The Senate Impeachment Trial & Lev Parnas’s Maddow Chat | The Daily Show

  • Senators get sworn in as President Trump’s impeachment trial begins, and Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas gives a bombshell interview that implicates Trump’s entire team in the Ukraine scandal. #TheDailyShow

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Comments • 80

  • tianrong Liu
    tianrong Liu 3 days ago


  • Adler Post HC
    Adler Post HC 18 days ago

    Trump is a parody of himself.

    It doesn’t get worse than him.

  • debra valenzuela
    debra valenzuela 2 months ago

    Make a girl Lala Lala law make America great again in 2020!… Make America great again in 2020! Donald Trump all the way yay yay yay

  • Bart O'Sullivan
    Bart O'Sullivan 2 months ago

    Why aren't you talking about your darling Michael Avenatti?

  • good
    good 2 months ago

    This is a big shame to the USA, you recorded the views and private conversation of The USA president and CNN released it to the world, wait from today every person under "USA administration” private conversation will be released even the next president after 2024, after Trump 2024. Take note Germany, France, Russia. Are not USA. So is this digging dirt on President Trump's administration? How did he even thought about it ?how could that even happen? They have been planning him since, They tried with FBI James about that Prostitute and the porn lawyer, James walked to President and asked him is that true I heard that from Russia, while the conversation with the president James is recording then leaked the memo to the media. Their motives have not Changed. They keep on setting the President. If this Lev says he knew Trump with good motives why will he record him?. Where is this tape coming from? Parnas! Why will he proposed, put forward (a plan or suggestion) to the President about Ukraine, Russia and the corrupted Clinton administration Lover, a USA Ambassador to Ukraine while recording the president. We learn everyday trust non. Everyone is a mafia in a mafia world. Parnas' voice is loudest. Please, Mr President get out any Democrats/Demonrats that is still in your administration.
    Even in this audio tape the president did not ask how long will Ukraine last without foreign aid from the USA, Parnas tricked him to speak. He asked from what Parnas said, He asked how long will Ukraine fight with Russia, Full stop. Why all the assumptions. Trump was not in Ukraine, Trump never her, they came and told him about that woman, if it is true, then that woman was 💯% against Trump administration and Trump did not know that she has been walking around saying TRUMP will be impeached. So that ambassador had a deep problem, she had her own agenda different from Trump. Clinton's virus. That virus of losing 😷

  • Ican FeeLIt
    Ican FeeLIt 2 months ago

    Ukraine is not in NATO so how it could be illegal?

  • Gyosho Daizugo
    Gyosho Daizugo 2 months ago

    Who the fuck is foreignor to talk shit about my president?? I hope u pussies die in a fire! I hope the welfare queens and their bastard children starve to death for fuck's sake!!!!!

  • Stepping On Thru
    Stepping On Thru 2 months ago

    It's amazing how dense some viewers are, the facts are... every time Biden and his son Hunter's names are brought up, the puppet news media and this Daily Show Clown makes it out to be joke, with Trump being the liar and the crook. Joe Biden showed his own guilt when he bragged about withholding 1.5 billions to Ukraine, until a judge was fired, all of it [on video]… in order to keep his son out of Ukraine jail and to cover his own ass. When Hunter was asked during a interviewed on video, why he was working for a Ukraine Oil Co. for 50,000 dollars a month with no experience, he had no real answer. Trump said he was going to expose corruption within the swamp, and it's financial aid to several corrupt countries, but now he's the criminal for opening that demo-rat can of worms. by the way Nancy Pelosi son Paul Pelosi Jr. was doing the same crooked dealings within Ukraine. You're all pathetic snowflake losers, who wouldn't no the truth, even if you ran face first into it. Go ahead, believe these Ukrainian thugs instead, I'm sure Biden and Pelosi have already paid them a nice chuck of money to stick with [their] story. Hell I've got a picture of me staying next to Kid Rock and Jesse James still doesn't mean I "know them."

