Placebo - Pure Morning HD (Official)

  • Published on Jun 16, 2009
  • Release date: August 1998
    Director: Nick Gordon

    All rights reserved to EMI music.
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    DARIA BISERNI Month ago


  • charlanne alexandre

    my dreams!!!!!!!

  • Ellis Dee
    Ellis Dee 3 months ago

    I love how right before he jumps the last thing he looks at is the sky... pure morning.

  • Jp Pryer
    Jp Pryer 4 months ago

    amazing . FOREVER I LOVE YOU .
    thank you

  • Daringwof
    Daringwof 4 months ago


  • Раиса Романенко


  • Марина Серова

    Ништяк вспоминаю кмб и змк который любил радио ультра

  • BlapBlop
    BlapBlop 5 months ago

    When the magician's trick is way too real

  • No Name
    No Name 6 months ago

    Nostalgia overload.
    I remember watching this video on MTV's MuchMusic after my family & I moved to Canada from the middle east in the mid-90's while I was a pre-teen & this specific video at the time impacted me a lot ... like discovering a whole new music genre & while I wasn't sure if the lead singer was a male or female at the time, I found him really attractive. ^_^

  • Cristi BabeMortem
    Cristi BabeMortem 6 months ago

    La amo.

  • Ceyla Castro
    Ceyla Castro 6 months ago


  • Shiela Ingram
    Shiela Ingram 7 months ago

    A friend with weed is better

  • jane currie
    jane currie 7 months ago

    the old songs are the best,,, x

  • Rodrigo Araya
    Rodrigo Araya 7 months ago


  • Stella Snugglz
    Stella Snugglz 8 months ago

    He can paint his nails better than i can paint my own. Along with makeup and all. Well shit ;-; :3

  • Best Music Relax
    Best Music Relax 9 months ago

    ⭐ *AMAZING SONG, THANK YOU!* ❤️💙💚💛💝

  • Erika Andrade
    Erika Andrade 9 months ago

    I love you placebo😍😘😘❤

  • squallypokadum
    squallypokadum 9 months ago

    awesome saw them for the first time ever at latitude 2017, fantastic

  • fav lyrics
    fav lyrics 9 months ago

    sherlock holmes who

  • Micahel Huerta
    Micahel Huerta 9 months ago

    dude wtf this guys fuckking gay i almost hate the band ..

  • Ananda Gouvêa
    Ananda Gouvêa 9 months ago

    This song remember 12 years ago. It is very cool.

  • John Lowe
    John Lowe 9 months ago +1

    suicide is great hobby but I wouldn't do it for a living.

  • Cristin From Another Dimension

    Oh wow forgot how much I love this song

  • pompomkiller of Narnia
    pompomkiller of Narnia 9 months ago

    does anyone else think that the police man is danny john jules

  • John Summers
    John Summers 9 months ago

    This song should be played louder than bombs. Great rock & roll from the late '90s.

  • Karl Page
    Karl Page 9 months ago

    OK, different, I like it!

  • paul h
    paul h 9 months ago

    still listen to this 2018

  • daveyharsh
    daveyharsh 10 months ago

    David Blaine should try this!

  • NakiBest
    NakiBest 10 months ago

    Epic song! :) Great work.

  • Jorge Arturo Montes Díaz

    Fucking Awesome

  • Chris Lynott
    Chris Lynott 10 months ago

    I perform that self same trick every time a bass string snaps at a show :) ..It always somehow works out :)

  • Kelvin Maynard
    Kelvin Maynard 10 months ago

    A friend with crystal meth is better

  • Jay Moor
    Jay Moor 10 months ago


    • Jay Moor
      Jay Moor 10 months ago

      Sir left witch franswitch.x -

    • Jay Moor
      Jay Moor 10 months ago

      I know Atep.

  • JIMI J music
    JIMI J music 10 months ago

    days don't end skins crawling..great cut. ..

  • Birgit Weigelt
    Birgit Weigelt 10 months ago +5

    Wow twenty years old this song...but for me absolut timeless.Thank you Placebo!

  • 3DPeter
    3DPeter 11 months ago

    never heared of these guys, but i like it. It sounds so psychedelic, hypnotising, so like the velvet underground and the doors.

  • Stephany Lara Dupuy
    Stephany Lara Dupuy 11 months ago

  • Gonzalo Arvietti
    Gonzalo Arvietti 11 months ago

    what the heck happened with music videos!!!
    this is ART!!

  • Rawker101
    Rawker101 11 months ago

    I'd also like to add that the cinematography is way ahead of it's time. It looks better than a lot of movies made today. That's it.

  • Rawker101
    Rawker101 11 months ago

    I remember seeing this on mtv 2 back in 98 and was blown away by the song and video. And Brian was the first androgynous dude I'd ever seen so I thought that was pretty intriguing, too. Haha.

  • roswel29 choubak
    roswel29 choubak 11 months ago

    vive la bretagne placebo.

  • laverdad nosharalibres
    laverdad nosharalibres 11 months ago +1

    El Carrera ... ctm que recuerdos

  • R M
    R M 11 months ago


  • Annajmu Saqib
    Annajmu Saqib 11 months ago

    let the mother fucker know

  • Debba Stevens
    Debba Stevens 11 months ago +1

    Iets hope i dont have his problem and actualy die would suck. .......

