2020 C8 Corvette Walkaround and Details!!!

  • Published on Jul 31, 2019
  • #corvette #c8corvette
    Instagram: @eddiex616
    The brand new 2020 C8 Corvette has officially come into the world, revealed all over the country at various events. This past weekend I had the opportunity to get up close with the car, check out the details, see interior options, the engine and transmission and more! Check out this video for an up close walkaround of the new mid-engined Corvette showing you guys all the details!
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  • pontiacGXPfan
    pontiacGXPfan 5 days ago

    This looks like Chevy puked out a Ferrari and slapped the Corvette name on it

  • mirelys mcclure
    mirelys mcclure 5 days ago

    IM IN LooOOOOoooOoooVE!!! ❀️

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 8 days ago

    So they made a corvette for rich golfers.

  • DMJ 822
    DMJ 822 8 days ago

    Looks like a Ferrari.

  • Michael Clayton
    Michael Clayton 9 days ago

    Weak horsepower

  • Brian Rocha
    Brian Rocha 9 days ago

    a ton of older gentalmen...

  • Brujo Avina
    Brujo Avina 12 days ago

    The new Corvette look sucks... πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  • Melissa Mel
    Melissa Mel 14 days ago +1

    I never believed in love at first sight hasta ahora. 😍 Ufff Im in love πŸ’“

  • We millennials
    We millennials 16 days ago +1

    I’ll own one next year :)

  • Bradley Laufer
    Bradley Laufer 17 days ago

    It looks like a Prius β€Όβ€Ό

  • j_ titan
    j_ titan 17 days ago +4

    Beautiful car, but I’m not impressed with the rear of the C8.
    I still love the C7!

  • clobbyhops
    clobbyhops 17 days ago

    I see Mclaren influences all over this vette πŸ€”

  • Luke Meier
    Luke Meier 18 days ago +1

    Don't defend the rear design by "claiming" it has to have a family resemblance, that is uneducated poor marketing knowledge B.S. when you design a car you design for perfection and don't put some stupid arbitrary limiter on the design to make an excuse for how badly designed it was. The rear looks like crap and even worse in person. I'll keep my vette I have. I am so disappointed in this back end and I was waiting so long! It has regressed.

  • C4 Gang
    C4 Gang 18 days ago

    Ever since they came up with the stingray I knew that corvette is heading toward no good! They just had to rouin a classic car! What's a corvette without the round back lights!? πŸ˜’

    KREO CAPRICE 19 days ago

    They wont be putting one of these motors in donks.

  • Alain Vargas
    Alain Vargas 19 days ago

    Looks like a Ferrari with a McLaren wtf

  • iLLVi3W
    iLLVi3W 19 days ago

    reasons i wouldnt buy it
    1.the back looks like a camaro
    2.interior design is ugly (at least i dont like it)
    3.is only standard, i rather an automatic

  • Ramone Salvatore
    Ramone Salvatore 20 days ago

    am so done with this TRACKING. What the hell? who cares!!! I want a car for the road. Where did this TRACKING shit come from? Am i taking this car for a dog walk? This is where i am pissed!! Z51....Tracking? Really Who the hell cares. It seams to me that GM is pushing most of us dont care about...i want a cool car for the damn road..the hell with tracking...i am so damn tired about hearing about tracking that i am ready to ask for my money back before they take my order. TRACKING...what the fuck. Fuck you and your TRACKING.
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  • Henri Never mind
    Henri Never mind 20 days ago

    @9:01 why a Frunk? No matter if it's in the REAR or FRONT it's still a TRUNK. Establishing a Fashionably Falsehood of wordplay to brand an old item with a new title.

  • Kris Simon
    Kris Simon 20 days ago +1

    Props to Chevy for not being greedy. With today's car prices they could have set the base price higher and still sell a ton

  • Kris Simon
    Kris Simon 20 days ago +1

    Amazing car for the price. If I didn't know it was a Chevy I would think it's a 200k dollar Italian exotic.

    PATRIOT MAN 20 days ago

    Can you imagine how big a POS this is going to be? The first year of anything that GM manufactures is usually πŸ’©
    The first mid engine by GM LOL
    Wait until the 2nd year when all the engineering screw ups are worked out.

  • Marek Bielesza
    Marek Bielesza 22 days ago +1

    Should stay with the old round tail lights.

  • Alex
    Alex 22 days ago +1

    It looks kind of weird tbh. Like it’s short or stocky looking.

  • Bruce Chapman
    Bruce Chapman 23 days ago

    A piece of American shit fuck America lmao go over to iran and fuck with them.and see what will happen to the hoe πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–• dta.