  • ChrisS
    ChrisS 2 months ago

    Lol Mario doesn't care about the princess he just loves to kill the turtles he's a very sick man

  • Carolyn Patterson
    Carolyn Patterson 2 months ago

    I wish the members of the Senate would watch your show, Trevor. You are telling the truth! And why did Lev Parnas release this information AFTER the House impeachment trial?!

  • football goodies
    football goodies 2 months ago

    Whistleblower, they knew this all the time, all this who is the whistleblower, like Dr Pepper, would you like to be a pepper too !

  • JACK
    JACK 2 months ago

    You are about to look like the Jackass you are

  • Jesus Yeahyeah
    Jesus Yeahyeah 2 months ago

    The Luigi skit had me ROTFL! Good one man!

  • Mr President
    Mr President 2 months ago

    😂😂😂wtf Trump is the dumbest president in our history

  • good
    good 2 months ago

    Democrat Admits There is No Smoking Gun in Impeachment Trump

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson 2 months ago

    just got this new dark brotherhood contract, gruesome details to be fed his own tongue. a cool 1,000,000 septims.

  • Flame La
    Flame La 2 months ago

    Can somebody please tell me how trump is a bad person??

  • SuperBadC
    SuperBadC 2 months ago

    "Mario doesn't care about the princess , he just want to murder turtles, he's a very sick man!!"" hahahhahahhahahahahahaha. Thank you so much for the laugh I thought the world was dead

  • Mad9977 Productions
    Mad9977 Productions 2 months ago

    lol dishwashers and toilets, what happened to his wall? 😂

  • Denise D.
    Denise D. 2 months ago

    A very stable genius!

  • Terry
    Terry 2 months ago

    His base is easily amused.

  • Oscar Pineda
    Oscar Pineda 2 months ago

    Why is Trump acting weird weird, like already acts weird but giving away toilets and telling people how to use them... Nvm, that's Trump 24/7

  • aureliusVA
    aureliusVA 2 months ago

    The way I see it, "Russia" fed dirt to both sides about their opponents in the election.
    Now they are waiting for the division to present an opportunity.

  • Shafay Saeed
    Shafay Saeed 2 months ago

    Wait how is illegal to uphold us military goods to a country that were not even tight

  • Damir Uhota
    Damir Uhota 2 months ago +1

    How the hell did you let this man become your president. The whole world is laughing!

  • withlovemarvin
    withlovemarvin 2 months ago


  • D Moore
    D Moore 2 months ago +1

    WTH is he talking about! THEY are Applauding that Shizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz? wow

  • Terry M
    Terry M 2 months ago
    Something actually funny instead of the garbage this idiot spews.

  • T Someone
    T Someone 2 months ago +1

    Trump is a failed stand up comedian...... Getting high on canned laughter......

  • El Cruiser
    El Cruiser 2 months ago

    I Said It B4 [and] I'll Say IT AGAIN: *We Have A DipShhyt In Office!*

  • Krishnan Narayanan
    Krishnan Narayanan 2 months ago

    you pervert trevor!!! show your leaders club pelosi, clintons, nadler, adam etc in nudes in this sequence: pelosi with trevor: pelosi with trvor and adam:pelosi with adam and nadler etc....

  • Corey Mondello
    Corey Mondello 2 months ago +1

    Trump and his supporters are enemies of America and common decency!

  • Mike Michaels
    Mike Michaels 2 months ago +1

    Trump and his cult have made me lose all faith in humanity. At this point I am ready to just sit back and watch it all burn.

  • Dr Phot
    Dr Phot 2 months ago

    Yaaassss Parnas Kweennn!!

  • Dale Walker
    Dale Walker 2 months ago

    Bombshell star witnesses ...Avenatti / Stormy/ Cohen , And New Hero Lev Parnas ..... good luck Libnut Morons ... LMFAO !

