The fight to make bad jobs better

  • Published on Dec 4, 2017
  • It's easy to find a job, just not a good one.

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  • Vox
    Vox  5 months ago +366

    Thanks for watching and stay tuned for our next episode, which takes a look at some options for job training and education. Since this video is a bit of a downer, I hope you'll check out the work of Zeynep Ton, an MIT prof who studies retailers that have successfully implemented a "good jobs strategy": -Joss

    • EmbersOfWolf
      EmbersOfWolf 4 months ago

      This is true. :( poor paying retail jobs are quiet unfair. After suffering a non work related injury that resulted in me being on opioids, and having two titanium plates installed into my face, as well as my mouth being wired shut. Recovery was extremely slow. Once I was able to work to work again, at first I got okay hours but after a week, keep in mind I was still recovering, My schedule, without warning, than went from 32 (a week') hours, to 20 in one week. Then 4 (hours a month) by the start of the next. Followed by the hiring of another employee. Still recovering from my injury, I was in due time let go, being told that I wasn't able to keep up with most tasks.
      Yah, I wasn't able to do these tasks as well, as other because I had troubles speaking, eating and walking during my injury. I'd worked there for a year and I was let go because I suffered a life changing injury, that kept me from working.
      I should add that I wasn't too health at the time of my let go.
      I'd put off a unhealthy amount of weight and. I'd fainted once on the clock. As well as developed tremors after a few hours of working.

    • Hans Jacobson
      Hans Jacobson 5 months ago

      Target also loves it when you are not in an union. I remember in our orientation they talked about people would have fewer hours and fewer opportunities to work in other departments if they were in a union.

    • LeadHammer
      LeadHammer 5 months ago

      Do a more in-depth video about temps. Today I read this, and now I feel guilty and dirty and ashamed of my Amazon purchases:

    • Tim Bobway
      Tim Bobway 5 months ago

      Obama pushed through a law stating that full time was 32 hours a week and forced companies to give anyone who is full time insurance. No one should be surprised then that companies decided to hire more workers and give them less that 32 hours. Again that does not make them a good company to work for but no one should wonder why that is happening. I think the expected outcome of that law was that more people would be insured. The negative impact of that law is that people cannot pay their bills because the law prompted businesses to increase part time workers. A very sad reality. I agree with what the video said about those with high school diplomas competing for crappy jobs with people who are degreed. Thats a big problem.

  • Pepins Spot
    Pepins Spot Day ago

    Workers are living the Republicans wet dreams.

    NOTHING AT ALL 20 days ago

    Kingia - You have no clue how difficult life can be. Have fun soaking up tax money on welfare.

  • dxc
    dxc 21 day ago

    I have little sympathy for people who don't see the practical value of a college degree. Almost everyone has access to college, whether it be 2 year or a less than stellar university. Also, if you can't support a family. Don't have one. Be responsible, for yourself, your spouse, and your future kids.
    There has be a culture shift, where responsibility and accountability is at the forefront.

  • Anish Sharma
    Anish Sharma 27 days ago

    You guys need to make college free and it’s not that expensive to fund either.Just charge a cent for every wall street transaction.We in India have nearly free education except for business school.

  • Steph Reed
    Steph Reed 28 days ago

    Your work schedule dictates your LIFE. Your schedule IS your life.

  • GetYour Fix
    GetYour Fix 29 days ago

    Are you telling me people who can't afford or don't have time for kids have kids, and then we're supposed to pity them and treat them like victims when their company cuts their hours?
    We're in the first world, people can plan when to have children. So tired of the victim culture with these moms.

