Top 10 Worst Airlines In The World

  • Published on Jun 14, 2016
  • Top 10 Worst Airlines In The World
    10. Rossiya Airlines, Russia
    9. Yemenia, Yemen
    8. Cubana, Cuba
    7. Lion Air, Indonesia
    6. Turkmenistan Airlines, Turkmenistan
    5. Spirit Airlines, USA
    4. Bahamasair, Bahamas
    3. Sudan Airways, Sudan
    2. Tajik Air, Tajikistan
    1. Air Koryo, North Korea

    Top 10 Best Airports In The World 2016
    Top 10 Best Airlines In The World 2016

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Comments • 2 460

  • Tanu Dhariwal
    Tanu Dhariwal 19 hours ago

    Pakistan airlines no.1 in the wrold . Usa japan england . Use pakistan old plane . Pakistan have 5000 new plane . Pakistan also made plane in our country

  • Said El Ammari
    Said El Ammari Day ago

    You forgot Royal Air Maroc. They always forget your luggage somewhere and you will never be able to get it

  • Alfa Team
    Alfa Team 3 days ago

    I very love Lion air because the ticket price is very very affordable for me and is comparable to what I got right
    the plane was very nice and comfortable the crew cabin was very friendly which made my trip very comfortable

  • Alfa Team
    Alfa Team 3 days ago

    I use Lion air on almost every trip, and I have never found a flight delayed or canceled for as long as I use Lion air

  • Alfa Team
    Alfa Team 3 days ago

    Lion Air is now no longer banned to fly to Europe, now Lion Air can fly to Europe

  • DarkSaaGoonS
    DarkSaaGoonS 8 days ago

    Lion air worst cause always delay

  • Customer Services
    Customer Services 10 days ago

    Lion Air's slogan "We make you fly"

    Mine *"We make you die"*

  • Lykos
    Lykos 12 days ago

    I sincerely thought American Airlines would be in this list.

  • PattyHP
    PattyHP 13 days ago

    I don't worry about the service I am more worried about the upkeeping of the planes

  • Tarik Angel
    Tarik Angel 13 days ago

    Yemenia not an wrost airline.plz delete this video... Yemenia is one of the best airline in middle East

  • Nawnya Businaz
    Nawnya Businaz 14 days ago

    American Airlines was in their own category of terrible.

  • islamic dawa
    islamic dawa 14 days ago

    Indigo airlines worst forever....

  • Emak Gaming
    Emak Gaming 14 days ago +1

    Lion Air
    Skytrax Rating :
    2 ☆ / 3 ☆
    My Rating :
    4 ☆

  • Andrew Hollaway
    Andrew Hollaway 15 days ago +1

    From my experience Spirit Airlines was actually quite nice

  • Patricia Rivas
    Patricia Rivas 19 days ago

    Couldn’t this be done with a lot less video?

  • Lazirfa del Madib
    Lazirfa del Madib 20 days ago

    lion air have a loot plane and there a good plane , if u lucky didnt get delay but the change is so low

  • elbarto TV
    elbarto TV 20 days ago

    Where Ukraine Intl Airlines?

  • lumeyy taejin
    lumeyy taejin 21 day ago

    lion air is pretty good though and if theres a delay just wait there must be a reason why the plane is delaying

  • Alex Zac Clark
    Alex Zac Clark 21 day ago

    Lion air has a lot of delays

  • Matt Obra
    Matt Obra 22 days ago

    Cebu pacific? Hello? Atleast this planes can still bring you to your destinations. Imagine your flight to be 3 hours delayed because of their so called "plane maintenance" or completely flight cancelled because their plane is broken. To make things worse, an airport who belongs to the worst airport list in the world. Sounds great right? More fun in the Philippines 😂

  • Sunny Luhar
    Sunny Luhar 23 days ago +1

    Emirates is Worst airline in the world

    • Sunny Luhar
      Sunny Luhar 22 days ago +1

      +muhammed aslam Yes Brother! One time I travel in Emirates and my experience is so bad

    • muhammed aslam
      muhammed aslam 22 days ago +1

      So u never travelled in emirates

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer 23 days ago

    Where is Ryan Airr!!!!!!! That was the worst airlinw for sure!!! Put it in the list!!!

