Film Theory: How Star Wars Theories KILLED Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

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  • MisfortunateJustice
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    Hell. Yes. Matpat.
    Bring down the giant that is Disney! >=D

    • Richard Gore
      Richard Gore 5 hours ago

      21st Century Legendary Dreamer. George Lucas is the one who sold it to Disney, remember?

    • E. Salazar
      E. Salazar 6 hours ago

      Captain Gabes14 one man FAG

    • Daira Perez
      Daira Perez 6 hours ago

      MisfortunateJustice you are estúpid disney is the best

  • Sunderzilla
    Sunderzilla 5 hours ago

    pssshhh.. everyone knows that Rey is Snoke's daughter

  • Tristen Cosio
    Tristen Cosio 5 hours ago

    I enjoy the video but please revisit your definition of Occam's razor

  • Daniel Horsburgh
    Daniel Horsburgh 5 hours ago

    Are people stupid. It's not damn expectations or theories it has plot holes and stupid story telling. How can everyone ignore the stupidity in this movie

  • Richard Gore
    Richard Gore 5 hours ago

    When are people going to admit, they hate this film for the same reason they hate the new Star Trek series, its the same reason the NFL and NBA is collapsing, the same reason Wizards of the Coast and so many other companys are beginning to tank, the same reason Trumps rhetoric was so popular they called him a populist for saying it. Figure that out and you will realize why everyone hates Star Wars now.

  • Dark Lord
    Dark Lord 5 hours ago

    So your if your saying that if no one made a theory about jar jar being a sith lord it would of actually happened in the movies?

  • Andy Manullang
    Andy Manullang 5 hours ago

    You know the movie really shit, when they blaming TVclip channel as the cause, i mean come on

  • Chevifier
    Chevifier 5 hours ago

    Funny, we were complaining that the Force Awakens was following the plot of the older movies to closely.

  • The Kosen one
    The Kosen one 5 hours ago

    I haven't seen it yet and I haven't been spoiled if it yet.
    I'm neither in heaven nor hell as something godlike happened to me but i have to wait before i can watch the movie and matpats vid :(

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  • LinkinLooper
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    Switch your character to Tiny Knuckles
    _he knows da wae_

  • Mike McGinnity
    Mike McGinnity 5 hours ago

    You didn't ruin Star Wars, you ruin everything

  • PeachesforMe
    PeachesforMe 5 hours ago

    Response to the Video:
    The Rey's parents and who Snoke is felt like a direct response to the theories. Then, not-to-mention the scene were one character to another says "let go of the old, embrace the new' I felt that was the director (or writers) to the fans. I felt that was their excuse of completely ignoring the lore of all of the 'canon' sources was just that, an excuse. 'We didn't feel like actually watching all the movies. We just wrote it knowing Jedi can move things with their mind." And that was it... they knew that much and wrote the movie.
    It's not as much as the theories killed the movie for people. I feel its more of the movies were made to spite the theories. They had 2 years of speculation to watch and tweak what they're doing. And considering we got a different director from VII, I really believe this movie was just a fluke problem. One director set up all this intrigue, the other said "No, we're not doing that." Primarily to subvert expectations.

