Easy Homemade Pastrami - How to Turn Corned Beef Into Pastrami


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  • suezotiger
    suezotiger 9 hours ago

    Almost that time of year again when they practically give corned beef away. I think I'm going to buy three this year

  • James Locke
    James Locke 2 days ago

    Nice but no cigar. A wet brine with all the same ingredients plus a couple of garlic cloves for a couple of days refrigerated . Before cooking soak 4 hours in clean water put mustard on the brisket then add the rub. Put in smoker until internal is 155 F then wrap, place in oven at 225 F until internal is 202-5 F remove from oven and rest for 50 min. Enjoy. or refigerate and steam it for service when wanted. Put on rye with mustard and a side of Kosher pickles. Enjoy.

  • David Fildes
    David Fildes 4 days ago

    3inch Montreal smoked meat on rye and pint of Guiness..😁

  • Carson Wells
    Carson Wells 5 days ago

    Foil Wrap, Is it important to know or use the "Shiny Side inside" or the Dull Side inside"
    Are there recommendations that change for different dishes?

  • Sam T.
    Sam T. 7 days ago

    now turn bologna into mortadella.

  • NorCal SawSquatch
    NorCal SawSquatch 11 days ago

    "A little bit of foil" 😬😂

  • patricia Brooks
    patricia Brooks 17 days ago

    Wow, wonderful, you never cease to amaze me. This is well worth the effort. Thank you!

  • Nick T
    Nick T 21 day ago

    is that some kind of mayo on a pastrami sandwich!!.....a sacrilege!!

  • t r
    t r 29 days ago

    I tried two methods of making pastrami. This way and the instant pot method/oven method. This recipe is definitely the way to go! Honestly, Chef John hasn’t failed me yet. 6 hours of that dry rub really getting into the meat and that low heat working hard to tenderize the meat over time, the long wait was definitely worth it. Is it Katz’s? No. But will it give Katz’s a run for its money? Also no. This is the best homemade pastrami though!

  • christo farnucc
    christo farnucc Month ago

    thank you chef john for making it about the food.

  • Allan Peda
    Allan Peda 2 months ago

    What if I did this to a fresh Brisket?

  • jessie james
    jessie james 2 months ago

    all i can say is wow

  • beerbrewer737
    beerbrewer737 2 months ago

    Man this looks great!

  • J Potter
    J Potter 2 months ago

    No measurements on the rub ingredients???

  • servicarrider
    servicarrider 2 months ago

    Is Pastrami no longer a smoked meat?

  • Don Gray
    Don Gray 2 months ago

    Fast and easy Ha....took 8 plus hours

  • Robert Malone
    Robert Malone 3 months ago

    Where is the corn

  • Andrew Ocean
    Andrew Ocean 3 months ago


  • The Studio Broadcast
    The Studio Broadcast 3 months ago


  • Darryl Knight
    Darryl Knight 3 months ago

    Does this man know how bad it is to cook in aluminium foil ??

  • Mac Tim
    Mac Tim 3 months ago

    Chief John; You are da bomb! So wonderful to see you making the food the star of your presentations So many love to perform for their presentations. I love the way you voice over your presentation, you make your food talk, so easy to follow and so entertaining I will be a constant follower and lover your recipes

  • just tired
    just tired 4 months ago

    This sandwich looks bad... if I could post pics, I'd post my dishes here.

  • marcus cicero
    marcus cicero 4 months ago

    can not believe you allowed that bread to be used in your video chef. it began to disintegrate with finger tip pressure

  • Steve .Cox
    Steve .Cox 4 months ago

    Chef John, love the videos. Should the pastrami be cut "cross grain", or does that not matter after curing? Thanks

  • nir766
    nir766 4 months ago

    Which share is best to use?

  • Roger Dutton
    Roger Dutton 5 months ago

    Corned beef in the UK doesn't come looking like that!

  • Gaelan McCann
    Gaelan McCann 5 months ago

    I had no idea this recipe was missing from my life.

  • [ D3DNS1D3 ]
    [ D3DNS1D3 ] 5 months ago


  • Sierra Alpha Romeo
    Sierra Alpha Romeo 5 months ago

    3:19 it looks like a crocodile’s head

  • Vaclav Bufka
    Vaclav Bufka 6 months ago

    no salt at all ???

