John Mulaney's Attempt to Solve a Mystery Was Unsuccessful

  • Published on Oct 5, 2018
  • John Mulaney tells Seth a story about his recent attempt to solve the mystery of who left a hat in his car and talks about the return of Big Mouth.
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    John Mulaney's Attempt to Solve a Mystery Was Unsuccessful- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 530

  • avinavar
    avinavar 2 days ago

    I love Seth's little quiet giggle going on underneath John's telling of the story hahaha

  • Daniella Napp
    Daniella Napp 3 days ago


  • Chaotic Energy
    Chaotic Energy 7 days ago

    Why does he never say his wife’s name? 😂

  • LinEx
    LinEx 9 days ago +1

    Huh I remember Barry Allen being a little more familiar with forensics

  • sarcasmo57
    sarcasmo57 10 days ago

    He blew the case wide open and still the fuzz won't budge.

  • Impuhlz
    Impuhlz 13 days ago

    This is AP Chemistry right here

    INTROVERTOMEGA 14 days ago

    John Mulaney is a real life Vic Mackey

  • Pori
    Pori 22 days ago

    Delta airlines is behind this

  • Dr. Genie Greentrees
    Dr. Genie Greentrees 22 days ago +1

    I had someone do the exact same thing and they left a pair of exercise pants. They took my ashtray filled with change. I guess that was their even trade/exchange. Weird but amazing. It made for a good story to connect to his! Maybe it was actually a superhero...the same person. 😁

  • Victoria Em
    Victoria Em 27 days ago

    This girl he went on a date with has such bad taste in men haha. I would've entertained every question lolz

  • Kimberly McGill
    Kimberly McGill 27 days ago

    " I go, I'm no Dennis Fong."

  • WhisperX06
    WhisperX06 29 days ago

    That is the worst fucking outro I’ve ever heard in my fucking life.

  • SvemirZeka
    SvemirZeka Month ago


  • Bob Lowney
    Bob Lowney Month ago

    he committed a crime, .........maybe, love it.

  • Jason .-.
    Jason .-. Month ago

    “you wanna come in MY rav4” that was too relatable 😂

  • Robcobes
    Robcobes Month ago

    Major spoiler in the title.

  • Rachel Hart
    Rachel Hart Month ago

    "I go inside and I got my surgical gloves"
    😂yeah everyone has a supply of those don't they?!!

  • R N
    R N Month ago

    Hi everyone is John Mulaney single? I’ll like to grab dinner sometime.

  • Eileen
    Eileen Month ago

    Does this mean that John watches Buzzfeed unsolved true crime

  • doom
    doom 2 months ago

    why do US talk shows never have any segways. it's like
    guest: *long anecdote*
    host: how bout that tv show huh

  • father terry
    father terry 2 months ago +1

    “you come in *my* rav4 and quickly realize i have no valuables? *how dare you* ”
    “... and the mud on the carpet? oh that’s mine? oh alright.”

  • Assylum 13
    Assylum 13 2 months ago

    This poor Asian American woman just wants to be on Law and Order SPVU

  • Endless Void Studios
    Endless Void Studios 2 months ago

    that tall child will make a great detective someday

  • Jessica Goodman
    Jessica Goodman 2 months ago

    I knew I related to him way too much for Black girl from Detroit...we share a birthday!!!

  • Not So Negative
    Not So Negative 2 months ago

    He loves musical theater and true crime?! I'm gay but I wanna kiss this guy.

  • Autistic Pianist
    Autistic Pianist 2 months ago

    My gf recommend john to me. He's not that bad 👍

  • Kevin Gomolchak
    Kevin Gomolchak 2 months ago

    John Mulaney was gifted a hat.

  • Laura S.
    Laura S. 2 months ago

    He's in this like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory :D

  • FixItYerself
    FixItYerself 2 months ago

    is Seth Meyers a lesbian? she looks one, but giggles like a Catholic school girl

  • Pedro b414 Gomes
    Pedro b414 Gomes 2 months ago +1

    or his wife is cheating on him

  • Annesha Masters
    Annesha Masters 2 months ago


  • Kevin Ray
    Kevin Ray 3 months ago +5

    He’s just too funny. 🤣 4:55 ‘And the *mud* on the on the carpet oh that’s mine, *alllriiiiighttt* ‘lol love it.

  • M Elizabeth
    M Elizabeth 3 months ago +1

    i want his tie

  • PureRedScorpio
    PureRedScorpio 3 months ago +3

    Love watching these two together, they're like brothers.

