The fight to make bad jobs better

  • Published on Dec 4, 2017
  • It's easy to find a job, just not a good one.

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  • Vox
    Vox  9 days ago +349

    Thanks for watching and stay tuned for our next episode, which takes a look at some options for job training and education. Since this video is a bit of a downer, I hope you'll check out the work of Zeynep Ton, an MIT prof who studies retailers that have successfully implemented a "good jobs strategy": -Joss

    • LeadHammer
      LeadHammer 5 hours ago

      Do a more in-depth video about temps. Today I read this, and now I feel guilty and dirty and ashamed of my Amazon purchases:

    • Tim Bobway
      Tim Bobway 6 days ago

      Obama pushed through a law stating that full time was 32 hours a week and forced companies to give anyone who is full time insurance. No one should be surprised then that companies decided to hire more workers and give them less that 32 hours. Again that does not make them a good company to work for but no one should wonder why that is happening. I think the expected outcome of that law was that more people would be insured. The negative impact of that law is that people cannot pay their bills because the law prompted businesses to increase part time workers. A very sad reality. I agree with what the video said about those with high school diplomas competing for crappy jobs with people who are degreed. Thats a big problem.

    • Jose Cruz
      Jose Cruz 7 days ago

      Yeah, Vox why you guys being such Debby or Dennis downers??

    • AndresM
      AndresM 7 days ago

      Thanks Obama!!

    • AndresM
      AndresM 7 days ago

      So no outsourcing yay libtards.

  • cotes42
    cotes42 11 hours ago +1

    @Vox what is the music at the end credits? Love it! Anyone know?

    • cotes42
      cotes42 10 hours ago

      Found it, its Striking Strings // Striking Concept by Philip Jewson, I can't find it on youtube. But it's amazing!
      This is all I could find!

  • markalmelo
    markalmelo 14 hours ago

    Looking at 7:06 whats the problem? I know the problem but the companys are trying to save money because otherwise they have more expenses then income and will go bankrupt. Its the same with workers so if they have to adjust there expenses to there income. Where do they think there income will come from when the companys go bankrupt? Stay in school or be smart! The matter of the fact is that in the western world these people are the "simple easily replaceable" ones, and the consumer is always looking for the bargan of the century.

  • mba2ceo
    mba2ceo 15 hours ago

    BS !!! exploiters pay U as little as they can ... work U as hard as they can ... and get rid of U as fast as they can !!!

  • Poptartsicles
    Poptartsicles Day ago

    Why can't more places be like Costco...

  • RLS0812
    RLS0812 Day ago

    Part time hours, no benefits, unstable shift schedules, donkey management staff, and the 'disposable worker' attitude companies have.
    If you don't want a job for very long, join a union. From first hand experience I can tell you that the union doesn't give a rat's tail about you - only the amount of money they can take out of your paycheck !

  • Marcus Vachon
    Marcus Vachon Day ago

    I look forward to the day when union jobs are seen as beneficial to the American workers like it was 40 and 50 years ago. But now it is seen as being communistic to pursue collective bargaining.

  • T1Oracle
    T1Oracle Day ago

    Hourly jobs need a minimum annual salary.

  • jivenesspie
    jivenesspie 2 days ago

    Going to get more chaotic with the rise of online shopping.

  • Steve Cornell
    Steve Cornell 2 days ago

    you are missing the point. why would a company support people who have not factor to the company. this is a liberal stupid idea. if they dont need you for the hours they dont put you on the pay. everything they are taking about is a way to lose your job. trust me i MA passes a law said i had to give all my employees the same amount of hours... the people who could not do the shifts i needed. 5 hour shift does not cost a company as much money. 8 hour shift cost more per hour with breaks and other laws that need to be followed that are time and money consuming. im lucky in the field i am in most of the laws do not apply to me but the ones that do cost people jobs. min wage increases and laws saying i cant increase the medical bills or fines on false 911 calls for medical emergency sucks. i end up firing the people who dont meet the pay charts and hiring new ones. ITS always the female fire fighters to....

  • Time Less
    Time Less 3 days ago

    Instead of working for the cooperations compete with them start your own business and work for yourself. If not educate yourself and pray to god you get a good paying job. If not accept reality and continue to work for slave wages because that is what your worth. The free market is fair over regulating it is wrong.

  • Tyrex 128
    Tyrex 128 3 days ago

    @1:44 on the percentage point chart they've put in another image on top off graph, so u can't see the "original" results for these circled jobs, SALES, OFFICE/ADMIN, PRODUCTION, OPERATIONS. Turn up your brightness and look at the chart just where security begins, you can see a lighter black box around the the said jobs. Don't you have someone who knows how to use photoshop

  • Empty
    Empty 4 days ago

    I say let us unite and rise up against the man, stick it in his fat old gut and slice!

