Obi-Wan Movie Moving Forward Without Ewan McGregor?


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  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 5 months ago

    They do stuff we don't want and they don't do what we do want. Great company. They must be against doing Obi-Wan because it has a male lead or it doesn't fit their left wing agenda. Even Solo still had that female robot that liked to talk about droid rights.

  • Cliven Longsight
    Cliven Longsight 5 months ago

    "Well, goodbye there!"

  • Martin Hesketh
    Martin Hesketh 6 months ago

    Don't care either way. Solo was unnecessary and achieved little, we've seen plenty of Ben Kenobi in Rebels already. Please, no more prequels, move on.

  • Rossy954
    Rossy954 6 months ago

    Ewan McGregor = Theater Not Ewan McGregor = Rental

  • toorest trikie
    toorest trikie 6 months ago

    did Obi Wan Kenobi not actually come to Earth when he went into exile and change his name to Ewan McGregor, become an actor, played himself in movies 3 times, and oh yes that means somewhere on Earth (not Tatooine) there is also a Luke Skywalker? so I mean who else could play him? oh yes and Alec Guinness and George Lucas were approached by Yoda secretly so Guinness could play him in the late 70s! so there is the reason behind that! see all quite logical. Luke would be about thirty now but far far away ;)

  • anob anob
    anob anob 6 months ago

    Lucas looked at the solo box office and said how cheap can we make a obi wan movie to make money
    and made the decision to pull the plugg on it

  • Nicholas Dickens
    Nicholas Dickens 6 months ago

    Nooo! F**k Lucasfilm!

  • Robert Lindsey
    Robert Lindsey 6 months ago

    Come on! Don’t be so silly, without him the movie would become a super flop and it would further destroy our trust with Disney at the helm of Star Wars.

  • Zennim
    Zennim 6 months ago

    i am totally not okay wit recast
    i don't want an obi wan movie, i think his story is done, leave his years in exile for the comics, BUT, if you do an spin off, it has to be ewan

    ZAPSTER 6 months ago

    Does Disney understand that they have lost most of the fan base already? The last of the fans are holding out for this movie !

  • Rafael Quinones
    Rafael Quinones 6 months ago

    No possibility at all that they would do it without Ewan.

    EXCALIBUR 916 6 months ago

    Doing a movie without ewan McGregor will be a huge mistake like han solo. use him! Im getting super annoyed with star wars lately force awaken & the last jedi and solo have been god awful for me in my opinion.

  • Matt Lafeve
    Matt Lafeve 6 months ago

    You repeat yourself alot. Love your report but I think we understand he can't say anything. Lmao 😎 just sayin

  • Vasilis Koutsokostas
    Vasilis Koutsokostas 6 months ago

    I grew up with the prequels and for me Obi Wan without Ewan is like Episode 7 without Harrison Ford.

  • The Bacons
    The Bacons 6 months ago

    This would be bad news. I hate the prequels but obviously it has to be Ewan. He looks like Alec Guinness, he’s a fan favorite, he’s the right age and we can’t have 3 different Obi-Wans
    Besides, he’s a great actor

  • Brad Hoyt
    Brad Hoyt 6 months ago

    You really would be okay with a recast? Unsubscribing...

  • Joshua Truby
    Joshua Truby 6 months ago

    No Ewan not buying a ticket. Will just wait for it to come out on cabel

  • Chris Hester
    Chris Hester 6 months ago

    So many trolls, so little time...

  • Legen Alvarado
    Legen Alvarado 6 months ago

    They better not recast him. After TLJ I will quit SW.

  • Stephan Saxton
    Stephan Saxton 6 months ago

    If they do an origin story, then yes, they need to find a different actor that can do it. A younger one. Because then it would take place before part 1. Can't have an older actor play a super young character. However, if the movie takes place between 3 and 4, then Ewan is definitely a must have. Solo was an origin story for Han, why put Ford in it, when he looks older than he did in 4, 5, and 6. So as time goes by, characters look younger as thet get older? Like jesus people use your brains

  • Alex Gustafsson
    Alex Gustafsson 6 months ago

    The guy who plays Ser Jorah Mormont in Game of Thrones could be a really good middle-aged Obi-Wan

  • Carolyn Leshock
    Carolyn Leshock 6 months ago

    James Arnold Taylor is the only Obi Wan I'd want to see in film if they don't have Ewan.

