Marvel's Avengers 4 Could Have A More Dangerous Villain Than Thanos

  • Published on Oct 26, 2018
  • Marvel theory: could we see a more powerful villain than Thanos in Avengers 4?
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    By the end of Avengers: Infinity War, it was hard to imagine a more dangerous villain than Thanos, but in the aftermath of his now infamous finger snap, we saw the gauntlet destroyed and Thanos seemingly dejected. Could it be possible that another villain could use this time to swoop in?
    We know Red Skull knows what’s going on and could use this time to take advantage of the situation. Captain Marvel may show up to save the day, but could she bring the Kree and Skrull with her to complicate matter? Many fans also hope this movie could introduce some favorite villains who’ve been tied up with Fox studios for far too long, including Kang the Conqueror or Doctor Doom. Who do you think will make an appearance during the fourth Avengers movie? Tell us your prediction in the comments section, then click on subscribe for more from CBR.
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Comments • 3 003

  • Vincent mejt
    Vincent mejt 3 months ago +1166

    galactus is not a bad for me... he needs to eat lmao

    • Alex Santos
      Alex Santos 20 days ago

      Eat the earth!! Ahahaa!!!!

    • Andy Tay
      Andy Tay 25 days ago +1

      +Joe Nanamous Finally some common sense.

    • The Explorer
      The Explorer 29 days ago

      +CBR there are rumors that they'll introduce the celestials and the elementals and the sinister six in a spiderman's solo movie. Well... I'm eagerly waiting for these movies.

    • Geo M
      Geo M Month ago

      Vincent mejt tasty planets

    • Team SSJ
      Team SSJ Month ago

      Sub to sub

  • Tornado Phantom
    Tornado Phantom 11 hours ago

    Hold up. Talos is a Skrull?! The Stormcloacks lied to me!

    Skyrim reference

  • Koel Talley
    Koel Talley 23 hours ago

    Only John Cena can defeat thanos

  • william he
    william he 3 days ago

    What about deadpool

  • Seth47
    Seth47 4 days ago

    Galactus😂😂😂😂😂??? Bitch please.

  • A2A
    A2A 5 days ago

    It is not possibol thst galactus appears in avengers cuzz he is like the fantastic 4 20th century Fox

  • Yham Mabeza
    Yham Mabeza 6 days ago

    Did you know why theyre creating fantastic 4...coz the next villian and the one who hold the infinity gauntlet is doom(and BTW doom defeated thanos in an easy fight.)in comics doom overpower thanos...and theyre planning to make a movie captain marvel then MCU and fantastic 4..which will have a connection to doom will be the main villian

  • Sebastian Silverstone

    Death was in Ragnarok movie...was she?

  • Rakesh Gaddala
    Rakesh Gaddala 7 days ago

    Iam waiting for silver surfer

  • DestroyerJA67
    DestroyerJA67 8 days ago

    did anyone else notice that when Thanos was contemplating his actions he was missing an infinity stone from the gauntlet.

  • 神阿
    神阿 8 days ago

    I think the new villain will coming in avenger 4 are Wolverine

    Just Kidding, I personally think was Eternals or Galactus

  • Inigo Guevara
    Inigo Guevara 9 days ago

    No one is evil they are just doing something they think is good like thanos he wants the planets to be balanced but he took it the wrong way and galactus he’s just hungry and he doesn’t know and see the lives kang just turned bad (well idk) and have a good day random person scrolling down

  • Zachariah Kelley
    Zachariah Kelley 10 days ago

    I think the new villain in avengers end game is hyperion I would love to see him fight iron man and captain america thor hulk black widow hawkeye rocket raccoon war machine ant man nebula captain marvel valkyrie korg miek sif nakia wong shuri okoye

    • Zachariah Kelley
      Zachariah Kelley 8 days ago

      or it could be kang I would love to see him fight iron man and captain america thor hulk black widow hawkeye rocket raccoon war machine ant man nebula captain marvel valkyrie korg miek sif nakia wong shuri okoye

  • Mr LazerFacee04
    Mr LazerFacee04 11 days ago

    I think dr doom would work better as a possably re-apearing villan but should be introed in captin america 4 if it happens posably seting up a grudge between conflicting ideals.

