8 Water Challenges That’ll Make You Hold Your Breath | Ranked: The Challenge

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • Water challenges always trip Challengers up. Whether it’s swimming or just holding your breath, competitors freak out when faced with the possibility of drowning. These 8 challenges took that fear to the next level - some triumphed over it, while others definitely didn’t.
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Comments • 307

  • Olivia Taksony
    Olivia Taksony 2 hours ago

    When in the first one they were touching his face it looked so pale I was like holyyyy....

  • Timothy Z
    Timothy Z Day ago

    lmao, if you cant swim than quit, that life jacket is gonna create so much drag you'll never win the challenge

  • Joey & Rochelle Wadeson

    Honestly 100knives what is this the titanic

  • Emma Jane Costello
    Emma Jane Costello Day ago +1

    My Nepheu can swim better that and he's 3
    I wheezed 😂

  • Stan Lee3000
    Stan Lee3000 2 days ago +3

    Someone: I can’t swim
    Same person: I have an idea

  • Heather Cornell
    Heather Cornell 2 days ago

    This is just. Dangerous

  • JTR
    JTR 2 days ago

    Sometimes I can't tell who is a bigger flop. Cory or Zach.

  • Joseph Martinez
    Joseph Martinez 4 days ago

    What’s the song at the end ?

  • Salamander The bullfrog

    The last one just seems fun.

  • witchy
    witchy 4 days ago

    What the fuck is that thumbnail

    ADIM OGBOLU 4 days ago +3

    This makes black people look so bad at swimming

  • Jenna Crafts
    Jenna Crafts 5 days ago

    Lmao the girl who tried to follow the cloud and do backstroke is a DUMBASS

  • Liam Glynn
    Liam Glynn 5 days ago

    Air pockets would be so fun!

  • poshpearls23
    poshpearls23 6 days ago

    It's official : cement blocks swim better than Ninja. Good Lord.

  • vickiedo1989
    vickiedo1989 6 days ago

    Dude #2 im 7 and jumped from a diving board in the deep and hes like 32 yr old and he doesnt know how to swim

  • Nienke Hollands
    Nienke Hollands 6 days ago

    Omg no ninja that's not how you swim on your back lmao gotta keep ur knees and feet in the water more

  • Summer Wrigley
    Summer Wrigley 7 days ago

    Team uk come on team uk

    MIGZZZ. 9 days ago


  • Tai Driscoll
    Tai Driscoll 10 days ago

    these weren't even challenges what the heck

  • SmallCreator
    SmallCreator 11 days ago

    It’s crazy to see people struggle to swim with a life vest on💀 I’m not a strong swimmer but when I get that life vest on I zooooooooom😂

  • Diego Perez
    Diego Perez 11 days ago


  • Dorina Smajli
    Dorina Smajli 11 days ago

    I would REKK all of these challenges 😂😂😂😬

  • Dorina Smajli
    Dorina Smajli 11 days ago

    Why does the fifth one look SO FUN 😂😂😱

  • Gabby Hall
    Gabby Hall 13 days ago

    It's all fun in games till someone almost dies

  • Lisa Stromberger
    Lisa Stromberger 14 days ago +1

    most of these challenges would NEVER (ever) be allowed on today's television shows, right? right?!

  • Neem Oil
    Neem Oil 14 days ago

    Nice infocus digital projector how old was this lmao

  • Iloy Luna Bella Terri spiky

    Honey I can’t even swim 🏊‍♀️

  • Anne-Marie
    Anne-Marie 16 days ago

    I cannot be the only that thinks the airpockets challenge wouldn't be that hard

  • yeetus deletus
    yeetus deletus 17 days ago

    That airpocket challenge was pretty ez i don't get how People Cant do that?!

