Marvel's Avengers 4 Could Have A More Dangerous Villain Than Thanos

  • Published on Oct 26, 2018
  • Marvel theory: could we see a more powerful villain than Thanos in Avengers 4?
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    By the end of Avengers: Infinity War, it was hard to imagine a more dangerous villain than Thanos, but in the aftermath of his now infamous finger snap, we saw the gauntlet destroyed and Thanos seemingly dejected. Could it be possible that another villain could use this time to swoop in?
    We know Red Skull knows what’s going on and could use this time to take advantage of the situation. Captain Marvel may show up to save the day, but could she bring the Kree and Skrull with her to complicate matter? Many fans also hope this movie could introduce some favorite villains who’ve been tied up with Fox studios for far too long, including Kang the Conqueror or Doctor Doom. Who do you think will make an appearance during the fourth Avengers movie? Tell us your prediction in the comments section, then click on subscribe for more from CBR.
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Comments • 3 203

  • Vincent mejt
    Vincent mejt 5 months ago +1334

    galactus is not a bad for me... he needs to eat lmao

    • ddhgdzdf fortnite
      ddhgdzdf fortnite 8 days ago

      What I think would be cool is if they win against whoever thanks and maybe other people but then at the end galactus comes in and destroys CV the universe

    • Alex Santos
      Alex Santos 21 day ago

      +ApolloCranberry 19 Lol

    • ApolloCranberry 19
      ApolloCranberry 19 21 day ago

      Yeah to me galactic isn’t bad or good but he needs to eat and he is in the middle of space so he can eat planets so he doesn’t die of hunger

    • Panther_God
      Panther_God Month ago

      Nigga just gotta eat

    • Alex Santos
      Alex Santos 2 months ago

      Eat the earth!! Ahahaa!!!!

  • God Eater Gamer
    God Eater Gamer Day ago

    Marvel: left the group
    Dc:Join the Group

  • Aakaash Das
    Aakaash Das 2 days ago

    I confirm it

  • Moreno12
    Moreno12 2 days ago

    What if thanos’ snap also took himself out... but in order to bring back their friends to life, the avengers must risk bringing him back to life also... no.? Ok I tried

  • Darth Nick 2005
    Darth Nick 2005 2 days ago

    I like the new Thanos, the one who sees himself as a good guy. The lady death thing was just too strange for me

  • DEO
    DEO 2 days ago

    Yeah! I want Kang so much!!!!!!!!!

  • Otto Eklöf
    Otto Eklöf 3 days ago

    What about kang

  • DGK_shadows playz
    DGK_shadows playz 3 days ago +1

    Avengers chance of winning: 45% villains:55%

  • Rajib Basu
    Rajib Basu 4 days ago


  • Jokemon_master Colton

    What about darkseid?

  • Zach
    Zach 4 days ago

    venom could just enter him and then eat his insides lmao

  • Marcus Liebenberg
    Marcus Liebenberg 5 days ago


  • Marcus Liebenberg
    Marcus Liebenberg 5 days ago


  • Marcus Liebenberg
    Marcus Liebenberg 5 days ago


    EL SOLO LOBO 5 days ago

    Galactus isn't as strong as the collector and his brother.

  • Aiden Singing alan walker and gaming

    captain marvels star i thinked it was captain america

  • True Gamer- 1234
    True Gamer- 1234 5 days ago +1

    Hey who's shazam

  • Mr Tips
    Mr Tips 5 days ago

    Did y’all not watch captain marvel? The scrolls ain’t bad dumbass

  • ForknifeSuperGuy
    ForknifeSuperGuy 5 days ago

    Captain marvel made the thing and then took it to stark tower

  • Ayman Naaman
    Ayman Naaman 5 days ago

    What if thanos revives all the superheroes and they have to work together to defeat a even stronger vilan

  • peña PH123
    peña PH123 6 days ago +1

    shaggy will be the next strongest villain

  • Yolanda Vargas
    Yolanda Vargas 6 days ago

    hey what about thanos also goes to the past with the avengers and calls the other thanos

  • Clara_luvs2 draw
    Clara_luvs2 draw 7 days ago +2

    Thanos: you should have gone for the head *tries to snap*
    Thor: what are you doing?
    Thanos: umm.. Oh no I forgot
    Thor: forgot what?
    Thanos: I can't snap my fingers...
    Thor: *tries to contain laughter* hahahahahahahah
    Thanos: don't laugh 😢

  • Sans
    Sans 7 days ago

    Before I watch the video


  • The X Gamer
    The X Gamer 7 days ago

    Shaggy can beat thanos easily

  • HMHS8
    HMHS8 8 days ago

    kronos inc

  • JarJarekB 2008
    JarJarekB 2008 8 days ago

    THIS IS FAKE ! Seariously this is fan Made

  • Alex Acuña
    Alex Acuña 8 days ago +2

    I think or hope that the *new* villain would help avengers and like kill thanos because thanos has taken something from the new villain

  • K I N G N O V A
    K I N G N O V A 8 days ago

    Imagine if thanos teams up with the avengers to fight galactus bc he only wanted half the universe gone not all of it

  • K I N G N O V A
    K I N G N O V A 8 days ago

    Galactus is actually as old as the universe

  • Don't click on this channel

    5:21 what do dragonborns have to do with this?