  • metalperslfx
    metalperslfx Month ago

    im here partly for the topic but mostly for joss' voice

  • jrteeter3
    jrteeter3 Month ago

    These jobs are meant to help kids just getting out of high school and college to give them a helping hand as they transition to more and more professional jobs. These aren't meant to be for the 40-year-old dad with 6 kids who decided to drop out of high school because he was too tired to go. He shouldn't be demanding $20 an hour and healthcare for their whole family. No what he/she should be doing is working at a professional or manufacting job. Not a place to help new kids give them a helping hand to become an independant adult. This is the reason why theres no jobs for the next generation. Because the past generations filled them up

  • Bg motion pictures
    Bg motion pictures Month ago

    Nope the robots are here so step down

  • Intolerant American

    Sorry.... but the free market dictates. Unfortunately, low skilled employees are easily replaceable and their pay/schedule reflects this. It's a sad reality...

  • Jesse W.
    Jesse W. Month ago

    Trade schools is where it's at. Also don't think college can give you a good wage; a lot of professions don't pay as much as you think and some professions such as management & tech related skills can be built on a job or self taught as long as you have a reliable portfolio then you don't need college. Just remember that, took me a long time to realize that. Back to the trade schools, don't underestimate them either, it's hard & rough work but it's worth it and that's coming from a unionized construction Laborer.

  • Alina Yessimbekova
    Alina Yessimbekova Month ago

    I’ve been watching a lot of vox videos lately and ’ve noticed a pattern: people complaining about their employers’ or companies’ greed, the rise of working hours, the urge to make more. And all that makes me wonder: hasn’t capitalism been worshipped in America for decades?

  • Calorus
    Calorus Month ago

    It amazes me that at no point was anyone surprised that there appears to be no paid Maternity or paternity leave...?

  • dennis bryan
    dennis bryan Month ago

    We should not have more retail jobs then manufacturer jobs

  • vishal Sharma
    vishal Sharma 2 months ago

    Robots will be in Line for the jobs in 20 years time

  • Kenny Boy
    Kenny Boy 2 months ago

    college just guarantees debts

  • Dork Fork
    Dork Fork 2 months ago

    thats why people just sell drugs

  • Supportive* William
    Supportive* William 2 months ago

    Is it okay to be scared of the future economy in year 10?

  • nickburnsap
    nickburnsap 3 months ago

    That framerate though.

  • Audrey Street
    Audrey Street 3 months ago

    I’m in Charleston WV an I saw the rally in front of the Kroger near Bible Center Church

  • charles prater
    charles prater 3 months ago

    Yes increase tge minimum wage and watch jobs fly away and product cost more. Bye 1 dollor menu

    • charles prater
      charles prater 3 months ago

      And if you want a good well payong job do what others do and go to school. And yes loans suck but you cant expect somebody who bags and shelfs items to have good hours.

  • Grafis
    Grafis 4 months ago

    Very good video.

  • AcidentalStaffwriter
    AcidentalStaffwriter 4 months ago

    I work a grocery store job and am continually worked 30+ hours despite clearly stating and requesting on multiple occasions to have no more than 20. I was told my hours could be reduced when they hired more people and then overheard my manager telling someone else that it was easier to work three people as often and as close to full time as possible rather than hire a fourth and give everyone hours closer to their preference. Small jobs don't care about small people. They only care about making a buck.

  • Atlas Tobin
    Atlas Tobin 4 months ago

    I’m over job growth, say hello to automation and basic income!!!

  • Araxie Rose
    Araxie Rose 4 months ago

    I live in Madison, WI, where the unemployment rate usually hovers around a mere 4%. But the homeless population grows every year, because the average retail job isn't enough to pay a $850-a-month rent (minimum). It's tough when people come into where I work politely asking for help finding affordable housing, and having to tell them that the waitlist is pages long. The current economic model is not only unjust, it's unsustainable.

  • Done2TheDeadGuy
    Done2TheDeadGuy 4 months ago

    Communism is better.

  • Marc Bryant
    Marc Bryant 4 months ago

    I feel bad for retail workers but really all you do is make change and stock shelves. Pretty much anyone can do that.... and now with self-checkout all they really need you to do is stock shelves.