  • Owen eldridge
    Owen eldridge 4 days ago

    Protesters: We want a living wage of $15 hour

    Anyone with basic economics knowledge: Ok so you want us to raise your your managers their boss and his boss
    Protesters: No we just want us to make more.
    That's not how that works if we raise yours we have to raise everyone above you. Everything will get so much more expensive that it will just be the same as it is now to which I'm sure you'll be doing this again when that happens....

    • Empty
      Empty 4 days ago

      Think of those who have nothing

  • rootsm3
    rootsm3 4 days ago +1

    America is sliding into an almost feudal system. So many smart, intelligent, capable people being forced to work low paying service jobs. While CEO's have multiple houses and 2 Audi's per mistress.

    • Empty
      Empty 4 days ago

      Very true

  • 小灣灣
    小灣灣 5 days ago +1

    ⊙_⊙ neng chi bao jiu xing le

  • Jharath Nethermoon
    Jharath Nethermoon 5 days ago

    Lol. Ok here is a tip or two. If your job is not meeting your needs find a new one. "The amount of hours they give out is based on sales, which I think is horrible." This shows great ignorance, and this person should never have been hired in the first place. I am not sure whose fault that is lol.

    • Jharath Nethermoon
      Jharath Nethermoon Day ago

      @ProfessorEGadd Thanks for your concern, you seem sincere, but rest assured we will be fine in the end. We know things are bad. But we have faced adversity before. Have a great day.

    • ProfessorEGadd
      ProfessorEGadd Day ago

      Jharath Nethermoon,
      Direct experience is anecdote. If you could see past the end of your nose you'd notice a vast number of people struggling to make ends meet despite putting in all the hard work. Poor Americans _can_ pull themselves out of poverty. But they do it much less often than in Canada, Germany or Australia. Why should that be? Why, really?
      Nature might be a harsh mistress, but we don't lie in nature, we live in society. Or has the US devolved to the point of hunter-gathering since I last checked?
      I'm sorry if you think you're being patronised. I can only say that I really think you and your fellow Americans born into poverty are missing out on the best the developed world has to offer. The US economy continues to outperform Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia or New Zealand but the benefits are reaped by few. Meanwhile the actual workers in the US are living shorter, unhealthier lives than their counterparts in the developed world, despite spending more on medicine. They are born in the same class they will die in. Their education is lower quality but paradoxically over-patriotic. Their crime is more prevalent and more violent, and so are their police to match. Of course their judges and their press are less free. In almost every measurable sense, quality of life in the US is worst than in these other places. It could be better, it should be better. But here you are making excuses for the system...
      I'm sorry you feel this way. I am.

    • Jharath Nethermoon
      Jharath Nethermoon 2 days ago

      @ProfessorEGadd Well then by all means enjoy your armchair participation from your Ivory Tower window, however I can tell you from direct experience on the ground here in America that my solution takes care of the problems your theories and excuses propose, for responsibility demands frugality and what works and does not soon becomes clear. There are no excuses and I do not say this to be mean in anyway, for I did not create the conditions of our existence. Hard work and personal responsibility DOES work within our system, even in it's afflicted state. The actual problem is that most Americans have forsaken this idea for a (seemingly) easier path, one highly dosed with victim and entitlement type mentalities. Whatever the reason, there are NO EXCUSES for nature is a harsh mistress and we will learn one way or another, or not. As for other countries, we have been paying attention to your/their philosophies for far too long. Another lesson to be learned one way or another, it is indeed our own fault, and our own responsibility. Thanks for all the concern.

    • ProfessorEGadd
      ProfessorEGadd 2 days ago

      Jharath Nethermoon,
      The fact is there are countries where the economy works for everyone and the US is not one of them. These are places with less widespread poverty, where poor people have equal access to education (so that poverty is not generational), where people live longer, healthier lives (and spend less on healthcare to boot), where living standards are generally higher across the board.
      Where people have taken personal responsibility and, when they've reached the top, have looked back and insisted in more and better provisions for the people who didn't make it - because they recognise two things: 1. that they could have been in different shoes had they had a little less luck and 2. that a more equal society is a better society for everyone, both the poor and the rich, even from a totally objective economic standpoint.
      The fact is that the poor in the US _are_ the victims of politics, and their solutions are political, not of 'hard work'. If you 'force yourself to go after it day after day' you will _not_ succeed in the US. Not as often as in other developed countries. Because the system is more stacked against you in America than in other developed countries - to everyone's detriment.
      By the way, I'm not struggling financially and looking for someone to blame. And I'm not American. The system is broken - more broken than in other developed countries. Anyone can see that.

