MY DRUNK KITCHEN: Green Bean Casserole

  • Published on Nov 12, 2015
  • Australia! We are coming to you!
    Also...ironically, we are currently filming a movie about a woman turning 30...
    What should I talk about next time? Click below and lemme know!
    (jk it's a cookbook)
    This is a very wonderful time.
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  • Caitlin Olsen
    Caitlin Olsen 4 months ago

    This was definitely the wrong video to watch while eating a breakfast sandwich 😂

  • Emily Thompson
    Emily Thompson 10 months ago

    Bee bah duh lee doh! Love that movie.

  • A Autry
    A Autry Year ago

    At 4:20, was she whistling the animated Adventures of Robin Hood???

  • kylee Renee
    kylee Renee Year ago

    U pretty much got it onion in french is oignon so good job harto👍👌👌👋

  • Silvia Vega
    Silvia Vega Year ago


  • Dulcello
    Dulcello Year ago

    im getting drunk with my friend gregory and watching ur sh#it gretings from venezuela blessings

  • Maya Davis-Goodstein

    4:16 She's whistling to Robin Hood-Oo De Lally

  • Bluey's Momma TPaz

    Love that casserole dish with matching lid :-)

  • Valerie Bevill
    Valerie Bevill Year ago

    One of my favorite foods

  • Tory Larson
    Tory Larson Year ago

    So...when you whistled the song from Disney's Robin Hood, you made a fan for life! BEST MOVIE EVER!!!

  • Aubrey S
    Aubrey S Year ago

    "Take your finger and let it linger" 😂 😂 😂 😂

    JUNHAO TRASH Year ago

    When I saw she was getting a show I fell of my couch my mom that I was dying

  • Kat
    Kat 2 years ago

    I hope Hannah got a pepper grinder

  • Jess
    Jess 2 years ago +1

    I've seen this maybe 100 times, and it still took me a solid ten minutes to stop laughing at spiked spiced spider.

  • Nico Las
    Nico Las 2 years ago

    Why do you have all your food in cans? Don't you have real food in the states?? Not trying to be rude but that doesn't look natural !

  • Jessica Dirks
    Jessica Dirks 2 years ago

    I got your green beans beat! How about lima beans?

  • Mia Ria
    Mia Ria 2 years ago

    That's just about how my grandmother makes it every year.

  • Haley
    Haley 2 years ago

    4:09 Shes so cute! 🤣

  • Addie B
    Addie B 2 years ago

    Fresh green beans also work well in the casserole

  • Lemon Boy
    Lemon Boy 2 years ago


  • Cat Takahashi
    Cat Takahashi 2 years ago

    I love her facial expressions in this episode 😁

  • Ryo Zayn
    Ryo Zayn 2 years ago

    I'm watching this right after it became December 1st. It's no longer November 😢

  • Maya Davis-Goodstein
    Maya Davis-Goodstein 2 years ago

    4:16 Robin Hood disney cartoon beginning song

  • CMONEY 3386
    CMONEY 3386 2 years ago

    omg can't stop laughing!!!
    I add a tsp of soy sauce when I make green bean casserole! maybe u try?

  • thevapedcrusader
    thevapedcrusader 2 years ago

    Real talk: new-ish employee at a Trader Joe's and now whenever I watch MDK I like to look for our products. It's like a little game to me.
    Also real talk: the spiced cider REALLY does well with being spiked. We are one.

  • Maris Lox
    Maris Lox 2 years ago

    I love green beans

  • Ralsei with a Gun
    Ralsei with a Gun 2 years ago

    6:21 GoT reference?

  • Ironic Memes
    Ironic Memes 2 years ago +1

    okay but your lisp is cute

    • Ironic Memes
      Ironic Memes 2 years ago

      Literally I have like three cans of can of mushroom and frenchies crunchies just for casserole bless

  • Angie Steele
    Angie Steele 2 years ago

    I feel like both you and Rob from thread banger are both low key alcoholics just throwing it out there.

  • xana irigoien
    xana irigoien 2 years ago

    I'm going to buy that t-shirt it's so cool.

  • Joyful Ghosts O_o
    Joyful Ghosts O_o 2 years ago

    I came into this video to watch someone make casserole whilst drunk but i left with a stomach full of insight

  • Tara Marinara
    Tara Marinara 2 years ago +4

    I think her lisp is cute!

