Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg - Epic Rap Battles of History.


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  • Emil Van Der Meer
    Emil Van Der Meer 3 minutes ago

    finn and jake vs rick and morty

  • Syn Proboszcza
    Syn Proboszcza 19 minutes ago

    PewDiePie vs T-series

  • Clarity
    Clarity 24 minutes ago

    Guys, please increase the frequency of your infrequent uploads :)

  • STIL
    STIL 40 minutes ago

    Aladdin's Genie vs The Mask!

  • Jordan Blais
    Jordan Blais 55 minutes ago

    Jimmy McGill Vs. Matt Murdock

  • Bandit
    Bandit Hour ago

    Tony Stark vs Ned Stark

  • Ali T.
    Ali T. Hour ago +1

    Vito Scaletta vs Tommy Vercetti or another GTA Character

  • Lyle Nathan
    Lyle Nathan Hour ago

    My groceries spend more time at the aisle than the fried box I picked up.

  • Michael McGuire
    Michael McGuire Hour ago

    JFK vs Joe Rogan

  • Syd Harvey
    Syd Harvey Hour ago

    Batman or some superhero like that vs Ironman

  • Sylvin Carter
    Sylvin Carter Hour ago

    King Henry vs Oliver Cromwel

  • mike g
    mike g Hour ago

    i happy to see a new video. its been a long time. more please

  • The last one
    The last one Hour ago

    Bugs bunny vs pink panther

  • Logan Hufferd
    Logan Hufferd 2 hours ago

    Google vs bing

  • Absurd Boy
    Absurd Boy 2 hours ago

    Buzz Lightyear Vs Neil Armstrong

  • İlker Kesal
    İlker Kesal 2 hours ago


  • Lochie Smith
    Lochie Smith 3 hours ago

    Hey Guys! It would make my year to see Hunter S. Thompson make it in the rap battles. Maybe against David Frost, played by the beloved Dan Bull?? ❤❤

  • oRampaGe1 _
    oRampaGe1 _ 4 hours ago +1

    John Rambo VS Captain America

  • Punky Brat
    Punky Brat 4 hours ago

    sorry social nyet worth won because its fact

  • Curious, the Lightsworn Dominion

    Cain and Abel vs Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr

  • Apocalypse Lemon
    Apocalypse Lemon 5 hours ago

    Racism really has become original sin. Weird.

  • Creepley
    Creepley 5 hours ago

    H. P. Lovecraft vs Bram Stoker

  • Zilve Boxman
    Zilve Boxman 5 hours ago

    God v.s. Satan

  • Orange Gaming
    Orange Gaming 5 hours ago

    PewDiePie vs T-Series

  • Orange Gaming
    Orange Gaming 5 hours ago

    Donald Trump vs Barrack Obama

  • Jungwoo Kim
    Jungwoo Kim 5 hours ago +1

    Can we get some love for

  • Steven Amos
    Steven Amos 5 hours ago

    Steve Irwin vs David Attenborough!!! Pleeeeasssse!!

  • Brian Raines
    Brian Raines 6 hours ago


  • krozfire
    krozfire 6 hours ago

    Batman vs Sherlock Holmes
    James Moriarty versus the joker

  • Peter Bartels
    Peter Bartels 6 hours ago

    Jordan Peterson vs. Vladimir Lenin (or Putin)

  • billthegenericguy
    billthegenericguy 6 hours ago

    Osama Bid Laden vs. Isoroku Yamamoto

  • TKFB
    TKFB 6 hours ago

    Han Solo VS Indiana Jones

  • dogmandan79
    dogmandan79 6 hours ago

    About time ERB came back. Let's hope they finally have some good battles now

  • billthegenericguy
    billthegenericguy 6 hours ago

    Sauron vs Skynet

  • billthegenericguy
    billthegenericguy 6 hours ago

    Obama vs. JFK

  • billthegenericguy
    billthegenericguy 6 hours ago

    Prince Zuko vs. Kylo Ren

  • billthegenericguy
    billthegenericguy 6 hours ago

    Alexis de Toqueville vs. Sayyid Qutb

  • billthegenericguy
    billthegenericguy 6 hours ago

    Jordan Peterson vs. CS Lewis

  • Vlad T
    Vlad T 6 hours ago

    John Wick vs. Frank Castle

  • Dante Migliaccio
    Dante Migliaccio 6 hours ago

    Shane Dawson vs Jake Paul

  • C C
    C C 6 hours ago

    Kamasutra vs Bible/Quran

  • Yung Slappa
    Yung Slappa 7 hours ago

    Finally ERB IS BACK

  • FaZe Dalton
    FaZe Dalton 7 hours ago

    Hitler vs all of star wars

  • Boba Chett
    Boba Chett 7 hours ago

    Flash vs Usain bolt

  • Lois W
    Lois W 7 hours ago

    T series VS Pewdiepie

  • This wild life is life c:


  • Carnye _73
    Carnye _73 7 hours ago

    There is no Tesla truck dumb ass

  • Carnye _73
    Carnye _73 7 hours ago


  • Querdipluck Sore
    Querdipluck Sore 7 hours ago

    You're back

    im late

  • Jacob Stratton
    Jacob Stratton 7 hours ago

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes there back bitches

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones 8 hours ago

    snoop dog vs cheech and chong

  • Jaguar
    Jaguar 8 hours ago

    Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson
    *Make it happen*

  • Hi There
    Hi There 8 hours ago

    Rolling Stones v.s. The Flintstones

  • Taylor Rammie
    Taylor Rammie 8 hours ago

    The Rolling Stones vs the flintstones

  • A net Activist Named Sarina

    Julian Assange vs Mark Zuckerberg ⏳👩🏼‍💻

  • Isopach Pilchard
    Isopach Pilchard 8 hours ago

    Robespierre (Reign of Terror) vs. Bin Laden (War on Terror)