  • Ben V
    Ben V 6 months ago

    If they recast, I’ll wait for Redbox.

  • specks dude
    specks dude 6 months ago +1

    Obi wan movie without ewan mcgregor, thats like the john campea show without john campea

  • Colethunder10
    Colethunder10 6 months ago

    No. Ewan McGregor or no Obi-Wan movie. Period.

  • Arturo Benavides
    Arturo Benavides 6 months ago

    There is no reason why you wouldn’t use McGregor as obi wan. If they recast him I would lose all respect, and finally give up on this new Star Wars franchise.

  • Manchego Cheese
    Manchego Cheese 6 months ago

    There’s absolutely no chance whatsoever Disney would greenlight an Obi-Wan film without McGregor. Zero. Nada. Nien. Star Wars is on thin enough ice with its fan base as is, imagine they announce they’ve re-cast Obi-Wan!

  • Patricia GM
    Patricia GM 6 months ago

    I'm not ok if they re-cast. I won't watch that movie unless reviews are awesome.

  • jeremy144713
    jeremy144713 6 months ago

    If they don’t include Ewan, then Disney is clearly not in the business of fan service, now there is TOO MUCH fan service but if 90% of your fans want Ewan back and they don’t cast Ewan they clearly don’t respect the fans when everyone wants Ewan back. It just doesn’t make sense if Kathleen Kennedy doesn’t cast Ewan. It probably be the end of her career from the backlash

  • Andrew Ford
    Andrew Ford 6 months ago

    If Disney do this it's just going to further establish how out of touch they are with the fan-base and their audience. By that point it'll be like they're trying to purposefully sabotage the Star Wars brand by making such a huge mistake. If we can't have Ewan in the Obi-Wan movie, then as far as I'm concerned there shouldn't be an Obi-Wan movie at all - simple as that.

  • Matt Alexander
    Matt Alexander 6 months ago

    No no no re casting, Ewan is obi wan end off

  • Ryan Owens
    Ryan Owens 6 months ago


  • Joe Nesvick
    Joe Nesvick 6 months ago +1

    Recasting Ewan wouldn’t match continuity, unless they CGI Alec. Fans would cry out: “Noooooooooooooo!”

  • Carlos André
    Carlos André 6 months ago

    No. They definitely can not make a Obi-Wan movie without Ewan. Just forget about it, if you aren't using him.

  • pjamese3
    pjamese3 6 months ago

    What would be the point in seeing an Obi-Wan movie without Ewan McGregor? He's said he wanted to do it before, but now Disney's running scared after Solo bombed. Nobody really wanted Solo. Everybody wants Ewan McGregor. He's the one thing Trilogy fans and Prequel fans can agree on.

  • Space Jam
    Space Jam 6 months ago

    The thing with recasting, only works when its in different ERAs like you said
    -Middle aged
    Ewan McGregor already did the young, but since he is now the proper age for an Obi wan between Ep. 3 and 4
    they HAVE to use him to make it proper in anyone's minds. Recasting for the sake of recasting is the worst decision a company can make, especially an actor that is loved by everyone.
    I don't see them carrying on without him

  • Amanda Lee
    Amanda Lee 6 months ago

    If they use someone else I think we need to go get Daddy's belt.

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf 6 months ago +3

    They would be insane to make that movie without Ewan Mcgregor.

  • Dustin Caldwell
    Dustin Caldwell 6 months ago

    I don't think we need an Obi-Wan movie, should make a film about original characters in an unexplored era.

  • Rory Lennon
    Rory Lennon 6 months ago

    Lucasfilm can instantly win back the love of the fans if they just announce a release date, director and Mcgregor's return for this Obi Wan film

  • Van Gelis
    Van Gelis 6 months ago

    EWan or not at all.

  • Jim Palace
    Jim Palace 6 months ago

    Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. He was one of the bright spots of the prequel trilogy. He embodied Obi-Wan more than Alec Guinness did. Come on Kennedy. You can't be that stupid. Maybe she wants to make Obi-Wan a female.....

  • David Branstetter
    David Branstetter 6 months ago

    Call me paranoid but ABC's The View (owned by Disney) intentionally brought up Obi-Wan to test the waters on whether or not there was enough interest in an Obi-Wan movie. I saw a similar quote the next day and I feel like they're tracking interest by the amount of youtube views these videos are getting. After the disappointing box office of Solo they want to make sure they're making the right decision.

