The #1 Reason Why You Aren't Improving - League of Legends Season 9

  • Published on Jul 5, 2019
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    The #1 Reason Why you aren't improving at league of legends.
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    • UnsafeBroken Haven
      UnsafeBroken Haven 8 days ago

      i just play just to play and push random buttons thinking im getting somewhere after watching this. it wasnt a good idea .

    • Aeghul
      Aeghul Month ago

      I know im not perfect but i was plat 2 and now im stuck gold 4 and the teams just keep feeding minute 5 and 12 deaths 0 kills

    • Filip zigota
      Filip zigota Month ago

      hey, man this don't helping can u make a video about late game, mid game what to do when enemy presuring you and u have good cs and scour tactics and that kinds of stuffs, happens to me to have 10/2/13 200+ cs and enemy just destroying my team they dyuing don't wanna take objectives only mid and fight... silver/gold elo

    • Alan Boles
      Alan Boles 3 months ago

      @Tnnetnat Tninuttn oh and it's Loser*.

    • Alan Boles
      Alan Boles 3 months ago

      @Tnnetnat Tninuttn comprehension op

  • omar khallouki
    omar khallouki Day ago

    Cs stands for ?

  • Manan Karnik
    Manan Karnik 10 days ago

    So I went to LOL Discord and asked for help to improve and there was this guy who helped me 2v2 bots and aslo 1v1 me, taught me how to play Tryndamere and xin zhao and when I was playing as lux and performed poorly (0/18/6) he was the one who honored me for trying my best and also had my back against toxic players. The next game I performed way better and got 4 kills as Xin with him

  • Robbie Backpacking
    Robbie Backpacking 11 days ago +1

    Not going to lie, there are so many good tips in this one!

  • Leylz
    Leylz 14 days ago +1

    Man it would honestly be awesome if you made a list for mental illness, sadly most of all players in NA have mental conditions which prevent them from associating in-game details into real information. Sometimes i require the need to use my aluminum bat to hit myself in the left and right side of my head which actually leads to disorientation. It is my fault for the plays and every time someone dodges i grab my handy bat. I now stutter and begin to think long periods for everything in daily life. Someone will talk to me and i genuinely think they are speaking to someone else and i feel like i pause a lot and think about something that is just change that i need to recieve.

    I had several seizures but essentially league of legends and the faults are of my origin so i continue to punish my skull and suffer extreme sharp cold stabbing feeling around the top and lower jaw and nerves in my hand have decreased in sensitivity. I now am in diamond because my ego is not worth the torture and you must punish yourself more than others so other punishment is only a whack of aluminum to the head which sometimes feels like my teeth are not even their.

    Remember to punish yourself or you wont know how to get better.'

    Thanks Proguides.

  • Nicole VanderMeer
    Nicole VanderMeer 15 days ago

    Question: I am a support main (silver) and often I get an ADC that is bad at farming, like down by half of the other ADC. What should I do? Should I try farming, but I hate to upset my ADC???? And yes I try my best to deny enemy farming. PS thank you, for all your videos teaching us noobs how it's done, they are much appreciated

  • joshua Jarvinen
    joshua Jarvinen 16 days ago

    Unranked gang rise up

  • Spen trav
    Spen trav 18 days ago

    Yeah... I’m a low tier Master of Alistar and Taric. 😂 (Top lane/Jungle)

  • Str8DV8
    Str8DV8 21 day ago +1

    "Farm more and die less."
    More like "stop being a greedy last hitting douche canoe and leave some CS for your team mates."

  • miss alone
    miss alone 23 days ago

    im falling love with this guy

  • shawnless
    shawnless 24 days ago

    Am I the only one that use flash just for save my life or I am retarded?
    Because I never used flash to take a kill, if the enemy start to run away I will just farm

  • Quincy Simons
    Quincy Simons 25 days ago

    This is nice information and clearly a high quality video. But sadly, there are simply too many factors that play a role when playing LoL, thus making the information not as useful as it could or should be.

  • Kimuchi
    Kimuchi 27 days ago

    "This video is going to help you not flame you"
    Me: Ahahh

  • kaleb
    kaleb 27 days ago

    almost all adc mains should see this XD

  • Veljko Vidanovic
    Veljko Vidanovic Month ago

    You can be best of all of this still you will lose bcs of team and thats all you just need luck to get good team i am g3 for almost whole season9 i had big drop from g1 promos to g4 lost around 20games in a row got hospitalized and afet that mental breakdown i am trying to get ban saying really bad stuff to my fucking retarded teammates and trust me you have never and will never seen what i have so dont type that you can be better if not flaming and that trust me ppl with whom i am playing deserves to get beaten every fckin day

