Santa Buys Random Strangers ANYTHING They Want! **unexpected**

    I went up to random strangers and asked them Christmas themed questions, and if they answered them correctly, they won a Christmas gift!
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    If you read this far down the description I love you

Comments • 80

  • Stephan Schifferl

    Chris Kringle

  • Dipanwita Dey Roy

    Please come to India

  • Anna Johnson
    Anna Johnson 6 days ago

    omg my birthday is also january 3rd!

  • Calleigh Mitchell
    Calleigh Mitchell 7 days ago

    Father Christmas

  • Kevin Marquina
    Kevin Marquina 14 days ago

    St nick and Noel

    XOTWOD 18 days ago

    first dude was all the moods man

  • Anthony Lemos
    Anthony Lemos 18 days ago

    Father christms Saint Nick Noel

  • Noah Nok Hang CHEUNG
    Noah Nok Hang CHEUNG 19 days ago

    Gimme your house!!!!

  • Tim Wackwitz
    Tim Wackwitz 23 days ago

    U have a caring heart!!! :)

  • Anna Silva
    Anna Silva Month ago

    The pa4 is the 😎 present and ifhone

  • sree nidhi
    sree nidhi Month ago

    I literally watched 6 ads just coz rug surprised people with costly gifs ❤

  • xx KenSensor xx
    xx KenSensor xx Month ago

    FaZe Rug abuses Santa😂

  • ꧁༒𓆩 AVDHUT ༒꧂

    9:27 I need it 😭😭 i havent even played gta 5 yet.

  • Abubakr Shamsiev
    Abubakr Shamsiev Month ago

    Who watchs BigDawsTv ?

  • Tire lady
    Tire lady Month ago


  • Emerald Tube
    Emerald Tube Month ago

    Santa is papa rug

    GREENFIRE212 Month ago

    the girl at 12:10 is thicc

  • Mandakh Tsolmon
    Mandakh Tsolmon Month ago

    Four reindeer Santa has is Dancer,Rudolph,Dasher,Prancer

  • Gabriel Sas
    Gabriel Sas Month ago

    As such a young age, you are truly amazing. Giving back to strangers over and over is amazing. You are truly blessed and I hope you keep giving back. It's something I do when I can.

  • Elizabeth Mayo
    Elizabeth Mayo Month ago

    I thiught sherman was the santa this whole damn time 😂😂😂🤦‍♀️

  • Chi
    Chi Month ago

    8:21 bro literally sounds like a 10 year old like even his girl looks annoyed and embarrassed

  • Emily Vasquez
    Emily Vasquez Month ago

    I love when rug gives back

  • Kaqzy
    Kaqzy Month ago

    father christmas

  • Matty Backup
    Matty Backup Month ago

    kris kringle

  • Logan ANDREW
    Logan ANDREW Month ago

    St Nick and Chris crinkle

  • vinh Nguyen
    vinh Nguyen Month ago

    Father Christmas

  • Drake Guth
    Drake Guth Month ago

    9:33! notice something? 🤯

  • Anthony paul
    Anthony paul Month ago

    Me only 102k people like christmas?

  • Time_bending- Scout

    Jolly fat man

  • shirley Mae
    shirley Mae Month ago


  • Pearick 07
    Pearick 07 Month ago

    you could see in the face of the first guy he was disappointed when he got fricking headsets

  • Taylor A Fransen
    Taylor A Fransen Month ago

    what how did they do that i do not know that.

  • Takenya Banks
    Takenya Banks Month ago +1

    Clint. Nick and mr. Clause.

  • devika gouda
    devika gouda Month ago

    Hey, my son is a great fan of you, please do visit Bengaluru in India,my son is waiting to see you and ur gift's...cya sooooon, God bless you son,my son expecting a Xbox from u 😅😅,he loves U very much

  • Galaxy Legends
    Galaxy Legends 2 months ago

    The Kris Kringle his Santa’s name

  • Matthew Karam
    Matthew Karam 2 months ago +1

    Made on my birthday

  • Fortniteking1m
    Fortniteking1m 2 months ago

    The guy with the PS4 had a Microsoft shirt on.
    Click this if you noticed

  • motion _
    motion _ 2 months ago

    chris crinkle?

