I Tried Mushrooms For My Anxiety For A Month • Ladylike

  • Published on May 26, 2019
  • Devin, with the aid of a holistic health coach, tries mushrooms for 30 days to help with her anxiety.
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    Reishi mushroom.
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    Amrit-Sadhana Khalsa
    IG: @bodyblisslife

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  • Ladylike
    Ladylike  25 days ago +924

    Hey everyone! Just sliding into the comments to reiterate that when it comes to mental health, you have to do what helps you! If you need medication, you should absolutely begin that journey of finding the right prescription that works for you. If you're not ready for medication or feel some kind of way about medication, there are holistic remedies that may be worth checking out. These Reishi extract powders from Four Sigmatic worked for me, but do consult with a naturopath or do your research before trying anything. More than anything, I reccommend therapy to anyone who is struggling. Every person's road to recovery is different, and there is no judgement here only love

    • Ms. Bevis
      Ms. Bevis 3 days ago

      7:00 🤗

    • Ms. Bevis
      Ms. Bevis 3 days ago

      Devin!! Your sense of humor is so good for my mental health!!! You're a joy latte ☕ good for da sOuL 💟

    • Tania
      Tania 14 days ago

      @Christina Nieto Do you have the price for the same brands,quantities etc?

  • thebenjimusic
    thebenjimusic 6 hours ago

    Ashwagandha is so wack !!!! I died

  • McCreazy
    McCreazy 7 hours ago

    Everyone has anxiety, it’s not a special condition.

  • Lindsay Gingerich
    Lindsay Gingerich 18 hours ago

    DEVIN please do a make up routine or the products you use!!!! And maybe even a skin routine!

  • Adrienne Pannell

    Did anyone else try this and get super light headed? ☹️ I drank about half a mug and a few minutes later felt flushed and floaty. I wish you could buy single packets to try before committing to a whole box. Now I’m stuck with a $30+ box of tea that I’m too afraid to drink. 🤦‍♀️

  • Flavia Balios
    Flavia Balios Day ago

    Hi Ladylike! I have subscribed to your channel for a while now, as I am sure hundreds of thousands of other women have! I appreciate that a lot of your videos have a strong mental health basis! I was wondering if you ladies can make a video about the post-college/uni hustle. statistically there is a large portion of graduates who are depressed. I am sure a video like this may help a lot of young women who have high expectations while studying, that are almost crushed when they cannot get the job they spent years studying for. I really hope this comment gets noticed, I feel like it will help a lot of people.

  • Lydia Roselli
    Lydia Roselli Day ago

    Try Jesus for 30 days. He’ll take away all your fears.

  • Brittany 2H
    Brittany 2H Day ago

    There have been actual scientific studies on "shrooms" and they are actually being explored as a treatment for anxiety and depression. Now, the suggestions right now are microdosing so you wouldn't get high but the research is actually pretty promising

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 2 days ago +1

    I wish ladylike would have gotten a better expert. “Holistic” and “natural” practices can work, but that lady was straight up unprofessional and had incorrect information.

  • scottishbuddha
    scottishbuddha 2 days ago

    Obsessed with this!! Definitely gonna try it out. Y'all should show meditation for a month. Maybe each lady tries a different type of meditation to show differences. Or different types of yoga!

  • Shweppes S
    Shweppes S 2 days ago

    Is anyone els bothered by the way they say herb.... it sounds like erb

    • Jane Doe
      Jane Doe 2 days ago

      Around here we don’t pronounce the h

    • Jane Doe
      Jane Doe 2 days ago

      Um how do u say herb?

  • Raehailee Burns
    Raehailee Burns 4 days ago

    Devin is so pretty

  • clickswitchh
    clickswitchh 4 days ago

    Drop the coffe, caffeine causes anxiety.

  • j k
    j k 4 days ago

    I love her cats💖

  • juniper quaintrelle
    juniper quaintrelle 4 days ago

    reishi isnt a herb....

  • Naxia Chan
    Naxia Chan 5 days ago


  • MrDaHawk
    MrDaHawk 5 days ago

    Love this!

