Revisiting Beats by Dre


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  • Zyox
    Zyox 21 day ago

    I love the Logitech g433 got them on sale Black Friday for £50 and they are the best sounding headphones I have ever heard and they are really high quality, definitely sound better than my old beats solo 2s

  • Numb Reject
    Numb Reject 27 days ago

    these headphones or the bang and olufsen beoplay h2?

    CALMGAMESHOW Month ago

    1:58 those sum ugly ass headphones lmao

  • KillShot439
    KillShot439 Month ago

    Lol he literally stopped talking about beats in the fist minute

    CR1SP3RLOCO 2 months ago

    Just got these today for $108 after testing headphones at bestbuy, “bass heavy” ??? you are tripping my man the ep’s are more balanced than the more expensive beats, sony’s, jbl’s ,skullcandies and some bose on display right now at bestbuy, by the way I listen on spotify premium and itunes.

  • Office Chair
    Office Chair 2 months ago

    These beats go for 69 euros in Greece.. I'm thinking of getting these . Only concerns is comfort , and size … I listen to hiphop so we're good there .. I may hate apple but I do like Dr.Dre

  • Historys Glare
    Historys Glare 3 months ago

    I got mine home and one side stoped working and I had to send them away to get them fixed so I was not happy 🤤

  • team ko few 2
    team ko few 2 3 months ago

    I got them same color and using em rn

  • Danny C
    Danny C 4 months ago


  • BMJ2008
    BMJ2008 6 months ago

    Why does everyone ALWAYS complain about to much bass, to much mid etc...You guys do know your phone does has (or at least it should and if it shouldn't be reviewing headphones) an EQ, right? You can even download apps for it. Use the Adapt Sound setting on Android. Ugh!

  • Maker Maker
    Maker Maker 6 months ago +2

    Beats ep or jbl e45bt?

  • Markus Auer
    Markus Auer 7 months ago

    Beats are sh*t

  • Winston
    Winston 7 months ago

    Bass heavy? You mean muddy bass right?

  • Kee215 Kee215
    Kee215 Kee215 7 months ago +1

    They break to easy don’t buy bad cable cord

  • Michael Quigley II
    Michael Quigley II 8 months ago

    Beats ep . I'm listening to right now

  • Jay Salazar
    Jay Salazar 8 months ago

    Bro beats by dr.dre ain't based on the quality and comfort what your paying for is the b people are only gonna reconize that brand if you see LeBron or kyrie or a famous baseball football etc player wearing these ofc your gonna want them

  • skater35864
    skater35864 8 months ago

    actually, i think beats are expensive for looks and fashion

  • Omar Jhungoor
    Omar Jhungoor 8 months ago

    The Gordo is a ugly ugly headphones. I had a pair of Gordo s80 headphone and they sonnd like crap hated with no bass at all. However the beats to me came out to be the winner greet sound quality and great bass to.

  • Baron11704
    Baron11704 9 months ago

    Why didn't you just put a mic near the headphones and record them, so you don't have to try so hard to describe the sound

  • Amovoxx
    Amovoxx 9 months ago

    I got a pair of white Beats EP headphones! 🎧

  • dnalekaw
    dnalekaw 9 months ago

    Anybody who owns Beats should FUCKING die.

  • Rondre
    Rondre 9 months ago

    i would go for the status cb1 because i dont like too much bass like the beats

  • chujackam
    chujackam 10 months ago

    They are 75€ here, are they worth it for the price or not ? Ick which to choose, JBL e35, Beats EP or SteelSeries Siberia 100 (i know they are mainly for gaming but still). I want to use them for 95% music, 5% gaming.

  • Diamond Boy
    Diamond Boy 11 months ago

    It’s beats by dr. Dre what the flip

  • Anthony Morrocu
    Anthony Morrocu 11 months ago

    Who else thinks their beats and the case smell like a pineapple sent?

  • toxic
    toxic 11 months ago

    i have the beats ep and they are awesome

  • Hasan Abbas
    Hasan Abbas 11 months ago

    I am using those right now!!

  • ozzie burt
    ozzie burt Year ago

    Beats pros

  • Johnny A.
    Johnny A. Year ago

    Me listening to the beats for the first time, "wow these are amazing!"

    Then I listen to the Status Audio Cb1's, "beats just stole my money😑."

  • el Riku00
    el Riku00 Year ago +1

    ugh bass

  • AceTheFox
    AceTheFox Year ago +1

    I bet my Noontec Zoro HD sound way better than these. They actually sound better than a lot 150-dollar-ish headphones

  • Benz Was here
    Benz Was here Year ago +1

    Just bought beats today for 80. I am gonna, be excited to use it! Thank you for your comparison i’m glad I chose these!

