Bow Wow Talks #BowWowChallenge And Addresses Rumors In His Last Radio Interview


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  • Ls Halo
    Ls Halo 7 hours ago

    charlemagne clown didn't you got beat up

  • Shanola Webb
    Shanola Webb Day ago

    i want a frenchkiss from u shad....haahaahaahaa lol

  • Lazy Hale
    Lazy Hale 2 days ago

    The fraud king 😂

  • anglermatt
    anglermatt 2 days ago

    He said "I haven't lived in Ohio since I was 10". "I've lived in Atlanta my hole life." Nigga you only 30 so 10-15 years is half your damn life. And have some pride dog. Bandwagon ass fool

  • anglermatt
    anglermatt 2 days ago

    That is a white, black man right there

  • Shadow Production
    Shadow Production 2 days ago


  • Shanola Webb
    Shanola Webb 2 days ago


  • brandon johnson
    brandon johnson 2 days ago

    I think what he meant to say was that if he died he would be at peace. Even though it came off as the world has nothing to offer me.

  • Wittney Ransome
    Wittney Ransome 3 days ago

    What he is describing, the way he can't clearly describe or really verbalize it, is indicative of major depression. And while it's great to open up about it and maybe even share your story publicly, this is not the place or the time. He clearly isnt at the point of realization and he doesn't even understand himself rn. He's struggling and pushing for details is rude.

  • James Galloway
    James Galloway 3 days ago

    Much respect hold it down trials come but stay up. Cant let bitter satan win

  • Shanola Webb
    Shanola Webb 3 days ago

    happy birthday boo....haahaahaahaa lol

  • Ryan Bartley
    Ryan Bartley 3 days ago

    He’s always trynna sound like he’s so cool it’s just weird. Sucks though I used to like him. Especially 106 and Park. Made jail a little less boring lol

  • c p
    c p 3 days ago

    this guy generation hero turned into a bad liar so sad

  • Shanola Webb
    Shanola Webb 4 days ago

    cool see that's what's up !

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown 4 days ago

    he did get punched!!!this nigga got no truth or heart in him!!!!!

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown 4 days ago

    maaaaaaan he is no gang member that was a stupid question....he is to weak for that..come on you guys

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown 4 days ago

    this clown does nothing but lie....daaamn he fell off,and won't accept that...nobody cares about bow wow or his real👎👎👎👎

  • Billy Joseph
    Billy Joseph 5 days ago

    Lol he said he told t.i aye man go get me a soda 😂😂😂 the way he said it

  • Spencer Key
    Spencer Key 6 days ago

    this video was better then I thought I was entertained.

  • Lateisha Washington
    Lateisha Washington 7 days ago

    Angela yee low key crushing on Bow with the same marry,relationship& one woman questions.

  • Carlos Pina
    Carlos Pina 7 days ago

    Fucking liar...

  • Lance Hunter
    Lance Hunter 7 days ago

    That black bold dude is a trouble maker lol

  • Angelic Troublemaker

    I wonder if has a penis or DICK?!
    There's a WACK AF THO

  • vincent Wade
    vincent Wade 9 days ago

    yo Angela stated what’s real.... if you have done so much , find someone to help then! #GiveBack

  • Ice Cool
    Ice Cool 10 days ago

    I cant name a single track this guy has made. I know he was on that fast n furious tokyo drift

  • Maya Smith
    Maya Smith 10 days ago

    Him and XXX favor each other... like they can be cousins or something

  • Elantra Dupree
    Elantra Dupree 10 days ago

    me personally i cant think of any other thing out here that eats what it is but you know who knows really..but sneaker ppl

  • Elantra Dupree
    Elantra Dupree 10 days ago

    you know what i hate meal tickets and needed money all the time to eat..its a old saying out are what you eat.. i don't know but I'm pretty sure some pple have heard it

  • Elantra Dupree
    Elantra Dupree 10 days ago

    s/o BET and 106 and Park and all of the artist and videos what a different time

  • Elantra Dupree
    Elantra Dupree 10 days ago

    yeah Tristin and kevin all those lights and cameras would be would be amazed how many liars we got out here..facts

  • Elantra Dupree
    Elantra Dupree 10 days ago

    a lot of music and videos came out in this time like cole,nikki,trey,neyo etc. was on this show also but we all forget so much and now we got cardi everything is faster s/o 24 year old cardi

  • Elantra Dupree
    Elantra Dupree 10 days ago

    omg if they got him at 14 man the six years difference between us would be 8..and at 14 you start highschool

  • Elantra Dupree
    Elantra Dupree 10 days ago

    isn't social media and media just people aren't we all just living in one society one social society

  • Elantra Dupree
    Elantra Dupree 10 days ago

    ceecee with all those views
    where did all those eyes and cameras and money and buses come from that is a good question

  • Lizbeth Quintana
    Lizbeth Quintana 10 days ago

    Dead beat like drake. He does not understand that he is not famous anymore lol.

