6 Easy Questions (That Science Has A Hard Time Answering)


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  • Mosen Yan
    Mosen Yan 22 days ago

    It's so sad. when I saw this video I was on my lunch break at work.

  • Jordy Jade
    Jordy Jade 25 days ago

    Ok but how is riding a bike embarrassing?? I haven't ridden a bike in years but I never remember it being embarrassing??? why is it a trend to make basic shit and basic uses of shit embarrassing?? Ive noticed that a fuck ton

  • Ape X
    Ape X Month ago

    Wat if it was ghosts?

  • KLizzle OnFizzle
    KLizzle OnFizzle 2 months ago

    I want everyone who reads this to know that I’m a fuckin idiot and therefore I’m a happy, well adjusted human being and just accept that things work because they do, I get more of those sleep hours we don’t know what we need them for every night.... sooooo 🤷🏻‍♀️😁 I have no other reason for this comment other then, HI 👋🏼

  • Jackie Huff
    Jackie Huff 2 months ago

    They have now discovered gravitons.

  • Priya g s
    Priya g s 2 months ago +1

    oh shut up

  • Mylaw Twisp
    Mylaw Twisp 2 months ago

    Science can explain just about all of this except for solitaire which is based mostly on chance and luck

  • Sutapa Bhattacharya
    Sutapa Bhattacharya 2 months ago

    Who feels humiliated to ride a bike? :o

  • TheTiredboy
    TheTiredboy 2 months ago

    Why the fuck is it humiliating riding a fucking bike is that an american thing?

  • dave s.
    dave s. 2 months ago

    Why do we sleep? Cuz ur tired.
    Why is ice slippery? Cuz its ice.
    How do bikes work? You sit, peddle, & steer.
    How do u beat solitar? Get back to work.
    How many species exist? A shit ton.
    How does gravity work? Pulls shit together
    The real question is why people care enough to ask these questions

  • Anders Kastrup
    Anders Kastrup 3 months ago


  • Max-Blast
    Max-Blast 3 months ago

    "...for all science knows, it's because of ghosts."
    I loled, won me over. Had to explain to everyone why I was laughing.

  • Kilo Mintoni
    Kilo Mintoni 3 months ago

    Looks like you got the reaction you were seeking. Do not bullshit a bullshitter. LOL

  • Jatch
    Jatch 3 months ago

    I was totally at work listening to this

  • Trollface Killa
    Trollface Killa 4 months ago

    Hey looks like we found some non religious questions that will make science people lose their shit 😏

  • _ FlobberNasher
    _ FlobberNasher 4 months ago

    I'm surprised that we actually know nothing about things that seem obvious to answer. I mean you learn all these in school, but why do they happen? All we have are hypothesis that we can't fully test.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 4 months ago

    2:44 How did people get off those giant bicycles? Looking at it now it seems utterly dangerous

  • Star Field
    Star Field 4 months ago

    One of the big problems with calculating the odds of winning Solitaire it the variable known as "choice". Sometimes you can move the same cards to different stacks or get both of the same number and you have to choose which one to move. That choice can change the outcome entirely.

  • Vuelkarr
    Vuelkarr 4 months ago

    I always figured bikes stay up the same way we do when walking, and fall the same way we do when failing to balance

  • Gareth Thompson
    Gareth Thompson 4 months ago

    Wait, we know how gravity works. That's what Einstein's Theory of Relativity is all about. No gravitons necessary either, Einstein describes gravity as not actually being a real force, but a distortion of spacetime.
    What we don't know is how to reconcile Relativity with Quantum Mechanics or how gravity works on quantum scales.

  • Kīgankurisuchanmaiyā
    Kīgankurisuchanmaiyā 4 months ago

    Most of this is bullshit

  • Kīgankurisuchanmaiyā
    Kīgankurisuchanmaiyā 4 months ago

    Sleep allows the body to produce chemicals that are needed. The reason some of us need more sleep is either we need more of those chemical or it takes longer for our body to produce those chemicals.

