Film Theory: How Star Wars Theories KILLED Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

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  • MisfortunateJustice
    MisfortunateJustice 23 hours ago +15723

    Hell. Yes. Matpat.
    Bring down the giant that is Disney! >=D

  • Sophie Tucker
    Sophie Tucker Hour ago

    I bet 90% of the haters are just butt hurt that Luke dies. 😂😂

  • Jose Ramirez
    Jose Ramirez Hour ago

    Theodd1sOut liked the video

  • Federico Romero
    Federico Romero Hour ago

    Just because Ben said that Rey's parents were drunks that sold her for a drink we have to assume it's true? The point of that dialogue was to prey on Rey's insecurities and abandonement issues so she would be more open to joining him. The very next thing he says to her is that she is nothing to a lot of people, but not to him. Sounds like classic manipulation. But idk.
    It would be weird to know now that they are related, seems we should've known by now. Either her parentage really is of no consequence as Kylo said, or it's such a big factor that it's going to be revealed in the last episode.

  • Danny
    Danny Hour ago

    Sooooo.....apparently Zaphod Beeblebrox uses the Improbability Drive to attain film trailers from the future?

  • Eternal Champion
    Eternal Champion Hour ago

    The movie is a piece of crap. If you like it then you must also be a piece of crap.

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  • kwonsukyo
    kwonsukyo Hour ago

    I really liked this theory! It brings up interesting points. In my opinion fans theorizing about franchises isn’t a new thing. I feel like people can rarely say “I got my theory exactly right!” you know? It’s just that the story ends up being satisfying and the audience doesn’t care that they were wrong. Like MattPat said, they broke a lot of common plot development rules in the movie that watchers could find irritating and nonsatisfying. There’s not as big of a payoff. Trying to separate themselves from the older movies kinda looses the point of bringing the movies back, you know? Why not just create something totally different instead of reviving something people care about to change it? That being said I actually didn’t mind the movie that much. But for debating purposes I can really see both sides.

  • Allison
    Allison Hour ago

    I agree with this! After seeing TLJ for the 3rd time, I loved it! Completely! And I think it's because none of it felt new or jarring to me, and I let go of those lingering expectations that the story would go in different directions.

  • zerocover23
    zerocover23 Hour ago

    The movie still sucked.

  • Elizabeth Crespo
    Elizabeth Crespo Hour ago

    Heyyyyy! Look at my schmoes, Kristian and Ellis!!!!

  • ceegee8
    ceegee8 Hour ago

    I don't get how these filmmakers expected fans of the franchise to jump on board when they're so ready to dismiss everything that makes the franchise what it is, just so they could say all of our expectations were wrong. So many pointles plot twists... for nothing, so many interesting character that don't do anything...

  • Pack Lee
    Pack Lee Hour ago

    People didn't like the last Jedi because it couldn't meet the thrill of the classical Star Wars movies

  • Michael Bernat
    Michael Bernat Hour ago

    MatPat, I am an outlyer in this. I saw NOTHING leading up to the film. Not even the trailer. I locked myself in a closet leading up to the release. I saw the movie when it released. I still didn't like this movie AT ALL.

  • Just A Student
    Just A Student Hour ago

    I'm going to sign that petition

  • Finn Neff
    Finn Neff Hour ago

    Personally, I liked that I was not capable of predicting anything that happened next in The Last Jedi. For me, it made the movie more enjoyable I don't like when movies are too predictable. My only complaint about The Last Jedi was the actor for Luke Skywalker. I felt like I was watching the father from the t.v. show Shameless make a guest appearance. I possibly liked it more due to that fact I haven't watched or read any theories on star wars.

  • Roblox Gamer101
    Roblox Gamer101 Hour ago

    #1 on trending

  • Dulana Gunasena
    Dulana Gunasena Hour ago

    You also forgot to mention how terrible the writing was for characters were. Finn went through the same character arc as he did in the force awakens, Poe is a completely different person from the force awakens, Rose was equally as cringy as Jar Jar, and the sideplot rose and Finn had literally changed nothing in regards to the story.