  • Eliza
    Eliza 4 months ago

    In Virginia, during the presidential election in 2016, a proposed state law I hadn't heard anything about was added on to the ballot. It was about whether of not a company could hire a new workforce if its current workforce was on strike. The wording was purposefully confounding, and the bill was passed by a relatively narrow margin. Also, I don't know how it is in other states, but most people I know are so afraid they'll be fired that they won't say the word even in social outings with coworkers.

  • Robert Tanksley
    Robert Tanksley 4 months ago

    Problem is in states like mine, if you try and unionize you just get fired. Doesn't matter the industry. They will replace you in a week, or a day. There are 100 people wanting your job, so you deal with it.

  • ROKASniper89
    ROKASniper89 4 months ago

    I worked for CVS as a pharmacy technician for 5 years. During that time I saw my benefits get cut. My pay went down and scheduling was a nightmare. I never knew when I'd be working.

  • thehALomolov2
    thehALomolov2 4 months ago

    Most of the issues pointed out are not even issues.
    If you are unavailable to work the shift you were hired to work... Than you simply made urself unavailable to work. If you were hired to work evenings and weekends, you can't just change your availability and suddenly expect to get shifts that were not offered to begin with...
    How is it an issue that educated people are getting better jobs over simple highschool grads... One group did the bare minimum and the other invested in themselves.
    Would you hire someone for a high paying job simply because they like the pay or would you hire someone who is trained by a trusted institution that proved themselves more capable by graduating.
    Nowadays everyone goes to some post secondary. A few decades ago that was not the case, post secondary was for scholars and wealthy families. Nowadays grad school and beyond is for scholars and wealthy familys just send their kids to private schools and then to get business and law degrees to be handed executive jobs.

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith 4 months ago

    The Gov should not get in the middle of the free market. Gov only makes things worse.

  • brewski118sempire
    brewski118sempire 4 months ago

    I worked in retail for years. I would write the scheduled for many people. We had a computer system that would do it for us, and If changed anything about it (because I knew some people preferred evenings or little things like that) I would get "coached" and informed we have this system for a reason.

  • cairo
    cairo 4 months ago

    I just dont understand, how could it be so bad to get a US salary. I mean it is still much much higher than a salary of a doctor in my country. I know, there are expenses, but most of them are not mandatory. There is a bit of a leftist demagogy with liberal guilt in it.

  • Shahzaib Mirza
    Shahzaib Mirza 4 months ago

    as an immigrant the biggest problem I have noticed is the mindset of the most american people , who believe it is acceptable and "honorable" to kill yourself over jobs that shouldn't be as high demanding and horribly compensated as they are. the mindset of "i kill myself it will payoff one day." instead of having your current position and work be compensated for accordingly.

  • HidingZebraTube
    HidingZebraTube 4 months ago

    As a plain old white guy, with no college education. stuck in a min wage job. This video scares the crap outta me.

  • Keith Curtis
    Keith Curtis 4 months ago

    Some good ideas. I would just note that it is scary to be setting labor policy at the federal level without having tried it in multiple states first. The federal government in the past has created, bubbles, crashes and recessions. The government solution to a problem can even be worse than the problem, so let's test the ideas first.

  • hundred cs
    hundred cs 4 months ago


  • Anders Nilson
    Anders Nilson 4 months ago

    Problems that work has less and less rights at work major problem in America. American workers should perhaps look at how to solve these problems in other countries where the problem does not exist. For example, Sweden, Norway and Denmark without workers have more rights than obligations to the company. You are a large group of people with much power you should be able to get through this if you work together. Today there are two strong leaders who should be behind Bernie Sanders and Elisabeth Warren. Do not listen to politicians without facts check what they say.

  • Andy Brice
    Andy Brice 4 months ago

    I think the ideal solution is a Universal Basic Income. It would give people more freedom to walk away from jobs with poor working conditions.
    Meanwhile, perhaps a law which requires companies to pay a minimum weekly retainer fee for anyone on call.