  • Sheriu
    Sheriu 6 days ago

    Pierogi are better, remember!

  • amy barbo
    amy barbo 6 days ago

    What is the actual recipe?

  • Void Zero
    Void Zero 6 days ago +1

    $108 ~magic tea~ < $12/month anxiety meds... yep, sticking with actually scientific medicine for this one chief

  • McKenna Rowe
    McKenna Rowe 6 days ago

    How many people bailed at :08 LOL

  • elora filicicchia
    elora filicicchia 6 days ago

    ashwagonda helps me with my depression

  • marthajf73
    marthajf73 7 days ago

    I take capsules containing ashwagandha, cordyceps and reishi, and a few bark extracts. Helps a lot for my insomnia.

  • Lola Schrad
    Lola Schrad 7 days ago +1

    Weather this is like the placebo effect or is really helping I’m so glad this is working for devin

  • Gargee Sathe
    Gargee Sathe 7 days ago

    Ghee can be made at home by boiling unsalted butter and cardamom can be bought at Indian grocery stores (ghee too) for under $10

  • Maria Kay
    Maria Kay 7 days ago

    Left nostril breathing...please...no.

  • Samantha Brown
    Samantha Brown 8 days ago

    Saw you in the audience at E3

  • D R
    D R 8 days ago +11

    And... "next week we'll have a professional witch doctor exorcise all my demons!"

  • Prince of Chetarria
    Prince of Chetarria 8 days ago

    Reishi is known as the queen of plants without even being a plant lol

  • Farnella Husseini
    Farnella Husseini 8 days ago

    Is no one going to talk about how the cat actually listened to Devin and jumped off the counter when she asked it to? What a good kitty.

  • Sidney NY
    Sidney NY 9 days ago

    I am proud of you and you are a beautiful soul!!!

  • I wood
    I wood 9 days ago

    This is not anxiety lmao! At least Google what anxiety is before tu make a video lmao!

    • Jane Doe
      Jane Doe 2 days ago

      Um she didn’t self diagnose herself she has clinical anxiety...

  • katie Flores
    katie Flores 9 days ago

    I was wondering if you ladies would be able to do a video on bulletproof coffee... you know the coffee that has grass-fed butter to help kick start the day... I am finding that during the day I can drink 6 shots of espresso, an energy drink, take 2 no-doz pills... and am still looking for that kick of energy that most people get when taking just one of those... I can also go throughout the day with zero caffeine and have the same level of energy... This idea was just a thought kind of piggy backing off of this mushroom idea...

  • Ciana Lybbert
    Ciana Lybbert 10 days ago +1

    This is interesting I’m not against it there definitely can be science involved, but I would like to see peer reviewed scholarly sources with actual scientific data before I would honestly trust that it’s not pseudoscience.
    I think herbs are cool though and I would love to learn more about them.

  • Rebekah Beall
    Rebekah Beall 10 days ago +4

    Omg I thought it was shrooms for a second and I was gonna be like..shrooms and anxiety do NOT mix well 😂

  • Jmdietr
    Jmdietr 10 days ago

    Bruh, it’s Cho Chang yall

  • spiritweird
    spiritweird 10 days ago

    You should try magic mushrooms and quit beating around the mycelium lol

  • Chandra Wagner
    Chandra Wagner 10 days ago

    Dont take the cordyceps! There'll be a zombie outbreak!

  • Corrine Helena
    Corrine Helena 10 days ago

    I take CBD and it has never made me drowsy unless it’s bed time. It’s the only thing that’s helped my anxiety significantly without prescriptions. It helps me stay calm, plan and execute my day without stress, going out is easier, getting dressed is a cinch and sleep is amazing and restful, waking up in the morning is easy and enjoyable! I’ve tried the mushroom cocoas but never everyday for a month so maybe I’ll add that into my routine.

  • Ms/Mr Nightmare
    Ms/Mr Nightmare 10 days ago

    When i read the tittle i was like
    Devin darling..... what are u doing but at the same time you do you boo

  • K-Canna Queen
    K-Canna Queen 11 days ago

    If you make an episode on medical marijuana, I can help you guys out with that c:

  • Kodie Trahan-Guay
    Kodie Trahan-Guay 11 days ago

    As someone with a very deviated septum I can literally only do left nostril breathing. It’s not that great.