  • Hella Gay
    Hella Gay Month ago

    I’m actually masters :0

  • iAragami
    iAragami Month ago

    know that fiora feel.. i wasnt 5/0,,was 3/6 or so... wasnt usefull at all in teamfights vs all of that cc and damage , i had the herald and after the last lost teamfight .. 30 seconds on helard and 20 seconds respawn time .. pop teleport on top ,spawn herald and made it from T2 tower to nexus alone in 1 push while enemy was trying to end the game . and eventually won the game with a sneaky backdoor after respawning again :D that was the craziest play i've ever made and im so sad i couldnt record it :/

  • Triple D Draiks
    Triple D Draiks Month ago

    listening to you is so painful.. a week ago i got a streak of 15 victory all with great score, now all fail i lost 2 ranks.. and now listening to you this moment, i realized.. i actually was focused on getting CS and not engaging till i at least 6 or got my first item and even then i'm very careful, that is how i got my streak, but this week all fail, cause i only focus on fighting the enemy champion.. i always rush, that is why its painful, i always try to get cs and less death but i always forget that it is what i should do.. now i will literally do that. or i will go back to being unranked.. at this point.. thanks for the video.

    for everyone who is stuck at the same place, who hit a wall, and he thinks that wall is his limit, its not.. you just forgot how to manage you're lane, how to farm CS and stay back get ready and steady and wait for the moment, and never forget to ward.. always ward, and most importantly MAP AWARENESS, too many people in LoL does not have that, i pinged a player at least 10 times before he notices.. tho he died because he was slow to notice.. so that is all i want to say.

    Happy Ranking, and don't forget to Enjoy the Match, or its pointless to even play the game.. so don't be toxic (Like me when i die 2 times in 5 minutes XD)

  • Barbeque Sauced
    Barbeque Sauced Month ago

    deal with it
    i like lulu and poppy

  • Hamza Belattar
    Hamza Belattar Month ago

    As a support silver I always try to make my team understand macro they just refuse to listen to pings and ignore them also the adc I try to help to ping that he should not back when the wave is pushing cause he will miss CS but as always refuse to listen that's why it's so important and much easier to duo with your premade on silver

  • Taurus 05
    Taurus 05 Month ago

    The no 1 reason are the players that don't understand how to play this game, u can't 1v9 the game!

  • Nova
    Nova Month ago +1

    1:45 tf was that lol

  • Saywolf
    Saywolf Month ago

    LMAO that Lee sin ate a chock full of Earth Drake auto in the face

  • Kralj Slovan
    Kralj Slovan Month ago

    d3 is high elo by definition, there is far more difference between iron4 -d3 than d3-challenger doesnt matter what they say

  • ArcaneAzmadi
    ArcaneAzmadi Month ago

    One thing I will call you, and everyone else who says this, out on: you should absolutely NOT be a one-trick, at least not literally. OK, so if you put all your efforts into playing one and only one champion really well, then you'll be able to be really comfortable on that champion and be able to climb in ranked... until the enemy team bans your champion. Oh. Shit. Or until you get placed into an different role from the one your only champion is played in and the player who got that role won't swap. Or your counterpart on the enemy team picks your champion before you can. What are you going to do then? Dodge? Int feed? Cry? Complain to Riot? No, having a main that you're really proficient with is fine, but you should be at least COMPETENT on at least one champion in every role, preferably two. If you don't at least have a fallback option on hand, don't even bother queuing for ranked. You're just setting yourself up for failure from the champion lobby.

  • EnchoR
    EnchoR Month ago

    I just wanna reach gold for that free skin, honestly would be happy when new server lunches and see what the latency are, currently playing on EUW server with 210ms average

  • Nezuko Chan
    Nezuko Chan Month ago

    It's really hard to rank up because of toxic player, trolling and quiting midgame. You understand me if you a filipino

  • Lonely Bunny
    Lonely Bunny Month ago

    I hope that I'm going to improve. I noob at this game and I feel bad for my team whenever I play :')

  • Marcel Kuhn
    Marcel Kuhn Month ago

    I feel like most videos are not so accurate for support mains because stuff like csing does not really apply if you're only looking at support...

  • Marcel Kuhn
    Marcel Kuhn Month ago

    I'm unranked yes.... Because I play for fun troll picks etc... I enjoy the game playing like that cheesing, etc.. And if I enjoy it it's fine. 🤗

  • Sunfire Games
    Sunfire Games Month ago

    11 cs diffrence xDDD some toplaners cant even win if they have 11 kills more

  • Strudel Meister
    Strudel Meister Month ago

    it do be like that

  • KaiDestinyz
    KaiDestinyz Month ago +2

    Can't win when my team goes 0 - 16 before the first 10 min mark as an ADC.

  • Virginia leontaridou

    i dont even know what i dont know

  • Hector Bundles
    Hector Bundles Month ago

    I'd basically int just to cs in cannon waves, not tell me I'm bad.

