McDonalds employee with down syndrome retires after 32 years

  • Published on Aug 30, 2016
  • McDonald's employee with down syndrome retires after 32 years
    Freia David, a McDonald's worker with down syndrome retired after 32 years on the job and celebrated with the local community.

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  • Lexco
    Lexco 29 days ago

    Truth be told McDonald's is a job for teenagers and slow adults.

  • Annie Bauer
    Annie Bauer 3 months ago

    Awesome. People with disabilities can learn to be independent

  • Luis X
    Luis X 3 months ago

    Aw goddamn it I wish I was at that particular McDs but am not even from the area nor anywhere from New England

  • Ra Eye
    Ra Eye 4 months ago

    I wanna fuck her.

    LOTTO STUD 5 months ago +2

    @49 It made me smile knowing that Larry Bird came to wish her well.

  • Casey Hoyt
    Casey Hoyt 6 months ago

    I know I'm nearly two years late, but this is a truly amazing story! God bless Freia!

  • Mel S
    Mel S 6 months ago

    Wonder what her 401k looked like after 32 years with fucking mcdonalds.

  • Brian Marshall
    Brian Marshall 8 months ago

    I would have been honored to have freia make French fries for me. Freia enjoy your retirement because you earned and God bless you.

  • Youtube Jarred 333
    Youtube Jarred 333 9 months ago

    Rio feria

  • Youtube Jarred 333
    Youtube Jarred 333 9 months ago


    PLEASE DON'T SUBSCRIBE 10 months ago

    Mans not hot

  • MJFan625Moonwalker
    MJFan625Moonwalker Year ago +1

    Which McDonalds was this?

  • Mike Simmerman
    Mike Simmerman Year ago

    That is crazy 32years wow that awesome

  • dennis hopkins
    dennis hopkins Year ago

    did she try touch that ladys leg

  • 16nwb1
    16nwb1 Year ago

    I have 2 people working alongside me at my own maccys store. 2 of the best and hardest workers there ☺

    LOST CAUSE Year ago +3

    6 people don't like McDonalds fries and they suck ass too.

  • Ria Somers
    Ria Somers Year ago +1

    awesome & inspiring!

    EVIL UBUNTU Year ago

    She put the SPECIAL in the special sauce!!!!!!

  • dsrtdawg1
    dsrtdawg1 Year ago

    For really smart people, normal people are like the disabled.
    Can't make them stop fighting to prove they're not wrong.

  • laura Gutierrez
    laura Gutierrez Year ago


    LOTTO STUD Year ago +7

    Liberals could learn from her. Even though you have a disability you can still get off your ass and get a job.

  • awol1209
    awol1209 Year ago

    this was a very moving story, I wish her all the best.

  • TronRider
    TronRider Year ago

    the indomitable spirit is the attitude that nothing is impossible.

  • Sam McCullum
    Sam McCullum Year ago +9

    people with down syndrome are true angels of god .

    • jackycook64
      jackycook64 Year ago +2

      sam I have worked with people with disabilities including people with down syndrome for 27 yrs. One of the clients that I worked with in a group home I will never forget. He had down syndrome and severe MR/DD, and was non-verbal. Every morning at 6:45 I would arrive for my shift, open the door, and he would be standing there with his arms crossed with a grumpy look. As soon as he saw me he would smile and greet me with a good morning bear hug. I truly can't think of a better way to start your day.

  • spida817express
    spida817express Year ago

    Congrats to her.. hope mcdonalds gives her a full pension and benefits... WOW 32 years... amazing

  • John Haver
    John Haver Year ago

    That's awesome. Congrats Freia:)

  • alice watkins
    alice watkins Year ago

    aww love it as i have speshul needs x

  • Noctivagus Silecioso

    Way to go !congrats !some people with no disabilities can't even do that but collect welfare

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago +2

    F*** mcd after 32 years still making fries. Why isn't she the gm of the store. No room for better jobs at MCD.

    • Samantha Cole
      Samantha Cole 3 months ago

      CaptainRidley she can be a manager if she wants to

    • CaptainRidley
      CaptainRidley Year ago +1

      John Doe Dude she has downs. She can't be a manager

  • chimchim667
    chimchim667 Year ago

    Now who is gonna lick the windows?

    • Mr. Moore
      Mr. Moore 10 months ago

      chimchim667, Insulting Freia is absolutely not ok! Where is your respect for humanity?

  • Ruben Elinez
    Ruben Elinez Year ago +7

    after 32 yrs wow that's a long time to be working for McDonald's well now she doesn't have to get up early to be at work. And if it's ☔ she doesn't have to be out in the ☔. God bless you

    • hanselxy
      hanselxy 2 months ago

      Ruben Elinez wtf...32 years

  • Sydney Shore
    Sydney Shore Year ago +2

    What a great person

  • WorkBitch24
    WorkBitch24 Year ago +2

    That's amazing!

  • Cariee Universe
    Cariee Universe Year ago +9

    AWW hope she has a great retirement! you deserve it girl!!

  • OneBigN00B
    OneBigN00B Year ago +10

    this is very beautiful and so is she

  • 529alex 123
    529alex 123 Year ago +7

    see people people with disabilities can do stuff too. she does better makeing fries than I can.