  • WannaBeMLG
    WannaBeMLG 4 months ago

    Im shocked about the working condition in the US

  • zacatetas
    zacatetas 4 months ago

    policy here you go goyim....just dont unionize!

  • Filthy Connoisseur
    Filthy Connoisseur 4 months ago

    Gentiles and Goyim are not supposed to ask questions. Slavery

  • Djuntas
    Djuntas 4 months ago

    Another day Im happy to live in a country that doesn't treat its citizens as dirt.

  • Juliana Adams
    Juliana Adams 5 months ago

    Caring, empathy and trust are not gender specific but lets face it, there are many more men that chose not to enter into nursing until wages increased. Deliberate or not, this did historically occur. There are many more marginalized women that have not been given the encouragement or the benefit of educational institutions seeking to admit them as opposed to admitting more men. The funnel into becoming a nurse today we all recognize, is getting accepted into school. We also know that patients want nurses that look, smell, speak, etc like them. This means being male.To all the men that have entered Nursing and recognize that women historically, and without much recognition, elevated Nursing into the highly valued profession that it is today; bravo to you. For all of the women that do/did this work, we have always wanted to work beside fellow nurses that were caring, empathetic, trustworthy and rolled up their sleeves and worked hard. When the "number of men in Nursing" is equated to how men are treated or as if there is something "wrong" with nursing/nurses presently practicing that affects the general image of male nurses, this is unworthy and I do not think reflects the majority of male nurses. As the one male nurse stated in this video, it is the 21st century, let's move on...but it's hard to move from the past to a better future, even if we all agree on where we know we want to be. Female and male nurses, we all know that we influence how our profession is viewed - be your own best nurse.

  • Cheryl Carlson
    Cheryl Carlson 5 months ago

    consider jobs in healthcare. Staffing is tied to the census which is evaluated on dayshift so you may be told to take unpaid low census day on Tuesday, be called in on your day off on Wed as "a favor" then have to come in 4 hrs early on call on Saturday before planned shift.This totally messes with kid interface. Then there is TX practice of hiring only perdiems and working them part and full time but no health insurance or limiting the number of sick days so you lose job if kids are sick and you get sick or you go to work very sick... in a hospital. or how about nursing homes in IL where you are told to work up to 20 hr shift !

  • Sherry Reid
    Sherry Reid 5 months ago

    Unrelated question, what software you used to edit and publish this video?
    Really appreciate the reply!

  • Fast Job Interview
    Fast Job Interview 5 months ago

    Good Topic on Job Market. For Indian Jobs Visit

  • An American Citizen
    An American Citizen 5 months ago

    7:21 If you have an Iphone or another expensive phone, you have no right to complain about pay or work hours. Also retail is a low skilled occupation, so it is not worth more than its worth. Along with that, NCLB left High School decrees absolutely worthless in the labor pool, thus ruining their oppertunities.

  • joeskis
    joeskis 5 months ago

    Whoa you guys didn't even establish your premise. What makes these jobs bad to begin with?

  • Александр Болбат

    So raising minimum wages results in cutting the staff and decreasing work hours? Huh... who would have thought...
    "This never happened before and here we go again." (C) Viktor Chernomyrdin

  • Rudster14
    Rudster14 5 months ago

    This is why we need to make college more accessible.

  • ashesh shrestha
    ashesh shrestha 5 months ago

    This series is great..... And Joss Fong is back!!

  • Ponderer Of Pointless Dreams

    next can we get paid vacation

  • Justin Watson
    Justin Watson 5 months ago +1

    I'm against online shopping, online jobs, craigslist/ backpage jobs & personal sections. Also facebook !
    I believe face book should exist with a time limit like maximum one hour a day for an individual to use
    face book. Or any social network. This will prevent the extinction of humanity.

