Should J.K. Simmons Be An Exception To The "Recast Reboots" Rule? - TJCS Companion Video

  • Published on Sep 2, 2018
  • On this special companion video, John take the viewer questions from his live shows the last day or 2 that he didn't have time to get to live. John takes the following viewer messages:
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  • AndresAimar
    AndresAimar 8 months ago

    I love him as Jonah but I think he won’t work in MCU.

  • Roei Potash AKA Poihpio

    no cause Ice Cube

  • Khun Lay
    Khun Lay 9 months ago

    9:18 - 9:24 "...the sanke biting the nipple on the girl - that was our company." 😅🤣 Classic John.

  • Sion Hughes
    Sion Hughes 9 months ago

    I thought it was a announcements that Spilberg was doing Blackhawks for DC and for Krypton did originally announced it was set in DCEU and for JK Simmons as Johnah Jameson in MCU i would love to see them use Jameson as podcast host lol

  • mythdusterds
    mythdusterds 9 months ago

    I remember hearing that the Jack Reacher does not have the physical characteristics are different for Jack Reacher compared to the film. Also another one is Ready Player One describes the main characters as having diiferent physical features than in the film. Also in the book the main character started out overweight & looses weight as he digs more holes where as in the Disney film he starts & ends still thin.

    MARTIN LAWRENCE 9 months ago

    i think the guy might be confused about that sci fi sounds like the end of aliens,where the queen rips bishop in half on the flight deck.

  • Jackie Jones
    Jackie Jones 9 months ago


  • Justice Productions
    Justice Productions 9 months ago

    There’s a good James Bond theory I heard years ago that they brainwash people and give them the memories of all the previous Bonds

  • Justice Productions
    Justice Productions 9 months ago

    I wonder where Johns character in the MCU went?

  • dancedj2k2
    dancedj2k2 9 months ago

    You would have to be totally clueless to think that Kevin Fiege doesn’t have 4 plans already ready to go for X-men and Fantastic Four. Back when the MCU was taking off, and the Avengers was a huge success, Kevin was doing an interview and was asked what he would do if having the entire marvel catalog to use at his disposal. He said that he doesn’t know and that they do multiple story boards and then picks the best of each board.

  • Sauvage Ascension
    Sauvage Ascension 9 months ago

    Recast Please Sony. Time for new blood.

  • Johnny Skinwalker
    Johnny Skinwalker 9 months ago

    I didn't like JK Simmons in the Spider-Man movies. I thought he was a big buffoon. I wanted to see a genuine flesh and blood human being in there. That is why when Michael Keaton was said to be in the new Spider-Man movie, I wish he would have been cast as JJ Jameson so that Peter could have interesting exchanges with him going forward. Whether it's investigating a crime, etc....Similar to how the character was written in the Daily Bugle comic-book series. A hard nose guy who is tough but fair. And not a clown. He hates super-heroes but he is willing to give everyone a fair shake.

  • Linkman247
    Linkman247 9 months ago

    Absolutely. JK Simmons is a national treasure.
    "If I can get a picture of Julia Roberts in a thong, we can get pictures of this weirdo. He doesn't want to be famous? Then i'll make him infamous!"-J.J. Jameson.

  • JrakaChitown
    JrakaChitown 9 months ago

    Why did you get let go from amc what's the real story

  • Anthony Murray
    Anthony Murray 9 months ago

    Theres an episode of "Ultimate Spiderman" I think it is where they travel the multi-verse (Spider-verse) and in there is a Comment that "JJJ is JJJ no matter where you go" - And I think they should absolutely play on that. He was the best part about those movies other than maybe Willem Dafoe. Holland walks into his office as Peter, right as he's coming in "First, we have these "Avengers" tearing the city apart, then we let Hydra try and keep us safe, and now we have this Spider menace terrorizing Queens, so much for the Sokovia accords if they can't stop him".

  • thevanishingflame
    thevanishingflame 9 months ago

    What is with the hulk cameo misdirection? lol It's killing me, I think I saw you, but I'm not sure, will we ever get a confirmation?

