeGB Day ago

    Flags in 3:55 are not German, but Belgium

  • Seth Bush
    Seth Bush Day ago

    Skin head usa germans in usa got in blond red head war

  • Seth Bush
    Seth Bush Day ago

    Germans got in blond hair war in europe and usa

  • Nur Stein
    Nur Stein Day ago

    ok Hitler couldn't take over UK, what a shame. Literally, you showed where British in Berlin used to squeeze shit out of any German. UK had to pay for that.

    • Tech
      Tech 13 hours ago


  • red ferrari
    red ferrari Day ago

    To good

  • media review
    media review Day ago +2

    This is how many times you've seen severely in the comments

  • jeBoi Ryan
    jeBoi Ryan Day ago

    3:55 not even the German flag 🇩🇪 but the belgian flag 🇧🇪

  • ben jordan
    ben jordan Day ago

    ww2 was for population decrease there was no valid reasob for any war

    • Tech
      Tech 13 hours ago

      hahaha good one lol

  • SkillGamerHD
    SkillGamerHD Day ago

    as a german It's extremly funny to hear you trying to pronounce german words. xD

  • Caleb Cheng
    Caleb Cheng Day ago

    I love your video

  • DerpyGamer0013
    DerpyGamer0013 Day ago

    Can I just defend France here for a sec? Ok, so, during the Battle of Dunkirk, while the British(who were all crammed together and stuff on a small beach) were waiting to retreat back to Great Britain, the French voluntarily fought the Nazis and held them off. A bunch of French troops died and knew they were that they were either going to be killed or captured. They didn't care, and they still fought against the Nazis. It's one of the greatest last stands of WWII in my opinion. I can-oh wait...there are plenty of great last stands...

  • Dunn
    Dunn Day ago

    take over the world? how old and boring is that, watching this from the winner's side again, nothing to learn here

  • Komedi Kralı
    Komedi Kralı Day ago

    11:12 [insert lenny face here]

  • Sasuke Sage YT
    Sasuke Sage YT Day ago +1

    Lool we watched this in school it was hilarious 😅😅😅

  • Indu Lekha Georgeu
    Indu Lekha Georgeu Day ago +3

    Japan:* poking the US
    US: I'm about to end this man's whole Carrier

  • DerpyGamer0013
    DerpyGamer0013 Day ago

    "The Japanese took things from the Chinese..."
    Like...women, anything they could find, little girls, women, women...they still haven't apologized to Asia for that btw ._.

    • Tech
      Tech 13 hours ago

      and then they got Nuked!

  • Oof Ree
    Oof Ree Day ago

    Hitler could have won if he put the British economy crash into play, didn’t focus on the bombing raid held in Berlin, and didn’t send the 4th panzer army south early. It gives me OCD every day thinking about what would have happened..

  • fretch tulipas
    fretch tulipas Day ago +1

    The Philippines is now captured by the german

  • generic
    generic Day ago

    but oversimplified, the Germans did not bomb London

    the Vikings did!

  • bossness 401
    bossness 401 Day ago

    I'm pretty sure Winston's computer would overload getting in google

  • Qiang Zeng
    Qiang Zeng Day ago

    Original: I definitely won't not refrain from not betraying you
    Translate: Remove double negatives "won't not"
    "I definitely will remain from not betraying you"
    AKA: I definitely will betray you

  • Мухамед Ахмед

    Why u censored nazi sign

    • Tech
      Tech 13 hours ago

      Because the video has a sponsor.

  • FreeMo !!!
    FreeMo !!! Day ago +1

    3:55 Why is this a belgian flag.

  • The Jake C Channel

    Opssy poopsy

  • Baddkidd 77
    Baddkidd 77 Day ago

    Hitler, a vegan, and mussolini, was a child when he stabbed 2 kids, I wonder what could go wrong it they met 😞

  • RVN
    RVN Day ago

    I'm glad I'm English

  • Retro106 Gaming
    Retro106 Gaming 2 days ago +1

    Hitler invades Austria-Hungary.

    This enraged his father who punished him severely

  • Dominik Breu
    Dominik Breu 2 days ago +4

    Allies:we give you what you want....
    Chechoslovakia:HANG ON!!

    Best part in the Video 😁😁

  • Black SugarrCube
    Black SugarrCube 2 days ago +1

    i am egyptian and....
    egypt was taken over by british and were trying to breakout but instead egypt was watching the ww2 :))))
    my country is so strong wow!

  • Miguel Hedley
    Miguel Hedley 2 days ago

    3:54..... is there a reason hitlers room is draped with the belgian flag?

