How Anthony Davis UNLOCKED LeBron To Lead The NBA In Assists

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
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    When Anthony Davis joined the Lakers this year, everyone knew it would be a great pairing - but I think everyone has been surprised how quickly their chemistry has taken hold, unlocking a version of LeBron we've never seen before.
    MUSIC: Fighting For Freedom by Anno Domini
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  • Crypto
    Crypto 4 days ago

    Just. Stay. Healthy. AD. and. LeBron.

  • Vhert Sanchez
    Vhert Sanchez 17 days ago

    6:55 boom shakalakah!

  • Vhert Sanchez
    Vhert Sanchez 17 days ago

    Need sharp shooter and a bunch of bench scoring player

  • Deng Hrbs
    Deng Hrbs 19 days ago

    this channel is a lebum fan he always breakdown lebum good sides every week sucks hahahaha

  • IzmSkizm1
    IzmSkizm1 20 days ago

    Clippers have their number.

  • L V
    L V 20 days ago

    Man I love Coach’s music. I get happy every time I hear it.

  • dave cao
    dave cao 24 days ago

    So his untapped potential was assisting?

  • Tip Sheikh
    Tip Sheikh Month ago

    never props to lbj

  • nelson monteiro
    nelson monteiro Month ago

    Unlocked Lebron??.kkkkkkk

  • Billy John Moreno
    Billy John Moreno Month ago

    Greatest teammate ever? Did you forget about DWade who helped LBJ with his first championship?

  • ketten51
    ketten51 Month ago

    It looks too easy

  • Nba addict
    Nba addict Month ago

    can't do that on clippers, beverly is everywhere

  • Richard M
    Richard M Month ago

    Imaging being a pass first player since you learned basketball. Then in year 17 of your professional career, you finally get a dominant big man that can rebound and score with Dwight, Javale and Boogie cousins as the back ups.
    Gonna add 1-2 more years to his career passing more.

  • Smoke Inc
    Smoke Inc Month ago

    lmao AD been carrying pelicans for years so being on the lakers im happy for him i rememeber pelicans vs gsw in the playoffs AD one man team that shit like 1 vs 5. so its easy now for him he got used to carrying ahit team everyday lmao

  • El Nephew
    El Nephew Month ago

    Nice video

  • Irvin Gee
    Irvin Gee Month ago

    LOL LBJ is a great passer nonetheless who is sharing the floor with him✌️😂

  • IlIlIIlKaiserGBurners IllIIlIlllI

    As soon as i heard ad going to the lakers, i already knew it was lob city

  • Marlon Torres
    Marlon Torres Month ago


  • Jonah ware
    Jonah ware Month ago

    Ughh I'm not in the mood for another LeBron championship 😪

    • Jonah ware
      Jonah ware Month ago

      @monsterkill164 I know lol

    • monsterkill164
      monsterkill164 Month ago

      Jonah ware It’s been 3 yrs since Lebron had a championship

  • Spam Up Hopstop
    Spam Up Hopstop Month ago

    how i UNLOCKED my door and went to bed

  • Benjamin Fortinsky
    Benjamin Fortinsky Month ago

    Can u put up the raptors defame video

  • Benjamin Fortinsky
    Benjamin Fortinsky Month ago

    Why did you take down your raptors defense video

  • raul ruiz
    raul ruiz Month ago

    Someone that gets better by year smells great! 17 year Merlot

  • Butter Johnson
    Butter Johnson Month ago

    I grew up on Shaq and Kobe Lakers. 20 year fan.

    It hurts, but Lebron is better than Kobe. There, I said it.

  • Under Water Garden
    Under Water Garden Month ago

    If you play one on one with james he will eat you for lunch!!if you double team on him AD will do the same!!

  • Raymon Villasin
    Raymon Villasin Month ago

    best duo of all time

  • ManMythLegend
    ManMythLegend Month ago

    Coach you should do a segment just for rookies, maybe some of the lesser known guys. Who has potential, long term ceiling, ect. I think a lot of people would enjoy that. Anyways long time follower, love the channel.

  • Hatef F.
    Hatef F. Month ago

    The Era of Superteams... this is so boring to watch. -__-

  • Art the Hunter
    Art the Hunter Month ago

    LBJ unlocked it by himself by usurping the job of the point guard; playing like Westbrook

  • Stephen Cheney
    Stephen Cheney Month ago

    If those passes are bothered by Kawhi, and those catches are contested by Montrezl...