    • K. G.
      K. G. 16 days ago

      yeetus deletus anxiety

  • Aex U
    Aex U 17 days ago

    #7 Chet looks like a vampire

  • Sean B
    Sean B 18 days ago

    Abe and John would kill it as a team

  • YT-Risz
    YT-Risz 20 days ago

    Wtf they are the biggest pussys ever

  • Nowhite White
    Nowhite White 20 days ago

    Okay which idiot goes onto the game show(if you can even call it that) and not know how to swim...smh

  • Bloblyface :D
    Bloblyface :D 21 day ago +2


    Georgia: "I don't know if she realizes that shes doing a weird backwards dance."

    Shows Ninja doing backstroke

    Me: *very confused*

  • Brianna Febus
    Brianna Febus 21 day ago +1

    Anyone know the song on the last challenge ? Sounded like three days grace

  • Oofies Maloofies
    Oofies Maloofies 21 day ago

    If i ever go on this show i’m saying i’m scared of puppies

  • Alia
    Alia 23 days ago +1

    As a swimmer ninja in challenge 5 had me laughing!!

  • Sweetbaby KushGod
    Sweetbaby KushGod 24 days ago

    Who knows where I can watch all the seasons? Even if I have to pay!

  • Supergirl
    Supergirl 24 days ago

    2:10 when is it ever?

  • CoCo Arkina
    CoCo Arkina 25 days ago

    I swear these people that make these challenges wakes up like'' hmm, the earth is populated why don't we cut some numbers down today'' lol

  • shara&jayce TV
    shara&jayce TV 25 days ago

    she decided to sign a waiver where i’m sure they said you will be swimming.. AND SHE COULDNT SWIM. oh wow

  • jada bryant
    jada bryant 25 days ago

    So we going to act like we di not hear drake bell

  • David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez 26 days ago

    JENNA AND ZACH FINALLY GOT ENGAGED!! Happy for them two ya Zach was a douche bag for a while but he knows what he has and he better treat HER right or I WILL 😂

  • Benjamin Christensen
    Benjamin Christensen 27 days ago

    Hadn't seen Dustin since... well, pornhub..

  • YF Swavey
    YF Swavey 27 days ago +2

    No one:

    No one at all:

    Brandon:”You know instead of killing my self I just let go of the chest🤷🏾‍♂️”

  • its Mandessa
    its Mandessa 28 days ago

    Ninja must be re


    SAMUEL CLINKER 28 days ago

    Katelyn sounds and looks like a man

  • Felix Koho
    Felix Koho 29 days ago

    Im literally 14 and I can dive 50 meters and these pepole cant even swim

  • Benjamin Martinez
    Benjamin Martinez 29 days ago

    Once again MTV fails at their own video. Did they not remember there were two very difficult water challenges on both The Duel & Fresh Meat 1. The one on the Duel was so difficult that the only team to do it was Wes & Svetlana & then there was one on Fresh Meat 1 where they are literally dropping deep under water. Think of it like underwater supreme scream. Wow MTV!!! Fail again

  • Joelle V
    Joelle V 29 days ago +2

    6:49 to 6:57 lmfao gotta love Zach.

  • S.G Gaming 123
    S.G Gaming 123 Month ago

    We got shannon griggs in the back lets go champ

  • Lauren James
    Lauren James Month ago

    OMG! It looked like somebody painted Chet’s face gray. That dude was not ok

  • Xavier Constantinou


  • Kevin Torres
    Kevin Torres Month ago

    Love this show just for playing i prevail

  • cosmic warrior
    cosmic warrior Month ago

    What is the song called that was playing during the bloodlines challenge

  • Anthony Marie
    Anthony Marie Month ago

    I’m surprised they didn’t include the final reckoning challenge with kam and Kayleigh

  • MadamxAngel
    MadamxAngel Month ago

    Or she’s having a stroke

  • Ilyaas Arsala
    Ilyaas Arsala Month ago

    the air pockets look like so much fun!!

  • Tommy’s so funny
    Tommy’s so funny Month ago

    Katelyn is a boy right

  • danica cobian
    danica cobian Month ago +1

    i do waterpolo and synchronized swimming, and these seem easy to me...

    • Sofia Butini
      Sofia Butini Month ago

      danica cobian I don’t do ether but same I would not want a jacket