  • Shane Delahunty
    Shane Delahunty 5 months ago +1

    Manufacturing being a 'bad' job industry is nothing but an illusion spread by teachers who try to push college down every student's throat.

  • Kenyon  Wright
    Kenyon Wright 5 months ago

    Face it...America isn't great anymore.

  • Wayne Robinson
    Wayne Robinson 5 months ago

    Work hard and be a work horse for a basic jobs and you get what you need. So stop begin lazy and always be reliable

  • Lennart mustermann
    Lennart mustermann 5 months ago

    I was a bit confused by this Chanels content bcs I thought Vox was related to Fox news :D
    (I'm from Germany, I don't know about american media)

  • cotes42
    cotes42 5 months ago +1

    @Vox what is the music at the end credits? Love it! Anyone know?

    • cotes42
      cotes42 5 months ago

      Found it, its Striking Strings // Striking Concept by Philip Jewson, I can't find it on youtube. But it's amazing!
      This is all I could find!

  • markalmelo
    markalmelo 5 months ago

    Looking at 7:06 whats the problem? I know the problem but the companys are trying to save money because otherwise they have more expenses then income and will go bankrupt. Its the same with workers so if they have to adjust there expenses to there income. Where do they think there income will come from when the companys go bankrupt? Stay in school or be smart! The matter of the fact is that in the western world these people are the "simple easily replaceable" ones, and the consumer is always looking for the bargan of the century.

  • mba2ceo
    mba2ceo 5 months ago

    BS !!! exploiters pay U as little as they can ... work U as hard as they can ... and get rid of U as fast as they can !!!

  • Poptartsicles
    Poptartsicles 5 months ago

    Why can't more places be like Costco...

  • RLS0812
    RLS0812 5 months ago

    Part time hours, no benefits, unstable shift schedules, donkey management staff, and the 'disposable worker' attitude companies have.
    If you don't want a job for very long, join a union. From first hand experience I can tell you that the union doesn't give a rat's tail about you - only the amount of money they can take out of your paycheck !

  • Marcus Vachon
    Marcus Vachon 5 months ago

    I look forward to the day when union jobs are seen as beneficial to the American workers like it was 40 and 50 years ago. But now it is seen as being communistic to pursue collective bargaining.

  • T1Oracle
    T1Oracle 5 months ago

    Hourly jobs need a minimum annual salary.

  • jivenesspie
    jivenesspie 5 months ago

    Going to get more chaotic with the rise of online shopping.

  • master80059 Video Content

    you are missing the point. why would a company support people who have not factor to the company. this is a liberal stupid idea. if they dont need you for the hours they dont put you on the pay. everything they are taking about is a way to lose your job. trust me i MA passes a law said i had to give all my employees the same amount of hours... the people who could not do the shifts i needed. 5 hour shift does not cost a company as much money. 8 hour shift cost more per hour with breaks and other laws that need to be followed that are time and money consuming. im lucky in the field i am in most of the laws do not apply to me but the ones that do cost people jobs. min wage increases and laws saying i cant increase the medical bills or fines on false 911 calls for medical emergency sucks. i end up firing the people who dont meet the pay charts and hiring new ones. ITS always the female fire fighters to....

  • sakaria mahamud
    sakaria mahamud 5 months ago

    Instead of working for the cooperations compete with them start your own business and work for yourself. If not educate yourself and pray to god you get a good paying job. If not accept reality and continue to work for slave wages because that is what your worth. The free market is fair over regulating it is wrong.

  • Tyrex 128
    Tyrex 128 5 months ago

    @1:44 on the percentage point chart they've put in another image on top off graph, so u can't see the "original" results for these circled jobs, SALES, OFFICE/ADMIN, PRODUCTION, OPERATIONS. Turn up your brightness and look at the chart just where security begins, you can see a lighter black box around the the said jobs. Don't you have someone who knows how to use photoshop

  • Empty
    Empty 5 months ago

    I say let us unite and rise up against the man, stick it in his fat old gut and slice!