    • Jharath Nethermoon
      Jharath Nethermoon 2 days ago

      @ProfessorEGadd You can beg if you want. As for me, I will find a way to provide for myself and my loved ones. Don't sit around feeling sorry for yourself and convincing yourself you are a victim of this politic or that person. And stop teaching others to do the same!!! You might have to go through hell and high water, but guess what, if you stop crying and force yourself to go after it with everything you have day after day, no excuses, you will succeed. Take PERSONAL responsibility. Look in the mirror if you are broke, and you will see who is to blame. It's not easy. In fact, it's very, very hard. Working 3 jobs at minimum wage, cutting lawns, collecting cans, whatever you have to do is not going to be easy. RISE UP Americans!!!

  • ncfo20
    ncfo20 5 days ago

    The only purpose of a business is to make as much profit as possible. A business is not some welfare system to ensure that everyone gets looked after and taken care of. It's none of Walmart's concern that you're pregnant or have a family. If you can't be flexible then they can easily replace you with somebody who can. Why can't people understand basic economics?

    • ProfessorEGadd
      ProfessorEGadd 2 days ago

      They understand, that isn't the problem. The problem is they think that's a shitty situation to be in. The workers have no bargaining power because they are disposable, and so they live in chronic financial insecurity. They have to work for these corporations because there are no other options. They don't have the capital to risk starting their own business, and a great risk it is too. Why shouldn't they try to do something about it by pursuing legal means and winning cases by appealing to common human decency?

  • Bob Miller
    Bob Miller 5 days ago +1

    Back when slavery was still legal, the slave owner had to capture, feed, cloth, house, and care for the slaves that they owned out of their own pocket. Today though, slaves willingly line up at the front door of almost every minimum-wage corporation in the world, just begging to be used, abused, and then discarded when they no longer serve a useful purpose. The only difference between the slaves of today and the slaves of old though is that today, the slaves are the ones who have to pay for their own food, clothing, housing, and care. Just because they don't have to use chains anymore to get us to do their bidding doesn't mean that we're free. Think about that the next time you're out people watching somewhere in the world. Just observe all the little slaves that think they're free.

  • La aitch
    La aitch 5 days ago

    Easy to find a job if you can code and coding is pretty braindead. Literally no reason to complain just work on Comp Sci and you'll get a good job 99% of the time.

  • HardwareExtreme
    HardwareExtreme 5 days ago

    Ehh, you should switch to the European system, I work 8 hours a day and I get paid once at the end of the month. Simple

  • Hanne Goossens
    Hanne Goossens 5 days ago

    Other changing lift lxxvyu alone slowly jacket voice possibly visible playoff portrait.

  • Rocio Ramos
    Rocio Ramos 6 days ago

    If high school isn't enough to get a decent job, then that is in and of itself a problem that needs to be addressed. Having to go to school for nearly two decades just to get into the middle class is not oaky and we should never think it is.

  • MossimoH2o
    MossimoH2o 6 days ago

    All that matters is I’m dining good🤷‍♂️

  • Samuel Tan
    Samuel Tan 6 days ago

    This series is called "shift change"?
    Ooh, ooh, let me try:
    Education school
    Work job
    Speed quickness
    Warmth heat
    Place location
    Height altitude

  • Chanel Lyon
    Chanel Lyon 6 days ago

    I have two part-time jobs. One of them is seasonal. Neither job requires a college education. I have a bachelors degree. Keeping my head up and working on me in the mean time.

  • Ben Harnden
    Ben Harnden 6 days ago

    Oh no you have to have skills to have a career

  • DJ Decide
    DJ Decide 6 days ago

    This whole video is a little weird to me because I've never heard of a job that didn't have hours that varied from week to week outside of a desk job at the DMV, or the post office. It feels like they're trying to explain to *someone* that out there somewhere, people have schedules that change every week. I've always been under the impression that this was the norm and that only like, government offices had fixed schedules.

  • Jack Uberdo
    Jack Uberdo 6 days ago +1

  • Orlando Saenz
    Orlando Saenz 6 days ago

    What's the name of the music at the end credits?

  • Bas
    Bas 6 days ago

    man those on call shifts sounds terrible, I remember my employer went from posting schedules from 3 to 2 weeks in advance and it everyone lost their minds.

  • Rubi Mondragon Avila

    This is exactly what is happening to me

  • Malcolm Leonard
    Malcolm Leonard 7 days ago

    Change jobs simple up skill fast food is not a career

  • Flynt RavenSpear
    Flynt RavenSpear 7 days ago

    Wait, aren't the alternative work trends part of an accidental side effect of the Affordable Care Act, which ensured full time workers full health benefits by companies, which in turn corporations responded by simply firing full time workers and hiring part time?

