Trying McDonald’s Breakfast & Lunch in INDIA

  • Published on Apr 12, 2018
  • I just happened to stop by at a McDonald's and realized that the menu is so much different from the McDonald's in America and a lot has to do with the fact that they don't serve beef or pork. So I decided to order everything and taste test it out.
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Comments • 4 692

  • Akiha Amber
    Akiha Amber 4 hours ago

    It's midnight, I'm hungry and in my dorm with no food whatsoever 😭😭😭

  • Dhruvit Prajapati
    Dhruvit Prajapati 5 hours ago

    Chicken patty is dry maybe because its not fresh..😅😅

  • Yeop Kidey
    Yeop Kidey 10 hours ago

    The environment not changing at all since i was a kid

  • Niko Rue
    Niko Rue 12 hours ago

    Mikey next time you are in India please try the cheese burst pizza from dominos

  • Roy Charles
    Roy Charles Day ago

    Bro if you are in India, then there is so much more to tyr than silly MacD. Of course ones you get used to local bacteria, go out and have street food, MacD, KFC and what not will taste crappy.

  • IcePrincess394
    IcePrincess394 Day ago

    Hey Mikey, what you ordered was Chatpata naan aloo which is potato, not chicken

  • Piyu's TravelDiaries

    Your videos are really amazing. We get to know so much about different food items in different countries. Very helpful for solo travelers.

  • Piyu's TravelDiaries

    You Must try Indian South Indian food. Dosa, Idli and much more. They are the best. You should also try Bengali sweet dishes in India. They are must try food that you must taste when you visit India.

  • Jinkleberrytutupetuniamuffin

    Hold up... are you implying there’s beef in McDonald’s 🍔?

  • Honored Boizz
    Honored Boizz Day ago

    Did you find t series

  • Zarkite
    Zarkite 2 days ago

    2:02 saw ronald mcdonald sitting next to two people in that position and I thought he was real. I said"Oh that's suspect". Even the music changed and it sounded a little creepy at first

  • Zaltini -
    Zaltini - 2 days ago

    It’s the same with other takeaways around the world, coz for some reason other countries perfect the food that the U.S created

    Btw KFC in Australia is better then any KFC you’ll ever have

  • Mansi Kasar
    Mansi Kasar 2 days ago

    What song plays at 3:40 please someone help

  • Karan GJ
    Karan GJ 2 days ago

    Mcdonalds succcccc in my city in Kerala,India

  • Azan Zaheer
    Azan Zaheer 2 days ago

    Weak, peasent food. No wonder Indians get destroyed by every invader.

  • Taco Fingerz
    Taco Fingerz 3 days ago

    Gross indian food

  • The Vindicator
    The Vindicator 3 days ago

    That's just weird. I can't imagine McDonald's without beef. Only in India I guess.

  • pogo life
    pogo life 3 days ago

    u were in navi mumbai ,the second mc donalds is in belapur , i would be glad if u visit again, not the mc donald theres different maharaehtrian dishes u'll love to taste its just something different from other things u would have eaten

  • Bharat Vardhmaan
    Bharat Vardhmaan 3 days ago

    Try it in Pune or Mumbai or Indore you will absolutely love it....🍔🍔🍳🍳

  • Ia Sa
    Ia Sa 3 days ago

    no beef, yikes

  • Scarred Praetorian
    Scarred Praetorian 4 days ago

    I hate when people stand super close behind me in stand back bro were breathing the same breath of

  • Kevin and Ming Huang

    McDonald India 🇮🇳 is basically kfc

  • ShadowRenegade
    ShadowRenegade 4 days ago

    Did you eat jackie chan?

  • Husayn Nawaz
    Husayn Nawaz 5 days ago

    Go to Pakistan next and try the macrispy and macarabia also in Lahore try butlers cafe try the stuffed chicken there

  • Marios Doumou
    Marios Doumou 5 days ago

    Why McDonalds doesn't change it's mascot already? Nobody likes clowns.

