This Week I Learned to Split an Apple with my Hands

  • Published on Aug 10, 2017
  • This week I learned how to split an apple in half with my bare hands. It's pretty easy. Try it! :)
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Comments • 3 670

  • Jake
    Jake 3 hours ago +1

    "I can hear it" Yes, that's your collarbone

  • Stormysword3240 __gaming
    Stormysword3240 __gaming 20 hours ago +1

    Hopefully I can look like a stud in front of all the girls while splitting apples

  • captain pool
    captain pool Day ago

    Its easyer to learn with thumbs method

  • David Chen
    David Chen 2 days ago

    5:03 "Go for something big, like a big lady" LOL

  • KingKobra 9559
    KingKobra 9559 2 days ago

    laser beam music? anyone

  • Yuppy
    Yuppy 4 days ago

    Whats the song at 3:35

  • Uku Ööbik
    Uku Ööbik 4 days ago


  • ding dong ditch
    ding dong ditch 5 days ago


  • Captain fatnugget
    Captain fatnugget 5 days ago

    how can you even do that with a pink lady 1 hand for me goes all the way around

  • RZCbass
    RZCbass 6 days ago

    Its so much fun to do!

  • British Lassy
    British Lassy 6 days ago

    I saw this video and did it in one second , I’m only 12
    I pushed my palms into the middle sides and just tried to crush it , depending on the strength of the apple it gets crushed or splits vertically through the core

  • Elijah Demaisip
    Elijah Demaisip 6 days ago

    It’s been patched in the new 12.5 update😢

  • Jack
    Jack 6 days ago

    “Go for something big like a big lady”

  • Psitaurho
    Psitaurho 8 days ago

    Well, in Germany you are laughed at if you need a bottle opener to open your beer at a party.....not based on personal experience *caugh*

  • 09 Tunafish
    09 Tunafish 8 days ago

    I would give you a toilet paper to open the bottle

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 8 days ago

    In sweden where i come from. everyone i know can open a bottle with anything. mostly snus/snuffboxes, lighters, keyes, or anything with a hard edge like a table or some railing or whatever

  • Jacob Oof
    Jacob Oof 8 days ago

    lol i had some non pg jokes in the pink lady part but ok...

    stay pg lol

  • Jet Reloader
    Jet Reloader 9 days ago

    5:27 ASMR

  • Jack Hainsworth
    Jack Hainsworth 9 days ago +1

    "And I'll learn some-thing new in the next episode of TWIL"

  • Vojife
    Vojife 9 days ago

    Were you able to open the bottles with just your hands?

  • truth teller
    truth teller 9 days ago

    Hey Mike did you know you could split a apple with your thumb by putting in the middle and by hitting right above your knuckle

    TW DODD 10 days ago

    "Some" bottles are twist-off but ALL bottles are pop-off. Those same bottle opening tricks will still work.

  • Oscar Waring
    Oscar Waring 10 days ago

    Quick question who drank all of the h20 bottles

  • Indyana
    Indyana 11 days ago

    wtf is g2o

  • Inday Rin
    Inday Rin 13 days ago +1

    I don't get how anyone can do this what

  • imastudent fullofstress
    imastudent fullofstress 13 days ago +1

    "the small ones are harder"

    Doesn't make any sense(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Kalkiara
    Kalkiara 13 days ago

    Did you know, you can split a banana in half with your bare hands as well? It is my go to method for opening bananas

  • _ThatDude YT_
    _ThatDude YT_ 14 days ago

    I can cut an apple in half with my finger

  • Alexis
    Alexis 14 days ago

    you drink budweiser?? god, it’s such shit

  • how dy
    how dy 15 days ago

    “Bigger is better, but the smaller ones are harder”

  • demir özdemir
    demir özdemir 15 days ago

    Just tried and did it now I want to split all the apples I see

  • Max Beech
    Max Beech 15 days ago

    I was able to do it in 1 min with a small one and I’m 12. I don’t understand

  • Karen Kreidler
    Karen Kreidler 15 days ago

    right after this i cracked an apple in half lol

  • Pirkka Jäätee
    Pirkka Jäätee 16 days ago

    In russia bottle opens you

  • Matt Garrelts
    Matt Garrelts 16 days ago

    You just motivated me to be healthy and go eat an apple after trying to break it with my bare hands