  • Chloe Manchestor
    Chloe Manchestor 11 days ago

    🧿🧿🧿💦💦💦🎫🎫🎫💎💎💎 🌀🌀🌀💧💧💧 🌊🌊🌊 *Jesus Christ is the only true God!*
    *The one God who rose from the dead and lives forever.*
    *Jesus Christ is the only one qualified to give us eternal life.*
    *also heal their bodies.*) 🧿🧿🧿💦💦💦🎫🎫🎫💎💎💎 🌀🌀🌀💧💧💧 🌊🌊🌊

  • Liza Elizabeth
    Liza Elizabeth 11 days ago

    Omg Devin is like the queen. If you don’t like Devin, we don’t like you. 😄

  • Rachel Coffman
    Rachel Coffman 11 days ago

    pseudoscience bologna

  • Amanda Olin
    Amanda Olin 12 days ago

    Hi Devin! I just watched this video and it really hit home to how I feel about my anxiety. What you said in your car about multiple thoughts running through your mind: that's me 95% of the time. I really appreciate you talking about your mental health and making it relevant to those of us struggling daily. Thank you so much!

  • Ling G
    Ling G 13 days ago

    Um excuse me Cordyceps? The fungus that turns bugs into zombies? We're messing with that?

  • Bruh
    Bruh 14 days ago

    Ew. I don’t like you.

  • Isi B.C.
    Isi B.C. 14 days ago

    I have a question...the reishi mushrooms were added to coffee, but I dont like coffee and choose not to drink it for health reasons, religious reasons etc. What else could one mix with the mushrooms to keep the taste at bay?

  • Sweetlifeluna
    Sweetlifeluna 15 days ago

    So LA I love it. (by Overheard LA)

  • Danny Middleton
    Danny Middleton 15 days ago

    Whats the measurements for a single serving? Only the amount of the nut milk was given for the single serving

  • Stella Rose
    Stella Rose 15 days ago

    Oh my gosh I LOVE REISHI! 🍄💓

  • yasonrohan44
    yasonrohan44 16 days ago

    So...can I add this to wine?

  • Erica W
    Erica W 16 days ago

    can you post the recipe for the latte exact measurments

  • Teagan Milton
    Teagan Milton 16 days ago

    I love the stranger things poster in the background we love a stranger things queen!!!!

  • Grace Stout
    Grace Stout 17 days ago

    "oh thats god!"

  • Beryl Walubengo
    Beryl Walubengo 18 days ago +15

    I think your anxiety reduced because you have a routine structure for intentionality not the mushroom

  • Jessica Fox
    Jessica Fox 18 days ago

    I have been taking this for almost a week now and it really helps but my mind still races at night but I am way more calm during the day

  • Rowan Pruden-Soper
    Rowan Pruden-Soper 18 days ago

    Caffeine is an obvious anxiety trigger. By eliminating caffeine from your diet it can change your anxiety levels drastically. Why would you put something that can drastically heighten anxiety (caffeine) in a drink with ingredients to help lower anxiety?

  • Rahul Gautam
    Rahul Gautam 18 days ago

    whoever suggested you ashwagandha must be a fool because ashwagndha is like viagra in india

  • Niki Kawa
    Niki Kawa 18 days ago +3

    0:51 something tells me that isnt her actual name..

  • Nandi Appiah
    Nandi Appiah 18 days ago

    Didn’t anyone else hear that music used in *TALKING* *TOM* *JETSKI* Around 5:00

  • Sabina Hertzum
    Sabina Hertzum 19 days ago

    I hope you give us an Update after about 6 months... with holistics it can take a while - even months to see the full effect, so I would love to see a follow up ;)

  • Björn Emil Karlsson
    Björn Emil Karlsson 19 days ago +26

    A lot of claims in a very short time and NOT A SINGLE SOURCE!!! Shape up, Ladylike.

