DIY Open Air PC Case Transformation

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  • Last Sony
    Last Sony 24 days ago

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  • Nathan Trujillo
    Nathan Trujillo 27 days ago

    Hmm...very interesting!

  • BobtheBuilder
    BobtheBuilder Month ago

    LOL really?

    POKE MON 2 months ago


  • Pp Lime
    Pp Lime 2 months ago

    Without color or just chrome

  • pichulick
    pichulick 3 months ago

    protip: press 0 repeatedly while watching the vid

  • Zyung Xioe
    Zyung Xioe 4 months ago

    i just messed up my own PC idk which wire go where

  • Romelia Polly
    Romelia Polly 5 months ago

    Im sure you can build it too guys. Just look for Woodprix page

  • Marcos Soares TV
    Marcos Soares TV 5 months ago


  • Euroem Euro
    Euroem Euro 6 months ago

    bad and stupid

  • Nick Young
    Nick Young 6 months ago

    Cool Idea!

  • Jean B
    Jean B 7 months ago

    you can do this better and you do this horrible, but the idea is good, take your like.

  • RexPax Nault
    RexPax Nault 7 months ago

    I use a dell inspiron case but the inside is a gtx 1050

  • Dub Monster
    Dub Monster 7 months ago

    tell me, what are those studs called??? popstud , pullstud

  • Ty Brown
    Ty Brown 7 months ago

    the rear case fan doesnt do anything on a open air case

  • Valentin Brozović
    Valentin Brozović 7 months ago

    Like, great job. :D

  • Dsxbull8yip
    Dsxbull8yip 8 months ago

    Nice job :)

  • Gilang Luqman
    Gilang Luqman 9 months ago

    that case not look complete. need cover for the case

  • A hippobottomus
    A hippobottomus 9 months ago


  • Falconinho
    Falconinho 9 months ago

    Great man. Like n subscribed!

  • Jack Diller
    Jack Diller 10 months ago

    Wow. That tape is.. literally awful. Sorry, but it has to be said. File down the edges or sand them next time, you'll have a better result that doesn't look like a neck brace and a test bench had a baby.

  • Jack Diller
    Jack Diller 10 months ago


  • Gus Mtz
    Gus Mtz 10 months ago

    That is just a piece of shit man. You should be ashamed of building that piece of garbage and making a video. I´ve seen a lot of good videos, with real work on them... yours its pure garbage.

  • Tim Wake
    Tim Wake 10 months ago

    I love the build. Nice!
    Thanks for the idea, now I know what I can do with my old case.

    PRA DIE G 10 months ago

    add cooler mini air from amazon

  • misho trankolov
    misho trankolov 10 months ago

    Make another one model but this time make vertical case.

  • Billy East
    Billy East 10 months ago

    Excellent an extremely well done and illustrated video-Bravo!

  • Vaskedama
    Vaskedama 11 months ago

    name of the chassis?

  • AAP-SG
    AAP-SG 11 months ago

    That is a great way to reuse an old case, it takes a little work but when you're done, your name goes on it, good video

    RUIZ JOSE 11 months ago +2


  • RedLink
    RedLink 11 months ago

    Why do you not just grind the sharp edges?

  • ken edwards
    ken edwards 11 months ago

    i like what you did with the case system
    i think thats really smart and very safe

  • Nick Tonytone
    Nick Tonytone Year ago


  • C Jasz
    C Jasz Year ago

    You are a cool dude man!

  • King of The North King of the Kings

    honestly all those efford and time you spent just for this?

    • Vineshroom
      Vineshroom Year ago +1

      It's worth it for us who need a test bench.

  • Isaac Chan
    Isaac Chan Year ago

    leds and glass to cover it up

  • D3AThCAl2DS
    D3AThCAl2DS Year ago

    screen on rear exhaust fan :P

    • D3AThCAl2DS
      D3AThCAl2DS Year ago

      ok humor me why not
      ...and never mind i see other posts you do. i need see no more
      Please, don't take a thermodynamics class.

    • Vineshroom
      Vineshroom Year ago

      +D3AThCAl2DS No, it really does.

    • D3AThCAl2DS
      D3AThCAl2DS Year ago

      do i sense sarcasm? ya don't say it makes a vacuum effect please tell me how i have no damn clue

    • Vineshroom
      Vineshroom Year ago

      You never want to do that, pretty much makes a vacuum effect

  • Antonio Stone
    Antonio Stone Year ago

    he didn't paint the tray?

