This Week I Learned to Split an Apple with my Hands

  • Published on Aug 10, 2017
  • This week I learned how to split an apple in half with my bare hands. It's pretty easy. Try it! :)
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Comments • 3 220

  • Karolina Poynter
    Karolina Poynter 10 hours ago

    I learned to open a bottle of beer with a sheet of paper when I was 13 lol. No one even uses openers in my country.

  • Sungkyun Im
    Sungkyun Im 15 hours ago

    Is this an asmr vid now?

  • Jackie chu
    Jackie chu Day ago

    This man has learned everything.
    Basically the living Swiss Army knife

  • Finger bits Clark westy 48

    I'm 12 and i can do it😁😁

  • Papa Henrik
    Papa Henrik 2 days ago

    Go for something big like a pink lady.
    -Mike Boyd

  • Jørgen elias Strandskog

    I can do that in 4 second

  • EmptyEditsYT
    EmptyEditsYT 2 days ago

    *Very cool mike!*

  • Cubing Adventures
    Cubing Adventures 2 days ago

    Who needs knives?

  • Cubing Adventures
    Cubing Adventures 2 days ago

    You forgot to say day one hour zero

  • I have to wait 90 days to change my name

    To show you the power of flex tape, I Split this Apple in half!

  • ian brades
    ian brades 3 days ago

    I have to try this now

  • Foster_2204
    Foster_2204 3 days ago

    Im a 13 yo german and I opened my first (beer) bottle with another when I was 9

  • My Channel
    My Channel 3 days ago

    U good at life I’m a fan

  • Connor, TheDigitalDorito

    I once opened a bottle of beer with my hand and it wasn’t twist off.

  • MikeLikesMilk _
    MikeLikesMilk _ 4 days ago

    *Mike: "Who need's knives?"*
    That makes seriously no sense.

  • MikeLikesMilk _
    MikeLikesMilk _ 4 days ago

    *My new favourite TVclipr.*

  • AlexRVX8
    AlexRVX8 4 days ago

    Red apples are harder than green ones.

  • S SS
    S SS 4 days ago

    Are you Joseph Costello? Your like twins

    GROVLIOM 4 days ago

    4:02 you was wrong

  • Täter Blog
    Täter Blog 4 days ago +1

    I can open it with my nikeshoes. 😅

  • Bigpapa isaboss
    Bigpapa isaboss 4 days ago

    5:00 that's what she sead

  • John Snake
    John Snake 5 days ago

    That not how I do it. I form a heart-shape with my palms and middle-fingers and then use the lower ends of palms as a leverage when I tear the apple in half (from top to bottom).

  • louis hesseler
    louis hesseler 5 days ago

    Till 2:30 I as a German just tought that everybody knows how to Open up bottles like this but seems like we germans really love a good beer😂

  • Enoro
    Enoro 5 days ago

    I skipped all your steps and went from bottle openers to bottle with a bottle... Gotta say it took me about half of both those bottles content tho, but after that it was easy :P

  • ice-cream
    ice-cream 5 days ago

    Just when you think you know it, it does not work

  • Scarf
    Scarf 5 days ago

    easier to just use a fucking knife

  • Борислав Джибаров

    the music is lazarbeam's outro music 2:47

  • Zero
    Zero 5 days ago

    Perfectly Balanced

  • sajjad mirhoseini
    sajjad mirhoseini 5 days ago

    fuck your self , mother crazy !!!

  • That One
    That One 5 days ago

    My method is to just throw it as hard as I can at a wall or the ground. Loses some juice, but gets the job done!

  • kaylee isyourmom
    kaylee isyourmom 5 days ago

    I did this in 2 tries at lunch

  • Frej Pettersson
    Frej Pettersson 5 days ago

    Today, I learned to Split an Atom with my Toe

  • Rednas07
    Rednas07 6 days ago

    The bottom bottle opens ( with opening a bottle with a bottle) because the lid from the upper bottle is pushing against your finger that prevents it from opening

  • Ayla Andersen
    Ayla Andersen 6 days ago

    Can u open a bottled drink with like a restaurant napkin?