  • rootsm3
    rootsm3 5 months ago +1

    America is sliding into an almost feudal system. So many smart, intelligent, capable people being forced to work low paying service jobs. While CEO's have multiple houses and 2 Audi's per mistress.

    • Empty
      Empty 5 months ago

      Very true

  • 小灣灣
    小灣灣 5 months ago +1

    ⊙_⊙ neng chi bao jiu xing le

  • Jharath Nethermoon
    Jharath Nethermoon 5 months ago

    Lol. Ok here is a tip or two. If your job is not meeting your needs find a new one. "The amount of hours they give out is based on sales, which I think is horrible." This shows great ignorance, and this person should never have been hired in the first place. I am not sure whose fault that is lol.

    • Jharath Nethermoon
      Jharath Nethermoon 5 months ago

      @ProfessorEGadd Thanks for your concern, you seem sincere, but rest assured we will be fine in the end. We know things are bad. But we have faced adversity before. Have a great day.

    • ProfessorEGadd
      ProfessorEGadd 5 months ago

      Jharath Nethermoon,
      Direct experience is anecdote. If you could see past the end of your nose you'd notice a vast number of people struggling to make ends meet despite putting in all the hard work. Poor Americans _can_ pull themselves out of poverty. But they do it much less often than in Canada, Germany or Australia. Why should that be? Why, really?
      Nature might be a harsh mistress, but we don't lie in nature, we live in society. Or has the US devolved to the point of hunter-gathering since I last checked?
      I'm sorry if you think you're being patronised. I can only say that I really think you and your fellow Americans born into poverty are missing out on the best the developed world has to offer. The US economy continues to outperform Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia or New Zealand but the benefits are reaped by few. Meanwhile the actual workers in the US are living shorter, unhealthier lives than their counterparts in the developed world, despite spending more on medicine. They are born in the same class they will die in. Their education is lower quality but paradoxically over-patriotic. Their crime is more prevalent and more violent, and so are their police to match. Of course their judges and their press are less free. In almost every measurable sense, quality of life in the US is worst than in these other places. It could be better, it should be better. But here you are making excuses for the system...
      I'm sorry you feel this way. I am.

    • Jharath Nethermoon
      Jharath Nethermoon 5 months ago

      @ProfessorEGadd Well then by all means enjoy your armchair participation from your Ivory Tower window, however I can tell you from direct experience on the ground here in America that my solution takes care of the problems your theories and excuses propose, for responsibility demands frugality and what works and does not soon becomes clear. There are no excuses and I do not say this to be mean in anyway, for I did not create the conditions of our existence. Hard work and personal responsibility DOES work within our system, even in it's afflicted state. The actual problem is that most Americans have forsaken this idea for a (seemingly) easier path, one highly dosed with victim and entitlement type mentalities. Whatever the reason, there are NO EXCUSES for nature is a harsh mistress and we will learn one way or another, or not. As for other countries, we have been paying attention to your/their philosophies for far too long. Another lesson to be learned one way or another, it is indeed our own fault, and our own responsibility. Thanks for all the concern.

    • ProfessorEGadd
      ProfessorEGadd 5 months ago

      Jharath Nethermoon,
      The fact is there are countries where the economy works for everyone and the US is not one of them. These are places with less widespread poverty, where poor people have equal access to education (so that poverty is not generational), where people live longer, healthier lives (and spend less on healthcare to boot), where living standards are generally higher across the board.
      Where people have taken personal responsibility and, when they've reached the top, have looked back and insisted in more and better provisions for the people who didn't make it - because they recognise two things: 1. that they could have been in different shoes had they had a little less luck and 2. that a more equal society is a better society for everyone, both the poor and the rich, even from a totally objective economic standpoint.
      The fact is that the poor in the US _are_ the victims of politics, and their solutions are political, not of 'hard work'. If you 'force yourself to go after it day after day' you will _not_ succeed in the US. Not as often as in other developed countries. Because the system is more stacked against you in America than in other developed countries - to everyone's detriment.
      By the way, I'm not struggling financially and looking for someone to blame. And I'm not American. The system is broken - more broken than in other developed countries. Anyone can see that.

