GLASS Trailer (2019)


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    Enjoy the first Trailer for Glass!

  • Spook TacuLiz
    Spook TacuLiz 3 days ago

    Just saw this movie today; it was good.

    CINEMA HOUSE 3 days ago

    Watch Glass (2019)HD full movie with English subtitles on,

  • Mrr Leak007
    Mrr Leak007 3 days ago

    The cheated movie. The rubbish movie👎👎👎

  • Mando B
    Mando B 7 days ago


  • crazy horse29
    crazy horse29 12 days ago +2

    What a director. What a cast. What an end. Fantastic entertainment.

  • achmad rofiqi rapsanjani
    achmad rofiqi rapsanjani 13 days ago +1

    This is film documentary not science fiction

  • Around The Verse
    Around The Verse 14 days ago


  • Regina Lucero
    Regina Lucero 16 days ago

    I smell the next generation of super heros... comics...more movies...and other crap....just like superman...robin... batman...godzilla.....and starwars. ...

  • Marco Marc
    Marco Marc 17 days ago

    When professor X finally meets nick fury!

  • banacek8675
    banacek8675 17 days ago

    They should have named this movie Unwatchable.

  • Art Cahanaj
    Art Cahanaj 17 days ago

    Is this movie good.I want to watch it but is probably a waste of time.

    • Art Cahanaj
      Art Cahanaj 17 days ago

      Ah ok thanks

    • Slate
      Slate 17 days ago

      The camera is like a cctv camera, it barely moves all the time. Probably a bad movie for you.

    • Slate
      Slate 17 days ago

      No it is not, the camera is barely moving all the time. There is no intense things here, just a mystery movie.

  • Addict NZ
    Addict NZ 18 days ago

    That shrink bitch is just the worst

  • wiin fiim
    wiin fiim 19 days ago

    🎬 Glass.2019.720p.BluRay.x264-[YTS.AM]
    ⏳ 129 min. » English SUB. ⚡CC

  • Clint Casey
    Clint Casey 22 days ago

    I keep giving the director chances and he keeps delivering SHIT! Pure shit!!

  • Kaiviti Bati
    Kaiviti Bati 23 days ago

    I regreted paying money to watch this shit movie

  • ansahth cendia cendia
    ansahth cendia cendia 23 days ago +1


  • NEG8
    NEG8 24 days ago +1


  • Barbosa Uribe
    Barbosa Uribe 26 days ago

    Movie was terrible!!

    • Eric Allen
      Eric Allen 24 days ago

      I've asked about 20 people I know, all said it was very good.

  • Diky Sunaryo Putro
    Diky Sunaryo Putro 26 days ago

    Oh ini terusan split

  • aaron s
    aaron s 28 days ago

    This guy is way too small for this kinda movie haha

  • Amuras Strele
    Amuras Strele 28 days ago

    Boring... Spilt was better.

  • M.L.S. Machine
    M.L.S. Machine 29 days ago

    In the movie why did the psychiatrist say the guy with multiple personality disorder was the only survivor from the crash?

    • Enrich Cole
      Enrich Cole 27 days ago +1

      M.L.S. Machine she was referring to David

  • Pure Hell
    Pure Hell 29 days ago

    That, whore the psychiatrist!

  • Ricardo Martinez
    Ricardo Martinez Month ago

    Don't waste your time watching this garbage

  • Stefan Andrei
    Stefan Andrei Month ago +3

    Amazing caracters
    Spoiler alert :

    Why did they have to die❗❗
    And they died beacouse of their friends/family, like, betrayed in some part... (worst possible way)
    So disappointed, but james, bruce & samuel were absolutely brilliant...

  • UniqueGeekFreak
    UniqueGeekFreak Month ago +4

    They called him Mr. Shyamalan!
    You damn ingenius fox!! 😁👍

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J Month ago +1

    Unbreakble, split & glass. Trilogy of super heroes film.

  • ꧁༺๖Prokel๖Oac๖༻꧂

    I wasted 2h lol

  • Mohamed AL mahfood
    Mohamed AL mahfood Month ago

    Trailer amazing

  • Florence Judiel Rafael

    Another amazing movie

  • szs voc
    szs voc Month ago +1

    borin crap

  • Haxior
    Haxior Month ago +1

    Beast vs Man of Glass?

  • filipnish
    filipnish Month ago

    Omg, this Sarah Paulson is constantly crying as she opens her mouth in every movie or TV show...

  • Sam Marks
    Sam Marks Month ago

    After watching this film from start to finish i am now utterly convinced that Hollywood actors and directors are the most fucked up people on the planet. Watching those grown adults pretending to be super humans was one of the most embarrassing things i have ever seen. Beyond sad, actually disturbing to watch. Fuck me, i think i would be happy if the whole fucking lot of them were put against the wall and shot. Trumps a hero, carpenters and plumbers are heroes, Ice enforcers are heroes. Not fucking freaks who pretend to be werewolves. Get a fucking job ladies!!!!!

