Burn out the transmitter( transceiver) behind your earlobe

  • Published on Jun 27, 2017
  • Burn out your transceiver behind your hear if you want to get out of mind control, Mk-Ultra, Electronic harassment, and the satellite. Stop letting this Satanist control and torture you.Work for me and some other people too.How to disable microchip, implants, nano chips and mini holograms. Break the signals for good. The transceivers are located behind the earlobe. Get rid Direct energy attacks, walking GPS on body and Gangstalking I am doing great!!!
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    THE INITIATED 2 months ago +2


  • Mae Bell
    Mae Bell 2 months ago +2

    Thank you

  • Tahj Ward
    Tahj Ward 2 months ago

    Can you mail me some magnets for free. The Lord need them. ill give you my adress

  • tenishia calhoun
    tenishia calhoun 2 months ago

    Is That Why I Have To Have My Ear Flushed Every Five Six Months Because Its Happening That Way To Dispose ?

  • john jones
    john jones 4 months ago

    rare earth metal (neodymium) messes with lasers(dew) but it doesn't stop it...they just hit another spot on your skull...

  • Mavis Lee
    Mavis Lee 4 months ago +2

    Hey guys, I’m having the worst time of my life with these sick perps right now. I bought neodymium magnets that are around 300 lbs push and pull force. How long do I have to wear these to get rid of the damn V2K? I don’t know if I am microchipped or where I am chipped if I am. I am desperate for guidance. Please help me!!!!!! Thank you so much in advance.

  • Patrick Harris
    Patrick Harris 5 months ago

    Yeah they are Satanic for sure not of God pure evil trust me I know again they will have to deal with God man and they love close by my neighbors not all but alot highjacked out phones n more n have been meddling and harassing me for months now pure evil.

    • Nae Childs
      Nae Childs Month ago

      Patrick Harris ...REALLY? PEOPLE ARE FULL OF S..T!!!😉

  • Targeted in california
    Targeted in california 6 months ago

    Lala do you know where the perceiver is located on the head or throat? Since the tranciever is located behind the ears! The perceiver perceives the ugly motives of the criminal mindhandler! The perceiver decides how the handlers want to perceive things, the handlers controls the targets breath induction which is the targets innate voice induction, therefore controlling what and how a target speaks for itself! the perceiver is the worst element being used on the target! parmaktiaranne@gmail.com

  • Lauren Hydogh
    Lauren Hydogh 7 months ago +2

    I've popped skull-implants with a couple of good magnets, pressing hard in a "psoriasis" area (the "psoriasis" always disappears after those fake or toxified roots are pulled out by the "root") it makes a little sound. But implants that look like hairs have to be pulled out or shaved off, I think. It's made a huge difference to me.

  • dtexfunk
    dtexfunk 7 months ago +2

    Good video. I feel you on the ears. Targeted individuals are actually called rabbits by the contractors involved. Tradecraft terminology. Look into Private Intelligence Agencies (PIAs), the outsourcing of intelligence. Similar to Erik Prince and the for-profit mercenary business. mercenaries have been called evil so calling them a Satanist is not that far off, so are war mongers. They see themselves as necessary evil patriot types but I don't see them that way. You and many others see this these contracted stalkers for what they really are.

  • KDurschmidt
    KDurschmidt 7 months ago +3

    Please subscribe to my Channel too if you wish or can. See Kent Dunn and Simon Parkes for truthful Earth and Galactic updates on where they are burning California and other places in the USA, many wars going on, they don't tell us about regarding the untold aliens or Galactics on Earth etc....Greece fires are due to the mean Annunaki, per Kent Dunn, they are the ones enslaving humans for 90 Billions of yrs, we're not being FREED but they, the good alies of humans (aliens, we are told don't exist) are helping us...Kent Dunn claims to be Pleadian/Iris Military on Earth here but helping us..I think is the one one of 8 Reptiles race, the only one who is positive to humans, as his eyes, he rarely shows have slits up and down...Peace and love back at ya!!! Call if I can help, collective conscouness is the only think than can change our destination in this Matrix...See or subscribe and do on our own, mass mediation at the same time, this is what they dont' want us to know and want us to try to rely on false "gods"...no religion is saving us, can you all see this yet??? If not, you will die, if you keep thinking a false god will save you or us...Get together with like minded people and collectively meditate for FREEDOM this will piss them off BIG time and they will perp us more, because we have power they cannot match if we mass meditate them out of our exsistance...start a Meetup.com group in your area. I am in several and I started 1 also, they are cheap or free, or start a similar web site, that all will know of, if you do it cheep...I am saying : go to www.Meetup.com and own or become the group leader for your area (sample: Targeted Individuals and connection conscouness group of Seattle) then hold meetings once a week or once a month...etc..Change will come!!

