LEAKED: President Trump’s impeachment hearing audition | The Daily Show

  • Published on Nov 20, 2019
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Comments • 895

  • tayiba hussain
    tayiba hussain 9 days ago

    God he is stupid

  • Antonio Dillard
    Antonio Dillard 10 days ago

    Lmao I want nothing

  • david putra
    david putra 17 days ago

    Whole thing is a fake media fuelling sensation. So what if there is no quid pro quo ??? Its not ilegal . In international relationship, quid pro quo is normal. Trump just want to aid Ukraine if they investigate corruption. Nothing wrong. Is it ilegal to ask information and investigating biden corruption?????in exchange of military aid.??? Why not???
    Nothing wrong. Fake media suckz.

  • vineetha gopi
    vineetha gopi 18 days ago

    Why are every single one of his interviews in front of a helicopter? Just why

  • Quinton Christian
    Quinton Christian 18 days ago +2

    People need to vote the racist ass republicans out because thay are killing the USA sad to see the USA going down. If you are not for black people's reparations with interest you are a racist ass devil.

  • Felicity Halsey
    Felicity Halsey 18 days ago

    Adderall is a hell of a drug MR President

  • Vicat
    Vicat 19 days ago

    Sorry, just not believable, next! Ah, Mr Baldwin, you have the lines, annnnd ACTION!

  • dul22
    dul22 19 days ago

    WTF was that ???

  • Christyle Beatz
    Christyle Beatz 19 days ago


  • Thomas Aspen
    Thomas Aspen 19 days ago

    What the flying fuck was that?!

  • Kathy Duke-Crivelli
    Kathy Duke-Crivelli 19 days ago

    The confused looking couple in the background is still the funniest thing about this segment of "This Can't Be Happening For Real" the Unreality Show...

  • Lucia Simental
    Lucia Simental 19 days ago


  • Rogelio Abraham
    Rogelio Abraham 20 days ago

    This new Sonic the Hedgehog remake sucks they made him orange now with weird hair and super small hands

  • Pat Perrier
    Pat Perrier 20 days ago

    What's pathetic about this is....that it's not faked.

  • Roslyn Smith
    Roslyn Smith 20 days ago

    That's so sad...OMG!!!

  • Kings Man
    Kings Man 20 days ago

    Ah this is not working, Okay Cut!

  • Patricia Eroz
    Patricia Eroz 20 days ago +1

    From BAD ASS TRUMP❗️👍
    ( Baldwin, U’ve Got Some Work To Do
    To Be THIS Good❗️)

  • Tom Hensen
    Tom Hensen 21 day ago

    He's obviously channeling DeNiro as Capone... tvclip.biz/video/FjmKMv4yL9s/video.html

  • Ali Sirous
    Ali Sirous 21 day ago

    Man! He has gotten really angry!

  • Ican FeeLIt
    Ican FeeLIt 21 day ago

    fuck biden he a Vietnamese spy

  • Hatim NZ
    Hatim NZ 21 day ago

    This is brilliant

  • Marvel Antonio
    Marvel Antonio 21 day ago

    Me: Sit this is a Wendy’s

    MLG GAMER 21 day ago

    Ok wow I still don't believe him

  • Okay Boomer
    Okay Boomer 22 days ago

    Trump acts like an impersonator of Trump

  • Lee steven
    Lee steven 22 days ago

    i want nothing X4

  • Richard Muncy
    Richard Muncy 22 days ago

    I cant...how can this thing be our President

  • XW Ah
    XW Ah 22 days ago

    Wait is this actually real?? 💀

  • Melchizedek Phuah Siow Jin

    Donald Trump is the Disgraceful Moron™.

  • melanie Tirbany
    melanie Tirbany 23 days ago

    I would love Alec Baldwin /SNL re-enacts this ... Clearly a meltdown !!

  • melanie Tirbany
    melanie Tirbany 23 days ago

    Trump should Give his RESIGNATION!!! .. GOOD RIDDANCE !!!

  • SixSixSix Hellroad
    SixSixSix Hellroad 23 days ago

    How convincing...