  • thevanishingflame
    thevanishingflame 9 months ago

    I don't know how loud most people listen to your show but when the air conditioner is on, it's not really noticeable on my end.

  • Enrique G
    Enrique G 9 months ago

    Great show 👍🏼

  • Viking Reviews
    Viking Reviews 9 months ago

    How do I send john movie questions?

  • Anthony Felder
    Anthony Felder 9 months ago

    Speaking of rebooting & Bond movies, keeping Judi Dench as M in the Daniel Craig films was a good thing.

  • Anthony Felder
    Anthony Felder 9 months ago

    Tommy Lee Jones won the award.

  • Guy The Artist
    Guy The Artist 9 months ago

    I think they should cast Joseph Gordon Levitt as J.J. and have the news paper be an Online News Source.

  • Jason Sturgeon
    Jason Sturgeon 9 months ago

    Beetle juice

  • traydevon
    traydevon 9 months ago

    A Spectator is a moron. The author “describing” a character is no different than a comic book artist drawing a character a certain way. The only time race matters is when it is a necessary factor in who the character is. Race isn’t for James Bond. It would be if James Bond was a real life person who was being portrayed onscreen, but he isn’t. He’s imaginary. The only thing he has to be is British because of the government he’s supposed to work for. No one was going to cast Sean Connery as Nelson Mandela instead of Idris Elba. Similarly, no one was going to cast Kate Mara as the lead in Crazy Rich Asians instead of Constance Wu.

  • Joshua Jeffries
    Joshua Jeffries 9 months ago

    For me, Ive always thought of James Bond as a moniker or title earned by agents throughout their years of service, and I want Idris Elba as James bond I also dont want or think it needs to be rebooted, but John's argument against it being a reboot was retarded, arguing that if their eyes are different then that's the same qualifier as skintone for a reboot. Eyes go unnoticed, aswell as the other miniscule shit he mentioned. Something as bold as a huge shift in skin tone IS absolutely reboot or narrative shift territory, not neccessary but it IS the territory. The way John argued came across as Virtue Signaling rather than actually arguing for a black character. You know how when youtubers cry on cam and it comes across as hugely inauthentic? Your spill on the skin tone struck a huge inauthenticity flag from me, an we both want Idris as Bond

  • Benjamin Burkhardt
    Benjamin Burkhardt 9 months ago

    Hugh Jackman for MCU’s Wolverine? If JK is hired, everyone will expect Hugh.

  • Cinematic Tendency
    Cinematic Tendency 9 months ago

    Predator- Dude, (who has never watched Predator) you are missing out! Watch it! Enjoy!

  • Cinematic Tendency
    Cinematic Tendency 9 months ago

    Mile 22- I was so pumped about this movie that I even made a TVclip video (a few months ago) about my excitement! So much potential wasted!

  • Cinematic Tendency
    Cinematic Tendency 9 months ago

    Snakes on a Plane- Yes, I remember that nipple bite! Haha “Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the fright”.

  • Jacob Werman
    Jacob Werman 9 months ago

    The alien question could have been Aliens with the queen. Maybe

  • Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas 9 months ago

    J.K.Simmons is Truely the best J.Jonah Jamison on screen!

  • William Wyke
    William Wyke 9 months ago

    Hell yes JK should come back! He's like JJJ from the '67 cartoon show come to life! Judy Dench stayed when they rebooted James Bond, so JK would be in great company!

  • Chris Attebery KS
    Chris Attebery KS 9 months ago

    Yes he should.

  • Hitmonkey
    Hitmonkey 9 months ago +1

    They've already recast him - JB Smoove is playing him in 'Far From Home'

  • Joesph Hudson
    Joesph Hudson 9 months ago

    George Lucas cameos when peter and tink fly to neverland he and carrrie fisher are the copule who fly in the air while dancing on the bridge

  • Tom Gillard
    Tom Gillard 9 months ago

    10 minutes of Korg a day, keeps sadness away.