    How the movie was actually bad, not what the video says... that's for sure.
    That's not what made the movie bad for me. It was mainly the completely disregard for the source material. Episode VIII basically stated: No other Starwars before this is fully canonical. The characters are the same, but the powers are totally different; like lore breaking different.
    The characters they introduced in this movie were disgusting... morally... people. We first have the stuttering traitor; that works can't complain too much; other than his plot line was pointless.
    We have the purple haired woman that was not that good of a character. We never needed a plot line to make the good vs evil line blurred. It has always been Rebels good, Empire bad. Having her be the ambiguous beaucrat who takes over and doesn't understand at the detrement to eeveryone else, was totally unneccesary. And she never even reveals she's keeping everyone in the dark to teach Po a lesson that could have been taught by explaining to him "IF we keep going in this direction we can secretly evacuate the ship and escape before they know it."
    Rose....ROOOOOOOOOOOOSE! >8[ !!!!!!!! This is a horrible character! She's the most selfish, self-serving, person in any of the Starwars movie. We all thought that mean Lando or Han, no I'm talking selfish, not roguish. She first manipulates Fin in the beginning. Then when we get to the planet, she complains and laments over the wealth and the rabbit-horses. She makes it more about the fact they're rich and race horses, rather than making it about their weapons selling program. Take note; we never see any weapons manufacturing facility. It's all about how rich they are and how they don't care for the poor animals. Again, this plot just dragged down the movie. But, it doesn't stop there.
    At the end of the movie, Rose stops Fin from sacrificing himself to save the rebels. She didn't know Luke was going to show up and save the day, by-the-way. She was willing to sacrifice the entirety of the rebel alliance for one person; who was sacrificing himself for the rebel alliance. She just exudes selfishness to the greatest degree. She makes Jabba the Hutt look like the most caring individual in the galaxy. He only killed people who opposed him. She kills people she called friends and allies. But, the movie portrays her actions as 'just and righteous.'

  • KarateKitty 5000
    KarateKitty 5000 5 hours ago

    The thing that made The last jedi good and bad is character development. We only saw snoke for a bit and then he died , we don't even know where he came from ! Then we have lots of NEW characters which will probably die (speaking of dying , because of Carrie fisher's death (R.I.P BTW) they could have killed her off in The last jedi in many ways which would be the only death which would make sense ). I mean Disney can't just keep making prequels like the Han solo movie or the Boba Fett movie . BUT in the last jedi we learned more about Rey , Kylo , Po , and a bit about Finn . That my friends is my opinion . It had a lot of decent scenes . But a crappy side story . Anyway , I'm gonna get back to my lunch , good day mates !

  • B T
    B T 5 hours ago +1

    Well I personally have seen all of the Star Wars episodes, and this one just didn't have me on the edge of my seat like previous episodes did. I constantly found myself say "WTF"?!! throughout the movie, but held in thinking that there would be an epic battle in the end, which it there wasn't. Film Theorist didn't ruin The Last Jedi, a subpar and lackluster story which didn't seem believable at times ruined the movie.

  • Lusvin Alpirez
    Lusvin Alpirez 5 hours ago

    The Last Jedi was one of the best Star Wars movies tbh.

  • Dani Giangianni
    Dani Giangianni 5 hours ago

    now, i'm more or less 5 minutes into the video, and it's the first video from this channel i stumbled upon (insta-subscribe, bro).
    what i wanted to say is while fan theories may have had a shallow impact on my opinion, the problem lays within the film per se.
    in fact, wanting to critique the film as its own product, disjointed by the surrounding meta and die-hard fans' opinions, what i get is a plot that doesn't fit quite well in the narrative structure of the trilogy that the star wars franchise intends to maintain.
    tossing the whole fan theories world aside, your average moviegoer who watched both the new star wars flick gets a first film that introduces a whole new situation in a war that we thought was won for decades, this new order thing, with new personalities, a mysterious new chief lurking in the shadows, possibly force user, this new rey character who is heavily hinted to hide a secret in regards to her identity and her parents, and has a vision when she touches luke's saber (and she's also a force user and a ton of other things), this kylo ren character who is conflicted and has been trained in the ways of the jedi, and has a band of friends called the knights of ren, and apparently they're looking for a girl as if she was the centre of some kind of prophecy...
    then you watch the second film and of all the developments and explanations to the aforementioned secrets and mysteries, you get: no further explanation whatsoever concerning the war, the new order, the new order characters (the general becomes a caricature, and captain phasma seem to die again after a few minutes of screentime), the mysterious snoke stays mysterious because they kill him off, turns out that rey's powers don't have a narrative explanation (she's just the cool mary sue), she's nobody's daughter and no further explanation about her is given, kylo ren's conflict ends abruptly and pretty easily (he claims he wants to do something new and different, ends up literally becoming the first order's head, which is nothing new really), the knights of ren disappear because they were too busy introducing a ton of other useless new characters.
    so, theories aside (which, btw i'm not even familiar with), the last jedi is a film that systematically dismantles every single plot point set up in the previous film, apparently seeking to surprise the audience at all costs, to the point where it becomes full-fledged bad writing. it's pure shock value per se. this is what made people mad.
    it's true that the audience was expecting certain things, but it's unfair to blame it on their expectations and imagination, when the reason why they were expecting said things is the previous film in the series!
    i'm starting to get sick of studios failing and trying to blame the audiences for their failures.