  • sim hanssens
    sim hanssens 16 days ago

    With opening a bottle with another bottle, you should not use the bottom sided edge of the top one to open it. Since there IS a possebility that the top one will open or atleast open like a very tiny bit. You should use the rounded edge of the top where it curves downwards, if you get what I mean ( damn this is hard to explain without showing ). it's a bit harder this way ( not a lot since this is a pretty easy "skill" ) but a lot safer :P

    VIKTOR BIHAR 16 days ago

    The most satisfying part of the video was, Mr. Boyd taking a bit of an apple. I guess that Iconic sound of commercials or wherever it appears is much more real than expected.

  • bIG eGG
    bIG eGG 16 days ago

    Dude i just learned to split the apple thanks

  • TheUnchainedMind
    TheUnchainedMind 16 days ago

    I have a feeling the kind of apple makes a big difference on this trick.
    I've given it around 20 minutes or so but couldn't make anything happen with my Fuji apples. They just feel too hard, it's like trying to split a rock. I'm in decent shape too.

  • doggy games
    doggy games 17 days ago

    I can open a bottle with my hands

  • Aksel Søndergaard
    Aksel Søndergaard 17 days ago


  • Krebsei
    Krebsei 17 days ago

    the bottle open thing was funny for me. im german and we basicly learn that from beginning on. every german can open a bottle with EVERYTHING.

  • Bhimsen Luchooman
    Bhimsen Luchooman 17 days ago

    Mike, I like your videos.

  • _Ra1Dz
    _Ra1Dz 17 days ago

    This week i just discovered your channel

  • Animalpirate117
    Animalpirate117 17 days ago

    You said this was easy. So, I tried it myself. I then proceeded to struggle for a good 5 minutes and never got it

  • Deplorable D
    Deplorable D 17 days ago

    You deserve what you get when you drink horse piss like Budweiser.

  • Anthony658 3
    Anthony658 3 17 days ago

    I got a challenge, split an apple with only 1 finger and your forehead (btw I have done this before)

  • Zé do Roque
    Zé do Roque 17 days ago

    I beat the red delicious

  • x8bit śhäđówboyx
    x8bit śhäđówboyx 18 days ago

    J20 addict 😂🤣

  • SamBear 207
    SamBear 207 18 days ago

    Am I the only one trying to do it with him?

  • atahar adil
    atahar adil 18 days ago

    Cut apple with one finger. Try on this trick

  • Atro 2
    Atro 2 18 days ago


  • Brandon Garcia
    Brandon Garcia 18 days ago

    I’m doing the same thing as u right now props to you man this is hard I haven’t it the apple since 4 deck of cards

  • Isaiah Hollingsworth
    Isaiah Hollingsworth 18 days ago

    Im a eleven year old and I got the red delicious (which was very small) on my second try

  • no answer
    no answer 18 days ago

    0:40 what do you do with the second bottle

  • NewAge Gamer
    NewAge Gamer 18 days ago

    anyone notice lazar's outro?

  • Einbecker
    Einbecker 18 days ago

    In germany, opening bottle with different things is as Common an breathing

  • Pain
    Pain 19 days ago

    But your in the thing and pull it i did it first try as a kid

  • Lolz XL
    Lolz XL 19 days ago +1

    Now try a crabapple

  • Divergent 56
    Divergent 56 19 days ago

    The reason you have a harder time with a small apple is because the smaller something is the less leverage you have on it samething applys for black mail

  • C Man17
    C Man17 19 days ago +5

    The bottle opening is a legitimate aussie skill that everybody knows

  • jesh brothers
    jesh brothers 19 days ago

    Those sounds though 4:15

  • Lapisblue 423
    Lapisblue 423 19 days ago


  • Prob_io
    Prob_io 19 days ago

    Like a big lady

  • SSJB
    SSJB 19 days ago +1

    Me and my friends learned to do this in the second grade after a teacher showed us at lunch.