  • Mad Bro?
    Mad Bro? Month ago

    I only play like twice a week so yea I'm pretty shit jungler lol

  • dinon17
    dinon17 Month ago +1

    The one thing I wish there was more resources for is how to approach lanes as the champion your currently playing as, verses the lane your fighting. Most of it is just how to approach lane as your champion, but that's half the equation, and I find myself not knowing how to approach a lane with a new variable in it. You all have mentioned win conditions, but when do those conditions change? If I need to push lane so they can't cs and I can have a easier time bullying them, or if I instead should play the lane safer. It seems like most of your videos your only constant win condition is that you need to try to get a level 2 advantage, and if you don't to know when they get theirs so you don't or get punished. Thank you very much for all your content tho, have a great day ProGuides.

  • icecold canela
    icecold canela Month ago

    Ego was the #1 reason why players didn't improved.

  • Mr.ToniBoss
    Mr.ToniBoss Month ago +5

    Man. If Bot feds their adc, its game over whatever i do.

  • TheCreedEvolution
    TheCreedEvolution Month ago

    Not gonna lie. This wasn't a good season for me

  • Alex Muller
    Alex Muller Month ago

    Ah, I see... I'll apply this knowledge... As soon as I get unbanned....

  • Jonic Auramental Hedgehog III

    I rather just play the game for fun if its norms or ranked. Improving is something I don't care about at all.

  • MatT.
    MatT. Month ago

    Yea but who cares. Like even if im 5/0 30cs ahead, tp bot get both kills do drake come back to my lane to push the turret in the mean time i do that my bot dies 3 times cuz they ganked, then they blame jg, jg goes afk, bot trolls and does 2/10. Vids like that are pointless if not whole 5 dont watch it.

  • LMTR14
    LMTR14 Month ago

    I'm improving all right, but the matchmaking doesn't let me win more than 50% of my games! and that even applies to aram, WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUCKING RANDOM!!! that is the #1 thing wrong with league of legends, the "commercial" matchmaking. only way to calculate ACTUAL skill would be to completely ignore the automatic matchmaking and only play premade tournaments (like lcs, but for everybody).

  • MAJCrAiN
    MAJCrAiN Month ago

    This is awesome

  • Master Yi
    Master Yi Month ago +1

    my blade is yours

  • Dreamcast
    Dreamcast Month ago

    I think way more players need to watch at 7:28.

  • Artuğ Altuğ
    Artuğ Altuğ 2 months ago

    302k people watched this and none of them are my teammates...

    TROLLER X SHACKO 2 months ago

    what if your teammates sucks a 90% of the time
    improving doesn't means a thing

    ARC VIEWS 2 months ago

    Its weird because i tried to observe my cs then suddenly i was paranoid.
    Don't just make make big changes in your gameplay keep on playing and improve, Sorry but i disagree with some of your tips

  • Priyantha Hearath
    Priyantha Hearath 2 months ago


  • guillermo lemonnier
    guillermo lemonnier 2 months ago


  • Andrija Buš
    Andrija Buš 2 months ago

    This is how wave control looks in gold tier. I came top, we kill enemy laner. Than I see enemy wave have a lot more minions and its on middle of the lane. My laner went back, he had no tp so i pushed wave to turet and leave. Next thing i know he is in jungle farming mode while also flaming me. I tried to explain its gonna push to his turet and he will get gank again, without success he was too busy flaming me and surviving jungle as jayce lvl 6.

  • Pedro Bastos
    Pedro Bastos 2 months ago

    I get to plat 1 with ease, but when i feel that im close to diamond i start playing worse, and i lose a lot more, i feel that im a lot worse than the players Im playing against, it feels really bad and i have a lot more fear to lose

  • Jack Lan
    Jack Lan 2 months ago

    The main problem are shitty teammates. I'm not trying to blame other people. If I end up feeding, then it's going to be my fault. However, the last five games I've played I was doing good at my lane while the other lanes and the jg were pretty shit. In one of the games, someone was feeding so bad that he finally gave up and said, "idc anymore" and then started feeding some more!

  • Dominik Galas
    Dominik Galas 2 months ago

    ok i got 10 cs evry 1 min almost good kda try to help my teammates much as i can i am warding helping get kills do 1vs3 1vs2 and still my team goes nah fuck this guy lets feed enemy team Riot Games why u giving me team mates like that

  • Yohane
    Yohane 2 months ago

    Nah the main reason is that i smashed my mouse

  • Zack Blanton
    Zack Blanton 2 months ago

    No really fuck my teamates

  • Ulrich Yabut
    Ulrich Yabut 2 months ago

    The truth is that I practice all of this advice's but my teammates don't and they are always being so dumb who always goes after the kills. It doesn't matter how good you are if 2 or 3 of your teammates are playing recklessly and thats the sad truth.

  • Potato
    Potato 2 months ago

    "Why You Aren't Improving?" bc i am not playing XD