  • Mac Junky
    Mac Junky Year ago +1

    i love the status audio cb-1s i have a pair and they are INCREDIBLE

    • Johnny A.
      Johnny A. Year ago

      Yeah, especially when used with a DAC/amp. Sometimes sounding better than the ath m50x's.

  • Lord V1LE
    Lord V1LE Year ago +1

    "they sound like beats" - So shit then.

  • Timothy Moskal
    Timothy Moskal Year ago +1

    When he took out the cb-1 I got so happy because I have them haha.

  • Chaos Gaming
    Chaos Gaming Year ago +1

    I have the Status CB 1 Already Bro

  • sKW x_x
    sKW x_x Year ago +2

    let’s be real, beats suck

  • Ulises R
    Ulises R Year ago +1

    You should review the 2018 Samsung Gear Icon X earbuds.

  • A FlexibleGamer
    A FlexibleGamer Year ago +1

    i wish I was a little bit taller
    i wish i was a baller
    i wish beats were less basey-er

  • ShrekSnav
    ShrekSnav Year ago +1

    There 70 dollars. You got scamed

  • Zach Martin
    Zach Martin Year ago +1

    I'm getting so used to "hey guys this is Austin" that I'm beginning to say it in my sleep...

  • Peter Kwon
    Peter Kwon Year ago +1

    Beats ep has better quality than solo 3. Studio 3 is a bit above studio 3 in my opinion.

    • Peter Kwon
      Peter Kwon Year ago

      Johnny Lol lol

    • Johnny A.
      Johnny A. Year ago

      Peter Kwon the studios in my opinion, shouldn't be used in a studio... They sound like shit compared to the audio Technica m50x's & the status audio Cb1's

  • Eternal
    Eternal Year ago

    I cringe when people compare beats to Bose or the ATH M50x's
    You can get beats Solo 2's for £89.99
    Bose are over £150-£300
    Ath M50x's are £125
    I'm not going to pay another £35 for bigger headphones that are bigger and wider, yet give a little better sound. They also look terrible and have really bad comfort issues.

  • Millard Smith
    Millard Smith Year ago

    Not trying to be mean but do you even know who Dr. Dre is?

  • Slasher
    Slasher Year ago

    Got them for $99

  • ZeeAwesome Budder

    Got my eps for $28

  • Zyox
    Zyox Year ago

    They are £50

  • Baconface McGee
    Baconface McGee Year ago +1

    I love my wired Beats Solo HD and I don't regret buying them!!!

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix Year ago +1

    beats are cheaper than both of those now in Canada

  • Jake Bonilla
    Jake Bonilla Year ago +1

    Are these better than the solo 2 wired?

  • Alex Swanson
    Alex Swanson Year ago

    the cable is horrible, the earpads are too small, dont buy

  • Garbage Gang
    Garbage Gang Year ago

    Low end is amazing for guitar

  • Shaun Wilson
    Shaun Wilson Year ago

    Apple -phone without headphone jack
    Still apple!- headphone with headphone jack
    Defines apple's intelligence

  • Canaan Darnell
    Canaan Darnell Year ago

    Move outta the way kiddos, real men wore this and had no problem. Go play around with your Bluetooth headphones.

  • Vivian Gobena
    Vivian Gobena Year ago

    I'm glad I watched this video.
    I went and bought the *Status CB-1* and
    I gotta say the quality is amazing.
    Thanks for the recommendation, man.

  • The Gaming Titan
    The Gaming Titan Year ago

    Still terrible...

  • Nabil Rahman
    Nabil Rahman Year ago

    Im using apple earpods

  • Viki Fröhlich
    Viki Fröhlich Year ago

    Hi Austin! What headphones would you recommend for rock/punk listeners under $100?

  • Jean-Antoine Matadi

    I can foresee the headphone wires crapping out
    and the headphones becoming useless

  • Jean-Antoine Matadi

    you can tell this video is not shot on a red dragon

  • Bolt
    Bolt Year ago

    Beats is crap!

  • I'm Alex
    I'm Alex Year ago

    If you listen country music with beats
    Get the fuck out of here

  • I'm Alex
    I'm Alex Year ago

    I like a lot of bass

  • Dubbu
    Dubbu Year ago

    I have these beats, and they are revolutional.

  • TadCool 500
    TadCool 500 Year ago

    Beats STUDIOS

  • Josh Tune
    Josh Tune Year ago

    Good thing I stick with my Bluedio T4S.