  • Magnificent Mist
    Magnificent Mist 19 days ago

    I can open the bottle with my bare hands

  • Danel Julian Fernandez

    Official attempt 1 minute 24 seconds later ok, videos over now

  • Miduel Hadoo Gogo
    Miduel Hadoo Gogo 19 days ago

    100% FAKE! He’s holding a microscopic bottle opener in between his fingers. That’s why he covers the cap, so he can open it with the bottle opener.

  • Jake Price
    Jake Price 19 days ago +8

    his determination and perseverance prove he is not average.

  • esben terp
    esben terp 20 days ago

    Lazarbeam also Yousef

  • SpCtR
    SpCtR 20 days ago

    I hope you like J2Os

  • Karl Edward Casareo
    Karl Edward Casareo 20 days ago

    In the Philippines opening a bottle with everything you get your hands on isn't a party trick everyone knows that some of my friends even opens a bottle with their fucking teeth.
    No one got time for borrowing and waiting for a bottle opener to open their beers, you gotta spoon or any other utensils, lighter, paper, coin, ring, edge of the table, ect. You can open a bottle.

  • ItsMeIbra
    ItsMeIbra 20 days ago

    Plot twist: The bottle was already opened

  • Cosmic Plays
    Cosmic Plays 20 days ago


  • Hunter Ryland
    Hunter Ryland 20 days ago


  • Kevin Shi
    Kevin Shi 20 days ago

    5:00 I tried to split a big lady in half with my bare hands. Didn't end so well, she called the cops. I couldn't really get my hands around her either.

  • Kevin Shi
    Kevin Shi 20 days ago

    0:40 that's because you're using the top bottle to apply a force acting as a lever on the bottom bottle, which results on the bottom bottle opening as opposed to the top.
    If you held the top still (lets say you superglued it to the roof) and you used the bottom as a lever instead, the top would open.
    Although your drink would pour out. So yeah, don't do that.

  • Aqibul Islam
    Aqibul Islam 20 days ago

    Wait don’t you have to drink all those bottles

  • Artillery2000
    Artillery2000 21 day ago

    3:30 lazarbeams outro

  • ZYKI
    ZYKI 21 day ago

    I can do the apple

  • ConnerMcDaniel1
    ConnerMcDaniel1 21 day ago

    Why was LazarBeam’s intro music in this?

  • Catankerous Rouge
    Catankerous Rouge 21 day ago

    after he learned the trick. the supermarket will screw him by a " halved apple "

  • Jerico Mendez
    Jerico Mendez 21 day ago

    Here on philippines whe do that before you...even with a nail..
    Edit:im talking about the opening the bottles

  • LolM8s_It'sMarius! :3

    The smaller are harder cuz less grip space.

  • Blue hire
    Blue hire 21 day ago

    I try it out and it did work

  • Zen
    Zen 21 day ago

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gud

  • Justina
    Justina 21 day ago

    “Bigger are better, the small ones are harder” keep in mind folks

  • realism51
    realism51 21 day ago

    If it’s a twist top. It’s bitch beer 🍺 sorry mate

  • Nolan Owens
    Nolan Owens 21 day ago

    You could just jam your thumb into the stem crater of the apple and it's a lot easier

  • XEP I
    XEP I 22 days ago +1

    Lazar beam's music

  • Jitendra prabhu
    Jitendra prabhu 22 days ago

    Who's going to drink all those beers ?

  • Pathetic Person
    Pathetic Person 22 days ago

    When you don’t want any extra dishes to wash

  • sai sai
    sai sai 22 days ago

    My teacher can do that

  • Fifo
    Fifo 22 days ago

    I think it is easyer to eat whole apple.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Amber Cowman
    Amber Cowman 23 days ago

    2:47 lazarbeam outro song.

  • WhatTheHecc Worthy
    WhatTheHecc Worthy 23 days ago

    And that sir, is why my family doesn't like Red Delicious Apples.

  • Haru
    Haru 24 days ago

    "I finally beat Red Delicious!" was something I'd never think I'd hear in my life

  • Roc1324
    Roc1324 24 days ago


  • V Backup Email
    V Backup Email 25 days ago

    How many J2O’s did you go through to make this video?

  • Shadowgamer12
    Shadowgamer12 25 days ago

    How about a knife