  • Benjamin Slayton
    Benjamin Slayton 7 days ago

    Is the recession really in the rearview mirror? I haven't noticed it ending?

  • Marc Wyant
    Marc Wyant 7 days ago

    Lots of good points

  • Jonathan Rajan
    Jonathan Rajan 7 days ago

    This sort of quantitative analysis should be more common in your policy related videos. A lot of your previous ones would only skim the surface, I hope this is a start in the right direction.

  • Scott
    Scott 7 days ago

    A college degree guarantees a living wage. Unless you decide to study something silly obviously

  • Scott
    Scott 7 days ago

    What I don't understand is why people would spend so much time and energy protesting for better pay when they could literally be looking for a job with better pay!

    • Scott
      Scott Day ago

      Bruv and how do you explain me getting full time work (edit:4 days a week so not really full time but still..) by literally just walking into a golf course after moving house? I have been in this new area for less than 10 hours for christ's sake!!

    • ProfessorEGadd
      ProfessorEGadd Day ago

      Of course there are openings for trained doctors and engineers, we're talking about people without university degrees. Besides, if the jobs exist then why is the underemployment rate in the US 13%? 13% of people want to work more hours or more challenging jobs, but can't. What are these people doing if there are so many excess jobs?

    • Scott
      Scott Day ago

      Bro but what about all the jobs that are available? Like honestly bro obviously the jobs exist, I literally just moved house, and today I rocked up to this golf course that is right outside my house and got a job so wtf.

      Plus I was down in this agricultural community in NZ and the farmers were telling me that they are BEGGING for workers.
      Seems kind of wimpy to say there are no jobs out there.
      Plus you've got so many job opportunities if you become a professional like a doctor or engineer or accountant or literally any profession

    • ProfessorEGadd
      ProfessorEGadd 2 days ago

      Because the jobs don't exist. Note the graph on underemployment, i.e. people working fewer hours than they would like, not able to increase their hours at their work or to find another job to fill the gap.

  • Supertomiman
    Supertomiman 7 days ago

    When will you people understand, regulation is what got you there, more regulation will only sink you even more...

  • Jarrett Williams
    Jarrett Williams 7 days ago

    Why did you change the title?

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz 7 days ago

    IMHO.These business models are faulty. If it requires you to have inflexible shifts for workers or you have to pay a very little amount of money to your employees then it's a bullshit model. Then people revert back to the same old saying"those jobs are not meant for adults, they are made for teenagers". “They do not need a living wage because all they are going to be buying is the latest iPhone”. Your business model dictates that you have a pool of teenagers getting their first job, maybe this teenager does not have parents that will pay for his college. Maybe these teenagers live in abusive homes and a living wage can ensure that they at least have a roof over their heads and get out of an abusive life. Maybe they want to work while they go to college, yet the system is against them every step of the way. It is an incredibly inefficient way to get ahead. I feel that there is a need to really look at unions 2.0 and collective bargaining without the extremes. Remember that businesses needs employees to get the job done, but the employees need to understand that they also need those businesses being REASONABLY profitable. To be honest with you I just see the situation getting worse.

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  • Xond Xonderson
    Xond Xonderson 7 days ago

    Not including a mention of the affordable care act's impact on these types of jobs is just dishonest Vox.

  • Existenstial Crisis
    Existenstial Crisis 7 days ago

    $5 min wage would be good. Lower inflation main thing. (Low inflation means low costs for all goods, $5 in low inflation could be worth $10 - $15 in high inflation.

  • KillerBees
    KillerBees 7 days ago

    You guys are retarded, if you increase mandatory wages you decrease the amount of people companies will hire and raise the cost of products produced by said companies devaluing the currency. So it’s basically like running in place, there will always be a group of poor people out. There always has and always will be. There have been no countries or societies ever that didn’t have a lower class. This is America if you work hard and pursue higher education and intellect you will not be poor. Poor people are poor for a reason rich people are rich for a reason.