  • Sheila P
    Sheila P 4 months ago

    time to play solitaire

  • dream off
    dream off 4 months ago

    There is a theory that the only reason we sleep, is because we're just avatars/adapters for our souls to experience physical reality. And for the soul it is neccessary to "keep up" with what other avatars will be experiencing in order to build up contrast, which leads to a "microevolution" of your human personality....

  • Christopher Frasher
    Christopher Frasher 4 months ago

    This narrator is completely science illiterate. Very sad that he couldn't be bothered to investigate the fundamentals of basic physics. For example, gravity is quite well understood since Einstein and relativity.
    ( >🔎

  • Freeyourmind
    Freeyourmind 4 months ago

    This is completely pointless and devoid of human comprehension.

  • Kemi Coker
    Kemi Coker 4 months ago +1

    Watching this in 2018 and constantly screaming in my brain "WATER ISNT WET"

    • Kemi Coker
      Kemi Coker 3 months ago +1

      Mal Rose who the fuck knows😂

    • Mal Rose
      Mal Rose 3 months ago

      Kemi Coker is air dry?

  • Aniruddh Vasishta
    Aniruddh Vasishta 4 months ago

    Jk lol although that is how I feel, I’m not trying to start an argument or anything ok so nobody reply to this

  • Francisco Delgado
    Francisco Delgado 5 months ago

    Einstein's theory of general relativity explains how gravity is a system of warps and curves that make up space time, but yet no scientist can explain what it is or where it comes from.

  • A form of matter
    A form of matter 5 months ago +1

    Maybe we should ask engineers to solve these problems instead!
    "Why do humans sleep?"
    "Not enough coffee."
    "Why is ice slippery?"
    "It has a low coefficient of friction."
    "How do bicycles work?"
    "Peddling. Duh."
    "How do you beat Solitaire?"
    "Get back to work."
    "How many species are there?"
    "Zero that I care about."
    "How does gravity work?"
    "Well enough, but I could probably make it better."
    On second thought, maybe that's not such a good idea...

  • Tomás Marques
    Tomás Marques 5 months ago

    We know why ice is slippery, and we know how bikes work...

  • Blake Young
    Blake Young 5 months ago

    You can win solitaire on windows. It's randomized

  • Blake Young
    Blake Young 5 months ago

    Your body heat would be warmer than ice .

  • Owen Braun
    Owen Braun 5 months ago

    Waters not wet

  • tropper55593
    tropper55593 5 months ago

    Hahaha. I'm not a scientist and even I KNOW how bikes work because I ride them, it's quite simple, actually.
    The frame divides your weight evenly betwixt the wheels where the spokes share the riders weight evenly across the entire frame into the wheels of the bike. Which allows you to balance on a bike.
    But in order for a bike to move the person on it needs to know how to do three things. Turn, balance, and move their legs in a circular motion to make the bike move.
    And the chain and wheel? It's a simple lever-pulley system, of course.
    Large wheels that are linked by the cassette, chain, derailleur, and bottom bracket allow for faster movement and pedaling speed.
    I Daniel O'Brien is just afraid of riding a bike. Lol

  • Henry Gutierrez
    Henry Gutierrez 5 months ago +2

    Gravity was invented by the government to keep us from escaping the Earth.

  • Pikachu Love
    Pikachu Love 5 months ago

    This video was horrible.. :/ is it honestly a click baited joke for them? And please don't talk so damn fast, slow down just a tiny bit. =~= just terrible misinformation. I liked the first one. But where are the sources for that anyways for sleeping 2 hours a night. Gerr I wish I never clicked on this video. It's left a bad impression on me with you videos and it still has 10k likes... maybe it's humor? And I don't get it. Lol

  • Stevil935
    Stevil935 5 months ago

    that last one is not entirely true. Einstein gave us the theory of relativity and his idea is that gravity is essentially the warping of the fabric of space and time due to matter and/or energy. sure, on a quantum level gravity breaks down and stops making sense, but that doesn't mean gravity itself doesn't make sense. Einsteins equations are very very accurate and String theory may give us the insight on how gravity works on a quantum level. Time will tell.

