#46 Black Currant Hard Candy, the Illegal Fruit.


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  • KingCosworth
    KingCosworth 5 hours ago

    Americans can't get blackcurrents but cocaine is everywhere....

  • shahdower
    shahdower 9 hours ago

    Wanna turn the music down 💀

  • Ben's cooking channel -best cooking around

    Cab you make a blue raspberry please?

  • Tiúilip
    Tiúilip Day ago

    I love black currant juice ❤❤

  • Hey Randii!
    Hey Randii! 2 days ago +1

    *Black currant tastes like when you mix lemon/lime juice and mixed berry juice* Sometimes tho, when you harvest it too early, it tastes a bit too sour for juicing. When that happens, we eat them with a bit of salt.

  • Brandon Cerra
    Brandon Cerra 2 days ago

    Also this was awesome. I must have one of these mills. So cool

  • Logan Gay
    Logan Gay 3 days ago

    Da booooommmmmmmm *shaking noises*

  • Ming Song
    Ming Song 3 days ago

    back then I had black current tea bags. That’s when I fall for this flavor.

  • Sleight 1476
    Sleight 1476 3 days ago

    Better schedule a trip down the highway across the whole US

  • Anthony P.
    Anthony P. 3 days ago

    Its a flavour that is hard to describe for someone who has grown up eating it i feel bed for americans tho no blackcurrant ;-;

    • Anthony P.
      Anthony P. 3 days ago

      I feel bad for the states where it is not currantly avaliable

  • Pyroguyman096
    Pyroguyman096 3 days ago

    Nice DC vs AC joke

  • Sot Vargadís
    Sot Vargadís 3 days ago

    Black currants are great, but the red currants tastes extremely sour. At least in my opinion.
    One of my neighbours, every summer she'll bake a cake topped with whipped cream and red currants and invite me eat it with her, and I can't say no. She really thinks that I enjoy the cake (since she'd invited me for years...), and I feel too ashamed to tell her the truth..

  • interceptor0166
    interceptor0166 4 days ago

    An old timey fidget spinner. Cool.

  • rosencain
    rosencain 4 days ago

    Love your vids. Not just watching the candy being made, but the tidbits of history on the machines and candies.
    The ending was funny, for me.
    A family friend has a gathering yearly to cook down cane syrup. We call it Syrup Day. Everyone brings a dish, there's a folk band that plays, and it's a wonderful time outdoors just visiting and watching old skills still being used.
    The shot of them cooking it down made me think you were over here in Mobile County LOL

  • Burney_Games
    Burney_Games 4 days ago

    I’m calling the police

  • MeggieJolly
    MeggieJolly 5 days ago

    Another really awesome flavor is jostaberry. It’s a berry that is a cross of black currant and goose berry.

  • Medi Ding
    Medi Ding 6 days ago

    6:50 electricity pun

  • Keefe
    Keefe 6 days ago

    Berry like, for sure. Almost like 25% grapes, 25% sweet citrus, and 50% of a mix between black and blueberries. Earthy, very sweet, and a little tangy. Try finding popular blackcurrant products, like Ribena is a popular branded blackcurrant drink, or Frutips (Nestle). Peace, love and food!

  • Yellow Waffle
    Yellow Waffle 6 days ago

    I'm a sucker for candy ,I could it one of his batch in time record but didn't expect to learn so many things while watching him work, nice channel.

  • John Lever
    John Lever 6 days ago +1

    Ha! Alternating Currant. Nice one.

  • The Real Dylamb
    The Real Dylamb 7 days ago

    Black currant is kinda common in australia

  • Fruity
    Fruity 7 days ago

    Black currant is the best, how does nobody know about it in America. In Australia that’s the only flavour of candy anyone gets.

  • Brandon Cerra
    Brandon Cerra 9 days ago +2

    "Alternating current to use" LMAO

  • edwin knight
    edwin knight 10 days ago

    id rarthar pefer if rher was no music plz

    BOOMERANGxbrb 11 days ago

    Thank you for these videos! I really love them all!

  • milky 왜
    milky 왜 11 days ago

    i love being able to learn while watching sweets being made, if i ever go to florida i’m totally visiting!

