The #1 Reason Why You Aren't Improving - League of Legends Season 9

  • Published on Jul 5, 2019
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    This video is for: Anyone looking to find the best champions for Top, Jungle, Mid, Adc, or Support in the new season. This video is also great for beginner players looking to improve by picking champions that are easy to play and rank up with.
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Comments • 736

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    • jaro cero
      jaro cero 6 days ago

      Number 1 why im stuck is because i suck

    • Mersel GT
      Mersel GT 8 days ago

      i just had support that i pinged for 20seconds straight that enemy is coming from river and she didnt even care about that and died to jg

    • Mienal
      Mienal 14 days ago

      I am grandmaster "hardstuck" and was defenetely by the intro of this video

    • bergyn
      bergyn 24 days ago +1

      Why you think i am hardstuck... last season i was gold 4 now i am plat 3 and slowly going to plat 2
      Ofc somewhat tnx to you proguides :)

    • Juan Reyes
      Juan Reyes 26 days ago

      Maybe because I run it down sometimes and got banned twice already

  • Lucky Player
    Lucky Player Day ago

    Why did you say I am hardstuck lol, I have been climbing consistently

  • Lucky Player
    Lucky Player Day ago

    but i am improving lmao

  • ScorpioX2
    ScorpioX2 Day ago

    B-but I got out of iron! :(

  • Hero
    Hero Day ago

    idk how to manage waves in my favor FeelsWaveMan

  • joshua nguyen
    joshua nguyen 2 days ago

    Honestly i went from silver 2 last season to gold 2 this season from watching pros and implying the knowledge that i learned from them like warding, timing enemy sums, freeze waves to deny cs..
    Great vid tho

  • CupidFox
    CupidFox 2 days ago

    Basically the best tip for low elo players. STOP. DYING. SO. FUCKING. MUCH.

  • Toraji
    Toraji 3 days ago

    i'm gold 2 and this guide didn't help nearly at all. where's the medium for "low elo"

    • BIBO
      BIBO 2 days ago

      Toraji and thats why you are gold 2 lol.

  • Diego Brando
    Diego Brando 3 days ago

    That Lee Sin got bonked by drag lmao

  • Vincent Le
    Vincent Le 3 days ago

    Video helped me realize how shit d1 is in s9. I should post this video in every champ select

  • Christopher Cruz
    Christopher Cruz 3 days ago

    Im bronze 3 but i just started tho.. btw ty for the tips

  • TheBlackGhost
    TheBlackGhost 4 days ago

    #1 reason i'm not climbing *MY FUCKING JUNGLE YI IS 0/6 THEN AFK'S AT 12 MINUTES*
    #2 Not rotating around the map and controlling objectives.

  • gatsan ?
    gatsan ? 4 days ago

    pro tip to climb is good mental, bronze and silvers rage and tilt so much off of small stuff, iron players have some kind of mental illness that they will join the game tilted
    if you can stay positive AND be a positive player (say ty, gj, its ok we can win easy) that can boost your teams mental. being toxic just increases ur chances of losing imo

  • Admirał Hax
    Admirał Hax 4 days ago

    I am playing League entirely for fun.
    I don't care about elos and I have accepted that I will never be good at this game, because I am not willing to sacrifice enough time.
    It's still to difficult to have fun when you sometimes get so stomped that your enemy laner is 5/0/0 and plays super agressive all the time, which results in him having 2x the amount of your farm...
    I guess this video was helpful, but I doubt it's going to change much.

  • Mendi Z. K.
    Mendi Z. K. 4 days ago

    I just want to climb as a janna support but someone is always afk in my team :/

  • Jag ahr dyxelxei :/
    Jag ahr dyxelxei :/ 5 days ago

    If you say 99% is below diamond 4 how is diamond then a low rank?

  • Jag ahr dyxelxei :/
    Jag ahr dyxelxei :/ 5 days ago

    Though sometimes you have to focus on kills because you have to carry, if your whole team sucks only farming isnt enough gold

  • SliCeouT
    SliCeouT 5 days ago +1

    "They dont even know what they dont know, and thats why they dont know."
    So true, fits on every low elo player who thinks they play better that the rank they are stuck in.