  • Zaru noi
    Zaru noi Year ago

    I'm liking the idea of the PSU on the bottom. I made a cube shaped wooden case that had to fit within specific dimensions and I really struggled to fit the PSU in with room to spare for a fan.
    This idea would probably have helped. Beside it means I wouldn't had to work out how to support the PSU since it's resting on the bottom.
    Next time I'll try that for sure.

  • IvCastilla
    IvCastilla Year ago +2

    To much blah blah blah

  • Conrado Pinto
    Conrado Pinto Year ago +1

    1-use an ATX motherboard with SLI support
    2-keap the video card on the motherboard the way you left,connected directly to the motherboard PCIe
    3-with the second card,you put it on the horizontal, with the fan facing outside .I would suggest using Thermaltake Core P5 horizontal VGA stand,an its pci express riser.This way you can still use the SLi bridge,and you won't have one card blocking the air entrance (or exhaust) of the other.
    if any one knows any case that uses on video card on vertical and the other on horizontal,please let me know.

  • Jonathan Bright
    Jonathan Bright Year ago

    I think it's strange that the on/off is a button, and the reset is a switch. Other than that it looks awesome.

  • zoey margera
    zoey margera Year ago

    this overrated video is about how to make bbq grills. the fuck happened to peoples nowdays?

  • Caleb Rudd
    Caleb Rudd Year ago

    It looks like R2D2 and Darth Vader had a butt baby.

  • canal extreme bz
    canal extreme bz Year ago

    fonte generica nessa comfiguracao

  • Brian Gervais
    Brian Gervais Year ago

    not related to this case specifically, but how noisy would an open air case really be compared to any traditional one? i was gonna make a custom case starting from a very cheap generic one. For some reason hadn't considering a simple open air design.

    • DanielRichards644
      DanielRichards644 Year ago

      +Jonathan Bright
      additional side note on fans, even the best fan designs can't avoid noise at HIGH RPM's so it's better to have MORE QUALITY fans spinning at LOW RPM's then fewer fans spinning faster.

    • Jonathan Bright
      Jonathan Bright Year ago

      Like Daniel said it could be loud or quiet depending on the components. The main components that make noise are Fans, Pumps (water cooling), and HDDs. Fans you can get pretty quiet. Noctua and Be Quiet! are two pretty reliable companies that make quiet fans. HDDs only make noise on startup and when you use them, and replacing them with a SSD will get rid of that noise completely.

    • DanielRichards644
      DanielRichards644 Year ago

      Depends on the components used and how hard you push them, I currently have my new build occupying my ORIGINAL PC case from my first build back in 2000 that I have stripped down to the frame, my build is a 6700k running at 4.5 Ghz cooled by an H100i V2 (with the 2 fans of the liquid cooler being the only fans) and when I get the fans to ramp down (still kinda learning the fan controls) and run AIDA64 to stress test it I only reach 71C and its quieter then my old "fat" PS3, of course I don't have a graphics card just yet so that should introduce some noise as well as push my power usage up high enough to cause the PSU fan to kick in (PSU has a Zero fan mode till about 40% power usage). but as it sits now with the right fan profile it is quieter then the crickets outside and at 6 feet is quieter then the lowest fan setting on my G750JM-DS71 gaming laptop at typing distance.

  • TheCyberbedouin
    TheCyberbedouin Year ago

    this look like pile of made it

  • pjosephsmith
    pjosephsmith Year ago

    i run a small ewaste management company and found this helpful. i grabbed a random tower and ended up using tin snips and i grantee mine is the ugliest anyone has laid eyes on. but it works for my bench work. my suggestion for the MKII would be acrylic body or case lidding. all electronics give off ER/F and ive been weary about building an open case for testing random board and parts people throw out for resale. but i fixed this by putting it behind something and "shield" myself from it. anyways food for though

    • Zach
      Zach Year ago

      i recently upgraded my gpu and my new one wouldnt fit in my case, had to take tin snips to it to get it to fit. i understand your ugly case pain haha

  • Musty 187
    Musty 187 Year ago +2

    you need to calm down on the intro lol

  • Tears of Rage Clan

    as a metal worker by trade the easiest way to clean up those sharp edges is with the same grinding wheel you used to cut the case then take a wire wheel on the grinder and go back over the edges again just for good measure. If you have a fine cut bastard file that works great also.

  • Dc Creations
    Dc Creations Year ago

    Just file the edges

  • lliterally same
    lliterally same Year ago

    im building an entire pc case out of wood and salvaged stainless steel sheets.
    wish me luck:)

  • John Henry
    John Henry Year ago

    i love it! 2 be honest on the next version u do, u probably should take the time to round off the sharp edges with a sander. Other than that it is a slick design.