  • DarthSkywalker Gaming
    DarthSkywalker Gaming 13 days ago

    OMG, WHAI IF Thanos ends up teaming up with the avengers due to what he know understands what he has done is bad, brings back everybody and destroys the new villain! Unrealistic but HEY

  • GrowBlox_YouTubeTV Roblox

    If Stan Lee Gems or orb Came lol he will Delete You or Fired hahaha

  • Samarth Mehta
    Samarth Mehta 13 days ago +2

    What about the beyonder
    He played with Galactus in his fingers

  • nicole quisado
    nicole quisado 13 days ago

    My theory is i think thanos is gonna regret the thing that he'd done and new villains would arrive and conquering the earth then on day thanos would help the avengers and because he had the time stone he would totally bring back the other marvel heroes that he just wiped out and maybe he'll bring back gamora too...

  • Basel Al Balushi
    Basel Al Balushi 14 days ago

    I hope 💀pool is in avengers sometime

  • Saruman The white
    Saruman The white 14 days ago

    What about dormammu

  • durga sahu
    durga sahu 14 days ago

    But the ladie death is Raven from teen Titans dc

  • Javier Escuella
    Javier Escuella 15 days ago

    Bruh galactus is fine, like, a mans gotta eat

  • Lance David
    Lance David 16 days ago

    The video you came for starts 5 mins in.

  • Nox Kraven
    Nox Kraven 16 days ago

    What if DBS heroes was in infinity war

  • Daniel Wainer
    Daniel Wainer 16 days ago

    By new heroes it could mean silver surfer as the new villain could be galactus

  • Dipesh Joshi
    Dipesh Joshi 16 days ago

    After endgame no one will ever know about the snap.... Thanos wont have any stone at all.. it is the way of stopping him.. to stop him from getting any of the stones and killing him before ....

    NASA CGI SNAKES 16 days ago


  • Uff Job
    Uff Job 17 days ago

    Thanos killed John Wicks dog. John wick 3 is going to be great this year.

  • frickin fricks
    frickin fricks 17 days ago

    Captain marvel joins the server

  • DragonSkull 289
    DragonSkull 289 17 days ago

    Marvel should have had Fantastic 4 and X-Men fight with S.H.I.E.L.D and Avengers but maybe they have that in the next movie they make

  • Omid Raynor
    Omid Raynor 18 days ago +1

    Only Kratos can kill Thanos

  • floatingsharko7
    floatingsharko7 19 days ago

    the only way someone can be more powerful than thanos is if they take the infinity stones away

  • Memes4 Days
    Memes4 Days 19 days ago


  • Astroboi2 0
    Astroboi2 0 20 days ago

    Thor should have gone for the hand and chop it not the neck stupid thor

  • AJ 7232
    AJ 7232 20 days ago +1

    The fight Surtur and Thanos, but have Galactus and red skull on their side.

  • Dc_Bandz
    Dc_Bandz 20 days ago

    What if a new stronger villain comes and they have to team up (thanos and the hero’s) to stop the villain and then they use that moment to kill thanos

  • Fireball XL5
    Fireball XL5 21 day ago

    You're forgetting one major character... Adam Warlock. He can possibly defeat Thanos.

  • Kyrstin and Kaydence

    Any vids to make u not scared from Shane dawson?

  • cuff crew
    cuff crew 21 day ago

    Galactus was already in fantastic 4 the old one though and he got rekt

  • Christina Enriquez
    Christina Enriquez 21 day ago

    Galctus is owned by Fox so he won't be in a Avengers movie anytime soon.

