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  • Published on Jul 21, 2018
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    US Release Date: December 21, 2018
    Starring: Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman
    Directed By: James Wan
    Synopsis: Arthur Curry learns that he is the heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, and must step forward to lead his people and to be a hero to the world.
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Comments • 3 833

  • Movieclips Trailers
    Movieclips Trailers  Year ago +359

    Can I just have one of those sharks to ride around on? #sharkweek

    • cynthia santiago
      cynthia santiago 6 months ago

      A O U A M A N HD

      THICKLUVA 1 Year ago


    • loki2240
      loki2240 Year ago

      Saaid R - I don't know that they wanted to make a Submariner movie. Namor isn't really a likeable guy.

    • dirk diggler
      dirk diggler Year ago

      Movieclips Trailers looks like finding nemo 3

    • Omar Williams
      Omar Williams Year ago

      Did I see the two sharks from Katy Perry's half time show?!?

  • Song RaeWon
    Song RaeWon 20 days ago

    is the Trollhunters music

  • فطـومـهہ هہ
    فطـومـهہ هہ 4 months ago

    احلئ فلم 😻

  • Jeremy Cornwell
    Jeremy Cornwell 9 months ago

    Feed the rite demons

  • Oluwatoyin Aina
    Oluwatoyin Aina 9 months ago +1

    BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zahraa zahraaraqi
    zahraa zahraaraqi 9 months ago +1

    It's very amazing 🖤🖤🖤🖤.and I love these.❤❤❤❤❤❤💋

  • Mohamed AL mahfood
    Mohamed AL mahfood 10 months ago back, greet movie in my personal opinion Aquaman and the Dark Knight tirogly best Produced DC ever and then comes Man of Steel

  • Mohamed AL mahfood
    Mohamed AL mahfood 11 months ago +2

    Trailer 10/10
    movie 11/10
    DC is back....Great movie (all-round story-story plot, dialogue-action-drama-comedy) Finally DC produced a wonderful movie of five years!!After Man of Steel , for me personally Aquaman has the best DC movies ever with Batman Trio (The Dark Knight) triogly

  • DestilatorNo1
    DestilatorNo1 Year ago

    sea-man :D

  • skr Sir
    skr Sir Year ago

    omg.really heavy heavy

  • Scarlet Witch
    Scarlet Witch Year ago

    Pretty good movie

  • Santanna Demoulin
    Santanna Demoulin Year ago +1

    I like this move

  • Santanna Demoulin

    This is nice

  • Bruce Moller
    Bruce Moller Year ago

    Cool I just watched the move and it blows soooooo coool

  • Richard Wachara
    Richard Wachara Year ago

    Comic wanabees lol... the movie is unimaginative, James Wanabee should resign ASP.....!!!!

  • Acong Saja
    Acong Saja Year ago

    james cameron.... james gunn.... james wan ... is it coincidence haha

  • Bren 92
    Bren 92 Year ago

    The music is from Troll Hunters on Netflix

  • Crackin Cookie Cup

    Already Watched It

  • jo chivers
    jo chivers Year ago

    I'm askin meh mama to see did and I'm only. 8

  • Christian Credentials

    I just came here to hate.
    Aquaman sucks!!
    I want to see Godzilla2019! Yeaahh. Aquaman boring!

  • Liam 678
    Liam 678 Year ago

    Aqua man looks dope in this movie

  • Niteesh Raj
    Niteesh Raj Year ago

    Watch the trailer of K.G.F most anticipated movie of INDIA, and the movie releasing on the Dec 21.

  • Emanuel Bravo
    Emanuel Bravo Year ago

    0:50 The giant tidal wave about what James Wan spoke. Looks awesome.

  • ken landicho
    ken landicho Year ago

    damnnn kid author is badass

  • Lewi Gacha
    Lewi Gacha Year ago

    Ariel and aquaman?..

  • Alan Q. Wake
    Alan Q. Wake Year ago +4

    How did they manage make a lame hero like Aquaman badass?!

  • Yetti Man
    Yetti Man Year ago

    Kinda funny the DC hits out out of the friggin park... with Aquaman ?!?!? Finally a decent looking DC movie

    • Yetti Man
      Yetti Man Year ago

      @Leron Aavine you mean the one they should have called The Joker? Cause it was all about him. Ir McBane. Cause batman was in it for like the last 10 min.

