GLASS Trailer (2019)


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    FilmSelect Trailer  7 months ago +2159

    Enjoy the first Trailer for Glass!

    • Thoughts
      Thoughts 21 day ago

      Crap! Glass like xmen origins film isnt finished and they released it why? What a waste of a good story.

    • Evin Minaj
      Evin Minaj 26 days ago

      ❖Watch | Download Film ❖ *GLASS 2019* play here :
      ❖Genres : |PG13 | 2h 9min | Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller |❖
      Storyline : Security guard David Dunn uses his supernatural abilities to track Kevin Wendell Crumb, a disturbed man who has twenty-four personalities.
      ❖All Languages | English | Norwegian | Franch | German |❖

  • Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

    Fuck HELLYWOOD🖕🏻

  • N. B.
    N. B. 3 days ago

    This was my badest movie i ever have seen! Very boring!

  • coconutmilch
    coconutmilch 3 days ago

    she's actually a psychologist not a psychiatrist.

  • joschua bluhm
    joschua bluhm 3 days ago

    What's the name of the first movie they made?

  • the unreal player
    the unreal player 4 days ago

    2:40 Should I call you mister?
    2:46: Glass, why are you gay?

  • Elisa Hoerth
    Elisa Hoerth 4 days ago

    I wanna watch this movie

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  • Darth Zayder X
    Darth Zayder X 5 days ago

    First name: Mister. Last name: *_GLASS_*

  • AramBamari
    AramBamari 6 days ago

    So ein madiges abgefucktes Ende

  • Hulagu Mongke
    Hulagu Mongke 8 days ago

    Waste $20 by watching it!

  • New Creation
    New Creation 8 days ago

    Has anyone actually seen this? How was it?

  • Sophia Eloise
    Sophia Eloise 9 days ago

    I watched the movie, it was so boring

  • Mobile Phim
    Mobile Phim 9 days ago

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  • Konsceptt
    Konsceptt 9 days ago

    What happened to Charles Xavier

  • -ⱮadaraTheCat -
    -ⱮadaraTheCat - 10 days ago +1

    The first time I watched this trailer, I thought it was a comedy movie.

  • Lê Dung Hồ
    Lê Dung Hồ 10 days ago

    This make me think of Split

  • Why Bolo
    Why Bolo 11 days ago


  • Arora Mami
    Arora Mami 11 days ago

    I cant wait to watch this

  • Emily Gapuz
    Emily Gapuz 11 days ago

    First name: *_M R ._*
    Last name: Beast

  • sirin hamza
    sirin hamza 11 days ago

    another bs movie for bullshiter who clap for almost everything

  • Jana Radke
    Jana Radke 11 days ago

    Das Ende war traurig für mich.Mir kamen sogar paar Tränen.

  • Ebony Wilson
    Ebony Wilson 12 days ago

    I’m so excited to see this movie!!!!

  • David Byrne
    David Byrne 12 days ago

    I didn’t really get this film. Definitely hidden meanings involved

  • lb7zf6 03
    lb7zf6 03 13 days ago

    Love the connection to Unbreakable.

  • ๛Altaïr Sapphire๛

    *Split* wasn't really that thrilling(i was so excited because the story is something unique & i like the psychological shit) the only thing that let me watch it to the end was the curiosity for the ending, i hope this doesn't dissapoint me.....
    btw is *Unbreakable* related to split & this, i know it's the same director but there are the two same actors in *unbreakable* & *split*

  • Gaming Seif
    Gaming Seif 14 days ago

    I saw the full movie

    Its shit and not enjoyable

  • Carolina Adele
    Carolina Adele 15 days ago

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  • Lena Payton
    Lena Payton 15 days ago

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  • Sophie
    Sophie 15 days ago

    My friend asked me to come and see this movie with her but it was terrible a few people left during the movie the acting was mixed sometimes it was bad sometimes it was good it looked like a fanmade movie at some points my friend liked it tough she saw it for the second time so it depends.