  • Lightning Bullet
    Lightning Bullet Hour ago

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  • Xastur Speaks
    Xastur Speaks Hour ago

    I was utterly open to this movie and thus didn't go in with spoilers and yet, I did hear how much people didn't like it. I get the whole feminist ideology thing and agree, like Mad Max, they are purposely trying to be #Metoo about things. I get it, and yet I also remember the first movie and thought I'd wait till Red Box and then paying 1.50 for it, is not that big of a deal so I won't be butthurt if I don't like it. Then I had a woman, a date, who wanted to see it and a son who wanted to also. I thought ok fine. I'll take both of them and if I doing this pay the extra for Omnimax experience. Since I don't go to the theater much, I think seeing it in the Omnimax 3D experience was the way to go. I paid 48 bucks then for 3 tickets. My God almost 50 bucks for a movie which I thought I will regret. I did knowingly then do an insane thing and pay to see a movie I knew was over-hyped and that I could truly leave with agnst and regret for not just seeing but paying 48 dollars to see. That fact lingered in my mind. I would help fund Disney's feminist ideologically driven agenda at social engineering. FU Disney FU.
    So, the 3D 'realistic' aspect of the viewing is worth it. That alone makes it worth half the cost as it is a special viewing experience. I will say though I wanted to see Blade Runner 2049 in the same way and did not. If I were to pay 48 bucks for Blade Runner which I knew going in was good I would have not had that angst and potential regret. I will see Blade Runner at the Omnimax if it would ever return to the theater.
    Then there is the plot and casting choices of Star Wars the Last Jedi. I don't mind Laura Dern for example. I don't mind her character, or how Po is. I think his character is fine with how he is and how General Leah demotes him. I could just as easily see a headstrong female pilot like say Boomer from BSG who is basically a female version of Po and thus just as headstrong and potentially second guessing orders. Yes, Boomer is EXACTLY like Po in that way so females can be just like that and as such if feminism is trying to send a message, you were very cliche about it.
    I don't mind Leah using force powers. I do think in hindsight that it was best her character die and the fact heroic sacrifice and Matricide like the Patricide from the first Force Awakens would have made better logical sense. Leah should have then died by Kylo's hand as plot wise it made much more sense. It fit the logic established and so as a director/writer the choice was not just poor but Horribly BAD. Then Carry dies in real life and now despite their feminist ideology God/the Universe felt, nope Carry is gone and now what are you going to do, call the ghost busters I suppose. Life/the universe Killed her off and now you might be able to digitally re-create her, but Life/The Universe disagreed with your stupid director/writer/feminist choice.
    It made logical sense then in the movie to let Leah die the way YOU wrote it, and then did your stupid movie logic magic (which was easy given a universe with the Force) and saved her, then in real life the universe/God/the mother nature/etc. disagreed and didn't save her in real life. She is dead for real and your ideology can't wish that away or manufacture a different outcome.
    So now you are in a stupid situation and will have to kill of Leah whether your ideological douche baggery wants you to or not. So #Leah MUST die whether Ryan, all the feminists in the world, disney want her to or not as the actress is dead. For "reals". Now, they could do what they did in Pirates of the Carribean with a young Jack Sparrow and digitally re-create her. Showing their contempt for the fact they will change actual reality and summon up the dead regardless of what the universe decided.
    It seems then a wholly unnatural choice to save Leah then in the movie now and what seemed like a good 'ah ha' idea what do you think of that fans backfired on the creators of the Last Jedi (i'm looking at the top female feminist executives who obviously used Ryan as their cuck beta-male minion to accomplish this movie magic). I get when your having your lesbian sex or sex with your cuck beta male dominating him that you have a poster of Leah above your bed and worship it but it was illogical to save Leah in the movie.
    Leah using force powers made perfect sense but she never used them and then the one time she does it is to save herself. Ok, gotcha we get what we are dealing with now. That means it is like a comic book where the editor whips out some BS from his or her own ass and changes the story up to suit their own agenda in a way that the reader who read the whole story goes 'What!!!!'. I have had plenty of experiences reading comics like that and one reason I don't like comic book stories sometimes (the stupid writing/editing choices) though I love comics in general I just don't like that aspect of it.
