#CakeSlayer Halloween: SPIDER CAKE | Man About Cake with Joshua John Russell

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  • Joshua is serving up #CakeSlayer Halloween creations all month long! Grab this episode's links below 👇

    Get Joshua’s NEW pumpkin spice buttercream recipe — craftsy.me/2i09HRC

    Get Joshua’s spice cake recipe —craftsy.me/2xuwzei

    EPISODE BONUS: Halloween treats & baking inspiration —craftsy.me/2fXIvPm

    Download the spider template —craftsy.me/2gpREkm

    Check out the extruder Joshua uses — craftsy.me/2ybzcW6

    EPISODE ROUNDUP: everything from this episode — craftsy.me/2yCIGL6

    See JJR's sugar technique in the metallic cake episode --- tvclip.biz/video/8NHX5sOP3Rw/

    See Joshua sculpt a chocolate skull —tvclip.biz/video/0gpXbsdDg_Q/

    Check out JJR’s zombie-fied wedding cake — tvclip.biz/video/NObiUhF1oqY/


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  • Man About Cake
    Man About Cake  7 days ago +96

    Who's working on Halloween treats? Links from this episode below! 👇

    NEW pumpkin spice buttercream recipe — craftsy.me/2i09HRC

    Spice cake recipe —craftsy.me/2xuwzei

    EPISODE BONUS: Halloween treats & baking inspiration —craftsy.me/2fXIvPm

    Download the spider template —craftsy.me/2gpREkm

    Extruder — craftsy.me/2ybzcW6

    Freeze spray -- shop.chefrubber.com/item/703003S/Magic-Freeze-Spray/

    EPISODE ROUNDUP: everything from this episode — craftsy.me/2yCIGL6

    See me sculpt a chocolate skull —www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gpXb...

    Check out my zombie-fied wedding cake — www.youtube.com/watch?v=NObiU...

    • Divine Ali
      Divine Ali 17 hours ago

      Man About Cake I hope you'd make a Spice Girls themed cake!

    • Elizabeth Unicorns
      Elizabeth Unicorns Day ago

      I love spice girls and I am 13

      WYNOLLO TV 4 days ago

      Man About Cake is it possible to make a "monster mash " cake?

    • breyer love 1
      breyer love 1 5 days ago +1


  • Margaux Phillippi
    Margaux Phillippi 21 minute ago

    Thumbs up if you watch this for the "crew".

  • jhona crizaldo
    jhona crizaldo 8 hours ago

    Please collab with Yolanda of how to cake it

  • R023
    R023 8 hours ago

    The spider won't bite us but we'll bite it

  • Pam S
    Pam S 9 hours ago

    Joshua, may I ask why you trim the cake before crumb coating? curious and wanting to learn

  • Sahara S
    Sahara S 12 hours ago

    Please, Please, PLEASE!!!!! I need tomsee the guys singing the Spice girls... :)

  • Jeannie Marie
    Jeannie Marie 13 hours ago

    I knew you were special! ;) Halloween baby here, I too love all things Halloween. Looking foward to all of your creations.

  • ThunderKitty
    ThunderKitty 13 hours ago

    So beautiful! I love you guys!! Too funny

  • Shiraz Moar
    Shiraz Moar 15 hours ago

    I'd love you to do an Atlantis themed cake...!

  • Kieran Carew
    Kieran Carew 16 hours ago

    Whats up with his nose in this video? It looks like serious contouring...

  • Atziri Hernandez
    Atziri Hernandez 18 hours ago

    I like your cake

  • rufiredup90
    rufiredup90 Day ago

    This is so gorgeous! I love it!

  • Kim Eames
    Kim Eames Day ago

    I love your crew! This video had my daughter and I cracking up. When will we meet the crew?!?

  • ChaniSays
    ChaniSays Day ago

    This has been my favorite video yet- one day I'd love to see the faces behind Spice Girls 2.0 😂👍🏼

  • Cherie Louisa
    Cherie Louisa Day ago

    FUNNIEST post ever! Cake very cool too.

  • Diana Viera
    Diana Viera Day ago

    JJR ~ I condition the gum paste with shortening as well as rub the outside of the gum paste with shortening before inserting into my extruder.  It works.  Thanks for the laughs!!!  :D

  • Elizabeth Unicorns


  • Allison Thomas
    Allison Thomas Day ago

    There are definitely five Spice Girls, guys.

    Sporty, Baby, Ginger, Scary, and Posh.

  • Donina Gabriel
    Donina Gabriel 2 days ago

    Sorry jjr, I also love spice girls soooo. I actually like them singing. Bwuahahaha

  • Jemma Shannon
    Jemma Shannon 2 days ago

    make a succulent cake! 😍

  • Ysaac Refran
    Ysaac Refran 2 days ago

    do a collab with yollonda or how to cake it

  • Beline
    Beline 2 days ago

    Can I please marry Brandon?😂 He seems so funny!

