100 People Tell Us How Much Money They Make | Keep it 100 | Cut


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  • Vozone
    Vozone Day ago

    400k damn whats his adress?

  • Roblox Eats Kids

    I make 2000000 a month so everyone is poor

  • SLaPP_GhosT
    SLaPP_GhosT Day ago

    i make 1Mil Dollars everyday Playing fortnite cough* cough* fake money!!

  • Giovanna Crescenzo

    where tf does a server make 60k please point me in the direction of that restaurant

  • Don't eat me
    Don't eat me Day ago

    A lot people in our country make around 800€-1000€ for month ,also someone can make more..

  • Yoonmin Yoonmin
    Yoonmin Yoonmin Day ago

    *"Not including money from the daddies"*
    👀oh hunny please do tell me more

  • Robbie Haynes
    Robbie Haynes Day ago

    So life sucks

  • Loek Lodewijck
    Loek Lodewijck Day ago

    Jezus these people get paid well for a lot of shitty jobs

  • MugTheBoss
    MugTheBoss Day ago

    400K? WHAT

  • Counting till i die ÆØÅ

    4:40 whaaaaaat thaaaaa

  • Harley Saunders
    Harley Saunders Day ago

    I make almost 80k a year but the more you get the more expenses you have and the cost of living just keeps going up. I remember having maybe $20 a week for food after bills for myself it’s was hard. Cost of living affects everyone just on different scales.

  • Marky Green
    Marky Green Day ago

    I’m from the Uk 🇬🇧 and to us 400k would be very comfortable anything past 100k is very good here. But I’ve seen comments of people saying 160k is nothing in America is that really true or just rich privileged kids quoting their daddies pay cheques!

  • Karan Kanwar
    Karan Kanwar Day ago

    People are more comfortable talking about their sexual history than they are taking about their income...

  • ssa
    ssa Day ago

    0:40 he is so pretty!!!

  • Maria Gu
    Maria Gu Day ago

    I cant wait to become a social worker 💓 im so broke but i try to get into job a lot however rejected 3 times

  • NoobsAreAwesome !!

    My sister makes 600 a week. If you're looking for good jobs come Melbourne, Australia

  • man up
    man up Day ago +1

    Most of them were just lying srsly dude making 35k for selling sandwiches

  • Ha Du
    Ha Du Day ago

    I don’t get this...why did people even come to do this video if they weren’t going to say their salary? Where they lured into the studio under a different guise of questions?

  • minseoki ki
    minseoki ki Day ago +1

    'not including the money from the daddies'
    i'm wHEEZING

    SALEEM MG Day ago

    If we make $1000 in South Asia, bruhh we considered *RICH*

    SALEEM MG Day ago

    All and all boys Software makes you the most money!!

  • AgvegaPlayz G
    AgvegaPlayz G Day ago +1

    If there not going to say how much money they make then GET THE FUCK OF THE SHOW like Jesus lol

  • N Pavanyoutube
    N Pavanyoutube Day ago

    You guys can create some content from those who literally earn nothing , I mean why would a person who probably earns 300-400k and beyond would waste some time for you they fucking mind their own business right

  • PrideX
    PrideX Day ago

    I make $41 a year

  • Cole
    Cole 2 days ago


  • Potato guy
    Potato guy 2 days ago

    At least i know im broke and not alone

  • John Schofield
    John Schofield 2 days ago

    Top one percent makes too much

  • Trystan Wesley Stone

    Look its a old pete davidson 3:13

  • wired al
    wired al 2 days ago

    You would be fired if you discussed it??!!! I'm fairly sure that's illegal. You can and are even encouraged to discuss it.

  • DerecMathew O
    DerecMathew O 2 days ago

    They need better careers...

  • Alyssa H
    Alyssa H 2 days ago

    “Not including the daddies” BRUH

  • ItsJuannn
    ItsJuannn 2 days ago +1

    Lets participate
    I make $0 a year comment below how much you make

  • Josh
    Josh 2 days ago

    Has food stamps but wears north face jacket

  • fly away
    fly away 2 days ago

    Don't tell your business! Someone could find you and rob your ass.

  • AwesomeKitCat
    AwesomeKitCat 2 days ago

    "There's no amount of money that can make you happy"
    ok give away all your money then. I hate when people say money doesn't correlate to happiness. Yes, money ALONE can't make you happy. But it sure as hell helps when you can pay your bills and not be afraid.

