"So this one time..." - Bigfoot is REAL! (#2)

  • Published on Aug 11, 2017
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    This is the story about how I met Bigfoot. He wasn't all that scary to be honest.
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  • Sienna Herohorse
    Sienna Herohorse 3 months ago

    You were 12 when I was just born, I’m half ur age currently... I guess..?ok...

  • BelleAndNothing Else
    BelleAndNothing Else 3 months ago

    U got Scooby-Dooed

  • MarioB120
    MarioB120 10 months ago

    I wish I could’ve gone to sleep away camp... oh well...

  • angelgodsmask23 YT
    angelgodsmask23 YT 11 months ago +1

    You were born in 1995

  • Lillian Merrill
    Lillian Merrill Year ago

    Yes... yes...
    Do you have any proof?

  • Deyaan
    Deyaan Year ago

    Bigfoot is real and the world is flat

  • Pop Trizzler27
    Pop Trizzler27 Year ago +1

    When you said where the summer camp... You are living at the state I living right now...

  • Blocko Boi
    Blocko Boi Year ago

    Berd says peepeepoopoo

  • Isaac Clodfelter
    Isaac Clodfelter Year ago

    I liked this video and want more like it.

  • Vincent Morris
    Vincent Morris Year ago

    I like this video and I want more of it.

  • ToonCatYT
    ToonCatYT Year ago


  • Genesis Matute
    Genesis Matute Year ago

    liked it, want more

  • Vincent Morris
    Vincent Morris Year ago

    I liked the video, and I want more of it.
    How do you have so few subscribers?

  • wesley patterson
    wesley patterson Year ago

    when you said Bigfoot and the councilor where in the same place, i legit almost paused and commented "Dont you watch Scooby Doo?!? There are two of them dressing up as Bigfoot, that's how they throw you off the ring leader's trail!"

  • melody
    melody Year ago


  • AtomBombToaster
    AtomBombToaster 2 years ago

    You could have just said
    "We all packed up and GOT THE HELL OUT OF THEIR!"

  • Kboogie
    Kboogie 2 years ago +2

    I liked it and I want more of it.

  • matt
    matt 2 years ago


  • Atastic
    Atastic 2 years ago

    I liked it, i want more of it

  • Pebby B
    Pebby B 2 years ago +5

    These are really cute!

  • Stormy Plays
    Stormy Plays 2 years ago +1

    Can You Make More BPTV Plz

  • The Reaper Of Crows
    The Reaper Of Crows 2 years ago

    This story was INSANE!!! I'd love to see more story videos~

  • Bspeckhead
    Bspeckhead 2 years ago

    You know Jaiden animation liked this video?

  • CabungaToons
    CabungaToons 2 years ago

    that you liked it and that you want more of it you could also like the video and press the little subscribe button thanks for watchin

  • rat terezi
    rat terezi 2 years ago


  • John Donn
    John Donn 2 years ago +1

    liked it and want more

  • Palkoark
    Palkoark 2 years ago +2

    Pivots reply to this comment or I'm gonna be real mad

    • Palkoark
      Palkoark 2 years ago +1

      ThePivotsXXD You fooled me

    • ThePivotsXXD
      ThePivotsXXD  2 years ago +1

      I've learned my lesson. No more replies from me

    • Palkoark
      Palkoark 2 years ago

      ThePivotsXXD you made me REAL mad betcha won't reply to this one or else I'll be REALLY mad

    • ThePivotsXXD
      ThePivotsXXD  2 years ago +3


    • ThePivotsXXD
      ThePivotsXXD  2 years ago +3

      Looks like you're gonna be real mad HAHAHAH

  • Djfire Slime
    Djfire Slime 2 years ago


  • KimiOmega
    KimiOmega 2 years ago


  • Doktor Vem
    Doktor Vem 2 years ago

    I liked the video and want more of the video.

    LVUKILLAZ 2 years ago +4


  • Flutepiphany
    Flutepiphany 2 years ago +7

    you have a very pleasant voice

  • Genus Entertainment
    Genus Entertainment 2 years ago +1

    guys with big feet

  • Link Meowmix
    Link Meowmix 2 years ago +3


  • JayTRowe
    JayTRowe 2 years ago

    I want more, this is going to be awesome.

  • Toasty Toons
    Toasty Toons 2 years ago

    I liked it

  • TKM
    TKM 2 years ago +19

    Man you should do more videos like this. I mean they dont require that much time since theres no background to draw and preety neato. Plus channels like jaiden animation tim toms etc have been blowing on yt lately. Also you have more colours so its nicer =P

    • TKM
      TKM 2 years ago


    • ThePivotsXXD
      ThePivotsXXD  2 years ago +7


  • Nick Na
    Nick Na 2 years ago +3

    you deserve more subs and fans man you're so goddamn funny

  • MustardSauce
    MustardSauce 2 years ago


  • if91100
    if91100 2 years ago

    i need more foot stories!

  • ShadyShy
    ShadyShy 2 years ago

    Are you also from Louisiana?
    In that case, sup fellow Louisianian. ✌🏻

  • Juanfe Romero
    Juanfe Romero 2 years ago

    I liked it, gimme moar

  • OverJ4
    OverJ4 2 years ago

    Oh yes.

  • Toast
    Toast 2 years ago

    Amazing video again, two in a row!

  • Michael Samayoa
    Michael Samayoa 2 years ago

    These story's gives me a meaning to live

  • Dream High Animation
    Dream High Animation 2 years ago


  • Plush Is Not Harmful
    Plush Is Not Harmful 2 years ago

    is my man piv man making animes again?

  • Rizatch
    Rizatch 2 years ago +5

    Pivots is one cool Scooby Dood

  • Trolo Lol
    Trolo Lol 2 years ago

    I liked it and want more of it.

  • EwoodAmazing
    EwoodAmazing 2 years ago

    I want more and I liked it.

  • Katrina Chen
    Katrina Chen 2 years ago

    I liked this video based content

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 2 years ago

    Nice vid, dude.

  • Grad_ster
    Grad_ster 2 years ago +1

    you're 22?

  • TSIG_are_NoNe
    TSIG_are_NoNe 2 years ago

    i liked it. and i want more of you

  • Hadi Nasrallah
    Hadi Nasrallah 2 years ago

    Better than theodd1sout etc

    • Hadi Nasrallah
      Hadi Nasrallah 2 years ago

      ThePivotsXXD id say your better cuz u are quick to the point but i adore james tho

    • Hadi Nasrallah
      Hadi Nasrallah 2 years ago

      MisterMustachio GMC yeah true i suck at opinions

    • ThePivotsXXD
      ThePivotsXXD  2 years ago +2

      I prefer James as well. My stuff is terrible

    • MisterMustachio GMC
      MisterMustachio GMC 2 years ago +2

      I, myself, prefer theodd1sout.
      Also, perhaps you should list multiple examples before placing etc.

  • Hue Cuckington
    Hue Cuckington 2 years ago +1

    That sir was dankage spanklage

  • Matt Garrett
    Matt Garrett 2 years ago +1

    These are fantastic

  • Wolfyuwu
    Wolfyuwu 2 years ago +2


  • Kyria Panjaitan
    Kyria Panjaitan 2 years ago +3

    You animated Bigfoot so cute. I want to hug it :3

  • A-Ryan
    A-Ryan 2 years ago +10

    I want to hear a story of Pivot choking on food just to see him animate it.