  • Zero
    Zero 22 days ago +1

    It’s either an eraser or the editors of the movie

  • Samario Harris
    Samario Harris 22 days ago

    Someone who work on the movie to me they are going to build time machine

  • Daniel Fake
    Daniel Fake 22 days ago

    Loki is a skrull

  • Vortahead The beast
    Vortahead The beast 23 days ago

    The real person who is going to kill thanos


  • Vortahead The beast
    Vortahead The beast 23 days ago

    When you realize that thanos killed half of planets than he snapped and now half of the half is gone

  • Jc games014_YT
    Jc games014_YT 23 days ago

    Wasnt captain marvel shazam at a time?

  • artificial
    artificial 23 days ago +1

    *big chungus*

  • Kyng Kraken
    Kyng Kraken 23 days ago

    And btw thanos doesn’t die in the real marvel comics nobody is stronger than thanos and captain marvel isn’t a girl 🤦‍♂️🙈

  • Kyng Kraken
    Kyng Kraken 23 days ago

    O please thanos almost killed galactus he killed almost everyone THUMBS DOWN 👎🏽 thanos is greatest villain ever fantastic 4 beat him he’s weak

  • dickie42010101
    dickie42010101 24 days ago

    Wouldnt it be crazy if Phil Coulson was a Skrull??!!!! It makes so much sense!!!

  • Harrison Fok
    Harrison Fok 24 days ago

    Marvel logic......thanos is the most powerful being.......oh there’s another one even more powerful

  • Andy Tay
    Andy Tay 25 days ago

    @CBR: You should know that Galactus CANNOT appear in End Game because his rights aren't owned by the producers, and filming wrapped in Oct. 2018. BEST case scenario is that his rights are obtained very soon, and MAYBE an end credit scene could be hastily shot. But plot has been set for years, since Fiege and Russos began shooting IW and Endgame at the same time. Also, time travel may be a risk, since it has been outlawed in movies in China, and I don't think the producers of Endgame would want to risk losing probably a $Quarter Billion dollars . If Aquaman can make nearly $300 million in China alone, Endgame could so even better.

  • XxAndrew 023xX
    XxAndrew 023xX 25 days ago

    Thanos defets Galactus in the Infinity Gauntlet comics.

  • Kay Olague
    Kay Olague 25 days ago

    Thor is the strongest in the marvle universe

  • Larry
    Larry 25 days ago

    Does that mean Superman May be gone?

  • Pappythe PO
    Pappythe PO 25 days ago

    Actually in the comics thanos beats ALL of galactus’s friends and galactus himself so gg

  • Rudro Baroi
    Rudro Baroi 25 days ago

    LoL I didn't died by the snap.

  • Isak Svensson
    Isak Svensson 25 days ago

    This Is The COOLEST Video Of CBR Wait Whats Happening A Im In A Soul Stone

  • Andy Tay
    Andy Tay 26 days ago +1

    CBR: You are usually the most reliable, but you should know they don't have rights to Dr. Doom or Galactus yet, and filming for EndGame wrapped in Oct. 2018. Best possible scenario is end credit reference to either IF they get rights by mar. 2019.

    • dickie42010101
      dickie42010101 24 days ago

      +Andy Tay Precisely! But like in Civil War, they could film a low budget scene that can be thrown in there just mentioning a name. Not necessarily an expensive cgi monstrosity like a GOTG post credit scene lol. God I love the GOTG movies!!! It's awesome

    • Andy Tay
      Andy Tay 24 days ago +1

      +dickie42010101 presuming they even get the rights by April. With FTC approval it is estimated to be June now. What will they do with expensive reshoot if approval is NOT forthcoming by April?