  • DünyayıGuşlarYönetsin

    ıam not improving because high ranks have no fun they are too serius the fun is in the bronze

  • Jeremiah Dkhar
    Jeremiah Dkhar 5 days ago

    I'm new pls help with some basic guides or provide some links

  • Ahri Playz
    Ahri Playz 5 days ago

    Actually a super helpful video, will make sure to use these tips, as a jinx main lol

  • mathew hart
    mathew hart 5 days ago

    I have got 79% win rate on malphite top and most of the time carry games or start winning team fights when I join them

  • Epic TCG
    Epic TCG 6 days ago

    PLay jungle role, get top 4 kills and give mid 2 kills but for some reason they still get solo O.O . And then When I lane top , I out farm enemy top by 20 farm, Bot lane is 0/5 O.O . It happens more than you think, Out of 10 games I will say you will definitely have 5 games with feeders(including yourself) and if you don't play a top tier champion. Just ff lol

  • Sewos
    Sewos 7 days ago

    bow down to the queen and play annie

  • Timdogg
    Timdogg 7 days ago

    Instructions unclear, died the moment I spawned

  • Nep
    Nep 8 days ago

    Joke's on you, I'm Platinum 1.

  • danpaul
    danpaul 8 days ago

    ProGuides: Farm more, die less
    Nasus players: Finally! Someone who agrees with me

  • Johncy Corpuxzs
    Johncy Corpuxzs 9 days ago

    Best tip for a platinum II

  • shockushu
    shockushu 9 days ago

    because I just wanna reach gold to get a free skin and never touch ranked again in that specific season?

  • ScorpioVIII
    ScorpioVIII 9 days ago +1

    HA jokes on you, I’m unrankedmlooking to improve before I get ranked

  • BB BB
    BB BB 9 days ago +1


  • BjornoISporno
    BjornoISporno 10 days ago

    Very informative, and yes i am that silver montage player lol

  • MrPivotdbz
    MrPivotdbz 10 days ago

    I will set an example here, i'm grandmaster 308lp with 64% winrate, and stillhad some good insights watching this video. The mentality of "i can learn something to improve every game i play" is real. Every single one in challanger thinks like this, because in the end of the day doesn't matter if you had 0/11 junglers every game, but the difference you could have made to win this game despite the troll jungler.

  • jimmys tomasis
    jimmys tomasis 11 days ago

    bro silver is an improvement

  • Essenzborn
    Essenzborn 12 days ago

    i saw the video and understood it. now pls show this my mates in promos

  • Momonga :D
    Momonga :D 12 days ago

    "do you know how I know that"... well i mean if you list almost everything then ask us... its like if I asked you, "you are either Asian, Caucasian, black"

  • Nicolas Castillo
    Nicolas Castillo 14 days ago

    Man ty u helped me get out of gold 1... thank god

  • Rayven Hitt
    Rayven Hitt 14 days ago

    I acknowledge these tips as being correct and accurate, however, I wish to add my own that might help some others; it's an important one that personally helped me the most.
    Don't care about winning.
    That's it. Focus on how you play the game and be analytical of your gameplay - as the video explained, really - and simply teach yourself that the actual outcome of the game literally doesn't matter. If you stop caring about winning and focus on getting better by analysing everything going on in the game (chiefly yourself) then, guess what, you will start winning more.

  • Darkshock 42 MLG 0
    Darkshock 42 MLG 0 14 days ago

    Just play top and farm. Fastest way to climb. I went up almost 2 ranks just by playing yorick.