  • Scorpio Flameth
    Scorpio Flameth 5 hours ago

    Welp, at this point, I'll stick to Star Wars Theories, not new Star Wars episodes, that are filled not with logical links but SJW-fun-times and "I-need-this-thing-to-do-this-thing-so-now-it-does"-mechanisms...

  • MrGuvnah
    MrGuvnah 5 hours ago +1

    The best part of everything is that since this movie threw away everything necessary to make Rey make sense in the first movie, it is now undeniable that she's just some mary sue.

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  • Pan Cygarek
    Pan Cygarek 5 hours ago

    HA HA dat what you said MatPat forced me to say dat i dont belive in your fnaf theorey. FROM POLAND

  • All Encompassing Evil
    All Encompassing Evil 5 hours ago

    It's because a woman did the story telling.

  • JAPAGaming3
    JAPAGaming3 5 hours ago

    It has been a month so what ever

  • Christian Hicks
    Christian Hicks 5 hours ago

    You Murderer MATPAT F*** You you must burn in HELL MATPAT.

  • Damian Wójcik
    Damian Wójcik 5 hours ago

    Where is the link to petition, I want to sign it!

  • Law
    Law 5 hours ago

    Yeah yeah video and all...but now stop making excuses and give us the room scene you owe!

  • PFinGames
    PFinGames 5 hours ago +1

    Says "Snoke is more powerful than Darth Sidious". Kills snoke like it's nothing. Talk about introducing elements and then throwing them away.

  • Hùng Nguyễn
    Hùng Nguyễn 5 hours ago

    Matty man, you're totally right in every way. As briliiant as the movie is from a filmmaking standpoint, what keeps irritating me the most was *no one bothers telling Poe the true plan* and I kinda get the thinking that *true leaders dont tell anyone under their command the true plan* stuff, but its also hamstringing at the least to say. All they had to do and therefore, avoiding the entire bullshit arc of Rose and Finn was to pull Poe aside and say *be quiet, but here's the real plan*. Sure, the arguement that Poe's hotshot style would insntantly sees it as coward like the movie did, but having him *continuing his plan of stupidity* even after knowing the real plan would put way more weight on the lesson he learns about being in command instead of *not telling anyone the real plan*. Oh and the part about not kamikaze-ing the dreadnought *after guaranteeing the transports get away* was because the transports have already been spotted and the cruiser has been portrayed throughout the movie as an unarmed ship or at the very least, has no offensive capabilities besides taking a page from WW2 Japanese pilots XD. As for Rey's parents, the way they handled it was a bit heavy handed, but I get the *no need for some kind of grand heritage, you're who you choose to be*. All in all, what I have to complain about the movie is this
    1. Dudes, just tell him the plan, kay ? If he's still a stubborn asshole afterwards, throw him out of the airlock *wink with four yellow eyes*
    2. Don't tease about something so much then just say :F**k it, it doesn't matter.
    that kind of stuff is divisive to say the least.

  • Codsworth
    Codsworth 5 hours ago

    I mean. I personally loved it. Not a brilliant film, but I liked it.
    I think some people are TOO into the franchise, and things that are slightly different and just slightly irritating to most people, can seriously terrify anyone who is freakishly into it.