  • omer shahbaz
    omer shahbaz 15 days ago

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  • Sophie aziz
    Sophie aziz 16 days ago

    💩💩💩💩 the garbage movie

  • Sophie aziz
    Sophie aziz 16 days ago

    Worst movie I ever seen such a waste of money and time pls ppl don’t waste ur money on this garbage movie 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • hamiss haouas
    hamiss haouas 16 days ago

    It's the worst movie I ever watched 😢😩😩😒😒

  • QueenxGrande
    QueenxGrande 16 days ago

    Can’t wait to see this
    1 and a bit weeks time !

  • RAJ
    RAJ 17 days ago +2

    *That is called a real superhero movie, in which everything is realistic, subtle, and no drama like extra super action scenes, and inter galactic wars, no high voltage hyped showoff etc.!! just realism and like how will it actually happen if it was real, this movie does the job, ofcourse its M.Night shyamalan, and also this shows the so called "The secret society" in a typical way*

  • Richard Oboh
    Richard Oboh 17 days ago

    The trailer was far more interesting than the movie. Avoid this movie at all costs!

  • Erion Kiwi
    Erion Kiwi 17 days ago

    Identity 2003 was good
    I would watch it again

  • Dopey zKyle
    Dopey zKyle 17 days ago

    Overrated movie by non critics. Critics are 100% right on this one

  • PAngel Hargrove
    PAngel Hargrove 18 days ago

    That was the lowest security mental hospital ever.

  • Eckardt Stander
    Eckardt Stander 18 days ago

    Hey guys see my review of

  • MissZara
    MissZara 18 days ago

    It was boring as hell, I should have watched aqua man instead 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • VarinderSidhu ROMANS6
    VarinderSidhu ROMANS6 18 days ago

    It was so boring!!!!! And long. I wanted to sleep through the movie.

  • Arjan Singh
    Arjan Singh 18 days ago

    This film was terribly boring.

  • Arjan Singh
    Arjan Singh 18 days ago

    This film was terribly boring.

    MYSTIC ARTZ 18 days ago +1

    OMFG. I can’t fucking wait to see Kevin’s other personalities 😂😂😂

  • nur fitriani
    nur fitriani 19 days ago

    I think this is the advanced of the film 24 personality

  • AR15
    AR15 19 days ago

    If its Shamalan. It'd be great.

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith 19 days ago

    That’s the face I make during a four finger prostate exam.

  • joeduby
    joeduby 20 days ago +6

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  • Kevin Fiel
    Kevin Fiel 20 days ago

    When Professor X has all DID, and Nick Fury.

  • Episode CJSII
    Episode CJSII 20 days ago +7

    Just saw the movie👍👍👍👏👏👏👏 loved it!!
    Rotten Tomatoes 36%!!!? EFF them! Never go by their b.s. reviews..

  • Desmond Townson
    Desmond Townson 20 days ago

    so I have2 watch unbreakable nd split before I watch this?too much hassle - pass.NEXT….

  • Johnny Matthew
    Johnny Matthew 21 day ago +8

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  • Etilaka Helsa
    Etilaka Helsa 21 day ago

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    Writer: M. Night Shyamalan
    Stars: James McAvoy, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson
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  • Randy D. Goodman
    Randy D. Goodman 21 day ago

    How Shyamalan is able to create such horrendous scripts with countless plot holes and childish writing, is mystifying. 'Signs' was entertaining 20 years ago. His other 10 have been flops. Thank God for file sharing.

  • Alexelriz 24
    Alexelriz 24 21 day ago

    2:07 ricolino

  • Azumi Kendo
    Azumi Kendo 21 day ago +1

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  • phantom of awsome also ranger rlsh

    this movie is real. people do have superpowers.

  • Diana Mihaylova
    Diana Mihaylova 22 days ago

    Where we can watch the tv show?