    • dickie42010101
      dickie42010101 24 days ago

      Although they did a reshoot about a month back. They easily could've filmed a post credit scene, and say they didn't make it until early April lol

  • Let's get 1000 subs Fresa

    Lol a kids vid ad apperd and it had paw patroul q_q

  • Wayne Reacts
    Wayne Reacts 26 days ago +10

    I think Captain Marvel herself will be a threat during the early sequences of Endgame!
    I posted this elsewhere, but here's why:
    Here's some major speculation for you--just speculation, mind--I'm not claiming to know anything.
    Larson has been digitally de-aged for Captain Marvel so she can appear older in Endgame. I think that's reasonable to assume, but here's where I get silly: Danvers' arc through Captain Marvel is to remember her life on Earth and who she really is and at the end of the movie she's "rewarded" for her services helping to stop the Skrull invasion by having an electronic chip implanted in her mind to circumvent her Kree programming. Fury arranges this, but his ulterior motive is to deny her access to her incredible power's as he sees her as a loose cannon and potential threat. The movie ends with Danvers reintegrating and settling back into life as a "normal" human. So at the end of Infinity War, Fury isn't calling Captain Marvel, he's turning off the chip to restore her powers because they're needed. Fury's ability to do this will be foreshadowed in one of Captain Marvel's mid-credit teasers.
    Where did this idea come from? Well it came from Dr Strange and the mobile conversation Stephen Strange is having with Billy about prospective patients just before his crippling crash: the option that piques Strange's interest is "a 22 year old female with an electronic implant in her brain to control schizophrenia, struck by lightning." It's Danvers, and Strange will be seen ripping her from her own time (the 1995 of the Captain Marvel movie) to deposit her in the future so she's in place for Endgame during the final post-credit tease of Captain Marvel. This is Strange's last act before the snap and ironically him depositing Danvers in the future makes her the prospective patient he showed interest in just before his crash.
    This is also why Samuel Jackson recently remarked that Danvers could time travel.
    Danver's will be introduced in Endgame in an institution, confused, hysterically professing to be from the past and to have been struck by lightning (due to the time travel and vague memories of being Marvel and her Kree programming).. She is assumed to be schizophrenic and is incarcerated until Fury's deactivation of the chip returns her powers and she escapes. Now, disoriented and unsure of her identity, she goes on a rampage. Part of the film will see The Avengers trying to subdue her and "bring her round" to make her an ally--which will see Agent Coulson play a major role in Fury's absence (expect to see chemistry between Danvers and Coulson in Catain Marvel to set that up).
    Finally, Danvers will sit nicely as a composite of Captain America and The Winter Soldier as both patriotic time-travelling fish out of water and superpowered sleeper agent.
    Crazy, I know but it's fun to speculate--especially in a universe as rich with possibilities as Marvel's. Perhaps I need one of those inhibitor chips myself, lol....

    • Dylan Dunsmore
      Dylan Dunsmore 7 days ago +1

      Very observant Wayne... i thought about the surgery he was going to before his crash at the time: but never cohesively enough to form a theory like that...
      Bravo dude....

  • Sleethpow
    Sleethpow 26 days ago

    I think Antman will shrink into Thanos’s gauntlet and go back in time using the time stone somehow.

    • Sheyrd
      Sheyrd 25 days ago

      sounds like something Deadpool would do.

  • Ryzo
    Ryzo 27 days ago

    i punch the sub button and kick the bell icon, i kinda broke my laptop XD

  • Elvio Aaron
    Elvio Aaron 27 days ago

    just straight to the point... i hate talks

  • Mohanad Nasser
    Mohanad Nasser 27 days ago

    It is just freaking acting not scary

  • Addy Marshall
    Addy Marshall 28 days ago

    What! Thanos could’ve died because that half of the universe could’ve been him

  • Stephen Goddard
    Stephen Goddard 28 days ago

    thanos is betrayed by lady death everyone knows : a man so powerful and no chick ??
    he gave sex up too no way or he's baggin imao ,no wonder that other guy got a red skull
    thats why captain marvel had a sex change i bet, its all time travel by the way and i think,
    some how its a set up like dr strange says there is a way , so it will always work defo

  • Stephen Goddard
    Stephen Goddard 28 days ago

    erm , thanos can destroy everything shrink to antman size grow galactica sized
    and turn them to sand or a ball of string whatever he is god in effect
    no one kills spidey no one like marvels cash cow so get real loki is the key its about loki death and illusion , and submarina and silver surfer kick there arse too lol

    EFCJONESY 28 days ago

    Yea, *Stan Lee*

  • AhmedGaming
    AhmedGaming 29 days ago

    It's galactus

  • Amben
    Amben 29 days ago

    lol infinity thanos>>>>>>> galactus

  • mike cotty
    mike cotty 29 days ago

    Thanos isn't a bad guy, He just wants the galaxy to thrive and every living thing to have ample amount if everything they need

  • Dragon Ryder
    Dragon Ryder Month ago

    Theory: Galactus could thank thanos for balancing the universe. In his return, thanos will order galactus to destroy planet earth. Then captain marvel blah blah, you get what I mean.