  • James Hill
    James Hill 5 hours ago

    If you want how to not know about spoilers for months ask me. I literally forgot this movie even exsited. But i also hate how star wars has been going to me it ended perfectly in the 6 movie and i saw the 7th movie and thought the movie was so bad i walk out the theater and i love star wars i still reread alot of the books to this day.

  • Wesley-Skye Hayes
    Wesley-Skye Hayes 5 hours ago

    The only part i enjoyed in TLJ was when Snoke crapped all over Kylo for being beaten by a non experienced person.

  • Mathaithai Productions

    Then why am I hating chinese more and more. I’ve been living in china for my whole life😂

  • Marc Laurence
    Marc Laurence 5 hours ago

    nicee #1 in trending
    it was been so long

  • Lone Specter
    Lone Specter 5 hours ago

    Petitions don't really do anything though.

  • toastanimation
    toastanimation 5 hours ago

    I have gotten no spoilers and I haven't seen it yet the way to do it is to when someone starts talking about it you start screaming as loud as you can I haven't seen it yet

  • ToonsOff Fun
    ToonsOff Fun 5 hours ago

    1:11 my boy mclovin

  • Jake Kimber
    Jake Kimber 5 hours ago

    the way I avoid spoilers like this is the following:
    Don't use social media (no friends), and dont use youtube for anything else than music and video game top 10s. ;) (i have no life online or in the real world. help me.)

  • Small Phones . Inc
    Small Phones . Inc 5 hours ago

    So the filmmakers daring to abandon Chekhovs Gun are idiots?

  • skull master101
    skull master101 5 hours ago

    Number 1 on trending hell yeah

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    It is not true I did not steal content I did not ste-
    Oh Hi MaTpAt

  • Grammar Nazi
    Grammar Nazi 5 hours ago

    I hated THE LAST JEDI, because of the poor decisions it made. Like Snoke just getting killed off. Rian said he couldn't fit the reveal of who he were because it would stop the pacing. Even though he put in the Casino thing, that stopped the pacing completely. Within the first 5 minutes of hearing that statement I came up with a fantastic idea, that would reveal him, and pace the scene even more and make more intense: Rey tries to kill Snoke and he just stops her by that force grabbing thing, then says to her it is to no use what she is trying, because he is 'Snoke, The Supreme leader, The strongest leader in the universe, he is Darth Plagueis the wise, he is the creator of Anakin Skywalker' or something like that. I know that we don't really know who's Anakins father is, but I think it is time to know.

  • Fettbub 92
    Fettbub 92 5 hours ago

    Well made, calling out the fan boys and the blind lovers. I am waiting for you to follow up on your wager tho, I thought of that when I bought my ticket.
    Further, you are right that TVclip Critic channels have had a major effect on reactions to films. I have noticed that ever since I started watching Nostalgia Critic, Cinema Snob, and Cinemasins, I have become more critical of films and art. This also may be part of me being an adult now, rather than a teen decades ago. I think it is healthy for artists and consumers to have more aware and logically minded criticism of the products on the market today. We cant expect things to improve or the best ideas to succeed if we dont apply the proper trimming. Thank you for not just hating on fans and telling the critics they are all angry haters. Thank you too for giving an honest opinion.

    • Fettbub 92
      Fettbub 92 5 hours ago

      also, the part about checkovs gun is one major part of the problem with the movie on it's own. It sets up many things to then just forget about them or leave us to believe they are being paid off and redirect. It kept us guessing, but in a frustrating and confusing way, not an edge of our seat way. Jurassic World had similar issues.

  • DragonKingDrake
    DragonKingDrake 5 hours ago

    If you're not a die hard Star Wars fan,you will LOVE the last jedi

  • MingTuck Chung
    MingTuck Chung 5 hours ago

    They fucked it up and broken the universe till any crap can happen they go against everything because they "are" SJW. They fuck up what they high jack and blame everyone. Who cares what happens next now.