    • ProfessorEGadd
      ProfessorEGadd 2 days ago

      As you say, your experience is anecdotal. The same stories occur in Europe, the question is, why so much more often?
      Education quality in the US is more stratified than in other developed countries. Schools are not filled with children from diverse backgrounds. There are poor schools and rich schools, which translates to good schools and bad schools - more so than in other developed countries. Is it really fair that kids' education scales with their parents' income, even in public schools? How are you supposed to catch up in income to richer peers, when even before your teenage years you are falling behind?
      Of course, after public school comes the expensive part of education. Even with cheap courses you still have to spend your time studying, so the true cost is the price of the course plus the wage you miss out on. Why is education so expensive, compared to other developed countries? Why is the level of education a person typically achieves more strongly tied to their parents' level than in other developed countries? Why do the poor in the US live closer to the poverty line, with fewer savings to spend on education and less time for study? Why, in short, is it harder for poor people to achieve the level of education they want in the US than in other developed countries?
      It's true the US population is large. Japan is probably the next-most populous developed nation with half as many people, Germany the second-most populous with half of that. However, no single US state is half as populous a Germany. Why is it that when the states are taken individually and compared to developed countries, they still tend fill out the bottom end of the tables for income equality, health, quality of life etc.? In fact the problem gets even more interesting, since there is pronounced inequality between the states. Why does California rival the most developed countries, while Mississippi struggles to look good even compared to Eastern Europe?

    • KillerBees
      KillerBees 2 days ago

      ProfessorEGadd How is social mobility reduced in the US? I hate to use anecdotal evidence but I grew up in a fairly poor neighborhood and me and a fair number of my friends all have much better lives than our parents. It doesn’t matter how many hours you work. It matters where you work, if you work your fingers to the bone everyday roofing houses, that’s going to be a lot less effective than putting that effort into bettering your education and then finding a higher paying career. It’s how a free market works, some people lose because they aren’t efficient. We also have 300+ million people to worry about, which is a lot more than any other developed country I can think of. Federal regulation and laws tend not to work as well when you have that many people. If you work hard at something profitable you will eventually strike gold.

    • ProfessorEGadd
      ProfessorEGadd 2 days ago

      Well yeah, no country has eliminated poverty. However, the US lags behind the rest of the developed world when it comes to wealth and income inequality. Why especially in the US are the rich very, very rich and the poor very, very poor?
      Why in the US are there so many poor people, more than proportionally in other developed countries?
      Here's a tricky one: Why is it that in the US social mobility is reduced compared to other developed countries? That is, why is it so much harder to break out of poverty in the US than in Europe, but easier to bask in inherited wealth?
      Why is it that quality of life is lower in the US than in the rest of the developed world, both when comparing averages as well as comparing the poor between different countries?
      Why is all the above true despite the poor in the US working more hours than the poor in other developed countries?
      Does lack of hard work explain all that?

  • Only the Facts
    Only the Facts 7 days ago

    Obama let the good jobs leave

  • SoundSelector
    SoundSelector 7 days ago

    when i see minimum wage in the US is 10$hour and here is 3.2 per hour I get frustrated but here in Greece we have something like universal health care, paid vacation leave and 14 salaries per year for 12 month work. Not bad for a bankrupt country :)

  • Falafel
    Falafel 7 days ago

    Minimum wage jobs are not meant to be life long positions. Go to school, get an education/skill set and you will make a more substantial wage. Or better yet come up with an idea or product that people value and no school is necessary. Subsidizing the lower class will do nothing but bring down the economic well being of those who worked hard and made money.

  • Emily00Strange
    Emily00Strange 7 days ago +1

    I read the title as 'The rise of bad hand jobs, explained'.

  • Dorothee P.
    Dorothee P. 7 days ago

    Good jobs = responsibility, accountability, skill, and emotional stability. If you can't solidly offer those things, you end up in a 'bad job', which will STILL require those things from you, just at a lower level. So work on making those things your traits! Why do the irresponsible, the excuse-makers, the unpracticed, and the irrational always complain about their lot in life?? No one starts out at the top! Quit hating your small beginnings and build on them. If your wage is low right now, work on living within your means.

  • Steve Pegg
    Steve Pegg 7 days ago

    I was working 32-35 hours a week at a Box store until the Affordable Health Care bill passed. The store had a meeting and said they would no longer higher full time except for management and that all part time would only receive up to 29 hours a week if you went over 29 hour you would be written up and then fired on the 2nd offence. But yea it that we don't have enough law that's the problem.

  • Steve Sullivan
    Steve Sullivan 7 days ago

    I agree that hours and wages are low. But notice if you have a baby the mom want the company to pay for it,not maybe not have a child until I can afford one

  • AndresM
    AndresM 7 days ago

    I was a chef for years, and hours were given depending on the need. Why? Because business are not made of money. Retail industry is being hit by AMAZON and online retailers.
    Millennials prefer Amazon, instead of JC Penney.
    So don't blame the retailer.
    Blame the consumer.
    When Walmart came to small cities, people flock towards then Main street shops ended closing.
    When an Amazon warehouse opens in a city, it's the same as shops have to compete with a huge corporation and free delivery.
    Then Outsourcing, many low skill jobs were in factories, when this closed, people MOVE to the retail market.
    Don't ignore the blue collar.
    Not just millenials are out of joibs but blue collar too.
    Then you have Bernie with a plan, Trump with a plan, to bringg back jobs, how you could expect Hillary to win when she was all pro TPP outsourcing jobs to Asia.