  • Robert Levin
    Robert Levin 24 days ago

    food offerings??? that alone puts the airlines on this list above anything in the US. You
    want to review shitty Air Service, try Untied,Dickedya,or Southworst!

  • Archibald Jackson
    Archibald Jackson 25 days ago

    LION air goes european? Its disaster for other airline...its comfortable and cheaper..they afraid their airlines compny will drops or curtain close... LION should not in this list....other airline is much worse even the crew are not well in english....that bullshit..MALINDO/LION/AIRASIA/EMIRATE/SILKAIR/CATHAY/ANA/THAIAIR..having the best crew...service among asean country...

  • iTom
    iTom 26 days ago

    Where is Wizzair and Ryanair?

  • Noorul Ain Ali
    Noorul Ain Ali 26 days ago

    Easy to judge but its not easy to run such a mega company...

  • Павел Агуреев


  • Cosmonic
    Cosmonic 28 days ago

    Where is RyanAir??

  • Vi Le
    Vi Le 28 days ago


  • leftenan jero
    leftenan jero 29 days ago

    It should be AirAsia also in list

  • Andreal Hafiz
    Andreal Hafiz 29 days ago

    Where is Scoot Airlines

  • Swiss Alpha
    Swiss Alpha Month ago

    lion Its the best airplane not worts

  • Steven Chao
    Steven Chao Month ago

    Surprisingly Air Canada is not on the top ten! WOW!

  • Hoshiyar Singh
    Hoshiyar Singh Month ago

    Where is air India

  • Peter Huskins
    Peter Huskins Month ago

    I can't believe Biman Bangladesh airlines isn't on the list! Worst flight of my life! (I once flew Lion from Jakarta to Singapore and it wasn't too bad! (it was a VERY short flight though)

  • Noob Saibot
    Noob Saibot Month ago

    Whre da hell is Jet Star?

  • xConcorde RBLX
    xConcorde RBLX Month ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song that starts at 0:06? I can't get my hands off that song xD

  • Nusret Arslan
    Nusret Arslan Month ago

    air serbia is the worst airlines aswell

  • Glen Mendonca
    Glen Mendonca Month ago

    How can ya insult any airline. Do u know how difficult it is to handle a comany

  • It's Kamilaaxo
    It's Kamilaaxo Month ago

    Ryanair is good? Because here is not Ryanair, (I LOVE RYANAIR AND I DONT CARE WHAT RYANAIR HAVE NOTHING!1!1!)

  • iDN-Gaming
    iDN-Gaming Month ago

    Lion king delay

  • Geminijetsguy100
    Geminijetsguy100 Month ago

    what aircraft is at 1:59

  • Deep GD
    Deep GD Month ago

    Swiss001 is the real judge!
    I know that you're judging those aircrafts.

  • Per Cé
    Per Cé Month ago

    j’aimerai savoir sur quel critère vous vous êtes basé pour mettre des compagnies qui utilisent des avions dernier cris pour les qualifier de pires compagnies????

  • Emak Gaming
    Emak Gaming Month ago +1

    Rlly Lion Air?

  • Samujjwal Majumder
    Samujjwal Majumder Month ago

    Why not name of air India ? Air India should be in the worst airline list 😁

  • freud kop
    freud kop Month ago

    what are your bases of them being worst?

  • QWERTY Dowling
    QWERTY Dowling Month ago


  • Jeremy L. Mawia
    Jeremy L. Mawia Month ago

    I think spirit airlines is not worst, it has also beautiful colours too

  • Wolfie Gamez
    Wolfie Gamez Month ago

    Honestly Cubana is pretty boring and it takes soooo long to taxi

  • Syed Abbas
    Syed Abbas Month ago +3

    pia is the worst airline in the world

  • Stephen Dailey
    Stephen Dailey Month ago

    Stop picking on Spirit! They are no better or worse than any other airline.

  • Stephen Dailey
    Stephen Dailey Month ago

    Lousy video and is this about the airlines or the airplanes?