  • Crimson Fucker
    Crimson Fucker 6 months ago

    Re-cast... No thanks.

  • andersenkalle
    andersenkalle 6 months ago +1

    They don’t need to do it with Mcgregor. And i certainly don’t need to buy a ticket.

  • Russell M. Hossain
    Russell M. Hossain 6 months ago +1


  • Shaggy Is God
    Shaggy Is God 6 months ago +2

    No Ewan, No Me

  • Zinin
    Zinin 6 months ago

    Hello there !

  • Blake Bennett
    Blake Bennett 6 months ago

    no we dont need a third obi won

  • Blake Bennett
    Blake Bennett 6 months ago

    neither. it is in development hell. this is clickbait.

  • Tom Grocutt
    Tom Grocutt 6 months ago +2

    If he’s not casted, I’m not buying a ticket. This and the revival of clone wars is the only thing keeping me in the Star Wars universe.

  • norman smith
    norman smith 6 months ago

    i bet Kathleen Kennedy wants to cast Bruce Jenner or kaitlyn or whatever name it is. she's already destroyed star wars

  • Palko Miechal
    Palko Miechal 6 months ago +1

    I think you are absolutly right

  • Gesus
    Gesus 6 months ago

    Next Original Trilogy special edition replace Alec Guinness with Ewan Mc Gregor!
    Kidding, but still Ewan Mc Gregor is a great actor, is a awesome, a more entertaining version of Obi-wan and is now starting to look a bit old now so he is perfect. He is perfect and wants to do, the only reason not to do is if you are intentional trying to piss people off.

  • George Lucas
    George Lucas 6 months ago +54

    Doing Obi Wan without McGregor would make Jar Jar look like a work of genius.

    • Outlaw
      Outlaw 6 months ago


    • ddm62571
      ddm62571 6 months ago

      It wouldn't be as bad as Jar Jar but still not good!

    • The Bacons
      The Bacons 6 months ago

      George Lucas nah but it would be a mistake

    • CMDR JAY
      CMDR JAY 6 months ago +1

      save us mr lucas

  • W-James
    W-James 6 months ago

    I personally don't want to see an Obi-Wan movie. I want new stories and new new characters that actually expand the universe.

  • MannyNCF
    MannyNCF 6 months ago

    Love your show... gotta 100% disagree. I’d be uninterested if no Ewan

  • Marco Esquandolas
    Marco Esquandolas 6 months ago

    We need more politics in SW! More fighting for the trans, the women, the minority, the muslim, the poor, the handicap, the dingleberry off Michael Moore's anus.

  • MarvelLover1016
    MarvelLover1016 6 months ago

    If they can bring back Jimmy Smits in Rogue One, they can definitely bring back Ewan. Fans would riot.

  • Krolliox
    Krolliox 6 months ago

    Why in the hell would Disney recast Obi-Wan, that would be one of the most stupid move that they could. He has already aged enough to play an older Obi-Wan set in a few years before A New Hope, also since Solo was a failure because being a movie that nobody ask for just imagine an Obi-Wan movie that almost all the fans have been asking for years and at the same time because they want to see Ewan McGregor return as Obi-Wan but if he's not the one to play that character then expect an even bigger failure than Solo because no one is going to see that movie.

  • Jaga Jagadeesan
    Jaga Jagadeesan 6 months ago

    If they had learned anything from Solo, they would listen to the audience and go with Ewan. I won't care about anything they put out without Ewan.

  • Paul Meredith
    Paul Meredith 6 months ago

    The negotiations were short.

  • Chad Hagans
    Chad Hagans 6 months ago

    Just No! This movie should have been out already. There are 2 Obi Wans; Ewan and Sir Alec and unfortunately Sir Alec ain't here so that leaves Ewan, the one true Obi Wan Kenobi

  • sharpshooternews
    sharpshooternews 6 months ago

    it will fall harder than solo if no Ewan

  • Judson Coe
    Judson Coe 6 months ago

    Disney owned The View asked him about it and showed a picture of him as Kenobi. The chances of him playing the role soon are 100%

  • Jeffrey P
    Jeffrey P 6 months ago

    If Ewan is not Obi Wan, I'm out! He and Alec are Obi Wan and I will accept no substitutes!

