Eddsworld - Trick or Threat

  • Published on Oct 23, 2015
  • Some people can be so over-possessive...
    Animated by Brandon Turner ( Wazzaldorp)
    Music Composed by Todd 'LilDeuceDeuce' Bryanton (tvclip.biz/user/lildeucedeuce)
    Written, Executive Produced and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (tvclip.biz/user/tomska),
    Co-Written and Produced by Eddie Bowley (tvclip.biz/user/eddache)
    Edited by Elliot Gough ( elliotexpicit)
    Featuring Tim Hautekiet as Edd (tvclip.biz/user/timh),
    Thomas ‘TomSka’ Ridgewell as Tom (tvclip.biz/user/tomska),
    Matt Hargreaves as Matt (tvclip.biz/user/matt),
    and Alice Ann Stacey as Kate ( aliceannstacey)
    Website (eddsworld.co.uk)
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  • A random my hero academia fan and eddsworld ‘

    1:18 when Tom burns the Christmas tree on Christmas....
    (Make sure it’s paused)
    Best quote in history of all quotes:
    “You cant possess something twice。。。”

  • KD Niemeyer
    KD Niemeyer 7 hours ago

    Friend:what type of music you listen to?
    Me:*hums song* it’s....a Halloween special

  • Mia’s Gacha video’s This is with my friend Lilly

    My computer teacher: click twice on chrome!
    Me: i know why!
    Teacher: why?
    Me: you can’t possess something *twice*
    Everyone else in my class: **backs up slowly**
    Me: 🙂

  • Christopher Jr
    Christopher Jr 16 hours ago

    The last line does actually sound like Tom

  • YoursTruly
    YoursTruly 18 hours ago

    0:19 so no one is gonna mention that cute picture of tord and matt in the background?

  • Emily Fander
    Emily Fander 22 hours ago

    I literally did not see that ending coming that's so great there's so many theories Eddsworld is the best

  • I am Foc us
    I am Foc us Day ago +1


  • Solidtok3nn
    Solidtok3nn Day ago +1

    I Remember when this first came out it’s really been four years JESUS!!!! Time flys!

  • Jose Orlando Monterrosa

    tom is possesed comeferd

  • Pass the Pasta
    Pass the Pasta Day ago

    0:55 one of the best parts

  • MeLifeWithMe Here
    MeLifeWithMe Here 2 days ago +1

    *There are two meanings*
    1. She already possessed him
    2. Something is already possessing him at the moment

  • Derek Beatty
    Derek Beatty 2 days ago +1

    Fun fact: the demon that possessed Tom first was the same demon we see in PowerEdd, which means that the monster is actually Tom

  • Aubyn
    Aubyn 2 days ago

    Hay it's Kate.

  • brimstone257 36
    brimstone257 36 2 days ago +1

    why couldnt she possess your mind?
    you cant possess something twice!

  • Brandy Girtman
    Brandy Girtman 2 days ago +2

    Cool song dude

  • Nighten
    Nighten 2 days ago


  • Nasha GachaLife
    Nasha GachaLife 2 days ago

    0:42 Well I hope Matt didn’t smelled toms breath....

  • kattastic9999
    kattastic9999 2 days ago +3

    This video is four years old why are all the comments from three months ago

  • Mremphz
    Mremphz 3 days ago +1

    For me i think tom was possed at the hero episode when he fell in the street and turned like a monster we heard him scream and when he said "you cant posses something twice" his eyes turned a purple red like the monster it was purple and black my opinion that when tom fell at the street on the episode were edd got power i think the street dude had power or the girl was there or the girl brother that poses matt and edd so this is just a opinion do ye

  • Oof Lame
    Oof Lame 3 days ago +2

    I miss Edd ;-;

  • Poison_AppleXx
    Poison_AppleXx 3 days ago

    You can’t posses something twice

  • J.P. Animations
    J.P. Animations 3 days ago +2

    Me and my 2 best friends are going as the girl versions of Edd Matt and tord for this Halloween:
    I’m being Tamera
    Do your own little part to keep Eddsworld spinning.