  • Ferro Monger
    Ferro Monger 9 days ago

    Maybe Hela is lady death

  • Dani Roman
    Dani Roman 9 days ago

    Man,its an infinity war,not a battle...a WAR,nothing is too much.

  • Liwalt
    Liwalt 10 days ago +2

    When Thanos snapped, all the new characters disappeared. The old and classic characters had been saved.

  • Thenu Suthaharan
    Thenu Suthaharan 11 days ago

    Lol had a mark ruffolo Omaze add lolol

  • Typicalgoose
    Typicalgoose 12 days ago

    5:13 wait is it me or did that old lady get punched in the face?

  • Jonathan Castro Caff
    Jonathan Castro Caff 12 days ago

    What if thanos try’s to empress lady death by wiping half of the universe

  • Superior Lamb
    Superior Lamb 13 days ago

    Am I the only one who wanted to see Scarlet Witch fight Thanos!!?!

  • Rowan Galloway
    Rowan Galloway 13 days ago

    Gotta be doc doom the next biggun

  • fernando de la torre
    fernando de la torre 13 days ago

    Who cares about X-men if Wolverine is not there

  • XxXAbvG
    XxXAbvG 13 days ago

    If u ask me id say even Utlron is more EVIL than thanos but when we are talkin about power then its somethin else, if u ask me Thanos could turn out to be good

  • Plot Twister
    Plot Twister 13 days ago

    Marvel: *Watches this video* Hmmmmmmm *NOICE*

  • Dawood Rahman
    Dawood Rahman 13 days ago


  • Pane Insixiengmay
    Pane Insixiengmay 13 days ago +2

    Juggernaut could kill thanos and one punch man

    Read more

  • Boody Ehab
    Boody Ehab 14 days ago

    What if the fantastic 4 appear in endgame 😂

  • Ronald Murphy
    Ronald Murphy 14 days ago

    I think your right CBR red skull might be a Savage

  • Astro. PUBG
    Astro. PUBG 15 days ago

    What about the reature of hela

  • Zayden Buiks
    Zayden Buiks 15 days ago

    Avengers vs jugurnot

  • Darkness Ready
    Darkness Ready 15 days ago +1

    I’ve watched captain marvel the scrolls are good and her mates bad

  • Mason deutscher
    Mason deutscher 15 days ago


  • Miles Edwards-Butler
    Miles Edwards-Butler 16 days ago +1

    2:16 The hulk buster 2.0 only has 4 fingers

  • Mr. Nobody_BORGABALOOZ

    Where is moon knight? There’s already been a reference!

  • FoxNation666
    FoxNation666 16 days ago

    I miss Asgard

  • Pluto Rap Hub
    Pluto Rap Hub 17 days ago +1

    Thanos won't be the enemy of Endgame. He already acheived his goal. Why would he continue to fight.

  • VirtualHolocaust
    VirtualHolocaust 17 days ago +1

    its worth it since black panther was one of the dead

  • Next Door
    Next Door 18 days ago

    I did not even saw a single villain in trailer

  • ezequiel ariza
    ezequiel ariza 18 days ago

    And whos said villans werent dusted??

  • Commander Dritz
    Commander Dritz 18 days ago +1

    10-13 minutes
    Multiple ads
    Time wasting
    Not to mention with a statement like that which could fool a lot of people.
    Also the answer is no, their would Be no other villain more dangerous than thanos in the movie.also with captain marvel, ant man and the wasps being introduced in the avengers saga and Hawkeye returning.
    Not to mention the popular meme spread by the Russo brothers where it said ant man will go insides thanos’s asshole.

  • ashik salim
    ashik salim 19 days ago

    Fun fact: coolest villian ebony maw killed himself,that is the foolish thing mcu did , he is dead with out a fight sooo lame

  • Rebel Warrior
    Rebel Warrior 19 days ago

    Galactus is actually in the avengers and game poster

  • Kian Das
    Kian Das 20 days ago +2

    I think the most powerful being is the default skin in fortnite

  • Callan Areola
    Callan Areola 20 days ago

    I punched the like button and kicked the bell nothing happened

  • Cecilia Pizzo
    Cecilia Pizzo 20 days ago

    We need dead pool

  • Jabree N
    Jabree N 20 days ago

    I'm rooting for Scarlet Witch becoming a villain. Killing Vision fucked her up.

  • Karandeep Bal
    Karandeep Bal 21 day ago

    Roses are red
    Half the world is dead
    Thanos said you should’ve aimed for the head

  • Karandeep Bal
    Karandeep Bal 21 day ago

    Thor has a crush on captain Marvel !