  • Der Doctor
    Der Doctor 5 hours ago

    What is this Doki Doki music in the background? Otherwise interesting video

  • ThatOneWeirdo Gabby
    ThatOneWeirdo Gabby 5 hours ago

    Well if people don’t like theory’s on that movie.........WHY DONT RE WATCH MOVIE MORE THAN 20 TIMES THEN WATCH THE THEORY’S

  • Edward Nowakowski
    Edward Nowakowski 5 hours ago

    So, is anyone else going to comment on how Rey is using the dark side and Kylo is using the light? Rey gets quick and easy power, gives in to her emotions, and gets rewarded for it. Kylo is defying and fighting his emotions and working hard to be stronger and he is punished. It seems backwards to me

  • Greg Zemke-Smith
    Greg Zemke-Smith 5 hours ago

    Never watched or listened to any SW:TLJ theories. Still didn't like the movie much.

  • Johann RBLX
    Johann RBLX 5 hours ago

    Do not worry u are fine with us

  • Mega Celebi
    Mega Celebi 5 hours ago

    Honestly the plot of the theory before the movie was better than the actual movie once it came out

  • Lusberg
    Lusberg 5 hours ago

    It is true, all of it.

  • The Master
    The Master 5 hours ago

    I have not watched a single fan theory before going to Last Jedi and I really didn't like the film. Please stop forcing this idiotic narrative.

  • Keno Sangreo
    Keno Sangreo 5 hours ago

    You are not threason the star wars last Jedi is not good

  • Maxago
    Maxago 5 hours ago

    I never heard about the swimming thingy...

  • Samuel Carneiro
    Samuel Carneiro 5 hours ago

    Garbage sjw and leftist narrative shit ruined Star Wars. Fuck liberals

  • daniel messer
    daniel messer 5 hours ago

    Simply ask yourself, are there any fan theories that alluded to the continuity of the Star Wars Universe (things like gravity, character building, lore, how the force works, training, luke leaving a trail to find him but actually only left to die, hyperspace travel, character motivation, the list is a mile long) completely being thrown out the window? If your answer was no then don't beat yourself up the hack Rian Johnson's fan fic has become our nightmare.

  • Cookie Dookie
    Cookie Dookie 5 hours ago +1

    I just hated how EZZ Snoke was...

  • Minimac 426
    Minimac 426 5 hours ago

    A theory about fan-theories ruining star wars, damn this is too meta for me


    Thats my boy mat pat getting #1 on trending

  • Lena with a Box
    Lena with a Box 5 hours ago

    I hate the gun plot... it just makes the plot super predictable... (it can be good if its used right, but thats really hard).
    i have read so many books, fanfics, watched movies and series and by this point, if they introduced something that seems super inimportant, i can mostly guess that its going to be used and how.

  • Lucas Flidr
    Lucas Flidr 5 hours ago

    You know what? This brings up a fair point. A was watching a series of theories about back then still upcoming games, Pokémon Sun and Moon that hinted something big would happen in those games... and then it did not happen as the theories promised. I was indeed bummed out when I found out.

  • Mana-Ramp-Matoran
    Mana-Ramp-Matoran 5 hours ago

    As a casual fan of the franchise who doesn't obsess over this franchise but wholly enjoys it. My problem with this movie is that as a movie its terrible. As a Sequel its even worse, as an entry into a 40 year old franchise it's atrocious because it takes everything the franchise has established and shits on most of it. It's like bulldozing a monument to a great public figure to put in the parkinglot of a strip mall. And its not the new elements. I liked Rey, I liked Fin and Poe, I loved Phasma I was so excited to see her kick maximum ass, and they threw all of that away for laughs for a purposeful subversion of expectations? No. You can't do that to a loyal audience and expect them to be fine with it.

