UFC Unstoppable Press Conference Staredowns

  • Published on Mar 5, 2016
  • At the UFC Unstoppable press conference, UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum and Stipe Miocic, UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones, UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold and Chris Weidman, UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber, UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson and Henry Cejudo, UFC women's strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Claudia Gadelha among other faced off in front of fans and the media in Las Vegas on Wednesday afternoon.
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Comments • 738

  • krzysztof rojek
    krzysztof rojek 7 hours ago

    Nasza polska siła do boju

  • get film
    get film 8 hours ago

    То чувство, когда девушки выглядели круче)

  • Barbara Lucky
    Barbara Lucky 12 hours ago

    Fighting 👑

  • Azamatbek Sariyev
    Azamatbek Sariyev 13 hours ago

    N1. Khabib Normogammedov номер один..

  • Nargiz sevgim allohga
    Nargiz sevgim allohga 13 hours ago +1

    habib 💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍

  • Hariz Ameng
    Hariz Ameng 14 hours ago

    Who tf Punch khabib ear 😂😂🤣🤣

  • i me
    i me 21 hour ago


  • 75 RUS.
    75 RUS. Day ago

    Хабиб пиздец мерзкий тип, провокатор гребаный....

  • knowlegde stolen

    The World of Fights of MMA

  • Ahad
    Ahad Day ago

    What's the host of Hot Ones doing in the middle?

  • Ахмад Ахмаджон

    Тони гандон

  • Odin The Wiseone
    Odin The Wiseone 2 days ago

    Clearly the last part was the most difficult :P.

  • Vitaly Bolotsky
    Vitaly Bolotsky 3 days ago

    слабАчки убогие

  • Omar Cruz
    Omar Cruz 4 days ago

    Quiero vee mujeres

  • shams arabshah
    shams arabshah 4 days ago +1


  • tuncay ufuk
    tuncay ufuk 5 days ago

    Turkish power

  • Johnny Chamorro V.
    Johnny Chamorro V. 6 days ago

    Jajajajajaja no es por nada ver q entran y salen tremendas moles y despues entran los mini ufc

  • Andres Eizo Kitaro
    Andres Eizo Kitaro 6 days ago +1


  • Chris Connolly
    Chris Connolly 8 days ago

    Thanks for reminding me and tony and Khabib should have thought so many times what the heck am I seeing this for now I really wish Dana White just took both of them to his home and made them sleep there and cut weight and not get hurt so they could have thought probably like three times by now

  • Mohammed Sajeed
    Mohammed Sajeed 8 days ago

    Super ⭐️ khabib

  • Hollywood dual audio movies Sq

    Kuabib best of luck

  • Gustavo Di Giuseppe
    Gustavo Di Giuseppe 12 days ago

    Tanto teatro!!! Saquensen las ganas y la bronca en el ring.

  • THE boss Singkom
    THE boss Singkom 13 days ago

    Is that kabib vs tony

  • МухаммадАюб Нодирбек угли

    Хабиб сыла !

  • Huck Negro
    Huck Negro 18 days ago

    O cara e o dono da situaçao maismfica todo errado no meio dos pitbulls se encarando

  • Rico Yla
    Rico Yla 20 days ago

    Was the first one Randy orton just bald?

  • LastTrend Standning
    LastTrend Standning 21 day ago

    Bunch of hookers in suits wtf is that thing about suits?

  • Taimur Somroo
    Taimur Somroo 24 days ago

    Which tournament was it?? How could I miss it?? Can anyone please tell me??

  • Сохибназар Ахмадчонов

    Они обе артисти

  • v Happy
    v Happy 26 days ago

    6:06 TRUE MEN ❤❤❤

  • drewcliff82
    drewcliff82 26 days ago +6

    Why am I being recommended a press conference from years ago lol.

  • Mustseenow!!!
    Mustseenow!!! 28 days ago


  • diario da dieta
    diario da dieta Month ago

    Algum brasileiro??

  • tudo nosso hehe
    tudo nosso hehe Month ago

    Olha o tamanho dos cara meu irmao kkkkk

  • Аида Д
    Аида Д Month ago

    Фабиб воспитаный мужчина

  • Repon cow
    Repon cow Month ago

    존나 꼴리눙

  • Adelvan oliveira
    Adelvan oliveira Month ago

    Essa magrela do cinturao em uma nega muito paia por isso ela pegou o dela


    Looks like Mr. White is hitting that old roids

  • Jesse Mccrossen
    Jesse Mccrossen Month ago

    Did Dana white ever fight? He’s fit for it.

  • Tootsie Crack
    Tootsie Crack Month ago

    Dana Lowkey feeling Claudia up

  • Wilson Eusebio777
    Wilson Eusebio777 Month ago +1

    All of them with ear problems. Is awful and they don't change their globes. Needs boxing globes.

    • manoloacbe
      manoloacbe Month ago

      I think grappling with boxing gloves is a bit complicated

  • mr000hunter000
    mr000hunter000 2 months ago

    In there fancy suits. dana in his t-shirt and jeans

  • arush Karle
    arush Karle 2 months ago

    I love you khabib

  • Александр Иванов

    Я буду всегда болеть за Хабиба и если даже он начнет проигрывать и когда Хабиб умрет я буду напоминать всем спорцменом о нем и поднимать их боевой дух и 100 лет пройдет но дети магрегора будут боятся магилы Хабиба .89928881311

  • Александр Иванов


  • bruxos sem limites
    bruxos sem limites 2 months ago +1


  • Timur Usmanov
    Timur Usmanov 2 months ago

    Жон Жонс😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Луна Кубанова


  • Malik, Dermen
    Malik, Dermen 2 months ago

    Was like ,,ok guys must go to the gym and give me fast an injury ,i cant handle Khabib xD

  • Ryan Mike
    Ryan Mike 2 months ago

    3:02 TripleH

  • Miguel Jose Jesus Gonzalez Smith

    ¿Y quien chingados ganó en esas peleas? :vvvv

  • Muskeln-kaufen.de
    Muskeln-kaufen.de 2 months ago

    Dana tries to separate fighters...

