Do Hardee's Mini Donuts Really Taste Like Froot Loops Cereal?


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    • Toki Wartooth
      Toki Wartooth 28 days ago

      It's PatreconTube now.
      As much as I dislike e-begging. Hopefully the fake MSM will lose support for their dreadful content, fake plastic people, and social propaganda.
      Why would anyone pay to watch YT when it's free? That's what I don't understand.

    • Screamingbag
      Screamingbag Month ago

      TheReportOfTheWeek what kind of car do you drive? I had a big argument with my dad about this.

    • Dyin already
      Dyin already 2 months ago

      Yea put you didn't add milk

    • Christina Mulloy
      Christina Mulloy 2 months ago

      You look like my older brother

    • Big Toe
      Big Toe 2 months ago +1

      dude try some Mexican candies...
      chamoy fruit cups n shi*
      they're great

  • Head Shot
    Head Shot 4 days ago

    Guy you gotta cut those nails lol you're like a corpse right out of the casket doing a review

  • Thebombwillexplode 1


  • Someone Gaming
    Someone Gaming 5 days ago +2

    Did you say...

    *L Ö Ö P S?*

  • Crom Chew
    Crom Chew 5 days ago

    It's a good thing you're stapped at all times Reviewbrah. Never know when somebody's gonna act a fool on your show ... Stay up Playa.

  • BamsterX Gaming
    BamsterX Gaming 9 days ago

    *There's the crew*

  • Adam Stickley
    Adam Stickley 13 days ago

    Does that not seem like a lot?
    Could go to any convenience store and grab a whole bag/fresh ones maybe for equal price.
    Just me?

  • Deeryz
    Deeryz 14 days ago


  • кэннй
    кэннй 18 days ago

    For a novelty item I was actually impressed by these.
    About 10 years ago Carl’s Jr./ Hardee’s came out with a Capt’n Crunch, Crunch berry milkshake, I loved those milkshakes almost as much as life itself, these do not compete with the Cap’n Crunch shake but still has taken its temporary spot alongside of the breakfast burger as part of my hangover recovery routine.

  • garfielf
    garfielf 18 days ago

    Why is no one talking about how the subtitles are translated into 31 different languages?

  • old Boy
    old Boy 19 days ago

    Did you know that all Froot loops (cereals) taste the same?

  • RedRobin
    RedRobin 23 days ago

    Sadly we dont have stuff like that in Australia

  • MarquisDeSang
    MarquisDeSang 26 days ago

    You should do BDSM porn, you really look like a serial killer.

  • SkyTech RTS
    SkyTech RTS Month ago

    They don't taste like Pepperoni? that's unexpected.

  • ThatUntalentedWhiteGirl

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  • Ian R.
    Ian R. Month ago

    did somebody say.....LOoPs????

  • the torch gaming
    the torch gaming Month ago


  • Mia. W
    Mia. W Month ago

    2:03 look at this dude with his man bun 😂 he had no idea he part next to a legend.

  • Kaitlyn Maready
    Kaitlyn Maready Month ago +1

    0:25 Oh shit, I wouldn’t wanna ride with them 🤣
    Going wayyy too fast.

  • Toxic Plays
    Toxic Plays Month ago

    FeelsBadMan My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined FeelsBadMan FeelsBadMan My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined FeelsBadMan FeelsBadMan My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined FeelsBadMan

  • F8TL- HOLY
    F8TL- HOLY Month ago

    *i need the loops brother*

  • Nate Baldwin
    Nate Baldwin Month ago

    ReviewBruh has the best comment section

  • Gabe
    Gabe Month ago

    You remind me of the guy from imitation game

  • Flcoasterfan- Arcade and Coasters -

    L Ä R G Ę L Ø Ö P Š

  • Dannerloo
    Dannerloo Month ago

    You say these taste just like the cereal. We don't believe you. Or at least we just had to try them for ourselves because they looked good and when we made a video trying these out, sure enough, there was that plot twist you were talking about. 😋

  • chuck miller
    chuck miller Month ago +1

    I had these today. They are spot on, as far as taste goes. The icing, however, had a strange consistency, and left a filmy taste behind after the initial taste. Overall, they're pretty good considering what they are, and where they come from. also, they DO have slightly different flavors... Just saying

  • Edward Kelly
    Edward Kelly Month ago

    Do a Hardee’s Cinnamon Raisin Biscuit review.

