Desperate Defense: Wallet

  • Published on May 22, 2019
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    You find yourself trapped in a high-security pawn shop when a gang of vengeful Andorians kick the door open and start accusing you of espionage. You don't know what they're talking about, but you can tell this won't end peacefully. All of the pawn items are locked up, but you happen to have brought your wallet -- with intent to buy. Do you bother using the wallet when things go sideways?
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Comments • 665

  • King Geedorah87
    King Geedorah87 13 hours ago

    Try a women’s wallet because they are generally a lot bulkier and have zippers to put heavy things in

  • Kosher King of Israel

    "The human body is not made for fighting" but it is, which is why it would hurt your fist.

  • You were expecting a name, but it was me, DIO!

    Put a loaded gun in your wallet

  • Lukas Finswed
    Lukas Finswed 3 days ago

    If there is a special pocket in the wallet for coins I'd say that would work quite well. Also, if you have a chain on it, I mean, obvious weapon.

  • Why Should I
    Why Should I 6 days ago


  • cmatrix4761
    cmatrix4761 6 days ago +1

    lol incidentally, in case anyone cares, you actually don't want to compare to fists; you'd be surprised how easily you break the little bones in there. I mean, sure - matches, not great. But many of these things are actually better than fists by the sheer fact you're not risking disabling yourself by fracturing your knuckles.

  • Joh447
    Joh447 7 days ago

    You could just sew some shot into the lining of the wallet or something

  • Avarickan
    Avarickan 8 days ago +1

    My wallet has a zippered pocket for holding loose change.

    I don't carry a lot of change, but it's probably enough to hurt, and it wouldn't fly out of the wallet.

  • Scholar2014
    Scholar2014 8 days ago

    What if the wallets got a zipper?

  • Chaplain James Thicc
    Chaplain James Thicc 9 days ago +1

    >Longer 2x4

  • Aden Cain
    Aden Cain 10 days ago

    Life is just a pay to win

  • Plox
    Plox 11 days ago

    Idk about that one ive a extra pocket in my wallet with a zipper where i could theoretically put in a lot of coins :/

  • Ethen Pillay
    Ethen Pillay 11 days ago

    If you had an Aussie 50c this could totally work

  • Joseph Cunningham
    Joseph Cunningham 11 days ago

    My grandpa is a csm in the sf airborne

  • Paige McLaughlin
    Paige McLaughlin 17 days ago

    You should test a purse. A fully loaded purse is a Problem.

  • Wiebe Berndsen
    Wiebe Berndsen 17 days ago

    Walet whit chance pouch

  • Nikokiowa Lee
    Nikokiowa Lee 19 days ago

    I mean the coin thing is a stretch but try with credit cards, the heavy burden of your unpaid debt would surely add some heft that won't try to leave you like money does.

  • Jacob Keary
    Jacob Keary 21 day ago

    *_The bills wouldn't work on Canada because 1:the bills don't really crumple and 2: they're different colors_*

  • Ian Benavides
    Ian Benavides 22 days ago

    I usually keep like 7$ of mixed coins in my wallet and I can attest that shit hurts like a bitch

  • MrTingles
    MrTingles 22 days ago

    sock + half brick.

  • Mexie Mex
    Mexie Mex 22 days ago

    As a magician, Brian should have been using a fire wallet, I bet that would be ***FAR*** more effective!

  • Kelly
    Kelly 23 days ago

    Sock with a bar of soap

  • Nathan Olmstead
    Nathan Olmstead 23 days ago

    I imagine it would be easy to get some big flat washers and sew them into your wallet lining and they wouldn't be as bulky as hex nuts and you could just always have your wallet prepped in advance. Not sure you would ever be able to go through an airport with that wallet though.

  • Dominic Moonpace
    Dominic Moonpace 24 days ago

    Walmart wallet 1299 has a pocket for change and can hold quite a bit of change

  • Darkrunn Doomsday
    Darkrunn Doomsday 24 days ago

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!! Never try to catch a knife with a damn wallet. Even if you have real leather, any decent blade will go right through it, and best case scenario, you get cut on the hand.

    • The Modern Rogue
      The Modern Rogue  24 days ago

      It’s not called “rational defense,” or even “competent defense.”
      It’s called “desperate defense” for a reason.

  • OJC 200109
    OJC 200109 24 days ago

    So its pay to win

  • Mitchell Plummer
    Mitchell Plummer 25 days ago

    CC Size steel plate

  • rujul arora
    rujul arora 26 days ago

    Slutsky RIP highschool

  • 710thcentury digitalboy

    man a lot of guy's don't realize they carry a purse in these comments, if it can carry change it's for a woman guys.

  • Marc Rosbourgh
    Marc Rosbourgh 27 days ago

    It is far more effective to drop the wallet as a distraction. And counter attack while they attention is diverted. Use your belt as a whip.