  • Paul Mogos
    Paul Mogos 6 days ago

    Ok in romania even 10 year olds open them with their hands :))) Just put your thumbs on the upper part and just EEEE and easy !

  • Luke Mcilraith
    Luke Mcilraith 6 days ago

    Why you get stuf from Morrisons

  • IceX_28 GamePlay
    IceX_28 GamePlay 7 days ago

    Try to do it with a paperclip

  • Matt Vlog
    Matt Vlog 7 days ago +1

    In Soviet Rusia can open a bottle with half apple

  • Minecraft Animations

    Twist and pull

  • Awesome Ash
    Awesome Ash 7 days ago

    “YES!, I beat the red delicious”
    Me: Wtf? 🤨

  • Ryan Hartono
    Ryan Hartono 7 days ago

    the easiest way to split it without anything is. hit it against a table.

  • Kosta Velev
    Kosta Velev 7 days ago

    I can sense l the strain.

  • Sry Wut
    Sry Wut 7 days ago

    I know how to split an apple with my finger

  • I Thought
    I Thought 7 days ago


  • Jaxson
    Jaxson 8 days ago

    You can easily karate chop it in half

  • Sypthr
    Sypthr 8 days ago +2

    4:59 that what she said

  • Mr. Bird
    Mr. Bird 9 days ago

    I'm doing this at school

  • Skyler P.C.
    Skyler P.C. 10 days ago

    I've been doing this for a little while and I've learned that if you can't split the smaller ones you can cheat a little and cut a line through the skin at the top using your thumbnail. Usually splits after that.

  • Fussy Bear
    Fussy Bear 10 days ago

    lazar beams intro btw

  • Pielewiepje
    Pielewiepje 10 days ago

    I aready did that 😂😂

  • Bella R
    Bella R 10 days ago

    did he drink all those j2os tho

    КОСМО KOT 10 days ago

    Моя мама так голыми руками может..

  • Reece Taylor
    Reece Taylor 11 days ago

    Fuck off was this made a year ago!!

  • Papi Sqwashi
    Papi Sqwashi 11 days ago

    Mike B
    Mike Bo
    Mike Boy
    Mike Boyd
    Mike Boy
    Mike Bo
    Mike B

  • Kaktu kornis
    Kaktu kornis 12 days ago

    i could split apple perfectly when i was like 7

  • Cosmin Larie
    Cosmin Larie 12 days ago

    I was doing this when I was like 10

  • Carl Humphreys
    Carl Humphreys 13 days ago

    Put the apple in the bottle with chopsticks!

  • NeptuneFrost
    NeptuneFrost 13 days ago

    Reminds me of my 2nd grade teacher giving us that same challenge one day, she said she did it all the time when she was younger. The way she did it was on her thigh like you're doing, but she put her thumbs in the little hole at the top (idk what to call it, sorry lol) and basically "pulled" it in half with her hands, the leg for support. I have to say that your way looked a lot more difficult, but I mean, it works!

  • Dat Meme
    Dat Meme 13 days ago

    The apples are fake

  • Mehdi Musawi
    Mehdi Musawi 13 days ago

    I just hit it in the side of a table

  • Minnesotn Mapping
    Minnesotn Mapping 13 days ago

    *they invent twist off apples*

  • Arethik
    Arethik 14 days ago

    I tried this but failed so I just sliced it up and ate it

  • Luke Tipping
    Luke Tipping 14 days ago

    That must’ve cost a fortune! J2O ain’t cheap!
    And Budweiser tastes like watery piss by the way. Bad choice, man. #AmericanPissWater

  • Penguin Playz
    Penguin Playz 14 days ago

    I have been eating split apples since I saw this video.

  • Ghettoplays
    Ghettoplays 14 days ago

    You can also take the stem out and chop it in half really easily. I loved doing that in elementary school

  • BTD Crow
    BTD Crow 14 days ago

    A minute and a half
    Thats a lot video

  • Ouch Oof
    Ouch Oof 14 days ago

    I beat the red delicious, yes!