  • Mark Schwarz
    Mark Schwarz 5 months ago

    Not one of your best.

  • Apple New Orleans
    Apple New Orleans 5 months ago

    First of all, we kno how a bike works. Roll a coin down the hall. When it loses velocity, it falls over. Basically, the object is thrusted forward so hard that it can't fall over. The same applies to objects in wind tunnels. They stand up because of the inward force on both sides. Same reason sailboats don't fall over when a gush of wind comes from the side. This is not applicable to all objects of course Use could make a bike "stand up" without motion if it had thicker wheels. Throw 2 corvette tires on a bike and it's not falling over, but it would take a lot more force to move forward though. The democrats know this.

  • Apple New Orleans
    Apple New Orleans 5 months ago

    We're going to look back on this in 10 years and say "WHAT! They didn't know how a bike worked?!"

  • Tommy McDowell
    Tommy McDowell 6 months ago

    I don’t understand the bicycle one. I thought it was fairly simple how they work. They stay up right because the rider balances themself on it and it moves when the pedals are turned because the pedals are connected to the back wheel with a chain. I don’t understand the confusion???

  • Bell Scott
    Bell Scott 6 months ago

    1. Can't speak for the rest of my species but, I don't care how sleep works it's my favorite hobby. I love sleep to those who say you can sleep when you die-Great! Let's speed it up. I'm happy sleeping because awake you have to deal with other humans...some on bikes. I prefer not to. Or deal with those who point out they don't like to sleep...
    2. Our bodies die, yes. We are all just energy who become gravity aka 'ghosts' 👻 Feel I should get scientific funding for that remark alone. So, I can sleep more in my slippery ice castle...with a ton of red pandas running around slipping and sliding. Yea, to me we don't need all the answers sometimes it's fun just to be. And enjoy the mystery.

  • Spartan Zero1
    Spartan Zero1 6 months ago

    Shut Up Dan... Think outside the can Smooth D. Hahaha ;)

  • Peter Bryan
    Peter Bryan 6 months ago

    Can science explain why I can’t watch more than 5 minutes of any of Dwayne the Rock Johnson’s movies?

  • Jason Majors
    Jason Majors 6 months ago

    Bikes are obviously keeping a balance with gravity n speed if you lean one way or other you fall..

  • Patrick Gregg
    Patrick Gregg 6 months ago

    According to Relativity, Gravity isn’t a basic force of the universe - it’s a natural effect of curved spacetime.

  • dan quazar
    dan quazar 6 months ago

    I believe that the gravity on the molecular scale works differently then the common gravity we experience daily, the trouble scientists are running into( at least from what I have seen) was believing they work the same.

  • Connor Hanley
    Connor Hanley 6 months ago

    bikes work because of momentum and wheels and axles multiplying force it's as simple as that, plus maybe some decent balance and proprioception on our part

  • bsponge
    bsponge 6 months ago

    I got a question that science probably can't answer how did nature form and how did animals come to exist can anyone answer that question

  • Sam Coates Hammond
    Sam Coates Hammond 7 months ago

    Gravitational pull increases with the mass and density of an object so when you end up with an object with almost infinite mass and density (a black hole) then the gravitational pull becomes so strong that light cannot escape