  • Ritesh - Fornite Gang of


  • Ozaif Ansari
    Ozaif Ansari 5 days ago

    You made my mouth watering

  • Human Trash
    Human Trash 5 days ago +1

    T series

  • it's true
    it's true 6 days ago +1

    It definitely seems like the portions are a lot bigger too!!

  • all in one drama
    all in one drama 6 days ago

    और वि,अऔ

  • Linus Britto
    Linus Britto 7 days ago +1

    Why doesn't India use beef in McDonalds? There are so many street cows on the roadsides in India..just saying..

    • Linus Britto
      Linus Britto 6 days ago

      +prince vegeta
      I eat pork on a regular basis, son of a bitch. Guess where I live?
      In OMAN!! 🇴🇲
      An absolute monarchy..yet much more tolerant on other beliefs and cultures. To your surprise..pork is legal here! But Saudi Arabia prohibits pork as it is an Islamic country and a monarchy. India is not one, is it?
      Go and preach your shitty beliefs in your shithole country which is a so-called democracy!

    • prince vegeta
      prince vegeta 6 days ago

      Go to saudi arab and say why dont u eat pigs..
      They are useless..
      Its all about religious belief motherfucker..

    • Esha Banerji
      Esha Banerji 6 days ago +3

      Cows are considered sacred by a particular section of Indians, which is why consumption of beef is not very popular in India!

  • Prachi Wankhade
    Prachi Wankhade 7 days ago +8

    Chatpata naan doesn't taste like chicken because it isn't chicken 😂
    While ordering the lady asked u chatpata naan aalu , that is potato 😂

  • XxWinterSniperxX Dave

    Indian fun fact: Indians are mostly vegetarians because they don't eat most meats. They only eat mutton (obtained from sheep) chicken, and fish. They don't eat pork because India's pigs aren't really that clean and they don't eat beef because the Indian religion Hindu worship cows. So sometime in the day if your living in India, you will have to give a chappati or more to a person that is leading a cow with him. I am a true indian and that was a lesson if you want to live in India my dude.

    • Ria Rio
      Ria Rio 3 days ago

      No mutton is goat in most parts of India.

  • Kal Wardien
    Kal Wardien 7 days ago +1

    Im going to mcdonald after college 👌🏻

  • Vinod Pj
    Vinod Pj 7 days ago +1

    Has he acted in karate kid

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 7 days ago

    Wtf how is there Mcdonalds way cheaper than our U.S one?

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne 6 days ago

      prince vegeta Goku shits on you Vegeta

    • prince vegeta
      prince vegeta 6 days ago

      Lol study economics kid..
      Prices are adjusted as per the affordability of the country..
      Especially food items..

  • Sal Salo
    Sal Salo 8 days ago +1

    Bro keep some for the cameraman

  • earth gamer
    earth gamer 8 days ago +1

    Try mcdonald in bahrain please

  • Lovemyself Livelove
    Lovemyself Livelove 8 days ago

    Why isn't that there's only chicken burger but no beef wtf????

    • prince vegeta
      prince vegeta 6 days ago

      They dont eat beef..
      I mean 80 percent are vegetarian there..
      Because they know how to make tasty veg dishes unlike westeners..
      For westners veg is like eating sprouts and raw vegetables..

  • Pyke Bishop
    Pyke Bishop 8 days ago +1

    How the hell do you eat so much junk food and maintain that slim figure??? You must be in your twenties!

  • Diesel Bubs44
    Diesel Bubs44 8 days ago

    My mom visited a Indian McDonald’s and tried everything. She loved it

  • Kazooka
    Kazooka 8 days ago

    Definitely not a fresh nun.

  • kwertea qwerty
    kwertea qwerty 9 days ago

    It's not McDonald's. Indians try be different and better. This video is just boosting their ego even more. McDonald's is straight up Beef, Chicken and bacon

    • Ria Rio
      Ria Rio 3 days ago

      In India nobody really cares about McDonald's.
      You can have buffalo meat which was substituted for beef after the official ban but you can only get them in Muslim friendly areas or restaurants.