  • Karandeep Bal
    Karandeep Bal 21 day ago

    You could just find the time stone and reverse the time when everybody vanished

  • Dainnel Deida
    Dainnel Deida 23 days ago +1

    venom 1 venom eats thanos

  • 1 2
    1 2 23 days ago

    Doctor doom

  • Carson Jaiden
    Carson Jaiden 24 days ago

    F#$* you thanos

  • Matt's Life
    Matt's Life 25 days ago

    I don’t think they would make a whole movie building up a villains character only to introduce a new one

  • Tom Toole
    Tom Toole 25 days ago

    Who’s adom warlock?

  • Pingu Noot Noot
    Pingu Noot Noot 25 days ago

    If you think about it, they can actually end the Movie in infinity war. Thanos came, he won. Done. he did what he wanted. So, ya even if thanos comes as the same villain, its gonna be boring. They might introduce to a new villain like, Magus, Mikaboshi, Cyttorak, Eternity or Living Tribunal. About One-Above-All, i think he would be in Avengers X (upcoming avengers movie).

  • Shrimp dog
    Shrimp dog 26 days ago +2

    I laughed so hard at the skrull part after watching captain marvel

  • AddeDie
    AddeDie 26 days ago

    Maybe they Will time travel and get quicksilver back to life cause when he running everything gets in slow motion so he will maybe easily grab the stones from thanks

  • SirCinder
    SirCinder 27 days ago

    It’s possible for Galactus to be seen in the Avengers.. but it’ll be interesting cause Endgame almost a release.. therefore for the final clips Galactus would be awaken and something tells me that Adam Warlock will be in GOTG vol.3 Marvel studios are making this interesting but slowly making us understand the full story of it.

  • Kevin Halacy
    Kevin Halacy 27 days ago

    In the comics Nebula kinda became the next villain

  • Evan Atwood
    Evan Atwood 27 days ago

    I don’t think they could do that yet

  • big_ body_bizinga
    big_ body_bizinga 28 days ago

    durmomu op

  • Jose anguiano
    Jose anguiano 28 days ago

    Ok Khan, Doctor Doom, death. Come on Thanos is a bad ass these characters do not compare to him. Galactus eh maybe. But how exactly could they introduce these characters I mean Thanos as a villain had a lot of build up

  • Logan Capps
    Logan Capps 29 days ago

    Hundred bucks Thanos is ________

  • matthew quinlan
    matthew quinlan 29 days ago

    When lady death is the sister of thor

  • Brett Baker
    Brett Baker 29 days ago

    Since Endgame was filmed last year and the Disney-Fox merger was just finally completed, I call Bullshit on Galactus, Kang, and Doom.

  • Adetrix
    Adetrix 29 days ago +1

    Galactus. Before watching the actual video.

  • Pliny Elder
    Pliny Elder Month ago +1

    No Adam Warlock - hero turns villain?

  • SpecialForcesGaming 123

    If Stan lee was still alive he could just erase thanos

  • Supreme Battletron
    Supreme Battletron Month ago

    Maybe thanos has to team up with the hero’s

  • Als daily
    Als daily Month ago

    Y what about ronan

  • Als daily
    Als daily Month ago

    What about darkseid ik he is from dc but still

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali Month ago

    6 adds on 1 vid lol

  • Maxene Ong
    Maxene Ong Month ago +2

    Galactus might be their enemy in Avengers 5.... I hope!

  • Michael Crowe
    Michael Crowe Month ago

    And the lava guy from ragerock

  • Michael Crowe
    Michael Crowe Month ago

    Glatis can come and ego

  • Mark Hoffman
    Mark Hoffman Month ago

    Dr. Doom was killed in the snap.

  • Mark Hoffman
    Mark Hoffman Month ago

    My peen defeats Thanos.

  • Black Out Ace
    Black Out Ace Month ago

    Galactus has to be in the end game, if I see galactus I’m gonna be hype

  • Travis Thacker
    Travis Thacker Month ago +1

    I think all that Infinity War showed was 1 possible outcome or Reality as Dr. Strange pointed out in his travels to the future of so many outcomes. For all we know we might get another battle and another before reaching an outcome or reality in which the Avengers win.

  • Kaappu Pottato
    Kaappu Pottato Month ago

    The villain I think are the infinity stones itself

  • anime nyan
    anime nyan Month ago +2

    Its amazing that thanos can snap on a gauntlet
    I cant even snap with a plastic gauntlet

  • Zachariah Kelley
    Zachariah Kelley Month ago

    i think the new villain in avengers end game will be annihilus I would love to see him fight iron man and captain america thor hulk black widow hawkeye rocket raccoon war machine ant man nebula captain marvel valkyrie korg miek sif nakia wong shuri okoye

    • Zachariah Kelley
      Zachariah Kelley Month ago

      I hope it would be one of these villains that going to be in avengers end game

    • Zachariah Kelley
      Zachariah Kelley Month ago

      or it could be kang I would love to see him fight iron man and captain america thor hulk black widow hawkeye rocket raccoon war machine ant man nebula captain marvel valkyrie korg miek sif nakia wong shuri okoye