  • Kelly Gervais
    Kelly Gervais Month ago

    Just watched the movie, craptacular...

  • jgulinac
    jgulinac Month ago

    Dr. Stapl (Sarah Paulson) worst acting ever. She is such a disappointment

  • Chief
    Chief Month ago +3

    Acting 10/10. Movie 5/10

  • Mucahit Ozen
    Mucahit Ozen Month ago

    Totally waste of time

  • Legit Gaming
    Legit Gaming Month ago +1

    I waste 2 hour of my life for a boring movie
    Glad didn't pay for it hahah

  • Brandon Blaze
    Brandon Blaze Month ago +2

    The ending to this is just ..... Genius.
    Now thats what I call a twist ending.

  • Dodo M
    Dodo M Month ago

    What a total shit of a movie.

  • Aden Haupt
    Aden Haupt Month ago

    This is a Marvel movie x 1000

  • 가부테로시델
    가부테로시델 Month ago +1

    is this the continuation of split!!!!

  • stefan catalin ionut

    A, s....t movie....!sorry

  • miki horvath
    miki horvath Month ago

    this is 21 century fkin' ass holy shity movie same like Marypoppins cartoon.after 10 sec. give up

  • Infamous Kalen
    Infamous Kalen Month ago

    All the people that forever what refused to believe Split and Unbreakable had anything to do with each other despite even the author saying so. Eat your damn stubborn ass hearts out lol.

  • MoChakis
    MoChakis Month ago

    Pause at 1:36
    Really nigga

  • Gethyn Francis
    Gethyn Francis Month ago

    The ending was shit everyone fucking died not happy😤😞😟

  • nassim naimi
    nassim naimi Month ago

    watch glass for free

  • SokaN
    SokaN Month ago +4


  • Joshua Joshua
    Joshua Joshua Month ago

    This is how Nick furry create the very first avengers...

  • Gerald Mendez
    Gerald Mendez Month ago

    when Nick fury and Professor X unite.

  • Wanto Krip70
    Wanto Krip70 Month ago

    naive and stupid movie....... just to promote sadistic acts

  • Zoran Stameski
    Zoran Stameski Month ago

    sad ending

  • Wanto Krip70
    Wanto Krip70 Month ago

    3 super humans contained in a place with the fewest security guards ........... such a naive movie

  • StealthyMonk
    StealthyMonk Month ago

    Just finished watching. 3/10 - complete horse shit.

  • خلف الشمري

    فيلم دراما وفنتازيا رائع وجميل
    يحق لك تكراره . أي ( سبق ورؤيته من قبل ) " لايك " .
    يستحق النجم العالمي : " جيمس مكافوي " جائزة الأوسكار بكل جدارة .
    طرح الفيلم قضية تأثير :-
    ١- القصص المصورة لأبطال خارقون .
    ٢- الأفلام لأبطال خارقون مثل : " سوبرمان " وغيره .
    ٣- واليوم : " البلاستيشن " .
    على الأطفال حتى الكبر .
    والتحذير منها على شكل فيلم رائع وجميل مثل هذا الفيلم .

  • Fatima Mogalia
    Fatima Mogalia Month ago +3

    I just watched it now liked it a lot and I really like the different personelities

  • dave williams
    dave williams Month ago

    This movie was a yawnfest.

  • berat celik
    berat celik Month ago

    bu ne dalyarak film aq

  • Pyton Dikson
    Pyton Dikson Month ago +1

    I loved mr glass mastermind planning

  • злой бич
    злой бич Month ago

    Фильм говно, перевидите пожалуйсто на аглийский👎👎👎

  • mr jinks
    mr jinks Month ago

    So disappointed with this film so much potential missed wouldn’t watch it a second time

  • DNZ 1014
    DNZ 1014 Month ago +3

    Barley saw this movie. Rotten tomatoes gave it a poor rating.. This movie is great crazy plot twist

    • Dejon Hadley
      Dejon Hadley Month ago

      The twist was completely retarded and ruin the movie.

  • MeRk SHocK
    MeRk SHocK Month ago

    Is it better than Split?

  • Juan Lopez Villegas
    Juan Lopez Villegas Month ago +2

    Ellie staple could definitely be considered my most hated character of the 21st century.

  • M K
    M K Month ago +1

    Wow, three of the very best actors in the world! This gotta be good.

  • abdu razakumar
    abdu razakumar Month ago

    Too damn boring movie I wasted over 2hours to watch this shit

  • Keith Steward
    Keith Steward Month ago

    Great movie and great cast. Why don't movies like this get more play than the soft pedaled crap hollywood puts outs out? All the new super hero movies now are all the same and digitalized for the simple brain dead masses. I like this new spin. I won't watch anyting less anymore. Hats off to M. Knight Shaymalan.