  • BaconGun321
    BaconGun321 10 days ago +1

    i have to stop watching these lol its too hard on my belly

  • Top Android Gamer
    Top Android Gamer 10 days ago

    Non veg 😫😫

  • Zohra Tanzeel
    Zohra Tanzeel 10 days ago +1

    Whoa who lives in India

  • Tejaswi Pathak
    Tejaswi Pathak 10 days ago +6

    Put *INDIA* in the title = views = 💰

  • Nishad Nishu
    Nishad Nishu 10 days ago +3

    Hey You the "Beyond Science " GUY?

  • Normandy Vannheim
    Normandy Vannheim 10 days ago

    You got the 'aloo' vhatpata Naan. That's potato.

  • espe
    espe 10 days ago

    i was like thinking why there's no meat
    and then i realize this is india.

  • Alec Burns
    Alec Burns 11 days ago


  • lukáš urban dope
    lukáš urban dope 12 days ago

    T GAY 👌

  • Albert krank
    Albert krank 12 days ago

    because americas foodindustry has bad standards. in many countries many "incredients" (chemics) are forbidden so they have to use the real stuff

  • Gregg Sinini
    Gregg Sinini 12 days ago

    Do you actually eat allllllllll that food in your reviews. I eat one regular burger and a small fries and I'm stuffed! And my IBS doesn't help at all!! I wish I could eat like all you TVclip reviewers. Still can't believe you can eat an entire large pizza and then continue on throughout the city and eat two and three more slices in other multiple places in the same day. Incredible! I never ate more than two slices in my long lifetime!! I mean the stomach is only so big! Yeah, then again we have Joey Chestnut!! Again, incredible!!

  • Christopher Rodriguez
    Christopher Rodriguez 12 days ago

    Might as well put on t series

  • HelloItsSim C:
    HelloItsSim C: 12 days ago +1

    Don’t eat the chicken in Indian MCD’s there apparently really bad for you!!! (FYI I’m not racist I am Indian)

  • Loopy JR
    Loopy JR 13 days ago

    2:11 the guys face hahaha

  • vaani kamboj
    vaani kamboj 13 days ago

    Mcpuff and veg maharaja mac is my fav❤❤

  • UrMaMa
    UrMaMa 13 days ago

    He eating mcdonalds and me eating kfc :D

  • SoggyBiscuits1000
    SoggyBiscuits1000 13 days ago

    1:10 your now watching bill and teds bogus journey!

  • ninja
    ninja 14 days ago

    why is mcdonalds good evetywhere but the west: because they dont cater to gore who cant take spice lol FACT. but i dont like the fact they dont sell beef here.

  • Ammaduddin Asghar
    Ammaduddin Asghar 14 days ago

    What's the job description for maintenance crew???

  • Night Ninja
    Night Ninja 14 days ago

    I am on im enjoying by watching this..but its painful

  • Elecktrolyte
    Elecktrolyte 14 days ago

    You should really try singapore's version of McSpicy. It will blow you away

  • Haithem Woosh
    Haithem Woosh 14 days ago

    I would kill for that

  • Lalnu Esther-i
    Lalnu Esther-i 14 days ago

    Maharaja is a hindi word meaning "prince" but it's sometimes used to describe the ruler/superior of things

  • Ever Hernandez
    Ever Hernandez 14 days ago

    I must say this is a great video Btw I difficulty liked that cup with the handle was that something from the menu?

  • Ryan Rasool
    Ryan Rasool 15 days ago

    Yooo don’t say that Americans are here all McDonald’s taste the same

  • Wavy.becky
    Wavy.becky 16 days ago +3

    2:10 that guy with the red flannel and with the black jacket just kept on looking at mike🤣

  • Tom Ibay
    Tom Ibay 16 days ago

    The captions say when he ate the scrambled eggs “Jose eats this ain’t your porno scrambled eggs

  • jeevanantham s
    jeevanantham s 17 days ago +1

    Come Tamil Nadu state

  • Tom Ibay
    Tom Ibay 17 days ago

    Do you eat salad?