  • Rocky Bearboa
    Rocky Bearboa 5 hours ago

    Maybe they should make movies as good or better than the theories then

  • chinese animation
    chinese animation 5 hours ago

    i didnt watch a single ep of starwars and i never got spoilers, the trick is to live in china

  • Spectra Clasher
    Spectra Clasher 5 hours ago

    I’m not buying Ray’s heritage. They are nobodies according to Kylo Ren and he knows that based off of what Supreme Leader Snoke showed him. How do we know for sure that Snoke knows who her parents are and if he did why would he tell her. If he did reveal that her mother is the leader of the resistance her father was a war hero against the empire and her uncle is the last Jedi, the one that with the help of her grandfather killed Empirer Palpatine it would be much more likely that she wouldn’t turn to the dark side and would stand by her uncle and mother. I refuse to believe that this is all we’ll be hearing of her parents, we at least deserve names and until then I’ll consider it “to be decided”.

  • Gabriel Hemrick
    Gabriel Hemrick 5 hours ago

    I hate rose so much

  • Rasmus LDS
    Rasmus LDS 5 hours ago

    The Odd1sout conment actually made me cry off laughter

  • Kevin O'Connor
    Kevin O'Connor 5 hours ago

    MatPat has too much power in his hands, and only now he sees it

  • MattGarZero
    MattGarZero 5 hours ago +1

    Fanboys and theorists tend to bring properties down. Rick and Morty is another good example of this. Season 3 of R&M was funny, dark, and generally a good experience to watch, but it wasn't what 'fans' expected. Now season 3 is being bashed from one end of the net to the other.
    Tldr: Fanboys and theorists are entertainment cancer.

  • Esat Yeğin
    Esat Yeğin 5 hours ago

    heyy please come my channel

  • Chringlan The great
    Chringlan The great 5 hours ago

    This is why I don't watch trailers and theories before a movie.

  • Miloš Royale
    Miloš Royale 5 hours ago

    Atleast you knew that luke dies

  • JG R
    JG R 5 hours ago

    you were one of the last youtubers who talked about this theory, it was already busted for a long long time

  • Crystal Short
    Crystal Short 5 hours ago

    I guess I could say that Chekov's gun is the reason I thought TLJ was meh. There were a lot of things I did not understand like the dice and how they were tangible but after Luke died they weren't and how the hell did Rey salvage the lightsaber after the explosion? many potholes.

  • Has Mas
    Has Mas 5 hours ago

    good job mat pat

  • PEEBUM07
    PEEBUM07 5 hours ago

    why do people have to hate it the movie was awesome

  • Beer_Dodger
    Beer_Dodger 5 hours ago

    Basically just don’t look up anything related to the movie 😂😂😂 and always tell people you wanna watch it before any convo comes up

  • Mega Gamer95
    Mega Gamer95 5 hours ago

    No kidding i just avoided spoilers for over a month cause i did not knew when it was gonna be release XD

  • imnotthatimaginative
    imnotthatimaginative 5 hours ago

    I disagree with you that they didn't pay off the Chekhov's gun of Rey's parents. The fact that they are no one is the pay off. Rey is defined by the fact her parents left her and that's why the ship flying off is the force awakens. But because everyone (myself included) was like who Reys parents were it was intrepeted as a tease. Having said that I'd agree with most of the rest of what you said in the video.

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    Number one trending bro!!

  • Hungarian Cuman
    Hungarian Cuman 5 hours ago

    I'd rather watched Indiana Johns 4 than this big pile of dinosaur shit....

  • john wilson
    john wilson 5 hours ago

    no.. the theory didnt ruin the movie. I didnt watch em and i hated it beyond recognition. Don't feel sorry

  • Wiffles Wifflemeister
    Wiffles Wifflemeister 5 hours ago

    purple head and obligatory minority check-mark were both poorly written, shoe-horned characters that helped make this movie laughably bad. I've seen it 3 times and it's only gotten worse. I never paid attention to theories but I did like that they threw them all in people's faces, it was the movie's only redeeming quality.