  • Grayson MacDonald
    Grayson MacDonald 2 days ago

    I just wanted to say hi k.

  • The Promethean
    The Promethean 2 days ago

    Interesting, must watch more......oh and subbed.

  • Tubs Roper
    Tubs Roper 2 days ago +1

    Please doing something about Ancient Greece 🇬🇷

  • Alexander charles Alborough

    Who is watching this in 2077

    You sir are breathtaking

  • Simon Høst
    Simon Høst 2 days ago

    11:59 that is not WW2 Italy that is WW1 Italy with no South Tyrol and Istria

  • Jenna Harwood
    Jenna Harwood 2 days ago

    How many pounds? £9?

  • Dr.Dreruiz Gaming
    Dr.Dreruiz Gaming 2 days ago

    Oof I thought that was hitlers mouth not mustache 😂

  • Brian Mo
    Brian Mo 2 days ago

    Hitler should use skillshare and take a class on how to effectively win wars

  • VEGAN PIE Maximlian
    VEGAN PIE Maximlian 2 days ago

    You deserve 10 million subscribers

  • TheGodEmperorofMankind

    I'm also bald, does this mean I am a fascist?

  • Russia Countryhumans


  • Blizzaricity -
    Blizzaricity - 2 days ago

    I am an Info hoarder. Love this channel

  • shivaji shivaji
    shivaji shivaji 2 days ago

    Addictive of his creativity
    Good work

  • TheUnknownOne TUO
    TheUnknownOne TUO 2 days ago

    Ok... I want a simplified version of this

  • Jinni Moo
    Jinni Moo 2 days ago

    Random Trivia: To this day the Chinese still call Koreans by the slang name "Baton Sticks" because when Japan took over Korea, many Koreans surrendered and became their lapdogs. The Japanese however didn't trust the Koreans enough to give them guns, but instead gave them beating batons to hit the Chinese with. This is why not only do the Chinese feel animosity towards Japan, but Korea as well.

  • Der Kapitän
    Der Kapitän 2 days ago

    Dude, why there is no new video?

    So uncool!

  • pwhiter
    pwhiter 2 days ago

    Probably still more indepth history than 99% of people know

  • Lawrence
    Lawrence 2 days ago +6


    This enraged his father, who punished him severly

  • Jack Foster
    Jack Foster 2 days ago

    Nien Nien Nien!!!!!!

  • SmokeyPillow
    SmokeyPillow 2 days ago

    2:46 i thought it read "versim Plified" because of the capitalization on the P

  • Ratman_Jr
    Ratman_Jr 2 days ago

    8:23 Hitler made the sentence in a way that says that he will invade Russia

  • Greenish
    Greenish 2 days ago

    Soon enough I’m going to show this to a friend who hasn’t seen it and wonder why I am quoting the whole video

  • lamel martin
    lamel martin 2 days ago

    The Germans: Challenges the whole world to war.

    America: Hold my beer.

    • Aleks Løndal
      Aleks Løndal 2 days ago

      America only made money off the war and tried to take all the glory...

  • Mason Hough
    Mason Hough 2 days ago

    History of the Entire World I Guess on a budget.

  • Surya B
    Surya B 2 days ago

    This is amazing

  • Shabbir Abedi
    Shabbir Abedi 2 days ago

    I have my history exam tomorrow :)

  • Majin/Lil Kek
    Majin/Lil Kek 2 days ago

    That error with the German flag in Hitler's room ima pretend I didn't
    As a German that triggered me so hard

  • Lucy Lee
    Lucy Lee 3 days ago +1

    But Oversimplified, Hitler didn’t start ww2, the Vikings did.

  • Dark raven
    Dark raven 3 days ago

    13:15 good one 😂😂

  • Kamil Dryjski
    Kamil Dryjski 3 days ago

    The RAF got help from polish pilots like famous 303 Kosciuszko Squadron that shoot down more German planes then any other squadron

  • Ragnun
    Ragnun 3 days ago

    Евалата правя на канала, уникална работа! An Amazing video!

  • Harry Panter
    Harry Panter 3 days ago

    Do a 1918-1945 Weimar and nazi Germany with hitler papen bruning spatacits kapp and Munich patch etc there is loads to more a two part video on

  • magazem magzkda
    magazem magzkda 3 days ago +1

    how about memel you monster

  • BMO YE
    BMO YE 3 days ago +1

    Face reveal

  • Luke Pearson
    Luke Pearson 3 days ago +2

    Mussolini: *Loses the war*

    "Then he got arrested."

  • Peter Samu
    Peter Samu 3 days ago

    Spoiler: Churchill is the bad guy.... Say what!? Waaaaaa!!