  • Logan Birk
    Logan Birk 3 months ago

    comedian: talking about anything at all
    seth meyers: *hee hee hee*

  • Helena Weale
    Helena Weale 3 months ago +1

    Plot twist: it was johns hat

  • Nancy Kosmidis
    Nancy Kosmidis 3 months ago +3

    you come in MY RAV4? and quickly realize i have no valuables? how dare you! and the mUD on THE CARPET?? oh thats mine??? alrigHT!

  • Makeup with Mack
    Makeup with Mack 3 months ago

    This robber is a Dane cook joke😂

  • kat treasure
    kat treasure 3 months ago +1

    this can escalate
    today it’s a car
    tomorrow it’s an escalator
    *you know, it escalates!*

  • Jones Family
    Jones Family 3 months ago

    Oh John. This is not my story, but my friend’s. However, I must tell you.
    Lee’s meticulously kept pickup truck was stolen from in front of her house. She called the police. They refused to even take a report. About a week later, she saw the pickup parked in the driveway of a house just a few blocks away! She looked inside to verify that it was hers. It was, but now her pristine truck had candy wrappers and coffee cups and trash and even a grocery list! She was more appalled at how someone had treated her beloved truck than the fact that someone had stolen it to run errands! She called the police while she was standing in front of the house of the their. The police asked her if she had the keys. She said that yes, she did. The police then told her to just drive it back home. Not kidding. She said that she wanted to press charges. They ‘convinced’ her (not) that since the thief lived in her neighborhood that it was best to just take the truck back and be thankful that it was still in one piece. So she drove the truck home, and spent a small fortune detailing it. True story. Sad.

  • A1sausie
    A1sausie 3 months ago


  • Anna Happen
    Anna Happen 3 months ago

    John Mulaney is a muderino!👏

  • Puppy Dog
    Puppy Dog 3 months ago

    John randomly has surgical gloves?

  • justthatdamnawesome
    justthatdamnawesome 3 months ago +1

    ‘It escalates, ya know today it’s a car, tomorrow it’s an Escalade...ya know coz it escalates’....dead 😂😂😂

  • Mark Youneva
    Mark Youneva 3 months ago

    this story was hilarous! As always, the police want to do as little work as possible.

  • StarryVirgo
    StarryVirgo 3 months ago +1

    This is the most Virgo fucking thing I’ve seen in a while sksksks

  • Joe Neumeister
    Joe Neumeister 3 months ago

    John Mulaney tells the best stories, always funny, I wish the two of you were back on SNL, it's not been the same since either of you left, the skits are silly and ridiculous and not funny. I laughed more at this interview than I have laughed in the past few months watching SNL...just sayin ~~

  • Jasmin vom Walde
    Jasmin vom Walde 3 months ago

    I really like John's tie.

  • Kaitlyn Diep
    Kaitlyn Diep 3 months ago


  • Sand Box
    Sand Box 3 months ago

    have I watched this before? Yes. Will that stop me from watching it again? absolutely not.

  • Logan Knox
    Logan Knox 3 months ago

    You had me at “great lover”

  • Konner Dent
    Konner Dent 4 months ago +7

    John should cameo in Brooklyn 99 as Detective J.J. Bittenbinder.

  • walter Thorne
    walter Thorne 4 months ago

    so yes big mouth is awesome and i recommend all the time. but this story of over grandizing is precious and we are so glad it was shared.

  • Watermelon Lane
    Watermelon Lane 4 months ago +1

    Maybe he can solve the crime of Princess Diana’s death 😳

  • Amanda McDonald
    Amanda McDonald 4 months ago

    Ah, yes. A break in the break in case. Now we can solve it!

  • Noah
    Noah 4 months ago

    Oh look! The comments are filled with people attempting to tie in references from his act. Yes! You are all professional comedians as well now!

  • Noah
    Noah 4 months ago

    The fact that the LAPD even showed up speaks volumes. “I came fast like 911 in white neighborhoods”

  • Adorablecutebrooke's Life

    Omg I think I’m in love with John❤️

  • Leah Hart
    Leah Hart 4 months ago

    You mean John mulaney likes crime shows? Like the Law and Order? And the NCIS? And the SVU?

  • Bailey Elizabeth
    Bailey Elizabeth 4 months ago +2

    John Mulaney is a national treasure.

  • Ernie
    Ernie 4 months ago +1

    This tall child is bloody brilliant and mad funny!

  • Dana Victoria
    Dana Victoria 4 months ago +1

    Love him

  • Vlada
    Vlada 4 months ago +4

    i love how Seth never interrupts his guests

  • Josie Bieler
    Josie Bieler 4 months ago

    I hope he listens to my favourite murder because I think he would really love it.