  • Ian Natural
    Ian Natural Month ago

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  • Marcos
    Marcos Month ago

    The Athletic is really good! Their soccer articles are good too

  • Key Skywalker
    Key Skywalker Month ago +2

    Damnnnn, pinning our conversation backfired against you so bad, you made the whole video private/deleted the evidence that you react like a first grader when you're wrong. Thought your skin was thicker BB. Just own up to it

    • R
      R Month ago +1

      Key Skywalker yoooooww i was there😂

  • Mcfarmerboy
    Mcfarmerboy Month ago

    AD is the best player in the nba time for people to understand

  • Anıl Can Sedef
    Anıl Can Sedef Month ago

    please do another one about lakers defense.

  • Rafa Syed
    Rafa Syed Month ago +1

    "AD Arguably the greatest teammate ever of Lebron" umm that would be D Wade.

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  • B U
    B U Month ago

    Def winning a ring. Even if the go out the game, Rondo can keep it moving with Magee and Howard

  • Mark alt
    Mark alt Month ago

    Lebron was unlocked because he is playing with another top end player to stay relevant? What a fkn joke.

  • Evelyn Fernandez
    Evelyn Fernandez Month ago

    #2020 NBA champs

  • Andrew Decker
    Andrew Decker Month ago

    Yeah I thing it's ARGUABLE that The Bron and AD combo is better than the Bron and Wade combo, at least in my opinion it is.

  • Oscar et sa guitare

    Amazing as usual thank’s coach nick !

  • Bit Coin
    Bit Coin Month ago

    0:28 You guys always get me with the intros!

  • Kevin H
    Kevin H Month ago

    Great analysis, but get rid of the music or at least turn it down.

  • Josiah Baker
    Josiah Baker Month ago

    -left leg- shoulder problems

  • krypt toenight
    krypt toenight Month ago

    2 Fast 2 Furious
    I'm 2 Fast for ya man!

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page Month ago

    Actual SET PLAY ALERT vs Minnesota T-Wolves during Anthony Davis's 50-point performance. 😀😀😀
    Coach Vogel actually ran 1-4 High UCLA that didn't just stay on 1 side of the court = Swing Offense with the ball being reversed to the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE COURT.
    It eventually made it back to the original ballhandler, Lebron James for a Catch & Shoot 3-pointer (left side of course when it comes to Lebron).
    I just saw it on "Adam Spinella" TVclip Channel.
    He searches for Coaching X's & O's resulting in excellent execution like the head coach drew it up.
    That's regardless if the shot goes in or not.

  • Belal Ayub
    Belal Ayub Month ago +1

    *LOBron James and Anthony Davis*

  • Dontay and Kenetra Tv
    Dontay and Kenetra Tv Month ago +1

    Like if Lakers of better than the bucks

  • Happy Ness
    Happy Ness Month ago

    You bet!!!!

  • Ninja scroll
    Ninja scroll Month ago

    The only thing that Lebron need now is defensive effort than he can be considered the goat 😏😏😏

  • realliltreazy
    realliltreazy Month ago

  • Jutz S
    Jutz S Month ago

    This two is a nice ComBo. DEADLY

  • ampeg
    ampeg Month ago

    NO ONE in the entire league beats lakers in a series. No one!

  • Paul Anthony
    Paul Anthony Month ago

    I have told a lot of people that this season Lebron would have been Yoda and AD would have been like Luke Skywalker

  • Neal
    Neal Month ago

    Lebron looks like the best PG I’ve seen play...his feel and knowledge of the game has me believing a healthy Lakers team wins it all.
    I never got to see Magic but watch the second three peat of Jordan as a kid.

  • full sender
    full sender Month ago

    Lebron took on the form of Magic Johnson.

  • Althea Aris
    Althea Aris Month ago

    until the lebron laker win a title, lebrons greatest teamate was D wade, FOOL!


    really? bron doing that all this years meh cmon! smh.

  • Z I
    Z I Month ago

    We need to give the coaching staff more credit, they have been excellent. You know what makes this Lakers team so special, Every player has been trough some shit. U got AD that had no help for years when he played for the Pelicans so he is battle hardened, u got rondo that wont take shit from anybody even from Lebron, Green that has much experience with the Spurs and Raptors and shoots very well and plays A+ defense a perfect player for Lebron. Kuzma is a player Lebron took under his wing it feels like. This team is full with veterans and has a great chance to win the chip.