  • zeryphex
    zeryphex 7 days ago +1

    I know every human has a right to have children (and may or may not exercise that right) ... but if you're working at Walmart, supporting yourself and your working husband ... are your combined incomes really enough to support another human for eighteen years (and probably a decade more than the first eighteen years of his/her life)?
    Someone correct me, if I'm incorrect.
    How do Walmart couples plan their lives out, twenty years ahead, into the future?

  • Buyanaa Boldbaatar
    Buyanaa Boldbaatar 7 days ago

    Joss Fong

  • Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish 7 days ago

    Hey let's pay people who have failed at life 30K to do a teenagers job, that's a good idea, what could possibly go wrong?

  • chris corona
    chris corona 7 days ago

    If no company will hire you, create your own company, thats what i did, think outside the box people!

    THEJFLORES 7 days ago

    My friend still gets on the day call to go to work at target

  • leon zurawski
    leon zurawski 7 days ago

    Well... 10 seconds in and i don't have to listen anymore because i live in germany where we have a very nice way of dealing with our taxes. We don't invest too much into the army, but rather into the people that are socially weak

  • John Fox
    John Fox 7 days ago

    When I grew up, one didn't worry about 'good jobs'. One got the best job they could and then learned to live within their means. That meant no cable if one couldn't afford it. Or a cheap POS car. Or living with your parents until one could afford to move out. Or not getting married and having kids. I started as an office clerk and lived with my parents. I then took a couple of classes, paid for by my employer, learned computer programming, and got a programming job and moved into an apartment with a roommate. When I made enough money, I got my own place and eventually got married. Sadly, we had kids before we were ready (those boxes say 90% effective for a reason) and then struggled for many years. But my wife went to nursing school at nights and got a good job. In short, we lived within our means and improved our working skills to get better jobs.
    Recently, I had a friend whose son started in a call center, learned some skills, got promoted into a tech support role, and finally bought a house and got married. So don't tell me all of the 'good jobs' need a degree. My step-son did something very similar. My daughter lived with me for several years after she graduated, got a job at Pet Smart as a dog bather, they trained her to be a dog groomer, she used that money for college, and graduated with zero college debt. All I paid for was one semester, she did it all on her own. She is now married and has a home and two beautiful children. So don't tell me that the government needs to pay for college either.
    The real problem is people want it all. As soon as they can, they want to move out, get a job, get a cell phone, have direct TV/Internet/Netflix, a decent car, get married, have kids, and expect their employer to pay them for their lifestyle instead of their skills. Some idiot with a degree has told them they have to have a degree 4 years out of high school and didn't tell them the truth that they don't have the slightest idea what life is all about, and it's better to wait until you are 25 or 30.
    if you want a good job, work for it. Go out and learn something beyond bagging groceries or stocking shelves at Kroger or Walmart. And if you don't have the motivation or intelligence to do it, suck it up and learn to live within your means instead of expecting other people to pay you more than you are worth. If someone else is willing to do your job for less than you are, then you don't deserve to earn more money.
    Yes .. it's true that education is the answer. But this is the age of knowledge, education is at your fingertips. There are free online classes. You don't need a degree to do most jobs, stop listening to that lie. You just have to learn something. Anything, it doesn't matter what. Then find someone that will pay you to start at the entry level doing crap go-fer work as you learn more. Pay your dues before you ask someone to pay you more. Learn basic accounting, or plumbing, or electrical, or carpentry. And then keep trying to find a job outside beyond Kroger and Walmart. Because unless you get into management, your salary will always suck. Go work for a landscaping company, then learn how to put down pavers or irrigation or concrete. Get good at it and start your own company. Or get good enough at it you can manage people instead of doing the manual work.
    Automation is the direct response to unions asking too much money for unskilled labor. It's people taking low-paying, unskilled jobs and trying to make careers out of them instead of using them as stepping stones to better jobs. I got promoted in my first job because I found ways to make my job as an office clerk more efficient. Then, when I was promoted again to a computer operator, I found ways to improve the efficiency of that job and was given tasks in accounting, where I learned even more skills. That led to writing computer programs to automate some of those functions, which enabled me to get enough experience to get a full-time job writing computer programs with another company. In other words, I found plenty of opportunities to show my boss that I had skills and could do even more work. I became more valuable.
    If someone isn't willing to provide skills that are worth more money, the only one they have to blame for staying in a job that pays low wages is themselves. And if someone is looking for someone else to fix it for them, they have just proven they don't have the motivation or intelligence to deserve a better paying job.

