I Smoke Weed With Old People (4.20 Questions)

  • Published on Apr 20, 2018
  • In honor of marijuana legalization in California, I smoked weed with old people and attempted to ask 20 questions.
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  • AnthonyPadilla
    AnthonyPadilla  Year ago +4892

    thanks for getting this video to 420,000 likes! it’s such an honor and i owe it to you and only you.

  • ItsViridian
    ItsViridian 3 hours ago

    Hi I’m Tennessee and I’m pizza totinos boi

  • earthtolydia
    earthtolydia 6 hours ago +1

    Tennessee eating cereal with a spoon and knife just made the whole video for me

  • Dragon Phoenix
    Dragon Phoenix 7 hours ago

    yo dude ask a baby if there's aliens. if you're a newborn, everything looks alien because the universe is continually producing novelty in ways we don't even recognize

  • M
    M 9 hours ago

    LOL the snacks.. their faces.. i think they thought you REALLY were gunna serve them a full course meal

  • Lilskater Kskssksk
    Lilskater Kskssksk 17 hours ago

    Isn’t Tennessee the time traveler that needs to eat candy and smoke pot to go into any time period

  • Madison Miller
    Madison Miller 18 hours ago

    I know im a little late but more Tennessee please.

  • Baylee Bush
    Baylee Bush 19 hours ago

    I love Tennessee

  • MARS
    MARS Day ago


  • Molly Bastin
    Molly Bastin Day ago

    This is just me without weed

  • Gung i
    Gung i Day ago

    Nice vid

  • Imjustapancake
    Imjustapancake Day ago

    Tennessee always being down to smoke more is a fat mood lmao

  • Isabel
    Isabel Day ago

    Anthony being confused about everything Tennessee is doing isliterally the best thing ever, i’m cryin

  • Yasmin
    Yasmin Day ago

    You get High with 2 puffs? Hmm...

  • Big Poop
    Big Poop Day ago

    half the time idek what was going on ha

  • mark
    mark Day ago

    The camera man must be dying laughing😂

  • It’s Kodi
    It’s Kodi Day ago

    pleaaaaase do another video with Tennessee. maybe try wine tasting or something? He’s hilarious

  • Taylor Lipnicky
    Taylor Lipnicky Day ago

    Bro I don’t think they just did weed 😂

  • Avery Kramer
    Avery Kramer Day ago

    I wanna smoke with u!!!!!!

  • summerinaday
    summerinaday 2 days ago

    this is content i came for

  • Fearne the Gay bitch


  • Aspen Moriarty
    Aspen Moriarty 3 days ago +1

    I want Susan and Anthony to host a high talk show.

  • a2k
    a2k 3 days ago


  • Tye Noe
    Tye Noe 3 days ago

    I love that Tennessee guy lmao

  • Connor Mac Martell
    Connor Mac Martell 3 days ago

    Tennessee has that Bisexual energy goin' on

  • Local Dreamer
    Local Dreamer 3 days ago

    These are some cool ass boomers

  • Xhxpexedits Yoll
    Xhxpexedits Yoll 3 days ago +3

    I bet Tennessee’s been a crackhead since day 1, he really “time travels” by playing a piano key while eating a Milky Way and smoking weed at the same time 😂

  • Eveliz Brune
    Eveliz Brune 4 days ago

    Dude that tree was THICCC

  • CizreK
    CizreK 5 days ago +1

    Tennessee needs his own TV show.

  • Gio Cervantes
    Gio Cervantes 5 days ago

    I thought errbody was talking bout the state...

  • Neena neensa
    Neena neensa 5 days ago

    At 6:22 Anthony was trying so hard to not laugh at what that one guy in the yellow was saying😂💀

  • Mariah Collins
    Mariah Collins 6 days ago

    this is the time traveler guy

  • Andy Trullinger
    Andy Trullinger 6 days ago +1

    Tennessee is an actor. He works for Tim and Eric, who are controlled by the Delgado Crime Syndicate. #chinaconnection

  • Juicy Man
    Juicy Man 6 days ago

    The guy in the yellow was tweaking

  • sofie keefe
    sofie keefe 6 days ago

    what is this

  • Besh Zh
    Besh Zh 7 days ago +1

    Tennessee is ME!!

  • Adrian Tsang
    Adrian Tsang 7 days ago

    I don’t like doing those drugs I prefer rubbing a pug everybody know

  • Liz C
    Liz C 7 days ago +4

    Tennessee is one of the aliens trying to integrate into our society

  • TwentyPastFour
    TwentyPastFour 7 days ago

    gotta do tranese with tennessee

  • Brandon & Morgan Easton

    No one:
    Tennessee: Love a snacc

    PRIDE ELEMENT 8 days ago

    This shit is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen

    PRIDE ELEMENT 8 days ago

    Bro I’m a year late on this video

  • Aküma
    Aküma 8 days ago


  • Ella Lauren
    Ella Lauren 9 days ago +2

    Tennessee acts just a bit childish * lady throws a judgemental look *
    She reminds me of my 6th grade teacher 😂

  • GΔZE
    GΔZE 9 days ago +2

    5:30 "I believe we have aliens amongst us" *camera pans to Tennessee*

  • addams family
    addams family 10 days ago

    Tennessee is bomb

  • Nathan Vivar
    Nathan Vivar 11 days ago +1

    I was just thinking I could take another hit

  • Azul Leiva
    Azul Leiva 12 days ago

    LOL!!! why doesnt this have more views?! its hilarious

  • grant
    grant 13 days ago

    tennesse smoked crack

  • 희끼애기
    희끼애기 13 days ago

    God I’ll always have a crush on Anthony

  • Some One
    Some One 13 days ago +1

    Drugs are bad my dude

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea 14 days ago

    Tennessee a little out of it now but you know that man lived one hell of an adventurous life. Lol

    LAMOW 14 days ago

    Please start a series where you go on adventures with Tennessee, similar to the trapeze video. It’s fucking gold lmao.

  • Trever B
    Trever B 17 days ago +1

    Home alone they got baked

  • Serenity Huffine
    Serenity Huffine 18 days ago

    Susan seemed so chill to smoke with 😂

  • Elliott Court
    Elliott Court 19 days ago

    Where to find this cat pipe? 😍

  • KXNG David
    KXNG David 22 days ago

    That’s how old white people act when they are not high.

  • Marlee Hicks
    Marlee Hicks 22 days ago

    Tennessee is a whole ass MOOD 😂

  • sadbutironclad
    sadbutironclad 22 days ago

    I feel like tennessee forgot his own name and just kinda goes with tennessee now 😂😂

  • BROOKLYN Scollard
    BROOKLYN Scollard 24 days ago +1

    The one that got blond hair is game af