  • Javed Ahmed
    Javed Ahmed 6 months ago

    A Obi-Wan movie without him would BOMB at the box office. This has been high on so many fans wish lists that if Disney fail to deliver that, it would destroy whatever goodwill fans have left given how hated The Last Jedi and lacklustre Solo were.

  • jschalembier
    jschalembier 6 months ago

    They brought back actors from the prequels for Rogue One. They should do the same for Obi-Wan.

  • P374Wilma
    P374Wilma 6 months ago

    I loved the last Jedi. Really enjoyed Solo.......but if they make an obi wan movie without Ewan.........I’m done

  • Darren Lee
    Darren Lee 6 months ago

    I heard Tom Hanks is always up for a role as hermit on a desert planet...

  • Polly Bonanzas
    Polly Bonanzas 6 months ago

    I honestly hope that if they do make that movie, that they use Ewan McGregor. I, along with many other Star Wars fans, feel like he was one, if not the best thing to come out of the prequels.

  • MrJonathanGirvan
    MrJonathanGirvan 6 months ago

    What if an Obi Wan movie is also a Boba Fett movie? It could be Boba Fett (played by Temuera Morrison) travelling to Tatooine because as Maul has a bounty on Obi Wan (played by Ewan McGregor) and Fett has a suspicion that this is where he will find him. Obi Wan spends his time scaring Sand People away from Owen, Beru, and Luke. Sand People are terrified of Kenobi. After Fett ruthlessly kills nearby moisture farmers, Obi Wan realises he has to stop Fett otherwise Luke will be in danger. Owen tells Kenobi not to get involved as he'll only make it worse. Owen, Beru, and Luke prepare to go into hiding. Obi Wan goes to stop Boba Fett from killing others, this time Jawas (just because). However, this was a trap to draw Obi Wan out and Fett wounds Kenobi. Obi Wan faces this big moral dilemma about continuing to fight his foes or running. Fighting risks drawing the attention of Empire but running will leave a young Luke Skywalker unprotected. It could show Obi Wan struggling in morally grey atmosphere and also show is Force powers weakening as he ages.
    Obi Wan is on the edge of death, lost in the Dune Sea but Qui Gon Jinn (reprised by Liam Neeson of course) appears to him as a Force Ghost. Jinn tells Kenobi he has not completed the Force Ghost training, and if he dies now, he won't be able to become a Ghost. Jinn tells Obi Wan that he must train Luke. This could lead to a cool moment with Obi Wan arguing that Jinn was responsible for Darth Vader, or it could explore how Jinn and Kenobi met.
    Meanwhile, Fett has Obi Wan cornered. Then we see other bounty hunters led by Qi'ra trying to stop Boba Fett from reaching Kenobi because they want the kill for themselves. We see a ruthless battle between them, which draws the attention of Jabba and there is a turf war between Maul's mercenaries and Jabba's gangsters. This puts innocents at risk and draws Obi Wan out to put an end to it because he can't ignore this even though he wants to take the opportunity to hide. Obi Wan gets the drop on Fett but does not kill him. They could tease Obi Wan's past romance with Satine by showing Obi Wan's reluctance to kill a Mandelorian.
    Maul's forces realise who Obi Wan is and are going to signal to Maul, when Boba Fett unleashes a caged young rancor that goes on a rampage and kills Maul's forces. Obi Wan escapes but not before using the Force to drop rocks on the rancor to subdue it. People begin to wonder if they witnessed a Jedi save them. But since everyone was in hiding and did not see the full thing, Boba Fett takes credit for it and allows Jabba's forces capture it and take it back to Jabba as his new pet. With this betrayal Maul's standing in the criminal underworld begins to collapse, as Jabba vows to wage war on Maul if his forces ever come to Tatooine again. Through this Fett earns Jabba's respect because of how he fought and is given free rein.
    Obi Wan returns to watch over Luke, and is blamed by Uncle Owen for recent events, as Owen resents Jedi. He wants Obi Wan to leave and says that it is only a matter of time before Obi Wan's actions bring Maul, or the Empire (or both) to their front door. Beru convinces Owen that without Obi Wan, they and Luke are defenceless.
    There could also be a cameo from Han and Chewie passing Boba Fett at Jabba's palace to do the fateful smuggling job. That way, it ties up loose ends from Solo in a satisfying way that would not be too great a distraction from the story.
    Or something like that. I know my story isn't that great, but hopefully genuine story writers could find a better way of making different elements come together. Once that's done, they can move onto "Many Bothans Died: A Star Wars Story".