  • Ejaz Ahmed
    Ejaz Ahmed Month ago

    Pakistan zindabad.......! Pia good very ...... Inshalah best wishes ✈🎆🎆🎇🎉🎊💰💳💲💸💷💶

  • Uhm Russian
    Uhm Russian 2 months ago

    Yeah of course Russian Planes are a fucking ptoblem! If Trump wouldn't be there Kim Jong Un had no problems with America.
    I am also blamed that Rossiya is part of Aeroflot....

  • Alexander Pérez
    Alexander Pérez 2 months ago

    I had very bad experiences with United Airlines, not only once, but a few times. At first I though it could be from plane to plane and that my next trip would be different but I have decided not to fly nor recommend anyone to fly with them unless they have no choice. The last two times I traveled with United I missed my connections because of delayed flight and once because even though I had my tickets they couldnt find them in their computers. And after all the bad time they could only apologize and give me some food coupons to use at airport. I remember starting my trip on a Saturday night and I didn't arrive at my final destination until Monday morning where I had to sleep at one airport and only got two food coupons. Even after all that i said to myself "maybe next time it will be better", but the very last time it all happened again. I bought my tickets planning some friends to pick me up at my final destination airport which is about an hour and half to where I live. So just after arriving on to the airport for my first flight I found out it was delayed and there were no other flights to my second connection until the next day. They booked a hotel for me that time. When I got on my way the next day and after arriving at the next airport I was already at the gate ready to board when they announced that flight would be delayed also for some communication problems. I was really mad luckily after an hour of waiting in line at customer service where they only had two people serving customers they managed to get me a flight to my next connection where I would only have about 1 hour to board. So I thought an hour is more than enough and boarded on the plane which took forever to depart. I was going to have like 15 minutes to get off the plane and catch my final flight. I was not going to make it on time but luckily it was also delayed. So that time it worked on my favor. So I left on a Friday morning and was supposed to arrive at 130pm on saturday, but I arrived at my final destination Sunday morning. I had to pay a taxi more than $100 to take me to my home. That is because I have no family near me that could have picked me up from airport and the friend I had couldn't pick me up Sunday since he had other important things already planned. So I am not traveling with United anymore. Oh and also the flight attendants are not very profesional, almost every time they made an announcement it seemed like they were laughing. I hate United Airlines. Nothing like that has ever happened when traveling with other airlines.

  • Jun Mendoza
    Jun Mendoza 2 months ago

    Where are China airlines ( Air China , Eastern air China , Xiamen air China , CHina airlines they have worst service ever !

    • Gaming with Niamke
      Gaming with Niamke Month ago

      Jun Mendoza I like Air China, It’s pretty decent at least for me.

  • Dave Stevens
    Dave Stevens 2 months ago +1

    4/10 for Lion Air is pretty generous, I'd say 2/10.
    Despite cheaper air fares, frequent delays, one sided flight cancellation without any notification or compensation, lost baggages occurred many times.
    Hence the name LION (Late Is Our Nature) Air

  • ליאור מיכאלי

    You forgot "my austrian"

  • Kxay
    Kxay 2 months ago

    Spirit Airline does not deserve to be on this list because it's a budget airline.

  • Dogeritos Dursun
    Dogeritos Dursun 2 months ago

    where is american airlines??

  • zgrsmsk
    zgrsmsk 2 months ago

    fuck spirit

  • Aqu Jbn
    Aqu Jbn 2 months ago +1

    this video is taking longer time to show each plane but ......anyways I love only & only saudia airlines & air canada I love them ¤♥♥

  • Nawar
    Nawar 2 months ago

    you forget turkish pegasus Airline

  • Memons Enterprises
    Memons Enterprises 2 months ago

    Great vid you worked hard over here plus no click bait well done

  • David Harris
    David Harris 2 months ago +1

    what about JET AIRWAYS

    • Teju Teju
      Teju Teju Month ago

      David Harris ask Naresh goyal

  • sumar lols
    sumar lols 2 months ago

    It doesn't matter how bad they are gods whith you

  • 罗伟
    罗伟 2 months ago

    and united airline

  • David Perry
    David Perry 2 months ago

    Rather fly Air Koryo than Spirit, Frontier, Allegiant, or United.