  • venley28
    venley28 Year ago

    Foam tape on the edges?
    Dude, never, use sandpaper on that edges!

  • ŦΛKE08 ᵐᵒᵗᶤᵒᶰ ᵈᵉˢᶤᵍᶰᵉʳ

    I think im going to do the same

  • Mariano Mena
    Mariano Mena Year ago

    this design lacks of structural resistance. Actually the graphic seems to be suffering and supporting the back panel torsion forces. you should add a "45 degree triangle" where the backpanel meets the motherb base

  • Carl Poppa
    Carl Poppa Year ago

    Beautiful design, paint job, video editing and the video shows how much effort you put into the structure that is your virtually free test bench. My only regret was throwing away my old of case a month ago. ;(

  • Jessie James
    Jessie James Year ago

    I'd like to do something like this but wouldn't know how to put together after i cut the parts lol.

  • PULSE_z
    PULSE_z Year ago +2

    it sucks only sucks

  • stilweezy
    stilweezy Year ago

    how come u didn't paint the motherboard tray? otherwise, good first model. keep modding!

  • Dillon Burnett
    Dillon Burnett Year ago

    it is nice to see someone actually doing case mods. Most people spend so much time of the internals, but what about custom case action?

    • Dillon Burnett
      Dillon Burnett Year ago

      i use a rank mount u4 case it just works with everything

    • Commander Citi
      Commander Citi Year ago

      A case isn't that important to many people. I for instance , just need a case that functions

  • Random Ryan
    Random Ryan Year ago

    you really have no patrons?

  • LivelysReport
    LivelysReport Year ago

    I think you could make one for me... LOL

  • yusung lee
    yusung lee Year ago


  • My name Jeff
    My name Jeff Year ago

    would a dremmel be able to do this

    • Joshua Fisher
      Joshua Fisher Year ago

      +Harrison Knight yea and Prolly sound the few bucks on it being diamon edged. as cheap wheels you could go through a few depending in the metal. example I had to cut a motorcycle axle and only diamond saw would work

    • My name Jeff
      My name Jeff Year ago

      +Joshua Fisher so if i get a medium to big blade itd be ok i dont need it to be ruler straight

    • Joshua Fisher
      Joshua Fisher Year ago

      +Harrison Knight a dremel can do the cutting, but the larger the disk the straighter your cuts will be. As an Angle Grinder can have like 4"-6" disk.
      you could possibly get away with cutting the rivit heads off, but a drill is much easier and cleaner.
      assemble with nuts and bolts if no rivit gun also.
      (ps sorry english is my first language)

  • Lyxy
    Lyxy Year ago +1

    try to upload more specific instructions ex. how to make indicator for HHD or power buttons

  • Maks Kry
    Maks Kry Year ago

    Dewalt, at least he knows what a good brand is

  • gck86
    gck86 Year ago

    this is cool!

    AMDSITHLORD Year ago

    Amazing Video Boss

  • Skott62
    Skott62 Year ago

    Simple and functional. Great vid.

  • changtcg
    changtcg Year ago

    I like how you improvise an old useless case into something useless. But that just seem to be too much work. I'll just prefer to old cardboard box.

  • sai kumar
    sai kumar Year ago +1

    if u need to use a corsair h1000i liquid cooler. where will u fix the radiator to the case ? i had made it exactly like u for my daily use. now got struck plz help :(

    • Tears of Rage Clan
      Tears of Rage Clan Year ago

      the L shaped brackets can be bought at your local hardware store or you can make your own out of spare metal, just be sure they're sturdy enough to hold the radiator.

    • Tears of Rage Clan
      Tears of Rage Clan Year ago

      use L shaped brackets riveted to the side of the case to mount your radiator.

    • Nima Jafari
      Nima Jafari Year ago

      +sai kumar In the bottom portion. :)

  • Bleh
    Bleh Year ago

    is it me or is that 120mm fan backwards

  • fandi gladion
    fandi gladion Year ago


  • Jeff Papas
    Jeff Papas Year ago

    nice mate , i am a case modder myself and i plan to make an open case this month

  • Pyromaniac
    Pyromaniac Year ago

    My roommate got super confused while I was watching this video cause I thought he kept sneezing.

    • HOP
      HOP Year ago

      If your for real, that's fucking halirious

  • Kehinde O
    Kehinde O Year ago

    it's beautiful but please change that tape. thanks for the idea for drilling the rivers that is a great idea

    WHIZISME Year ago

    good idea... make more exrream custom please

  • Lomboz King
    Lomboz King Year ago

    This is genius. Totally going to do that

  • acnfanmanin
    acnfanmanin Year ago

    whats with that crappy powersupply?