    As a movie though the plot of Last Jedi then is about a slow escape of ships and as a plot is lazy. Any 4th grader could come up with that. So Disney and Ryan the director are as 'skilled professionals' as a 4th grader. aka Your idiot plot maker choices are horrible.
    I don't mind the scene with the Casino planet, but then again the whole 'save the animal' thing is irrelevant and not needed. It does demonstrate why no one responds to the Resistances call for help as the rest of the galaxy largely doesn't see a point, and is ok with the duality of it all. Ok, so the First Order is there and yet obviously does not have a lock on everyone but whatever life they have seems ok enough not to rise up. Plus even if the resistance won, whomever makes these weapons would still make them and sell them to any and all sides of whatever conflict would exist under a Republic so the alternative is not different or better.
    In the end the Last Jedi has a lot of stupid choices by the director, writer, disney executives which I think are manipulative of children among other reasons. They don't know about ideologies and like Zootopia won't know that they are watching an ideological vehicle movie. For that it is social engineering and essentially a MACROAGGRESSION, deceptive, and one could view it as evil as any nazi propaganda film since it seeks to shape the young mind regardless of what the parents or adults think.
    Now, as a movie experience I did enjoy the movie though. I didn't walk away completely regretting I spent 48 dollars. I did not overly explain all this to my son because I knew he simply was enjoying going with his dad to see Star Wars and held my arm tightly the whole time. I let him have that 'magical' experience and did not ruin it. For that reason alone I am glad I went to see it and see it in the 3D omnimax. I didn't really care if the woman I went with liked it. She probably did but then again seemed a woman who might identify with feminist ideology so her experience might be radically more kind and not as brain-frying as mine when it comes to analyzing this movie and the foulness of it.
    It is in fact a foul movie, make no mistake, and yes the company were boneheads for allowing feminazi's to hijack their movie as they have billions invested and that is going to cost them in the long run. It was a poor business decision. Now, they did get that 48 dollars from me and others like me in the short term but in the long run I will buy no Last Jedi on DVD. I will buy NO Last Jedi toys. All that 'stuff' created with the label and name I won't pay actual money for at least not the Last Jedi related stuff. So if that is part of the goal of Disney you HARMED your self financially and that means you suck at running an IP/franchise like Star Wars.
    You can fix it with the last movie, and realize what the Last Jedi could have been. It could have been the most philosophical Jedi movie ever. Going into the buddist like origin of Jedi philosophy and I liked very much how you made it more Taoist like and the whole gray jedi concept. Good. You could have really gone into how and why the Sith needed to get Revenge and the thousands of years of conflict that Luke realized the Jedi must end to end this ETERNAL RECURRENCE and thus add in some really good philosophical concepts. If I had written this movie it would have been layer upon layer of the onion deep in philosophy of the Force and why the Jedi were oppressive and tyrannical since they demanded all force users conform to the morality of the Light sight as they demanded it and thus gave no freedom of thought or choice to force users and that Luke had evolved beyond that perspective.
    I would then have him in a deep conversation with Obi-Wan and Yoda about why he will end the order and yet Snoke who was not a Sith and more like another branch that was more Gray sought to establish his branch or school of thought as the penultimate one the Knights of Ren then would dominate, not the Sith. So it is a related but competitive faction. Also the other force related factions like that keepers of the Willows (or whatever they are called) we see and others who pre-date the Jedi would be explored in the movie to some point so I introduce those ideas into the Canon. Rey then would learn that becoming a gray Jedi or rather the new type of Force user that does not impose the Jedi ethos as a demand on all other force users is the way foward but the Knights of Ren who seek to impose, like the Jedi, or like the Sith, their demanding ideology and dominance must be stopped.
    Instead a world where force users have freedom of thought and choice is the best way. That is the direction I would have taken it but realize someone like me is at odds with a feminist ideology that like the Sith or Jedi seek to shove down everyone's throat their WAY and ideas. You will accept it and if you don't we will hunt you and demonize and destroy. The true hateful ideology is feminism. If Star Wars had taken a direction like I'm suggesting it would have struck a deep cord and made BANK for decades.

