#CakeSlayer Halloween: SPIDER CAKE | Man About Cake with Joshua John Russell

  • Published on Oct 10, 2017
  • Joshua is serving up #CakeSlayer Halloween creations all month long! Grab this episode's links below 👇
    Get Joshua’s NEW pumpkin spice buttercream recipe — craftsy.me/2i09HRC
    Get Joshua’s spice cake recipe —craftsy.me/2xuwzei
    EPISODE BONUS: Halloween treats & baking inspiration —craftsy.me/2fXIvPm
    Download the spider template —craftsy.me/2gpREkm
    Check out the extruder Joshua uses — craftsy.me/2ybzcW6
    EPISODE ROUNDUP: everything from this episode — craftsy.me/2yCIGL6
    See JJR's sugar technique in the metallic cake episode --- tvclip.biz/video/8NHX5sOP3Rw/
    See Joshua sculpt a chocolate skull —tvclip.biz/video/0gpXbsdDg_Q/
    Check out JJR’s zombie-fied wedding cake — tvclip.biz/video/NObiUhF1oqY/
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    Cake artist Joshua John Russell knows there's more to a gorgeous cake than meets the eye — and he's ready to share his secrets. He may be known for cracking jokes in the kitchen, but he's serious about showing you how to build beautiful cakes. From towering tiers to delicate details, his smart tips and pulse on cake trends will have you inspired to try out these techniques in your own kitchen!
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  • Man About Cake
    Man About Cake  2 months ago +111

    Who's working on Halloween treats? Links from this episode below! 👇
    NEW pumpkin spice buttercream recipe — craftsy.me/2i09HRC
    Spice cake recipe —craftsy.me/2xuwzei
    EPISODE BONUS: Halloween treats & baking inspiration —craftsy.me/2fXIvPm
    Download the spider template —craftsy.me/2gpREkm
    Extruder — craftsy.me/2ybzcW6
    Freeze spray -- shop.chefrubber.com/item/703003S/Magic-Freeze-Spray/
    EPISODE ROUNDUP: everything from this episode — craftsy.me/2yCIGL6
    See me sculpt a chocolate skull —www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gpXb...
    Check out my zombie-fied wedding cake — www.youtube.com/watch?v=NObiU...

    • Jasmine Wieland
      Jasmine Wieland Hour ago

      Man About Cake I love your videos I love you

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      aliscia hope Month ago

      Man About Cake dò u simple syrup ??

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      Man About Cake I hope you'd make a Spice Girls themed cake!

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      Elizabeth Unicorns Month ago

      I love spice girls and I am 13

      WYNOLLO TV 2 months ago

      Man About Cake is it possible to make a "monster mash " cake?

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    Turquoise Tranquility 2 hours ago

    Adore it except this crazy spider 🕷

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    I love your work, Joshua John Russell! You are MAGIC.

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    Ht Sapphire 9 days ago

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    looks classy, luxury and elegant. I feel like much betteer then cake bosss cake.

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    Elvin Durán-Rivera 11 days ago

    You got like blood on your nails? They look horrible...and you touched the food

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    Robin Mcpherson 13 days ago

    Your cakes are more than artistic.....just no words for your ingenuity. You can answer this or not but I would really like to know the price of you cakes.....love your cakes!!!!!

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    Claudia Zuniga 16 days ago

    I laughed so hard during the singing, they actually know the lyrics!

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    Hi, please, what fondant is that it seems so silky and easy to work with

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    I dunno which I liked more...the cake or the singing :)

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    Your cake made me watch, but camera crew made me subscribe.

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    Tatesa Spirit 25 days ago

    You can eat gold?

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    مروة محمد 25 days ago

    Why you print spider a white color black is better

  • brooke miller
    brooke miller 26 days ago

    I really enjoy your videos, baking isn’t easy for me but watching you gives me inspiration.
    Keep it up and maybe I’ll send you a picture of my ‘Attempts’.

  • Erica Olmo
    Erica Olmo Month ago

    I love your cake ama tell ypur friend to stop singing because they are getting you 😠

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    Patricia Martyres Month ago

    Thanks for the spider template.  I used it to  make a black spider for my recent Halloween cake and it was a hit!

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    LibbyRoseITM Month ago

    I kind of wish you wouldn't paint so much of the cake gold...I really liked the white :( But the rest of it was absolutely amazing :D

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    Landis Darling Month ago

    There are FIVE Spice Girls. How dare you forget one.

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    Alyssa Barnett Month ago

    I literally died laughing at the power tool part

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    I absolutely love his crew. They're hilarious. The cake looks phenomenal and so delicious!!

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    Monica Boston Month ago

    JJR the spice cake was delicious! Now I will say I used whole milk instead of almond milk and I added a couple eggs. I’ve never made a cake with almond milk though I like to drink it, and I’ve never made a cake without eggs so I just couldn’t not add them! Lol But at any rate this cake came out moist and delicious! Thanks

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    Your new subscriber, your decorating skill is AMAZING!

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  • Maddi Holmes
    Maddi Holmes Month ago

    Spiders legs come out of their head, not their body. the spider would look a lot more frightening/convincing if you had the legs coming from the head :)

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    Oh my gosh !! This is amazing! Great job! 😱😱😱

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