How to Get Your Face Through Halloween- Skincare Routine

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  • Glam&Gore
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    PS. In my frazzled editing state I didn't mention this but should've- I said I wait at least half an hour between the oil and toner, to make sure the oil sinks in first (it dries within a few minutes for me & that works for my usual night routine), but for most people it's probably just more practical to do the toner first so you don't even risk removing the oil.

    • Darya Bitsadze
      Darya Bitsadze 17 hours ago

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    • Gravity FAN
      Gravity FAN Day ago

      Could you make an L from Death Note makeup tutorial? Youtube has barely any.

    • filis mixil
      filis mixil 3 days ago

      new hair videooooo noww!!!

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    TAHLIA WILSØN 4 hours ago

    Tyler Joseph who??

  • nebraskacutie96
    nebraskacutie96 6 hours ago

    Hey Mykie , can u do more GOT looks ? Specifically the greyscale look? I think it would be so cool cause you could make it glam and gore 🙄

  • Raean Tank
    Raean Tank 9 hours ago

    Mykie can you please do a kitsune look (glam, gore, both I don't care because whatever you do I know it will tern out awesome! )

  • Winter Chan
    Winter Chan 9 hours ago

    Can u do something Alice in Wonderland themed? Luv u Mykie💙🖤💙🖤

  • Megan Franklin
    Megan Franklin 10 hours ago

    I wishhhhhh she would do some American horror story inspired looks

  • Galaxy Gaming
    Galaxy Gaming 11 hours ago +1

    Plz do the green meanie from scream queens season 2

  • Shithèd Jr Shittercrittęr

    Does anyone know if there will be more Disney princess videos I though they were super neat

  • Rebecca Sjoberg
    Rebecca Sjoberg 17 hours ago

    I am kind of living for the no brow look😍😅😊

  • Beachbumsoul
    Beachbumsoul 21 hour ago

    This is in no way meant as an insult, but she's never looked like a ginger until this video lol she looks similar to a friend I had in middle school.

  • Evelyn Santos
    Evelyn Santos Day ago

    You are lacking on uploading halloween videos this year no creativity this year either is it laziness or what ? :(

  • Kayla burget
    Kayla burget Day ago

    Where’s all the October videos :(

  • LaryBary58
    LaryBary58 Day ago

    Mykie! I want to ask what sclera contacts you use. All the ones I've seen are $100+. I wasnted to know if you had cheaper alternatives!!!

  • Poo Bear
    Poo Bear Day ago

    Where did you get your contacts?

  • Piper Rose Enos
    Piper Rose Enos Day ago

    i have been watching this channel since its early days,i cant even believe that im still watching you mykie, i mean most of the time after watching a channel for a while i get bored of it but its not like that with you,you are so cool mykie! you have inspire me soo much you dont even know!, you are by far my favorite youtuber,thank god you started a youtube channel i mean i would be like nothing without a little glam and gore in my life lol :) i hope you see this!

  • Shpanxi
    Shpanxi Day ago

    You should do the Hanahaki disease

  • Samantha Gallegos

    Can you please do a Emily corpse bride "very detailed" tutorial? With the worm coming out and the bones on the arm

  • Mariah Hiller
    Mariah Hiller Day ago

    I know you don't have a Q and A planned but if you are given the opportunity to make a pallet, who would you want to do it with and how would you incorrperate glam and gore?

  • Nana Loves BTS
    Nana Loves BTS Day ago

    Mykie I love you but it’s almost Halloween and you have done barely any tutorial, what’s going on?

  • Niki Taylor
    Niki Taylor Day ago

    Mykie, please do a fortune teller Halloween look! Please please please

  • Marie Gremillion

    Hey Mykie, do you know if the take the day away balm is scented? I'm allergic to perfumes things

  • kennedy Lorigan
    kennedy Lorigan Day ago

    That dumb makeup on the eye line I was wearing face paint eyeliner for weeks

  • Fraz Newll
    Fraz Newll 2 days ago

    can you please do a Kesha or Melanie Martinez pity party tutorial

  • Catherine Deli
    Catherine Deli 2 days ago

    Hello mykieee!you use these steps and products for your daily routine too or just for fx make up?keep up the good work! 🤘

  • M AY
    M AY 2 days ago

    What liquid latex do you recommend??

  • KawaiiDeath Girl
    KawaiiDeath Girl 2 days ago

    Omg I love THIS ONE

  • Kassie Lowe
    Kassie Lowe 2 days ago

    MYKIE!!! you should find a really good DIY scab blood recipe AND SHOW US!!!