  • Dan Halfhill
    Dan Halfhill 24 days ago +1

    Now Corvette owners get to do engine-out services....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

  • Eric Marsh
    Eric Marsh 25 days ago

    This is like one of those WTF moments. All you people with nice things to say must be on chevys payroll! If i wanted something that looks like a Lamborghini, I'd BUY a Lamborghini! No thanks Chevy, I'm sitting this one out!

  • hotdogginit11
    hotdogginit11 25 days ago

    I have no problem with the tail end but they could have put four more inches to the hood between the windshield and front wheel house, to really get more of the icon LONG hood of a Corvette. Still like the new look and cannot wait for the all the performance videos and reviews.

  • Robert Brid
    Robert Brid 26 days ago

    That azz needs a lipo asap😧

  • Koi Man
    Koi Man 26 days ago

    Gave me a headache watching this...learn not to move the camera too much!

  • RaidenTheGreat
    RaidenTheGreat 27 days ago

    Damn no manual. Lame.

  • Frank White
    Frank White 27 days ago

    No T-Tops????????

  • Lenny P
    Lenny P 27 days ago

    I stopped the vid when you said no manual ever with the C8 models, I can tell now that the used C7s will be hot commodities.

  • Realism I
    Realism I 28 days ago

    If a Vette and a 488 mated. Niiiice.

  • Aerys Roy
    Aerys Roy 28 days ago

    Who would bitch about the dual rear exhaust lmao ... center style is so fucking dumb looking I’m glad it stayed dual

  • chamade166
    chamade166 28 days ago

    So manny mismatching lines in the back, it’s like a Chinese copy of a Ferrari. General aura of cheapness.

  • Daphne Miller
    Daphne Miller 28 days ago

    Hello is there any way to get one with the stinger hood or can they make a stinger hood because I really believe that would've really set it off big time if you what I mean?

  • The Mechanic 7
    The Mechanic 7 Month ago

    What do you guys think its the best color..??

  • Jake Conoboy
    Jake Conoboy Month ago

    I want one

  • p000000Lverr
    p000000Lverr Month ago

    The corvette finally came out just like its buyers.

    • Brandon Ellis
      Brandon Ellis Month ago

      Huh? Come again... that wasn't a double entendre

  • alexis mola
    alexis mola Month ago

    Jimmuel pacquiao brought me here

  • Knist Online
    Knist Online Month ago

    The C8 is such a beautiful car, in person.

  • JR Tortellini
    JR Tortellini Month ago

    Do you think Ferrari will sue them for copying ?

  • tea bag
    tea bag Month ago

    lol this car looks like shit, previous corvette model was sick

  • mangoKush12
    mangoKush12 Month ago

    what was Chevy thinking with the design πŸ€”πŸ€” it looks like a ghetto Ferrari

  • mike scully
    mike scully Month ago

    You have the same eyes as that car.

  • Power Evolution RC
    Power Evolution RC Month ago

    too european to be called a Corvette

  • Etrigan Seven
    Etrigan Seven Month ago

    Not a better platform. Just lazy cash grab design by gm. Not enough dev time.

  • Victor Diaz
    Victor Diaz Month ago

    Best looking car of all time. Don't @ me.

  • Sankofa MoJah
    Sankofa MoJah Month ago

    Solid review

  • Its Moree
    Its Moree Month ago

    Interior looks horrible witht that screen

  • Twentyfirstpilot
    Twentyfirstpilot Month ago

    Gonna miss the long hood.. 😒

  • Juan Villegas
    Juan Villegas Month ago +2

    I can’t wait to see how many corners GM had to cut in order for this to start under 60K 🀭

  • student 81
    student 81 Month ago

    Wait for the prices! If it’s less expensive than the new supra I’ll buy it.

  • GD 02
    GD 02 Month ago

    Automatic trans? Rediculous

  • Jaime Macias
    Jaime Macias Month ago

    Id take that trunk out and have some crazy exhaust back there so when you open it up it actually looks like a supercar

  • William Robert
    William Robert Month ago +3

    I'm going to sell all of my toys and buy one, boat, RV, motorcycles, ATV's, guns, Jet Ski's, B&W Natalus Speakers, Macintosh Amp.

    • hummertop1
      hummertop1 Month ago

      William Robert What type of Macintosh Amp you have? Any Alpine equipment? Let me know!

  • Ruy Joy
    Ruy Joy Month ago +4

    I thought it was a Ferrari 458. Well... Nothing is create, it's copied!

  • Pseudo Soul
    Pseudo Soul Month ago

    Nice! I think I like the base model more. The wing and splitter are cool track gear but I do like the base better.

  • Dexter Torillo
    Dexter Torillo Month ago

    I'm soaking wet right now