    • Jharath Nethermoon
      Jharath Nethermoon 5 months ago

      @ProfessorEGadd You can beg if you want. As for me, I will find a way to provide for myself and my loved ones. Don't sit around feeling sorry for yourself and convincing yourself you are a victim of this politic or that person. And stop teaching others to do the same!!! You might have to go through hell and high water, but guess what, if you stop crying and force yourself to go after it with everything you have day after day, no excuses, you will succeed. Take PERSONAL responsibility. Look in the mirror if you are broke, and you will see who is to blame. It's not easy. In fact, it's very, very hard. Working 3 jobs at minimum wage, cutting lawns, collecting cans, whatever you have to do is not going to be easy. RISE UP Americans!!!

  • ncfo20
    ncfo20 5 months ago

    The only purpose of a business is to make as much profit as possible. A business is not some welfare system to ensure that everyone gets looked after and taken care of. It's none of Walmart's concern that you're pregnant or have a family. If you can't be flexible then they can easily replace you with somebody who can. Why can't people understand basic economics?

    • ProfessorEGadd
      ProfessorEGadd 5 months ago

      They understand, that isn't the problem. The problem is they think that's a shitty situation to be in. The workers have no bargaining power because they are disposable, and so they live in chronic financial insecurity. They have to work for these corporations because there are no other options. They don't have the capital to risk starting their own business, and a great risk it is too. Why shouldn't they try to do something about it by pursuing legal means and winning cases by appealing to common human decency?

  • Bob Miller
    Bob Miller 5 months ago +1

    Back when slavery was still legal, the slave owner had to capture, feed, cloth, house, and care for the slaves that they owned out of their own pocket. Today though, slaves willingly line up at the front door of almost every minimum-wage corporation in the world, just begging to be used, abused, and then discarded when they no longer serve a useful purpose. The only difference between the slaves of today and the slaves of old though is that today, the slaves are the ones who have to pay for their own food, clothing, housing, and care. Just because they don't have to use chains anymore to get us to do their bidding doesn't mean that we're free. Think about that the next time you're out people watching somewhere in the world. Just observe all the little slaves that think they're free.

  • La aitch
    La aitch 5 months ago

    Easy to find a job if you can code and coding is pretty braindead. Literally no reason to complain just work on Comp Sci and you'll get a good job 99% of the time.

  • HardwareExtreme
    HardwareExtreme 5 months ago

    Ehh, you should switch to the European system, I work 8 hours a day and I get paid once at the end of the month. Simple

  • Hanne Goossens
    Hanne Goossens 5 months ago

    Other changing lift lxxvyu alone slowly jacket voice possibly visible playoff portrait.

  • Rocio Ramos
    Rocio Ramos 5 months ago

    If high school isn't enough to get a decent job, then that is in and of itself a problem that needs to be addressed. Having to go to school for nearly two decades just to get into the middle class is not oaky and we should never think it is.

  • MossimoH2o
    MossimoH2o 5 months ago

    All that matters is I’m dining good🤷‍♂️

  • Samuel Tan
    Samuel Tan 5 months ago

    This series is called "shift change"?
    Ooh, ooh, let me try:
    Education school
    Work job
    Speed quickness
    Warmth heat
    Place location
    Height altitude

  • Chanel Lyon
    Chanel Lyon 5 months ago

    I have two part-time jobs. One of them is seasonal. Neither job requires a college education. I have a bachelors degree. Keeping my head up and working on me in the mean time.

