#46 Black Currant Hard Candy, the Illegal Fruit.


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  • chuvi2000
    chuvi2000 4 days ago

    Black Currant and red currant is one of the most popular berry in Russia. And gooseberry, omg, you must try that berry - so unique flavor and texture. Smooth, sour, transparent and elastic peel, and inside is a jellylike superfine flesh. Unique sweet and refreshing taste. Привет из России!

  • lanesteele240
    lanesteele240 7 days ago

    That alternate current joke was as dad as it gets

  • Sabrina Guzman
    Sabrina Guzman 8 days ago

    Well u gotta save bob ross' trees!

  • Theresa Smith
    Theresa Smith 9 days ago

    Love your history lessons along with candy making!

  • Amanda Hurn
    Amanda Hurn 15 days ago

    Blackcurrants are really yummy try ribena

  • meganechan720
    meganechan720 16 days ago

    Alternate currents... XD
    After the soothing voice and the interesting factoids, the puns are what I watch this channel for.

  • Special K
    Special K 20 days ago

    im part english but moved to the US very young. Whenever i go back people seem utterly confused as to why i'd be excited about getting Ribena (black currant flavoured drink mix/syrup)

  • Granville
    Granville 22 days ago

    Europeans love North American grape flavour.

  • John Alderfer
    John Alderfer 24 days ago

    I’m not sure if that A/C joke was on purpose

  • BertOfRob
    BertOfRob 25 days ago

    ... did you just say that Skittles have different flavors? They don't.. they all taste the same.

  • MrWiseGuy Niets
    MrWiseGuy Niets 25 days ago

    I live in belgium and blackcurrant is possibly my favourite flavour ever

  • LoriCiani
    LoriCiani 26 days ago

    My two favourite jams are blackcurrant and apricot. A deep dark berry flavour with a sharp hint of zing, that's blackcurrant, Interestingly, when the flavour is used as a sweet it can be paired with liquorice. Like rhubarb and custard sweets, blackcurrant and liquorice sweets are popular in the UK.

  • vexile12
    vexile12 28 days ago

    Your candy looks tasty

  • 滝昇taki-noboru
    滝昇taki-noboru 28 days ago

    next make illegal tide pod candy

  • Shocker 560
    Shocker 560 28 days ago

    So cool

  • Justeen wade
    Justeen wade 29 days ago

    Do you ship your candies

  • doctorrusty
    doctorrusty Month ago

    Really interesting! But I had to stop watching it because the music was drowning out the narration and it was too annoying to continue. Hopefully the poster will remix the sound so the voiceover is audible.

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Month ago

      We have over 70 other videos, this one was mixed for good speakers. I learned to mix for $2 headsets

  • Bex
    Bex Month ago

    I hate black currant so much

  • shannon marie
    shannon marie Month ago

    i had no idea blackcurrant wasn't much of a thing in the US. it's one of the most popular flavours of candy and juice here in the UK

  • Ronzo
    Ronzo Month ago

    Damn Americans don't have blackcurrant. Strawberry and blackcurrent squash is huge here. As well as blackcurrant sweets.

  • Diana Rules
    Diana Rules Month ago

    your background music drowns out your voice.

  • Nicolai Regler
    Nicolai Regler Month ago

    My drops arrived yesterday and I have to say it is a hard to describe flavor. Have to hide them from my mother or she might eat them all!

  • Andrew Fawcett
    Andrew Fawcett Month ago

    Yay. Another reason that Americans are different

  • 3headedpuppy
    3headedpuppy Month ago

    Ohhh I want to taste black currant!!!!

  • Crazy Hermine
    Crazy Hermine Month ago

    *Knocks door down*

  • MrRawr2013
    MrRawr2013 Month ago

    delicious flavor!

  • Sara Johnson
    Sara Johnson Month ago

    Dan and Phil describes black currants as edgy raspberries

  • Eye of the Forest
    Eye of the Forest Month ago

    black currants taste like mostly like vitamin c, with earthy citrus notes and a dry wormwood aftertaste, with almost a hint of mint. They taste savory if you eat them fresh off of the plant, which isn't a privilege most people in the US get. I'm not european though, I just work in currant research

  • Matt Denton
    Matt Denton Month ago

    But ribena!

  • CrematedWolf 26
    CrematedWolf 26 Month ago

    Black current is hevenly

  • sky bound
    sky bound Month ago

    the rollers make them look like worms

  • Jess Christian
    Jess Christian Month ago

    How can someone grow up not drinking black currant squash at parties???