  • khan farhad
    khan farhad 2 months ago

    Where is one and only P I A

  • Nomad Viking
    Nomad Viking 2 months ago

    Would rather fly these than United

  • Marlene05
    Marlene05 2 months ago

    Flew with Lion Air two times. Had no problems with them, nice service, much leg space room... Top!

  • Ernie Tarasona
    Ernie Tarasona 2 months ago

    Air Koryo is average, it's just critizised by people who hate their government

  • firoskhan ibrahim
    firoskhan ibrahim 2 months ago

    Indigo airlines India
    Spice Jet. India

  • Mikey Mikey
    Mikey Mikey 2 months ago

    Because I go on it and I don’t really care

  • Mikey Mikey
    Mikey Mikey 2 months ago

    Spirit was not that bad in my opinion

  • Leader Of Criminals
    Leader Of Criminals 2 months ago

    Ryanair is one

    MARVELIZER 25 2 months ago +2

    Where is Biman Bangladesh Airlines

  • Rounakul Islam
    Rounakul Islam 2 months ago +1

    Hai, from where you got the list? Lions air is better than Pakair and airindia.

  • 1400 Toy
    1400 Toy 2 months ago

    lion air is not indonesia

  • Vojtěch Slavík
    Vojtěch Slavík 2 months ago

    The worst is a almasria

  • craky 916
    craky 916 2 months ago

    airindia missed

  • Art Assavapokee
    Art Assavapokee 2 months ago

    3:28 We Have been flying that back home yesterday. But It’s the thai version. The only airline that I’ve been flying in this list

  • Techno Bytes
    Techno Bytes 2 months ago

    Lion is malindo

  • Taqi Datari
    Taqi Datari 2 months ago

    Air india no.1

  • Harvey Harrison
    Harvey Harrison 2 months ago

    I'm surprised that Pegasus from Turkey didn't get a mention. I once spotted they were putting my cats on the conveyor belt without any tags and often your baggage doesn't arrive at your destination possibly for the same reason. They are too miserable to offer an inclusive snack or even a drink of tea or coffee. The check-in staff don't know what they are doing and the simplest check-in takes ages. They spend a lot of time asking each other questions because they don't know their job. They forget to give you back all of your documents and you can easily walk away without your passport. You have to check everything. This is because they are dummies employed by an equally dumb management. They were once unable to check my baggage to the final destination even though there wasn't enough time to claim it and check in again. That situation was saved by the intervention of an employee of a different airline who explained what needed to be done. Pitiful hardly explains it.

  • Sandeep Rabari
    Sandeep Rabari 2 months ago


  • Jane Galleto
    Jane Galleto 2 months ago

    You forgot ryanair

  • ToXic_Penguin. TwitchTV
    ToXic_Penguin. TwitchTV 2 months ago +2

    Where is Ryanair 😂

    • RyanairFuckhead
      RyanairFuckhead Month ago

      Ryanair is a good airline pilot just need to learn how to land smlothly

  • Ryan Tay
    Ryan Tay 2 months ago

    U forgot to say air Asia, it sucks like hell

  • Happy  Life
    Happy Life 2 months ago

    Where is Pia ahaha

  • ଭ୍ରୁଗୁରାଜ ପ୍ରଧାନ

    well at least these airlines don't kill puppies , bang people's head on armrest till they bleed and drag people out , curse at passengers or hit passengers with strollers

  • Jennifer Bennett
    Jennifer Bennett 2 months ago

    Ryanair, The worst

  • Naziya patel
    Naziya patel 2 months ago

    I’m an indian and not proud to say that Indian airlines are worst I agree thei worse but ok

  • josh spotter
    josh spotter 2 months ago

    most airlines on this list are there only for political reasons- its a shame that people judge other people or airlines on behalf of politics. shouldnt be this way in 2018!

  • jim parsit
    jim parsit 2 months ago

    Air Asia number worse airline for decades.

  • BruhItsJeromeRBLX
    BruhItsJeromeRBLX 2 months ago

    Air koryo has 6/10 cause it's the only airline in North Korea

  • Fake is reall
    Fake is reall 2 months ago +1

    I love the way how at 3:39 you see Lion Air which is rated as one of the worst airlines in the world and in the background you can see the best airlines in the world Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways

  • Super Fasty
    Super Fasty 2 months ago

    All are wrost and your father airline is best ?