  • Joe McKim
    Joe McKim 6 months ago

    Ewan is willing to do the movie so why would they go forward with the movie without him?

  • Joshua P Contreras
    Joshua P Contreras 6 months ago

    Click bate

  • Brian Michaels
    Brian Michaels 6 months ago

    Totally misleading clickbait title.
    It is NOT a possibility.
    If an Obi Wan movie is made, it WILL be Ewan. Disney has pumped the brakes and there is no green light yet, but it is still in soft development.

  • dway music
    dway music 6 months ago

    Disney is ruining everything if this is true

  • Derek Scanlan
    Derek Scanlan 6 months ago

    everyone wants ewan back as obi-wan. if they recast, they are insane. if they don't do the movie, they are insane.
    just look at this comment section

  • Dhruv Deshpande
    Dhruv Deshpande 6 months ago

    Did the they not learn their lesson with Solo?

  • Bruno de Souza
    Bruno de Souza 6 months ago

    He's good on the role, he has the perfect age, and they don't learn nothing from Solo?

  • Gerald Tarrant
    Gerald Tarrant 6 months ago +1

    If Evan is not in it. I'm not with it.

  • MyarcV2
    MyarcV2 6 months ago

    I don't see the point?

  • Alex Maverick
    Alex Maverick 6 months ago

    I'd rather this movie not happen. I'm perfectly okay living in a world without this movie when the alternative is another terrible Disney Star Wars movie.

  • LordOf TheBricks
    LordOf TheBricks 6 months ago +3

    Usually I'm fine with recasting, but for this situation, I literally see 0 reasons to do it. One of the reasons people want Obi-Wan movie is because Ewan, if they recast him, movie will loose 80 percent of point why it should exist

  • ProjectGeekSpeak
    ProjectGeekSpeak 6 months ago

    To move forward with this movie without McGregor Will be the straw that breaks the camels back for me. Star Wars is already irrelevant. It’s absolute garbage. The last little Ember of hope that I have for this franchise is almost out. These incompetent fools better choose their next words carefully or I’m out.

  • Lake Cresva National Park
    Lake Cresva National Park 6 months ago +4

    Fans: we want this and are excited for it.
    Lucas Film: ok we will give you what you want except we will take out all the reasons you wanted it.

  • Nick Maggio
    Nick Maggio 6 months ago

    Gotta be honest I would not be ok with recasting Obi-Wan. If Disney announced the movie with a new actor in the role that would be the final straw for me.

  • SnyFlemFilms
    SnyFlemFilms 6 months ago +1

    If they recast Ewan McGregor I say James Arnold Taylor as Obi Wan since he is amazing at the voice and actor... but still Ewan McGregor still needs to come back..

  • Kaptain Kafir
    Kaptain Kafir 6 months ago

    there are like 38 seasons of those godawful clone wars, 3 prequels and the OT. do you people really need to see every second of this man's life on the screen?

  • Horse Renoir
    Horse Renoir 6 months ago

    Nope. I won't be watching if Ewan isn't involved. Simple as that.

  • PlainBagel
    PlainBagel 6 months ago

    Obi wan will have a gender change....because Kathleen Kennedy

  • Elbert Lee
    Elbert Lee 6 months ago

    I WOULD trust Cruise to run a sub franchise within the DC Film Universe. He is on a role with MI. Lucasfilm has no idea how to ideate and to innovate

  • Mario Falcone 91
    Mario Falcone 91 6 months ago

    boo disney

  • TrojanofNarnia
    TrojanofNarnia 6 months ago +1

    While John is the type of person that is okay with recasting, he has to realize that most movie goers are not. People didn't care for a Harrison Ford-less Solo movie (even though it absolutely made sense to cast a young man), and that showed at the box office (honestly that's not a movie that should've been made, despite the fact I liked it). What makes you think that they all the sudden will be cool with an Obi Wan movie without Ewan? Especially since Ewan is the perfect age for Obi Wan.
    I do agree with John that this means nothing. A similar situation just happened with Mark Hamill. People kept asking him if he was going to be in 9, and he said that he hadn't heard anything about it. He said that again a few days before he was announced to be in 9 lol. This is Star Wars protocol for avoiding questions lol.