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  • Sofia
    Sofia Hour ago

    Mat what the hell did you do

  • A Rooob92
    A Rooob92 Hour ago

    MATPAT! Please please do something on Devilman Crybaby. I don't even know where to begin

  • Avery Huelsbeck
    Avery Huelsbeck Hour ago

    I believe this movie was intentionally bad in these ways to generate discussion in order to drive sales.
    Less than half good reviews from the general population on Rotten Tomatoes, yet 1.3 BILLION in box office? Then the fact that Mark Hamill was going around before release pretty much bashing the film for being terrible. After the film came out, the cast/crew/reviewers that were paid started saying "oh well I just went to see it a second/third time and I liked it!"
    Star Wars can't possibly be so bad that Mark Hamill is bashing it like this, I have to see it: *ticket sale*
    Second time to see if it's good this time because people told me to: *another ticket sale*
    IMO this was a marketing ploy more ingenious than "Coke Classic"

  • Lily Yoak
    Lily Yoak Hour ago

    I still love it. And I still love you. CONGRATS ON GETTING #1 TRENDING!!!!!!!!!

  • Jordan Small
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    I literally just watched the movie for the sole purpose of watching this video. The $7 were 💯 worth it.

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    Goddamn true...😧

  • dend1
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    Matt confirmed anti nazi

  • Southsaudi
    Southsaudi Hour ago

    I didn't watch anything star wars ahead of time. Still didn't like the movie.

  • nick mcguinness
    nick mcguinness Hour ago

    7:25 i only just got to watch this.
    It’s 3:00am where I live, and I was just about to watch the new odd1sout video that came out JUST NOW!
    Well played Matpat.
    Well played

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  • Nathan van Dorland
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    I liked the movie but really dislike snoke

  • LazeredG _
    LazeredG _ Hour ago

    Its space ships and lightsabers can yall fucking weirdos stop freaking out the movie is fine for what it is 😂😂😂 its not a critically acclaimed drama

  • Jakob Hyer
    Jakob Hyer Hour ago

    Can you make a theory on bojack horseman and how tf that world works? It’s so confusing and could be a great theory

  • Martin Houmark
    Martin Houmark Hour ago

    TVclip theories didnt give me false/high expectations of the movie. The previous movie, the force awakens did.

  • Vinz De Castro
    Vinz De Castro Hour ago

    Wow ppl cant just take theories as theories.

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    #1 trending on Argentina, first time MatPat

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  • Apple Jackson
    Apple Jackson Hour ago

    The Last Jedi was AWESOME. People who don't like it are dumbass crybabies.

  • Sharpice Woods
    Sharpice Woods Hour ago

    TLJ was so full of holes, it feels like the script was made specifically to avoid confirming any fan theory.

  • LoneWolfGames
    LoneWolfGames Hour ago

    I actually liked it even tho I watch a lot of theory’s

  • zurgtheone
    zurgtheone Hour ago

    i didnt watch any of you other theories about star wars. and yet i found the last jedi utterly bad. too many small ´jokes took away the enjoyment of being sucked into the stories as i manage to get with all the other star wars. those silly jokes makes me go, cmon no more dad jokes. they fun every now and then. but a whole movie with a lot of jokes, that isnt a comedy movie is too much. star wars have always been serious movies trying to make you figure out what is going on and enjoy the moments that are serious.
    same goes for majority of the new marvel movies, there is too many jokes. like they are too afraid to make a serious moment. yes certain characters are funny. but Captain America is a serious uptight hero. yet the last movies with him had just too much jokes.

  • Benjamin Levasseur

    I thought the movie was set up to be a chase movie: bad guys chase good guys across space. It seemed that if they focused more on elements of a good chase and a little less on side quests, then it would have held up better despite the seemingly purposeful misdirections in the plot. They knew many were theorizing and anticipating and had to throw curve balls. But I feel that a little more attention to the chase would have smoothed transitions and heightened tension, like with Fury Road.

  • Killer911X
    Killer911X Hour ago

    Can you ruin the next lion king now to please. That movie shouldn't be remade aka downgraded.

  • Jose Morales
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    Help me to get to 1k subs please

  • Rimusuki
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    The moment matpat said Theodd1sout uploaded a new video there actually was a new video. Is Matpat psychic🤔

  • ndgo
    ndgo Hour ago

    At least they didn’t go through the shields of a planet this time.

  • 421agraz
    421agraz Hour ago

    Do death cure

  • sera rose
    sera rose Hour ago

    Yeah so I don't watch film theories of movies before they come out

  • dend1
    dend1 Hour ago

    Politics = tell false truth until people get used to it

  • The Crystallized
    The Crystallized Hour ago

    Stay indoors and watch anime and play dating games

  • Rewhirl
    Rewhirl Hour ago

    The movie was just okay though.....