  • KDurschmidt
    KDurschmidt 7 months ago

    Please fix the volume louder and steady the camera, so we can hear and don't get dizzy, thank you!! Thanks for the info.!!

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  6 months ago

      I couldn't fix the volume that as far as it would let me go

  • Unknown MYOB
    Unknown MYOB 8 months ago

    I don’t think it is a transmitters. It is the use of “GarageBand” app that they change frequencies to near subliminal and broadcast over a background sound. You need to plug your ears.

  • Mira
    Mira 9 months ago

    What kind of magnet is that? Could you type please. Thank you.

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  8 months ago

      Rare earth magnet you can get it off Ebay

  • Raven Chan
    Raven Chan 9 months ago

    Sorry what kind of magnet

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  8 months ago

      rare earth magnet i brought it off ebay

  • The OddSquad
    The OddSquad 9 months ago

    Do you have fillings? People with fillings have been known to pick up radio frequencies because of the iron. In the fillings. The reason you are picking up on the base is not because you have an RFID chip in your mouth it's because 80% of your hearing is conducted through your bone. That's how people have been able to make behind the ear headphones and headphones that pick up on sound through your skull. Don't believe me hold a small microphone up to the top of someones head and listen to them speak. That's how they hear them self. I would just like to try an help you be less stressed about this. Hopefully the government doesn't want to control us and sell our organs.

  • Chetan Desai
    Chetan Desai 10 months ago

    combine the use of neodymium magnet with meditation and see that make difference. Please share your experiences. "They" have threatened many TIs not to receive any spiritual or metaphysical treatment, especially meditation. Learn meditation (thoughtless concentration), especially concentration on your breath in and out, by surfacing web. Please see my web to know my story: desaivsnsa.weebly.com

  • Chetan Desai
    Chetan Desai 10 months ago

    combine the use of neodymium magnet with meditation and see that make difference. Please share your experiences. "They" have threatened many TIs not to receive any spiritual or metaphysical treatment, especially meditation. Learn meditation (thoughtless concentration), especially concentration on your breath in and out, by surfacing web.

  • Katina Doses
    Katina Doses Year ago

    Hi check out my video

  • yan k
    yan k Year ago

    thanks for sharing Lala Davis. Shameless plug for checking out shielding for TI's
    Update: magnets caused health issues for me, switching to Eco friendly shielding
    [Shielding: Brain] [Shielding: Clay] Brain shielding while sleeping

  • Justice Keyes
    Justice Keyes Year ago +1

    Does it work for the most recent 5G network?

  • Lilly Grace
    Lilly Grace Year ago +1

    omgosh Ty Ty Ty La La they put a lot in my Right ear this is what I have Ben looking for tyvm ty ty

    • gotohellaaron
      gotohellaaron 7 months ago

      All she said was "oh my gosh thank you, thank you, thank you Lala, they put a lot in my right ear this is what I have been looking for thank you very much, thank you, thank you". She was just using acronyms.

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  8 months ago

      I don't understand what you are saying.

  • James Lico
    James Lico Year ago +2

    Yes, LALA, I have burned up chips before one in my face from under my upper lip and also two in my butt cheeq with magnets.

  • Carmi Kuntis
    Carmi Kuntis Year ago +2

    I'm glad it works for you and several other targets, but these satanic mutts keep attacking no matter how much I try to shield myself. I tried these magnets and it doesn't seem to help. I guess these demonic beasts want me to die.. but I don't fear death (absent from the body present with the Lord). The tables will turn eventually. It's their funeral. You live by the sword and you die by the sword. Sorry for venting here but nothing seems to work for me.

  • L Gice
    L Gice Year ago

    I truly hope magnets work, followed everywhere! Illusions, demons, or whatever they are constantly dropped in on me. Body attacks, luckily the V2k is minimal. Will N52 magnets work, these seem to be the strongest available for purchase.

  • Bobby Boosha
    Bobby Boosha Year ago

    I've had a mass come up in the center of my brain any confirmation and ability on what I should do now please help me if it's this !?

    • Barbara LeMaster
      Barbara LeMaster Month ago

      I've had this happen, I am using baking soda, 1 tsp in glass of water a day seems to be drying it up.

  • Timothytrespas
    Timothytrespas Year ago

    Did it work???
    God bless you sister...

  • Regenia Mc
    Regenia Mc Year ago

    How to know the north side of the Magnet

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  Year ago +1

      buy a maunel nail finder from ace hardware

  • Joanna MoniqueTM*
    Joanna MoniqueTM* Year ago +10

    Man I swear when I started my research about what the hell was happening to me I never thought I'd end up here. This world is absolutely insane.