  • brimstonefondue
    brimstonefondue 19 days ago

    I'll be honest, I'm a little disappointed that this isn't a discussion of the other kind of shroom. Especially since they're currently running studies on how mushrooms and how they help with anxiety and depression. Therapists aren't really allowed to talk about them as an option because they're currently illegal, but they will know about them and might be willing to discuss.

  • Alie White
    Alie White 19 days ago

    Completely unrelated. But I was just watching "A Very Potter Musical" by Starkid and I realized that DEVIN WAS CHO CHANG. I saw her and I was like "Is that Devin?" and then google was like YEs and I internally screamed.

  • Corriveau Clan Vlogs
    Corriveau Clan Vlogs 20 days ago

    Where y’all at?

  • Saskia Möller
    Saskia Möller 20 days ago

    Why dont you guys try making an own sword? That would be sooo cool!

  • John Ferguson
    John Ferguson 20 days ago

    SMH. I just realized I'm eating bacon and drinking Pepsi while watching this healthy video.

  • Aishwarya Nandkumar
    Aishwarya Nandkumar 20 days ago

    So happy for you 💖

  • andrewthezeppo
    andrewthezeppo 20 days ago

    Awful video, you should be ashamed for making it and telling people a bunch of nonsense. Also, doesn't look like it did anything for you at all so why bother posting it? Probably sponsored by the tea company you showed about a dozen times in this video.

  • timothy longmore
    timothy longmore 20 days ago

    I clicked on this because I'm a mushroom hunter. I use chaga almost every day as a cold drink/ energy drink. I don't use reishi as much. It tastes horrible. I do add it , as a tincture to my chaga juice every now and then. Chaga , reishi and many mushrooms are immune boosting too. If you live in the north you can get to the woods you can find your own reishi and chaga. It's not easy , but it is fun , ( if you like the woods). You can also buy both from people like me. I sell both chaga and reishi on ebay , as well as hundreds of other people. Generally a pound of reishi sells for around $25 US. The box of reishi she bought was maybe 1 ounce and probably cost $10 or more. Chaga sells for around $10 per pound. Ground chaga at a health food store will probably run you a hundred a pound. I not looking for customers just want to let people know. Good mushrooms don't cost that much. Reishi season starts mid june , good luck.

  • Kick It
    Kick It 20 days ago

    i did coko...an some plantz that dont know... beside that... im cured

  • jippun
    jippun 20 days ago

    jesus christ i didn’t even recognize devin in the thumbnail LOL. yikes!

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane 20 days ago +86

    Next week: trying coke to help with my sleep paralysis demon
    In video: coke as in Coca-Cola not the drug lmao u thought

  • Raina Kilbarger
    Raina Kilbarger 20 days ago

    I just wanted to say, you guys help me feel empowered in my body. I always thought to be a good girl to not show off your body. Now I know that screw being a good girl. I can still be good and show off my body and feel empowered. You really changed my mindset. Thank you so much 💖

  • MD shahad
    MD shahad 21 day ago

    how rishi powder use?

  • Jetay Swiney
    Jetay Swiney 21 day ago +1

    Devin: palms were sweaty...

    • birbs sisters
      birbs sisters 20 days ago

      Werent this in one of the other comments?

  • Kim Yonjon
    Kim Yonjon 21 day ago +1

    I love 5 stars and pretty sisters ❤️

  • sminkle
    sminkle 21 day ago

    Cultural appropriation 🤦‍♂️

  • tribefenatic
    tribefenatic 21 day ago

    i tried them too, just random ones from the bushes, i went mad for several weeks, first few weeks the mental home gave me an all clear, bunch of imbeciles

  • Tika Anderson
    Tika Anderson 21 day ago

    Ghee is not 100% dairy free. If you have an allergy to dairy or are very sensitive to dairy, do not eat it.