  • jessica lebrasseur
    jessica lebrasseur 2 days ago

    You should do a babadook look

  • Hannah G
    Hannah G 2 days ago

    CAN YOU DO A PALE MAN TUTORIAL!! (it's the creepy monster in pans labrynth)

  • Gina Bos
    Gina Bos 2 days ago

    vaseline works pretty well aswell to melt off your make up!!

  • Emma  Marks
    Emma Marks 2 days ago

    I wish mykie could do a skeleton tutorial

  • ayy its cc
    ayy its cc 2 days ago

    Your so pretty GLAM&GORE love ya💖

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    Nathali Rebolledo 2 days ago

    I like your dog

  • Lilmissgamer :/
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    Does anyone want Mykie to bring back the seven deadly sins series back or is it just me

  • LovelyLoser Ally
    LovelyLoser Ally 2 days ago

    I haven’t been one your channel for long, but I love it! And I’m sorry if you already did this but, since Halloween is coming up, can you do a Chucky tutorial?

  • Karla M
    Karla M 2 days ago

    Can you talk about your experience with accutane?

  • Qin Yu Ni
    Qin Yu Ni 2 days ago

    Your natural hair looks better with your look.

  • Skylar Black
    Skylar Black 2 days ago +1

    When is simplygorelogical coming????

  • Rachel Hanselman
    Rachel Hanselman 2 days ago

    Can you do a dead Cindy Loo Who like maybe attacked by the grinch look I feel it would look SICK

  • hozway hozway
    hozway hozway 3 days ago

    Show me how to Be u 4 halloween plzzzzzzzzz

  • Skully Rock
    Skully Rock 3 days ago

    What an awesome video! 😀 x💀x💀

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    Kristen Walker 3 days ago

    Where did you get that jacket????? I love it!!!!!!!

  • Ashley Bailey
    Ashley Bailey 3 days ago

    Wouldn’t it be bette to tone before applying your serum?

  • Ashley Bailey
    Ashley Bailey 3 days ago

    Serving us Kai Anderson hair yaaaaaz

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    HulaQueen55 3 days ago

    Is my ish

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  • Vicki Cornell
    Vicki Cornell 3 days ago

    Can you do a gore lightening strike look? I’ve seen photos of people who have survived lightening strikes and its pretty cool ☺️

  • maddie wallace
    maddie wallace 3 days ago

    Hey Mykie, I just went and saw Happy Death Day. Overall the movie wasn't scary but I seriously think you have to do some kind of tutorial with the movie. Also, I love you tutorials. But yeah, do something with Happy Death Day. Highly Recommended.

  • Genevieve B
    Genevieve B 3 days ago

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you....... I NEED this........I'm doing a bunch of FX makeup for Halloween eek

  • Bubble Gum Kit
    Bubble Gum Kit 3 days ago

    You're makeup in the beginning looks like a suicide squad Halloween horror nights costume it's so freaking awesome
    Idk if you did a makeup tutorial on how you can make a mohawk from a wig
    It'll be so cool
    I want to do one for a Oc

  • Jenessa Sheffield
    Jenessa Sheffield 3 days ago

    Ha ha perfect timing

  • CatInABox
    CatInABox 3 days ago

    Who else thought she looked like Richie from social repose after she took off the skeleton face paint? Lmao

  • Martina Corio
    Martina Corio 3 days ago

    Love this hair color! 😮

  • Kari Beckel
    Kari Beckel 3 days ago

    Can you do a female Villain series???

  • Margaret1220
    Margaret1220 3 days ago

    Hey!! I love you so much and I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how I can do SFX makeup for my schools play. We’re gonna do a lot of gore and 2 characters are glam.

  • NotLogicalAtAll
    NotLogicalAtAll 3 days ago

    I love your regrowth so much

  • Magi Marble
    Magi Marble 4 days ago

    Tea tree oil is and will always be a product I stand by.

  • Derpy_Sophie
    Derpy_Sophie 4 days ago +1

    I'm doing latex burns on half of my face. Wish me good luck xoxo

  • Brianna C
    Brianna C 4 days ago +1

    Cheap replacement for the cleansing balm: coconut oil

  • SweetBeeProductions
    SweetBeeProductions 4 days ago

    This is super wonderful, but like....can we get a tutorial for that skeleton face makeup? MY GOD.

  • Grey South
    Grey South 4 days ago

    I just wanted to say thanks for getting me interested in sfx

  • Dani
    Dani 4 days ago

    why do you wipe off the UFO oil?

