Trying McDonald’s Breakfast & Lunch in INDIA

  • Published on Apr 12, 2018
  • I just happened to stop by at a McDonald's and realized that the menu is so much different from the McDonald's in America and a lot has to do with the fact that they don't serve beef or pork. So I decided to order everything and taste test it out.
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Comments • 5 718

  • Amira Singh
    Amira Singh 3 hours ago

    You got guts to film in public specially in country like India lol

  • anjaneemourya
    anjaneemourya 9 hours ago

    We don't like mc Donald food at all

  • Rekha Chauhan
    Rekha Chauhan 10 hours ago

    Im indian and didn't know that mc donalds provides breakfast until now

  • Everlygrace meza
    Everlygrace meza 14 hours ago

    Everything in India is "Masala" what is masala?


    Me watches flying beast video suddenly mc Donald in my recommendation everywhere

    ONE ABOVE ALL 2 days ago

    When u ordered chatpata naan she asked u "CHATPATA NAAN ALU?" alu means potato in hindi so it got messed up there but no worries.

  • Kankana Sarkar
    Kankana Sarkar 2 days ago


  • sandarv magar
    sandarv magar 4 days ago

    why dont you try burger in nepal in i park

    PIJUSH MONDAL 4 days ago

    McDonald's food is always shitty...

  • dbzlady
    dbzlady 5 days ago

    Do they not eat beef in India?

  • tea girl
    tea girl 5 days ago +1

    The food look great especially the veggie pie you got new follower . :)

  • Colleen Plaza
    Colleen Plaza 6 days ago

    He didn't put the shake shake fries in the paper bag 😂

  • Gage Schroeder
    Gage Schroeder 6 days ago

    I love how the one with American in the title is something americans wouldn't eat lol

  • addy babe
    addy babe 6 days ago

    Did he just eat 4 burgers like its nothing

  • kirti misra
    kirti misra 7 days ago

    You were near my house

  • ninja36inc
    ninja36inc 7 days ago +1

    mike I think it sucks in the west as they don't complain enough and in the eastern side of the world you guys love flavours and try allsorts if they can give sub standard food in the west and get away with it they will do it its the consumers fault for allowing it to continue

  • Blue Ant
    Blue Ant 7 days ago

    He looks like Jackie chan

  • Libish m
    Libish m 8 days ago

    😫fake food bro

  • sheikhyaboooty
    sheikhyaboooty 8 days ago

    The MacD`s opposite Andheri Station in Mumbai served the best fruit smoothie that I`ve ever had.

  • Obj97 Gunner
    Obj97 Gunner 8 days ago

    Everywhere? Not been to Norway yet I see😂😂

  • ideazz ideazz
    ideazz ideazz 8 days ago

    You are wasting your food ok 😈

  • Derik Deleon
    Derik Deleon 8 days ago

    They should have that here in US

  • Pritish Nayyar
    Pritish Nayyar 9 days ago

    You didn't get my favourite thing and which in my opinion is the best. They are 1.Saucy Aloo(Potato) wrap and 2. Peri Peri fries.
    And also the white colour bag which is provided, you're supposed to put the fries and the mix (There are two options,1.Peri Peri and 2.Cream and Onion) and shake to get a nice taste.

  • blaine336
    blaine336 9 days ago +1

    Why can't you eat hamburgers with beef In India

  • oogiesmuncher
    oogiesmuncher 9 days ago

    I would eat the hell out of this entire menu... meanwhile the american menu is basically the same 2 items rehashed in 10 different ways

  • Owen Lee
    Owen Lee 10 days ago

    Is that Pewdiepie on the wall at 2:39? In India? On a wall at Mcdonald's?

  • Charisse Mcdaniel
    Charisse Mcdaniel 10 days ago +1

    “ Why is it McDonald’s is good everywhere else, but the US?”

    • Hell Bo Peep
      Hell Bo Peep 4 days ago +1

      Charisse Mcdaniel why must you repeat that lmfao. Each to own.

  • Megs the sweetheart
    Megs the sweetheart 10 days ago

    The McDonald's I go to in the us are awesome!!

  • brad stout
    brad stout 12 days ago

    Isn't it redundant to put cheese on a fried paneer sandwich!?!?!