  • Helpy Playz
    Helpy Playz 3 days ago

    edd may you rest in piece with your fans by your side we will always be with you

  • Helpy Playz
    Helpy Playz 3 days ago

    The little is stacy from crash zoom the little girl I think Stacy her name

  • Eva Arellano
    Eva Arellano 3 days ago

    *y o u c a n t p o s s e s s o m e t h i n g t w i c e m a h b o i*

    HAYDEN LABAUVE 3 days ago +2

    Dear god I think I finally know who the girl might be. Anybody here know Crash Zoom?

      HAYDEN LABAUVE 2 days ago

      The Science Kid o rlly? I thought Crash Zoom came out before this.

    • The Science Kid
      The Science Kid 2 days ago

      That girl (Kate) from crash zoom came from this

  • Pinky Catto
    Pinky Catto 4 days ago +2

    I remember watching this when i was a kid and then draws them all xD

  • *L A R R Y*
    *L A R R Y* 4 days ago

    while Edd is running to save matt's life u can see a picture of Danny and arin from game grumps

  • Ryanflu
    Ryanflu 4 days ago +1

    It’s good at 0.25 or 2.0

  • EvErYoNe CeLiBrAtE cHrIsTmAs

    Best song ever also I dunno how to types wellll

  • Darc Hob
    Darc Hob 4 days ago

    Question of the century what possessed Tom??

    • J.P. Animations
      J.P. Animations 3 days ago

      Darc Hob the monster demon thing from power Edd

  • Xpreflix 329
    Xpreflix 329 4 days ago +1

    Dat ending doe

  • Heaven Willis
    Heaven Willis 4 days ago


  • nagster 21
    nagster 21 4 days ago +3

    F for edd, his lucky can could only take so much...

  • { kAiTo { pLaYz
    { kAiTo { pLaYz 4 days ago +3

    97 % comments about "You cant possess something twice"
    2 % about the video
    1 % other

  • Gideon Alexander
    Gideon Alexander 5 days ago

    No why he can possess TOMS mind because you didn't have any eyes that means the eyes turn red every time someone is under the control

  • RoBlox PerSoN
    RoBlox PerSoN 5 days ago +1

    Tom is a demon so she cant posses tom

  • TomTord
    TomTord 5 days ago +6

    2019... We stil miss you edd

  • Burning Bush Productions!

    Does that mean something you know
    You can’t possess something twice.....

  • Ya Chicken:D
    Ya Chicken:D 5 days ago +1

    Tom is a bowling ball boi

  • Cooper The Pug
    Cooper The Pug 5 days ago +1

    i love the art style =3

  • iSaLaDi • GTYT
    iSaLaDi • GTYT 5 days ago +1

    the art style is sooo unique

  • The Packing Pacjack
    The Packing Pacjack 5 days ago +1

    How did I see that girl on Tom’s channel

  • Tyrant-Den
    Tyrant-Den 6 days ago

    I'm, yes you can posses something twice. "We are Legion for we are many" is like the original possession.

  • Gabriel Luiz
    Gabriel Luiz 6 days ago

    O nome ta em português e o video em inglês normal(:V)

  • BAK Robert Johnston
    BAK Robert Johnston 6 days ago +1

    That is the girl from crash zoom definetly

  • ВаЗеЛиНка Ля ля ля

    пс я одна из раши да ну ок че

  • DemolisherMan
    DemolisherMan 6 days ago

    Is that girl the demon girl from crash zoom!?

  • Jamjam Lugtu
    Jamjam Lugtu 7 days ago +1

    Wait is Tom being spases

  • morning kyuu • coffee •w•

    " you can't possess something twice" dang that hit me hard

  • Rosie and sky YT Channel

    Miss you edd

  • urmom notgay
    urmom notgay 7 days ago +1

    made in 2019
    edd died in 2011
    EDD IS A GH00000ST

  • M.R. NoobPants
    M.R. NoobPants 7 days ago

    The little girl is probably Kate, the child in a show called "Crash zoom" By Tomska

  • astrotoby
    astrotoby 8 days ago

    Kate, is that you?

  • harvasblackjacket _
    harvasblackjacket _ 8 days ago

    My childhood ❤

  • Jair Felisberto
    Jair Felisberto 8 days ago

    0:09 crash zoom reference

  • Christopher Taboada
    Christopher Taboada 8 days ago

    Why is Tom evest

  • Kassandra 409
    Kassandra 409 8 days ago +11

    99% of comments: you can't possess something *twice*
    1% of comments: this