  • Bill Morash
    Bill Morash 6 months ago

    Chef John, I just made this this week using a Montreal smoked meat style rub.
    It's not as good as Schwartz's but it's better than I can get here in Albany.

  • Steve Logan
    Steve Logan 7 months ago +3

    Oh, one other thing, i like pastrami on rye with mustard also, but one way i like it even better is on rye with room temperature irish butter instead of the mustard. If you can't get irish butter, just use a good unsalted butter, Wisconsin's is very good. Do not knock it if you haven't tried it because it is delicious. Spread the butter on both pieces of rye from edge to edge, trust me.

  • Steve Logan
    Steve Logan 7 months ago +1

    Chef john, or anyone else on here who may know, i'm irish from rural kentucky, so i'm familiar with the brisket cut and seasonings for corn beef(even tho many irish,scottish folks here like lt, i don't believe it is a celtic derived recipe), and of course we love it with cabbage,potatoes,carrots. I like pastrami, but i saw on a show, (think it was Man vs. Food) that pastrami was made from a navel cut of beef, which i would assume is more tender, since brisket is about the toughest piece of meat on a cow, anyway, does the navel cut have a specific name ? I've never seen a piece of meat at the butcher shop or grocery store that says "navel cut"and here, since it is rarely served anywhere, even the meat guys don't know

  • Victor's Farming Adventures

    I LOVE your recipe's ... ( I figure out approx amounts by watching CLOSELY ) You are ( Semi ) Awesome ;)

  • Route 166
    Route 166 7 months ago

    Reminded me of my ex-wife

  • Bryan Gayo
    Bryan Gayo 7 months ago

    Unwrapped and rock n roll!

  • Alberta Middleton
    Alberta Middleton 7 months ago

    OK, I'm so mad. I won't tell you how I was taught to cook corned beef. Its a disgrace and I'm ashamed. 😒😒😒😒 I will from this day on, prepare it this way.

  • Troy Ortega
    Troy Ortega 7 months ago

    Brown or stoneground mustard please. U forgot the sauerkraut and to toast or grill the rye bread🙂. Looks like a good method. I bet a slow cooker would work well too

  • Tony Soprano
    Tony Soprano 7 months ago +1

    Ok Chef John, I just made this, I cooked it at 225 for 6 hrs. let it cool down and put it in the Fridge. Going to dust it with more rub and finish it off under the broiler. Hope it comes out as good as yours. (8 hours later) My pastrami came out great. warmed it on a flat on BBQ grill, but maybe next time a little less pepper. it was incredibly tender and succulent.

  • Satish
    Satish 8 months ago

    @ 1:34 No matter how borderline inappropriate it may look or feel. LOL

  • Ed Keaton
    Ed Keaton 8 months ago +2

    "I find the Pastrami to be the most sensual of all the salted, cured meats." --- Vivian, ("Seinfeld").

  • The Poor Conservative
    The Poor Conservative 8 months ago +1

    I put this in my Masterbilt smoker for 3 hours at 250, then into an oven on a rack and covered over water to steam for another 2 hours. Love the rub Chef, perfect flavor

  • Cooking with Jeff
    Cooking with Jeff 8 months ago

    Just finally finished the whole process. Crazy good. I sorted through a dozen recipes before I settled on this one. You never let me down.

  • Cooking with Jeff
    Cooking with Jeff 9 months ago

    Doing this now and my house smells like a Jewish deli! I can’t wait

  • Ariyeh Levy
    Ariyeh Levy 9 months ago

    u r AWESOME

  • Island Butterfly
    Island Butterfly 9 months ago

    I truly enjoy your videos....thanks for sharing, I always feel like I learned something new.❤

  • René Price
    René Price 9 months ago

    fOod wishes dawt com

  • Michael T
    Michael T 10 months ago

    You may want to consider putting a couple of slices of Swiss Cheese with the Dark Rye Bread & a Kosher Garlic Dill Pickle. Give it a try. Great recipe!

  • Nettie Patton
    Nettie Patton 10 months ago +1

    Can I use a 5 pound corn beef?