  • Agent SuperArgo
    Agent SuperArgo 9 months ago

    Didn't he defect from the Marvel universe to become commissioner Gordon?...Nah...move on.

  • Yello Duzzit
    Yello Duzzit 9 months ago

    That inside out dude, DEEP in the friendzone

  • Timon Steup
    Timon Steup 9 months ago

    If we want to stick to the author's (Ian Fleming) description of James Bond then it should also be a spy thriller set in the 50's. But the movies have moved on; so should the casting.

  • darren4251
    darren4251 9 months ago

    J.Jonah.jameson in the comics tried to kill spiderman numerous times . I think you should have a more menacing actor with a touch of humour

  • Sotnas
    Sotnas 9 months ago

    I've always been a fan of doing a gender reversal casting for Jameson with Allison Janney in the role. I see her as the female counterpart to J.K. Simmons. Heck, they've already played husband and wife.

  • James Court
    James Court 9 months ago

    They did it with Judi Dench in James Bond so why not

  • Earl Chatterton
    Earl Chatterton 9 months ago

    The mutant thing could easily be dealt with...something has suddenly triggered the mutant gene to kick in recently and suddenly it's flaring up all around the world and it's become a crisis for governments. There could be older mutants like Xavier, Magneto or Logan who have managed to keep their powers out of the public eye. Logan would be easy. He doesn't shoot lasers out of his eyes or looks like a blue demon or anything. Maybe Logan will be the first mutant.

  • Earl Chatterton
    Earl Chatterton 9 months ago

    Tommy Lee Jones of course won an Oscar for The Fugitive in what must have been considered a bit of an upset. No Ralph Fiennes? It's a good, fun movie but it's weird now watching it seeing Julianne Moore getting a big billing as a doctor who basically has one very minor scene and then gone. Seemed like she was going to be a bigger deal but chopped out. Jane Lynch has more to do as another doctor.

  • Shane G
    Shane G 9 months ago

    I have to say that you keep saying Miles 22 is worse and worse, and yet you didn't hate the PoS that was BvS?

  • Gilmartin Pares
    Gilmartin Pares 9 months ago

    Umm John you forgot Spielberg is directing a DC comicbook movie

  • octagonproplex
    octagonproplex 9 months ago

    Yeah, to me all the Abrahams/Zucker spoofs are the gold standard of thst sub-genre with Airplane/Top Secret/Naked Gun/Hot Shots. Although I like High Anxiety, Men In Tights, and Spaceballs enough - honestly, I think Mel Brooks isn't nearly as sharp nor clever as Abrahams/Zucker. We won't even dignify the Wayans brothers stuff with any further mention, except to say they ruined the concept with lazily inept, inert, inane execution. But I'd say National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1 is certainly the most underrated spoof film. Does UHF count though?

  • Shane G
    Shane G 9 months ago

    TBH you have a BG sound that if it's not A/C maybe it's a fan. I dunno. I think you could run some A/C for your comfort because the hum in this vid only bothered me because you pointed out you were trying to avoid BG sounds. I wouldn't have noticed otherwise.

  • octagonproplex
    octagonproplex 9 months ago

    Tommy Lee Jones WON the Academy Award.

  • Justin J. Wood
    Justin J. Wood 9 months ago

    George Lucas and Carrie Fisher are said to be the kissing couple on the bridge that start floating upwards when Tinkerbell takes Peter when he was a baby.

  • Andrew Gac
    Andrew Gac 9 months ago

    The dude who invented AC invented it for the purpose for coolant not for hearing convenience. Just saying.

  • Ryan Egan
    Ryan Egan 9 months ago

    great video

  • Philly man
    Philly man 9 months ago

    *J. K. Simmons* is the only J. Jonah Jameson.

  • Suzuki Gixxer
    Suzuki Gixxer 9 months ago

    Spielberg is directing DC's Blackhawk i heard,btw Ragnarok is a shitty movie imo.