  • Doctor Robot
    Doctor Robot 8 hours ago

    Do Napoleon VS Tossaint Louverture (forgot the spelling)

  • An_Inspector
    An_Inspector 8 hours ago

    Jeff Bezos vs Willy Wonka

  • Mad Marlo
    Mad Marlo 8 hours ago

    Saitama vs Manny Pacquiao

  • Lord Toxic
    Lord Toxic 8 hours ago

    I thougght ERB was back? :/

  • Furzay
    Furzay 8 hours ago

    Ben Shapiro Vs Soulja Boy

  • Petaltheladybug
    Petaltheladybug 9 hours ago


  • IronDeath
    IronDeath 9 hours ago

    The Punisher vs John Wick

  • St3n A
    St3n A 9 hours ago

    Best flow: mark zuccenberg
    Best bars: elon musk

    Best overal: pompey
    This joke has been done so many fucking times xD

  • ryan belgrove
    ryan belgrove 9 hours ago +1

    Nanny McFee Vs Mary Poppins.
    Lets get this upvoted bois!!!

  • Crystal PlushProductions

    Sonic vs Mario Rap Battle

  • Team Black
    Team Black 9 hours ago

    Bill Cosby vs Bill Clinton?

  • Team Black
    Team Black 9 hours ago

    Francis Drake vs Nathan Drake.

  • Filimon Galogavros
    Filimon Galogavros 9 hours ago

    I am the CEO
    Of knowing what you think
    INC .
    Kind of creepy , but still cool .

  • Team Black
    Team Black 9 hours ago

    Frank West vs Leon Kennedy

  • Bob Freukes
    Bob Freukes 9 hours ago

    Never gets old, Elon Musk still wins.

  • luminousbanjo
    luminousbanjo 9 hours ago

    Sarah Connor vs. Ellen Ripley

  • Eagles Gaming
    Eagles Gaming 10 hours ago

    Queen vs the beetles

  • Midnight Metalhead
    Midnight Metalhead 10 hours ago

    The Beatles vs. Black Sabbath

    MELODY PIANISSIMA 10 hours ago

    Justin Trudeau vs Andrew scheer

  • Matthew McNealley
    Matthew McNealley 10 hours ago

    Zucc: *drinks glass of water*

  • Cobra Officer 2317
    Cobra Officer 2317 10 hours ago

    George Lucas vs. Gene Roddenberry 🤔

  • Imaru Lewis
    Imaru Lewis 10 hours ago

    he didnt work in "I wear the grey shirt to work."

  • Appalachian Renegade
    Appalachian Renegade 10 hours ago

    Ellie from The Last of Us vs. Atreus from God of War

  • Manuel Aceves
    Manuel Aceves 10 hours ago

    Trippie redd vs 6ix9ine

  • LJ Dempsey
    LJ Dempsey 10 hours ago

    Bela Lugosi vs. Boris Karloff!

  • Neon Gold
    Neon Gold 11 hours ago

    Spider Man Vs. Gohan (Dragon Ball Z)

  • Yeetlejuice
    Yeetlejuice 11 hours ago +1

    Ben Shapiro vs Alex Jones

  • Alec Lugo
    Alec Lugo 11 hours ago

    Willy Wonka vs. Mary Poppins
    Battle of the British-made magic makers! And then have Roald Dahl and P.L. Travers come out and the end of the second rounds.

  • Dr. Deadlook
    Dr. Deadlook 11 hours ago

    Anyone else notice Zuckerberg not blinking for literally the entire battle

  • Demented 24
    Demented 24 11 hours ago

    Pubg vs fortnite

  • Corvus Heller
    Corvus Heller 11 hours ago

    Carrie Underwood vs Carrie Nation

  • Anton G-H
    Anton G-H 11 hours ago

    Joakim Brodén(Sabaton) vs Bruce Dickson(Iron maiden). (Modern Power metal vs Classic Power Metal basicly)

  • sam leyden
    sam leyden 11 hours ago

    Iron Man vs Margaret Thatcher (The Iron Lady)

  • Nicanor Núñez
    Nicanor Núñez 12 hours ago

    As allways zuck as creep as fuck

  • Riji0705
    Riji0705 12 hours ago +1

    mr bean vs Charlie Chaplin

  • Da Flak3
    Da Flak3 12 hours ago

    C.S. Lewis VS J.K. Rowling

  • Albert Styles
    Albert Styles 12 hours ago

    Scorpion vs. Sub Zero

  • Christian Brinkhoff
    Christian Brinkhoff 12 hours ago

    Bob Marley Vs Dean Martin.

  • Christian Brinkhoff
    Christian Brinkhoff 12 hours ago

    Bob the builder vs Bob Marley

  • Christian Brinkhoff
    Christian Brinkhoff 12 hours ago

    Bob the builder vs wreck it Ralph

  • Arson Hebenstreit
    Arson Hebenstreit 12 hours ago +2

    Well we need otto von bismarck vs George washington

  • Filmentry Entertainment

    Alexander the great vs Admiral Yi would be an awesome battle

  • Oliver Mccarthy
    Oliver Mccarthy 12 hours ago

    Yeah, Elon Musk definitely won

  • Miles Hill
    Miles Hill 12 hours ago +2

    H.P. Lovecraft vs R.L. Stein

    • excaliber009
      excaliber009 6 hours ago

      Seems kind of simalar to what they did with Poe vs Stephen King, but the ones with authors are some of my favorites, so I'd love to see this.