    BOXING/MMA HIGHLIGHTS 2 months ago

    How stacked was this card ! LOL

  • 88 13-20
    88 13-20 2 months ago

    0:13 its like big show vs randy orton :D

  • Harry Shergill
    Harry Shergill 3 months ago


  • كيمو عبدالله

    كلنا حبيب😘اشتركو بقناتي مرجوعة والله

  • Lala Silva
    Lala Silva 3 months ago

    03:02 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk eu amo um homem

  • Link Zelda
    Link Zelda 3 months ago

    I wanna pound Cluadia so bad! Man shes so HOT!! Those shiny legs and round ASS she got was just perfect..!!

  • misri khan Afridi
    misri khan Afridi 3 months ago +1

    ❤ ☝ ❤
    ❤ khabib ❤

  • Radeef Kayakkal
    Radeef Kayakkal 4 months ago

    Khabib and Jon Jones are the best.

  • Xasan Cabdiraxman
    Xasan Cabdiraxman 4 months ago

    Dana white is a hell of a man

  • Yard Toot
    Yard Toot 4 months ago

    Khabib and Ferguson been going at it for a long time when tf are they gonna fight each other wtf.

  • Paul Eady
    Paul Eady 4 months ago +1

    That was the best card to date maybe...😐

  • Romário Laurentino
    Romário Laurentino 4 months ago


  • Fariz Pratama
    Fariz Pratama 4 months ago

    Where is McGregor?

  • Huawei Nova
    Huawei Nova 4 months ago


    SHIVA SHIVSARAN 4 months ago

    Khabib 👑

  • Fatih Badaş
    Fatih Badaş 4 months ago

    Dagıstan oleyy

  • &Canal
    &Canal 4 months ago

    O pau já ia comer ali mesmo

  • queen yyy
    queen yyy 4 months ago

    Heavy weights are the coolest, all this rest of the miggets they start the dramas

  • mustafa ahmetovic
    mustafa ahmetovic 4 months ago

    Kabib 💪💪💪💪💪☝☝☝☝😎😎😎🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Maleco Satyam
    Maleco Satyam 4 months ago

    Khabib is the king

  • Suswanti S
    Suswanti S 4 months ago

    I love habiib..

  • UFC PS4
    UFC PS4 4 months ago

    tvclip.biz/video/wHRCzAwoWWM/video.html Paige vs Rachael

  • Wyllyam Tavares Véras
    Wyllyam Tavares Véras 5 months ago

    Bando de pamonhas ! Não tenho outra palavra para definir esses pregos, Hilário!

  • Lady Z
    Lady Z 5 months ago

    U.F.C. reminds me a lot of W.W.E.

  • Tony Morecash
    Tony Morecash 5 months ago

    3:02 Jon Jones in DX Mode (WWE) 😂😂

  • M. Lozano
    M. Lozano 5 months ago

    This card was one of the legendary best ever.

  • Starboy 1988
    Starboy 1988 5 months ago

    That big black dude could've just punch that little one in the top of head and that would've been over.

  • NUKE
    NUKE 5 months ago

    So glad Namajunas kicked Joanna's ass 2 times in a row :D

  • Gilson Jose
    Gilson Jose 5 months ago


  • Anthony Tunche
    Anthony Tunche 5 months ago

    Que cartelera madre de dios

  • Anthony Tunche
    Anthony Tunche 5 months ago

    Desde hace cuanto no se logra el khabib vs ferguson

  • Bonwren Taylor
    Bonwren Taylor 5 months ago

    JJ being an arrogant disrespectful arse towards the end........hopefully Rose and Valentina have knocked (literally) that out of her !!!

  • C Quinn
    C Quinn 5 months ago

    I like how the fighters are dressed professionally and the President of the UFC is dressed like he is 16 years old.

  • Carlos Salenas
    Carlos Salenas 5 months ago

    Check out Claudia's legs....yum😚

  • хоки пои модар ватан

    Тонни фергусон сучка

  • FeeL GooD
    FeeL GooD 5 months ago

    Ahorita le cae un puñete al pelao xd

  • Welton Rafael
    Welton Rafael 5 months ago

    Jdbukk numgomedov

  • Wooster001
    Wooster001 5 months ago

    The should put a blood pressure meter on Dana when he does these.

  • Олег Зубарев

    А хабита зачем сюда, ха ха

  • Cayleb Ravell
    Cayleb Ravell 5 months ago

    John cena? What’s he doing there?

  • Morin Macias
    Morin Macias 6 months ago

    Why khabib vs Tony didn't happen?

  • Flavio Mendes
    Flavio Mendes 6 months ago

    Esse torcida é um monte de babaca

  • Donny Vestuto
    Donny Vestuto 6 months ago

    2.05 look like college teachers

  • Muhammad Faizal
    Muhammad Faizal 6 months ago


  • Baba Jaani
    Baba Jaani 6 months ago +3

    Rest have to try and act all gangsta whereas khabib is effortlessly gangsta with just a smile

  • phạm hữu huy
    phạm hữu huy 6 months ago


  • Arbaaz Said
    Arbaaz Said 6 months ago

    Wiedmen is a bum!

  • Imran Atique
    Imran Atique 7 months ago