  • DaSmokinB0ss
    DaSmokinB0ss 10 months ago +1


  • Clayton Smith
    Clayton Smith 10 months ago

    Whooah!!! Stop the BOAT!!! You forgot to take a bite of the pickle between bites and!!%&??##!! Where's the GINGER ALE!!!##&%%##!!!

  • John Mal
    John Mal 11 months ago +1

    Take it to the next level and steam the next day until it falls apart. Use to do that in my deli it will melt in your mouth. Quick recipe use to take me a week to make it with the marination process.

  • steve e miller
    steve e miller 11 months ago

    Trying this one today! Thanks!

  • Orion Five
    Orion Five 11 months ago

    What about a few hours on the smoker? Then wrap it in butcher paper for another couple of hours? What kind of internal temp are we looking for?

  • Arthur Bohlmann
    Arthur Bohlmann 11 months ago +1

    I made my 1st pastrami on rye cooked with your recipe chef and it turned out great. Thanks for the great recipe.

  • John
    John 11 months ago

    Chef John, you forgot the sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and thousand island dressing to make a perfect reuben sandwich.

  • Luis Villalobos
    Luis Villalobos 11 months ago

    Chef john.... how can this be done without foil? Parchment?

  • jean
    jean 11 months ago


  • GolDreadLocks
    GolDreadLocks 11 months ago

    pumperknickel.. Not rye bread... But still amazing!

  • shawn figueroa
    shawn figueroa 11 months ago

    Just 1 more video I said. Just 1. And here I am 5 videos in still saying just 1 more.

  • Cindy S
    Cindy S 11 months ago

    DIe for some good pastrami, here in Florida it is basically very lightly peppered roast beef...sigh.

  • eugene julson
    eugene julson 11 months ago

    Honey Mustard?

  • Thomas Grant
    Thomas Grant 11 months ago

    That's Pumpernickel not Rye.

  • DJ Freddy Fred (CARBON)
    DJ Freddy Fred (CARBON) 11 months ago

    eh...still looks like corned beef at the end..sorry... bubble burster here...looks yummy tho!

  • Tom
    Tom Year ago

    "Quick and easy"

  • Daniel
    Daniel Year ago +1

    Hi, chef. That looks great. However, I am from Brazil and I could not find a translation for corned beef :(
    Is it a fresh piece of meet? What part of the animal is that? Can I freeze some of this "pastrami" to eat a week later? Thanks.

    • ghretighoti
      ghretighoti 8 months ago

      Usually beef brisket is the cut, and it is cured with brine (salt and water). The cured brisket is then called "corned beef." The term "corned" literally means preserved in salt water.

    • peshmerge44
      peshmerge44 10 months ago +1

      Daniel google cured beef. That is what corned beef and pastrami are. Pastrami additionally is smoked and has a spicecrust

  • john svoboda
    john svoboda Year ago

    Inappropriate look! LMAO!

  • raedwulf61
    raedwulf61 Year ago +2

    "Quick and easy." Takes two days.

    • Larry Smith
      Larry Smith 6 months ago

      raedwulf61 The actual effort is fairly small and takes little time. Granted, oven and refrigerator time is about 30 hours, but you don't have to watch it.

  • Charles Wagner
    Charles Wagner Year ago

    You forgot the Kraut and the Swiss cheese. Therefore, this is an abomination.

  • Karol Bała
    Karol Bała Year ago +1

    Montreal > new york

  • Jay Lucas
    Jay Lucas Year ago +1

    I’m going to try this Sous-vide this weekend. I’ve done corned beef that way before and it was awesome so it can only get better! (I did 135f for 50 hours for the corned beef)

  • rneustel
    rneustel Year ago

    It wasn't piled high enough!

  • Clint Whatley
    Clint Whatley Year ago


  • uhavemooface
    uhavemooface Year ago

    No chips?

  • Alex Kingcole
    Alex Kingcole Year ago


  • Will Conway Jr
    Will Conway Jr Year ago

    This is not pastrami. It is neither smoked or steamed.