  • Kevin Lemond
    Kevin Lemond 2 months ago +1

    This president is a racist corrupt narcissistic idiot who knows his followers are ever more ignorant than he is just follow one of his rallies just sad our country settled for a fool like this wake up America vote blue or independent everywhere

  • Paradox Dea
    Paradox Dea 2 months ago +2

    Crooked-ass Trump is full of shit.

  • t0mme1981
    t0mme1981 2 months ago

    You cannot Impeach a draft dodger!
    The US constitution implicitly states this. Another Dem hoax!

  • TheHowerd
    TheHowerd 2 months ago +1

    Has any president ever talked about dishwashers at their rallies?! What in the actual fuck.

  • Robert Obrien
    Robert Obrien 2 months ago

    Trump for emperor of the west .it's what the people want run .run liberals run

  • ellis roach
    ellis roach 2 months ago +1

    This fool is now running on a platform of better dishwashers? And his base is still eating that shit up. Trump is trolling at this point, he wants to see how ridiculous of a campaign he can run and there is clearly no limit.

  • marinetiger29
    marinetiger29 2 months ago +1

    You expect people to believe you're going to give out...dishwashers? Oh the ones drinking the orange Kool-Aid will because they believe all the diarrhea that spews out of that butthole of yours you call a mouth. GTFOH

  • Tyler Barker
    Tyler Barker 2 months ago

    We have cars in america that shits fucked up to think about, car 400thousand miles, a fuckin car, you can burn it/ everything automatic

  • Noah Henderson
    Noah Henderson 2 months ago +1

    So like, all the work this country has done to reduce water use... he wants to revert that. Despite all the predictions of cities, states, and even countries going into freshwater crises soon.

  • Noah Henderson
    Noah Henderson 2 months ago

    I love how he's openly lying about knowing a KEY WITNESS and that's not concerning and indicting in trial??

  • DeathLotus
    DeathLotus 2 months ago +2

    The presidency has been reduced to a home Depot sales rep

  • Okay Lis
    Okay Lis 2 months ago +1

    He has brain issue.

  • Dan Harvey
    Dan Harvey 2 months ago

    What Trump did is not a crime this is more time waisted acquittal coming soon to the left main stream news hahahaha

  • Jpaul Mas
    Jpaul Mas 2 months ago +2

    Trump is a real joke, the funniest US president

  • Moss Stirling
    Moss Stirling 2 months ago


  • good
    good 2 months ago I am very happy , Mr Trump understand spiritual world, and have Jesus-like dominion . All These witches /fortune tellers socialists and their agendas are exposed.

  • Yuva Raj
    Yuva Raj 2 months ago

    5:17 wtf is wrong with your country lol

  • Moe Nasri
    Moe Nasri 2 months ago

    USA politics are fun as hell lol

  • Gyosho Daizugo
    Gyosho Daizugo 2 months ago +1


  • Gerald Miller
    Gerald Miller 2 months ago

    Trump is so dumb he washes his dishes in the toilet, and poops in the sink...and wonders why his dishes are not clean and his poop does not go down the drain.

  • Melchizedek Phuah Siow Jin

    Donald Trump is the Disgraceful Moron™, Shithole personified.

  • Tony Camisi
    Tony Camisi 2 months ago +1

    I cannot believe that I used to call myself a Trump Supporter for 2 Years. I am so glad that I woke up and realized what was true.

    Thank you Internet and Open-Minded people!

    • Julie Schultz
      Julie Schultz 2 months ago +1

      You & me both: I'll always be a Conservative Christian, but I'll never vote for Trump again.

  • Z06 Guy
    Z06 Guy 2 months ago +1

    Trump is lying? What a shock!

  • Upitty Dawg
    Upitty Dawg 2 months ago

    Democrats are so fucking brain dead they can't see beyond their own unnatural hate. Well, here's something that will destroy you...President Trump will be reelected so he can continue to keep America great.

  • Bustedsan
    Bustedsan 2 months ago

    I hope he doesn’t win

  • firebluevixen14
    firebluevixen14 2 months ago

    I lost brain cells listening to Trump.