  • Douglas Gallant
    Douglas Gallant Month ago

    Froot loops cereal each color has it's own flavor dont they?

  • Zak 247
    Zak 247 Month ago

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  • Grant Rich
    Grant Rich Month ago

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  • foomba doomba
    foomba doomba Month ago +1

    For your own safety get blacked out Windows

  • BartelDoo
    BartelDoo Month ago

    I never trust a grown man with a man bun. I would have had my gun cocked and ready when he started looking in your car.

  • Ana Deeli
    Ana Deeli Month ago

    Dad of the year

  • Just a PLANK
    Just a PLANK Month ago

    May i have the l∅∅ps

  • JueputaGuebon
    JueputaGuebon Month ago

    Those donuts are amazing.

  • GamerChu!
    GamerChu! Month ago

    0:00 OAW

  • Shazlossus Shazam
    Shazlossus Shazam Month ago

    Point is they all taste the same , also cut your nails but I gotta give him the props for eating with his mouth closed

  • Shazlossus Shazam
    Shazlossus Shazam Month ago

    How did the puppet from lazy town get here XD

  • Çhàñdłęr Frįth

    If I pay for it, will you fly to Hollywood and go to Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant, and food review his food

  • VirXually
    VirXually Month ago

    Every fruit loop tastes the same...

  • Tina Marie
    Tina Marie Month ago

    They don't taste differnt to me as far as flavors but they do taste like fruit loops from back in the day. You know when cereal actually had taste.

  • Susan Smaltz
    Susan Smaltz Month ago

    I’m just going to take a small bite of each one. *proceeds to eat entire first mini donut*

  • merv629g
    merv629g Month ago +1

    Brøther can I have some lööps?

  • emily.99
    emily.99 Month ago

    I actually genuinely enjoy your content I lowkey have been waiting for this review

  • Ander Corwin
    Ander Corwin Month ago

    How should they be bigger when they are called minis? Not biggies!

  • Michael Kawamura
    Michael Kawamura Month ago +1

    I'm kind of new to this channel but I'm very interested in your grading system. You seem like a very thorough person and I was wondering if you had a definitive rubric or if the numbers you assign are arbitrary.

  • Memelord
    Memelord Month ago

    That cute smile at 2:03. 😆

    BTS INFIRES ME Month ago

    When he said he'd take small butes of each😂😂 then demolishes the red one completely.

  • NPC 0089
    NPC 0089 Month ago

    Hello John

  • Fjerid
    Fjerid Month ago

    My nigga needs to do these video's out in the sun because he's paler than a snowflake.

  • Bugsy Siegel
    Bugsy Siegel Month ago

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  • Bad Trip
    Bad Trip Month ago

    Nice tie brah!

  • Dennis Carver
    Dennis Carver Month ago


  • PepeCarlos 007
    PepeCarlos 007 Month ago

    You have talent

  • jimmy jimmy
    jimmy jimmy Month ago +2

    This guy lives in 1880

  • dragonmgh mmhj
    dragonmgh mmhj Month ago

    Y it look like he has no arm

  • dfalsfda alfas
    dfalsfda alfas Month ago

    Make a video where you react to thirst comments

  • ahahaha no.
    ahahaha no. Month ago

    cut your nails it gives me anxiety not only from your nails but from everyone

  • NUT Neutrality VO1D

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  • Kevin Rodriguez
    Kevin Rodriguez Month ago

    Is this at Carl’s jr

  • lil xerty
    lil xerty Month ago

    4:52 he was like who tf was that

  • Xavier Douglas
    Xavier Douglas Month ago

    This dude looked so creepy awkward in the beginning and he wearing a god damn suit I’m disliking

  • Pinhead boi
    Pinhead boi 2 months ago

    Them mutha fukas at hardees served me RAW chicken im never eating there again

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper 2 months ago +1

    Your like joey but skinny and fancy and smart and not discussing

  • I have to agree with you but

    slaps tummy* brother may i have some loops.