  • mich mich
    mich mich 14 days ago

    i kinda feel like iom in smurf q im gold 1 currently opponents are often between lv40 and 50 and are on about 80cs at min 10 that aint normal is it ? for gold 1

  • A friendly person
    A friendly person 14 days ago +1

    Why am I not ranking up ?
    Well its been 1 week i started
    Aaaand I still don't know what most of the champs do
    Well I played mobile legends before so I know how to play moba what to buy ..bla bla..
    But of course here it's harder( when you play with a crappy laptop like me ) and until now I just know how to play ashe, caitlyn, and ahri (i guess) . Pluss whatever match I play everyone is toxic to me. Even if I try to tell them guys I'm new, they don't care and when i get a kill they say kill steal even if im solo laning... like wth guys just because im new doesnt mean im a potato at gaming. I just need someone to boost me amd help me but my cousins and friends dont have the time to help cuz they're sooooo busy ranking 😑 I think I will quit LOL 😔

    • A friendly person
      A friendly person 13 days ago

      @Pinky lemon I can't lie LOL sure is a fun game and I'll try to play the heroes you told me
      But I think I'm getting the hang of ashe TBH. But idk it doesn't seem fair that a level 11 plays with a level 67, and against a 45 and 51 xD. And thanks again 😄

    • Pinky lemon
      Pinky lemon 13 days ago +1

      Same goes for me, I started 4 months ago and thought of stoping so many times, the last time I literally stopped for a whole month cuz I got banned for being new to the game xD, but I ended up returning to LOL cuz let's be real, it's a really fun game, start playing easy champ like Garen, Master Yi, Lux, Annie.. etc those champ will teach you the basics of the game and will help you play other champs easier, start playing top lane 1 v 1 is the easiest way to improve your playstyle and analyse your mistakes, just make sure you ward for safety

  • Malcolm Xavier
    Malcolm Xavier 15 days ago

    6:39 I really thought Sylas was Orianna

  • Phil McThrill
    Phil McThrill 15 days ago


  • Filozof
    Filozof 15 days ago

    Reason #1 my teammates :D..

  • Chromatic Luna
    Chromatic Luna 18 days ago +1

    To be honest though its not baad. Here.

  • zinoXyy!
    zinoXyy! 19 days ago +1

    I just wondered why I'm looking this, cause I remembered I'm diamond 2 after 2 seasons of playing league

  • kheybert aguirre
    kheybert aguirre 19 days ago

    deberian hacer traducion asi los latinos comprarian proguides si tienen buena info solo q en ingles

  • Niels Butaye
    Niels Butaye 19 days ago

    I went from iron 4 to wood 5 watching this video

  • Johnny25k
    Johnny25k 20 days ago +10

    Damn, I'm relatively new to League but all this information processing, cs, awareness needed makes it sound more like a part-time job than a videogame. The guy in the video literally started talking about concepts in psychology. Talk about something being overly complex lol.

    • Max Stewart
      Max Stewart 7 days ago +1

      not only that, but almost everybody is salty on this game. doesn't really help new players.

  • Everythingomnia
    Everythingomnia 20 days ago

    I feel like I am a decent league player who does well with ego management and improvement. But I keep my camera locked and often use mini map clicking to view other events occurring. How much am I hurting myself by screen lock?

  • Zero Balance
    Zero Balance 20 days ago

    I'm roaming all map with my pyke mid and I usually do 26-0 but I'm like 40 C's down. Is it good for gold climb?

  • Deathmetal Cakefarts
    Deathmetal Cakefarts 22 days ago

    I'm currently climbing to Iron 4 and it's actually been a struggle to drop ranks that low

  • Literaski G.W.
    Literaski G.W. 22 days ago +1

    This hurts me because i spent 2 months learning Taliyah's mechanics and forgot Csing existed T_T
    Good video tho, definitely will take notes

  • Dream
    Dream 22 days ago

    Really helpful info actually, I've been through every role and every champ trying to find a way to climb but it wasn't my lane or my champ. It was how I PLAY the lane and the champ that was the problem. A zed playing like shit vs a Kass playing properly will lose every time

  • KungKokkos
    KungKokkos 23 days ago +1

    Saying top 1% players isnt high elo is like saying dollar billionaires are not rich because some people have way more money.