  • Raven The Comic
    Raven The Comic 5 hours ago

    theodd1sout thx Matpax lord of the figgit spinners

  • rainynight02
    rainynight02 5 hours ago

    Damnit. Spoilers?
    I'm not watching than.
    But I highly doubt you are the reason people didn't like it. As I've heard it was apparently stock full of feminist bullshit.
    I'm waiting to see it and judge for myself though. Though I didn't really like The Force Awakens...

  • Axon Drell
    Axon Drell 5 hours ago

    Personally, I really liked the last jedi. Someone posted a video talking about what they thought went wrong with the movie. The thing is with every Star Wars movie after empire, everyone has expectations. The force awakens set up the story with multiple questions that needed to be answered in the following movie. What TLJ did was change course. The questions were someone addressed, but not answered. Yes I understand the whole “change and failure” themes of the movie, but this is STAR FREAKING WARS. This is a trilogy. The past trilogies had a beginning, middle and end, with a full circle coming to play. With TLJ, everyone is everywhere, and we’re afraid we won’t get answers in the last movie and not everything will come to a full circle

  • Adam Tyler
    Adam Tyler 5 hours ago

    I unapologetically love TLJ - and the reason I love it is BECAUSE everything is meaningless. The Jedi were arrogant, out of date and out of place. The heroes themselves are realising that war is not a glorious thing and sometimes, just sometimes, you don’t get a happy ending. Star Wars is maturing into the modern era of storytelling, and the backlash seems to be people not getting what they wanted for their favourite characters.
    Boo. Hoo.
    (Although I do kinda hate the sense of humour being crowbarred in - that must be Disney’s doing)

  • Moldy Cheese
    Moldy Cheese 5 hours ago

    how do i avoid spoilers?
    tch. easy
    Step 1: Have No Friends

  • Fidot Gao
    Fidot Gao 5 hours ago

    Smart choice for your smart wear

  • Mark Grosvenor
    Mark Grosvenor 5 hours ago

    Actually Im pretty sure Star Wars: The Last Jedi killed Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  • Guido Guido
    Guido Guido 5 hours ago

    All that goes wrong in this movie is Holdo’s fault! If she had just told Poe:”We fly to this unknown planet”, the whole plan that goes wrong wouldn’t have happened and they could have secretly made plans on their base to defeat Kylo! BUT NO!

  • TheJillWede
    TheJillWede 5 hours ago

    I admit that I watched your review first before the movie (though I tryed to resist :D) and it did put my expectations high, and I was disappointed to the movie when I didn't get what I thought I would get, BUT it still didn't ruin it entirely. I enjoyd many scenes, hated many scenes ang laughed at many scenes, and I think the film looked GORGEOUS! I loved the atmosphere and style in enviroment, so judged only by that I liked the movie svery much,even though the plot itself didn't as I expected it to go.
    But I must also say that I can't handle any kind of "spoilers" whether they were truth or not, cause then I only wait to see them in the movie and not fully enjoy just what I am seeing. And sometimes if the "spoiler" is vague and it comes to screen, I don't acknowlage it, thinking "Oh yeah that was a good twist,but there's gonna be even better one later on".
    So that said, I should just see the movies before any theories or pin-pointers or CinemaSins or anything like that, but as you said it yourself MatPat, you can only try but the curiosity might still get to you,even you try to fight :D

  • Patrick Wallace
    Patrick Wallace 5 hours ago

    do the in a nutshell series it’s really weird especially the sponge bob ones theyre by pamtri

  • Shroom
    Shroom 5 hours ago

    I'm gonna go and try to find a way to watch the movie just so I can come back to this video

  • crawling in my crawl
    crawling in my crawl 5 hours ago +1

    T R E N D I N G

  • Chris
    Chris 5 hours ago

    Hollywood lives in a Bubble all they care about is checking their Diversity boxes, we outside the Bubble still care about Story that's the reason for the disconnect and also why Fan Theories are arguably better than the actual movies.

  • Mongolian Gamer
    Mongolian Gamer 5 hours ago

    Man MatPat Theorist channel is getting so famous #1 trending Congrats I am really proud though. I love ur game theories :))