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  6 months ago

      Yes we got some sick people ruling the world

    • Chetan Desai
      Chetan Desai 10 months ago

      combine the use of neodymium magnet with meditation and see that make difference. Please share your experiences. "They" have threatened many TIs not to receive any spiritual or metaphysical treatment, especially meditation. Learn meditation (thoughtless concentration), especially concentration on your breath in and out, by surfacing web.

    • Justice Keyes
      Justice Keyes Year ago

      Crazy, they aren't human!

    • John Stevens
      John Stevens Year ago

      +Timothytrespas hey Tim I've seen you around on TVclip and on your website , I'd like to hear from you I got a few questions , I was under the impression that you have destroyed your implants?

    • Timothytrespas
      Timothytrespas Year ago

      Joanna MoniqueTM* I must concur...

  • sunshine 849
    sunshine 849 Year ago +2

    So the signals will never come back?

    • sunshine 849
      sunshine 849 Year ago +1

      Lala Davis thank you so much! I will definitely try this

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  Year ago +2

      never i promise

    • sunshine 849
      sunshine 849 Year ago +2

      Lala Davis thank you for your help. One more question. Do you still get the street theater/ noise campaigns?

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  Year ago +2

      they can only try to mindcontrol you one time

  • Olga Limkin
    Olga Limkin Year ago +7

    Hello lovely Lala. I am also an empowered "Talented Individual" in Hilo, Hawaii. Pleased to meet you! Thank you for caring and sharing. They zap my body nonstop all day and it really hurts and makes me very angry. I want to make a protective force field with magnets and orgonite to shield myself, and make some type of faraday cage for my bed. God bless you lovey Lala! Aloha from Hawaii! 🌴🌴

  • Robert Tareen
    Robert Tareen Year ago

    So the north side faces the ear..? Will this help stop remote neural monitoring and v2k without use of microchip?

  • Stacy Robles
    Stacy Robles Year ago +7

    Thanks so much for your advice!!! I loved when you said "I know I look ridiculous but who cares." I feel the same way sometimes so it made me laugh. But you're right, this is serious. And any relief I can get, then I'm in. Thanks love, god bless!

  • Andris Lelis Travel
    Andris Lelis Travel Year ago +1

    Lala, how to find the North side of magnet? How many magnets can I wear in the same time? Can I put magnet in had and both legs and hands at the same time?

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  Year ago +2

      you have to go to ace hardware and buy a manual nail finder the south side automic stick the north side u can see th e energy want you touch it you need the north side to touch your skin

  • Mariana Smith
    Mariana Smith Year ago +2

    hi, we met in northern Calif. I believed you when you told me. God bless you sister.....

  • No Name
    No Name Year ago +1

    send your statement to Stop007

  • jess jesse
    jess jesse Year ago +2

    1: burning the nano small circuit print board = the transmitter part burned away ! Good advise ! Thank you!

  • Askun Abduljahid
    Askun Abduljahid Year ago +1

    How to stop the headaches? Do anyone no, there very painful.

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  8 months ago

      Wear a small rare earth magnet between your eyes. That will help

  • Askun Abduljahid
    Askun Abduljahid Year ago +1

    Thank you so much love. I hear the thumping in my head sounds like a heart beat. I got to put some under my feet now.

  • Rebecca Allen
    Rebecca Allen Year ago

    La la. When using a barcode scanner to look for rfid what will it look like?

    • Rebecca Allen
      Rebecca Allen Year ago

      Lala Davis Thank you ma'am. I started doing it places I've had surgeries and these yellow dots kept popping up.

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  Year ago

      It will show the lighted area it could be red or green yellow I found my neighbor it was when she had breast cancer removed

  • howard the duck
    howard the duck Year ago

    so it's a magnet?

  • Vita Leonis
    Vita Leonis Year ago

    Hello. I'm just wondering how you know the difference between "being microchipped" and "tinnitus". Very serious question. Thank you so much. Blessings

    • Timothytrespas
      Timothytrespas Year ago

      People with tinnitus do not hear voices or music or broadcasts.
      Sometimes tinnitus may be reduced by listening to tones similar in frequency bringing temporary relief. Microwave hearing is not effected as much by external tones.

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  Year ago +1

      when I had tinnitus then it got real bad and the hit me with the V2k

  • A Teaching Moment

    thank you

  • Lady Pamela
    Lady Pamela Year ago

    old microwaves have 2 strong magnets inside

    GAME OVER Year ago

    I've had that right ear problem.

  • Tim Long
    Tim Long Year ago +3

    Thank you la la great info keep em coming

  • Craig Alling
    Craig Alling Year ago

    Did you have bad disorienting as well? I have sensors on/in my head not to mention the probable implant above my nasal cavity. It's destroying my life.