  • Gene Murphy
    Gene Murphy Year ago +8

    this girl then woman was probably the best employee they had

  • Jason P
    Jason P Year ago +5

    congratulations, I wish you a happy retirement!!

  • wyldekid
    wyldekid Year ago +5

    I love stories like that, it comes to show nothing can stop you from living a normal life, working and supporting yourself. Those who just say "I can't work because..." are looking for excuses (with excuses of course, I'm not generalising).

  • Rob Mcmuffin
    Rob Mcmuffin Year ago +7

    people like this lady here inspire me to no end! as a youth i use to scoff and make fun of people with disabilities. as i grew older i grew wiser and gained consciousness. these people are truly amazing! 32 years of getting up, dressed and going to work. how many non-handicap people does one see crying about "i can't find work"? this lady did, and she did it for 32 years...congratulations on your retirement !

    • Lexco
      Lexco 29 days ago

      Goddamn you were raised by wolves! I don't know if I feel this because I was raised by poor Mexican immigrants but I was taught from an early age to respect working people and not to make fun of disabled people. Good for you for not being a fucking jerk anymore.

  • Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson Year ago +7

    she's so awesome! God Bless

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones Year ago +11

    Truly amazing story! Congrats! :)

  • Ian Stradian
    Ian Stradian Year ago +4

    Great story thank you

  • Sar Axles
    Sar Axles Year ago +8

    This warms my heart so much ❤️

  • Henry Rodrigues
    Henry Rodrigues Year ago +3

    God bless you

  • Tony DeTuna
    Tony DeTuna Year ago +2

    McDonald's loves to hire the disabled because they pay NO taxes or social security plus get a tax write off.

    • Sharath V
      Sharath V Year ago +1

      Tony DeTuna
      McDonald's deserve the tax break as they are helping people with special abilities

  • Alberto Valdes
    Alberto Valdes Year ago +4

    holy crap 32yrs damn!

    • The Uppercut
      The Uppercut Year ago +1

      Alberto Valdes bless her work ethic

  • SatansRaven666
    SatansRaven666 Year ago

    Disgusting I hope a Tard never touches my food.

    • Samantha Cole
      Samantha Cole 3 months ago

      SatansRaven666 you’re the retard

    • Mr. Moore
      Mr. Moore 10 months ago

      SatansRaven666, you really need to respect others no matter who they are because their lives matter too. Freia is a very special woman. Please give her a chance, she deserves care and empathy. So SatansRaven666, watch what you say!

    • Alpha
      Alpha Year ago +1

      Someone is going to spit in your food, piss on it and rub their stanky ass all over it. While you're eating it you won't notice the different taste cause you yourself is made of shit.

    • Chris Loukota
      Chris Loukota Year ago

      SatansRaven666 Don't worry this person is a coward that would get their ass whipped in public. That's why he or she does this. Just look at the name. Good luck buddy. Karma is a bitch

    • got no name
      got no name Year ago +5


  • Ángel Díaz
    Ángel Díaz Year ago +4

    Congratulations! well done.

  • Yuki Babayega
    Yuki Babayega Year ago +26

    Very nice story, just hope this kind of programs don't suffer under Trump.

    • Samantha Cole
      Samantha Cole 3 months ago

      Raven Dethridge you’re the animal that shouldn’t be allowed to touch food.

    • Raven Dethridge
      Raven Dethridge Year ago

      I kind of do these animals should not be allowed to touch our food.

    • Max godfrey
      Max godfrey Year ago

      Duck Man3D5 good I'm glad he's gutting education it'll stop breeding inbred dipshit Hilary supporter losers like u bitch

    • Duck Man3D5
      Duck Man3D5 Year ago +1

      MrAirbender32 i agree with what u say but just delete your comment it's not worth it

    • Yuki Babayega
      Yuki Babayega Year ago

      Brian Cooper, you need to walk into incoming traffic on a highway so the planet can get free of people like you.

  • Angelo Portal
    Angelo Portal Year ago +11

    Congrats on Your 32nd Retirement You Deserve It Yes I Like Fries With That You Will Be Missed.

  • Cheryl Olsen
    Cheryl Olsen Year ago +4

    Great story about a real person!

  • Emily Wyse
    Emily Wyse Year ago +4

    enjoy your retirement my dear. you deserve it!!

  • Jamarcus Pompey
    Jamarcus Pompey 2 years ago +44

    may God watch over freia 🙏🙏👼😥

    • starwish246
      starwish246 Year ago +1

      Jenni Brown: I'm not sure what you meant by your comment, but I wonder if YOU have ever stood over a vat of boiling oil while working all day? It's HOT and STEAMY. Steam leads to having a BAD HAIR DAY.

    • MegaMan
      MegaMan Year ago

      "God"? Modern medicin I would say. No god will ever do her any favors.

    • Jenni Brown
      Jenni Brown Year ago +1

      How to wash your hair in the shower

  • Mark Sinacori
    Mark Sinacori 2 years ago +13

    Freia the Fryer 😀 best part of McDs in Methuen, Ma by the loop when I worked there were the customers and friends I made in 1998-2000.