  • Jebi Jebi
    Jebi Jebi 23 days ago

    The reason why I don't advance, I try champions on ranked using my smurf account lol

  • Seoulsim
    Seoulsim 23 days ago

    Play Annie

  • TeemosGaming
    TeemosGaming 24 days ago

    I went from bronze 2 to gold 4 in 1 season... I feel accomplished

  • sk Rafath666
    sk Rafath666 24 days ago

    I am improving at a great rate doi need to watch this vid then? He literal called me u r not improving

  • shadwo xii
    shadwo xii 25 days ago

    And thats why i ply supp normal unranked games so i can have fun xD

  • Jade O'Connell
    Jade O'Connell 26 days ago

    Never ignore anything, always respect everything.

  • Samuel
    Samuel 26 days ago

    I was playing irelia vs a kennen top lane. He was pretty good mechanically but even though he solo killed me twice, he still let me farm and I had 60 more cs than him at 12 mins. I then started winning the 1v1’s against him, and then he flamed and said that “irelia is a broken ass champion” lol. I told him to look at his cs, he got really mad and told me that “he was better than me and so I should SHUT UP!” Haha I won that game only cause he fell behind bcs he had 81 cs at 45mins like wtf

  • MrGamingPlays
    MrGamingPlays 26 days ago

    u forgot Decision Making in league (1 of the most important in the game)

  • snuriken
    snuriken 26 days ago

    I love it when im 0/2 in gold elo but im up 60 cs and all of a sudden i roam bot and 1v9 off that. Its so easy to win in gold elo

  • Emmanuel Reyes
    Emmanuel Reyes 27 days ago

    High valuable information!!! Thanks!!

  • SkitZ GaminG
    SkitZ GaminG 27 days ago

    if so many people ranked up so much why is it still a 1% rating on d+? lol.

    • SkitZ GaminG
      SkitZ GaminG 26 days ago

      @Fibeer fair call. i think the skill level of p3 - d4 are all the same

    • Fibeer
      Fibeer 26 days ago

      I would assume that most of them only ranked up to p1

  • Sentinel EXE
    Sentinel EXE 27 days ago

    Yay no more flaming my
    Frends in discord do that to me enough already

  • Alan Crome
    Alan Crome 28 days ago

    Thought he was about to say "Like you can get with pro guides (;" when he had said "Unless you have a pro coach with you 24/7

  • Ronniel Castro
    Ronniel Castro 28 days ago

    Can anyone give a tips that who are better champion in top lane and what runes?😢😭

  • Santeri
    Santeri 29 days ago

    Tjis caster on this vid is so understandin to low elo players. Then u see this guy smurfin in ur elo and makin u cry after missin a smite at baron Xd

  • ryan buechel
    ryan buechel 29 days ago

    Well here’s a question for you, why am I hardstuck silver2-3 average 7.5 cs/min on 100 games with yasuo and I can’t win. Average kda is 8-4-7 I almost always win my lane and look to roam and take objectives yet I still can’t get out of silver 2-3

    • ryan buechel
      ryan buechel 29 days ago

      Not every hardstuck silver player is this dumb, you can try and tell me something that you think is holding me back but no. My vision score is always good I always have the most cs in the game. However I always have brain dead feeding teammates

    • ryan buechel
      ryan buechel 29 days ago

      Too add, I also understand when I should be taking objectives and how to set myself up to take them yet I lose

  • Doctor Crow
    Doctor Crow 29 days ago

    Hey! I'm wondering is there a plan to make support guide video? What can you work on improving? When you should look for engage, how to manage tower dive and tower shots tanking, are you putting down your vision correctly even tho you had like 45 vision score in 30 min game. I also noticed that I got worse in support after so many years haha any tips? ;)

  • Keritta
    Keritta 29 days ago +2

    Since I discovered your channel I climbed from b4 to s1 now promo to g4

  • andrew datsikas
    andrew datsikas 29 days ago

    What about support mains

  • THC TOYOism
    THC TOYOism 29 days ago

    Is it just me or this video is calling OTPs HAHAHAHAHAHA
    Good video tho :)