This Week I Learned to Split an Apple with my Hands

  • Published on Aug 10, 2017
  • This week I learned how to split an apple in half with my bare hands. It's pretty easy. Try it! :)
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Comments • 2 329

  • Isaias Abades
    Isaias Abades 2 days ago

    No J2O bottles where harmed in the making of this video

  • Nikola Poiukov
    Nikola Poiukov 2 days ago

    1:30 obviously a lie

  • Tubax
    Tubax 4 days ago

    You look so similar to agadmators chess

  • kyler124
    kyler124 5 days ago

    This is easy all I do is punch it and it splits

  • Gumball Darwin
    Gumball Darwin 5 days ago +1

    Party elitist

  • Soso Matiashvili
    Soso Matiashvili 6 days ago +1

    Master chess, play chess until you hit 2000 elo points

  • Carson
    Carson 6 days ago

    It’s ok, nobody eats Red Delicious apples anyway

  • Nghĩa Lê Trọng
    Nghĩa Lê Trọng 6 days ago

    Can you open those bottles with toilet paper ??? :*

  • La Forza
    La Forza 7 days ago

    I can do it I'm 12 and I could do it since I was 10/11

  • Leighton Bunting
    Leighton Bunting 9 days ago


  • Disabled pigeon Miguel

    *T W I L*

  • Noxxie
    Noxxie 10 days ago

    I don’t know howyou do it but I’ve been going at an apple for 5 minutes and nothing

  • Douglas
    Douglas 10 days ago

    that moment when beer is twist cap, and my grape soda isnt...

  • asmir Skenderi
    asmir Skenderi 10 days ago

    You are bad at faking things

  • Naruto Romania
    Naruto Romania 10 days ago

    Actually, the best way to break an apple in half, it's to put your thumbs in the higher gap, and hold it with the other fingers. And then just pull it apart with your hands. I learned this from my 2 years dead grandma. A good lesson when you are at school. :]

  • Brittant Knap
    Brittant Knap 13 days ago

    Also you can use the paper like a wrench

  • Brittant Knap
    Brittant Knap 13 days ago

    I already knew where this was going

  • Brittant Knap
    Brittant Knap 13 days ago

    It’s called leverage

  • Zaih Castanon
    Zaih Castanon 13 days ago

    The music gets all sad when he finds out Budweiser went to twist caps 🤣

  • azax
    azax 14 days ago

    does this work on green apples

  • TnG Mist
    TnG Mist 15 days ago

    I used to be able to do that

  • Blazertron
    Blazertron 16 days ago

    if you look at the thumbnail from a distance and unfocus your eyes, it looks like something else...

  • szymonozimek
    szymonozimek 17 days ago


  • MH LiiMiiTz
    MH LiiMiiTz 17 days ago

    The story was fake.

  • maschy pee
    maschy pee 18 days ago

    Learned this from my mum when I was about 8...never gets boring...👍

  • Mango 1
    Mango 1 18 days ago

    You inspired me to try for my own and it worked! Thank you very much keep on the doos work!

  • Big Fan
    Big Fan 18 days ago

    i could literally do this when i was like 15 with no training whatsoever

  • Mutantcy1992
    Mutantcy1992 19 days ago

    How to pronounce "series" like Mike Boyd: CDs

  • Omer Zauber
    Omer Zauber 20 days ago

    open a bottle with a apple

  • pikachu sir fun 22
    pikachu sir fun 22 20 days ago

    twil also stand for Thanos Will Innovate Lawyers

  • Üri Barchana Gafni
    Üri Barchana Gafni 20 days ago

    thought this was gonna be really tricky as my hands are pretty long not very muscly but before watching your videos I decided to give it a try, no videos, never attempted this before, by the time i grabbed the apple and went to my desk i figured it out... pretty neat

  • Lil J
    Lil J 20 days ago

    5:04 " like a big lady"

  • Florent Beqiraj
    Florent Beqiraj 21 day ago

    Guinness World Records

  • flying pig
    flying pig 22 days ago

    It actually works

  • ZFKC- -2K
    ZFKC- -2K 26 days ago

    Theres another Way to do that

  • Jennifer Heffernan
    Jennifer Heffernan 28 days ago

    Learn how to use a yo-yo

  • Tex 20
    Tex 20 28 days ago

    But can you open one with a apple

  • Donatas J
    Donatas J 28 days ago

    You deserved an apple

  • tijtong
    tijtong 29 days ago

    5:10 lol who needs knifes

  • Eli Artley Art
    Eli Artley Art Month ago +1

    "Bigger is better, go for a big lady"

  • _ Zackiechan _
    _ Zackiechan _ Month ago


  • Clank boss
    Clank boss Month ago

    hey man my dad could split a key in half with his hands

  • Blizzard 5993
    Blizzard 5993 Month ago

    How can you be over 18 and not know how to open a beer without a bottle opener?

  • Aubree C
    Aubree C Month ago +1

    I did this at school and it was so funnnnnnnn!!!! Broke the Apple Watch my bare hands. First I softened the Apple on the table just a little but not too much or else it will bruise and it won’t work. After that I dug into the top of the Apple where the stem is with 4 fingers and I twisted it the opposite direction and I kept twisting until it broke. I was so surprised I did it!!!

  • Martin døssing
    Martin døssing Month ago

    I did it at home!!

  • Dávid 私は愛している

    That was 3 second for me :)

  • Mr duck
    Mr duck Month ago


  • ramses bams
    ramses bams Month ago

    that's a lot of opened bottles and broken apples... who's gonna finish all that?