  • Jessica Santillo
    Jessica Santillo 2 days ago

    What a stunning cake!!!!!

  • Jessica Santillo
    Jessica Santillo 2 days ago


  • Nancy Tomlinson
    Nancy Tomlinson 2 days ago

    the spider looks like a crab

  • Carolina Espinoza
    Carolina Espinoza 3 days ago

    Hi Joshua i liked your cake design and I’m wondering what type of gold paint do you used??please provide the name Thxs

  • livykripp 6446
    livykripp 6446 3 days ago

    Amazing how do u do it

  • Nicole Chappell
    Nicole Chappell 3 days ago

    Its Saturday and I'm STILL singing Spice Girls songs!
    Thanks guys!

  • Millie Pettett
    Millie Pettett 3 days ago

    I really appreciated watching the struggle of innovation. It made me feel like it is totally worth every time I try something new. Thanks!!

  • Rey Schrute
    Rey Schrute 3 days ago

    The middle of the video is a hot mess haha

  • Saileach
    Saileach 3 days ago

    My favorite MAC video

  • Stacy's Man
    Stacy's Man 3 days ago

    The guys should sing in every episode.

    ATHENA OLYMPIA 3 days ago

    but the spice girls are amazing especially with spice cake

  • Mario Alonso Sandoval Castellanos

    What do you have against Spice girls Joshua ? lol

  • Mewenn M
    Mewenn M 4 days ago

    This thumb up was for the Spice Girls enthusiasts behind the camera. You guys rocked.

  • Chamara Tase
    Chamara Tase 4 days ago

    I was the grudge for my freshman year of college.... totally won the costume contest! It was badass

  • Honey BunBun Slimes
    Honey BunBun Slimes 4 days ago

    You honestly need more subscribers Josh

  • Rach Kate
    Rach Kate 4 days ago

    No wonder this didn't appear in my sub list.

  • Joyce Lim
    Joyce Lim 4 days ago

    I’m so scared of spiders that it gives me chills even seeing you make it, especially the pointy legs of them but I couldn’t help but watch till the end and it’s beautiful

  • Sheridan Charley
    Sheridan Charley 4 days ago

    You love the Spice Girls and you know it! Friendship never eeenndss!

  • Always love it
    Always love it 4 days ago

    This was extremely good I loved it plz make more videos

  • Marlea Sequeira
    Marlea Sequeira 4 days ago

    To make you feel better there are 5 Spice girls, so Brandon is a little less creepy now. Well on that end of the spectrum 😂

  • Susan Darby
    Susan Darby 4 days ago

    JJR, the spice Girls are nothing to be ashamed of! We all love them, even you! Don't fight the spice.

  • marcus perez
    marcus perez 4 days ago

    Where do you get all of your shirts??? I love them!!!

  • Jay Tee
    Jay Tee 4 days ago

    Found your channel from iJustine! Love it.

  • Cyrena Norris
    Cyrena Norris 4 days ago

    He hates the Spice Girls, tries to use a drill to make gum paste strings for decoration, and knows what channel locks are. Yep, definitely a Man . . . About Cake.

    As for my costume, I'll be dressing up as a skeleton for work, but my husband wants us to dress up as peanuts so we can be "nuts" together.

  • hearmymotoredheart
    hearmymotoredheart 4 days ago

    Does whatever a spider cake does

  • Cristy Brand
    Cristy Brand 4 days ago

    I love this cake

  • Febina Ku
    Febina Ku 4 days ago

    Ammmazzing... No words

  • KItty Sparklez
    KItty Sparklez 4 days ago +1

    Can make a Australia themed cake pls

  • Alekya Attanti
    Alekya Attanti 5 days ago


  • Joe Sexton
    Joe Sexton 5 days ago

    JJR, you so fine <3

  • xAliii
    xAliii 5 days ago

    Next Video please collab with How to Cake It

  • Elene Ingorokva
    Elene Ingorokva 5 days ago

    the buttercream kinuf looks crunchy almost

  • Emma Haddon
    Emma Haddon 5 days ago

    Aw, JJR, the crew's singing is great though!!! Love the cake (even though I'm arachnaphobic) and the crew!

  • Aja Floyd
    Aja Floyd 5 days ago

    I was Baby Spice when I was 8, my best friend was sporty spice and my neighbor made us sing for our candy.

