Hot Chocolate 3 Ways - You Suck at Cooking (episode 82)

  • Published on Nov 21, 2018
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    Hot chocolate is a dish best served hot.
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  • Julian
    Julian Day ago

    Was that a Richard III reference?

  • jgmc2
    jgmc2 2 days ago +1

    I tested and tasted the first one.
    I APROVE. It's so good

  • phantom of the void
    phantom of the void 3 days ago


  • Aleks romero
    Aleks romero 3 days ago


  • Evan Wilcox
    Evan Wilcox 3 days ago

    That ending song needs to be on spotify, I keep having to come back to the video lol

  • avi Kicky
    avi Kicky 4 days ago

    Thank you TVclip for the first time recommending the coolest channel 🔥💯🖤

  • Smokin We’d
    Smokin We’d 5 days ago

    Howtobasic in college:

  • Nox
    Nox 5 days ago

    I just made easy hot chocolate and water today and I feel personally attacked

  • Rusty
    Rusty 6 days ago +1

    I made that first hot chocolate... fucking delicious

  • HuskywolfgamingHD
    HuskywolfgamingHD 6 days ago

    robby sent meh

  • Annie Keller
    Annie Keller 6 days ago

    Hey! I forgot peppermint schnapps if rum doesn't do it for ya! & don't for marshmallows or whipped cream on top! Move over....I'm steppin' up to the Hot Chocolate making station. Can I get a free copy of You Suck @ Cooking?

  • Annie Keller
    Annie Keller 6 days ago

    where's the rum?! You forgot to add some rum. I guess that would be pirate hot chocolate?.

  • Brayden Schlacht
    Brayden Schlacht 9 days ago

    Who was from Robby

  • Kicked in the Biscuits
    Kicked in the Biscuits 9 days ago +1

    You are casually explained cooking.

  • David Chavez
    David Chavez 12 days ago

    Robby sent me

  • Tanya Ridings
    Tanya Ridings 12 days ago

    What's wabs

  • Rubber Sausage
    Rubber Sausage 12 days ago

    Or if you’re giving it to someone you hate just shit in the cup and add water

  • Alex Walker
    Alex Walker 15 days ago

    Robby(yt) send me to your channel

  • Adrian Siordia
    Adrian Siordia 21 day ago

    I came from Robby

  • Ronald Gomez
    Ronald Gomez 24 days ago

    Robby sent me

  • Isaacs the name
    Isaacs the name 25 days ago

    0:46 if you hear it

  • Anna
    Anna 27 days ago

    0:18 wow what a bi icon

  • Matt Michael
    Matt Michael 28 days ago

    I would add a little less cocoa powder in the first one but otherwise great

  • Lynn xx
    Lynn xx 29 days ago

    the fairytail really hit me hard
    why did u have to do me like that

  • Dousuke kydo
    Dousuke kydo 29 days ago

    Srsly? Adult baby FETISH?

  • dogdog
    dogdog 29 days ago +2

    4:41 "Bring yourself back to the delicious taste of homemade hot chocolate." sounds like the Simple Rick's Wafers commercial "Come home to Simple Rick's" (S3 Tales from the Citadel)

  • Mostly ROBLOX
    Mostly ROBLOX 29 days ago

    Robby sent me and I don’t regret ir

  • topfortnitegaming now

    I do suck at cooking and robby Sent me this

  • Noodles McCheesecakes

    I just pour some milk in an empty jar of nutella and pop it in the microwave

  • Momurou Raijiin
    Momurou Raijiin Month ago

    Kinda psychidelic, *I FRIGGIN LOVE IT!!!*

  • Snowie Foxie
    Snowie Foxie Month ago

    I feel like this is Aizawa or Shinso as a cooking channel

  • Butt shark
    Butt shark Month ago

    Robby sent me dis

  • Chicken Wilson
    Chicken Wilson Month ago

    I use 35% cream rather than whole milk, it's not hot chocolate unless you can feel the heart

  • Hades from Hell
    Hades from Hell Month ago +2

    "Reverse Bubble tea." LMAO 😂

  • Turtle Human
    Turtle Human Month ago

    During Christmas there are 3 types of people:
    1. People who believe in some breaking into their house
    2. The good people, enjoying the holiday
    3. Sacrilegious people who use hot chocolate powder and water

  • Salty Salmon
    Salty Salmon Month ago

    I make it better than you

  • Aziale Nicole
    Aziale Nicole Month ago

    Pretty ironic that he's making hot chocolate that's toxic for dogs and showing a dog running in the last part of the video lmao

  • Qasim Kids
    Qasim Kids Month ago

    Robby sent you

  • - ,' rosie ', -
    - ,' rosie ', - Month ago +1

    He ain’t lying bro the ginger does kick ass 😳😳

  • nige Ortiz
    nige Ortiz Month ago

    You suck

  • nana-chan
    nana-chan Month ago

    The cup was broken🤔....I skipped all the sweetness in the video😁

  • Zexy Artist
    Zexy Artist Month ago

    Ysac: check it for WABS
    Me: weak ass broth syndrome eh

  • Mango Overlord
    Mango Overlord Month ago +1

    For the semisweet chocolate: I found that 1/4 tsp was plenty of brown sugar.

  • Lily Jones
    Lily Jones Month ago

    that man baby story.... your channel is a work of art

  • Llama cookie
    Llama cookie Month ago

    Who watched this because robby sent you???

  • Derpfeed
    Derpfeed Month ago

    can you not whisk with a metal fork in a metal saucepan... thanks from my ears

  • Sara Distasio
    Sara Distasio Month ago

    Robby sent me

  • Sage Pugh
    Sage Pugh Month ago

    my fam hates littles and i have to pretend i do to even tho im a little aka th
    e baby fetish thing he was talking about

  • Amir Hamza
    Amir Hamza Month ago

    HowtoBasic' stepson

  • Impiously
    Impiously Month ago

    I approve of wholesome doggo times at end of vid

  • Inquisitorstephanie epic

    Robbie sent me here

  • Lauren Whitley
    Lauren Whitley Month ago

    Please, everyone knows whipped cream is the superior hot chocolate topping

  • mason hrechka
    mason hrechka Month ago

    Robby sent me

  • Buttercupfox
    Buttercupfox Month ago +1

    Hey! I love marchmellows in my chocolate! XD

  • Abigail Arrington
    Abigail Arrington Month ago +1

    Robby sent me

  • M
    M Month ago +1

    "the hottest chocolate of them all"

  • Tri Tran
    Tri Tran Month ago

    Robby sent me


    robby sent me

  • Skylar Kadambi
    Skylar Kadambi Month ago +2

    His voice is just so 😍💙

  • DJ The Wolf Does Edits

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