    • Yetti Man
      Yetti Man Year ago

      @Leron Aavine correct. But all earlier movies sucked large. They have superman ! And they sucked too

  • Jasmine Kaif
    Jasmine Kaif Year ago

    plz help me to find the name of this movie, it was released in 2016 or 2017 something, where a young boy is in love with a girl and they chat on mobile everyday, one day he take his dad car to meet that girl, but after they meet the girl told him that he is her twin brother, and his parents couldn't afford two kids so he was adopted by other couple. the boy in the movie was soo cute. plz help me.

  • Ze Bunker
    Ze Bunker Year ago


  • Assumption is the mother Of all fuck-ups

    Remember on “Entourage “ the running joke of a “good” Aquaman movie? Lol

    SAVIO DAVID Year ago

    Forgot ABT super man , wrath of seven seas

  • Lexyonyou
    Lexyonyou Year ago +1


  • Darshit Max
    Darshit Max Year ago

    The worst movie ever I hate DC Marvel's is awesome

  • Jazz Joseph
    Jazz Joseph Year ago

    red heads got a problem...LoL

  • b00m13
    b00m13 Year ago +1

    Aquaman, just control The MEG and it's game over~

  • Ravindra Chauhan
    Ravindra Chauhan Year ago +1

    very good movie trailor

  • Ravindra Chauhan
    Ravindra Chauhan Year ago

    hello brother this movie realesing date years

  • Faizan Khan
    Faizan Khan Year ago

    What a great video

  • RatedRx3
    RatedRx3 Year ago

    JAMES WANNNNNNNN 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • RatedRx3
    RatedRx3 Year ago +1

    JAMES WANNNNNNN 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Zahid Merchant
    Zahid Merchant Year ago +4

    Superior visuals...same old story line from the likes of Black Panther and Thor...same old brother rivalry

    • Tim Van
      Tim Van Year ago


    • Mezak Zambono24
      Mezak Zambono24 Year ago

      @Zahid Merchant I don't care it still looks good to watch

    • Zahid Merchant
      Zahid Merchant Year ago

      Maybe, but the context of a rightful heir to a throne and his feud with a brother or half is so very passe

    • Mezak Zambono24
      Mezak Zambono24 Year ago +1

      Aquaman predates black panther comics. And there is no resemblance between Thor and Loki with Aquaman and Orm, for a start Thor isn't even the actual brother of Loki he is adopted.

  • Eva G
    Eva G Year ago +2

    2 hours of Jason Mamoa im down .

  • MrMichaelpaul45
    MrMichaelpaul45 Year ago

    This film looks great but would love a film to be made with Submarine in it.I feel he is better than Aquaman.

  • Dan Dott
    Dan Dott Year ago


    RAVI YADAV Year ago

    Lol hero

  • Lieutenant Scrotes

    Why did they change Mera's hair to red? She looked great as a blond in Justice League!

  • David Copperfield

    NOT TRUE !
    If this underwater world existed
    James Cameron would have found it by now

  • vivek singh
    vivek singh Year ago

    Looks like competing with Marvel, by following Thor Ragnarok kinda movie...

    DEMONKING Year ago

    Trailer is a load of crap it's different from the comics

  • MildKoala 03
    MildKoala 03 Year ago

    DC might finally do something right.

  • Nathalia Navarro
    Nathalia Navarro Year ago

    I am a marvel fan but I can’t wait to see this movie. This looks so good.

  • The Sword Of Allah

    this guy have made another good movie i watch it yesterday but i wont watch this one i dont like fantasy movies.

  • Dido Ali
    Dido Ali Year ago

    Welcome back DC ✌

  • Vinings Gal
    Vinings Gal Year ago

    Could have been a great movie if it didn’t have Amber Heard in it. Jason deserves better

  • Harry Dyckenhaand

    Id lic that redheads hiney ...

  • Mr X
    Mr X Year ago

    wow. just wow!

  • originalSWIFTY
    originalSWIFTY Year ago


  • Dragon Soul
    Dragon Soul Year ago

    This looks AWESOME!!!!! But, the thing is, I'm into Marvel not DC. Can I still see Aquaman without knowing anything about him?

  • big ass
    big ass Year ago

    What does dc means? Disconnect?

  • indrajeet paswan
    indrajeet paswan Year ago

    Osam movie