  • Simòne Amore
    Simòne Amore 2 months ago

    what am i watching and how did i get here....

  • Drastic
    Drastic 2 months ago +2

    4:49 that reverse tho

  • Matthew102000
    Matthew102000 2 months ago

    youre probably already aware of this but hardees and carls jr. are the same restaurant. hardees is the east coast branding and carls jr. being the west coast branding. you should at least mention that. carls jr sells these too.

  • B R K E N
    B R K E N 2 months ago

    I don’t understand how they do this when they all have the same taste in cereal...

  • ✖️MOOSE✖️
    ✖️MOOSE✖️ 2 months ago

    No offense but he creeps me out. He has no facial expression.

  • Jared Genesis
    Jared Genesis 2 months ago

    Daaaaaayym dude! put those in fucking bowl with milk maybe pour some fruit loops cereal on it and i'm in heaven.

  • Jeremy Hargraves
    Jeremy Hargraves 2 months ago

    Why does God take such small bites?

  • Gacha CC7
    Gacha CC7 2 months ago

    Hardees aka Carl's JR

  • xKarma _
    xKarma _ 2 months ago +1

    With a snap of his eye twitch he could of end all of it.

  • Laben Venci
    Laben Venci 2 months ago

    ROTW should attend Vidcon next year where he has barrier rope all around him and he reviews an item with an table in the middle with fans watching, then does meetups. Just to live the "Nothing can distract him" meme.

  • Gav. TV
    Gav. TV 2 months ago

    i need L O O P S brother

  • Robert s
    Robert s 2 months ago


  • Abbey
    Abbey 2 months ago

    Carl’s Jr. is called Hardee’s where you live ?

  • Amajzing
    Amajzing 2 months ago

    Why does he seem like a young Dwight from the office?

  • fazepickachu
    fazepickachu 2 months ago

    You look like such a fucking nerd why won’t you just go to the library

  • Lindsey Nicole
    Lindsey Nicole 2 months ago

    I had been cry all morning and watched this video and I’m good now

  • Michael Gibson
    Michael Gibson 2 months ago

    Dangit, I was really hoping they tasted like pepperoni pizza

  • Edwin Chae
    Edwin Chae 2 months ago


  • DaRealOG •
    DaRealOG • 2 months ago

    Pepperoni pizza slices😂😂😂

  • JustR8ch7
    JustR8ch7 2 months ago


  • Ana B
    Ana B 2 months ago

    He has such a twin peaks vibe

  • VesperWolf042912
    VesperWolf042912 2 months ago +1

    Man bun

  • Viktor Dragić
    Viktor Dragić 2 months ago


  • Rene M
    Rene M 2 months ago

    If they can make these we need pretty patties ! Who agrees?

  • Machinegun Jesus
    Machinegun Jesus 2 months ago

    Please cut your nails omggggg

  • Lil Clorox Bleach
    Lil Clorox Bleach 2 months ago

    Well do they taste like doughnuts?🤔

    NEKRO 2 months ago

    The purple one looks like thanos shit

  • Patman 17
    Patman 17 2 months ago +1

    What's next, Mini Cheerios Donuts?

  • knuck ckles
    knuck ckles 2 months ago

    It's amazing to see ruffians about in his presence.

  • Spartan Charge DaYum
    Spartan Charge DaYum 2 months ago


  • Zack Robb
    Zack Robb 2 months ago

    Beautiful nails btw

  • Zack Robb
    Zack Robb 2 months ago


  • Cherry Chipmunk
    Cherry Chipmunk 2 months ago

    Pretty patties

  • Glo BoyDT
    Glo BoyDT 2 months ago

    In reality grapes juice and grape yogurt and other grape stuff and don't even taste like grape because in reality grape is like a watery sweet sugar ball

    BREEZY MAMBA 2 months ago +1

    Instead of Hardee’s over here it’s called Carl’s Jr.’s, it’s the same restaurant just different names