  • aiden walker
    aiden walker 14 days ago +1

    Always hated how people look at you for having a camera out

  • Manan chandwani
    Manan chandwani 15 days ago


  • SuperRonin
    SuperRonin 16 days ago

    U should try the filet o fish too

  • Rx7 Production
    Rx7 Production 16 days ago

    I went to India and Pakistan for a holiday on the plane I constantly thought that I would continuously eat McDonald’s there but in those two countries street food is the way to go

  • Counter Russianstrike
    Counter Russianstrike 17 days ago

    Chicken kebab on menu looks grim haha

  • foxyr01
    foxyr01 18 days ago

    They need to bring all of those veggie items to America! They look pretty yummy 😋

  • Ffhhh Hhhh
    Ffhhh Hhhh 18 days ago


  • Simgirl_Anuradha
    Simgirl_Anuradha 19 days ago

    Had Mc Donald’s in Mumbai and it was yucky. The spicy paneer was HOT!!

  • Crystal Shining
    Crystal Shining 19 days ago

    Hope you never found a human nail or lizard in it.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dj Nugget
    Dj Nugget 19 days ago

    I feel bad for the camera man because he has to watch this man eat all this food

  • Xemon
    Xemon 19 days ago

    They stare like zombie

  • Ivan Alvarado
    Ivan Alvarado 19 days ago +1

    this nigga is A FATTTTTYYYYYYY

    ANIL TIWARI 20 days ago

    M hungry now...

  • Steve jones
    Steve jones 20 days ago

    Great review, reassuring to know anywhere you go it's basically still a sandwich with fries, I fancy the Maharaja Mac at 7:05 and the lemon drink. We won't get them in my part of the UK though (Swansea) because we have a ton of really good North Indian and Bangladeshi takeaways that do it better.

  • Dan TDM
    Dan TDM 20 days ago

    this is the reason i want to go back to :c

  • A.S.R Studios
    A.S.R Studios 21 day ago

    The chutpatu was not chicken but potato

  • Phantom Gaming
    Phantom Gaming 21 day ago

    I thought u will eat all 😓😓😓

  • Nikko Nikole
    Nikko Nikole 21 day ago

    McDonald's in the us has the capability of. Being amazing it really does... But people to lazy to make changes

  • claymore cluepile
    claymore cluepile 21 day ago

    it all looks could eat it to stay alive but any resemblance to real food is purely accidental

  • Elvar A
    Elvar A 21 day ago +1

    It's worse in the US because the Americans have eaten so much of it that they were told to make it worse so everyone didnt get fatter than they already are

  • #Mr Cloud
    #Mr Cloud 22 days ago

    Indian don't eat slot of beef because they have a cow God or something like that. Or cows are holy

  • kass lulow
    kass lulow 22 days ago

    Thanks for the travel from home. It's fun to see what ppl around the world eat. Stay safe and enjoy.

  • PartTimeSlacker Femcee

    McDonald’s in USA going with Nestle for their non-meat burger.

  • Pooja Srivastava
    Pooja Srivastava 22 days ago

    Which outlet is this? We never got anything in mason jar!

  • hey its me
    hey its me 22 days ago


  • Ronald Nelson Jr.
    Ronald Nelson Jr. 22 days ago

    I am so hungry for the shiz you were eating. Bring that stuff to the U.S. McDonalds. Expand the menu .

  • Umma Kulsum
    Umma Kulsum 23 days ago

    Come to uae you will have the McDonald’s of your life order the mcarabia the main uae McDonald’s item

  • meme boi
    meme boi 23 days ago +2

    at the right u can see a man looking at him suspiciously

  • Cris Packet
    Cris Packet 24 days ago

    Indian people stink.

  • Tech ³
    Tech ³ 24 days ago

    Now I am hungry...... Grrrrrrr.

  • Dhruv 101
    Dhruv 101 25 days ago +2

    The chapta naan wasn't chicken. The lady even asked you if you wanted Aloo or something else.

  • Kizan Zero
    Kizan Zero 25 days ago

    After watching this video why do i feel that McDonalds in the U.S. SUCKS compared to other countries?

  • Numbskullz
    Numbskullz 25 days ago

    I wonder if there is any food de doesn't like

  • Ariel Princess
    Ariel Princess 26 days ago

    Because Americans are ignorant lol

  • Veronica C
    Veronica C 26 days ago

    "Aey Pizza puff hua kya!"