  • Heathcliff
    Heathcliff 7 days ago

    I just want a 40 hour a week job. Not 50 not 60.

  • Herbert Stencil
    Herbert Stencil 7 days ago


  • The Unicorn of Power
    The Unicorn of Power 7 days ago +1

    If you have a bad job, change it.

  • cpypcy
    cpypcy 7 days ago +1

    Money problems? Bullshit! Just look at her, she can afford all the food in the world apparently!

    PEANUT CHEESE 7 days ago +1

    Minimum skills minimum wage

  • Randeom_bot 44
    Randeom_bot 44 7 days ago +1

    Thought it said "the rise of bad jokes", oh wa-

  • Elexes C
    Elexes C 7 days ago

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  • Goldyray Yeazle
    Goldyray Yeazle 7 days ago

    Yeah, I'm in a tiny town, have a felony because of a stupid party idea when I was 21. Which affects me now more than ever, I haven't even had a job interview in 3 years. I can't drive though either, child support made sure of that. So I can only look in my town, I tried outside of town but I don't want to risk driving to work, that's like possibly losing everything daily. Get pulled over, lose the car, job and then home. I'm taking care of my Mother now, but when she passes I'm screwed.

    • Goldyray Yeazle
      Goldyray Yeazle 7 days ago

      In fact, I'm only here because it's too early and nobody is up and my ride to my psych appointment and another important one I have later came at 6:00 for a 9:00 pick up, I could have gone then and be left at the clinic and picked up later, but it's over an hour away, last time I had to find my own way back and they promised never to leave me again. So I told them no, but now I have a couple hours with nobody awake to find a ride an hour away. My ride company's failed to pick me up for them 5 times now. Nobody use reliant transportation in St. Cloud MN

  • Urgency
    Urgency 7 days ago

    Good vid! What stuck out to me is how inefficient a lot of these big companies are that they can't even pay their own workers. Also Amazon is going to take over retail before we know it. Curious to see what happens next. Things like Uber are great for supplementing income but it really is limited based on your location and if you have a clean driving record. A lot of those "work your own hours" jobs are popping up. Is this the way the economy is going for low-skill workers? Thoughts?

  • get some
    get some 8 days ago +1

    Just a bunch of whiny wimpy lazy liberal millennials. Looking for a hand out.

  • ChernobyLime
    ChernobyLime 8 days ago

    "I;'d have to go to work right after school five times a week. Instead of working three times a week." Aww. You poor thing. Welcome to being an adult. Quit whining. I'm a full time student (22 credits) and I am working 40+ hours a week. Working six days a week and having Sundays off. People need to stop expecting the world to revolve around them.

  • Bourahli Abdelhak
    Bourahli Abdelhak 8 days ago


  • Alejandro Salazar
    Alejandro Salazar 8 days ago +1

    You want a better job? Study. People want to make lots of money with just HS.

  • Nerrvih
    Nerrvih 8 days ago +1

    No, they can't.

  • I try
    I try 8 days ago +1

    Conclusion:stay in school kids

  • Thamiris Paz
    Thamiris Paz 8 days ago

    That's what they applying here in Brazil. Workers here had lots of rights but now they're losing their rights to job flexibilization policies :/

  • The Slayer
    The Slayer 8 days ago

    Companies should not be allowed to get away with hiring people for dirt cheap wages and no job security. It will create a society of wage slaves struggling to survive. Alternatively, some socialist practices where the government provides strong welfare support to low wage earners could work, but generally those things don't go down well in America...

  • Blake Lawson
    Blake Lawson 8 days ago

    The problem is people don't get an education. They should realize that now more people than ever have a college education... if you don't, you're behind. People try to get a living wage off jobs that aren't supposed to go be a living wage. Fast food is supposed to be like a teenagers first job, it's not meant to raise a family on. You're expected to gain skills, and find a better job. So I don't think you should complain when you don't take the initiative to better yourself first.

  • ykmalachi
    ykmalachi 8 days ago +1

    I walked away from this and just made my own business. I picked a business with little to no initial capital and now have stability.

  • David Knight
    David Knight 8 days ago

    Study your American history. The ONLY reason Americans begin receiving a living wage and ANY work benefit is because Roosevelt fought for unionization and laws to break up monopolies at a time where 90% of America was in poverty (thank god McKinley, the puppet president of the wealthy, was assassinated or god knows how long that age would've lasted).
    And history repeats itself as, once again, America isn't a democracy; it's a civil oligarchy. And the only way it will be broken up is with unionization of the workers and laws to break up the ultra-rich's grip on this country.
    For those of you who have hope this is going to happen anytime soon, when 90% was in poverty, America STILL voted for McKinley TWICE. Currently, our poverty level is only 14.5%. We have a ways to go before real change. And by then, most of your lives are going to be pure hell. Hope you people put together one hell of an emergency savings...