  • Ben Harnden
    Ben Harnden 5 months ago

    Oh no you have to have skills to have a career

  • DJ Decide
    DJ Decide 5 months ago

    This whole video is a little weird to me because I've never heard of a job that didn't have hours that varied from week to week outside of a desk job at the DMV, or the post office. It feels like they're trying to explain to *someone* that out there somewhere, people have schedules that change every week. I've always been under the impression that this was the norm and that only like, government offices had fixed schedules.

  • Orlando Saenz
    Orlando Saenz 5 months ago

    What's the name of the music at the end credits?

  • Bas
    Bas 5 months ago

    man those on call shifts sounds terrible, I remember my employer went from posting schedules from 3 to 2 weeks in advance and it everyone lost their minds.

  • Rubi Mondragon Avila
    Rubi Mondragon Avila 5 months ago

    This is exactly what is happening to me

  • Malcolm Leonard
    Malcolm Leonard 5 months ago

    Change jobs simple up skill fast food is not a career

  • Flynt RavenSpear
    Flynt RavenSpear 5 months ago

    Wait, aren't the alternative work trends part of an accidental side effect of the Affordable Care Act, which ensured full time workers full health benefits by companies, which in turn corporations responded by simply firing full time workers and hiring part time?

  • Benjamin Slayton
    Benjamin Slayton 5 months ago

    Is the recession really in the rearview mirror? I haven't noticed it ending?

  • Marc Wyant
    Marc Wyant 5 months ago

    Lots of good points

  • Jonathan Rajan
    Jonathan Rajan 5 months ago

    This sort of quantitative analysis should be more common in your policy related videos. A lot of your previous ones would only skim the surface, I hope this is a start in the right direction.

  • Scott
    Scott 5 months ago

    A college degree guarantees a living wage. Unless you decide to study something silly obviously

  • Scott
    Scott 5 months ago

    What I don't understand is why people would spend so much time and energy protesting for better pay when they could literally be looking for a job with better pay!

    • Scott
      Scott 5 months ago

      Dude how can you not see where I am coming from?

    • ProfessorEGadd
      ProfessorEGadd 5 months ago

      Those doctors would count as underemployed too. Lots of people are underemployed, it's an epidemic.

    • Scott
      Scott 5 months ago

      The REAL example of overqualified in my country is when we have qualified Indian doctors working as taxi drivers... but fair enough, since there are lot of fake doctors in India and it makes sense to only accept reputable qualifications

    • ProfessorEGadd
      ProfessorEGadd 5 months ago

      I thought we were talking about underemployment, specifically. That's people who already have jobs, but want to be scheduled more hours on it, or they already have qualifications which they are not using, like people with degrees working for minimum wage jobs that require little or no training. 13% of people in the US are in this position. It's not about academic aptitude or time for studying because these people are already over-qualified.

  • Supertomiman
    Supertomiman 5 months ago

    When will you people understand, regulation is what got you there, more regulation will only sink you even more...

  • Jarrett Williams
    Jarrett Williams 5 months ago

    Why did you change the title?

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz 5 months ago

    IMHO.These business models are faulty. If it requires you to have inflexible shifts for workers or you have to pay a very little amount of money to your employees then it's a bullshit model. Then people revert back to the same old saying"those jobs are not meant for adults, they are made for teenagers". “They do not need a living wage because all they are going to be buying is the latest iPhone”. Your business model dictates that you have a pool of teenagers getting their first job, maybe this teenager does not have parents that will pay for his college. Maybe these teenagers live in abusive homes and a living wage can ensure that they at least have a roof over their heads and get out of an abusive life. Maybe they want to work while they go to college, yet the system is against them every step of the way. It is an incredibly inefficient way to get ahead. I feel that there is a need to really look at unions 2.0 and collective bargaining without the extremes. Remember that businesses needs employees to get the job done, but the employees need to understand that they also need those businesses being REASONABLY profitable. To be honest with you I just see the situation getting worse.