  • bandit
    bandit 28 days ago

    Just keep a $50 bill in a money clip and Throw it at the first sign of danger, the JJ Bitinbinder method

  • Chaos Contained
    Chaos Contained 29 days ago

    most wallets ive used have had zippers or at the very least pouches for change, and i actually used it like a "sap" as you called it against a kid that tried to hit me(back in highschool), so its pretty effective so long as you have a few dollars in change

  • Jason Wittevrongel
    Jason Wittevrongel 29 days ago +2

    The Modern rogue, i believe they would use a "newer" wallet with change, you know the kind that has a compartment for your coins that you can zip or button up, idk what this taping up your wallet is all about :p REVISIT THIS ! :p

  • Jayden Croke
    Jayden Croke Month ago

    6:10 I don't think you can have a longer 2x4

  • enoughofyourkoicarp

    I'm loving the fact that Brian is diversifying his acting portfolio by re-imagining Pink Panther's Kato.

  • darkmikasonfire
    darkmikasonfire Month ago

    the wallet changes things too, my wallet has an area with a pouch for change, it also zips shut, if you have a wallet like that and always put change in it, you likely never take the change out. so it gets fairly weighted and that stuff isn't coming out unless I unzip it or it explodes open from me beating someone in the head with it I guess.

  • Ryal Deveau
    Ryal Deveau Month ago

    Why did no one pull a wallet that actually has stuff in it. Cards, coins, other random shit, hell i have a 2 oz steel challenge coin in mine.

  • Clarson, Mycheal
    Clarson, Mycheal Month ago

    I love you guys

  • Crusader Of the internet

    What is you carry around a wallet with the sap and tape on all the time

  • pabloxc83
    pabloxc83 Month ago +1

    5:20 sounds like something EA would make you do...

  • Aaron Kortas
    Aaron Kortas Month ago

    Paracord monkeys fist with ball bearing center would be at least as effective as your sap

  • Chirag Amatya
    Chirag Amatya Month ago

    some wallets have zippers so u can just put something heavy inside the zipper

  • Nick Ergezi
    Nick Ergezi Month ago

    Rogue's Revenge is an amazing hat and a even better weapon

  • Dalton Schrader
    Dalton Schrader Month ago

    I have a zipper pocket on my wallet and jeep a challenge coin it in

  • Cooper Beggs
    Cooper Beggs Month ago

    2:12 man you guys are weird. This is a big suspicious

  • Frederikja
    Frederikja Month ago

    If you had a longer 2 by 4, especially if you hand it to him, like you just did.
    Gold right there

  • Michael Huikeshoven
    Michael Huikeshoven Month ago +1

    Next improved weapon grandmother/mother's loafer or slipper.

  • Thunderhowl
    Thunderhowl Month ago

    I had a friend who worked site security. He carried a spare empty wallet so when he would get mugged he could throw it on the ground. When the mugger bent down to pick it up, he’d get a MagLite to the dome. Allegedly.

  • Jay's Brick Co.
    Jay's Brick Co. Month ago
    Seems legit

  • Jay's Brick Co.
    Jay's Brick Co. Month ago

    Yellow generic Wiffle Ball Bat

  • EtherealEvangelion
    EtherealEvangelion Month ago

    2 Texans feel up leather and teach you how to fight

  • Mic Mid
    Mic Mid Month ago

    Just get a Mean Gene hot tamale “coin purse”

  • Nathan B
    Nathan B Month ago +2

    A simple rock can do more than enough damage. Or hell those pop cans to their right would be great as well, or even that glass ashtray/bowl, much more effective.

  • Will O'Meara
    Will O'Meara Month ago

    This is why you need to carry a 90s Velcro wallet

  • ChrispyTaytor
    ChrispyTaytor Month ago

    Put some dang shoes on, Brushwood

  • Jack Day
    Jack Day Month ago

    Aren't you a little young for you nuts to drop. Lol

  • Julio Balmaseda
    Julio Balmaseda Month ago

    Use one of those pockets to stitch in a square of lead flashing.

  • Nick Happold
    Nick Happold Month ago

    When Brian tests the damage of the wallet he doesn't follow through

  • Raymond Biskner
    Raymond Biskner Month ago

    So, what we're learning from this is the people that wrote the book they're referencing have NO idea.

  • chris chily2
    chris chily2 Month ago

    Minute 2:12 go harder daddy lol

  • Joel
    Joel Month ago

    Buying your head start by throwing money on the ground...
    A real life micro-transaction?

  • xd timetoaster Gaming

    Whos been here way back when the show started. Man I used to watch everyday but I got a new phone new account and forgot but one day I remembered now I'm back man I love this channel it was amazing watching it from day one all the way to now keep up the videos. :)

  • Spartan-104
    Spartan-104 Month ago

    My wallet has the Spartan(Halo) emblem on it made of half-inch steel

  • Frank Alvarez
    Frank Alvarez Month ago

    You can call your wallet "The nut launcher" :D

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana Month ago +6

    You just need a wallet with a zippered compartment for change. Obviously.
    Smack a fool with a buck fifty in quarters!