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  8 months ago

      I had that too keep wearing the magnet and you be fine.

  • Jane Tande
    Jane Tande Year ago +3

    Thank you Lala. A month ago I began to get pain/ache in my right ear. I noticed it well, as I've never had ear aches before. Couple days later the same pain went into my left ear, that a lot of buzzing came with that pain. Given my work on social media, I have no doubts they don't like what I'm doing or saying. So, I greatly appreciate you sharing what you've learned, to help others. Thanks again and God Bless.......

  • Saved by Grace
    Saved by Grace Year ago +3

    To some this may seem like fantasy but I know there are entities who are trying to take away our freedom, and this is a biblical subject that seems to be happening now. If one of us had access to trillions of dollars what would we do, pretty much what ever we wanted to do, so what are governments doing with our taxes? I say better safe than sorry, try this advice, it can not hurt. Be prepared.

    • howard the duck
      howard the duck Year ago

      marvin swain they can't believe it try to tell them that even 😄

    • Tim Long
      Tim Long Year ago

      marvin swain 60 percent goes to the vatican

  • Isabella Langridge
    Isabella Langridge Year ago +2

    lala how to u known if u have been microchipped?

    • Fran Snyder
      Fran Snyder Year ago

      You can also use a bug detector as well. I have purchased one to see if I may be chipped as well. Waiting for it to come in the mail.

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  Year ago +1

      use a scan barcode on a cell phone or watch me video and used a cordless phone

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  Year ago

      you go on your cell phone and get an barcode scanner or you and do it with a cordless phone I have a video for that

    • SunShine Jackson
      SunShine Jackson Year ago

      Scanned how?

    • J Moses
      J Moses Year ago

      please tell me what, how , and where to get this scan.

  • Terri Wilkins
    Terri Wilkins Year ago +3

    Thank you ever so much May God Bless you.

  • World Church
    World Church Year ago

    Fairly sure mine is above and in front

  • Diana Brown
    Diana Brown Year ago +1

    God bless you!

  • Shak0033
    Shak0033 Year ago

    you should tell people to be careful handling those magnets ,if you get unlike poles they crush your head

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  Year ago +2

      I mention it in video already that's why I said to look at all the video's

    AMINATA ZUZUMBA Year ago +1

    wow, good

  • Aaron Eil
    Aaron Eil Year ago +5

    Thank you LaLa for imparting this information to save lives from digital slavery. This is truly the Matrix. This is Aaron Eil, an indigenous autochthonous man on Turtle-Island. I have the N50 rare earth magnets for nearly 2 months and the EMF attacks have subsided greatly. I wear them on the back of my ears. i get thump thump thump on my heart, in my ear, on my neck, etc to rid myself of these implants and trans receiver behind the ear. Lala is best and is an expert on this aspect of the system. Much appreciated Lala, you are truly the Oracle in the Matrix.

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  2 months ago

      It has a northside you have to get a manual nail founder a drop it cost about 3 dollars drop and the it stick to is your south side of the magnet then mark it

    • dezcaughtit D
      dezcaughtit D Year ago

      Lala Davis I have the same size magnets but it doesn't have the N on it does it matter

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  Year ago +4

      thank you

  • Bronze Goddess 813

    Great video.

    • Bronze Goddess 813
      Bronze Goddess 813 Year ago

      +Lala Davis Thanks so much. Was stung so bad on my feet last night. So I have to get them.

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  Year ago

      Rare magnet

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  Year ago


    • Bronze Goddess 813
      Bronze Goddess 813 Year ago

      What type of magnet is it? Can you spell it for me. Thanks so much.

  • Veronica Gannon
    Veronica Gannon Year ago +1

    do you put the north side toward your body or away?

  • Craig Alling
    Craig Alling Year ago

    Lala meant to ask you were your nerves attacked badly and did you have an electric current like feeling running thru your body? Also does this disable all head implants? Thanks

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  Year ago

      Yes, my never were attack badly and yes I have a little electric current left.

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  Year ago +1

      I don't sleep with the magnet on because I wake up and I have a backache that lasts for weeks so I only put it behind my ears.

    • Craig Alling
      Craig Alling Year ago

      Lala Davis Any particular reason you don't sleep with the magnets on your ears/head? I'm busy all day into night and find it hard to
      wear these until about ready to sleep.

    • Lala Davis
      Lala Davis  Year ago +1

      same thing

    • anony
      anony Year ago +1

      Lala Davis yay LALA!!! Good job... what about the nano????

  • Craig Alling
    Craig Alling Year ago

    How do you sleep with these on your ears??

  • Lala Davis
    Lala Davis  Year ago