  • RagePhsyc
    RagePhsyc 2 days ago

    $9.50/hr at a movie theater. Thanks Cinemark. $9,850/yr

  • Maria Lmp
    Maria Lmp 2 days ago

    They lying lmfao

  • Wehlon McCall
    Wehlon McCall 2 days ago

    Cuh asked all the black people what they do lik he was surprised or something

  • Bundle ASMR
    Bundle ASMR 2 days ago +1

    “To be very brutally honest there are some extenuating circumstances that make me feel uncomfortable answering this question?” This guy is 100% a millionaire

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 days ago

    Who cares what you make? If someone asked me I’d tell them because I don’t give a shit.

  • KkitKkat
    KkitKkat 2 days ago

    Can you replace some of these people??

  • Proton
    Proton 2 days ago

    "not including money from the daddies"
    You know how to do it boy!

  • Amber Aughey
    Amber Aughey 2 days ago

    Living for the last woman

    MAX SORMANTI BLOOM 2 days ago

    I mainly just make sandwiches though

  • idkk.masha
    idkk.masha 2 days ago

    "thats for me to know and that foe me to know " I cant evenn bahhaha

  • Backup 258
    Backup 258 2 days ago

    1:38 if you know you know ;)

    Dream teacher btw

  • Kathryn George
    Kathryn George 2 days ago

    I get not answering because of your job but for those whom think it's to personal a question, yet answered other questions like about their for time having sex and so on.....seriously people!?!? WTF and WTH!!!!!

  • Izzy G
    Izzy G 2 days ago

    You notice how the people who make more money 100k and up, are like super serious, right to the point, while the lower end people are usually more non-chalant types, almost like kids.
    Btw, I make 50,000 a year working every day of the year (76 hours a week). It sucks.

  • AveryGemini
    AveryGemini 2 days ago

    This depresses me

  • 808ainosked
    808ainosked 2 days ago

    I need to get into software lol.

  • Hippity Hopotus
    Hippity Hopotus 2 days ago

    Why does someone who is unemployed make more a month than me, an employed person?

  • x DerBoiNexus
    x DerBoiNexus 2 days ago

    That much with making sandwiches eyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Ali Hesham
    Ali Hesham 2 days ago

    Fuck i make 230k a year i work 16 hours in a bank in NYC how does these niggas make

  • Ronny B
    Ronny B 2 days ago

    WHO IS THE WOMAN AT 0:26 ! !

  • Sam  Wilson
    Sam Wilson 2 days ago

    3:27 a fucking server makes $60,000 wtffff

  • Chad Olando
    Chad Olando 2 days ago

    ngl only broke people dont say

  • Zoie Wolford
    Zoie Wolford 3 days ago

    What the fuck is so private about it😂

  • George Yan
    George Yan 3 days ago

    All these broke ass niggas looking so sleek tho

  • oh yeah yeah why my pee pee hard

    I grew up with my parents not working but we were always comfortable. Just this year ( I'm in year 10 ) I learned that we had millions in savings. It changed my view of my parents as they never bought me expensive things and we never lived in a house more than 6 bedrooms. But I am happy to have lived a moderate lifestyle growing up.

  • BenyQuinonez
    BenyQuinonez 3 days ago +1

    Was this a trailer? WAS IT?!

  • Niko Geo
    Niko Geo 3 days ago

    Funny how you had the trades in top 10 don’t sleep on that industry!

  • Rylie Gris
    Rylie Gris 3 days ago

    2:53 gorgeous

  • Spoon -
    Spoon - 3 days ago

    How does a person survive on 16k a year WTF

  • Customizegamer 15
    Customizegamer 15 3 days ago

    I don't rlly care if you know how much money I make like what are you going to do brag or be jelious bc I know I'm not going to be embarrassed 😂

  • Arneshia Jenkins
    Arneshia Jenkins 3 days ago

    The last lady 😂

  • Ms Audy
    Ms Audy 3 days ago

    Willing to bet at least 80% of people not sharing their income lie to collect government benefits. The last chick though is a prostitute lmfao

  • athyrhanifa
    athyrhanifa 3 days ago

    In what city is that teacher making 75 K? And I call myself being happy that our district finally gave us a raise that made me a little above the 40K bracket. Lol

    SAIYAN SLAYER 23 3 days ago

    I thought that was Auntie Fee in the thumbnail.