  • lemme get uhh
    lemme get uhh Month ago

    Just conceal carry. Problem solved.

  • Bojan Golemba
    Bojan Golemba Month ago +1

    My wallet has a zipper pocket for change so that works a bit better

  • Moki Mon
    Moki Mon Month ago

    This [money one] doesn't work in countries where money is different colours

  • Russ Epp-Leppel
    Russ Epp-Leppel Month ago

    The best defense really is just give them cash to leave you alone. Using it as a glove to grab the knife? Brilliant. Shame that one wasn't in the book.

  • Google Is A Cruel Mistress

    Alternative idea, throw your wallet at their feet and tell them "Bend over, I dare you" while looking them square in the eyes

    (this works better if you actually know how to fight and are confident in taking them regardless of if things go south but that's one badass intimidation tactic if I do say so myself)

  • Anders Öhlund
    Anders Öhlund Month ago

    If you have your keys in a lanyard that's a pretty scary thing if you swing them around. Definitely helped me make an angry drunk guy rethink how upset he was at me calling him out for throwing and breaking his beer bottle in the street...

  • BananasDZN sd
    BananasDZN sd Month ago +1

    "Without a load this is dumb and useless"

  • Hunter Adcock
    Hunter Adcock Month ago

    If you had a zipper wallet the sap might work

  • Taylor Mosley
    Taylor Mosley Month ago

    Load both side of your wallet with slabs of steel

  • Preston Maddock
    Preston Maddock Month ago


  • elzabig1
    elzabig1 Month ago

    Haha.... load

    ALFABETAS999 Month ago

    how about putting actual change in the wallet, there is a made place for it to hold it.

  • Max Comis
    Max Comis Month ago

    “I will defend myself, leather you like it or not”

  • Myrmid0n_
    Myrmid0n_ Month ago

    Self defense with a wallet?
    Now that's *pay2win*

  • Rex McStiller
    Rex McStiller Month ago

    Maybe you can burn your attacker with the wallet. :D

  • Myst Lunarbane
    Myst Lunarbane Month ago

    These opening skits are the best.

  • infrabread
    infrabread Month ago

    You could just throw loose change at the attackers face.
    A single fist full of coins is less than $1.- so cost is not an issue.

  • Voyager G-zero
    Voyager G-zero Month ago

    Getting a head start via micro transactions

  • PepSchepje
    PepSchepje Month ago

    I was playing with my wallet this whole video.

  • Joppe Oudijk
    Joppe Oudijk Month ago

    You should include a factor for the chance you have stuff on you. Like a wallet, everybody has one. A 4 by 4 wood thingy, not so likely

  • Capt Newtron
    Capt Newtron Month ago

    rock in a sock?

    ME TA DA AT Month ago

    Now, the large pocket where I keep coins in my wallet simply has a button to close it. I don't always have a lot of coins, but if I did, I think that would work without duct tape. It really depends on the kind of wallet you have, and the selection is huge, so you could perhaps pick out your wallet with coin-filled sap self defence in mind. Think velcro or zipper pockets.

  • alexandre bossu
    alexandre bossu Month ago

    I have a wallet with a chain and my keys are at the other end of the chain, you could use that as a flail. Could be hurtful on the face if you swung the keys hard using the wallet as a handle and it definitely would give your reach. And for a hope of a bit au trauma, you could hold by the keys and swing the wallet full of coins, could be desorienting enough to give a head start to chose fight or flight.

  • Spencer Barrus
    Spencer Barrus Month ago +1

    my wallet has a zip-up coin pocket that would work well

  • Jagged
    Jagged Month ago

    Do belts!

  • amylase
    amylase Month ago

    3:25 macgyver is so gooood

  • Deathcore Blender
    Deathcore Blender Month ago

    There's shoes

  • Badger722
    Badger722 Month ago

    When Brian had hair taller than Jason xD

  • Wirenfeldt1990
    Wirenfeldt1990 Month ago

    Have you thought about using the steel band of a watch as knuckles?

  • Roger-Jean Cawaling

    here's an idea for desperate defense... tie a knot at the end of a shirt and use it as a flail.. you can put a rock in the knot if you want

  • nicholas white
    nicholas white Month ago

    I'm waiting for Terry Schappert to be on an episode and show them how to do the things in his book lmao

  • C.plazonja
    C.plazonja Month ago

    Do pensils/Penns

  • audreyerr
    audreyerr Month ago

    There's a wallet by Bellroy called the 'Hide and Seek'. I have it and it has a secret coin pouch which can successfully hold coins (or a load) without it falling out. I see how my wallet is an accidental weapon now.

  • 321JKilla
    321JKilla Month ago

    How about just wear steel toe sneakers? Probably more comfortable than two nuts in ur ass!🤣😂

  • Bananeisafree
    Bananeisafree Month ago

    The more I watch those videos the more I think that book was just a big Troll move from the authors.