  • Ruby S
    Ruby S 4 months ago

    he told this story when i saw his tour!

  • Sara Carr
    Sara Carr 4 months ago

    you come in MY RAV 4?

  • Gabriella Weiss
    Gabriella Weiss 4 months ago

    *casual Gucci tie*

  • Celestine
    Celestine 4 months ago

    Love Big Mouth hope you do even more episodes.

  • help
    help 4 months ago

    Wow I never would've guessed everything in my entire life would lead up to me being in love with an awkward, high-waisted tall child

  • Justin Buergi
    Justin Buergi 4 months ago

    Why does he have surgical gloves? Does he kill people with them?

  • ronda allen
    ronda allen 4 months ago

    and the cops were wrong as hell. that was burglary and breaking and entering.

  • Kevin Apel
    Kevin Apel 4 months ago

    Seth Meyers is awful

  • RnathanF
    RnathanF 4 months ago

    I swear to god, wikipedia calls Murfreesboro "the Athens of Tennessee."

  • iamallamaninja
    iamallamaninja 5 months ago

    “You can run that through CODIS” shfnfjjfjbf

  • Not KeGan from Tripledollarsign

  • echo
    echo 5 months ago

    every interview of john on any talk show he drinks from the cup they give him
    he’s like the only one i’ve ever noticed do this

  • lemon
    lemon 5 months ago

    4:57 there's a resemblance of John Mulaney and Drew Gooden here

  • Ms Freakshow
    Ms Freakshow 5 months ago

    I am to 76% sure that John Mulaney and Shane Madej are somehow related

  • Anime Alpha
    Anime Alpha 5 months ago +1

    I just can't separate the image of spiderham from that voice !

  • Brandon Dunn-Moodie
    Brandon Dunn-Moodie 5 months ago

    I fucking love you John

  • sofia s.
    sofia s. 5 months ago

    shout out to the AWESOME neckties John is always wearing

  • Bonnie Over the Ocean
    Bonnie Over the Ocean 5 months ago

    I hope he watches BuzzFeed Unsolved True Crime

  • Natasha D'Elia
    Natasha D'Elia 5 months ago

    I have never related to someone so much than this man

  • Emily B
    Emily B 5 months ago +3

    This is how Spider-ham solves crimes

  • Hey It's Sarah.'
    Hey It's Sarah.' 5 months ago +1

    plot twist: it's his hat.

  • Winnergy Nerd
    Winnergy Nerd 5 months ago +1

    This needs an animation

  • Yanie
    Yanie 5 months ago

    I took a sip of water just before seth said the guy gave him a hat and it was really hard not to spit it out. Lots of self control!

  • Hutch2Much
    Hutch2Much 5 months ago +1

    john mulaney _is_ a tall child

  • Camilo Garcia Ylasaari
    Camilo Garcia Ylasaari 5 months ago +10

    Detective! We found a pool of the killer's blood in that hallway!
    Hmm, gross!

  • Luciano's Logic
    Luciano's Logic 6 months ago

    The hat clearly belongs to someone who is New In Town.

  • Hannah Ciaran
    Hannah Ciaran 6 months ago +302

    He would make the most adorable Brooklyn 99 character.

    • Mercy PK
      Mercy PK 20 days ago

      Srsly they need to make it happen.

    • Konner Dent
      Konner Dent 3 months ago +13

      He needs to cameo as Det. J.J. Bittenbinder.

    • Sara Batista
      Sara Batista 3 months ago +10

      he could just play himself and it would be funny hahahahhahah

  • MrMoustacheNinja
    MrMoustacheNinja 6 months ago


  • Abby Cross
    Abby Cross 6 months ago +2

    Years from now when JM is sentenced to the chair for being the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history, we'll all look back on this clip with fondness.

  • No
    No 6 months ago

    Might start leaving hats in unlocked cars just for shits and giggles

  • skimven4242564
    skimven4242564 6 months ago

    I was awaiting the plot twist that it was his wife's hat all along

  • Batman
    Batman 6 months ago

    I don't even like Big Mouth, I only come here to hear him make jokes.

  • C-B4ss
    C-B4ss 6 months ago +1

    This guy is actually funny

  • Ryan Kerr
    Ryan Kerr 6 months ago

    I had someone break into my car and leave a laptop in it. The weirdest fucking thing

  • Melissa Ramos
    Melissa Ramos 6 months ago

    With the Gucci tie

  • Kiara Kloss
    Kiara Kloss 6 months ago

    He's literally me