  • 1234 Queen
    1234 Queen 2 years ago

    she reely reminds me of Ellen but seriously doesn't she

  • Penny Curtis
    Penny Curtis 2 years ago

    Green beans are good.

  • Kennedy Moses
    Kennedy Moses 2 years ago

    Green Beans are pretty good to me because my mom makes them by frying them in fatback and my dad makes them by frying them in greek seasoning and olive oil OTS ALL DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

  • Hope Nilsen
    Hope Nilsen 2 years ago

    for softball for my school we were handed an All About Me to fill out, I put green bean casserole as my favorite food.. it was in the yearbooks

  • Sujin Cho
    Sujin Cho 3 years ago

    but that is how you say onion lol

  • Fukaifushigi
    Fukaifushigi 3 years ago

    I know I am super late to comment on this, but Hanna, if you ever plan on making this again, add 1 Tablespoon of soy sauce to the milk/mushroom mix- it makes a huge, delicious difference! Also, using a smaller, deeper dish creates maximum gooeyness and nice crispy edges. Hurray for surface exposure!

  • Danny Sanchez ftm
    Danny Sanchez ftm 3 years ago

    i loved how she popped up and looked like she did not know what to do lol!!!! hannah is so cute

  • Crowbar
    Crowbar 3 years ago

    if she thinks cream of mushroom is grossest thing from a can she had never had canned salmon. lol

  • JP Cookie
    JP Cookie 3 years ago

    I will never not be mesmerized by her eyes

  • TBRTea Time
    TBRTea Time 3 years ago


  • Heck, I Don't Know
    Heck, I Don't Know 3 years ago

    Drunk Hannah is a slurricane

    PENNY to FREEDOM 3 years ago

    oh my fucking gosh you're goals just all of you lol

  • Adrian Garibay
    Adrian Garibay 3 years ago

    "This is not a plate"- Hannah Hart

  • TimeFlies
    TimeFlies 3 years ago

    Am I the only one who actually REALLY LOVES green beans? Like they're my favorite thing to snack on

  • human being #5678
    human being #5678 3 years ago +1

    My fav food during thanksgiving

  • Rolyn Moral
    Rolyn Moral 3 years ago

    Y she always drinking

  • asdfjae
    asdfjae 3 years ago

    This is the first time I've ever seen a casserole 😂

  • claire chapman
    claire chapman 3 years ago

    I love ur lisp! it's so cute, and who decided to call a lisp a lisp out of all the words to use ha! x

  • Nico Nico Nii
    Nico Nico Nii 3 years ago

    "Take your finger, let it linger" ('ω')ノ Heil Harto

  • Buttsy Bobcat
    Buttsy Bobcat 3 years ago

    wait what's wrong with booty-shaking for money

  • Darkstryker2
    Darkstryker2 3 years ago

    I laughed out loud at the spider lion lol.

  • Nikal TDK
    Nikal TDK 3 years ago

    I love green beans whyyyy

  • AmeenAdi
    AmeenAdi 3 years ago

    I urgently need that Harto shirt

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 years ago

    gay lisp?

  • Stacey Smith
    Stacey Smith 3 years ago

    Props for whistling the Robin Hood song!

  • Tiff M-L
    Tiff M-L 3 years ago

    I always thought Cream of Chicken (Cream of Kitchen?) was a bit more frightening..... delicious, but how do you get cream from a chicken? Ha ha ha. I kid.

    • Tiff M-L
      Tiff M-L 2 years ago

      @rozozzy Ha ha ha! Love it.

    • rozozzy
      rozozzy 2 years ago +1

      Cream comes from the

  • verseofsingularity
    verseofsingularity 3 years ago

    Oh! Next time instead of the crunchy onions, use onion rings! Or both.

  • SeduxtiveAlpaca
    SeduxtiveAlpaca 3 years ago

    Your eyes will be the death of me.

  • DavidFrostbite
    DavidFrostbite 3 years ago

    The whole Soup Can bit made me die XD 2:22 2:35 2:57

  • shylessem xx
    shylessem xx 3 years ago

    "Shake your booty, but not for money!"
    -Hannah Hart, 2015

  • Vincent Advocaat
    Vincent Advocaat 3 years ago

    One of your best video's I have yet seen, so funny, so great :D Hanna keep being so great :D

  • roscoebojangles
    roscoebojangles 3 years ago

    Penguin mug! Never too early for the penguin mug!