  • birol s
    birol s Year ago

    turkish pastrami recipe:
    1/2 tsp fenugreek seed grounded
    3 tsp paprika
    2 clove garlic crushed
    1/3 tsp cumin grounded
    1/4 tsp coriander grounded
    1/4 tsp ground mustard seed
    1/4 tsp black pepper grounded
    mix it with water for make it like a paste. and put in aside for 2 days. then its ready to use. you can use it for make sandwiches too :)

  • Steve Logan
    Steve Logan Year ago

    This will do in a pinch, but corn beef comes from the brisket , chest area of the cow, and pastrami comes from the navel belly area of the cow, which is more tender, may i suggest softened butter on rye instead of mustard, its great, but hey, if you are in a pinch craving pastrimi, this will do, and as always, good job john

  • liv ics
    liv ics Year ago

    Amaziiinnnggg! 💞

  • Valentina D'amelio.

    Can I make this dish without a cured meat? We don't have anything like that in my country

  • russofamerica
    russofamerica Year ago +19

    01:32 - "I want you to get all the sides, every nook and cranny, no matter how borderline inappropriate it may look or feel." Lols! John's hilarious.

  • SGT Fon
    SGT Fon Year ago +1

    where is the smoke?

  • Yolie Gunderson
    Yolie Gunderson Year ago +1

    The master. I love this man. I have learned so much from his videos.

  • halleffect1
    halleffect1 Year ago +1

    1:35 I missed that the first time I watched, hilarious!

  • Charlie Pace
    Charlie Pace Year ago +1

    you are a very good cook, many thanks for your ideas

  • Robin Halsey
    Robin Halsey Year ago

    Hello Chef: Question! Doesn't authentic pastrami have/brined/cooked with juniper berries? I've got some and I'm wondering if I should grind a couple for my rub?

    • acampchef
      acampchef Year ago

      This is a basic recipe, if you like the flavor of juniper berries just add to taste.
      Also traditional pastrami is slow smoked to an internal temperature of 152%, and with the USDA today 162%

  • Shaggy2222
    Shaggy2222 Year ago

    What would the uk equivalent be of corned beef? We have some tinned stuff that is called corn beef, like spam..

  • michael stradley
    michael stradley Year ago

    WOW,,,No smoker,,sacreligious!!!!!

  • Re Ja
    Re Ja Year ago +2

    Corned beef is meant to be boiled in quite a bit of water which removes a lot of the salt from the brine that gets inside the slab. Try tasting the cooking liquid sometime and see how much salt comes out into the water. I can't imagine how salty this must taste! I think the raw corned beef is supposed to be soaked at least overnight in the frig to remove some of that salt.

    • Angela G
      Angela G 11 months ago +3

      Re Ja actually it's not salty at all if you rinse it when it comes out of the package. I cook corned beef regularly, and I've never boiled it or soaked it, but it is very tasty in a pressure cooker with only 2 cups of water for 90 minutes. Then use the liquid to cook your veg in, very, very tasty indeed

  • Mark Taylor
    Mark Taylor Year ago

    If a 4 pound corned beef takes 6 hours does a 2 pound corned beef also take 6 hours?

  • John Mansfield
    John Mansfield Year ago

    Can you show us Rye Bread?

  • Bruno Vasco
    Bruno Vasco Year ago +1

    that is beautiful! thank you!

  • Pan Darius Kairos
    Pan Darius Kairos Year ago +1

    God damn I'm hungry.

  • Huggy Bear
    Huggy Bear Year ago +1

    Six hours of baking, that cost a lot for electricity or gas.

    STELLAFELLA Year ago +1

    1:35..... corned beef curtains....... Yummy
    (english slang)

  • Mark Landgraf
    Mark Landgraf Year ago +1


  • cute2berry
    cute2berry Year ago

    how long can this pastrami keep fresh in the fridge. does it freeze well too?
    I want that much meat to last me a month, will it ?? please let us know. thank you!

  • skip davis
    skip davis Year ago

    ok: i'm armed with a smoker, and I WILL USE IT! any ideas on how to do this with a smoker?

  • DjCole100
    DjCole100 Year ago

    TRIM THE FAT... NO NO NO. this is the only time you don't trim the fat.

  • Ken Johnston
    Ken Johnston Year ago +4

    I don't care what they say... This is the best how to video on this subject! Love it!
    - Ken in Hawaii 5/2017