  • LoN3wOlF5tudi0s
    LoN3wOlF5tudi0s 6 months ago

    Star Wars fans: We don't want a Han Solo spinoff movie, that's pointless!
    Also Star Wars fans: We want an Obi-Wan spinoff movie set when he was a weird old hermit on Tatooine watching a boy grow up.

    • LightS4bre
      LightS4bre 6 months ago

      The difference between those 2 scenarios is fans have been clamoring for years for Ewan to reprise his role as Obi Wan ..i saw you comment elsewhere that a movie about him roaming the desert baby sitting Luke from afar is pretty pointless..and you are 100% right.. but thats how much people loved his take on that character - a Obi Wan in the desert movie starring Ewan Mcgreggor would be met with thunderous applause if it got announced .. Im not a super hardcore StarWars fan.. but i never in my life heard people clamoring for a Solo movie and when it was announced at Celebration, you could feel the lack of enthusiasm .. i guarantee if that announcement was Ewan reprising his role as Obi Wan the people would have gone bat shit crazy.

  • Emmanuelle Rodriguez
    Emmanuelle Rodriguez 6 months ago +1

    Not sure why people want a spin off Obi wan movie when we’ve seen so many movies now with a young and an old Obi wan Kenobi. He’s been in the Clone Wars tv show, he’s been in practice all the episodes except for the new ones, he’s been in Rebels, and he’s been given several stories in the comics already that are canon. So idk what more you can do for this character. He’s been through already a lot and people still want to see more of him, why not a new character or Jedi that survived the purge, or whatever. But to keep going back to these same old characters and try to fit in another story and movie in between stories and movies that have already show so much of his life already is pointless. He’s been on Tatooine for years making sure he doesn’t give himself away as a Jedi and looking after Luke until he’s old enough. There are a few short comics with Obi Wan detailing what he did, there’s also the episode with Obi Wan fighting Darth Maul on Rebels. Enough is enough.

    • LoN3wOlF5tudi0s
      LoN3wOlF5tudi0s 6 months ago

      This exactly! It's popular to say Solo was pointless, but there was far more potential with that there is with an Obi-Wan movie, and we've had way more Obi-Wan content than Han. I would also much rather new characters in new settings, which is why I'm much more interested in Rian Johnson's trilogy (possibly being fast-tracked for a 2020 release) than any more spinoffs of characters and events we already know like Obi-Wan.

  • Lael Rockwell
    Lael Rockwell 6 months ago

    If they don’t use Ewan then I see no reason to do it.

  • Chris Waltman
    Chris Waltman 6 months ago +4

    I will not see the movie without Ewan. That's the same reason why I didn't watch Solo. Is because Harrison Ford didn't come back. Same principal in effect.

    • Chris Waltman
      Chris Waltman 6 months ago +1

      +Chris Gundy
      Oh yes it was. I stayed wide awake during the force awakens. I fell asleep during phantom menace. It was so damn boring, plus a overriding desire to shoot Jar Jar.

    • Chris Gundy
      Chris Gundy 6 months ago

      True. Like Michael Douglas in Ant-Man. Ford must've not wanted it or Disney just screwed the pooch. The Force Awakens was not better than The Phantom Menace....

    • Chris Waltman
      Chris Waltman 6 months ago

      +Chris Gundy
      They could have used CGI to bring Harrison Ford back. They already did it with Gov. Tarkin in Rouge One.
      I liked episode 7 & 8. I had a few disappointments with episode 8, but it wasn't a bad movie. The last 2 movies were better than episode 1 & 2.

    • Chris Gundy
      Chris Gundy 6 months ago

      Except Solo was a prequel so Harrison Ford wouldn't have made sense. Solo was better that 7 & 8 combined.

  • Rez Instance
    Rez Instance 6 months ago

    I will boycott this movie.

  • Chris frmchi
    Chris frmchi 6 months ago

    Ewan said yes to Disney's Christopher Robin...he'll say yes to Obi-wan when the time comes.

  • Gnome Saiyan
    Gnome Saiyan 6 months ago

    I am 100% OK with creators lying to us about these things. It's better to be lied to and pleasantly surprised down the road than being told "Yep, we're working on it" and then find out later it fell through.
    It's like the Russos saying "All of the deaths in Infinity War are permanent." Yeah, sure. I get why you have to say that, and I'd rather hear that and have it possibly be the truth than hearing "No, some are gonna be back" and there's no suspense there.