  • prallund feucht
    prallund feucht 2 months ago

    even warren is trying to bump biden by smearing bernie, now parnas is bumping biden by smearing trump, they sure as hell want to have joe "let me smell that girls hair" Biden after Trump

  • VeChain VET Love
    VeChain VET Love 2 months ago

    LOL :) good one

  • Liana Gao
    Liana Gao 2 months ago +1

    President Trump, what do you have to say in defense?

  • James Bond
    James Bond 2 months ago

    Government: tries to impeach Trump

  • dan dan
    dan dan 2 months ago

    he is not a president he is a fucking CLOWN and so as the retards behind him

  • Mr. Chandler
    Mr. Chandler 2 months ago

    Well it doesn't have to worry about draining the swamp because he's running out of watery catch phrases! I have seconds minutes and hours of my life, and the last thing I want to do is waste them listen to someone talking about a damn dishwasher and washing your hands? Because it makes me think when no one is around in the White House Donald Trump is so stupid and he goes to the kitchen and messes with the dishwasher? and they must have a faucet system that surprises the hell out of him whenever he tries to wash his hands. Lev parness is not trying to end up like Epstein who mysteriously committed suicide while locked up? nor Michael Cohen who after spilling the beans is still incarcerated so he took the the line from the movie do you want to go home or do you want to go to jail. because ending up dead is not an option. They should have known from all the secret meetings with Vladimir Putin that Donald Trump was going to be the Achilles heel in all of this. his whole Administration I'm not surprised

  • Gaius Scipio
    Gaius Scipio 2 months ago

    I've said it before, but you've got to hand it to McConnell. That cocksucker is a genius politician. He could be standing in front of you with an umbrella, dripping wet and he'll tell you it's sunny out.


    0:35 ???
    ? ? ? ? ??

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 2 months ago

    Pimp jhons and hoes the new America. Smfh . trump productions and cardib . smfh

  • ok boomer
    ok boomer 2 months ago

    “I take nudes with everyone” THAT GOT ME DIED

  • Brazilian American Patriotic Soldier

    He's also facing Prison time in N.Y...
    The Ukrainians said they don't know him. Definitely the worst person to bring as a witness. If he gets caught lying the whole Case falls apart...🤦‍♂️

  • Bobby Collins
    Bobby Collins 2 months ago

    ​what happens when Mcconnell & Co. are actually found being in cahoots w/trump like Nunes is? What's the law, with regard to the impeachment trial? Is then the trial null & void and would start over?

  • good
    good 2 months ago

    Germany Arrests Afghan Migrant in Iran espionage case, a military man who who was leaking intelligent information to the Iran Government.
    Ukraine President Zelenskiy refused and don't involve us in U.S Politics. ,
    and Vadim Prystalko, Ukrainian Foreign Minster refused he doesn't know Parnas in the CNN interview and never see him
    . I am very happy , Mr Trump understand spiritual world, and have Jesus-like dominion . All These witches /fortune tellers socialists and their agendas are exposed.

  • good
    good 2 months ago

    Germany Arrests Afghan Migrant in Iran espionage case, a military man who was leaking intelligent information to the Iran Government. I am very happy , Mr Trump understand spiritual world, and have Jesus-like dominion . All These witches /fortune tellers socialists and their agendas are exposed.

  • curtis grissom
    curtis grissom 2 months ago +2

    The people that stood in line and voted for this clown are truly idiots.

  • Planet Designer
    Planet Designer 2 months ago

    Trump is already impeached for life last week by Pelosi , so why all this after circus ? impeach him 500 times ? lol the hate

  • Dante The Great
    Dante The Great 2 months ago

    He’s gonna get re-elected. Inauguration in 365 days.

  • J Mastodon
    J Mastodon 2 months ago

    Man. Stop following the news. Every thing is said as it is on this show

  • daniel tz
    daniel tz 2 months ago

    i think whats more sad abt the this is the amount of people that actually support trump.. something is wrong with America