  • Alexandra Bindea
    Alexandra Bindea 5 days ago

    Can you do a vampire team please. Beacuse I am a big fan of Twilight movie.🖒👍👍

  • patbjx
    patbjx 5 days ago

    Me encanta estoy muy emocionada por verte en cake&bake Masters saludos desde México #fuerzamexico

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    unicorn queen 5 days ago


  • Keiei H
    Keiei H 5 days ago

    I loved the guys singing and making JR turn red in the face. LOL 🤣💘

  • Addicted2 Popcorn
    Addicted2 Popcorn 5 days ago

    Long time ago I made and wore an autumn-themed costume  (that was inspired by "Marjorie the Trash Heap" on the puppet show "FRAGGLE ROCK")  to work which won 2nd place in the costume contest. It was a separate hood over a long sleeved maxi length dress out of soft, drape coral-orange knit fabric; covered over with preserved florist autumn leaves and stems that I had meticulously appliquéd by hand. The accessory was a fan rake and to remove ANY doubt as to what I was supposed to be, my name tag read: " Pile-a Leaves"!
    You could make an Pile of Leaves autumnal cake like that too.  Bet it would be gloriously golden and gorgeous!

  • Jessica Lopez
    Jessica Lopez 5 days ago +2

    I will sing a spice girls song every time I hear pumpkin spice lol

  • Milania
    Milania 5 days ago

    Really bitch! I was about to go to sleep and then I seen this video in my recommendation 💀💀😢😢

  • artsygal112
    artsygal112 5 days ago

    The Spice Girl puns! Lol Had me dying!

  • Hardeep Kaur
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  • Cristofer Urlaub
    Cristofer Urlaub 5 days ago

    For the record, there were FIVE Spice Girls. Not four ;)

  • lauren pyle
    lauren pyle 5 days ago

    I love that all the guys started singing spice girls lol 🤣🤣😂

  • Erika S
    Erika S 5 days ago

    Love the Halloween opening!!!

  • Gregory Winans
    Gregory Winans 5 days ago

    You put a top panel on you middle tier. Did the gumpaste stay soft enough for the bubble tea straws

  • cris villacorta
    cris villacorta 5 days ago

    I want your shirt 😂😁

  • Daniella Lu
    Daniella Lu 5 days ago

    LOLOLOL, those references. LOL dead. FRIENDSHIP NEVER ENDSSSSSs

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    livelovefoundinyou 5 days ago

    You guys are funny! (: JJR I always enjoy watching your vids!

    ILIKEMTBING 5 days ago

    These are two videos I believe everyone should watch and share.

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  • Aaron Newport
    Aaron Newport 5 days ago

    Is that like a weird instrumental of ghost town in the background???

  • angel whispers
    angel whispers 5 days ago

    Honestly I think the spider would have been creepier if he would left it bone white and painted the top-tier gold underneath it. Cuz then I would look like a weird Fusion of the skeleton and spider

  • Ants Domingo
    Ants Domingo 5 days ago

    Love it lol

  • Mun D
    Mun D 5 days ago

    One of my most favourite video..."if you wanna be my lover" LOL 😂

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    flaming fox 5 days ago +3

    My new favorite sound is the cutting bubble tea straws. Btw just found your YouTube channel from the trending videos.

  • Nicole Acres
    Nicole Acres 5 days ago

    This was one of the funniest episodes ever!!! I loved watching this one!

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    Robert Ohm 5 days ago

    Sorry, but I gotta love the singing and the Spice Girls references. Totally liked for the Spice Girls stuff!!

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    xcutekaix 11 5 days ago

    I like the added Spice Girls 😅

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    Rachel Kelly 5 days ago +2

    hands down my favorite episode the singing and back seat caking make this too legit to quit. #backseatcaking

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    Ester Goldvarg 5 days ago

    Their singing is beautiful

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    Rylee Smith 5 days ago

    me and my best friend are thing 1 and thing 2

  • Ayliesha Harris
    Ayliesha Harris 5 days ago

    My best Halloween costume (or, at least, my favorite) was Eric Draven from The Crow. I was about twelve or thirteen, wore an all black outfit with a life-sized crow decoration stitched to the shoulder of my shirt (and of course I had the makeup). It was awesome, and we didn't even get to go trick or treating that year -_-

  • Stephanie Brookover
    Stephanie Brookover 5 days ago

    This is one of the most beautiful cakes I've ever seen! It's so elegant!!! I loved every detail... AMAZING JOB!

  • The Bugster
    The Bugster 5 days ago

    Make a jack skelington cake!

  • David Del Rey
    David Del Rey 5 days ago

    so is he a top or bottom

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    Alyria Estrada 5 days ago

    stop singing LOL

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    Vickie Valladares 5 days ago

    I absolutely love your work!!!! Please please please do a two sided cake!!!!!!

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    Kylin Shortt 5 days ago

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    Passy C 5 days ago

    Hello I have a question. Is there a reason u don't paint before and touch up after? Just curious.

  • Michelle Ong
    Michelle Ong 6 days ago

    I wonder where all the cakes go?

  • Weird Gremlin
    Weird Gremlin 6 days ago

    The banter between them all made this more enjoyable! Not that it wouldn't be without it but it made me smile 🤗


    That one creepy looking spider...

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    Lauren venter 6 days ago

    Loved the singing 😂😂😂, your cake's look so yummy and beautiful , love you're show.

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    Anonymous Girl 6 days ago

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