    • milky 왜
      milky 왜 11 days ago

      Lofty Pursuits: right, knew that. i must’ve mixed something up by accident

    • milky 왜
      milky 왜 11 days ago

      Lofty Pursuits: right, knew that. i must’ve mixed something up by accident

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  11 days ago +1

      Umm, we are located in Florida.

  • Fred Dy
    Fred Dy 11 days ago


  • Martin Egeland
    Martin Egeland 12 days ago

    I'm in N.E. Ohio and I've been going to a nursery that has pick-your-own currants for years. They have black, red and pink currants as well as gooseberries.

  • Paddy Mc
    Paddy Mc 15 days ago

    Yeah maybe reconsider hanging that portrait painting in the store... That is the sort of thing that will haunt children's dreams.
    It gives off the same creepy feeling people get from clowns. It's like, why do you have the eyes and smile of a deranged and overjoyed zealot? What's going on outside of the frame that we can't see? What is inspiring that look of madness?
    I'm not saying it's a bad painting, it's certainly not, it fulfills the fundamental purpose of great art which is to make the viewer feel something, I just don't think children should be playing around with dark forces like that at such a young age... Once you invite that, madness, that terror into your mind, into your dreams, it never truly leaves, it just gets better at hiding itself from you, from your conscious rational mind, until one day that child is 32 and for reasons beyond their understanding that picture will begin haunting them...
    Or for the weak minded the trauma will occur and overwhelm them whilst still young, and it'll be a 'Can't sleep, clown'll eat me!' sort of situation.

  • Paddy Mc
    Paddy Mc 15 days ago

    So, you don't even have Ribena in America? My god. Why even turn up to work in the morning? What's the point?
    Anyway blackcurrant is a brilliant flavour. I expect they already sell it in yankeeland but if not make sure to import a box of Life Saver's Blackcurrant Pastilles from a wholesale lolly vendor, they will seriously change your view on pastilles... this is life changing stuff... and I imagine they'd sell very well in your store, once you have 1 it's impossible to stop.

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  15 days ago

      Actually I found that they do have it hidden near the floor in my supermarket. I now keep a bottle in my fridge thanks to the comments on this video.

  • Tactical Flames
    Tactical Flames 15 days ago

    Wow you must do slot lot of research I love your channel

  • TheJaybrone
    TheJaybrone 16 days ago

    Why does grape candy here taste nothing like any type of grape you eat?

    • TheJaybrone
      TheJaybrone 15 days ago

      I have asked this for ever and everyone says I'm crazy. I really want to know!

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  16 days ago +1

      Watch for a video on this.

  • Mya Caraballo
    Mya Caraballo 18 days ago

    They look like sour blueberries.

  • LokeraZTv
    LokeraZTv 19 days ago

    I love you're Domino wall.

  • Shona The awkward musical potato child

    Greg: and I know what you’re gonna ask... what does it taste like?
    Me as a British potato: MWUHAHAHAHAHHA >>:))))

  • cris rose
    cris rose 20 days ago +2

    AH HA! electric jokes xD

  • Jeff Paton
    Jeff Paton 20 days ago

    It's like the drink Ribena, which is gorgeous..

  • Mindy Paige a walk through Torah

    It tastes like black cherry Kool aid with a touch more zip. Smells really great too. I ran into this flavor with imported lip balm of all things about 20 years ago.

  • Samara V Hamilton
    Samara V Hamilton 21 day ago

    You had me at "illegal."

  • Game Die9154
    Game Die9154 21 day ago

    It looks like a saw trap on a budget

  • Frankie Leigh
    Frankie Leigh 21 day ago

    it’s quite a round but tart flavour , the raw berries are sour when unsweetened

  • Faithful Chica
    Faithful Chica 22 days ago

    This is so interesting to me, because I had a large black current plant in a parsonage in Alaska. It was obvious to me that this plant was over 30 years old. I hadn't ever tried them before living there either, and I loved those dear little berries. Somebody got away with something when they planted that bush...

  • Mike Pancake
    Mike Pancake 23 days ago

    Would love to watch you cook the sugar.