  • Mohd Sah
    Mohd Sah 22 days ago

    Nick fury : Enough is enough..there`s a mothafuckin snake in this mothafuckin plane

  • Ghalya Ghaliba
    Ghalya Ghaliba 22 days ago +1

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  • Krešimir Marinić
    Krešimir Marinić 22 days ago

    A shame it had to be turned into another cliche superhero crap. Split was unexpectedly good, until the cliche death of the psychologist, from where the rest goes mostly downhill.

  • Alena Marin
    Alena Marin 22 days ago +1

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  • Adini Morgan
    Adini Morgan 22 days ago +1

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  • Hi There
    Hi There 23 days ago +3

    Ending disappointed me :/

    • Madonna XXX
      Madonna XXX 21 day ago +1

      Hi There IKR .. it's not what I expected. 😑

  • K2018 T
    K2018 T 23 days ago +7

    The ending was one of the dumbest ones i've seen so far in a movie. Bruce Willis's character who is supposed to be super strong ends up getting drowned in a small puddle of water by a regular police man using a single arm to do so, and the "unbreakable" guy dies from this, even though he was able to swim out of a pool while wrapped and trapped in a pool cover in the "unbreakable" movie which is the prequel to this one.
    He can bend steel with his bare hands, but he can't remove a regular policeman's arm from his head? Can't believe the writers actually didn't think of that, so fucking stupid.

    • T K
      T K 17 days ago

      A big fan of Unbreakable and Split but Glass did not do it for me so much could have been done with the likes of the 3 strong characters in there casting was spot on but the story was badly written Bruce death in the small puddle the Hord death ...There was no bond between the characters nothing outstanding was done !!apart from James acting which was mind blowing better then the movie itself ...

    • Zi Hye Han
      Zi Hye Han 18 days ago

      Agree, he had survived the fight with the beast, drowning him in a tank of water, there are still a lit of funny stuff, but i am relieved to watch the sequel ended, somehow can't hide that these 3 guys died in a stupid way...afterall, it is shyamalan's signature...u can try.watching his other movies....u will understand more what i am saying...

    • Melisa Brody
      Melisa Brody 21 day ago

      Meiste Kinos film GLASS 2019 :
      Security guard David Dunn uses his supernatural abilities to track Kevin Wendell Crumb, a disturbed man who has twenty-four personalities.
      Director: M. Night Shyamalan
      Writer: M. Night Shyamalan
      Stars: James McAvoy, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson
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  • KJ Da Gamer
    KJ Da Gamer 23 days ago

    Pretty good movie so much meaning behind not even a comic book reader although my gf is that's really why i watched it but overall i hope it continues like the other marvels i guess that's what they're called. great movie tho lol

  • henry rivera
    henry rivera 23 days ago

    A guys this movie fkn sucks .

  • people r sick
    people r sick 23 days ago +2

    I hated the movie the ending is dumb all 3 of them die 🤬😡😠

  • wowerman
    wowerman 23 days ago

    Honest opinion.The film was bad.The screen play,acting,no action build up,no great lines or scenes.Atmosphere no backed by any good music in background.If I watched on tv I'd skipped after 20min to another channel.Such a great disappointment.This film is like many PC recently made productions.Waste of time and money.

  • Ripeka Mokotupu
    Ripeka Mokotupu 23 days ago +1

    Click read more

    dr.ellie (Sarah Paulson) is actually working in an organisation where they want to kill everyone who thinks their superhero’s!!

  • solitarymaninblack
    solitarymaninblack 23 days ago

    It was a great film. Pre order your copy today.

  • levent tosun
    levent tosun 24 days ago

    iskoç aktör james mc avoydan mükemmel performans

    CØW_GAMER ØFFICIAL 24 days ago

    Its scary ????

  • fawzi kaid
    fawzi kaid 24 days ago

    yuk worst movie ever

  • bee teeth
    bee teeth 24 days ago

    these movies is just there to programme you all, stimulate in wrong areas of your head sub consciously. sad shit, I am glad I am muslim nd I got my beliefs to understand the sublime part of the world and antichrists

  • teenie beenie
    teenie beenie 24 days ago

    if it dint have bruce fug willis in would be ok.