  • ED 5000
    ED 5000 9 months ago

    KELEX 9 months ago +1

    John Campea is also in Man of Steel. The scene where the army guys are escorting Superman down the corridor in handcuffs, Campea is one of the army guys on Superman's direct left. Well, it's probably not Campea but it looks almost exactly like him, LOL! :D

  • armistead gwathney
    armistead gwathney 9 months ago

    Bring J Back ,IT'S the RIGHT thing to do.

  • CR7 The best
    CR7 The best 9 months ago

    No because every marvel fan makes fun of Tobey maguire and raimis trilogy but when it comes to jk Simmons playing JJ everyone knows his the perfect cast for it, so they keep there mouths shut, of course the mcu fans want jk Simmons because they know he can’t be replaced by a better actor, once again personal convenience and interest,

  • TheVIadMan
    TheVIadMan 9 months ago +9

    JK Simmons was perfect in the role and would fit right in the MCU. He even voices the character in the Ultimate Spider-Man series.
    If he doesn’t reprise his role, I think Gary Oldman should step in his shoes. Thought about this ever since Simmons played Commissioner Gordon.

  • M P
    M P 9 months ago

    Judi Dench

  • ss7cindersh
    ss7cindersh 9 months ago

    The kissing couple who begin to float when some fairy dust lands on them are actually George Lucas and Carrie Fisher in a cameo. this is according to imdb hook trivia

  • Jordan Bou
    Jordan Bou 9 months ago

    You can’t see them but Carrie Fisher and George Lucas were in the background on a bridge kissing. As they were kissing , Tinkerbell flew over them while she was carrying Peter and sprinkled fairy dust on them in HOOK.

  • thecouchpotatocom
    thecouchpotatocom 9 months ago +4

    He will always be JJJameson for me.

  • DarrenJSeeley
    DarrenJSeeley 9 months ago

    31:20 Yes, I've heard the rumor...LAST YEAR. There's recent You Tube video in...German, (?) that revises this to Avengers 4. At least thats what the headline says. It also says 'confirmed' *Which means it smells like stinky unwashed socks* Hey, at least Tony Stark becomes Kang. Heard that one too. There's also a character called The Sphinx, who ...oh wait. We haven't gotten to that theory yet, Getting ahead of myself.My bad.
    Anyway. 31:54 In Stephen King's novella Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption, Red is a white Irish guy with red hair. Morgan Freeman played that character in the film, and nobody had a problem. Also, the character of Andy is played by Tim Robbins. In Kings story, Andy is short. Nobody cared. Why? The film was great., that's why.
    Bill Burr for JJ

  • Paul McElligott
    Paul McElligott 9 months ago +1

    I would say that James Bond’s whiteness was important in 1962 because the character kind represented Britain clinging to relevance in its post-imperial period. For the 21st century, Idris Elba can represent Britain as well as any white actor.

  • #Team Shank
    #Team Shank 9 months ago

    Always the best!

  • Chancylvania Messer
    Chancylvania Messer 9 months ago

    John a perfect example of that author description vs movie actor is Hannibal. In the book, Hannibal has maroon eyes and a missing finger (or something to that effect). Anthony Hopkins is nothing like that and yet, it’s probably his most recognizable role

  • shannon gatesC
    shannon gatesC 9 months ago

    George is kissing Carrie in Hook

  • Fabricio Rodas
    Fabricio Rodas 9 months ago

    What if mutants come out of the shadows post snap and the world hates them for not comming out sooner for they could of stoped the snapening in the 1st place? Or something like that

  • Rasqache Art
    Rasqache Art 9 months ago

    Would the guy who didn't like Thor Ragnarok prefer they take out the Coliseum fight scene or 5 to 10 minutes of Corg? I know my answer

  • Techno Bacon
    Techno Bacon 9 months ago +1

    John, Spielberg is lined up to direct Blackhawks for DC.

  • 『ᗰ』
    『ᗰ』 9 months ago

    If there wasn't so much controversy around him I'd say Louis CK would make a good JJJ.

