Friday, December 6

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • The hilarious Sandra Bernhard tells us about her 10th anniversary of her annual holiday show at Joe’s Pub in NYC.

    Plus, celebrity chef Ingrid Hoffman joins Wendy in the kitchen!
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  • Devenique Rogers
    Devenique Rogers 15 days ago

    What in the Cyndi Lauper is going with Wendy's hair 😁

  • Talisha Kyle
    Talisha Kyle 16 days ago

    Still believe he’s an opportunist and that wig is dead Wendy

  • Michelle M
    Michelle M 17 days ago

    i love you wendy... you just so real any wendy fan - like like below
    Happy 2020 wendy fans!

  • Michelle M
    Michelle M 17 days ago

    wendy has a point on kandi and todds baby drama!!!

  • Airee P
    Airee P 19 days ago

    I don't think I've ever seen Wendy eat so much? This was great 😂👌

  • Lucas Brazil
    Lucas Brazil 20 days ago

    I love you Wendy

  • Lakita Snead
    Lakita Snead 20 days ago

    Candy' hair looks better than Wendy's.

  • DW 001
    DW 001 21 day ago

    why does this woman dressed likes this ‘P’

  • sierra miles
    sierra miles 23 days ago

    wendy and that wig ughhhhhhh.. Im not a fan.

  • nosashuly
    nosashuly 26 days ago +1

    One thing I can always say is that Wendy loves food!

  • Lisa Jones
    Lisa Jones 28 days ago

    Higher than a kite!

  • plmrcn
    plmrcn 29 days ago

    Wendy always looks a hot mess to me. But, here I am I guess she gets the last laugh. LOL!!!

  • Nnenna Patience
    Nnenna Patience Month ago

    Wld really want to come and see you live. Love love you.

  • Wendy C.
    Wendy C. Month ago

    How you comment on Kandi hair and your wig looking a damn mess LMAOOOOO

  • J Alberta
    J Alberta Month ago

    Guess what Wendy...some people actually smile instead of grinning [thinking that's a smile]. What people are , as you say, "hiding", possibly could be some dental work that needs to be done or could be that they just happen to know the difference between a smile and a grin which is what you do quite a bit...grin. Maybe Jennifer Aniston likes smiling like the Mona Lisa.

  • Clonise Valcourt
    Clonise Valcourt Month ago +1

    Wendy got the munchies.

  • Matika Medlock
    Matika Medlock Month ago +1

    Ummm Wendy you got sum nerve talking about Candy wig. Yo wig fuked up Wendy

  • calamityp
    calamityp Month ago

    Sandra Bernhard is so likable. 😊

  • Simply Say It
    Simply Say It Month ago

    Lies lies.... Todd has been an opportunist from the start. Y’all wanted to see them win but Todd wanted Porsha from the start but settled for Kandi.

    • Tania Peterson
      Tania Peterson Month ago

      Simply Say It WHAAAAAAT! 😳
      Damn this tea is HOT!🤣

  • Neisha Win
    Neisha Win Month ago

    Yeah let Kevin know that's his mess

  • C
    C Month ago

    Love you Wendy! I enjoyed your show.

  • lola x
    lola x Month ago

    Make canopies?

  • Jules Jayde
    Jules Jayde Month ago


  • LA L
    LA L Month ago +1

    Wendy give us an update on what’s going on with you and Kevin. The divorce status...

  • Wombat Happiness Girl

    Everyone’s going on about Wendy’s hair. Hope your hair is perfect 😂

  • T'keyah Hazelwood
    T'keyah Hazelwood Month ago

    If Wendy's movie of her life doesn't start off with her voice saying "Once upon a time there was a girl named Wendy" I'ma be upset

  • KwikVideoMaker
    KwikVideoMaker Month ago

    HAHAHAH YOOOO WENDY IS KILLING ME THE WAY SHE IS ENJOYING THE FOOD!!! That is exactly how much food should be enjoyed. That board really looks delish

  • sharnia murray
    sharnia murray Month ago

    Wendy's wig is crooked and she looks like she scratched it and didn't pull the hair back into it's place. She looks a mess. She has to be on point at all times because she talks about people....... You can't be critical of people and then look a mess...........

  • Pepper Mt. Airy
    Pepper Mt. Airy Month ago +1

    This is not the first for Todd, unless no one payed any attention. Kandi had to do a photo shot, she brought Todd along so he could watch Ace while the photos were being shot, what did Todd do, he left the baby with someone and found him a bar. I see Todd as the type to believe taking care of the baby is women's work or hire a nanny, he seems to think this is not the type of work for men. But he does believe in reaping the benefits of being with Kandi and being able to spend her money on lavish things, well lets say he believes its their money now. The baby idea I see is more of Kandi, I see Todd didn't even wont another baby, but Kandi has the money and makes the deal, and he feels what can I do but go along, but hire a nanny first.