  • Yeet Boi
    Yeet Boi Month ago


  • Don Smith
    Don Smith Month ago +1

    I’d say it was a 50/50 chance....(snap)😂

  • boyetonly
    boyetonly Month ago +1

    A Skrull: a fusion of The Green Goblin And Thanos

  • RealHatfish Playz
    RealHatfish Playz Month ago

    if you use subtitles Thanos is Danos

  • Panda_boy 101
    Panda_boy 101 Month ago

    Your on the enimis side how dare you

  • Avinash MN
    Avinash MN Month ago

    I guess, redskull have done something mischievous, might have replaced soul stone to some made in China thing, I didn't noticed thanos using soul stone like how he did it with time space and power stone

  • Dylan LiL BoI
    Dylan LiL BoI Month ago

    I feel like adom warlock is the soul stone and gal thus and the other god and beings are infinite stones but living

  • Salmaan Choudry
    Salmaan Choudry Month ago

    Everyone it dows int matter it's a marvel movie no one stays dead sadly and the hero's win eventually they always do

  • supercell cel mic
    supercell cel mic Month ago

    Yup avangers 4 logo is purple so other purple guy

  • Bri Demaii
    Bri Demaii Month ago

    Damn, attack on Titan alright. 😂😂😂

  • Kirk Dominique Reyes

    Lady death died in Thor ragnarok and the reason why thanos is thinking about something which is the death of the goddess of death AKA Hella (thor's sister)

  • DaPawNub
    DaPawNub Month ago

    Just saw this but what about Thor's sister Goddess Of Death I think

  • Lil Bee
    Lil Bee Month ago


  • Galen Kelt
    Galen Kelt Month ago

    I hope venom comes

  • coolx300
    coolx300 Month ago

    A raccoon vs knockoff shrek, Thor vs a hungry dud, this will be a great movie

  • Garrett TV
    Garrett TV Month ago

    *Thanos has eliminated Half The Universe with Gauntlet*
    *Peter Parker isn’t feeling so good*
    *Black Panther got struck by the ban-Gauntlet*

  • Mark Davis
    Mark Davis Month ago

    Can we say RED SKULL. He is going to do something.

  • The Kage
    The Kage Month ago

    hela could be lady death

  • Noah Reed
    Noah Reed Month ago

    How did you forget Eddie and Venom guys. And were is the Ego Stone. And one of Venom's powers is telekinesis. In the movie he saw that the Life Foundation people came for him and that they were gonna crash down the door.

  • PN_Donut YT
    PN_Donut YT Month ago

    What about Adam warlock making an appearance. He appeared in the after credit scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

  • Baby Shark or Lucas Mamac

    I thought thanos was already the most powerful creature in the MCU.....

  • Tommy Munoz
    Tommy Munoz Month ago

    Thanos killed galacticus in the comics.

  • Noah Playz
    Noah Playz Month ago

    Thanos: Galactus cant beat me
    Galactus: ops I eated the planet you where in.

  • tnightwolf
    tnightwolf Month ago

    Honestly, Marvel major villains kinda suck...

  • Robert Bateman
    Robert Bateman Month ago

    All these super heroes and villains where is Doctor Doom?

  • Nicholas Peckham
    Nicholas Peckham Month ago

    To many ads, go fuck yurself shit channel

    KEGAN ZUCCA Month ago

    what if they killed a lot of the heroes to make a way for new heroes and like he said team-ups