  • JonathanK28
    JonathanK28 9 months ago +3

    Even though JK Simmons was a perfect J Jonah Jameson I think he wouldn't be an ideal JJJ in this current MCU. His JJJ was over the top and almost bordered on a parody which fit in perfectly with some of the elements of the Sam Rami Spiderman movies. I think someone like Bryan Cranston or John C. McGinley would be perfect for the MCU JJJ.

    • Johnny Skinwalker
      Johnny Skinwalker 9 months ago

      OMG Cranston would be Heaven! He has the elements to be menacing and human for JJ.

  • Lester Lee
    Lester Lee 9 months ago

    6:39 "That day straighten our bonds." I love this phrase so much.

  • The Film Files
    The Film Files 9 months ago +1

    My question ended up being the main title and thumbnail! YESS! Haha

  • Advanced Jr
    Advanced Jr 9 months ago

    Didn’t watch. Yes.

  • Abdulrahman Hamza
    Abdulrahman Hamza 9 months ago +1

    1:53 isn’t he directing Blackhawk??? He’s a dc character

  • M Blair
    M Blair 9 months ago +2

    I think there are certain fictional characters that need to look a certain way because the look is iconic. Superman needs to look like Superman always does. J. Jonah Jameson has to look like the comics version. Mary Jane Watson has to be a hot redhead.

    • M Blair
      M Blair 9 months ago

      Based on that why should anyone ever cast a look then? To some people the "best actress" would be one that can play the role and look like the person she is playing.

    • Nicktendo 1
      Nicktendo 1 9 months ago

      Mike Blair Because getting the best actress for the role is more important than making sure she has the right color eyes.

    • M Blair
      M Blair 9 months ago

      I think having a character look like the character is pretty common sense. After reading decades of Spider-man I have no idea why it would even be a consideration to have her look different when there is no reason for it. After all they usually do cast people with the right look. To some people Jame Bond might be an exception because we have already seen many different looking bonds on screen.

    • Nicktendo 1
      Nicktendo 1 9 months ago

      Mike Blair Nothing says they have to. Throwing a tantrum because they made MJ a blonde would be absurdly petty.

    • The_other_black_guy
      The_other_black_guy 9 months ago


  • Commander Karl
    Commander Karl 9 months ago +4

    Examples of Reboots or Franchise start-overs that kept actors for the same role:
    James Bond - Judi Dench as M
    The Flash - Mark Hamill as The Trickster
    The Lion King - James Earl Jones as Mufasa
    Marvel - Lou Ferrigno as the voice of Hulk
    I see no reason as to why they shouldn't get J.K Simmons for Jameson if they ever bring the character back.

  • Travis Gowen
    Travis Gowen 9 months ago

    Inside Out is maybe the smartest film I have ever seen.

  • M Blair
    M Blair 9 months ago

    Judi Dench as M was a good exception to the reboot recast rule.

  • Les Anderson jr
    Les Anderson jr 9 months ago +1

    Don't tell Campea the camo in Hook until he tells us where he is in Incredible Hulk

    • Vincecouk
      Vincecouk 9 months ago +1

      Also don't tell him that the cameo can be found in 5 seconds on Google :p

  • Adam McHardie
    Adam McHardie 9 months ago

    If the story is set in Norway should we cast a Frenchman?

  • Travis Sherwood
    Travis Sherwood 9 months ago

    I feel like I've seen this episode of you talking about this issue to death ... could have been a dream.

  • Adam McHardie
    Adam McHardie 9 months ago +1

    To bring x men in they slam x universe and MCU together

  • Benerji
    Benerji 9 months ago

    Just watched the departed recently & I could totally see Mark wahlberg as JJJ

  • Adam McHardie
    Adam McHardie 9 months ago

    Thor Ragnarok is great movie. Biggest complaint I see is that it's funny. That is like saying I didn't like Star Wars because It's not in our universe. Because a movie is funny doesn't mean it's bad people don't be a dip shit. Also John you forget everyone's name.

    • Adam McHardie
      Adam McHardie 9 months ago

      @The_other_black_guy OK but I like different ways to show these characters. If it's drama, comedy, dark, light, goofy. Either way Thor wasn't working as a drama. They needed to ground him. I enjoyed it.