  • valdi ananda tauhid
    valdi ananda tauhid 14 days ago

    0:41 i think it's like lever

  • Chicken on a comet yt
    Chicken on a comet yt 14 days ago

    I'm Scottish too! Hey

  • Jake TheSnake gaming
    Jake TheSnake gaming 14 days ago

    Learn how to make full court shot in basketball

  • Maxwell Jamison
    Maxwell Jamison 14 days ago

    *I want apple sauce now*

  • The silent Gamer
    The silent Gamer 15 days ago

    The bottom one opens because there is Preasure on the top one
    Like if you take ur drivers liscense and put it over a cup with water. The water wont spill

  • Varia
    Varia 15 days ago

    I knew how to do that when i was 9

  • SlimJIm
    SlimJIm 15 days ago

    whose here in 2018😂

  • John Doe
    John Doe 15 days ago

    David Carradine from "Circle of Iron" would be proud of you.

  • DK's Loot
    DK's Loot 15 days ago +4

    That's lazer beams outro 3:27

  • TT CC
    TT CC 15 days ago

    Best tutorial ever

  • TheOnlySamuru
    TheOnlySamuru 15 days ago

    lazarlazar bg music

    #BITCHIGO 15 days ago

    *tries* , *crush the whole fucking apple*

  • 火影Skrt
    火影Skrt 15 days ago

    In Soviet Russia Bottles just love you

  • Thejackhack927 \wow/
    Thejackhack927 \wow/ 17 days ago

    When my friend was 12 he crushed an apple with one hand

  • Ehmm Fortnite
    Ehmm Fortnite 17 days ago

    I useually use my foots, but ok

  • Jet Ardeshna
    Jet Ardeshna 17 days ago

    A big lady

  • mr. whatever
    mr. whatever 18 days ago

    I can open whit my hands

  • cc Cats
    cc Cats 18 days ago

    Who else noticed the lazarbeam outdo music

  • ________ ________
    ________ ________ 18 days ago

    My Dad opened a Glass Beer Bottle with his bare Hands

  • erringpho po
    erringpho po 18 days ago

    Bottle lever
    Fulcrum: your finger
    Weight: cap

  • Harry Knight
    Harry Knight 18 days ago +1

    Did anyone notice at 3:25 it had the true heart emote song???

    • Adam Law
      Adam Law 17 days ago

      Harry Knight dont u mean LazarBeams outro song?

  • Going2kilzu
    Going2kilzu 18 days ago

    another way to split an apple is to stick your index finger on the top of the apple. an u dont have to slam your palm into your finger but try to give it enough force. its like cutting an apple with a dull blade

  • Classmates Are weird
    Classmates Are weird 18 days ago

    The new asmr food

  • NonStop Pear
    NonStop Pear 19 days ago

    I ripped an apple in half in 3rd grade for $10 and I did it hoping I would do it and I did it so easy I'm not trying to flex it is honestly easy

  • Amund Eilertsen
    Amund Eilertsen 19 days ago


  • Ethan Bobak
    Ethan Bobak 19 days ago

    I can do it !!!!!!!!!!

  • Tyler Johnston
    Tyler Johnston 19 days ago


  • Anupam Krishna
    Anupam Krishna 19 days ago +1

    Open a bottle with an apple

  • Kirith
    Kirith 19 days ago

    I now know what they mean by watching weird videos when you should be asleep. It is literally midnight as i watch this and I love the fact that i just proved memes right

  • Somenerdydoodles
    Somenerdydoodles 20 days ago

    Now try to crack open a coconut

  • Akashdeep Singh
    Akashdeep Singh 20 days ago +1

    But, how did you drink all?

  • Josip Cvitković
    Josip Cvitković 20 days ago

    I open bottles of "soda" with the ring on my finger. Its really easy

  • henryscp 07
    henryscp 07 20 days ago

    In Germany when u ars old enough to drink bear u learn how to open it with prety much anything