  • Jeremy John
    Jeremy John 26 days ago

    Guy probably shat his guts out later

  • Monikoss
    Monikoss 26 days ago +1

    Jestem z Polski

  • N O K K I
    N O K K I 27 days ago

    Where is the pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (I'm italian)

  • Caleb Gonsalves
    Caleb Gonsalves 27 days ago

    I never eat at mc Donald's. I have been to a McDonald's when I was hungry at night when I was outside and I measured the burger with my finger. The chicken was less than the width of my pinky finger... It was bland and I hate it.

  • Budak Bas JB Vlogs
    Budak Bas JB Vlogs 28 days ago +15

    I'm triggered that you didn't use the McShaker bag for the fries hahahaha

  • Sean
    Sean 28 days ago

    Interesting menu

  • Edit name
    Edit name 28 days ago

    2:35 Indian trying to jump the queue again

  • Sara hdhbf
    Sara hdhbf 29 days ago +1

    I want to eat it

  • Zeus
    Zeus 29 days ago

    I'd have a grilled samosa pav with red+green chutney, chopped onion, dry chutney anyday over that bland burger.

  • Zeus
    Zeus 29 days ago

    in 4 years of my college life in Mumbai, i ate at a McD only once. if I have 50Rs ill have dosa, 100Rs Biryani, 150Rs butter chicken, 200+ Pizza(not domino/pizzahut) or something like that.
    McD is soooo bland and overpriced.

  • J D
    J D 29 days ago

    All of the food in this was prepared with dirty, unwashed, disease infested hands.. I hope you didn't catch one.. Cleanliness is an alien practice in their part of the world.

  • Toxic Gamer
    Toxic Gamer 29 days ago +10

    He says “it tastes like cardboard.” How does he know what cardboard taste like

  • Do I No U?
    Do I No U? 29 days ago

    So America is the only one with crappy McDonald’s? Thanks...

  • Mjans
    Mjans Month ago


  • Mjans
    Mjans Month ago

    ew cheese i hate cheese

  • William Bradshaw
    William Bradshaw Month ago

    does this guy get paid by McDonald's?

  • suraj narwani
    suraj narwani Month ago

    try street food it's better

  • Abdul Mirza
    Abdul Mirza Month ago

    Indian street food breakfast is soo much better than mcdonalds

  • Sherry
    Sherry Month ago +1

    What? American *superior* ?

  • Nagarajan M
    Nagarajan M Month ago +1

    U told they were taste like a carboard then did u ate some cardboard

  • Miko Dy
    Miko Dy Month ago

    jackie chan is that you?

  • Maisam Mohamed
    Maisam Mohamed Month ago +3


  • Waris Warsi original


    SHINY PLAYZ Month ago

    i love the way people react to him

  • hola
    hola Month ago

    Burgers in India are depressing

  • Shafiqah M Jafreh
    Shafiqah M Jafreh Month ago

    Just curious, do they serve beef burgers in mcdonalds there?

    • Pankaj More
      Pankaj More Month ago

      Nope... Indians eat only healthy meat..

  • Hitheremate Howyadoin
    Hitheremate Howyadoin Month ago +1

    He finally tries something without broth

  • TSA Mario
    TSA Mario Month ago +3

    I once threw up in a burger

    in my dream

  • My Strain
    My Strain Month ago

    1:30 gotta love those captions *"Jose eats this ain't your porno scrambled eggs"*

  • sandy shores
    sandy shores Month ago

    2:11 the guys in the right was like what the is he doing

  • HotCrazyCatLady Me
    HotCrazyCatLady Me Month ago

    He didn't look at her in the eye even once while ordering, which seems rude. I hate it when people don't address me directly, and I think that would be made worse for her with his accent (being that he's in India).

  • supaflyjordan
    supaflyjordan Month ago +1

    This guy loves mcdoanlds just like me.

  • JusThat
    JusThat Month ago

    this is india ? i thought they dying from poverty why would mcdonalds exist there

  • kyle wiley
    kyle wiley Month ago

    the real question is would you spend your money on it

  • Puran Rai
    Puran Rai Month ago

    Do vegan challenge

  • Jacob Holm
    Jacob Holm Month ago

    Do people in India eat at MCDonald's whereas they serve sacred animals on your place - cows and beef?