Wu Tang Collection - SHAOLIN CHASTITY KUNG FU - ENGLISH Subtitled

  • Director: Robert Tai
    Cast: Alexander Lo, Liu Hao Yi, Tang Lung
    After the massacre of a small village, a group of survivors led by Ah Tien are trained by a mysterious monk. They train in the arcane secrets of Tong Zi Kung. Soon they decide to avenge their loved ones against the Nine Devil Gang.
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  • Leonel Hidalgo
    Leonel Hidalgo Month ago

    Hola gracias por las peliculas de artes masiales, me encantan, me gustaria mucho que suvieras mas seguidos y si es en Español oh Ingles mucho mejor....MUCHAS GRACIAS.LEONEL..

  • Zakki Zahi
    Zakki Zahi 5 months ago +1

    I hoope it,s good film?30.10.2019

  • Bashkim Nosha
    Bashkim Nosha 8 months ago +1

    Bashkim Noshaj super film 06 07 2019 e premte 23:58

  • Gerry Morales
    Gerry Morales Year ago +1

    Is good kungfu

  • Jerry Adams
    Jerry Adams Year ago +2


  • joel w Carter
    joel w Carter 2 years ago

    movie stinks at the end. some scenes during fighting were left out.

  • Dd Rr
    Dd Rr 2 years ago


  • Lekzk Jrkzo
    Lekzk Jrkzo 2 years ago

  • Namul Huda
    Namul Huda 2 years ago +1


  • Ivan Gabriel
    Ivan Gabriel 2 years ago

    Le are seful cu bătaia

  • Ivan Gabriel
    Ivan Gabriel 2 years ago

    Foarte tare eee!!!!

  • NiteRythemzRadio1
    NiteRythemzRadio1 2 years ago +2

    my fav era

  • Mai Anh Tuan
    Mai Anh Tuan 2 years ago +2

    dont cut scene of film like that. pls

  • Madek Knalpot
    Madek Knalpot 2 years ago