    YU TIAN Hour ago

    i love you

  • Seni Bun
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    Congrats on #1 on trending!! 😊


    Congrats on trending!!!!!

  • Cypher Ave
    Cypher Ave Hour ago

    I wish the last Jedi had your theories but even after 3 watches it was still a garbage movie

  • shadow queendret
    shadow queendret Hour ago

    no theories didnt ruin anything. the movie was just awful and i think everyone noticed that. it tanked in china and in africa they thought it wasnt that good either.

  • Googlesucks100 Ballsandshafts

    Critics were paid and anyone who liked it has a low IQ. IE the mental capacity of a 10 year old.
    I support this info but his is a bad example movie for your point. This movie would have been okay if you replace every character with someone else. The previous movie in the series has nothing to do with this one other then its the same actors. This is why the movie is shit.

  • TractorProductions
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    Star Wars bad lol

  • SapphireRush
    SapphireRush Hour ago

    I feel sorry for you, MatPat. Your words made so many people hate this film. I'm not one of them, but I was expecting your words to be right and... I think it's better they wasn't. I freakin' loved it, I can't say a bad thing about The Last Jedi. Or maybe purple haired woman's decisions were a bit weird, but hey, people make weird decisions when things get intense.

    • SapphireRush
      SapphireRush Hour ago

      Aslo, the loudest are those, who didn't like it. The other ones are nearly visible.

  • TractorProductions

    Star Wars bad lol

  • cry Baby
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    Number 1 on trending

  • uganda knuckles
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    uganda knuckles like star wars

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    Holy crap when matpat said 'the odd1sout just released a new video' I got a notification for the odd1sout.

  • Alexei Jeremiah
    Alexei Jeremiah Hour ago

    u suck paul logans balls

  • MrKhanMan1510
    MrKhanMan1510 Hour ago

    Perhaps I'm missing something here, but the criticisms I've seen of this movie haven't had anything to do with fan theories not coming true. They're about specific things within the movie itself. So I don't really see what the point of this video is. Seems to me the people that wrote those articles are just trying to explain away why this movie failed.
    As far as I can see, the reason the new Star Wars movies aren't blowing people's minds is because they're trying to do two things at once, and as a result, are failing at both. They are trying to recapture elements of older movies by retreading many of the same story beats, settings, and character archetypes.....but at the same time trying to shed the old Star Wars and do something new........and they're doing both of these things at such a rapid pace that the new characters who are supposed to carry the franchise forward are way too under developed (as well as badly written if you ask me), and the old characters are being unceremoniously stripped away as fast as possible. With something as high profile as Star Wars it's no wonder people are annoyed. It's obvious these movies and these characters mean a lot to people. I mean more people cared about Admiral Ackbar being killed off screen than they did about Commander Purple Hair's suicide jump. These new characters have a lot to live up to, and unfortunately the writers for these movies have failed them.

  • MuzicLoverForever

    Stopped watching... haven’t seen It yet.
    I know I few spoilers already because people are a holes and can’t keep there mouth shut.
    I just don’t watch new Star Wars videos.
    I only watch them if I know they were posted before 2015.

  • Ömer Hamdi
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    Fak uou

  • Matt Lego
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    I enjoyed last jedi, some things i would've liked better but i still liked it

  • uganda knuckles
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  • Emily Barwick
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    I didnt like the Last Jedi was because it was so confusing and too many plot holes. Its not ur falt!

  • Jacob Potato
    Jacob Potato Hour ago

    Congrats on that #1 trending

  • Josh Rogers
    Josh Rogers Hour ago

    This is way too rational for Star Wars fans to believe.

  • Max Ellis
    Max Ellis Hour ago

    It was just a bad movie, plain and simple. Lame plot, terrible pacing, plot holes galore, dumb character choices, etc. The fact that critics rated this movie so high is clear evidence to me that the critics are in the big studios' pockets.

  • Sarah E Heintz
    Sarah E Heintz Hour ago

    Great Job Matt Patt. I'm so proud of you!