  • JigokuShoujo543
    JigokuShoujo543 Month ago

    The skin of the black currant has a very slight bitterness to it, but not the bad kind, more like how you put bitters in cocktails, it enhances the flavour. I think it tastes like a gown up, slightly sour blueberry

  • Ben Tones
    Ben Tones Month ago

    its also blackcurrant starburst, my fav

  • Teutonic-knight13 04

    Black currant was the the fruit that Adam and Eve ate.

  • StoneGarage
    StoneGarage Month ago

    The music is too load in comparison to your voice.

  • SYG and R33
    SYG and R33 Month ago

    As a raw berry strait of the bush its a bit bitter

  • SYG and R33
    SYG and R33 Month ago

    Blackcurrant is so good

  • peagube
    peagube Month ago

    Sorry but grape flavoured skittles sound disgusting and i love grapes

  • SpectreBot
    SpectreBot Month ago

    "...people found an alternating currant to use."
    You've just gained yourself a subscriber.

  • Glen Dearden
    Glen Dearden Month ago

    You can get black current everything in the UK; Sweets, sugar drinks, jam etc

  • Sophie J
    Sophie J Month ago

    God I love blackcurrant flavour sweets

  • DarkLordDylan
    DarkLordDylan Month ago

    That actually makes perfect sense. Invasive species are a huge problem. New Zealand Mudsnails. Wild hogs. Carp. These things have caused enormous damage to the ecosystem in the United States.

  • Ginnie Curtis
    Ginnie Curtis Month ago

    As a Brit, this was a very surreal experience

  • Literal Crown
    Literal Crown Month ago

    I've been eating black current flavored hard candy for years in America and never thought it was special lol. The more you know!

  • Skin Tone Chicken Bone MEGA OOF

    I'll make sure to visit you next time I visit Florida Hope your still there when I go

  • Hillbilly Homestead

    Come for the candy, and stay for the puns. Alternate current. Lol

  • Xavier Garza
    Xavier Garza Month ago

    I get a weird feeling every time he says WWW

  • Holobrine
    Holobrine Month ago

    So the plant is banned in New England, but the flavor isn't, right? So I could still enjoy this candy in New England if I wanted?

  • Nicolai Regler
    Nicolai Regler Month ago

    Just ordered a bit of this candy from y'all. My family is family is originally from Germany so I can't wait to share it with them.

  • Sergio Romero
    Sergio Romero Month ago

    I have only tried the red currant mexican soda called victoria its the best if you every find some buy it , its worth your money

  • Goodco limgpu
    Goodco limgpu Month ago

    what a shame my mum makes red and blackcurrant jam, it wakes you up in the morning

  • Kurstin Legg
    Kurstin Legg Month ago

    Currants and black current flavours are still around here in canada. Black current bonbons are the best

  • Sargent Pugsley
    Sargent Pugsley Month ago

    If possible, you should turn the volume down the music when your talking

  • Tom Shatamra
    Tom Shatamra Month ago

    My state black currant is legal

  • Stevatron Rock
    Stevatron Rock Month ago

    Prisoner 1: "What are you in for?"
    Prisoner 2: "Theft, you?"
    Prisoner 1: "A fruit."

  • Knorkooli
    Knorkooli Month ago

    I was lucky enough to order a small pack of the black current hard candy along with the hurricane candy. Sadly, zi ordered it during that hurricane so I had to wait around 4 weeks before they could finally ship. Anyway, I still have a little of each left and I love the black current taste.

    • Knorkooli
      Knorkooli Month ago

      Lofty Pursuits I hope no more hurricanes hit your way. Lol!! BTW the candy was well worth the wait.

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Month ago +1

      At least at the moment we are shipping much faster


    Great video but music way to loud

  • Stephe K
    Stephe K Month ago

    I go to maine every couple months and there are black currents everywhere and it is delicious I wish everyone could get a try

  • Mallery Reuben
    Mallery Reuben Month ago

    Your pauses are too long

  • Calico_Cookie
    Calico_Cookie Month ago

    I’ve always wanted to go to the store but living in California it might be a while

  • nicholas johnson
    nicholas johnson Month ago

    guys! this is probably the flavor they use in american mystery flavor dum dums!

  • xKittyKylo Studios
    xKittyKylo Studios Month ago

    For some reason watching the machine itself work is... Satisfying.. The colors and gear movement is so pleasing! The golden and dark steel colors remind me of SteamPunk

  • NekraNick GT
    NekraNick GT Month ago

    I have a black current bush in my backyard

  • 1bullen1
    1bullen1 Month ago

    In sweden These berries Are called svarta vinbär

  • Matt
    Matt Month ago

    I love this channel, I don't even eat candy but once a year and I still love this channel

  • Pushing Buttons
    Pushing Buttons Month ago

    An alternate currant. Best line of video.