  • Uzeyir Elivasli
    Uzeyir Elivasli Month ago

    4:54 iphone x

  • Lourence Fernadez
    Lourence Fernadez Month ago

    So whos gonna drink all of that

  • Andrei Silviu
    Andrei Silviu Month ago

    Its easier to place your index finger on the apple right on the top,and just hit with the other hand,with practice works from first try.Don.t worry the apple will break faster than the finger.

  • Gage Harrigan
    Gage Harrigan Month ago

    i can split an apple in half with my hands, and i’m 13😂

  • Boss
    Boss Month ago

    i did this in a minute

  • ItzWariX
    ItzWariX Month ago

    more like this minute I learned

  • TheMrNathwoz
    TheMrNathwoz Month ago

    The small one would be harder because you have less to grab onto

  • owen Mcreechan
    owen Mcreechan Month ago

    I tried it with a small apple failed

  • Dom The paper maker

    Now to get some apples

  • TheToiletlover1
    TheToiletlover1 Month ago

    Didn't know it was a skill to open a bottle with those objects. All my friends and me have been doing it for years haha

  • Ethan Piles
    Ethan Piles Month ago

    For the smaller one lay your finger across the top of the Apple and with your other hand slam down on your finger as hard as you can, breaking the Apple in to usually 2-5 pieces

  • Michael 546
    Michael 546 Month ago

    My dad knows how to open bottles with a spoon and lighter

  • Drakou111 Drakou
    Drakou111 Drakou Month ago

    Btw, you can place your thumb on it a punch on it (not too hard) and it split without pressing hard on it :P

    CALEB SETTERS Month ago

    red delicious?
    More like red and vicious…

    i'll leave now

  • Robert Dorsey
    Robert Dorsey Month ago

    of course the small one is harder because like they always say the bigger the better

  • FuzzyElixer
    FuzzyElixer Month ago

    you had way to many

  • David Chin-Shong
    David Chin-Shong Month ago

    I can do it its easy

  • mart mcphly
    mart mcphly Month ago

    i knew a guy who could open bottles with his hands, he had amazing grip strength, i learned how to open bottles with about anything when i was at a party at 18 and a guy opened my bottle with a phone, he showed me the trick and since then I've been opening everyone's bottles at party's ever since haha

  • theorypractise
    theorypractise Month ago

    Big lady....lols

  • Really Riley
    Really Riley Month ago

    What is your accent from

  • Der Stisen
    Der Stisen Month ago

    the paper trick is so Old XD

  • FghGamer GT
    FghGamer GT Month ago

    I had a really mini apple much smaller than in the video and I splitted it easly.

  • Finn O'Toole
    Finn O'Toole 2 months ago

    Haha i bet at a party everyone was drinking only j2o

    LEXA TURN'UP 2 months ago

    4:59 "bigger is better"
    /inner me/: you don't have to do it, you need to grow up

  • Augustas Viliusis
    Augustas Viliusis 2 months ago

    i can split an apple very simple

  • Teegan Fox
    Teegan Fox 2 months ago

    Pretty sure if you can palm a basketball you can't split an apple

    ENTREST 2 months ago

    lol what is this made of? lol

  • get rekt scrub 420
    get rekt scrub 420 2 months ago

    In the channel good mythical morning they did it in year 2015 that bottle opening

  • Vishnu Lal
    Vishnu Lal 2 months ago

    Try to learn #MOONWALK

  • Zeeshan Mahmud
    Zeeshan Mahmud 2 months ago

    Now try to open beer with apples?

  • tristan brew
    tristan brew 2 months ago

    I put my finger in the middle and beat it down as hard as I can

  • mzkie 1
    mzkie 1 2 months ago

    Mike the bottle wiz guy

  • Bojan Babic
    Bojan Babic 2 months ago

    I took me 15 seconds after watching your video. A small one(but not completely fresh so that might helped me). Cool trick.

  • Aadil Khan
    Aadil Khan 2 months ago

    Do a hole in the watermelon with your finger

  • Naeem Wicomb
    Naeem Wicomb 2 months ago

    My brother knows how to split open an apple with no practice

  • tae bae
    tae bae 2 months ago

    i thought you were gonna say that he gave you an apple to open the bottle with...

  • AnimeMasterRyan 123
    AnimeMasterRyan 123 2 months ago

    I think your what they call a

    Fast learner

  • jonathan Willis
    jonathan Willis 2 months ago

    I have no clue on how to grip it

  • Zafar Ismail
    Zafar Ismail 2 months ago

    Should’ve cut of the annoying music when you told us to listen to the sound it makes... pathetic

  • Parasoul
    Parasoul 2 months ago

    Learn how to beatbox

  • Epic LifeMovement
    Epic LifeMovement 2 months ago

    Made me want a drink.

  • Pure Cancer
    Pure Cancer 2 months ago

    It took me like 1 full minute but I managed to crack a small one

  • Noah Zimmerer
    Noah Zimmerer 2 months ago

    My dad can do this with a ring

  • Junebug
    Junebug 2 months ago

    Red Delicious are hard mf-ers to cut... To split one with your bare hands is very impressive! 👏🏾

  • ppSuX
    ppSuX 2 months ago

    I love J2O

  • Manan Agarwal
    Manan Agarwal 2 months ago

    Crack a bottle with hands

  • Sami Hamady
    Sami Hamady 2 months ago

    I put my finger across the top of the app’e where the stem is and smash my finger in with my other fist, it splits right down the center

  • True Gamer
    True Gamer 2 months ago +1


  • Artificial Potatoes
    Artificial Potatoes 2 months ago

    5:41 I then proceeded to have an existential crisis about what apples are made of

  • -Justin- -Adam-
    -Justin- -Adam- 2 months ago


  • -Justin- -Adam-
    -Justin- -Adam- 2 months ago

    Best part 7:02