  • Sneverous Vape
    Sneverous Vape Year ago +1

    You could use some cheap black rubber hosing with a slit cut down it to cover the sharp edges, that would look nice.
    Nice video dude :)

  • Uploader24
    Uploader24 Year ago +1

    you are awesome!

  • Phoenix Cherry
    Phoenix Cherry Year ago

    im on my way to update my case

  • Vali
    Vali Year ago

    Nice video man. To everyone complaining about the looks, it's an open air test bench. It's not meant to be 'pretty', it's meant to be functional and I think it does that very well.

  • albert
    albert Year ago

    i would prefer a wooden designed case , there's a lot of work to do your method! it's pretty difficult for a non-engineered one's! anyway it's a nice project 👍

  • Smitty Jonson
    Smitty Jonson 2 years ago

    man this guy almost had it perfect until he fucked up by adding the tape at the end... could just sand the sharp edges with sand paper..

  • keitaro martin
    keitaro martin 2 years ago

    what's the figure in minute 7:13 ? :P

  • Supra TT
    Supra TT 2 years ago

    you should of use Grinding disc Smooth clean out the metal surfaces

  • Cesar Maia
    Cesar Maia 2 years ago +37

    That tape is killing my OCD

  • Emilia Fairbrook
    Emilia Fairbrook 2 years ago +5

    Well, I am really sorry but...the result is quite poor compared to all your work you put inside.
    I made a open case too and just used the backpanel from the old case. It was faster, easier and looked better.
    Next project is to make a PC case 100% from acrilyc glass, using a laser cutter.

    • Emilia Fairbrook
      Emilia Fairbrook Year ago

      +Jack Carter
      jep, that's what I thought :/
      Idk, I have to compare prices a bit. I have an older 1080p display here, so that will do for the start

    • Rural Mods UK
      Rural Mods UK Year ago

      +Emilia Fairbrook nothing will beat a resolution at its native display but I'd go for the 4K, 1440p still looks outstanding on it. 27" or more is my recommendation for 4K.

    • Emilia Fairbrook
      Emilia Fairbrook Year ago

      +Jack Carter
      Idk if it's clever to buy a 4k Display anyway, or will it look shit if I only play 1440p on it?
      I know a lot about PC components, but barely anything about displays...

    • Rural Mods UK
      Rural Mods UK Year ago

      The 390 is still a beast you'll be fine at 2560X1440! :)

    • Emilia Fairbrook
      Emilia Fairbrook Year ago

      +Jack Carter
      GPU is way more important for gaming anyway.
      But since I built from scratch I chose the Skylake. it's a great platform and very easy for OC
      had no money for better graphiccard, so I won't get any 4k :(

  • morganiothegamer
    morganiothegamer 2 years ago +21

    instead of that ghetto foam, just sand the edges down.

    • Jack Diller
      Jack Diller 10 months ago

      WD 40 is a degreaser/water displacer. WD is essentially a cleaner. You mean "use WD-40, THEN lubricate it with grease."

    • getenlightened
      getenlightened 10 months ago +2

      Agreed. The ghetto tape sorta ruined it for me. Could've looked pretty good.

    • Tears of Rage Clan
      Tears of Rage Clan Year ago +4

      +Ryuga17 the two best tools are duct tape and WD-40. If it moves and it isn't supposed to, used duct tape. If it doesn't move and it's supposed to, use WD-40! 3:)

    • Ryuga17
      Ryuga17 Year ago +1

      duct tape,the no.1 solution for everything!

  • Metehan Tanrıverdi
    Metehan Tanrıverdi 2 years ago

    But why?

  • Minh Vu
    Minh Vu 2 years ago

    This case beat the new Mastercase pro 5 in term of modular part

  • Minh Vu
    Minh Vu 2 years ago

    This case beat the new Mastercase pro 5 in term of modular part

  • Rapid Sloth
    Rapid Sloth 2 years ago

    i would make the psu mount atx so you can use a 1600w and that will make you able to do 4 way sli or crossfire

  • Curtis Reece
    Curtis Reece 2 years ago

    You done a really good job :)

  • QuantumBraced
    QuantumBraced 2 years ago +28

    PC Case designers take notice -- if you want to design a case that any graphics card can fit in, just design one without a wall. :D Awesome job.

  • Dennis Day
    Dennis Day 2 years ago

    In place of the foam, I'd use that car door edge guard material. You can get it in black or chrome.

  • MarkTheMorose
    MarkTheMorose 2 years ago

    Nice, I like it.

  • chrizzly
    chrizzly 2 years ago

    is the back pc fan blowing into the cpu cooler?