  • Elantra Dupree
    Elantra Dupree 10 days ago

    ct gosh they got some really strange stories online..stormy

  • Elantra Dupree
    Elantra Dupree 10 days ago

    yeah its a lot of people following him its 2 million ppl watching this like other vids

  • Elantra Dupree
    Elantra Dupree 10 days ago

    bow wow is like 6 yrs older then me and i remember when he thought he was odd

  • Elantra Dupree
    Elantra Dupree 10 days ago

    so has been with the bow wow. i know i haven't he is like 31


  • Elantra Dupree
    Elantra Dupree 10 days ago

    its a crazy story how i heard from someone else about the bow wow names

  • Elantra Dupree
    Elantra Dupree 10 days ago

    so i remember shawty like mine

  • Elantra Dupree
    Elantra Dupree 10 days ago

    so bow wow is one of those people i would be comfortable asking what is everyone getting at saying these things like money and getting money

  • Elantra Dupree
    Elantra Dupree 10 days ago

    so bow wow and romeo get switched as the same person and really does shad sound real or better then bow wow think about it and bow wow looks like a lot of other guys on here but younger and he is wearing blue but what would he be affliated with just from wearing blue and so much fake news its crazy and people are also after bow wow because his eyes they are hazel if you look they are beautiful and different which so many of us are trying to be different and bow wow is 31 years old and romeo who i lost respect for when he sold tv college to people and sammie who is 31 and soulja bou 27 which is random but i would say 10 or so years ago matters.. but these guys were filmed when they were children and sold bc isn't that what some people do but i guess we forget who we film as they get older and if you remember bow wow was in a film with Brenda songs who is supposedly Asian but who follows Brenda when she tweets i mean who even knows her twitter address or anything but yet we know so much about bow wow..think about it it has only been time when people knew about him forgot knew about him again and now in a span of 20 yrs for him all these things have happened..and i know that he was apart of that original pound thing with snoop was not his uncle biologically but made his uncle

  • Elantra Dupree
    Elantra Dupree 10 days ago

    so what how is he from ohio who else is from ohio

  • Drastic
    Drastic 11 days ago

    Wasup BC!

  • Jigzlyfe
    Jigzlyfe 11 days ago

    15:09 gtg like dressing up girly

  • Aneesah GIlbert
    Aneesah GIlbert 11 days ago

    I been calling him Shad for years now. This nigga a G. He deserve respect!

  • steezysteveyo
    steezysteveyo 11 days ago

    bro stop lyin your not going to make any songs your just drinking and smoking allllll that up hahaha im not hatin i loved you when i was a kid you didnt have that big ego to ruin your music and your self

  • tariah thomson
    tariah thomson 11 days ago

    he gives off that vibe of a old man trying way too hard to be cool

  • tariah thomson
    tariah thomson 11 days ago

    so cute but so lame 😂

  • Quindale Carter
    Quindale Carter 12 days ago

    I met your father 2 months ago bow wow he lives in Chicago with me his name is Alfonso moss he just want me to tell u that he is still alive and I’m not making this up

  • Luis Robles
    Luis Robles 13 days ago


  • Brawa dis
    Brawa dis 13 days ago

    Bow wow looks Like Steph Curry

  • Mr. Avery
    Mr. Avery 13 days ago

    Bow Wow does not bang, please don't get him KILT.

  • omega mega83
    omega mega83 13 days ago

    That nigga be snitching lil he wanted everyone to know that he smashed Kesha cole lol he corny son

  • PersonaG31
    PersonaG31 14 days ago

    Didn't Jermaine molest kris kross?

  • zerozebra
    zerozebra 15 days ago

    *nigga look like he abour to sell flour to Lil Pump*

  • Nick Venable
    Nick Venable 15 days ago

    He's lying u just see it feel

  • Cristina M
    Cristina M 15 days ago

    He reminds me of xxx

  • Locutz M
    Locutz M 15 days ago

    Here's a bow wow challenge for you shad tell the gat damn truth .

  • Bahzad23
    Bahzad23 15 days ago

    Charlamagne scrolling through random TVclip comments for ridiculous rumors
    DJ Envy: “cite your sources”

    DARK KING 17 days ago

    PETER PAN ..of Hip Hop.. Maybe he can star in Like LeBron..He lives in the Matrix

  • Chanel9345 Mrs.smith
    Chanel9345 Mrs.smith 17 days ago

    love bow wow

  • GoodNightnGoodLuck2u
    GoodNightnGoodLuck2u 18 days ago

    He lying. He was extra tight about that BowWowChallenge.