  • yuccayou
    yuccayou Month ago +1

    I get wanting a baby...but this new way of having a baby to avoid pregnancy killing me...I'm grateful for us folk with fertility issues..But to have a child this way and automatically think the man will bond asap is insane..the man bonds thru your pregnancy. Period. This seems more like she wanted a baby..if he did this would not even be up for attached dad would get it..even an adopted dad.who eager to be a parent

  • Mykle Chevalier
    Mykle Chevalier Month ago

    Joselyn needs to change the battery in her fire alarm.

  • Yesenia Ainesey
    Yesenia Ainesey Month ago

    I also feel like wig situation is done in a rush because she still needs to review hot topics all that and she doesn't give her glam team to finish she's probably all picky too

  • Yesenia Ainesey
    Yesenia Ainesey Month ago

    I wonder if her bureau tells her all the comments about the wig haha

  • Kelley Bussell
    Kelley Bussell Month ago

    Since everyone seems so fixated on her wig...does no one notice her stuffed muppet legs

  • S Maisha
    S Maisha Month ago

    R. Kelly money been ran out. Her story won't save him. She seem like a straight up ride or die. Good for them!

  • Mary Jane Faul
    Mary Jane Faul Month ago

    Sooo, did the zipper rip in back of her skirt?? Fix it stylist, FIX IT!

  • lilly beth
    lilly beth Month ago


  • AZ
    AZ Month ago

    I don't know shyt about wigs, but even I know this is messed up! Lol did she have a quickie before filming ot whut?

  • Donnell Ballard
    Donnell Ballard Month ago +1

    I love hot topics, I am a big fan, I have my own TV station,

    JANBABY DOLL Month ago

    R Kelly's gf better go back to school

  • Belgium Girl
    Belgium Girl Month ago

    I love you Wendy but- I’ve also seen you in better hair....

  • Ebony Rhae
    Ebony Rhae Month ago

    Who Auntie wig?!?

  • T Ball
    T Ball Month ago

    Someone needs to tell Wendy we seen her in better hair.... Ever since her old hair stylist passed, she has been a hot mess in the hair department... Some days are better than ever. It’s also a little girl, not a boy...

  • Margaret-ann Francois

    She should have stayed in school. Worser

  • Rawhealthbitch
    Rawhealthbitch Month ago

    You just showed a pic of Jen with her father showing her teeth

  • Chrissy Curtis
    Chrissy Curtis Month ago

    Lmao she still has her money from her 1st manicure job. She's sooo ✡ Jewish! I love it!!

  • Beverly Bey
    Beverly Bey Month ago

    HAHAHA. Deluxe edition package that was so funny. Yeah right I’m pretty sure that was her online care package.

  • It’z Itzy Everglow

    Delores DAD is 3% Nigerian making her 1.5% Nigerian.... GIRL she needs to chill with the whole “I’m black” thing lmao you’re tanned nothing more

  • One and Only
    One and Only Month ago

    Her wig looks like its wants to jump off and go backstage...

  • Jonae Harris
    Jonae Harris Month ago


  • Ree MJ
    Ree MJ Month ago

    U made the baby that's YOUR mess 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the SHADE of it all🤣🤣🤣

  • Adele C.
    Adele C. Month ago

    He's letting the genders slip. By the way Tod is a female to Male transgender.

  • nina thompson
    nina thompson Month ago

    Todd came up when he married Kandi, He is an opportunist.

  • April Berry
    April Berry Month ago +1

    I've always thought the same about....You could see the way he looks at his wife..

  • April Berry
    April Berry Month ago +1

    Wendy is right about todd

  • April Berry
    April Berry Month ago +1

    Wendy is correct concerning Todd... However...Wendy wig is puffed up on one side

  • NOMTN Membership
    NOMTN Membership Month ago

    Wendy? Girl! Check your wig, I think it's moving around in the back, it may not be secure

  • D JF
    D JF Month ago

    Everyone's entitled to an off day; but Wendy's hair hasn't been right ALL season. You can't have an off career.

  • F Sutton
    F Sutton Month ago

    I like you Wendy but sick of you coming down on R. Kelly. Remember the time you lied and said that the two of you are friends. What kind of friend are you?

  • Mrs. Varela
    Mrs. Varela Month ago

    I don’t anything about hair but something looks off about Wendy’s hair today.