  • pyro Tarsier
    pyro Tarsier 25 days ago

    Oh you poor American sods never tasting the beauty of true purple skittles

  • CrazyAG Crafter
    CrazyAG Crafter 26 days ago

    What’s your store called and what state and street and city is it in

  • Fared65
    Fared65 27 days ago

    Black Current sort-of tastes like orange mixed with sour strawberry.

  • BiancaRose
    BiancaRose Month ago

    There's something obviously satisfying about watching someone hand make candy, but I think it's so special and enjoyable hearing someone talk about their interest of history and explain this machine and even the flavor came about. This is a beautiful channel and I will definitely be ordering from this shop soon

  • Nina Borghese
    Nina Borghese Month ago

    I would have gotten straight A’s in history had you read my book to me lol

  • DRock Gaming
    DRock Gaming Month ago

    I grew up in the US but my mother is Russian, so I have had black current all my life.

  • Russell White
    Russell White Month ago

    I feel sorry for you yanks not having black currant

  • Ghastless 07
    Ghastless 07 Month ago

    You are the best and awesome at making candy you make me smile everyday

  • WonderBoyDog
    WonderBoyDog Month ago

    I would fell like it'll taste like a fruity black licorice

  • Max Frezen-Latynin
    Max Frezen-Latynin Month ago

    turn of events: this candy is grape flavoured

  • Joy Alba
    Joy Alba Month ago

    I just love watching you make candy. It's my happy place. :)

  • Christopher McCann
    Christopher McCann Month ago

    Hard candy in the UK is actually called a boiled sweet, fun fact. Hehe

  • Holo Gator
    Holo Gator Month ago

    Thanks for sharing the currant story, Greg! Very interesting, in Europe (central) my grand grandma has been growing it for years! We even have some in our own garden. I dont really like black currant tho, the skin is a bit too thick, i prefer Red currant way more!

  • Ella stop looking on my yt


  • Nicole Kernohan
    Nicole Kernohan Month ago

    Wow blackcurrant is awesome here. We also have a yummy candy that has a soft liquorice in the center and hard blackcurrant on the outside. Called blackcurrant liquorice, check it out 😊

  • sile lynskey
    sile lynskey Month ago

    My favourite is roundtrees blackcurrent fruit gums.

  • Patience Corfman
    Patience Corfman Month ago

    When I come to Florida again next year I'm so visiting!

  • TheGrimReaperGamer!

    I have these groing in my yard

  • Pretty LIFE PrettyWife

    ❤️💙💜🍭❤️💙💜🍭❤️💙💜🍭❤️💙💜🍭❤️💙💜🍭❤️💙💜🍭❤️💙💜🍭 can’t wait to come visit yo.

  • The Gaming Wizzard
    The Gaming Wizzard Month ago

    I Wish That Lofty Pursuits is in the UK

  • Minibyte!
    Minibyte! Month ago

    Blackcurrants have a very tart and sharp beginning flavour which grows into a very rich sweet/savoury berry flavour. Artificial blackcurrant have this too but it's more sugary then rich. It's an amazing cold or flu comfort juice, mostly because the flavour is quite intense and it's nice when everything is muted when sick.

  • Pawel Kosentka
    Pawel Kosentka Month ago

    Black currant has this characteristic flavor that you feel in the back of your jaw kinda like a tart red wine. Its very hard to explain because it's such a unique taste.

  • Jarrod Ramos
    Jarrod Ramos Month ago

    Cool bit of history

  • CasualKhajiit
    CasualKhajiit Month ago


  • Joshua Newbould
    Joshua Newbould Month ago

    You literally can't get away from the blackcurrant flavour in Europe 😂

  • Survival Puppy
    Survival Puppy Month ago

    I'd like to talk to Carrie!
    (Hope there's someone who gets the reference)

  • Maia Smith
    Maia Smith Month ago

    I want to try black currants they sound delicious. We don't have black currant flavored things in Canada either but you can buy dried currants. I also want to eat the unhardened candy. Anyone else?