  • dingolover 06
    dingolover 06 Month ago

    We have them in Australia

  • Mr. Feed you the hands

    Just got this in the mail as well as the pomegranate image candy, the flavors are so unique and delicious

  • richard suggs
    richard suggs Month ago

    AC ha ha.

  • Matthias Fletcher
    Matthias Fletcher Month ago

    I would love to watch him put a 6ft strip of the candy into the machine all at once.

  • Sami Aziz
    Sami Aziz Month ago

    In contrast, grape soda wasn't very common at all when I was growing up (in Europe), but I saw it all the time on American tv shows

  • Life As Ethan
    Life As Ethan Month ago

    Aaah I see what you did there

  • Skyblockpro1 Slovak-vill.myserver.gs

    Wow that pun

  • Luke Kilroy
    Luke Kilroy Month ago

    It’s taste like a mix of raspberry’s, lemon and apple

  • GiniLeeRedSquirel
    GiniLeeRedSquirel Month ago

    Blackcurrant, illegal fruit? Go to Bourgogne for a lot of products = Cassis!

  • Koo Woo
    Koo Woo Month ago

    That machine is incredible

  • Elliot's Forge
    Elliot's Forge Month ago

    Currants grow wild up here in ketchikan alaska, never eaten ten because parents always told me not to eat berries that we didn’t know of, they knew they were currants but they didn’t want to put the idea in my head that I can eat random berries in the woods... haha.

  • ATLAS On the Moon
    ATLAS On the Moon Month ago

    Dammit I live in Maine the most North east of the states

  • GO FIG 5
    GO FIG 5 Month ago

    Wait am I allowed to at least order the candy? I live in Michigan, and I mean the blcak currant candy

  • Yofu
    Yofu Month ago

    One of my buddies went on a trip to the UK last year and brought back a bunch of black currant candy. I dig it.

  • J p
    J p Month ago

    Thank you Ashton!!👏 Mine just came in and they are delicious!!!🤤 And the Nectars are awesome 😎

  • Ernie Lynge
    Ernie Lynge Month ago

    I couldn’t hear what you where saying over the big band most of the time.

  • Lucius Apuleius
    Lucius Apuleius Month ago

    There are black currants, red currants, and there are also white currants.
    I have a black currant bush, and two red ones, growing in the backyard.

  • GaryChap
    GaryChap Month ago

    Next up, the story behind why all American chocolate is nasty sugary brown wax.

  • Dutch Blades
    Dutch Blades Month ago

    We have a ton of black currants in our garden, but the red ones (we call them "Aalbessen" over here) are great with yoghurt for breakfast/dessert.
    White ones and pink ones are less sour and more sweet in comparison, so they'd make for a good candy flavor as well!

  • Krzyzstof Polecat
    Krzyzstof Polecat Month ago

    Nearly every household in the UK has blackcurrant cordial/juice in it, unless you're posh then you have elderberry or slightly sparkling lavender or something

  • thebodmaster
    thebodmaster Month ago

    im from england and just wow. Never knew. Candy looks great btw

  • Frogadier Overwatch compilations

    I groe black currant in my yard

  • TheSavageMan
    TheSavageMan Month ago

    Oh God this machine is so god damn satisfying

  • Barney Barnett
    Barney Barnett Month ago

    Dubuleue Dubuleue Dubuleue

  • Charlie Scott
    Charlie Scott Month ago

    Blackcurrant is a really common flavour in the UK, like it's everywhere.

  • TheSeleucid Emperor

    I Live in Europe And What the hell is black currant.

  • Jessie Dickson
    Jessie Dickson Month ago

    ribena anyone?

  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown Month ago

    About time to re-mud the furnace! (at the end of the video! Make a video on that please! After all - it's all a part of the process!!!)

  • Mia J
    Mia J Month ago

    Greg, I've watched this episode a half dozen times but just caught your ac/dc alternating current joke!

  • Panda fps
    Panda fps Month ago

    5:38 I want it just like that please

  • MiniMinerPlayz
    MiniMinerPlayz Month ago

    A very sour grape 🍇 😂

  • SophieDoodle
    SophieDoodle Month ago

    As a confused European who always questioned why the all the purple sweets in the American section were all grape flavoured this explains a lot!

  • AngelMine345
    AngelMine345 Month ago

    It tastes like a sour black cherry mixed with a fresh strawberry