  • gabi ponce
    gabi ponce 3 days ago

    i wanna make 35,000 for making sandwiches

  • Charzilla
    Charzilla 3 days ago

    Bruh I’m 14 and make more than some of these people

  • E H16
    E H16 3 days ago

    Is no one gonna talk about the guy that said 3:40 “a quarter of a million would be sufficient” 🤣 that’s $250k that’s well over sufficient

  • lucifer
    lucifer 3 days ago

    2:40 this the vice north Korea dude?

  • Jocelin Silva
    Jocelin Silva 3 days ago

    so fucking annoying how they ask them in the beginning how much they made but they act like they don't know what they are there for.

  • Atomic brando
    Atomic brando 3 days ago

    “Combination of unemployment and child support “ .......
    Nah sis just unemployment

  • Amity Brain
    Amity Brain 3 days ago

    The Dancer at 2:30 is also the lead singer of Enamity! :)

  • Mia Brown
    Mia Brown 3 days ago

    I don’t really get why it’s personal?

  • Ezequiel Galeano
    Ezequiel Galeano 3 days ago

    It’s funny when the more they make the more people say how much they make

  • Sweswio
    Sweswio 3 days ago +1

    Hip hop streaming service dude seems cool and makes good money boys

  • Ashley Serrano
    Ashley Serrano 3 days ago

    Yo i need to know where this daycare provider works cause i dont even make half of that

  • Scarlett Verity
    Scarlett Verity 3 days ago

    We all earn the same amount of money
    Not enough..

    STEPBACK GOD 3 days ago

    All the broke people say it’s private lmaooo my nigga d’arron would walk in that bish and be like “a cool 16 mill”

  • Brit Ferguson
    Brit Ferguson 3 days ago

    Wait...wow $16,000. I know the cost of living in the US is significantly cheaper than here in Canada but damn.

    KING SIZE 3 days ago

    My dad make 4.2 million a year


  • Lil Cred
    Lil Cred 3 days ago

    The people that get $0 complain less then the people who get $60k

  • ModBase
    ModBase 3 days ago

    How much money do you make? $36k / year. What do you do? I'm an entrepreneur. I lol'd

  • Zane Zinn
    Zane Zinn 3 days ago

    Why do people care so much about saying how much they make???

  • Nikola Bogdanovic
    Nikola Bogdanovic 3 days ago

    The guy who makes 400,000 probably gets mad if his son spends $20 on something that matters to him ngl

  • Emma Pauline
    Emma Pauline 3 days ago

    I’ve never understood why people are so uncomfortable with talking about money. We talk more about our sex lives than our pay checks.

    • Cherrie
      Cherrie 3 days ago

      Emma Pauline not speaking openly about your income is not something to be guilt-tripped about, it’s perfectly reasonable.

    • Emma Pauline
      Emma Pauline 3 days ago

      Cherrie talking about money is not about having a high salary. Society has made it taboo to talk about our income. Gaby Dunn talks about this a lot in her book “Bad with Money”. It’s perpetually separating America into different classes based on income when there needs to not be.

    • Cherrie
      Cherrie 3 days ago

      Emma Pauline Every human can have sex, but not every human can have a high salary.

  • xev
    xev 3 days ago

    4:39 this nigga rich yo

  • Ruth Noemi
    Ruth Noemi 3 days ago

    I make $15 an hour full time job as a daycare teacher I’m pretty happy with it but at times is very overwhelming. Money doesn’t make anyone or nothing is silly how ppl get offended not saying how much they make I mean it’s just a paper when you die it won’t go with you

  • Whosmansisthis?
    Whosmansisthis? 3 days ago

    I make around 47,000 I’m about to turn 23

  • Maria G
    Maria G 3 days ago

    "not including money from....the daddy's" lmaooooooooooooooooo

  • Justin McKnight
    Justin McKnight 3 days ago

    mostly women??? is this the $0.73 on a dollar? I think all of these people MAKE DIFFERENT CHOICES to earn what they earn...am I off base?

  • Adeyeye Samuel
    Adeyeye Samuel 3 days ago

    People in my country make less than $1200 and feed their Fannie family.

  • Samantha H
    Samantha H 3 days ago

    Shit I need to start sellin some software or something

  • gustavinhosouza16
    gustavinhosouza16 3 days ago

    Where are the rich people????

  • Lolli Pop
    Lolli Pop 3 days ago

    I don‘t know why people are so uncomfortable with telling how much money they make..

  • WonderGirl
    WonderGirl 3 days ago

    I've never understood why it is a bad thing to share your income. Maybe if you are loaded I get it, but I think it's a great thing to share income. It gives more power to the employees

  • Devin Casila
    Devin Casila 3 days ago

    Broke bois