    • The_other_black_guy
      The_other_black_guy 9 months ago

      @Adam McHardie no I understand that this movie hit me as corny, less so when I rewatched, just didn't work for me

    • The_other_black_guy
      The_other_black_guy 9 months ago

      @Adam McHardie guardians 1 not that sequel

    • Adam McHardie
      Adam McHardie 9 months ago

      @The_other_black_guy comedy works in a comedy it isn't a drama. You feel the need to change a movie to fit you. Not every movie will hit you the same.

    • Adam McHardie
      Adam McHardie 9 months ago

      @The_other_black_guy ik you brought up Odin didn't know you were the only person that can bring it up my bad. Look you are over thinking this movie. You don't have to bring up Guardians because it just proves my point. Rushed the moment when Ego told Quill he gave her a tumor. " who the hell do you think you are" FUNNY

  • daryl thompson
    daryl thompson 9 months ago +1

    I thought it was confirmed that Spielberg was doing a D.C. and that he sought after the project so yea he's closer then we think on doing a comic film

  • Jeff Knutson
    Jeff Knutson 9 months ago

    Harrison Ford in Regarding Henry, is fantastic!

  • Jack_The_Masochist_Kelly MMA

    Theory as to how mutants in the mcu can be explained..... Xavier wiped everyone on earths' minds of the existence of mutants for decades, providing an explanation for why nobody knows of them and how powerful Xaviers telepathy is

    • Jack_The_Masochist_Kelly MMA
      Jack_The_Masochist_Kelly MMA 9 months ago

      as a result of thanos and the destruction he caused, xavier decides its better for mutants to help than to hide

    • Nicktendo 1
      Nicktendo 1 9 months ago

      Jack_The_Masochist_Kelly MMA Then the question is what undid the memory wipe?

  • Jack_The_Masochist_Kelly MMA

    Speilberg was announced as the director for DC's blackhawks movie john, how could you forget

  • Jon Burkhart
    Jon Burkhart 9 months ago

    Apparently, George Lucas and Carrie Fisher are the kissing couple on the bridge in the beginning of Hook.

  • Douglas Paul
    Douglas Paul 9 months ago

    at a glance "recast reboot" looked like "racist reboot." that's the only reason why i clicked on this video hahaha.

  • James Patillo
    James Patillo 9 months ago +2

    Yes. JK Simmons was perfect for the role then and is still perfect now.

  • crankysmurf
    crankysmurf 9 months ago

    Return of the Jedi was the greatest Star Wars movie? Is there a limit to the number of wrong opinions you can have, John? ;)

  • Paul McElligott
    Paul McElligott 9 months ago

    Unpopular opinion: The only time I’ve seen Samuel L. Jackson “phone it in” was as Mace Windu in Episode I. He was better in the other two but completely wooden in TPM.

  • AhBeeDoi
    AhBeeDoi 9 months ago

    John, are you familiar with the Adam Dagliesh detective series by PD James that has been televised by BBC? PD James only minimally described the physical appearance of the intellectual, poetry writing protagonist in her novels. She had mentioned in an interview that she gave it little thought. The actor Martin Shaw who portrayed Dagliesh had an appeal to the female audience although he doesn't seem particularly attractive or sexy in a conventional way (to me anyway). After watching Shaw as Dagliesh, James said that she couldn't really imagine any other actor as the character. This is an interesting case of the actor portraying a character and influencing the author.

  • Fullmetal Asian
    Fullmetal Asian 9 months ago

    John Campea is the Adam Sessler of Movies. Always giving concise reasons for his opinions and open to others.

  • Paul McElligott
    Paul McElligott 9 months ago

    Spielberg has his superhero already. His name is Indiana Jones.

    • Paul McElligott
      Paul McElligott 9 months ago

      I think Spielberg should have directed Episode I. Spielberg’s skill with child actors would have made him much better with Jake Lloyd than Lucas ever could be.

  • shogiwar
    shogiwar 9 months ago

    love to see the 'man with light blue hazel green eyes' :)