  • Camille
    Camille 3 years ago

    This is literally how you say onion in French

  • Kendall Irwin
    Kendall Irwin 3 years ago

    Where did you get your grey hat?

  • Luis Carrillo
    Luis Carrillo 3 years ago

    I absolutely love you. Omg. You're like a dream come true.... But like in a video? haha

  • Whoop De doop
    Whoop De doop 3 years ago

    does Hannah even have a lisp?

  • Wollion
    Wollion 3 years ago


  • Lexi H
    Lexi H 3 years ago

    onion in french is actually oignon lol

  • Croa
    Croa 3 years ago

    I lurve me some green beans!

  • Vincent Hull
    Vincent Hull 3 years ago

    I personally think lima beans are the most hated beans . . . just saying :P

  • Samantha Reed
    Samantha Reed 3 years ago

    AS SOMEONE WHO ABSOLUTELY LOVES FRENCH GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE, You must use FRENCH green beans. Or else it's just green bean casserole and that just sounds gross.

  • Tochu Knight
    Tochu Knight 3 years ago


  • Brooke Stevenson
    Brooke Stevenson 3 years ago


  • Hannah Allexandra
    Hannah Allexandra 3 years ago

    im so in love with the fandom name
    like i cant even

  • Dan the Dude
    Dan the Dude 3 years ago

    I'm wearing a clay face mask and it has cracked many times while watching this

  • Spoon08
    Spoon08 3 years ago


  • Sheep Lord
    Sheep Lord 3 years ago

    That is exactly how we say onions in French hahaha

  • Eli A.
    Eli A. 3 years ago

    "you know its good when you can't help but hooowl awooooooooh.." LOOOOOOOL SO PISS DRUNK AHAHAHAHAH

  • CiGi Curry
    CiGi Curry 3 years ago

    My dad has made green bean casserole since before I was born. My mom got angry about all of the canned stuff so he makes all of it from scratch now! Homemade cream of mushroom soup, fresh green beans, home fried onion rings. I used to hate it but now that it's all fresh, I absolutely love it.

  • Cringey 2.0
    Cringey 2.0 3 years ago

    When she smells the green beans in the can her eyes cross. XD

  • love and support ateez you uglies

    I put on subtitles for shits and giggles and i did giggle but i didn't shit, Use the finger to finger it later

  • Lucas Ledain
    Lucas Ledain 3 years ago

    2:50 my reaction to everything

  • Jasmine Dacon
    Jasmine Dacon 3 years ago

    Watching this by myself, getting drunk by myself, on New Year's Eve afternoon. What am I doing with my life... Learning the most valuable college lessons. Preparing myself for the future of having a family and cooking this mushroom milk soup. I don't know, I am 1:50 into the video.

  • Theresa Ruhland
    Theresa Ruhland 3 years ago

    I love this show and this has to be one of the greatest episodes ever.

  • juta barisa
    juta barisa 3 years ago

    omg, she's so amazing😂😂💕💕

  • Lucy DeCarlo
    Lucy DeCarlo 3 years ago

    Honestly my favorite episode

  • Ada
    Ada 3 years ago

    5:27 the sound of success LOL!!! Hannah you're hilarious :)

  • Leah Tracy
    Leah Tracy 3 years ago


  • Crain Snyder
    Crain Snyder 3 years ago

    I need one of those shirts...but I want one where I check all that applies.

  • Kimberly Duenez
    Kimberly Duenez 3 years ago

    i have the same hat

  • Rose Swieca
    Rose Swieca 3 years ago

    My mom bakes the best homemade green bean cassorole

  • Jade Septic Aye
    Jade Septic Aye 3 years ago

    I have the same beanie 😂❤️

  • Stefka Rosa
    Stefka Rosa 3 years ago

    She buys so much alcohol! Like who can literally afford all that?

    • louise
      louise 3 years ago

      She's paid by youtube, she's pretty much a millionaire.

  • Xiera Panda
    Xiera Panda 3 years ago

    Stir, stir, stir, Shake your booty, but not for money~
    -Hannah Hart
    Best quote ever!!!

  • Hypothetically Speaking

    She's not actually drunck

  • MC Ems921
    MC Ems921 3 years ago

    "Shake your booty... But not for money." Idk why but I absolutely love that

  • Vivian M
    Vivian M 3 years ago

    my green bean casserole never looked that good. it was soggy and runny. so disappointed

  • Sami allen
    Sami allen 3 years ago

    but shes even more adorable with her drunken lisp