  • Vlad Lucian
    Vlad Lucian Year ago

    I mean... these are $80 right now and while they're still a bit overpriced, they're not really that bad. I got to hear them at one of those "stands". I would honestly buy them if they were NOT $350 WHERE I LIVE!!!

  • anjopag31
    anjopag31 Year ago

    saving up for either HD600 or DT 1990 Pro

  • Luv Is rage
    Luv Is rage Year ago

    I have a problem I have the same ones and the left side keeps on cutting out for some reason can you help me?

  • Mohammad Fahad
    Mohammad Fahad Year ago

    because COURAGE bitches! courage

  • Joshcruiser5
    Joshcruiser5 Year ago

    Lol all the beats haters in the comments are insane

  • Mau5 Fan
    Mau5 Fan Year ago

    Fuck beats its all about bose.

  • Choncho Cortes
    Choncho Cortes Year ago

    I own solo 3's yes u can call me a douche but beats are stylish headphones the solo 3's quality isn't the best quality but they look good and we buy beats for the brand

  • Wait what?
    Wait what? Year ago

    Why are you using android Austin?

  • Joycelyn Antwi
    Joycelyn Antwi Year ago

    They look like a more basic version the mixrs...

  • Yahir Pink
    Yahir Pink Year ago

    These arnt wireless right

  • Frostbyte3YT
    Frostbyte3YT Year ago

    Looks like nobody Cares About Dr. Dre's Songs

  • Tushar SinghPro
    Tushar SinghPro Year ago

    Austin please checkout the krk kns 8400 and the maudio m50 bruh !

  • Thicc B
    Thicc B Year ago

    I wonder what Dre song he was listening to
    Probably forgot about Dre or Still D.R.E.

  • Jackson Whiteside

    I'm listening to this vid with beats ep on

  • Creativinyx
    Creativinyx Year ago

    I prefer JBL headphones

  • Eric
    Eric Year ago

    Beats ep or Audio technica m20x? Can't decide

  • Co So
    Co So Year ago

    Did anyone kept using that beats ep? I read many, many reviews that state that the jack just breaks in half after a while, and the point gets stuck inside the iphone/ipad/computer. I can't understand if those review are fake or not, because it's full of them, on amazon, apple's site etc., and it's hard to think they are still selling it if there is a design/materials problem.
    I'm treble sensitive and really need a rolled-off highs headphone, but not if it breaks after a while..

  • Simon Moore
    Simon Moore Year ago

    Probably nothing I have some bose

  • Cringy ass African

    I got em for $40 and there quite nice for that price

  • The Plush Bros
    The Plush Bros Year ago

    I have the blue one

  • Michael's Online Diary

    The cb-1 headphones are actually amazing for the price it's insane

  • Aryan
    Aryan Year ago

    Is the cable removable

  • Trung Do
    Trung Do Year ago

    I like the simple and elegant design but the cable is too thin .
    I own many Sennheiser headphones , their sound and build quality are quite correct. German seriousness in manufacturing .

  • Justin Bates
    Justin Bates Year ago

    beats by dre are all trash even the pros. I can compare these to Chinese headphones and the Chinese ones known as hifi audiophile category would win

  • Andrew Rattle
    Andrew Rattle Year ago

    to me beats sound flat and monotone.

  • Slightly More Asian

    I got mine for 50! haha

  • Arythmix 1
    Arythmix 1 Year ago

    beats look way way better. other twos are huge they look hilarious

  • Name
    Name Year ago

    Literally every pair of beats I've owned had a cable that broke.

  • Monica Allen
    Monica Allen Year ago

    I got a pair a couple months ago from Best Buy for $70 and i think they're worth that price point. I enjoy them however they do get uncomfortable after a couple hours

  • Carved Parachute
    Carved Parachute Year ago +1

    I bought 120$ Sony headphones and they're way better

  • MC Strap
    MC Strap Year ago

    what dre song waz u listin to

  • Jack Leanbow
    Jack Leanbow Year ago

    Hate, but I have tried the big ones and a pare of beats and I love the beats and for someone who listens to a lot of hip hop they are really worth it. 😁

  • Pherexin
    Pherexin Year ago

    I'm listening to this video with a Beats EP :D
    I like them very much. Sure it's not really worth it, you can get better sounding ones for its price, but the quality, and the unboxing experince (which is satisfying af) will be worse.

  • zioncartel
    zioncartel Year ago

    Apple and beats = nothing but crap for the sheep