  • Sandy Bloom
    Sandy Bloom 4 days ago

    where do you get your contacts from??????

  • Radical Rat Gaming
    Radical Rat Gaming 4 days ago +1

    You look like a fuckingg accident

  • ItsHelloSydney
    ItsHelloSydney 4 days ago

    Really wish you weren't promoting a brand that heavily tests on animals. Its disappointing. I was excited cause I work as a haunt actor but I wont be using their products.

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  • Jaiden Bonilla
    Jaiden Bonilla 4 days ago

    Ripley is the cutest!!

  • mariel ivana
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    I like how glam and gores videos peak during Halloween time

  • Noomie
    Noomie 4 days ago

    Do you have a tutorial on that makeup? It is gorgeous! I really want to try it out.

  • I am bad at adulting

    I love love love clinique take the day off.

  • ILoveEverything247
    ILoveEverything247 4 days ago +1

    Next video can you do “How To Get Your Face Through Life In General” ???

  • GypsyRock
    GypsyRock 4 days ago

    Clinique tests on animals. Don't support them!

  • Lola Delevingne
    Lola Delevingne 4 days ago

    Gonna have to find cruelty free alternatives just with the same principle❤️ love u mykie

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  • Ren Tweed
    Ren Tweed 4 days ago

    Do you use all of this before putting makeup on as well as taking it off? Or just parts of it?

  • 94ljh
    94ljh 4 days ago

    I really wish people cared more about animal testing 😞 Clinique is not cruelty free (they test on animals) that includes dogs and cats, not just mice ..

  • Alternative Chick901

    How are You Still Beautiful without all that Makeup?!?.…………


  • Ana Lowe
    Ana Lowe 4 days ago

    I use the take off the Day balm every day!!! Literally the best stuff everrrrrr

  • Random E
    Random E 4 days ago

    Yay!!! I just tried out one of my Halloween looks, and my face was sooooo raw after washing off all the layers 😜🙈 So thank you for the tips!! 👍👍👍

  • Kelly Hannah
    Kelly Hannah 4 days ago

    fancy product shots in this vid Mikey, love it!🙌🏼❤️

  • Alana OConnell
    Alana OConnell 4 days ago

    Mykie I just want you to know you are an amazing person and help me so much you don't even know.

  • Raivynn G.
    Raivynn G. 4 days ago

    why is she so CUTE with black out contacts and no make up-

  • Amanda Nail
    Amanda Nail 4 days ago

    I love this!! But Imma need a vid on this skull makeup. 💕💕

  • minashanify
    minashanify 4 days ago

    How is no one asking why Mykie doesnt wash her face after taking off the makeup??

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  • Amy R.
    Amy R. 4 days ago

    could you do an eleven or just generally stranger things look in honer of the upcoming new season?

  • Caitlin Donnelly
    Caitlin Donnelly 4 days ago

    Ur so talented I love that skeleton contour!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Faith Mackey 4 days ago

    Your dog looks like Balto 😍

  • SARAH.
    SARAH. 4 days ago

    would love a tutorial for that skull

  • Anete Rudāne
    Anete Rudāne 4 days ago

    Hey Mykie, could you maybe make a video on your accutane journey? I am thinking of starting to use it, but my doctor says that it is a really strong drug, and it could have a permanent damaging to the female reproductive organs. I really want to get rid of my acne, but nothing is really helping me, i would love to know your opinion.

  • Ciara Geoghegan
    Ciara Geoghegan 4 days ago

    Can you please do a tutorial for Gaurdians of the Galaxy? And also where would you recommend to purchase contacts? This video was really helpful😊

  • Elo F.
    Elo F. 4 days ago

    Tutorial on the skelleton look please!

  • ana
    ana 4 days ago

    that makeup looks WAY better with your natural hair than with that ugly wig haha

  • Geena Michelle
    Geena Michelle 4 days ago

    Skeleton makeup tutorial?? That was a stellar one!

  • The sensitive Libra
    The sensitive Libra 4 days ago

    She posted on my BIRTHDAY!!🖤🖤

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    Christine M. 4 days ago

    i want a tutorial on this look hecka yeahhhh

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    Jamie Hayes 4 days ago

    Omg, is it only me who thinks Mykie looks really cool with just the contacts and no makeup?

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    The Morgue 4 days ago

    Love your videos sooo much

  • loveelyladie
    loveelyladie 4 days ago

    Does anyone know where I can get special fx contacts that are safe to wear?