FaZe Sway & Ninja *STREAM SNIPE* PROS in FORTNITE FRIDAY Tournament!

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • In this video, FaZe Sway and Ninja stream snipe pro players in the Friday Fortnite Tournament! Battle Royale Best Moments, Highlights & Fortnite Funny Moments!
    FaZe Sway & Ninja *STREAM SNIPE* PROS in FORTNITE FRIDAY Tournament!
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    FaZe Sway TVclip Channel:
    FaZe Sway vs FaZe Mongraal
    Champion League Kill Record w/ Tfue
    Ninja TVclip Channel:
    You Wont Believe What I Did In LA! - Ninja Vlog
    NINJA *FULL TOXIC* after FaZe NICKMERCS *CARRIES* Solo vs. Squads! (Fortnite)
    Fortnite Friday w/ Ninja
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  • KingsKompany
    KingsKompany 4 days ago

    so they queue snipped, not stream snipped?

  • Jrich0428 Rich
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  • Devon Agatd
    Devon Agatd 6 days ago

    Ninja has aerial assault

  • Saacid Yusuf
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    I like every day My epic said0024

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  • jad ghunaim
    jad ghunaim 12 days ago

    Didint stream snipe stop lieng

  • Klipz Klown
    Klipz Klown 13 days ago

    why title it stream sniping if they didnt even know they were in their game

    DEADSHOTKILLA 13 days ago +2

    Did faze sway say the n word 16:07

  • Soul Hidzyx
    Soul Hidzyx 13 days ago +1

    18:44 turn on captions

  • That One BOY ALI
    That One BOY ALI 13 days ago

    You nasty a the intro

  • TomatoBoy20
    TomatoBoy20 13 days ago

    When Fortnite first says they are 1 away from 300k subs and they at 686k subs 😐

  • TCat 122
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    Sure it will kid

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  • Personal -fouls
    Personal -fouls Month ago

    I know it’s a joke but when U say in the intro a spider will do something too u if u don’t sub it really paranoid me

  • Lifted Styngz
    Lifted Styngz Month ago

    Imagine ninja gets banned for stream sniping

  • Dingeling
    Dingeling Month ago

    Imagine saying they stream sniped even tho they didn’t

  • Abel Arroyo-Gilroy
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    Used creator code
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  • Zixxx.
    Zixxx. Month ago

    Kinda ironic that he reported Simone for NOT stream sniping but when he does it it’s fine hopefully epic sees and bans him I’ll fuckin laff

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    I liked and turned on post notifications and subscribe. And USE CODE

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  • xealousy
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    first of of they were not “stream sniping pros” you leaching asshole

    SOLAR JAY Month ago

    Ninja goated wit the 90s

  • minigecko390
    minigecko390 Month ago

    use notifications

  • Tfue Subscribe to Pewdipie

    Ninja: Lets Stream snipe pros
    Also Ninja:Reports himself for streamsniping

    • Genesis The goat
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      Tfue Subscribe to Pewdipie Under rated comment 😂

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  • Maria Blanco
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    He'll no no spiders going in my ear

  • Dillon Gray
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    double pump?! Waiiittt WHHAAATTT?!

  • JackSlash05
    JackSlash05 2 months ago

    Have you guys ever noticed all the giveaway winners have no profile picture and have normal names. A bit suspicious.

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  • Jacion Bryant
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    STOP with those intro's plz

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    what r these comments for

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    Tr3yRTT10 I don't have a skin be happy if I did

  • Joshua Swapp
    Joshua Swapp 2 months ago

    naw im disliking the video just cause that spider at the start CBA

  • JJ _
    JJ _ 2 months ago

    I’m dead sway said let’s go ni🅱️🅱️a

    JONATHAN MUNYAKA 2 months ago

    i sub
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    I.hate when you say like the video in the next.5 second or.this cantipie will be in ur bed

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  • NeSceptre
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    Ninja:report player stream sniping
    Ninja gets banned for stream sniping

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    Wins game* quotes Drake*

  • Tiozy
    Tiozy 2 months ago

    I was watching ninja and inno and they did not stream snipe them even sway was surprised when he found out it was them lol

  • Drew Aungst
    Drew Aungst 2 months ago

    You’re actually a fucking loser lmao

  • Brandon Clay
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    I use code first and I turned on post notifications and subscribe and liked the video❤️

  • RageBlageYT
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    I hate that Ninja says that this kid is ONE HIT WHEN HE HITS THEM 2 TIMES I HATE THAT

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