  • Feard Games
    Feard Games 17 days ago

    Lol it's almost the same at most MacDonald

  • Thebeast 123
    Thebeast 123 19 days ago

    I wiish my mcdonalds breakfast was like that

    RANDOM OF THE DAY 19 days ago

    You know what is the meaning of marajha marajha means king

  • Gian-Luca Nardini
    Gian-Luca Nardini 19 days ago

    and if you white and in SA don't eat Mcdonalds cause they will spit on your food

  • Pickles Rick
    Pickles Rick 19 days ago

    I need your stomach

  • Kyle Robinson
    Kyle Robinson 19 days ago

    USA mcdonalds sometomes mix children into there meat if im correct there kids who sadly were murdered in satanic illuminati sacrafices

    SHOURYA SINGH 20 days ago

    Exactly how you manage to eat that much ?

  • Muskaan mahim
    Muskaan mahim 20 days ago

    I am from India !!!!!

  • xpert 10
    xpert 10 20 days ago

    Dude the white bag had a purpose to mix ur fries with the mix

  • Good_Night
    Good_Night 20 days ago

    when he said borin the subtitle said p*rno

  • Vatsal Sanwaria
    Vatsal Sanwaria 21 day ago

    Which McD menu is this man . I haven't seen all these products in menu. Is it in southern states or what!

  • Wojtek Ch
    Wojtek Ch 21 day ago +1

    if you want to say "excuse me" in India use word "benchod".
    Great way to get ppl's attention when for example you want to ask for directions :)

  • Amaan Shaikh
    Amaan Shaikh 22 days ago

    This is hill rd

  • Savvy
    Savvy 23 days ago

    it should be a challenge like you are eating...

  • Savvy
    Savvy 23 days ago

    you look like Jackie Chan

  • Samudrala Laxmi
    Samudrala Laxmi 23 days ago

    Good taste bro for choosing our country ☺☺

  • Dharam Singh
    Dharam Singh 23 days ago


  • HappyFeelings43ver
    HappyFeelings43ver 23 days ago

    People in US work at McDonald's cos they are either students or desperate. But in India you never know the kitchen staff could be a masters degree holder, they work there because they couldn't find a job.

  • MidnightPikachu
    MidnightPikachu 23 days ago

    Cashier : Chatpata Aloo? (Potato?)
    Him : yees
    *5 minutes later*
    Him : Huh why doesn't it taste like chicken?

  • MidnightPikachu
    MidnightPikachu 23 days ago

    I liek beef

    • prince vegeta
      prince vegeta 6 days ago

      Then eat it mf..
      Even veg tastes good here..

  • Munstar_978
    Munstar_978 23 days ago

    Stop making me so hungry for Mcdonalds

  • XxWinterSniperxX Dave
    XxWinterSniperxX Dave 24 days ago

    Its actually called chapati
    Edit: NO ITS NOT ITS CHATPATA THAT MEANS... like sour and spicy and savoury.

  • rishi Som
    rishi Som 24 days ago

    FYI thumbs up is not an Indian version of coke , coca cola faced stiff competition from parle drinks so it later acquired it which consists of thumbsup

  • SSB 1638
    SSB 1638 24 days ago +1

    Like and subscribe if not gay

  • Wofue
    Wofue 24 days ago

    1:30 it’s because the US is one of the fattest counties in the world. And I’m from the US which pains me to say this.

  • Bailey Fletcher
    Bailey Fletcher 24 days ago

    Cringe, that’s all I have to say

  • Brianah Torres
    Brianah Torres 24 days ago

    2:10 The two guys standing behind you were staring hard like if you just ran over their dog😏😏

  • DeBestGaming Unboxer
    DeBestGaming Unboxer 25 days ago

    u should eat bitch lasagna