JMX: Much More Than Just Application Monitoring

  • Published on Feb 5, 2013
  • You have probably heard of Java Management Extensions (JMX) as the enabling technology behind JVM profiling tools such as JConsole and VisualVM that are part of JDK 6 and later. But did you know that using JMX, part of the Java SE platform, is a lightweight way to manage any resource (such as hardware, networks, storage, operating systems, middleware, and applications)? In this session, you will learn about
    • The JMX architecture
    • Managing a resource in JMX, with a code example
    • JMX notifications
    • JMX connectors (RMI for remote clients and WS-Man for Web services clients)
    • Protocol adapters (HTML and SNMP)
    • JConsole and VisualVM, the "out of the box" JMX clients for JVM monitoring
    • Practical applications of JMX in the real world
    • JMX-enabled Java products"

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  • DontTakeCrack
    DontTakeCrack 2 months ago

    anyone wanna explain the difference of JVMTI/java.lang.instrumentation and JMX in a simple way? im having trouble outlining the capabilities of both in regards to instrumentation tools.

  • Srikanth
    Srikanth 3 months ago

    hostnames in oracle are typically of the form You didn't specify the complete hostname. That's why it didn't connect.

  • Laishram Krishnananda Singh

    Restarting applications - solution to every problem in software world. 😀

  • FrugalTesting
    FrugalTesting Year ago


  • Hoài Phạm
    Hoài Phạm Year ago

    Great presentation with lovely voice, but I don't see her

  • Richard Qiao
    Richard Qiao Year ago +1

    The first lady I've seen to talk about jvm internals.

  • kk8866
    kk8866 3 years ago

    what happens when the JVM dies and restarts? Do we loose all the metrics?

    • ameya agashe
      ameya agashe 3 years ago

      Yes you lose the metrics. All runtime metrics are lost when JVM dies.

  • krishna Mullapudi
    krishna Mullapudi 3 years ago

    Thank you.

  • Alexander Graschuk
    Alexander Graschuk 5 years ago +1

    Thank you for the great presentation! This is an excellent intro into the JMX.

  • Pierluigi Vernetto
    Pierluigi Vernetto 5 years ago +3

    really good presentation. however I would have preferred starting with a SIMPLE live example, and then elaborate all the details and general presentation (comparison to SNMP for instance)...

  • Justin Forder
    Justin Forder 6 years ago

    Thank you - I need to start using JMX, and this talk gave me an up-to-date overview plus enough detail to get started.