  • -=AngelGr=-
    -=AngelGr=- Month ago

    Its amazing how idiotic this movie is, The plot had so many holes in it, the acting was sooo bad (except for Mcavoy), the “plot twist” at the end was so juvenile and the ending was stupid AF!
    Complete waste of time.
    Well serves me right for watching another M Night Shyamablahblahn movie.....

  • Yabadabadu Unggawa
    Yabadabadu Unggawa Month ago

    Lame boring movie

  • -=AngelGr=-
    -=AngelGr=- Month ago +1

    Its a Shyamablahblahn movie so I have a strong feeling its gonna be total shit but ill give it a try. after all its free on torrents

  • Mohmmed Sadek
    Mohmmed Sadek Month ago

    if you wana watch this movie for free no ads no survery

  • M V
    M V Month ago +1

    This is 10/10 recommend

  • Tico Lyles
    Tico Lyles Month ago

    Not trying to spoil anything but this movie was trash fr just trying to save you from an eye sore

  • Ridwan Sha
    Ridwan Sha Month ago +2

    Brilliant performance by James Mc.

  • Sʟᴏʙᴏᴅɴɪ ᴍᴀsᴏɴ

    Movie for comic book nerds and virgins

  • Burak Demirer
    Burak Demirer Month ago

    what is the endvideo song name?

  • Awal Ilkin
    Awal Ilkin Month ago +1

    Not as good as before. Don't understand the meaning of "suicide mission" at the and of the movies

    ARD CELL Month ago


  • A.
    A. Month ago

    First name: Mister... Second name: Sir

  • gary mckechnie
    gary mckechnie Month ago

    What a shit fucking movie!!!

  • Gray Dasma
    Gray Dasma Month ago

    They all died at the end.

    • ecxetera
      ecxetera Month ago

      Gray Dasma wth😫😭

  • siasti
    siasti Month ago +2

    I spent the whole movie waiting for something interesting to happen and suddenly it ended...

    • atveus
      atveus Month ago

      I kinda had the same vibe... but still is a brilliant movie. And a very good (almost) 20 years trilogy.

    • akira guanzon
      akira guanzon Month ago

      yea nothing special. god damn it


    Absolute drivel,as expected.If you like throwing money away this is for you.

    • Max Blanke
      Max Blanke Month ago +1

      Not "as expected". M. Night has an occuring theme where he either produces 10/10 movies or 1/10 shit. And there is no consistency to it and you can't really tell what will be good or bad. This movie had a lot of potential, but it just felt lackluster, it felt pointless. It was like watching someone stretch a rubberband so slowly you couldn't even tell it was being stretched, and when it was fully stretched someone just used the scissors on it and said "that's it"

  • Guns & Roses Roses
    Guns & Roses Roses Month ago

    I still hate this Shyamalan moron for ruining my favorite cartoon series "Avatar"

  • Ross Egan
    Ross Egan Month ago +1

    There should be another movie after this where the world finds out and there's a reaction and more people with other amazing abilities are revealed,we still got to know about those fuckers who were trying to cover it all up. I mean is there not potential here no or am I just lost in this movies universe somewhere

    BLVCK EDM Month ago


    • DanielAzzo
      DanielAzzo Month ago

      More like Part 3 of unbreakable

  • Ahmed Prince
    Ahmed Prince Month ago

    الصراحة فلم اتفه من التافه حرامات شفتة

    • Haitham
      Haitham Month ago

      والله انا زيك ندمت اني شفته الله يلعن امه من فلم غبي


    This movie is a must watch film

  • Lee Husher
    Lee Husher Month ago

    Hell yeh

  • Jamey Lane
    Jamey Lane Month ago

    Looks G** **** stupid.

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago +1

    is April and still no watchable movie in 2019

    • Ass Whole
      Ass Whole Month ago

      It's out on pirate bay in 1080p now, enjoy!

  • سًسًـآهِر آلَليّلَ

    تابعته في دبي جميل جدا

  • P Clarky
    P Clarky Month ago

    this movie is super shite

  • Tuana Özdener
    Tuana Özdener Month ago

    Anya Taylor-Joy❤❤❤❤

  • Daniel Lus
    Daniel Lus Month ago +2

    I'm pissed they didn't show Hedwig's blue socks.

  • Nostalogic98
    Nostalogic98 2 months ago +1

    By far the worst movie I’ve seen in 2019

    • Nostalogic98
      Nostalogic98 28 days ago

      +MeRk SHocK FUCK NO. Split to me was a million times better

    • MeRk SHocK
      MeRk SHocK Month ago

      legit? is it better than split?

  • offdeadeye88
    offdeadeye88 2 months ago +1

    this is without a doubt one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen I’m not one to ever leave a review for anything even if I like or dislike it but this was astonishingly bad and I actually feel like watching it harmed my mind I was surprised when I saw only 4 other people in the theater with us but at the end of the agony I understood why whoever made this should put a bullet in their head and do the world a favor I can’t comprehend the mind of the individual that made this and thought “yes, this is a good movie we have made” I hope they find peace one day and can come to terms with their disability