    Yet he didn't say "Honest!" nor "I swear"...

  • 131141
    131141 23 days ago

    Forrest Gump reboot

  • Tom Soul
    Tom Soul 23 days ago


  • Arief Rakhman
    Arief Rakhman 23 days ago

    Poor Mr T got out that far for biden's dirt, dems candidate isn't even nominated yet

  • Liz D
    Liz D 23 days ago

    I do not want a quid pro quo.
    I just want you to go get Joe.
    Get him get him, bring the pain
    Or your defense is screwed, Ukraine.

  • ECireLee
    ECireLee 23 days ago

    I literally LOLed

  • Chet Casquarelli
    Chet Casquarelli 23 days ago

    Trump should have a youtube channel and upload daily

  • Obiora Ezeh
    Obiora Ezeh 23 days ago

    He had to write down a simple 2 line truth and read it from a notepad??? He has the best brains huh

  • Hannes Größlinger
    Hannes Größlinger 23 days ago

    I don't think he's the right guy for this part

  • Kezia T
    Kezia T 23 days ago

    Regretted listening to his rant through my earphones. His voice almost blew my eardrums away🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  • The Analog Sound
    The Analog Sound 23 days ago


  • Jason Velez
    Jason Velez 23 days ago

    He thinks he's innocent now.

  • Gregor Hast
    Gregor Hast 23 days ago

    he who laughs last, laughs loudest.

  • Anthony Olmo
    Anthony Olmo 23 days ago +1

    Next time I get a speeding ticket I am yelling "No ticket! No speeding ticket! I dont want a speeding ticket!" And see how that goes

  • Gabriel Espringtime
    Gabriel Espringtime 23 days ago

    what he means is: "Make it go away"..too late!

  • Teddy Jimenez
    Teddy Jimenez 23 days ago +1

    Its all Just oNe big Joke...Blasphamy mind control hoax...its one big show getting murdered from the back to the front of the auditorium to have less Minds to control...the less the better and the better it is to lie to the Human Race.

  • Karl Karlos
    Karl Karlos 23 days ago

    Worst slam poetry ever. Fire that guy!

  • Reed Richards
    Reed Richards 23 days ago

    (=laughs=) The Molester-In-Chief actually needed notes for this debacle... (=laughs harder=)

  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin 24 days ago

    He practices lying? Wow. What an amateur.

  • Ann Nil
    Ann Nil 24 days ago

    …and Americans still didnt put this thing into a nut house?

  • David Gustavsson
    David Gustavsson 24 days ago

    I told the president I was on the market for a head mounted camera for my pet octopus, but he kept telling me there was no squid gopro :(

  • Blackjack
    Blackjack 24 days ago

    You know what's really sad? I´m from Germany where people used to talk very positively and superheroically about the US. But with such a president, this one person, looking at the USA is actually only measured by the behavior of this person. Ridiculous, unreliable, boastful and the neighbour you don't want to meet.

  • Muhammad Ibrahim Zulfiqar

    And yall wondered why he didn't win an Emmy
    Your Fired!!!!!

  • Meron A. Admasu
    Meron A. Admasu 24 days ago

    Trump is spiraling! This doesn't sound like a man trying to prove his innocence... This sounds more like a lying child throwing a tantrum because he got caught.

  • neil robert jones friestad

    That's the difference between a lie and the truth.. doesn't matter how much you shout a lie, the truth will always be heard even when whispered ,
    the new HBO prison TV series is Orange

  • dumbunny8128
    dumbunny8128 24 days ago

    I know nothing! tvclip.biz/video/UmzsWxPLIOo/video.html

  • Gustave JT
    Gustave JT 24 days ago

    Funny shit 😂

  • bokanibuhe munodawafa
    bokanibuhe munodawafa 24 days ago

    this is priceless

  • blue4me43
    blue4me43 24 days ago

    Traitor evil Hitler trump that It's OVER the END...... Just RESIGN now.

  • Anirban Goswami
    Anirban Goswami 24 days ago

    I'm really confused. Is this even real? 😂