  • Mocha Frappuccino
    Mocha Frappuccino 2 months ago

    Can someone tell me what's the IG/FB Account of Yvonne? 😂

  • My’randa Lashay
    My’randa Lashay 2 months ago

    Omg this makes me so happy 😭

  • juker59
    juker59 2 months ago

    Milf 😉

  • Holley Weber
    Holley Weber 2 months ago

    That was so sweet

  • Twerking Queenie
    Twerking Queenie 2 months ago

    Ho ho ho

  • RainmagineYT
    RainmagineYT 2 months ago

    I thought "Anything they want"
    But, it's ok :) Atleast they made them Happy!

  • Ishan Pathikonda
    Ishan Pathikonda 2 months ago

    Santa: “this isn’t the North Pole”

  • Reyjie Francisco
    Reyjie Francisco 2 months ago


  • Randy Smith
    Randy Smith 2 months ago +1

    Santa was clint

  • Delilah2110
    Delilah2110 2 months ago

    I got those beats

  • Ivy Rose Cruz
    Ivy Rose Cruz 2 months ago

    He is so good santa

  • Grayston Cheney
    Grayston Cheney 2 months ago

    Fucking Egg nog

  • Jana Hosni
    Jana Hosni 2 months ago

    I thought it was Father Christmas

  • Larry Cossey
    Larry Cossey 2 months ago


  • ebircsbuSings or Plays Games

    Sebastian got two ignored high fives.

  • l00Jacobey00l
    l00Jacobey00l 2 months ago

    i like how that guy works at microsoft (owner of xbox) and he wants sony ps4

  • trapboii miguel
    trapboii miguel 2 months ago

    Sabastian looks like he could be vitality's brother😐

  • John Medrano
    John Medrano 2 months ago +1

    Papa noel

  • Manamana Seymour
    Manamana Seymour 2 months ago

    Santa looks like Jesse Underhill

  • Colton Got Game
    Colton Got Game 2 months ago

    Its funny how Santa said that the gifts were gone when there were three more contestants That got out They would not have presents lol

  • Ava Mc
    Ava Mc 2 months ago

    2nd question is button

  • Ava Mc
    Ava Mc 2 months ago

    1st question is egg nog I got it straight away

  • That Pokemon Guy
    That Pokemon Guy 2 months ago +1

    Kris Kringle

  • That Pokemon Guy
    That Pokemon Guy 2 months ago +1

    Button nose

  • Kylim Briceno
    Kylim Briceno 2 months ago

    Why was a smiling so much omg this was one of my favorite videos, lol hopefully faze rug goes to Oakland one day and goes to southland mall

  • Gman 207
    Gman 207 2 months ago

    2:03 that guy with the strip shirt looks like vitaly lmao

  • Clementine Corona time
    Clementine Corona time 2 months ago

    Farther Christmas

  • Injustice Served
    Injustice Served 2 months ago

    actually the older frosty did have a carrot nose in some and others a button. google and look at images. so both carrot and button are right

  • La la trends
    La la trends 2 months ago


  • Ashley
    Ashley 2 months ago

    The older lady goes what is this oh an iPhone lol

  • John Rangel
    John Rangel 2 months ago

    Olaf from frozen has a carrot nose

  • senpai gaming
    senpai gaming 2 months ago

    i know why u didn't dress as santa

  • Jovana rodriguez
    Jovana rodriguez 2 months ago


  • Sam Awalad
    Sam Awalad 2 months ago

    Gift me u hoodie fazerug 🤣

  • Sam Awalad
    Sam Awalad 2 months ago

    I like u hoodie broh..

  • Vignesh Murugan
    Vignesh Murugan 2 months ago

    I love the first dude

  • Trancenectar
    Trancenectar 2 months ago

    The Nintendo Switch doeeeee 🔥

  • JayyP
    JayyP 2 months ago

    Very nice old lady: get out of here !!
    Faze Rug: yea, NO
    & proceeds to hug her lol

  • Priya Pillay
    Priya Pillay 2 months ago

    Father Christmas

  • OGR Acid
    OGR Acid 2 months ago

    Or you couldve just given them the presents and be nice...

  • leo m slim
    leo m slim 2 months ago +1

    Actually it was only five gifts given away not six, but the goal is the same, passing the happiness forward, thank you

  • Xlacy2000
    Xlacy2000 2 months ago +3

    When the girl by the Christmas tree opened the box I thought there was nothing but then they said apple watch