  • Rod Zimmer
    Rod Zimmer 7 months ago +1

    Uhhhhhhh water isn't wet

  • drekpaprika
    drekpaprika 7 months ago

    1. You have too look at sleep from an evolutionary standpoint. It is a way to preserve energy during hard times (over night, over winter etc.)
    2. Ice is in fact not very slipery. It takes spetial enviromental conditions to form a slipery shdeed over the ice. This is why they make it slipery before a hockey game.
    3. Are you kiding? Ask any decent matematician or a clockmaker how a bicicle works and he/she will explain it to you. Thats just bad reaserch dude.
    4. I give you that one, even thou I win at solitair at least 50% of the time.
    5. It is impossible to tell how many animals there are becaouse there are this two proceses called speciation and extinction. We dont know how many animals get extinct every day, but we know its much more then get "created." So its not even a fix number you are looking for. Also: bacteria are not animals. But most undiscovered animals are nevertheless microscopic.
    6. Gravity is not an easy concept and does not belong under this title.
    Bad video. Do more reasearch. Have a nice day.

  • Cash Battaglia
    Cash Battaglia 7 months ago

    Water is wet? Did he just say water is wet???

  • usuario 2
    usuario 2 7 months ago

    ok thats it, unsubscribing

  • Michał Zakrzewski
    Michał Zakrzewski 7 months ago


  • parker macdonald
    parker macdonald 7 months ago

    Gravitons have now been found

  • Nelson VanDeWalker
    Nelson VanDeWalker 7 months ago

    Umm wtf almost all of these have answers ang they don’t require science you just can’t be an idiot I love cracked content but this video was seriously disappointing

  • Lisa Cavallera
    Lisa Cavallera 8 months ago

    As for the bike. Just at face value. Force with gyroscopic effect?

  • TNT Summers
    TNT Summers 8 months ago

    So that's why i only sleep 3.5 hrs per day. Huh i've been trying figure it out for YEARS!!!

  • dont be this guy
    dont be this guy 8 months ago

    Gravity is an electro static attraction

  • Leonardo Siro Rodriguez

    Water is not wet

  • Oie White
    Oie White 8 months ago

    sleep is for wussy

  • thatdapperfellow
    thatdapperfellow 8 months ago

    Wasn't this a text article you guys did which got everybody laughing at you for not knowing easy-ass shit?

  • Matthew Castillo
    Matthew Castillo 9 months ago

    The reason why gravity can’t be explained is because it doesn’t exist..

  • Francisco Villa
    Francisco Villa 9 months ago


  • Rylan Delap
    Rylan Delap 9 months ago

    Cracked, saying that a lack of a perfect scientific theory is equivalent to complete ignorance is a dangerous false equivalency to make.

  • KazeTheForsaken
    KazeTheForsaken 9 months ago

    Well Solitaire is just a game,
    like Metal Gear Solid 5...

  • Addy
    Addy 9 months ago

    1:33 but water is not wet

  • pinchead
    pinchead 9 months ago

    Why is gravity so hard to explain?
    I can tell you one gravity is so hard to explain why gravity cannot be measured found in particles. Because gravity does not exist
    That's pretty funny that science cannot explain why things fall to the ground. What's funnier is the way that you think about it. You have been told your whole life to gravity is a force pulling all objects to the ground why couldn't it be as simple as the Optics doing the falling is more dense than the air that's around me the molecule structure is more tightly compacted therefore it makes it heavier so if it's in the air will the molecules are not as dense then you should fall through air.
    If you drop a brick and a sponge into a a swimming pool the brick was sink to the bottom and a sponge will stay on top. If gravity was this Force pulling all objects to the ground then the sponge would be put to the ground just like the brick. But that is not what we observe what we observe is the sponge sitting on top of the water why. Because the sponge is less dense than the water therefore it makes it buoyant.
    Buoyancy and density that explains gravity
    You explain early in the video how we look at things and perceive time. Try and look at gravity in a whole new way. Most of the time the easiest solution to a problem is the correct solution it doesn't have to be rocket science charger stand when Things fall to the ground gravity is too complicated at leaves one confused

  • Stefan Stoyanov
    Stefan Stoyanov 9 months ago

    According to the science the bees should not be able to fly, but the damn thing keeps defying them.