  • SupaEMT134
    SupaEMT134 8 days ago +2

    ugh. more propaganda

  • Pretty boy
    Pretty boy 8 days ago

    A lot of jobs hiring are the ones that suck. The good ones are & have been takes 😖

  • TripleShot
    TripleShot 8 days ago

    I get paid $18.10 as a cashier at Fred Meyer which is an extension of Kroger. I'm also part of the UFSW Union. Its great while I'm going to school!

  • Ja Co
    Ja Co 8 days ago

    Wait, Is paid sick-leave not guaranteed or normal in the US?

  • Matt S.
    Matt S. 8 days ago +1

    So the solution is to discourage the existence of low-wage jobs by making their existence more expensive and bureaucratic? I think that these sorts of regulations about unskilled labor is what have made these jobs increasingly "worse" over time, as Vox puts it.

  • manofsteel
    manofsteel 8 days ago +1

    Pay raise for working at kroger? Bagging groceries? Thats why they hire high school kids.. Lol

  • andrewkiwi100
    andrewkiwi100 8 days ago +1

    Look at the language in the headline at 5:05 - "tough paid sick-leave laws". Tough on who? Workers can actually have a stable job and not have to put themselves and colleagues through work while they're sick. Research shows sick workers are much less productive, and it is often better for the total productivity of a work place when sick workers stay home, rather than do a few days of less productive work and infect coworkers.

  • Lil GeneG
    Lil GeneG 8 days ago

    Gid bless Costco

  • Lil GeneG
    Lil GeneG 8 days ago

    let's go Oregon

  • Targeted Whelm
    Targeted Whelm 8 days ago

    I misread ‘jobs’ for ‘jokes’. You can imagine my disappointment.

  • S B
    S B 8 days ago

    The rise of bad jobs-in America.

  • Nawal jama
    Nawal jama 8 days ago

    we wanna be a civilized country but actually we are not because a Civilized country is one that has better jobs for every one and easy healthcare system it should be easy for everyone. And now i see you all Europeans and Americans in my country😑 it is hard to find a job even with a colleag degree you bringing your wrong idea of a Civilized country to our country 😫☺ what to do and i know not all of you are the same in the end last all love each other people ☺😃

  • Mayank Rangari
    Mayank Rangari 8 days ago +1

    If you get a bullshit degree, you get a bullshit job.

  • mr smith
    mr smith 8 days ago

    Hey, Uber's offering new drivers up to $750 to get started. Sign up and learn more here: or

  • Danielle
    Danielle 8 days ago

    Another reason to love Costco!

  • Neij661
    Neij661 8 days ago

    Be grateful for what you have.

  • offtoneverlxnd
    offtoneverlxnd 8 days ago

    Last fall, I was working in a call center in a small college town. I'm a student but I wasn't able to take classes at the time so I wanted to work a minimum of 20 hours a week in order to eat and pay rent. I was barely scraping by on what I was making, getting paid between $8.50 and $11 an hour. Every day I had to walk to work and check the posted schedule to see what project I would work on that day. I found, over the course of a few months, there were days I wasn't assigned to a project at all. It came to the point where I wouldn't be assigned to a project for 4 or 5 days in a row. So no work. No work, no money, no food. I applied for around 10 other jobs and didn't hear back from anyone. As a last resort, I had to move back to live with my mom until I started classes again and got scholarships and financial aid. I can't imagine what it would be like to be a single parent with such an unpredictable job, unable to pay bills or feed my family. Glad some cities are trying to make life more stable for people who haven't had the opportunity to go to college and/or are in tough circumstances. We are all equals, we need to take care of each other and bridge the gap between classes by CARING for the well being of each individual and valuing the families effected.

  • Help
    Help 8 days ago +1

    Why do business owners have to conform to your wanted hours? I don't understand, it is their business, they can give you what hours they want you to have and if you don't like it just quit. Not only that, but many people might want the same hours so how does that work? The business owner should be able to control who works when, and for how long.

  • hellsingmongrel
    hellsingmongrel 8 days ago

    It was a pretty big red flag when I started working for Convergys in the early aughties, and one of the training videos was all about how not to get tricked into joining a union, and how unions were all evil and just trying to get money out of you, and how they never actually HELPED their members. I should have known then and there to RUN FOR THE HILLS!