  • robert van wijk
    robert van wijk Hour ago

    I actually loved the movie, and I watched tons of theories and read almost every book (I can see the faults in it tho)

  • Luci Lu
    Luci Lu Hour ago

    People can’t take their blame of it doing well so blame you guys

  • Gabriel Amyot
    Gabriel Amyot Hour ago

    Anticipated theories are like anti-spoilers!
    You convince us and then...
    If the theory is wrong: OMG what a plot twist!!!
    If the theory is right: STFU I knew it!!
    I love to be convinced and then be surprised watching the movie.
    Thanks for making these awesome theories :)

  • Julian Starkey
    Julian Starkey Hour ago

    good job for #1 on trending :)

  • John Cox
    John Cox Hour ago

    (1) On Chekhov's Gun: Luke's X-Wing. Missed an opportunity.
    (2) As for the casino planet, it would have been more interesting if the plots of multiple characters intersected there, like if Maz had met them there. As it was, it had importance, but felt more like an waypoint, not a consequential plot intersection.
    (3) As for "letting" most of the transports get destroyed before doing something, not much time actually passed. Looking at how fast they were being picked off (30-40 transports, 1-2 picked off every 5sec or so), only 10-20sec passed before the Admiral did something. The rest of it was "meanwhile" drama-building time.
    All that said, I've grown more accustomed in the past couple years to meandering character development stories with poor choices and dead ends and wasn't put off by Last Jedi. I rather enjoyed it. I think of how some things could have been better, but I still enjoyed it.

  • crimsontowers
    crimsontowers Hour ago

    Yeah the illusory truth effect plays into propaganda too, Goebells always said, keep repeating the big lie and people start to believe it. We use that here in the states too like the WMD excuse

  • Anthony J Fitzpatrick

    I'm just like a month behind on my you tube so I saw it before i saw the theories

  • Devin Quinn
    Devin Quinn Hour ago

    Yeah your theories were better then the movie.

  • Slashycent
    Slashycent Hour ago

    The biggest problem with theories regarding the Sequel trilogy is that the theorists assume that there is a plan where in reality there is none. Lucasfilms doesn't know what overarching story they want to tell here, they just mash new things on top of each other without properly building up on the previous movie. They don't have a plan for things to tie into the whole Saga's story, they're improvising, purposefully avoiding popular theories just to be like "Ha, you thought something else was going to happen". The theorists care more about continuity than the producers do and that's why the sequel trilogy is such a mess.

  • Cookie 15
    Cookie 15 Hour ago

    I don´t understand why people hate it, I loved the movie !!

  • Aviva Stoken
    Aviva Stoken Hour ago

    Please do a series of unfortunate events theory

  • Andrew Schuellein

    #1 my fam has not seen it #2 I have good friends. #3 I don't care about spoilers

  • 64Newo
    64Newo Hour ago

    Tastes don't change, the New York times will always be trash FeelsGoodMan

  • Tr0phy
    Tr0phy Hour ago

    How to avoid spoilers (serious)
    •Don't mention the topic at all
    •Move away from the people who mention it
    The internet
    •Look up anything but the topic
    •If you do look it up, don't scan comments.

    *But I give the last star wars a B tbh, that's being nice too*

  • somerandom guy
    somerandom guy Hour ago

    49% is a lie. If you actually start looking at reviews, most are 1 star and below.

  • ejdadj6
    ejdadj6 Hour ago +1

    Just watch the Half in the Bag episode from RLM on why The Last Jedi was not worth the high critical appraise. From a film making perspective it just wasn't worth a near 100% from Rotten Tomatoes, it is a competent movie but a lot of questions were not answered and more were created. See Prometheus and Alien Covenant from the Alien franchise for how that feels. A move can create new ideas and still have them set within lore and make logical sense, not just twists and turns for no reason lacking major logic.

  • Iconoklazt 1080
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    The problem is Disney Star Wars movies are a big money grab

  • Noah Knutsen
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    Surgery expect sheet donate now look impression unity tune vs Jewish consensus.

  • Woobens Lormil
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    remix need to drop

  • Sebastian Quintero

    I’m so glad I didn’t watch it. Everyone I know said it was awful

  • Lew Ashby
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    $5 when you signup

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  • Karnacle Blackburn

    No MatPat. You didn't.
    Progressivism and atomizing and then replacing 3 decades of established canon for almost 2 whole generations of children with content worse than Episode 1 and even worse writing killed it.

  • xXPyroWolfXx
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