  • Andrew Hanna
    Andrew Hanna 10 months ago

    Maybe a comedy channel shouldn't oversimplify scientific concepts they have no business attempting to convey to an audience in an authoritative way...

  • ITZ Moody
    ITZ Moody 10 months ago

    Water isnt wet.

    • ITZ Moody
      ITZ Moody 10 months ago

      Something you put in water then becomes wet but water its self isnt wet. ☄🤦‍♂️💨💬 mind blown

  • Travis Pauly
    Travis Pauly 10 months ago

    Bikes work because of gear rotation and Newton's first law of motion. Come on really?

  • Milky Way Laniakea Superclusterite

    That bike one... holy shit, I had to see the bike with tiny wheels staying up with my own eyes lol

  • Milky Way Laniakea Superclusterite

    Where can I get that 2hr sleep gene update?

    UGANDAN KNUCKLES 10 months ago

    Why so much mention of a god on this show

  • Girlzrock1700
    Girlzrock1700 10 months ago

    Water isn’t wet

  • Omega Tron
    Omega Tron 10 months ago

    ice has almost no friction thats why we can sky on it..this video is dumb

  • only half bad 333
    only half bad 333 10 months ago

    I knew it was ghost this entire time. My 9th grade teacher can suck it!

  • A casual M4 Sherman
    A casual M4 Sherman 10 months ago

    What? Bikes work like cars, something pulls a chain/belt whatever ( legs or an engine) which is connected to wheels which turn and propel it forward?! Im confused why no one can answer that?

  • Alex Preston
    Alex Preston 10 months ago

    Water is not wet

  • Pete Kurginson
    Pete Kurginson 10 months ago

    Ok so I know I am late to be talk and no one will see this and I know I will sound dumb but I know you say that gravity is the weakest force but doesn't it work on both the mass of the object and the mass of the other object like you said about the magnets in which they are both made of the same material and most likely near the same mass.....and then also it isn't gravity pulling them together I am now just realizing......... but I got another one so it is like the moon the earth holds it in orbit due to gravity of he earth holding it since the earth has more gravity it affects it enough to hold the moon.......... well that is my dumb comment with no periods except for the ..... (I am not that good at science and in 8th grade so I am not the best person to say this)

  • Your friend The Wren
    Your friend The Wren 10 months ago

    Big foot! lol

  • Cunt McShitface
    Cunt McShitface 10 months ago

    how is it humiliating to ride a bike?

  • Some unknown guy
    Some unknown guy 10 months ago

    Simple the particles of the ice is close enough that other particles slide over then

  • Ralph Bernhard
    Ralph Bernhard 11 months ago

    Why do we sleep?
    Because during most of our human evolution, there was no artificial light.
    So, logically, those humans who walked around at night, would end up dead in a ditch...and not reproduce.
    So sleep was kinda nature's way of sorting out those who couldn't sit still at night, and removing them from the gene pool...

    • :
      : 10 months ago

      yeah, keeping humans completely defenceless to hungry predators for 6+ hours at the most dangerous time of a day is quite good idea to make humans reproduce more.

  • Average Ikue
    Average Ikue 11 months ago

    If science cant GOD CAN AND JESUS TOO trust the bible science suck for not beeing able to understand somethings and actully admiting it and not by telling u that u just gotta "belive"

    • :
      : 10 months ago


  • DacoMomo Music
    DacoMomo Music 11 months ago

    Nice attempt though lol

  • Wolf Wolf
    Wolf Wolf 11 months ago

    This channel has lost all of what little respect I had for it. We need sleep so we aren't tired. Ice is slippery because when it hits the warm air it starts melting and when ice gets wet it's slick. Bikes work because of momentum and balance. Who the heck cares about cheating at solitare? We don't really need to know how many animals are in the planet. Gravity and matter is like a magnet and metal, some magnets are stronger than other and different thing in space have different gravitational pull. A simple Google search would've sufficed, do some research before you flap your gums.