  • King Alfreds Shieldwall

    Lots of hammy over acting and more super hero bullshit when all people want is a good movie from holly wood. Thank God Clint Eastwood is still making movies.

  • Isabella Donovan
    Isabella Donovan 24 days ago

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  • Trevor Ambrose
    Trevor Ambrose 24 days ago

    Glass is great

  • Henita Llorren
    Henita Llorren 25 days ago

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  • Emirhan Özden
    Emirhan Özden 25 days ago

    James McAvoy ve Anya Taylor-Joy'un başrolünü üstlendiği Parçalanmış ile Bruce Willis ve Samuel L. Jackson'ın başrollerini üstlendiği Ölümsüz filmlerini birleştiren yapım, Parçalanmış üçlemesinin devam halkası. Filmde, aşırı güçlü ve zarar görmeme yeteneğine sahip olan David Dunn, Kevin Wendell Crumb'ın parçalanmış kişiliklerinden biri olan ve en tehlikelisi olarak öne çıkan The Beast'in peşine düşüyor. Bu kovalamaca sırasında, kemiklerinin narinliğini şeytani zekası ile dengeleyen Mr. Glass'ın gölgesi de yavaş yavaş kendini göstermeye başlıyor. Glass'ın bildiği kimi sırlar iki adam için de kritik düzeyde önem kazanıyor. Aynı psikiyatri kliniğinde tedavi gören üç adam, birbirlerinden bambaşka karakterlerde olmalarına rağmen, "süper kahraman olduklarına inanan insanlar" üzerine uzmanlaşmış olan bir psikiyatrın bakımında tedavi için psikiyatri merkezine yatırılıyor. Ancak Mr. Glass ve Crumb'ın bir araya gelişi, kaçınılmaz olarak bir firar ile sonuçlanıyor. Onları durdurabilecek tek kişi olan Dunn da arkalarından firar ederek ikilinin peşine düşüyor...

  • x ᕮ᙭ᕮᑕᑌTIOᑎᕮᖇ x

    I watched Unbreakbable didnt like it too much talking and lots of time wasting and split stupid movie so basically this one is gonna be the same

  • Ally cat
    Ally cat 25 days ago +1

    This looks so cool

  • rinna erd
    rinna erd 26 days ago


  • Evin Minaj
    Evin Minaj 26 days ago

    ❖Watch | Download Film ❖ *GLASS 2019* play here :
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    ❖All Languages | English | Norwegian | Franch | German |❖

  • Chanel Heijkants
    Chanel Heijkants 26 days ago


  • Noahstreams 735
    Noahstreams 735 26 days ago +1

    2019? anywone?

  • Sajeevkumar
    Sajeevkumar 27 days ago

    Will watch it for Shyamalan....

  • DefCoups XX
    DefCoups XX 27 days ago

    *After watching, I realized that Dr. Staple is the REAL VILLAIN! Keep the X - Men and Avengers away from her!!!!!!*

  • DefCoups XX
    DefCoups XX 27 days ago +13

    Kevin is so confused of his personality, little did he know he is Professor X.

    • Pergi Kau
      Pergi Kau 20 days ago

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  • Tsufigih
    Tsufigih 27 days ago

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  • VegasLowBlower
    VegasLowBlower 27 days ago

    I was disappointed the human centipede guy wasnt in the trailer

  • Maja Helen
    Maja Helen 27 days ago

    Film 3 na 10. Nie ma tam żadnej akcji. Wszystko co najlepsze to 2 min na tej stronie. Ale zależy co kto szuka
    Ja straciłem dzisiaj 19 zl za kino

  • the vaping steampunk pixie

    Just watched split, I gotta watch glass, just have too!!!!!!!

  • Faty Faty
    Faty Faty 27 days ago

    Waw 😯😯

  • Mike Nicoll
    Mike Nicoll 28 days ago

    Just seen film , disappointing

  • joselillo033
    joselillo033 28 days ago

    Menuda mierda de pelicula

  • Jauhara Javan
    Jauhara Javan 28 days ago

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