  • Kamil Gajewicz
    Kamil Gajewicz Month ago

    A sweet cranberry

  • firefox5926
    firefox5926 Month ago

    8:56 unpleasantly violent that's how it tastes lol

  • Yairgr123
    Yairgr123 Month ago

    The music was a bit too loud in comparison to your voice at times

  • firefox5926
    firefox5926 Month ago

    7:11 the problem is if i were to visit you that i would almost certainly end up being dragged out by immigration because i had over stayed my holiday visa by several moths would undobtedly have contracted type 1 and 2 diabeites and possibly type 3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 and have to be removed through the roof as i would no longer fit between the load bearing members in the walls lol

  • The Creeper King
    The Creeper King Month ago

    *here comes the fbi!*

  • Zeke King
    Zeke King Month ago

    The music really overpowers your voice at around 8 minutes in. Great video, just maybe with music that has such a strong presence it needs to be turned down a little more than usually mellow tracks are.

  • MsProblems #GrowToPia

    This kind of videos make me wanna eat some candy too like cmon 😭

  • Nascent Space
    Nascent Space Month ago

    If I wanted to make my own hard candies should I use moulds or find some kind of crank thing like you have?

  • Racheal Venegas
    Racheal Venegas Month ago

    Is this why we have plums?

  • bg147
    bg147 Month ago

    I have always loved black currant juice. It has a lot of tannin and will leave a dry feeling in your mouth.

  • u r butthurt.
    u r butthurt. Month ago

    you didn't mention the white currants

  • Paige Bailey
    Paige Bailey Month ago

    this is so funny! i live in michigan and i had never heard of black current until i went to canada a few years ago and had a black current cocktail. I'd say if youre used to mixed berry flavor things, its a lot like that but tangier

  • Sami Collins
    Sami Collins Month ago

    I’m American and got into black currant via tea. I love the flavor and knew it was banned here but never knew why. Very interesting!

  • AksLotus
    AksLotus Month ago

    My deodorant is black currant

  • Young Baguette The Clout God

    If I go to your website could I get them shipped to the UK

    • Young Baguette The Clout God
      Young Baguette The Clout God Month ago

      Lofty Pursuits ok thanks

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Month ago

      Yes, but keep in mind that the minimum shipping to England is approximately 1/2 a kilogram. In other words shipping is about the same for one bag of candy is it might be for up to 10. Play with the shopping cart to find The Sweet Spot

  • Lioncash
    Lioncash Month ago

    Oldschool candy machine 125 years older. Apple Laptop, 1 year at best.

  • John Stevens
    John Stevens Month ago

    Yep, as a Brit I love blackcurrant especially in jelly, blueberry has nothing on blackcurrant!

  • Celestine Dunn
    Celestine Dunn Month ago

    I loved this episode, for the candy making process, the candy machine and the history lesson!

  • Oh Lucas
    Oh Lucas Month ago

    You need to keep it sharp after each use to keep in pristine condition.

  • garlic .garlic
    garlic .garlic 2 months ago

    What??? Illegal? in Estonia we have A LOT of them in gardens. They are just soo good

  • Solqueen86
    Solqueen86 2 months ago

    And now you can get blackcurrant candy and drinks at Walmart and HEB now

  • Lets Play With YanderePlayz

    Ribena is made from this fruit

  • Gus W
    Gus W 2 months ago

    My heart suddenly breaks for Americans that don't know how beautiful these things taste

  • teaches2010
    teaches2010 2 months ago

    If this candy gig doesnt work out, you could do narrating full time! You have an amazing voive6

  • Belle Morris
    Belle Morris 2 months ago

    Wow interesting stuff, I've always wondered why my American friends hadn't tasted black currants, it's our go to flavour for sweets and drinks in the uk, I was very disappointed when I tasted grape flavour, I assumed it would be super fruity and yummy but it just tasted of sugar, it was so sweet. Love your vids ty 👍🏻

  • Christopher Palmer
    Christopher Palmer 2 months ago

    The alternating currents pun was so revolting that I HAVE GOT TO visit you now!!! I promise to conduct myself appropriately when I do. :-D

  • deez nuts
    deez nuts 2 months ago


  • Sneak Chamber
    Sneak Chamber 2 months ago

    i need to save money for the rose, currant, and blueberry flavors...

  • MRporpoise 222222222
    MRporpoise 222222222 2 months ago

    It tastes like a combo of sweet blackberry and Very sweet grapes. There amazing. my mom (who lives in ukraine on border of poland) Grows them a lot

  • T. Drake
    T. Drake 2 months ago

    Alternating currant XD