  • Joshua Jennings
    Joshua Jennings 11 months ago

    Slow down damit. stop speaking like a the flash

  • guitarPTH
    guitarPTH 11 months ago

    On the matter of gravity, have you ever heard of general relativity? Put extremely simply, gravity is not so much a "force" as it is a result of the bending of space time. It answers a lot of questions you asked about gravity and we've known it since the firs half of the 20th century. Maybe if you only studied Newtonian mechanics in high school then you'd be fooled into thinking we know nothing about gravity.
    The only truthful thing you said was that quantum mechanics is yet to be fully understood in the context of other physics, but that is what is being explored with string theory.

  • frank x
    frank x 11 months ago

    Animals sleep to conserve energy (maximise food use) during that time a day when they cannot effectively engage in food-acquiring behaviours. Same principle as hibernation.

    • :
      : 10 months ago

      animals just can to not move to preserve energy, without being completely vulnerable while asleep

  • Jason Kruger
    Jason Kruger 11 months ago

    Water isnt wet 😏

  • Jessica Marie
    Jessica Marie 11 months ago

    I love this channel. If I was a teacher I would use some of these topics in class. The approach to every idea or subject it great. Honest thought provoking and even debatable. The entertainment keeps you watching and learning in a way that doesn't feel forced. They don't say believe this because that's what we say. They always lay it out thier in a way that makes you think. I have my kids watch them and we have discussions that normally kids would check out on. My oldest is in junior high and just from this channel. He has become a better critical thinker and his thirst for knowledge has grown. His teachers ask me all the time how do I get him into these subjects. And really it the approach, finding a common ground if thier interest and finding a way to get them in in the conversation. I love history personally and I always am watching documentary's. I never forced my children to watch them but they love them too. Children are so curious and hungry to understand. And if you find shows that make them think and teaches them in the same. It's great! I might need to let the teacher in in some of these videos. Keep up the amazing content. I wish this was actual t.v. channel. Too much other garbage on TV and this show is online ?!

  • daniele one
    daniele one 11 months ago


  • Adam Bartlett
    Adam Bartlett 11 months ago

    Ummm, I never knew that there was a solitaire mystery hack absence... I always assumed that plenty of others stumbled across it.
    In short, (I'm assuming that the modern version are the same as win95/xp) you have to lose a lot.

    Basically, in the gambling version (haven't tried the other 1, it got boring after a while), you have to continuously reset & lose your $52 for each round. Eventually, you'll lose so much that you'll cause the counter to go crazy & flip from negative to positive. Now you have more points that you could ever lose... or at least I never could.

    • :
      : 10 months ago

      i never knew there was solitare thing

  • Crim son
    Crim son 11 months ago

    Gravity doesn't exist

    • :
      : 10 months ago

      you believe you can fly?

  • Mystic
    Mystic 11 months ago

    i am pretty sure iceis covered in a thin layer of water and that is what we slip on, like water on your school floor.

  • Eli Lieb
    Eli Lieb 11 months ago

    maybe we sleep cause like 6 extra hours of activity would mean we would need more energy, probably a whole nother meal. If I've got say a group of about 4 people each eating 3 meals a day and being awake for 16 hours is a total of 64 active human hours for 12 meals. A group of 3 people eating four meals a day being awake for 22 hours a day is for 66 hours of human activity for 12 meals. Now it may seem like the sleepless guys have more productivity but keep in mind that the sun is going down. It's harder to plant crops when you can't see where you are planting them. So the sleepless guys have less active hours to plant crops but need more food to sustain longer active hours. I'm just glad the gene is still here now that some of us can use it. We've probably lost several genes throughout the millennia that would have been useful NOW but weren't back then....

    • :
      : 10 months ago

      my copypaste from another same energy-theory comment response: animals just can to not move to preserve energy, without being completely vulnerable while asleep