  • Jelani Boyd
    Jelani Boyd 18 days ago

    Especially at the end of the segment. Shad got real gutter in the last 5 minutes of the interview.
    Another artist that went mainstream or crossed over.

  • rob u
    rob u 19 days ago

    This guy chad lies more than Pinocchio! !!!

  • cgillespie160
    cgillespie160 19 days ago

    Why do I feel so sorry for him?? He is always being attacked. Folks need to pick on people their own size. Bullies

  • Travis Bridges
    Travis Bridges 19 days ago

    What is wrong with Charlamagne? Is it true you helped Hov get the 92 bricks back? lol

  • SoldierMike6ft2 2016
    SoldierMike6ft2 2016 20 days ago

    Shad (BowWow) and T.I. could REALLY go for BROTHERS!

  • TheNewgreatlife
    TheNewgreatlife 20 days ago

    Charlamagne: I don't believe that.
    Bow: You don't have to.
    Me: LOL

  • slayingwicked
    slayingwicked 20 days ago

    This guy is a 🤡

  • Toya Nelson
    Toya Nelson 20 days ago

    He gave a lot of shoutouts.. much respect

  • Joe
    Joe 20 days ago

    "Bow Wow Talks #BowWowChallenge And Addresses Rumors In His Last Radio Interview" Why you saying "last radio interview" like he is dead or took a vow to never do another radio interview ever again after this one? you know something we dont breakfast club?

  • nuggz503
    nuggz503 20 days ago

    If you gay just come out and say you gay.

  • gang_man9000
    gang_man9000 21 day ago

    Broke wow

  • Traviana Grande
    Traviana Grande 22 days ago +2

    The music industry is evil. Imagine being in the music industry at *six* years old and making it out, for the most part, whole.

  • Lucy Ghavalli Films
    Lucy Ghavalli Films 23 days ago

    He so corny to me now

  • kandi cooper
    kandi cooper 24 days ago

    Suicide doesnt make you post fake post of you being on a private jet and your in coach smh and also lying about your net worth to not have to pay as much child support smh not here for it

  • Alex wax Davison
    Alex wax Davison 24 days ago

    Bow Wow Wow Yippy Yo Yippy Yay

    ANT GUT 25 days ago

    26:10 - 26-17 ish . Charlamagne tweaking got that lockjaw , he on sum shit FORSURE . Look at nigga mouth cant control it n shit

  • Dward Oval
    Dward Oval 25 days ago

    ITs like the one friend thats like I did this I did that.. All along your selling wolf tickets.

  • Cristian  Hernandez
    Cristian Hernandez 26 days ago

    Charlamagne is a fuckin #Troll lmaooo

  • Alfonso Clark
    Alfonso Clark 26 days ago

    CTG a big bully, why he couldn’t bully 69 tho... my man 69 had him quiet n took over the interview n even said it was gone be the most watched #respect #69

  • Nate Scheider
    Nate Scheider 26 days ago

    Whys he sound just like souja boy telling stories.

  • jnie swartz
    jnie swartz 28 days ago

    What drives me crazy about bow wow is he can never be real! He’s constantly putting on a front for no damn reason! He needs to come back down to earth. He’s living in a dream that he built up in his head.

  • Cynthia Sullivan
    Cynthia Sullivan 28 days ago


  • Al Bu
    Al Bu 29 days ago

    Why he keep licking his lips.... It's annoying rappers don't do that shit no more...

  • Pbk Takeova
    Pbk Takeova Month ago +1


  • Marcus Ester
    Marcus Ester Month ago

    This nigga a faker 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tanisha Raines
    Tanisha Raines Month ago

    Slide personality anyone

  • Tanisha Raines
    Tanisha Raines Month ago


  • Tanisha Raines
    Tanisha Raines Month ago

    He covered his ass

  • Tanisha Raines
    Tanisha Raines Month ago

    Feel here his coming from

  • Tanisha Raines
    Tanisha Raines Month ago

    Like leave him aone

  • Tanisha Raines
    Tanisha Raines Month ago

    The first time ever bow wow didn't lie

  • Tanisha Raines
    Tanisha Raines Month ago

    Your making it !

  • Tanisha Raines
    Tanisha Raines Month ago

    I hate him

  • Ricky Owens
    Ricky Owens Month ago

    I hope Bow Bow will be ok

  • olivier nzombo
    olivier nzombo Month ago

    Yo BOW WOW Are you still SUCKING on OMARION's Dick Nowadays????