  • Vinny C
    Vinny C 11 months ago

    I miss good music :/

  • Kassie Jones
    Kassie Jones 11 months ago

    I wonder what the music would be in live it up in the year 2000 but now I want to know what it is In a thousand years aka keep these rhythms up

  • jose manuel torres sanchez

    exelente tema

  • Zalpater
    Zalpater Year ago +1

    One of the finest bands of the 1990s and part of the soundtrack to my youth. Superb video too.

  • Thomas Baron
    Thomas Baron Year ago

    Brian Molko is fucking gorgeous! :'D

  • Alias Unknown
    Alias Unknown Year ago

    Been listening to this song for ages but never noticed how perfect his makeup is in this. It's subtle but feminine and really bring out his eyes and lips. Probably a dumb thing to say but it caught my eye.

  • Rolando Garcia Lopez

    This is one of those songs that literally catch you forever

  • Glo bourque
    Glo bourque Year ago

    When music was music👍🎶🎸

  • Alex Hopler
    Alex Hopler Year ago

    You're bornig...

  • Jon stamp
    Jon stamp Year ago

    yes lever!!!!

  • raven
    raven Year ago +1


  • Sezer Mania
    Sezer Mania Year ago

    A friend with weed is better ... #BestLineEver :D

  • Thomas Goldswain
    Thomas Goldswain Year ago

    But seriously, you would actually die.

  • Rhys Wardle
    Rhys Wardle Year ago

    Does the singer sounds like the guy out REM or is it just me

    BRANDON ROY Year ago


    BRANDON ROY Year ago

    Cool song

  • Vaughandrew
    Vaughandrew Year ago


  • Dmitry Rikov
    Dmitry Rikov Year ago

    music is great, but suicide theme is full shit

  • Lynda Howard
    Lynda Howard Year ago

    This guy rocks! Bet he'd be cool to hang out with.

  • araiza rupestre
    araiza rupestre Year ago


  • CARLOS Cotter
    CARLOS Cotter Year ago +4

    MY favourite Vampire...

  • charlanne alexandre
    charlanne alexandre Year ago +2


  • Abyss noises
    Abyss noises Year ago +2

    Pure music!!

  • marta marta
    marta marta Year ago

    did anyone see the difference between 0:29 and 0:35? Blooper

  • Grey Lizzie
    Grey Lizzie Year ago +1

    Why is he so pretty

    • Ellis Dee
      Ellis Dee 3 months ago

      Grey Lizzie love the black Crowes picture

  • Antonio Leal
    Antonio Leal Year ago

    I love u Placevo

  • Lisa Murphy
    Lisa Murphy Year ago

    At first I thought-how passé,I mean the transgender gimmick-than I realized this is from the 90’s-so still quite risqué. Vaguely sound familiar. I was waaay into Silverchair so....

  • Caíque Matos
    Caíque Matos Year ago +2

    Esse vídeo é incrível

  • Robert Michael Todd

    Gay men heading rock bands in the 90s... i wish they were out then.

  • Angelitoh Romero
    Angelitoh Romero Year ago

    Que buenos días

  • Freddy De La Rosa

    Unos de mis sueños es poder conocer a mi ídolo brian molko

  • Freddy De La Rosa

    Quisiera que en una gira que tengan incluyan venir a república dominicana

  • Freddy De La Rosa

    Brian molko es el mejor vocalista del mundo

  • Freddy De La Rosa

    Placebo es mi banda de favorita su música es excepcionar con un estilo único y asombrosa la voz de brian molko

  • Ben Madriz
    Ben Madriz Year ago

    Charlotte York Goldenblatt

  • Lis Ajzbl
    Lis Ajzbl Year ago

  • Maria Luisa Gomes

    Toujours des belles chançons

  • Infinite Goddess
    Infinite Goddess Year ago

    Placebo are so underrated, they are amazing!

  • stujam29
    stujam29 Year ago

    Saw these at Milton Keynes bowl big day out around the late 90s/early 2000s...

  • Ben Hajioff
    Ben Hajioff Year ago

    placebo better be feeling this angst and not just be spittin'.

  • Imgonnagogetthepapers getthepapers

    pity about the meth teeth....

  • Noemi Mosca
    Noemi Mosca Year ago


  • vanessa gonzalezortega recio

    Air, comes from anyware

  • Sebastian C
    Sebastian C Year ago

    Placebo, always in my heart.

  • You Joker
    You Joker Year ago

    So obviously 'borrowed' bits from PIL(Rise) & has something of Smashing Pumpkins in there too. Still a great song though & Brians voice is so unique

  • KondziueS
    KondziueS Year ago

    Bylas swietna pkekna sliczna madra

  • KondziueS
    KondziueS Year ago

    Today will see 'diend'

  • Jordan Thomas
    Jordan Thomas Year ago

    Great song. Man I wish they still made music videos like this!!

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget Year ago +7

    a friend in need's a friend indeed
    a friend with memes is better

  • Michael Teale
    Michael Teale Year ago

    killer PLACEBO track?

  • Jason Spriggs
    Jason Spriggs Year ago

    best way to listen to this tune is extremely LOUD

  • Jason Spriggs
    Jason Spriggs Year ago

    love this

  • Эxodus
    Эxodus Year ago

    0.75x speed and it sounds like you're high

  • Alexandre Perini
    Alexandre Perini Year ago