  • Hadeel Al Kholy
    Hadeel Al Kholy 21 day ago

    I like ladylike and their videos, however I've never been irked so much by a video to comment negatively.
    That vocal fry is just such a tired trope, I usually can ignore it, but somehow that "mushroom expert" woman, using hers to reinforce her alleged/questionable "health" tips just set me off.
    Also its herbs, the "h" isn't silent, I know Americans don't pronounce it and again I tend to ignore it, but it was mispronounced so obnoxiously in this video that again it set me off.
    On another note I'm not sure if it's cultural appropriation (doubtful?), at least I don't think so but it would be nice to have actual Asians or Asian-Americans explain the benefits of the things/ingredients they use in their food predominantly like Ghee, dates and that type of mushroom.
    End of rant.

  • Diivia Nomenescio
    Diivia Nomenescio 21 day ago

    It's almost like an episode of Portlandia

  • Sophia Woo
    Sophia Woo 21 day ago

    These are super ethnic ingredients. Sooo, you probably could've gone into a Chinese and Indian market and found all these things for less $$$

  • Princess Cootney
    Princess Cootney 21 day ago

    Of course she's from Portland

  • Emily Perkins
    Emily Perkins 21 day ago

    I went from 22 "conventional" medications down to 3... I replaced or got rid of so many things because prescription medication was NOT working for me. I've seen too many specialists and had more pokes and XRays and CT Scans and MRIs... I'm surprised I'm not mutating. I do NOT think YoungLiving Essential oils or doTERRA can cure cancer and AIDS and schizophrenia. I do think conventional medicine has it's place. But we tend to be our best advocate as a patient and a healthcare worker. I STRONGLY recommend if you're going to go down a more holistic approach that you do a lot of UNBIASED research and stay in string communication with your doctors. There's definitely a reason Ayurvedic and Chinese and Herbalism has been around so long and that a lot of our conventional medications come from some of these formulations. If it works for you, that's awesome. I feel pretty fortunate that I've found things that work for me, especially after all the health issues I've dealt with. I can't stress the unbiased research though... Because there are some scary untrue things being published and supported that can be very dangerous to your health.

  • Trey White
    Trey White 21 day ago

    The ads are getting smarter...

  • Anasuya Shekhar
    Anasuya Shekhar 22 days ago

    I had to turn this one off 1/3 of the way through. I felt very uncomfortable with the generalizations being made about other cultures' traditional medical practices. Also felt that the expert in this video is engaging in a lot of cultural appropriation.

  • Ray H
    Ray H 22 days ago

    Smoke weed

  • shakita45
    shakita45 22 days ago

    Hi Devan! I don't know if you or anyone from the team reads comments or not, but I'm very curious to know if the recipe that your naturopath gave you was a change from your normal caffeine intake in the morning before you started making the mushroom latte. I know caffeine is SO VERY MUCH tied to spikes in anxiety, and it'd be cool to know if that was also an impacting factor in addition to the mushrooms. Great video, and thank you for all the disclaimers encouraging people to talk to a professional before adapting any kind of new regiment!

  • Corey Mondello
    Corey Mondello 22 days ago

    Ghee is NOT dairy free!

  • capesummergirl
    capesummergirl 22 days ago

    I can't have caffeine/coffee as it worsens my anxiety. Is there something caffeine free I can make this with?

  • Biji Smythe
    Biji Smythe 22 days ago +5

    The amount of misinformation being put out here in this video is deplorable. It's really infuriating and puts a worse impression on an already unrespected way of trying to deal with your health issues.
    With that said, please look at other videos and research papers about how these foods can be helpful.

    • Matt
      Matt 10 days ago +1

      Biji Smythe I know right she should have tried consulting with a mushroom expert like Paul Stamets or at least use google and look at the NIH database for studies.

  • Micah Rambo
    Micah Rambo 22 days ago

    So I’m doing shrooms but not shrooms

  • Pedro's Films
    Pedro's Films 22 days ago

    she even looks different! looks less physically tired

  • Brando
    Brando 22 days ago

    "but not those types of mushrooms"
    *clicks back button*

  • Ischys Syrra
    Ischys Syrra 22 days ago

    I'd love to see videos of the Chaga mushroom!

  • Zakeraa -
    Zakeraa - 22 days ago

    why do i feel so sleepy after drinking coffee?

  • Satan
    Satan 22 days ago +37

    How did i literally 100% guess what the“Herb meditation expert” would look like.